• Hidden Rules (JP)

    At title screen, push these button to play with new rule

    Evolve Energy Item RuleY, Right, Down, B, L, A, R, A, Y
    Evolve Meter always Full RuleX, Right, A, Y, Left, B, L+R
    One-hit Dead RuleRight, Up, Left, Down, A, L+R

    Contributed By: ooh44.


  • Black Rookies

    The Black Rookies occasionally arrive in the 1-player mode. If you win against one, you unlock it as a playable character.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BlackAgumonFight and defeat Black Agumon in 1-player mode.
    BlackGabumonFight and defeat Black Gabumon in 1-player mode.
    BlackGuilmonFight and defeat Black Guilmon in 1-player mode.

    Contributed By: HalfMillennium.

  • Secret Characters

    Choose the appropriate final stage of 1-player mode and finish the boss to unlock him.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    DiaboromonPlay through 1-player mode and choose the fourth final stage down.
    DuskmonPlay through 1-player mode and choose the second final stage down.
    MaloMyotismonFollow the hardest path through the 1-player mode and defeat MaloMyotismon.
    NeemonPlay through 1-player mode and choose the fifth final stage down.
    OmnimonPlay through 1-player mode and choose the third final stage down.

    Contributed By: HalfMillennium.

  • Unlockable Stages

    Complete the required goals to unlock the relevant stage.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chaos WastelandPlay through 1-player mode and beat MaloMyotismon, Neemon, Duskmon, Diaboromon or Omnimon.
    Ice PalacePlay through 1-player mode choosing the easiest match on each stage.

    Contributed By: HalfMillennium.

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