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This is a FAQ/Walkthrough For:
Game:                 Die Hard: Vendetta
Platform:             GameCube
GameFAQs Username:    XtremeGamer99
Neoseeker Username:   XtremeGamer99
E-mail Address:       XXtremeGamer9999@aol.com
Version:              0.66

Table Of Contents:
I.    Introduction
II.   Version History
III.  CCPD Profiles (Characters)
IV.   Controls
V.    Weapons
VI.   Walkthrough
VII.  Cheat Codes
VIII. Contact Information
IX.   Legal Information

I. Introduction

Hi. This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough that I've ever done, so please forgive me
for the...dullness of it. Because this is my first FAQ/Walkthrough, I decided
to use Cheat Codes to help me along with the game and help me write this FAQ a
little faster. The cheats that I used are Infinite Ammo, Infinite Hero-time,
and Invulnerability.
If you want all the cheat codes, then go to the appropriate section of this
FAQ/Walkthrough. -_-
Also, I will not list EVERY single item that you can get in a certain level.
This is a walkthrough to help you get through the game, not an inventory
checklist. But maybe I will add all the items in with the walkthrough in a
later version.
*~~This FAQ is dedicated to my grandmother, Sherry Pennington. 1947-2003. You
will be missed.~~*

II. Version History

Version 0.40 - This is my first version of my "Die Hard: Vendetta" FAQ. The
ASCII Art COMING SOON. Control Section COMING SOON. Weapon Section COMING
SOON. Level 5 - Level 11 COMING SOON.

Version 0.65 - Added "Characters" section. Added "Controls" section. Added
"Weapons" section. Added some spacing between the sections so that my FAQ is
easier to read. Added ASCII Art. Level 5 - Level 11 COMING SOON.
*Notice* I will not be able to finish Level 5 - Level 11 anytime soon, because
my GameCube is broken. I will get back to as soon as I get a new GameCube.
Thank you for your patience.

Version 0.66  I haven't really done anything to this Walkthrough except change 
my E-mail Address. I changed it because I was getting a lot of gaming E-mails 
to my old E-mail Address, and it flooded my in-box. I also added a new reason 
to the "Contact Information" section. Level 5 - Level 11 COMING SOON.

III. CCPD Profiles

These files are strictly confidential records and are to remain confidential
and are the property of the Century City Police Department.

John McClane - Former NYPD police officer John McClane transferred to Century
City in order to be closer to his children after he and his wife Holly
divorced. Soon after the divorce, Holly was transferred to the Nakatomi offices
in Japan, leaving John as the sole parent.
Since the divorce, John has taken a quieter position in the department,
spending most of his time behind a desk.

Lucy McClane - Daughter of John McClane and new graduate of the police academy,
we have high hopes for Lucie's future with the department. She has proven to be
a levelheaded individual who handles herself well in tense situations.
Hopefully, she will become a star police officer in our ranks.

Captain Al Powell - Al Powell has risen to the ranks of Captain in the Police
Department. Under his guidance, the CCPD has been able to clean up the
department and move forward from our inconsistent and rocky past.

Dick Thornberg - This fast-talking, ambulance-chasing, taboid reporter has had
numerous run-ins with the Police Department. He has been booked for obstruction
of justice several times, and has made a career out of highlighting every
problem and scandal within the department. Recently, he has taken a position as
a reporter with the Hollywood Entertainment Network, H.E.N. Hopefully his new
job will keep him away from the police.

Piet Gruber - Son of notorious Hans Gruber, Piet is a spoiled, philandering
playboy. While his quest for the good life keeps him very busy, we are keeping
tabs on him.

Jack Frontier - Jack Frontier, the ex-Hollywood hard man has been keeping a low
profile since the critical panning of his last film. However, rumors abound
that through his CIA and military background, he is taking a new direction as
muscle for hire. Police Department internal memo: mark down for extra

Marlin - A known ex-associate of Piet Gruber, Marlin has been in hiding since
the failed hijacking of a Oil Tanker in the Persian Gulf, where she was
positively identified as one of the main perpetrators. Intelligence sources
believe she may have entered the country through Mexico, though her exact
location is unknown. If spotted, approach with extreme caution.

Nitric - Explosives expert. Nitric has spent more time inside prison than out
of it. However, while inside, he accumulated an in-depth knowledge of bomb
making. With his complete disregard for authority and the well-being of others,
Nitric is a very dangerous individual. Fortunately, we currently have him in
custody for a traffic misdemeanor.

