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By: Dev/Null

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Controls
3. Weapons (Incomplete)
4. Walkthrough (Incomplete)
   4A. The Townsend Museum
   4B. Hollywood Boulevard
   4C. The Chinese Cinema
   4D. The LA Subway
   4E. Century City Police Department
   4F. Hollywood Film Studio
   4G. The Sierra Correctional Facility
   4H. Cesar Tuna Factory
5. Copyright Information + Contributions

1. Introduction

It's been a month since I last checked and noone has made a walkthrough for Die
Hard Vendetta yet so I decided that enough is enough and that I will make one.
This isn't one of the better games in my collection, I feel that it is let down
by a poor frame-rate but it does have some unique redeeming features, I
especially enjoy speaking to all the characters in the game. This is my first
proper walkthrough which I have submitted to gamefaqs so if you find my written
communication is not so good in certain areas feel free to e-mail me and let me
know so I can Improve it.
The level guides may contain spoilers so it may be best not to read too far

2. Controls

In my opinion Version C is the best controller setup, as I like using the
C-stick to strafe, so any reference to buttons will refer to the version C
setup, which is as follows:

Action-            A Button
Grab-              A Button
Fire-              R Button
Reload-            Z Button
Jump-              X Button
Crouch-            Y Button
Stealth-           B Button
Hero Mode-         L Button & Y Button
Move Forward/Back- Control Stick
Strafe Left/Right- C Stick
Turn Left/Right-   Control Stick
Look Up/Down-      C Stick
Lean Left/Right-   L Button & Control Stick
Look Around-       L Button & C Stick
Zoom In/Out-       L Button & Control Pad
Inventory-         Left Control Pad
Weapons List-      Right Control Pad

3. Weapons

Luckily for you, you will always have your fists to rely on (if you are
captured they may take all your other weapons but they never chop your arms
off). Fists are only useful for certain situations, they are good in one on one
fights but are very bad if you are in a room full of enemies. Perhaps the
biggest advantage is that you can arrest people when fists are equipped, just
use stealth mode and sneak up behind the enemy and when 'grab' appears on the
screen press A, to snap their neck press R1 and to arrest them press A again.
When someone is arrested they will drop their weapon and drop on to their
knees, they will remain on their knees and not bother you again, just make sure
that you pick up the weapons they drop.

The revolver is the most basic gun in the game. It has 6 bullets and so it is
not very good in crowded rooms with lots of enemies. The reload time is around
4 seconds so having to constantly reload is a bitch. It is possible to grab
enemies from behind with this, if you grab them and do not wish to arrest them
you can just shoot them in the head.

2 x Revolver-
This isn't much better than a single revolver, the reload time is about the
same but the rate of fire is faster. It is not possible to arrest people with
this, you need to change back to a single pistol.

9mm Pistol-
The 9mm is a lot better than the revolver, it has a much faster firing rate
(almost double), it holds 17 bullets and the reload time is slightly faster
(the reload animation is also much cooler). It is still possible to grab
enemies from behind with this.

Silenced 9mm Pistol-
This is exactly like the normal 9mm, except silenced so it allows you to be
more 'stealthy'.

2 x 9mm Pistol-
Each gun fire alternately, the rate of fire is much faster than a single 9mm,
the reload time is the same. The disadvantage is that it is not possible to
arrest people as your hands are full, to arrest someone you need to switch back
to a single gun.

