Guilty Gear X2/XX #Reload: The Midnight Carnival
Robo-Ky Character Guide/FAQ
Version 2.0

By Bryce G. (Youkai Kouga on gamefaqs.com)

Notice: This FAQ is to be posted ONLY on gamefaqs.com 
unless the author (me) gives permission otherwise.
Robo-Ky, Ky Kiske, and Guilty Gear are copyright their
respective owners.

Update Log

Version 1.0 (10-7-04)- If you've seen my Rock Howard MOTW guide, I used
        the same format lolol. The basic stuff is up, I'm hoping to add
        more advanced strats later on. Hopefully this will cut down on
        at least one "n00b question" thread...

Version 1.1 (10-17-04)- More combos! Chain guide up. Hopefully another
        update soon.

Version 1.2 (11-6-04)- Matchup strategies added!

Version 2.0 (11-18-04)- More matchup strats! Frame data! Should be
        posted at ALL the GGXX #R boards now!

Version 2.1 (1-28-04)- Anji matchup added, Chipp matchup added, a
        little more added to general strategies section.

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
        1.1 Jargon
        1.2 Basic Guilty Gear Engine Info
        1.3 Things You Need to Know About Robo-Ky
2.0 Quick Movelist
3.0 Robo-Ky's Moves
        3.1 Normals
        3.2 Command Moves
        3.3 Specials
        3.4 Overdrives/Instant Kill
4.0 Strategy
        4.1 Matchups/Character specific strategy             
5.0 Combos/Chains/Setups
        5.1 Combos
        5.2 Chain Guide
6.0 Robo-Ky's Frame Data
7.0 Miscellaneous
8.0 Afterword

1.0 Introduction

Finally, the USA has a domestic port of Guilty Gear XX #Reload! I've been
playing it in the arcade for a while now, but of course you can only use
the AI for practice mode at the arcade. Now that I've got a full training
mode I've been able to get a lot more down than I hadn't before!

Now anyways, I digress. If you are looking at this FAQ I am assuming you
like Robo-Ky. In Guilty Gear XX, Robo-Ky was a clone of regular Ky,
except with a few different moves. Now, in Guilty Gear XX #Reload, he's
been totally changed from Ky, and plays totally different. Robo-Ky is a
very easy character to pick up, and only hasa few weaknesses. Playing him
for a short while will give you an idea of why he is top tier in #Reload.

+Excellent pokes with high priority
+Awesome specials at lvl. 3
+Damaging combos of things as small as 2K
+The ONLY character that can delay his wakeup, helping greatly against
+Strong pressure game
+Gains tension extremely fast (but he also loses it fast...)
+2nd best defense in the game

-Sucks when he can't get tension
-Mixup isn't too hot

1.1 Jargon

7 8 9      This is the symbol for directions in Guilty Gear jargon.
4 5 6   -  Just look at your numpad. 3= Down-forward, 6= Forward
1 2 3      and 236S= down, down-forward, forward and slash

P, K, S, HS, D- The respective buttons. On the Xbox controller it's
                X, A, Y, B, and Right trigger respectively.

(c)- close

[x]y- Hold x direction down for 2 seconds, then press y direction

RC- Roman Cancel
FRC- False Roman Cancel
CH- Counter Hit
IB- Instant Block
PG- Perfect Guard
XX- Cancel
/\- Homing Jump
JC- Jump Cancel

Wakeup- When you're getting up from being knocked down. A "wakeup move"
       is an move that comes out fast with high priority or
       invincility frames that can be used to help wakeup safely
       without being immediately pressured again.

Okeizeme- Anti-wakeup game. This involves pressuring the opponent with
        moves while they're downed. Many characters have attacks that
        will leave the enemy in a long blockstun, after which you can
        continue to pressure them with mixup or whatever.

1.2 Basic Guilty Gear Engine Info

For convenience, I've added basic engine information to this FAQ, and
I'll probably add it to any future GGXX #R FAQs I write.

*Faultless Defense (Hold P&K while guarding)- When in faultless defense,
        you are immune to guard bar damage, take no chip damage, are
        knocked back more from attacks, and your guardstun is increased

*Instant Block (Block only a certain number of frames before impact of
        an attack)- Instant block causes you to flash white and it
        reduces the guardstun caused by the attack that had just hit.

