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What is the best bow in the game?

Just wondering what the best bow is.

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The best bow, legendary or normal nonmagical?
1. The best legendary is the Sul Senipil bow you get from the Urshilaku Burial, south of Urshilaku camp (also I think you need to be on the main quest).
2. I think that deadric is the best bow, and 3 are availabe to my knowledge (maybe more...). Arguably, the easiest would be from Dram Bero, in the Haunted mansion upper part of the St. Olms canton in Vivec. Pick a 50pt lock and then tell Dram where Vassir Didanat Ebony mine is. You need to have this mine on your map to earn the bow. Go there before you talk to Dram. It is south of Balmora, on the east side of the river. You will see two sweet rock thingys marking your way. Go thru them and just a bit east and you find the door. Go inside to make sure it gets on your map. After that, go to Vivec, talk to Dram, and he will ask you how you want to be rewarded: the best reward, I think, is a bow.

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Ganzolo makes an excellant point, the deadric bow rocks the world, and you can enchant it with a grand soul gem to add massive power, but its hard to find. Well, not anymore since he put it out there,lol, but just in case, I got a suggestion, the next runner up is bonemold. you can enchant this thing with some impressive results, (its no deadric though). Mine has and extra 30-95 damage, on top of it's 1-30 damage anyway. go get the deadric and let us know what can be done with it.

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Be careful enchanting or using bows with damaging magic. If you are shooting deadras or mages, the magic of your shot can come back at you. I had a bad experience with paralyze arrows once.

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If you don't mind losing out on some damage, you should seriously consider slapping an Absorb Health enchantment on that bow; it gives you a chance to heal yourself in a long battle while still fighting back. This is especially useful against mages, since a properly-placed arrow can stop a spell in midair.

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The best bows in the game is the Bow of Shadow, not quite as powerful as Daedric Bow which the strongest bow in the game. Next is the Auriel's Bow, which is stronger than Bow of Shadow but the Bow of Shadow out last both of the bow. That help?

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