Question from Skozi

Asked: 6 years ago

Can i play Morrowind GOTY on my Xbox 360?

I'm thinking about buying this game because i already beat Oblivion. if i buy it will i be able to play it on my Xbox 360?

Accepted Answer

From: HurrDur 5 years ago

Yes, but it requires an update from xbox live to play. Make sure you have connection to xbox live, or else you may not be able to play the game.

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Yes. Check if you need proof.

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Yes and it looks GREAT on the 360!

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You can with XBOX Live, which provides you the game.
But, there is a download called, "Morroblivion," it provides you the land of Morrowind but it doesn't give you the voices of the characters, quests, and it doesn't give you the storyline.
You take a boat from anvil to get Morrowind. You start just like in the start of Morrowind.
You see Jiub, but, he doesn't look anything like him in ESIII. And Jiub dies in Oblivion so it doesn't make sense for him to be around.
But getting Morrowind off of XBOX live is simpler than getting it off of the internet.

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