*Roman Cancels/False Roman Cancels- (Press 3 buttons after attack hits)
       this lets you instantly cancel a move. A RC costs 50% while an
       FRC costs 25% of your tension. To cancel with an RC the move
       must hit. To cancel with an FRc you have to use a move that is
       capable of it (for example: Axl's Resengeki), and hit the three
       buttons at the time window. FRCs have tight frame windows. After
       a FRC/RC, your tension gain speed will be slowed for a short

*Guard Bar- This is that pink bar below your health. As you block
       attacks without using PG or Faultless it'll slowly rise until
       it's full and flashing. The higher it gets, the more damage
       combos will do. If hit while it's flashing, it counts as a
       counter hit.

*Negative Penalty- When you turtle too much without attacking or blocking
       eventually your tension gauge will have the word "Warning" over it,
       and if you continue to turtle, you will get a negative penalty.
       A Negative Penalty drains all your tension and will slow your
       tension gain for a while. Plus, you can get dizzy easier.

*Jump Install- This is a glitch in the engine from GGX that allows you to
       "store" a jump for later use by jump installing a move. What's
       the point of this? Well, it allows you to make your air combos

1.3 Things You Need to Know About Robo-Ky

Robo-Ky, as you may have noticed, functions a bit differently than the
other characters. His normal tension gain is EXTREMELY slow, and he
has a special limitation called the heat gauge.

Robo-Ky's bar, although it's divided into 10% increments, functions
exactly the same as everyone else's bar.

Also, Robo-Ky uses 10% tension for the following moves in addition to
his overdrives:

Air 236S

You can still use these moves even if you don't have the tension, but
they will be weaker, with the exception of Ky-Denpa.

Which brings me to the next part: The moves that use tension all have
three different levels (with the exception of Ky-Denpa again)
depending on how much tension you have in your bar at the time. They
will be at the following levels if:
Level 1: Less than 10% tension
Level 2: Between 10-49% tension
Level 3: 50% tension or greater

Level 3 moves are significantly more useful than Level 1, and even
level 2, so it's always good idea to keep Robo-Ky above half tension,
unless you're going for a long combo.

Although Robo-Ky's normal tension gain is reallllllllly slow, he has a
few moves to more than make up for this. 

First of all is his crouching dust. For every other character in the
game, this is the sweep for them. Bur for Robo-Ky, he lays a mat on
the ground. While he is on this mat, he will gain tension. It seems
that where you sit on the mat affects the tension gain speed. Also,
if your opponent is playing Robo-Ky as well, take note that he too
can gain tension from the mat you lay down! Anyway, this is the
main way you gain tension with Robo-Ky. Most of his normals will
chain to this move, so after a combo you can plant a mat and gain
a bit of tension.

Others tension gaining moves are Ita-Ky-Geki and Ky-Denpa.
Ita-Ky-Geki's taunt gains you half of your bar. Ky-Denpa will
drain up to one half of your opponent's bar and give it to you.

Heat gauge:
The gauge to the left of the tension bar is Robo-Ky's heat gauge.
As you use certain moves, this gauge will rise, and if it gets
the the end, you will overheat, knocking you down and making you
take damage. You can also tell how much heat Robo-Ky has by the
color of his body. If he's normal, he's fine, if red, he's hot,
and if he's flashing red, then he's about to overheat.

The following actions will make heat rise:
Air 236S

You can lower heat by using his 6HS, which causes Robo-Ky to
vent out all the smoke. It's not wise to vent when he's not
red (that's level 2 heat, flashing is level 3), as the move is
garbage at level 1 just like most of Robo-Ky's level 1 moves.

2.0 Quick Movelist

These are the Japanese names, because both sets of translations
of the moves are really long and annoying names. Of course, so
is 236236S.. but that's just one move.

Command Moves
Ground Taunt   - Hold P+K while on ground


Kurattoku Ky?      - 236+S
Ky-Genshou         - 214+S
Ky-Maku Homerun    - 623+HS
Chounai-Ky Bargain - Air 236+S
Ita-Ky-geki        - 66+P/K/S/HS
Ky-Denpa           - 63214+K
Zadan-Ky           - 2D


Dame na Yatsu wa Nani wo Yatte mo Dame! - 236236+S
Gen-Ky Lovers                           - 236236+P
Ky Kokoro no Ichigeki                   - 623+HS at 6 power

Instant Kill

13 Ky-dan - PKSH, then 236236+HS

3.0 Robo-Ky's Moves- Analysis

3.1 Normals


Punch- Robo-Ky pokes forward. Holy crap! This move is too good. It gives
       you +6 frame advantage on block. What this means is that you can
       control your character a full 6 frames earlier than the opponent
       can start their counter-attack. This makes it an EXCELLENT move
       to use in pressure strings. +6 for a simple punch. Like all
       punches, it's decent at interrupting attacks too.

