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Van Helsing
Xbox Walkthrough

  Table of Contents
01: Controller
02: Mission 0, Paris
03: Mission 1, Vaseria Village
04: Mission 2, Vaseria Church
05: Mission 3, Igor
06: Mission 4, Prince Velkan
07: Mission 5, Castle Frankenstein
08: Mission 6, Frankenstein Cave
09: Mission 7, Return to Castle Frankenstein
10: Mission 8, Escape from Castle Frankenstein
11: Mission 9, Forest Path
12: Mission 10, Werewolf's Curse
13: Mission 11, Assault on Castle Dracula
14: Mission 12, Dracula's Demise
15: Challenges
16: Bonus Films
17: Legal Jargon


The default settings for the XBox Controller are as follows

A BUTTON: Jump/Dodge
B BUTTON: Check/Grapple
X BUTTON: Weapon 1 
Y BUTTON: Weapon 2
WHITE BUTTON: Weapon Select
BLACK BUTTON: finisher


  Mission 0: Paris France, Notre Dame Cathedral - Three Years Later
Pick up the green power glyphs and the red life glyphs scattered throughout the 
lower level.  Check out the large angel statue to reveal more power glyphs. You 
can also destroy the statues of the saints for more power glyphs.

Jump on top of the confessionals to reach a grapple point. Pick up the power 
glyphs on the second level, swing across the church and enter the stairway.

Do Battle with Mr. Hyde

  Mission 1, Vaseria Village 

Pick up the power glyphs. Don't forget to pick up the ones on the roof. Hit the 
weathervane for more glyphs. Grapple to he top of the water tower for a HALF 
LIFE GLYPH. Break the barrels and boxes as well. There is a door to be opened 
with an enchanted blade, Pull the left button to equip alternate weapon mode 
and use your blade. Pick up the CHEAT GLYPH GHOST BODY. There is another CHEAT 
GLYPH BIG HEAD behind the covered wagon.

Move down the dirt path near the road signs. The bridge is out, jump down into 
the ravine.  There is another locked door that should open with a rapid fire of 
lead.  Ignore it. You can't open it now.  Jump up to the top of the ravine and 
walk to the end of the bridge. Grapple across the other side of the ravine.  
Before entering the village, go to the left and use your grapple to find a 
hidden area with power glyphs. Continue into the village, and kill all of the 
skeletons.  Check out the pedestal with the egg shaped cup. Again, you can't 
use it, so just ignore it for now. Along the cliffs to the right there is a 
grapple point.  Pick up the HALF LIFE GLYPH. Also pick up the LIFE REPLENISHER 
on the bridge.

Go through the wooden gate. Go down the right hand pathway first. Break the 
crates collect the power glyphs and the AMMUNITION REPLENISHER. Go back to the 
gate, and go down the left hand path. Continue following the path, and killing 
the skeletons. When you reach a bridge, be sure to jump down along the side and 
kill those skeletons and destroy those crates.  Across the bridge jump on top 
of the building to your right and pick up the glyphs above. Then grapple across 
on the left to the church. Kill the skeletons, and near the smoking chimney 
grapple up and hit the bells.   

Keep killing the skeletons and continuing forward through the level, until you 
can use you grapple mode to go up into a building and pick up a shotgun.  Go 
back to the windmill and use the shotgun to open the door. Grapple up inside 
and pick up a HALF LIFE GLYPH. Return to where you found the shotgun. Use the 
shotgun on the nearest door that can be opened with a shotgun, and enter the 

Blast this mystery enemy with your shotgun, but do not get too close or he will 
pick you up and shake you.  When he leans back to stomp on the ground jump up, 
and avoid the wave from the stomp. There is a health glyph in one of the clay 
pots if you break it. 

  Mission 2, Vaseria Church

Use your grapple line to pull down the bridge.  Under the bridge is another 
pedestal with an egg shaped cup. Cross it and follow the pathway killing the 
skeletons along the way. Go up the small stairs, to the dead end to the right. 
Jump up to find a statue that hides a switch to open the closed passage. 
Continue forward and go through the metal gates. Battle the gargoyles inside, 
and jump down the well to pick up an EASTER EGG you can use this in the EGG CUP 
PEDESTAL we found earlier to open up CHALLENGE 4, THE MAZE.  Go back to the 
courtyard with the well, and use your shotgun to blow a hole in the door. Kill 
the gargoyles inside, and jump up to gain entry to the church.

