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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Daedric Armor (cuirass)?

I have seen this question answered, but there were some parts missing. We know about Divayth Fyrs set, but the game provides one other complete set, I believe.
Pauldrons.... The Wailing Delve Deadric Dungeon in Mournhold and in the little room on top of the Giants castle in Solsthiem.
Boots... Galom Deus Vampire base
Greaves and a sm. shield...... Orvas Drens Plantatison (his minions in nearby buildings have a Deadric Claymore and Dai Katana
Gauntlets... Kogoruhn, Bleeding Heart
But where was the extra Deadric Cuirass? I fergot...

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Also the helmets can be found in many places.

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From: whatmustido 5 years ago

The extra Curiass is in Noren-Dur, in a place called the Wailingdelve.

Or you could get the feather enchanted cuirass from Therana, for doing her quest with the ash yam bow. This also nets you a set of daedric greaves that weighs 4 pounds when you put it on.

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I don't know where the cuirass is, but i do know where the daedric face of god helm is. (best helm in game)

first go to tel barano (or something like that) go nothr west to a small island close to the mainland. on there you will find an ancestral tomb kill the people ond open the door with the strongest lock ( Lv. 80 ) go down the stairs to another room. inside is a maze. use levitate spell, potion, or scroll. fly around and find another door near the center. once inside levitate straight up and into a small crack with glowing crystals. on the floor is the daedric helm, hammer, and a chest. HAVE FUN!

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Also for better instructions see my video on youtube. just type in daedric face of god.

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