Forward Punch- A gun emerges from Robo-Ky's elbow and he fires. good 
       priority and large invincibility, though it takes a little bit
       for the invicibility to start. This move can blow through
       tons of moves. It's only downsides are that if you overuse it 
       you'll overheat hardcore since it raises his heat, and it has a 
       lack of combo options.

Kick- A quick kick forward, the same as regular Ky's pretty much, except
       that Robo-Ky can link several of them in a row since it chains to
       itself. Another quick useful move for pressure strings too and
       basic combos.

Close Slash- Robo-Ky swings his sword downward, This is again the same
       as Ky's close slash. Comes out slightly slower. This is often used
       to gain height for air combos.

Far Slash- Robo-Ky fists pop forward with the springs in his arms. A decent
       poke to use, as it has fair range. Not too versatile other than that

Hard Slash- A mace comes from... uh.. somewhere in Robo-Ky. An extremely
       useful move to use, especially because of it's FRC. It makes good
       anti-air, and if you FRC it, you can follow up with an air combo.
       The FRC opens tons of possibilities for this move. All you have to
       do is get your opponent into the air via sweep or whatever, then
       hit them with this move, and you can get a damaging air combo
       combined with his air dust. Staggers on counter hit. Can be Jump

Forward Hard Slash- Robo-Ky discharges steam from inside of him. Depending
       on how much heat he has, there are different levels to this move.
       at level 1, he just releases a little puff that is totally worthless.
       At level 2, it's a large puff of steam that does more damage and is
       much more useful. It even leaves him at a nice +6 frame advantage.
       At level 3, the frame advantage is lowered to a less appealing +2,
       but it does even more damage and dizzys faster. This move is useful
       at level two and three, but level one is totally worthless. It counts
       as a projectile, so you can use it to nullify them. Of course, you
       can't abuse it that much, since it relies on his heat gauge. Lowers
       the heat gauge a lot.

Dust - Robo-Ky swings his sword upward with a swoop, just like Ky's dust.
       Like Ky's dust, one of the better ones to use. It's also Robo-Ky's
       only grounded overhead, so you may be using this a lot. His dust
       combo is braindead simple too.


Crouching Punch- Crouching version of Robo-Ky's standing punch There's
       nothing that spectacular about this punch per se, unlike his
       standing punch. Of course you can still use it for interrupting
       attacks and such, but it's not as useful otherwise.

Crouching Kick- A low slide, just like the first hit of Ky's stun dipper.
       It hits low, comes out fast and has good range. Another one of
       Robo-Ky's great pokes. This one is especially useful as the first
       hit of his deadly bread and butter launcher combo. Raises heat.

Crouching Slash- Robo-Ky shoots lasers out his eyes while in a sitting
       position, hitting low and knocking down. Since Robo-Ky's crouching
       dust is used for the mat, this move functions as his sweep. Okay
       range, comes out fast, and links to his standing hard slash!
       Other than that, it's just the average sweep.

Crouching Hard Slash- Robo-Ky covers his ears and launches a huge rocket
       out of of his knee. Seriously, how does it fit there? Anyway, this
       rocket is angled upward at a good angle for anti-air. However,
       it comes out really slow. I personally don't find this move useful
       at all, unless they're already fairly high up in the air. It can
       be FRCed, but it's FRC point is really stupid and one of the most
       worthless in the whole game.


Jumping Punch- Jumping version of Robo-Ky's standing punch. The strength
        of this move lies in the reverse chains of other moves that chain
        back to this move, allowing you to extend your combo.

Jumping Kick- A drill extends out of Robo-Ky's leg. Just the generic air
        kick, useful in combos, as it can chain to his deadly air dust
        or his mallets.

Jumping Slash- Robo-Ky's sword turns into a mallet and he swings it at
        his enemy. Has a wide hit area and is very useful in combos.
        It's the strongest air move that he can jump cancel.