4. Walkthrough

The Townsend Museum-
In the Introduction McClane sees a shootout at the Townsend Museum where his
daughter Lucy is on the first day of her job so he goes down to make sure that
she is alright. When the level begins you will be in stealth mode and will be
walking slowly, press B and go into action mode and then run to the police car
at the front of the museum on the right. Al is looking over a map with another
officer, speak to them until the officer says "Sir, we're in," the man cutting
through the doors will then standup and move aside allowing you to enter the
Enter and head to the left, it will feel like there has been an explosion, an
enemy will burst out of the door, shoot him with the revolver and press Z to
reload. Pick up his revolver, you can now use double revolver. Move into the
main room, there should be one enemy behind the lobby desk and one on the lower
part of the staircase, stand in the doorway and kill them both, you may also be
able to kill an enemy who is on the upper part of the level to the right
infront of a painting. Head up the stairs and wait in the middle bit where the
staircase splits, turn right, you will see an enemy run out of the open
doorway, shoot him, and go up the stairs. Once you are on the upper level turn
right and kill the enemy mentioned earlier if you have not already done so.
There are two more doorways on the upper part of the level, henchmen will run
out of both of them, shoot the one on the left first, then the one on the
right, he will die in slow motion. Go forward and then left, go through the
yellow stained glass door. Walk through the corridor until you reach a small
room, you will see an enemy walk past the doorframe which is the entrance to
the next room, don't shoot him there is another enemy who has a hostage, wait
for him to walk past then go onto stealth mode. Walk into the room they are in
and position yourself behind the guard closest to where you entered the room,
make sure you can see both enemies before opening fire, kill them both but be
careful not to kill the hostage. Pick up both the guns you now have double 9mm
pistols which are a lot better.
Go through the double doors, as you turn left there will be an area with 4
enemies, kill them all, you will find yourself in the upper area, if you look
down there is a horse statue, head right, go to the very end then turn left and
carry on down and turn left again there are some stairs. Before you go down
them you may want to find the medkit which is in the upper area.
In the lower are you will find a sniper rifle pick it up, there are two enemies
wearing trenchcoats, kill them. Dick Thornburg, the reporter, will burst
through the doors, on't kill him, I know it's tempting. Run away through the
doors he came through, he's really annoying to listen to, as you turn right
there are two guys kill them both and go through the double doors. The room you
enter is empty but the next one has one guard, you should be able to shoot him
from where you are standing, once you kill him move into the next room. you
will see four men holding the man with the worst fashion sense ever hostage in
the adjacent room, kill the three who are loose and you will be left with one
man holding a gun to the guys head. Aim and kill the man with the gun making
sure you don't kill the hostage and then have a nice little chat with him.
As you go outside there is a man on the upper balcony with you, switch to the
single 9mm pistol and go onto stealth mode if you go behind him it will say
grab, press A to grab him and press it again to make your first arrest, you
will get the submachinegun, it is useless so switch back to double 9mm pistols.
get to the bottom of the stairs, kill the three people who are on the grassy
bit, stay in the same are, on the slightly elvevated area to the right there
are two enemies, make sure you kill them. Go right, there is a helicopter
taking off in this area, press L and Y together to activate hero mode, everyone
else is now in slow motion, kill the two people on the grass, there is also a
man behind some boxes and a man behind a tree, heromode should allow you to
kill them all very easily. As you go forwards you will se a man with a hostage
to the left, the hostage is your daughter, Lucy, take aim and kill the man, you
wouldn't want to kill your own daughter now would you? Your final bullet should
go into bullet time, run forward and talk to Lucy, Dick will run towards you,
don't kill him and the level will end.
The first mission is the shortest and should only have taken around 5 minutes
to complete.


Hollywood Boulevard-
Once again you start off with a revolver in stealth mode, switch to action and
run down the street. You get a new objective to investigate a shooting at Fat
Larry's, don't kill the guy in pink with a gun, that's Larry, this objective is
not compulsary but maddgamz has brought it to may attention that if you "go in
the dinner and look at the dead guys and then go and hide behind the cash
register the three goons will come in and start talking then you can go and get
the leader and arrest them or take their guns this makes it easier to assist
the police because you have double 9mm guns instead of the single revolver." I
just tested this, it works, although I prefer shooting them from inside the
diner whilest they are still outside.
Keep running down the street and you will get another objective which this time
is compulsary, assist police.
Carry on down to the end of the street, kill three bank robbers, there is a
fourth standing in the doorway holding a hostage, there are two ways of killing
him, you can either try to get a direct shot at his head or you can shoot the
cash machine to his left, this will cause him to release the hostage giving you
a clear shot. You get more bullet time, which is nice, you also get a 9mm.
As you enter the bank you will see a blood trail leading upstairs, follow it.
Switch to stealth, at the top, kill the man threatening the hostage before he
has the chance to shoot him, then clear out the main room and the office behind
you to your left there are a lot of enemies and you have to do a lot of
shooting. Go through the door that the hostage came through, if he didn't run
into the big gunfight there may be an enemy to the right, kill him, turn
around, behind the desk in the room you haven't been in there is an enemny who
is hiding, kill him. Once you have killed him jump up on to the lockers, shoot
the window and jump out, you have now reached the first checkpoint, if you die
or fail an objective you will now restart the level from here.
You can hear a man pleading for his life, turn right and head forward, to the
left is an alley with three men mugging another man, to minimise the risk of
killing the civillian switch onto stealth mode walk behind the man in the
middle and grab him. Pic up the guns his friends drop before letting him go,
have a fun conversation with the man you save. As you go out of the alley head
left towards the big dumpster, jump onto it and climb onto the roof, run
forward using auto-jump to get onto the ledge, walk alon the ledge and then
useauto-jump again to get to the building that the assailant climbed up using
the ladder.
Enter the building, at the bottom of the stairs a badguy will pop out, shoot
him, continue around the corner, at the endo of the mini-corridor another enemy
will jump out, shoot him. Leave the building, as you get onto the main street
walk off to the right, you will hear some gang members in the shop speaking,
switch to stealth mode, and crawl, open the door and hide behind the first
clothes rack. Make sure you are armed with a single 9mm pistol and move behind
the second rack, sneak up behind the man looking at the third clothes rack and
grab him. Pick up the guns everyone drops and then interrogate the gang
members. Pick up the disguise on the counter and put it on, move into the back
of the shop where the changing area is, if you want a little fun look in the
second room along, in the third room is an enemy, shoot him. Exit the building
through the back, here four badguys are loading a truck, take care of them and
then enter the back door of the shop next door.
Kill the man holding the record shop guy hostage, and you will get a new
objective, infiltrate gang meeting. You have a disguise and a members card,
make sure you are wearing the disguise. Hop over the counter an go back to
where you got onto the street and turned right to interrogate the gangmembers,
there is an area with a parking lot, enter the door. Go up the stairs, go upto
the window with a bloke behind it, press left on the control pad and select
pool club card and then speak to him. You will tell him that you are delivering
something for Sergio. Walk around in stealthmode, somepeople will burst in,
just shoot everyone there is and pickup the keys to the chinese cinema. Head
back to the record shop but don't go in. Three enemies will be waiting for you
outside the pool hall and then there will be another two on the way to Vinyl
fantasy, run up to the little yellow vehicle and pull the lever, it will dump
beams into the pit killing the two enemiesin thepit, kill anyone on the
otherside of the pit before jumping into it and using the beams to climb out.
Overall there are six enemies outside the chinese cinema, run upto the doors
and enter to finish the level, if you did not pick up the keys in the pool hall
you can't finish the level, either go back and look for them or restart from
the checkpoint.