Christophe Von Laben - Von Laben is the current curator at a prestigious Los
Angeles art museum he has been known to travel in the same circles as Gruber.
While investigations have not found anything more to their relationship than
art, we are still keeping them both under observation in connection with some
high level art thefts.

IV. Controls

Configuration A
A - Action/Grab
B - Stealth
X - Crouch/Prone
Y - Jump
L - Alternate Action
R - Fire
Z - Reload
Start - Pause
C Stick - Look Up/Down & Turn
Control Stick - Movement & Straft
Control Pad - Inventory

Configuration A Alternate Actions
A - Action/Grab
B - Stealth
X - Crouch/Prone
Y - Hero Mode
L - Alternate Action
R - Fire
Z - Reload
Start - Pause
C Stick - Look Around
Control Stick - Movement & Lean
Control Pad - Zoom In/Out

Configuration B
A - Action
B - Reload
X - Grab
Y - Hero Mode
L - Zoom In/Out
R - Fire
Z - Steath
Start - Pause
C Stick - Jump, Crouch, & Straft
Control Stick - Movement & Turn
Control Pad - Inventory

Configuration B Alternate Actions
A - Action
B - Reload
X - Grab
Y - Hero Mode
L - Zoom In/Out
R - Fire
Z - Steath
Start - Pause
C Stick - Movement & Straft
Control Stick - Look Around
Control Pad - Inventory

Configuration C
A - Action/Grab
B - Stealth
X - Jump
Y - Hero Mode
L - Alternate Actions
R - Fire
Z - Reload
Start - Pause
C Stick - Look Up/Down & Straft
Control Stick - Movement & Turn
Control Pad - Inventory

Configuration C Alternate Actions
A - Action/Grab
B - Stealth
X - Jump
Y - Hero Mode
L - Alternate Actions
R - Fire
Z - Reload
Start - Pause
C Stick - Look Around
Control Stick - Movement & Lean
Control Pad - Zoom In/Out

V. Weapons

Paintball Gun - While not deadly, this paintball gun is the standard police
issue to get you through the yearly training evaluation.

Revolver - Your standard police-issue weapon is a small, lightweight six-shot
Ammo: 9mm Full Metal Jacket ammunition

9mm Pistol - Gruber's commandos use this 9mm semi-automatic pistol extensively.
It has a 17 round magazine and can be fitted with a silencer.
Ammo: 9mm Full Metal Jacket ammunition

The Enforcer - Packing more power than the 9mm pistol, The Enforcer is a
gas-powered handgun that can do some serious damage.
Ammo: .50mm Full Metal Jacket ammunition

9mm Submachine Gun - Lightweight and deadly, the 9mm submachine gun is best
used with one in each hand. Be careful though: while powerful, it goes through
ammunition quickly.
Ammo: 9mm Full Metal Jacket ammunition

Tactical Submachine Gun - A vicious little 9mm, the tactical submachine gun is
both simple and hardy, offering greater accuracy than the standard 9mm
submachine gun.
Ammo: 9mm Full Metal Jacket ammunition

Assault Rifle - Renowned for its simple design and rugged construction, this
rifle is reliable and easy to maintain.  It uses a 30 round magazine.
Ammo: 7.62 caliber Full Metal Jacket ammunition

High Powered Assault Rifle - Taking the power of a standard assault rifle
further, this rifle offers an adjustable scope that can be used for more
precise shooting.
Ammo: 7.62 caliber Explosive Tip ammunition

Sniper Rifle - While not as rapid firing as the high-powered assault rifle, the
sniper rifle is very effective for long-distance shooting.
Ammo: 7.62 caliber Full Metal Jacket ammunition

Combat Shotgun - Need to cover a wide area with a single blast? Then the combat
shotgun is for you. Powerful and deadly, it can blow its way through almost
Ammo: Shotgun Shells

Flame-thrower - Not only can the flame-thrower take out several enemies at
once, they will also have a much smaller chance of shooting at you while they
are on fire.
Ammo: Bottled Liquefied Gas

Mini Gun - These can be found in two forms: floor-mounted and hand-held. Mini
guns allow the user to lay down a lethal blanket of suppressive fire,
decimating anything in their way.