Kill the two side vampires who are unprotected first.  Avoid the stop attack 
that will send a damaging ripple, as well as the lightning columns and bolts.
When you've destroyed Aleera and Verona, you will battle with Marishka in her 
demon form.  Avoid the swoop attacks, and the wing swipes.  You can jump over 
the lightning attacks. 

  Mission 3, Igor

Hit the ladder with your tojo blades, to reveal a HALF LIFE GLYPH. Examine the 
bookcases. One of them will fall revealing a passageway. Hit the statues along 
the way for power glyphs. Just after the large chamber with the skeletons and 
large statue, there is a passageway. In the passage to the right is a door you 
can open with your shogun. Inside is the CHEAT GLYPH COLOR BODY. Continue 
forward down the passage, kill the zombies, jump around a bit and pick up the 
power glyphs.  Go through the doors. Double jump up to the second level. On the 
right examine the coffin to pick up CHEAT GLYPH BIG MELEE, also pick up the 
CROSSBOW. Continue forward.

In the next area do battle with the owls. On the roof, pick up an AMMUNITION 
REPLENISHER and a LIFE REPLENISHER. Follow the power glyphs down a dirt ramp 
and pick up the HALF LIFE GLYPH. Go back to the upper level of the cemetery. 
Examine the statue. Shoot it with your crossbow to open the gates. 

On the other side do battle with the ghost ladies. Jump up to the top of the 
mill near the cross and pick up the power glyphs. Use your shotgun to open some 
boards on the building. Follow the river against the current. Kill the 
gargoyles and grapple up the side of the mountain. At the top, battle with the 
ghosts around the large statue. Jump on top of the pillar and grapple to get 
the CHEAT GLYPH PLAIN WORLD.  Notice at its base is a door that can be opened 
with an explosive tipped weapon.  Ignore it for now. Jump up and hit the 
statue, knocking it over and creating a bridge. Destroy the monsters in the 
next area.  And continue up the mountain.  Do battle with Igor. Just keep 
shooting him with the pistol. 

  Mission 4: Prince Velkan
Clear the skeletons from the graveyard.  Pick up the AMMO REPLENISHER and LIFE 
REPLENISHER if you need them. Go through the now broken down gates and pick up 
the SPEED BOOST GLYPH.  You'll find yourself in the courtyard where the egg was 
at the bottom of the well.  In its place you can pick up a LIFE REPLENISHER.   
Go back towards town, and jump up into the area where you previously found the 
statue and closed door. Like in the graveyard use your crossbow to shoot the 
statue and the door will open to reveal, CHEAT GLYPH TRANSLUCENT FIEND.  Now 
prepare for your first encounter with Velkan.  Battle until the werewolf runs 

You can turn around and jump up on a nearby house to pick up a SPEED BOOST 
GLYPH. Cross the bridge back to the courtyard with the fountain. Shoot Velkan 
until he runs away again.  Destroy the pots to gain power glyphs and a health 
glyph. Move forward further into town.  Battle the monsters, and follow Velkan 
through the hole he broke in the wall. Your back near the center of town.  Kill 
the gargoyles breaking the crates and gathering power glyphs.  You can pick up 
an AMMO REPLENISHER, and continue forward through the level.

Kill Velkan, and he will turn back into a man. 

  Mission 5, Castle Frankenstein
Kill the zombies picking up any glyphs you might need.  There is an AMMO 
REPLENISHER on the bridge, and a LIFE REPLENISHER at the top of the windmill. 
Continue through the gates towards the castle. Open the doors and go inside.  
Kill the multitude of gargoyles and jump on top of the carriage to reveal a 
LIFE REPLENISHER. Also in the courtyard is a HALF LIFE GLYPH. 

Enter the double doors that you first encountered. Do battle with the gas-
masked monsters. Notice the door on the lower level.  It could be opened with a 
more powerful shotgun.  So let's leave it for now.  Enter the upper left hand 
door, and enter the library and check the books on the shelf. Down below shoot 
the statue with your crossbow to reveal a crate.  We can't open it now, so 
let's leave it. Exit through the door on the top level and swing across the 
room to the now open door. Kill the monsters and pick up a SPEED BOOST, and a 
SHOTGUN AMMUNTION UPGRADE. Head back to wards the library.  Use the alternative 
shotgun blast on the crate to reveal an EASTER EGG in the fireplace.

Back track and use the EASTER EGG on the EGG PEDESTAL to unlock CHALLENGE 5.  
Now return to the castle and use your shotgun to open the door on the lower 
level. Kill all of the monsters. Check out the maps, books and the generators.  
Go through the blowing doors to the exterior garden. 