The Chinese Cinema-
Go through the double doors stragiht ahead. Well done, you have just killed the
most annoying person in the game but sadly you have to start the level again.
This time shoot out or punch out the one of the red windows either side of the
door and jump through into the next room. Whatever you do, don't ungag the
cinema employee, if you do you will regret it. Go up the staircase to the left,
at the top go into stealth mode and arrest the man. Go back down and up the
other staircase do the same to the man who's smoking, open the door infront,
two people will be facing the other direction to you shoot them both and walk
into the corridor. There's a ladies and Gents toliets, the ladies room is
clear, creep into the mens room, arrest the man who is urinating, the enemy who
is in the closest cubicle will know that something's wrong, he will come out
and shoot at you, shoot him first.
Go back to the main room with the annoying man. Crawl under the counter and go
onto stealthmode, open the door, the man will be talking to his boss on the
radio, sneak up and arrest him, you will get some body armour. Switch to double
9mm pistols and open the door, to the right is a crate with three people using
it to play cards on, it is possible to grab the guy in yellow but his 'friends'
will just shoot at the both of you so just use the double pistols to take them
all out.
There are two sets of double doors, go through the ones to the right (furthest
away from the last single door you came through) In this room there is a crate
barrier, kill the three people behind it. There is also a man hidden all at the
point furthest away from you in the corner, make sure you kill him too, then
jump over the crates and go through more double doors, once you go through them
all you will reach a checkpoint. Pick up the crossbow, this is the main cinema
area, it's full of enemies, if anyone has a different method to clear this
room, tell me. I stick to the left wall, look up and shoot down the chandeliers
then kill anyone who runs into view, make sure you kill the person in the
balcony up to the right. Now move forward and take out the man in the balcony
to the left.
You should have just enough ammo to do this, collect up as much as possible. Go
up the stairs and shoot the banner, climb up and kill the two enemies who are
sitting down. Switch to a single pistol and head out of the door to the right,
you should see another door, switch to stealth and stand next to it (side
closest to you) but don't open it, two badguys will walk out, let them both get
out, arrest the second guy and shoot the first one. Go through the door they
came through, go around the corridor. STOP. Read this before you open the door
or you will fail the mission. Make sure you are in action mode armed with two
pistols. In the room are two guards, ignore them, there are two doors, as soon
as you enter run into the one to the right and kill the guard on the left, he
has hostages which he will kill if you are not quick enough, thye are on the
right don't shoot them. NOW open the door and run through, save the hostages
then kill the other two guards. You have saved 3/4 hostages, you need to save
the projectionist, go through the other door and straignt on, through another
door and up the stairs, ignore the door on the left it is an empty room.
At the top of the stairs switch to stealth mode, go through the door and arrest
the guy holding the projectionist hostage, next to the door is a switch to
power the organ, turn it on and mae your way back to the checkpoint. The lower
half of the cinema is full of badguys, again, take them out and jump down to
the organ, flip the switch on its side and jump on.
Run to the side of the screen go behind it. This place is empty and all the
door are locked, at the very back you will notice a dark patch of wall, above
it are two sandbags on rope, shoot them and it will act as a drawbridge,
lifting the fake wall to reveal a door. Go through and then down, shoot the two
enemies in front and the one to the left. Down the next stairs the door is
locked, go into the side room shoot the vent and drop down. Well done you have
just completed The Chinese Cinema.