Crossbow - Silent and deadly, the crossbow is a very effective weapon for
taking out smaller groups of mercenaries. The latest models now come fitted
with sniper scopes.
Ammo: Crossbow Bolts

Rocket Launcher - Heavy and slow to load, the rocket launcher is capable of
mass destruction.

Fragmentation Grenade - Filled with stainless steel wire that is blown in every
direction when detonated, the fragmentation grenade is a very destructive

C4 and Trigger - C4 with the trigger gives you the ability to set a charge
where needed and detonate at will.

Proximity Mine - This little explosive device has a built in sensor that
detonates the mine when anything gets too close. Be careful, as that also
includes you.

Riot Gas - While not a lethal weapon, the Riot Gas can prove very useful when
trying to overcome a large group of hostile forces. The gas will temporarily
blind and disorient all who come in contact with it, including you.
VI. Walkthrough

Note: The difficulty for this Walkthrough is "Die Hard"(Easy).

First of all, if you want to get a feel for the game, practice with the
controls, and learn how to play it, the go to the POLICE TRAINING level. It is
self-explanatory. If you want to jump into the action, the go the LEVEL 1.

Level 1: The Townsend Museum

Checkpoint 1
-Avoid Non-Hostile Casualties
-Rescue Von Laben
-Rescue Lucy

Okay, first thing first. You can talk to everyone if you like, but you NEED t
talk to Al, he's the black man by the police car. Talk to him until the other
guy says, "Sir, We're in". Then go to the big black bar doors and open them.
Have your gun ready and go left. Somebody will open the doors, so shoot them.
Now go into the next room. It is a big, square room with stairs to the back.
Kill everyone in here, and then go up the right side of the stairs and down the
hall. Kill anyone that gets in your way. Turn left at the end of the hall and
through the door with the yellow glass window in it. Go forward into the next
two rooms and kill everyone in here EXCEPT the hostage. Talk to him if you
want, then go through the double doors. Turn left and kill everyone that is up
here, then go down the stairs. Kill everyone down here as well and pick up the
sniper rifle on those boxes. A reporter will then come out of the double doors
down here. DO NOT shoot him, just let him talk. After he is done talking you
can talk to him again until you hear, "Over there". Then two guys will come out
and shoot you. Kill them and go through the double doors. You have to do this
quickly, shoot everyone EXCEPT Von Laben. If you don't do this quick, they will
kill Von and you will lose. After you talk to him he will get out of the way
and you can go through the double doors. Go forward until you reach a balcony
and kill the guy up here. Try to kill everyone that is on the ground from up
here, then go down the stairs. Just shoot anyone that comes across you. Time to
save Lucy. Continue forward and save Lucy. You have to hurry, or else they will
kill her. For some reason, sometimes when I save her, the game freezes and you
can't reset it. You have to turn it off, then back on. I guess it is a glitch.
Anyways, talk to Lucy and then the level will be complete.

Level 2: Hollywood Boulevard

Checkpoint 1
-Avoid Non-Hostile Casualties
-Interrogate Gang Members

You start out facing a guy working on a window, so do a 180-degree turn and go
forward. Al will call in telling you to go to "Fat Larry's" Restaurant. So just
continue forward and stop to talk to a guy in a red shirt. He's Fat Larry. Go
into his restaurant, look around, then leave. When you get back outside, you
will see some guys trying to shoot Fat Larry. Kill them and continue down the
sidewalk. You will get another call from Al. You need to do this quick. By the
bank is a group of gang members, one is holding a hostage. Try to kill him
first, It might take a few tries, but you'll get it. Then kill the rest. Head
into the bank and talk to the people if you want, then head upstairs. Kill
everyone up here. Turn right and follow the blood through the door, then turn
right and kill that guy. Now above him is a window. One side is broken. Climb
on top of the filing cabinets and go through.

