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Chitin and Umbra? Why?

I was looking through the answered questions for The Elder Scrolls III GOTY edition, and I found a question asking what the best Long Blade and Light Armor are. Curious to see others' opinions on weapons, I entered the question to see that the accepted answer is that Umbra is the best sword, and Chitin is the best Light Armor. I at first thought that this was just someone being crazy, But after looking through the other questions, I discovered that the general concensus was that this information is correct.

Why? Chitin is one of the worst armor types in the game (with a paltry 33 defense at Light Armor Level 100, only Netch Leather, Boiled Leather, and Cloth are inferior), and Umbra is mediocre at best.

Don't believe me? Let's compare Umbra to the Trueflame, which is the best weapon in the game (other than Gravedigger, which can easily do over 100 damage and paralyze, but you need to sever the thread of prophecy to get that).
Umbra's stats/Trueflame's stats (final concensus):
Value: 110,000/150,000 (Trueflame is more valuable)
Required hands: two/one (Trueflame can be used with a shield)
Charge: 90/100 (Trueflame has more charge)
Enchantment: Soultrap 120 seconds on Target when used/30 Fire Damage over 1 foot on Strike, hidden Torch effect (Trueflame has better enchantments)
Chop Damage: 10-50/20-75 (Trueflame does more damage)
Slash Damage: 10-45/45-60 (Trueflame does more damage)
Thrust Damage: 10-40/4-40 (Umbra does more damage)
Weight: 40/20 (Trueflame is lighter than Umbra)
Condition: 6500/2000 (Umbra can take more abuse than Trueflame)

As one can plainly see, Umbra's only good points are its high condition and thrust damage; the Trueflame (and some other weapons) tops it in every other way. And for Light Armor, Glass is far superior to every other variety (except Legendary); at Light Armor Level 100, it gives 166 defense. So why is everyone infatuated with this mediocre equipment?

FinalLegendZero provided additional details:

Huh. I was unaware of the joke about Chitin armor; Wooden_Duck stated that everyone who said Chitin wasn't the best was a "liar". In my opinion, Chitin looks dumb. However, I have a hard time swallowing your theory of why he promoted Umbra; the person asking the question apparently didn't know the sword was called Umbra, and Wooden_Duck didn't identify where to find Umbra; he just stated that it was the best (which it isn't). I'm not accusing you of lying or anything; I'm just pointing out holes in your theory.

FinalLegendZero provided additional details:

Just after I put that last post, I just thought of something; was Umbra the best sword in the _original_ Elder Scrolls III? I have seen answers in this section that speak as if it were the original (denial of the existance of a difficulty slider, for instance). If this were so, then that could explain why Wooden_Duck is so adamant about this (if using the assumption that he is furthering the Chitin joke). Could someone check this for me? I would myself, but I can't at the moment.

I wonder what Wooden_Duck would say if he saw this question...

FinalLegendZero provided additional details:

I don't know; I'm relatively new to being a member in

FinalLegendZero provided additional details:

I see. That explains it... sort of. I did some testing as well, and Chrysamere and possibly the Ice Blade of the Monarch are better, too. Thank you, whatmustido, for explaining things. And thanks to both you and Ganzolo for agreeing with me.

Accepted Answer

whatmustido answered:

Umbra isn't even the best sword on the original Morrowind. The Eltonbrand and I think the Daedric Crescent are both stronger. Umbra is often called the strongest by people who are new to the game and don't know about the Crescent or Eltonbrand, and many who know about them call in the strongest anyway. It's certainly the easiest strong one to get, as the Crescent involves some levitation as well as a scroll of ekash's locksplitter, or a high resolve, while Eltonbrand requires Boethiah's Shrine and becoming a Vampire.
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Ganzolo answered:

I agree. Whats the deal? I can imagine dozens of weapons I would use before Umbra, including Temreki, Shackler of souls, which is more convenient with its soul trap strike option. Umbra is still a sweet weapon early in the game, but I would rather use plain a daedric katana and have a sheild..
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whatmustido answered:

I think Umbra was the given answer because the question asker mentioned the orc with the long sword. The Chitin answer was given because that's often used as a joke answer when discussing light armor. Also, it looks pretty cool. Now, Umbra is an awesome sword, but far from the best. Glass armor is obviously the best light armor, at least that comes in full suit form.
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