Question from Gar_field

Is there a HDMI adapter for the original Xbox?

Looking to get the best out of the Xbox, I currently use component cables but is there an adapter to allow the Xbox to run games via HDMI cables?

Gar_field provided additional details:

So an HD Adapter would serve no purpose? I have seen some available for the original Xbox, wouldn't they be able to output HD signals on an HDTV?

Accepted Answer

itwizz answered:

It would serve no purpose what so ever as all it would do is SLIGHTLY upscale the graphics and would be fiddily to set up for very little gain so I'd stick with your Component Cables.

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itwizz answered:

No there isn't as the original Xbox doesn't have the necessary hardware and drivers to output a full HD signal even if you did find an adapter so you're stuck with the Component Cables.
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