The LA Subway-
As the level begins you will find yourself in the same vents that you found
yourself in when you finished the chinese cinema level, but things get worse,
it's now a smelly vent. Exit the vent and things will keep getting worse you
are now in homeless hell where all the Hobos live.
Walk past the pillars until you find two crates with blankets which have been
made into homes, there is a man lying on the floor and on top of one of the
crates there is a set of hobo clothes, pick them up and put them on, they may
stink but they some in handy. Switch to fists, carry on walking until you reach
the burnt out rusty car and then switch to stealth mode. There are two guys
speaking to eachother and one guarding a door, walk up behind the black man, he
is their leader, grab him and force the others to drop their guns pick them up
and then arrest the leader and carry on through the door.
Now there is a vent and a door, go through the vent, kill the two people in the
room from the vent and jump down, you will find the first piece of the painting
and some night-vision goggles. Put them on.
Wait for the train to pass and then run to the right, if you want to take it
safe run until there is a pit and double crouch so that you are in the crawling
position, wait until you hear it going over head then jump up and carry on the
the next pit. Keep doing this until you reach an open area, take the googles
off and get off the tracks as soon as possible. Shot the hell out of everyone,
collect the ammo and then head over to the side with the mini gun. Use the
minigun to kill any enemies that may appear on the other side and then turn
around and shoot down the door and walk through it.
Drop down into the sewer, this level just gets stinkier and stinkier, and go
stragiht ahead, you have just reached the checkpoint, which is lucky because
it's very annoying having to go through the tunnel again. Go right and then
down. Good news, theres a medkit. Crawl through the broken tunnel, you have now
reached a subway platform which is under repair, kill the four guards and climb
up the ladder onto the scaffolding. Walk over the plank of wood and get onto
the other side of the platform. Go up the stairs and take out the two enemies
in this room, now jump over the barrier, you better hope you don't get fined
for fare dodging.
You will now enter a room with a large glass column head to the sideroom on the
left, switch to stealth mode, open the tool box, it contains a key you need for
later, take the second painting part which is behind you. Wait for the man to
stop speaking then arrest him, talk to the man on the laptop, when the
conversation finishes make sure that you take it to complete one of your
Go through the other room in the column room, still in stealth, kill the guards
with the hostages, you have just completed another objective. Go to the big
yellow generater and use the key, follow the wire leading from it and clear out
the four people in the room. Go into the big yellow vehicle, press down on the
control stick to turn the big pipe around and position it so it faces from one
platform to the other, climb back onto the platform and then walk through the
pipe to get onto the opposite platform.
Open the green double doors, kill the man around the corner, pick up the final
part of the painting and climb up the ladder. Sadly you mett bad dress sense
purple man, he won't go with you unless you have all of the painting, if you're
missing part here's a recap of where they all are:

1- When you kill those two men from the airvent, pick it up from the floor.
2- In the side room next to the glass column room where you get the generator
3- The part just before Mr purple man next to the last badguy you killed.

Follow him down and let him open the door. The map below shows the path to take
in the maze, an intersection is represented by a, 0, and the end is represented
by an, X.

                   |       |
                   |     Start

Key: Go left, means change direction and walk through a tunnel to the next

To clear up any confusion, let him open the door, step into the pipes, turn
left, go left, straight on, left, straight on, straight on, right, and straight

You are now in a room with waterfalls, when the water stops jump across and
turn the vavle so Mr Purple can jump, jump and turn the valve again and then do
it once more. Let him unlock the door then walk through and turn the valve, you
will both go flying out into a storm drain where you will meet Lucy and the
level will end.


Century City Police Department-
NOw you're back at the police station, the only safe place in the city, but it
doesn't stay that way for much longer.

5. Copyright Information

This Walkthrough was written by Nicholas Britton (Dev/Null), it is my
intellectual property, if you wish to use this on your site then you must have
my permission, you must also clearly state on your site that it is written by
me. E-mail me at klingon@swirvemail.com if you wish to use my walkthrough on
your site or if you have seen it on a site that you are unsure has my
permission to use it.

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Thankyou for all the help, if anyone has any additional advice, email me.

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