You will find an EGG PEDESTAL. Check the statue and collect the power glyphs. 
Jump onto the molding around the door you exited. Jump again and blow open the 
doors to reveal a HALF LIFE GLYPH. Enter the shack and ride the elevator below 

Kill all of the skeletons and check the small electric generator.  Continue 
forward through the level. In the room with the green pods, grapple up to reach 
a room with cocoons and Dracula's children.  Try to reach the end of the room 
and grapple to get the ELECTRIC GUN. Let's head back, in the room with all of 
the gears use shoot the node to activate the gears. Note that if you grapple up 
there is a door that we cannot open yet. Go back to the map room and shoot the 
node with the electric gun to lower the platform. Pick up the EASTER EGG use 
the EASTER EGG on the pedestal with the EGG CUP we just passed to UNLOCK 

Go back to the room with the green pods, and jump on the elevator in the 
center. Battle Dracula. 

  Mission 6, Frankenstein Cave

Jump down to the lower levels and battle the skulls. Grapple up the side of the 
opposite wall to get an AMMO REPLENISHER.  Swing across to another ledge and 
then drop down to get a HALF LIFE INCREASE. Jump all the way to the top and 
enter the passage.  Grapple across to activate the skull attack, and then jump 
into the lower level. Kill the skulls and use your shotgun to open a door.  
Inside find CHEAT GLYPH SICK PLAYER.  Jump back up to the upper area, and 
grapple your way across the room.  Pick up the CROSBOW AMMO UPGRADE and notice 
the locked door behind it. Use alternative crossbow and open it to find a LIFE 
REPLENISHER. Continue to grapple across the room.    

Take out all of the skulls. Jump on a ledge at the bottom of the room to 
grapple on a stalagmite collect the power glyphs. From the bottom, jump up to 
the area with the collapsed passage.  Around the corner from the pillar you can 
pick up a LIFE REPLENISHER. Grapple across to the left to get a HALF LIFE 
INCREASE. Grapple back across and use alternative crossbow to open the door.

Battle with Frankenstein. 

  Mission 7, Return to Castle Frankenstein

Immediately to the right jump up to find a HALF LIFE INCREACE.  Battle the bats 
and cross the river. Continue to jump up the mountain and swing across the 
waterfall.  After you've swung across jump up the terraces picking up the 
EASTER EGG on the left as you move up the mountain. Directly behind the 
waterfall, drop down onto the ledge that served as your grapple point. Pick up 
the CHEAT GLYPH METAL FIEND.  Follow the werewolf through the cave. Pick up the 
DOUBLE SCIMTARS along the way. There is also an archway near by where you can 
pick up a LIFE REPLENISHER. On the exterior battle the werewolves, and the exit 
the area.  Just outside you can jump up near a tree on a high rock tower to get 
some power glyphs. Keep following the path up the mountain until you reach a 
spiral path that ends with an archway just before the gated entryway.  Jump 
onto the arch and you will be able to grapple across to another area where you 
can pick up a HALF LIFE INCREACER. 

Jump back down and enter the castle. Defeat the werewolves inside and look at 
the lion's head fountain.  Find CHEAT GLYPH SMALL FIEND. Outside in this 
courtyard you can also find an EGG CUP PEDESTAL, and an AMMO REPLENISHER. Near 
the egg pedestal you can grapple up onto a narrow ledge. Follow it around and 
use your shotgun to blow the door open and retrieve a HALF LIFE INCREASER. 

Use the egg in the EGG PEDESTAL to open up CHALLENGE 2. Enter the Castle and 
battle Velkan. Enter the castle courtyard. Battle the werewolves. Next battle 
the bats to pick up an AMMO REPLENISHER. Jump down out of the window to pick up 
a LIFE REPLENISHER. Grapple back up into the room and use your alternative 
shotgun to open the door.  Inside is a LIFE REPLENISHER. Go up the stairs and 
fight the werewolves, then ride the elevator up. Pick up the HALF LIFE 
INCREASER found at the top. Battle Dracula. 

  Mission 8, Escape from Castle Frankenstein
Destroy the small monsters in the area. Jump in the vat filled with green 
liquid. Check it to find CHEAT GLYPH ARCHAIC CLOTHES. Continue down the stairs. 
In the room where all the cocoons were, go through the open door to pick up a 
HALF LIFE INCREASER. Return to the cocoon room, and drop down through the hole 
into the elevator shaft. Check the broken green pod to get an ELECTRIC GUN AMMO 
INCREASE. Pass through the gear room and the crypts get to the elevator. Ride 
it to the top level.  Battle the large angel statues, and then exit through the 

  Mission 9, Forrest Path  
Kill one of the vampire sisters. If you get knocked off the wagon check it and 
get CHEAT GLYPH SHADOW FIEND Battle again with Velkan

  Mission 10, Werewolf's Curse
Pick up the SCIMITAR AMMO UPGRADE. Check out the statues. Neat-o, now follow 
the path outside and grapple up to follow the mountain path to the hunchback's 
hideout. Use your alternative crossbow at the base of the statue to gain the 
CHEAT GLYPH METAL BODY. Jump up and continue to follow the mountain path. Fight 
the hunchback. 