Checkpoint 2
-Avoid Non-Hostile Casualties
-Assist police
-Interrogate Gang Member
-Apprehend Fat Larry's Assailant

Okay, you need to switch over to fists mode and stealth mode. Go forward, take
a right, then a left, and there should be three gang members there. Sneak up
behind the leader (White shirt) and grab him. Pick up their weapons and then
let him go. Now talk to the leader. When the objective is complete, you can
then kill them if you want, but you don't have to. You can then talk to the
guy, but it will take a long time. Turn around and go left to a dumpster. Climb
on it, then jump on the two roofs. Now turn to your right and there will be a
ledge there. Jump over to it and make your way down the ledge. There will be
another roof that you need to jump to. Once on the new roof, go through the
door and down the stairs. Continue down the hall and kill anyone that gets in
your way. Once down the hall, go through the glass door and turn left. Continue
forward and take a left. Continue through the Parking Lot and through the door.
Go up the stairs and talk to the guy. I guess we need a Membership Card. Back
track into the Parking Lot and past the ally. Now, go into fist mode and
stealth mode and get in front of the Fashion Outlet, You will see a broken
window, go through it and grab the leader (White Shirt). Gather up all their
guns, then let him go and interrogate them. Grab the Gang Disguise. Head
through the door on the left side of the counter. This is the Changing Room.
The second curtain has a half-naked woman in it. The third has a gang member in
it. Change into your Gang Disguise, and head out the door in here. Then through
another door. There will be four guys here. Kill them, then take a left and go
through the door. Go through another door and kill the Gang Member there. He
will drop the Membership Card. Hop over the counter and through the door. To
the right is a hole in the ground with two Gang Members in there, DON'T SHOOT
them. To the left of that is some type of construction equipment with a lever
on it. Pull the lever and you will kill the Gang Members. Now, go down the
sidewalk, past the Fashion Outlet, and to the Parking Lot. Switch to fist mode
and stealth mode. Go through the door and up the stairs. Show the guy the
Membership Card and then talk to him. You can now go through the door. Be sure
you're in stealth mode with NO WEAPONS. Go through the next door. Talk to them
until other Gang Members ambush you. Once you've killed everyone, go back down
the stairs and out the door. Kill the guys here and head over to where you
dumped the steel onto those two guys. Kill anyone that gets in your way. Jump
down into the hole and try to make your way to the other side. Once on the
other side, kill everyone here and make your way to the double doors. Go
through them and the level will be completed.

Level 3: The Chinese Cinema

Checkpoint 1
-Rescue Any Office Staff
-Avoid Non-Hostile Casualties

Okay, from here you can only go through one door here. DON'T GO THROUGH IT.
Instead, there is glass on both sides of the double doors. Use your FISTS, not
your bullets, to break through. Talk to the guy and he will free himself.
Continue talking to him until he leaves. Now, there are stairs to the left and
right side of you. Go into stealth mode and go up one of those stairs. You will
see a guy. Grab him, arrest him, then kill him. The killing part is OPTIONAL.
Do the same thing with the other side of the stairs. When you're done doing
that, go to where you freed that guy and go to the right of the refreshments
bar. DO NOT turn the corner. You should start to hear people talking. After
they are done, go back to the REFRESHMENTS bar and jump over the counter. Be
sure you don't jump over the part with the glass. Go into stealth and then go
through the door. Sneak up behind this guy, grab him, arrest him, but DO NOT
kill him. If you kill him, then people will come in and start shooting you.
After you arrest him, you will get armor. So far, it's all been around stealth
in this level. Now equip your gun and go out the door here. Shoot and kill the
three guys here. Then go through one of the two double doors here and kill
everyone. Now go through one of the two new double doors here and continue.

