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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find glass armour?

And weapons.

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From: RobFowler78 5 years ago

Ghostgate - There is a merchant there who sells glass armor, and if your Sneak skill is good enough, you can steal a full set. You could also buy it, but that no fun at all.

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There's a guard outside of the pawnbroker in Suran that wears glass, you can try to taunt her out of it.

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There is a full set of armor in Vivec. Enter the Vaults of the three houses. Its in the house starting with H. I cant spell it. there should also be quite a lot of gold there as well. have fun!

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In Ald-ruhn Fighters Guild, its in the lock level 80 room its not the full set but of what i remember you go to Suran and kill some one and get the rest of it of them, also in
Ald-ruhn Fighters Guild there are some Orcish Armor

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In House Hlaalu Canton in Vivec, go into the Hlaalu Plaza (top floor) and into Treasury and Records. Go downstairs and drop anything you may have stolen. Go past the first 95 lock and the second. Try and get the Ordinators that move out of the room. (One will stay no matter what.) Use Telekinesis if needed to open the chests and grab all the armor there. There will be a tower shield instead of the normal shield and you'll only have to buy the Bracers from the guy in Ghostgate (only place with them).

As far as weapons go... Kill Bula gra-Muk near Suran for a longsword. A claumore is in the desk in the upstairs of the tradehouse in Tel Branora (random glass weapon actually so save first), or buy one from the Smith in Ald'ruhn. A Glass Firesword is with the armor in Hlaalu which is a fire enchanted longsword. There's a halberd in Bal Ur, underground. Trerayna Dalen in Tel Branora has a staff. And the Redoran Vault in Vivec has an axe (there's a key to get into this vault in Dralor Manor, in the Redoran Plaza, upstairs in a cabinet).

That's about it aside from glass arrows and such which if you want some the trader in Caldera has 20 I think.

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