  Mission 11, Assault on Castle Dracula
Follow the path up the mountain. In the first cave you find use your 
alternative crossbow to blast open the door on the right to find an EASTER EGG. 
Enter the large double doors and fight the monsters inside. Use your shotgun to 
open the door just to the right. Inside find the CHEAT GLYPH SHADOW BODY. Fight 
Dracula's children waiting inside and enter the double doors at the end. Talk 
to Anna, fight the ghosts, and drop down into the grating. Fight the monsters, 
and use your electric gun to shoot the generator several times.  Ride the 
elevator up.

Walk around the upper level of the room and enter the double doors.  Grapple 
across the next room, find another grappling point and pick up a HALF LIFE 
INCREASER. Grapple back and enter the double doors.  Battle the many baddies, 
and pick up the GATTLING GUN. Ride the elevator up.

Use the gattling gun to open the doorway, and kill the ghosts inside. Pick up 
the HALF LIFE INCREASER. Before you exit the doors at the other end, notice a 
grappling sign.  Grapple and pick up the power glyphs. Enter the double doors 
and pass through the dungeon to the room with the pool of blood. Enter one of 
the side rooms and use your alternative electric gun to power up the glyphs 
near the crypts.  After you've powered up all three crypts, the EGG CUP 
PEDESTAL will rise from the blood bath. Use your EASTER EGG to unlock CHALLENGE 
3. One complete, grapple on the arch, and grapple again to gain entry to a 
tower. Make your way up the broken stairway. Battle the stone statues and cross 
the bridge. Battle Aleera.

  Mission 12, Dracula's Demise
Make your way up the stair, at the first landing you can go down a small set of 
stairs and use your alternative electric gun to open the door. Inside gain the 
GATTLING GUN AMMO UPGRADE. Continue up the stairs. Make your way back down the 
side stairs and into the castle. The membrane is now open. Jump down inside, 
and do battle with Dracula. 

**Finishing the game on Normal difficulty unlocks the HARD difficulty level, 
and if you've managed to complete each level wearing your hat, you unlock CHEAT 

**Save your current character in a new game and unlock the CHEAT GLYPH 
TRANSLUCENT BODY in Mission 1 under the waterfall near the first bridge, the 
CHEAT GLYPH INFINITE SPEED in Mission 5 at a grapple point in the courtyard of 
Dracula's castle, the CHEAT GLYPH ARMOURY ANYTIME at a grapple point in the 
gear room of Dracula's castle.

**Complete on HARD difficulty to unlock CHEAT INFINITE AMMO.

  Challenge 1 - Nightfall
Grapple the gargoyles to make them dive towards you and destroy the stone 

  Challenge 2 - Defend the Ring
Shoot and avoid the owls to keep them from knocking you off of the ring. Earn 
  Challenge 3 - Blood Bath 
Jump up the stones around the room before the time runs out. You do not have to 
reach the very top, just stay above the blood, and just before the time runs 
out a grapple point will appear. Grapple to beat this challenge. Pick up CHEAT 

  Challenge 4 - The Maze
Go the right left on the far end, the right door, down the stairs to the far 
end of the platform, down the stairs straight ahead, door on the left, door on 
the right.  Cross the bridge.  This gives you the HEAT GLYPH GARGOYLE SKIN. 

  Challenge 5 - Time Attack 
Defeat all of the monsters before time runs out. To earn the CHEAT GLYPH FELL 

**Defeat all 5 of the challenges to pick up the RIFLE in the middle of the 
challenge world

  Bonus Films
Introduction - Available from Game Start

Van Helsing Movie Trailer - Available from Game Start

There are seven bonus films also accessible by punching certain button 
combinations during game play. After playing this game through, and not 
unlocking any additional films, I was a bit puzzled and wondered if there even 
were any additional films. I located how to unlock them by simply searching 
online for "Van Helsing Xbox bonus films". Unlocking them was not something I 
could have figured out how to do on my own, so I'm not going to post that here. 
Plagiarism issues, you understand.

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