Checkpoint 2
-Rescue Any Office Staff
-Avoid Non-Hostile Casualties

There is a Crossbow leaning against the ashtray. After you get that, kill
everyone in here. Turn around, and look up. There should be a banner there, so
shoot it and climb up. It doesn't matter where you shoot it. Shoot the two guys
up here, then turn left and out the double doors. Turn left and go through the
single door on the right. Kill the two men here. Go down the hallway and
through the door. Quickly, shoot the two people here and head forward. Go
through the door on the right and shoot the guy holding the hostages. Talk to
the guys if you want. Now head back and go through the door that is left of the
door where the hostages were. Don't worry about the door on the left, there's
nothing in it. Continue through the door in front of you. Go into stealth mode
and go up the stairs and through the door. Sneak up to the guy that is holding
the old man hostage and grab him. Then arrest him. Talk to the old man. If you
want to see a funny glitch in the game, then read the following. *Glitch* Take
out your crossbow after your done talking to the old man. Get as close as you
can to him. Zoom ALL the way in to one of his eyes with the crossbow, and shoot
him. He won't die. Do the same to his other eye. It's really funny watching him
talk to you with two bow's stuck in his eye's. Make sure you only shoot him in
his eyes and you only shoot him two times, or else he will die. *End Glitch*
after your done talking to him, there is a switch on the wall to the left of
the door. Use it. Then head out of the door and down the stairs and out another
door. Turn right, the another right, then go through the double doors to the
right. You're back on the balcony. Kill everyone down below, and then jump
down. You should see a board that you can use to get up on the stage. So go on
it and try to get on the stage. About halfway up, the board will break, but not
to worry. To the right is an organ. On the organ is a switch. Press it. The
organ will take you up to the stage. Now turn right and head forward. You
should be able to slip over behind the picture screen. When you are on the
other side, head to the back wall, then turn left. You will see a section of
wall that doesn't look quite right. Above it, there are two sandbags. Shoot
them and go through the door. Go down the stairs and through the door. There
are a few guys in here. Kill them and jump over the railing. Go through the
open doorway and try to go through the door. Okay, we can't go that way, so
turn around and you will see another open doorway to the left. Go through that
and you should see a vent. Crouch down and PUNCH out the vent, don't shoot it
out because you will waste bullets. Go down.

Level 4: The LA Subway

Checkpoint 1
-Collect Evidence of Paintings Transported Through The Sewers
-Locate A Laptop Used By The Mercenaries To Communicate
-Rescue Subway Worker Hostages
-Avoid Non-Hostile Casualties

You start off where you left off in the previous level. Duck down and go
forward until you see a vent. Punch it out and go through it. There are Hobo's
in here. You can talk to them if you wish to, but you don't have to. Go on down
until you see a Hobo sleeping on the ground. On top of his "Home" is a Hobo
Disguise. Put it on, then switch to fist mode. Then go into stealth mode.
Continue down, and turn right. Stop when you see those two people talking, and
listen. The black man will say that they will follow his orders, witch means he
must be their leader. So go behind him, nobody will shoot you because the think
your a Hobo, and grab him. Go pick up the enemy's guns, then arrest the leader.
Go through the bar door and continue down. Don't worry about the guys talking,
they are in another room. Bust out the vent with your FISTS. Go down, turn
right, and then bust out the next vent. Go into stealth mode and try to sneak
up to the guy below. If you can't, then take him out and anyone that comes to
help. If you were able to sneak up to him, then go up the stairs and sneak up
to this guy, grab him, and arrest him. Now you can kill them at your leisure.
Now go back to where you arrested (or killed) the first guy. You should see a
train every few seconds. Put on your night-vision goggles and wait until it
passes, and as soon as it does, make you move. This is pretty self-explanatory.
There are two ways that you can escape the deadly train. There are alcoves in
the walls that you can go into and wait until the train passes. The alcoves are
all to the right wall. Then there are ditches in the middle of the tracks. You
can duck down into them and the train will glide right over you. Here is how to
do this. First is an alcove, then a ditch, then an alcove, then a ditch, ECT,
ECT. In the last alcove, the will be a path. Turn off your Night-Vision Goggles
and head down the path. Go up the stairs. The door on the right won't open, so
you have to use the door on the left. Make sure you are in fist and stealth
modes. Go through the door and sneak up to the first guy you see. Grab him and
arrest him. There is another guy between the pillar and the generator. Grab him
and arrest him as well. There is one more at the bottom of the stairs do the
same thing. But with his guy, you need to head back up the stairs as soon as
you grab him or else the people on the other platform will start shooting at
you. When you arrest him, you will get hand grenades. Kill the arrested at your
leisure. Start shooting the other guys on the platform. Head down the stairs,
but remember there is two-way traffic down here. Make your way to the other
side. Some guys will come after you from the other side of the tracks, but they
will usually get run over by the train. Operate this big gun on the new
platform, turn 180-degrees and start shooting the big metal door. Go through
the newly open door and down the stair. Turn left and kill the guy in this
room. Now go down into the hole. Go strait.

Checkpoint 2
-Collect 2 More Painting Fragments
-Locate A Laptop Used By the Mercenaries to Communicate
-Rescue Subway Worker Hostages
-Avoid Non-Hostile Casualties

Put on your Night Vision Goggles. Head strait through two doors, turn right and
head through two more doors, and then drop down into the hole. Go through the
broken vent-like thing to your right. Kill everyone in this room. On the (I
think they call it a rafter) there is a ladder. Use it to climb up onto the
rafter. Once on top, slowly walk across to the second one, and then jump to the
other side. Go up the stairs and shoot the two guys (Yes, two guys. One is in
the dark corner hiding). Then, hop over the railing and follow the path until
you get to another room with something that is made of glass in the middle of
the room. To the left, you should see a door that is off its hinges. Go in
there, but DO NOT go through the closed door just yet. To the left, on the
ground, is a toolbox. Open it to get the Generator Key. To the right is a
painting piece. Now go into stealth mode, and go through the door. Grab that
guy, arrest him, and kill him if you must. Talk to the guy on the laptop until
you get the laptop. Go back into the room with the weird thing in the middle,
then turn left. Through this passage are two guys that have hostages, so kill
them quick. Talk to the Subway workers to free them, then head over to the
generator and use the generator key on it. Go down the stairs and kill everyone
in here, then head over to the crane. Go inside it and use it so that you can
cross over to the next platform by walking into the tube. Once your over to the
other platform, go through the double doors and kill the man at the end.
Collect the painting piece and head through the door and up the ladder. Go and
talk to Von Laben. If you collected all the painting pieces, then he will
follow you. If you didn't, then backtrack and try to find it. After you're done
with talking to him, then just follow him down the stairs. Try to go through
the door, and he will unlock it for you. Go through, turn left, and kill the
guy there. Now, put on your Night Vision Goggles, go through the door, and
follow my instructions VERY carefully. Turn left, go through the door. Shoot
the guy in the next room, then go through the next door. Go forward, and
through the door. Kill the guy here, Then go through the next door. Turn left,
go through the door, and kill the guy in the next room. Proceed through the
next door. Continue going forward until you are stopped by a wall and can't go
forward anymore. Turn right, go through this door, then the next door. Proceed
forward and go through the last door. Take off the Night Vision Goggles. As you
can see, there is sewage falling from the ceiling, so wait until it stops, then
jump over to the next platform. Close the valve, and Laben will jump (Very
girlie, I might add, no offense to any girls). Do the same with the next
platform. And then, the last. When he finally gets over to you on the last
platform, he will unlock a door. Go through and use this valve to end the

Level 5: CCPD - Level 11: The Holmes Observatory is COMING SOON.

VII. Cheat Codes

Enter these Cheat Codes at the main menu.

R,R,L,R - Big heads
This cheat makes the opponents (and your) heads bigger, making it easier to get
more head shots.

L,R,Z,Y,B - Kamikaze (Exploding bullets)
This cheat makes your bullets explode when you hit your opponent, making it
more deadly.

B,X,R,R - Exploding fists
This cheat allows an explosion every time you punch somebody.

B,X,Y,B,X,Y - Flame On
This cheat makes it look like everyone is on fire.

X,B,Y,L,L - Hot Hands
This cheat sets enemies on fire when you punch them.

Z,Z,Z,Z,L,R - Infinite Ammo
This cheat means that you can not run out of ammo, so go nuts.

B,X,Y,Z,L,R - Infinite Hero-time
The cheat is pretty much self-explanatory.

L,R,L,R,L,R - Invulnerability
This cheat means that you can not die.

B,Y,X,B,Y,X - Liquid Metal
This cheat makes everyone look like they are made of silver.

L,L,R,L - Pin Heads
This cheat makes everyone's head very tiny. It also makes their voices sound

X,Y,Z,Z,X,Y,Z,Z - All Levels Unlocked
This means that you can unlock all levels, then show your friends that you beat
the game in less than an hour (Because you have all the levels).

VIII. Contact Information

If you want to contact me for any of these reasons:
- If I missed something that is vital to the game
- Suggestion to improve my Walkthrough
- A better strategy to beat a certain level
- Typographical Errors (Typo's)
- Cheat Codes
- Questions
- Comments
Then please feel free to E-mail me at:

*Note* If you want to E-mail me, please include in your subject the word(s)
"FAQ" or "Walkthrough", just so I don't accidentally delete them.

If I missed something that is vital to the game, then in your E-mail, please
state what I missed, what level, and what checkpoint it is located in.

If you have a suggestion to improve my FAQ/Walkthrough, the please E-mail me
how to make it better, and I will consider it

If you have a better strategy to beat a certain level, then in your E-mail,
state what the better strategy is, what level, and what checkpoint it is
located in.

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