Jumping Hard Slash- Robo-Ky swings the mallet in a wide arc with motion
        trails following it. Not as wide a hit area as jumping slash, 
        and not cancellable either. Good for ending combos I guess. I
        don't usually use this move much except when I do an airdash
        slash and chain to this. Raises heat.

Jumping Dust- A bike extends from Robo-Ky's butt and a helicopter
        rotor pops out of his head and he pedals like mad. THE
        combo ender of choice. Does tons of damage. Cancellable.
        Outside of combos, it's not really as useful, but still
        applicable as air to air.

3.2 Command Moves

Throw - 4 or 6HS at throw range Robo-Ky catches his opponent off
        balance and swings down with his sword. Same as regular Ky's
        throw, except with a more meaty thud instead of slash noise.
        On counter hit it'll ground bounce, giving air combo
        opportunites as punishment for them letting you get their
        guard gauge up that high.

Air Throw - 4 or 6HS at throw range Robo-Ky grabs his opponent and
        throws them in the opposite direction. The same as Ky's
        airthrow. It's possible to do stuff afterwords if you
        throw in the corner.

Ground Taunt - hold P+K while grounded - Robo Ky will babble
        something and stay on the ground longer. This move is great
        for destroying an opponent's okeizeme game. Of course, make
        sure you don't become too predictable with it, otherwise
        they'll delay their okeizeme too. Cannot be done if you
        are OTGed

3.3 Specials

Kurattoku Ky?- 236+S- Robo-Ky's sword transforms into a bazooka and he
     fires it. Like all specials, depending on how much bar he has it
     will be different. Level 1 is as usual worthless. Level 2 is
     useful, and Level 3 is a better version of Level 2 Otherwise, if
     they block it, it will give you a large frame advantage, during
     which you can mix up with 2K, his dust, or command throw. Good
     for okeizeme. Raises heat.

Ky-Genshou- 214+S- Robo-Ky charges forward on a mechanical horse that
     sprouted from who the hell knows where. Depending on the level, the
     further and faster he travels. Level 1 he barely moves, Level 2 is
     further, and Level 3 is very fast and comboable. Good for pressure.
     Since Robo-Ky is floating, his feet are invincible. Also, all three
     versions leave you with a frame advantage on block. You can link
     a 5HS after a level 3 if you time it right.

Ky-Maku Homerun- 623+HS- Robo Ky swings his sword upward, just like Ky's
     vapor thrust, of course coming in various levels like all his specials
     Level 1 is a one hit shoryuken with a little invincibility, Level 2
     gets 2 hits, longer tech time, and more invicibility, and Level 3 has
     huge invincibility, and on hit will automatically shift to Ky Kokoro
     no Ichigeki. A very useful move for anti-air and wakeup.

Chounai-Ky Bargain- In air, 236+S- Robo-Ky shoots off his hand as a missile
     ROOOOOOOCKET PUNCH. Awesome move. Of course, it's almost useless at 
     level 1, as it travels a small distance, than falls out of the sky,
     though the downward angle may serve to slow the enemy down sometimes.
     Level 2 homes in on the enemy, and Level 3 travels a bit, then breaks
     into four pieces and they all home in on the enemy. This move is too
     good at level 3. You can even do multiple in the air. It doesn't even
     disappear if you're hit at level 3! Yeah, this is definitely abusable.
     Raises heat.

Ita-Ky-Geki- 66+P/K/S/HS- This move must be done while running. Robo-Ky
     dashes forward. If it connects, the opponent will be floated high
     in the air and Robo-Ky will do some kind of bobbing motion and gain
     50% of his tension. This little taunt can be cancelled at any time by
     anything (including FD) to take advantage of the high float. This has
     a very high priority and will even clash with Sol's Volcanic Viper!
     Because of this, it makes a pretty decent okeizeme move as well.
     It can also be FRCed. Overall, it's a semi-useful move I guess, it can't be
     comboed into except in select situations, but you can use it like
     Ky-Genshou to pressure the opponent. The FRC is before the attack can
     hit, which you can use to add mixup into B&B, dust, or command grab.

Ky-Denpa- 63214+K- A somewhat slow command grab that, if it connects, will
     drain up to half of an opponents tension bar and give it to you. The
     more tension that is drained, the more damage it will do to the enemy.
     Note that although it only has one level, it costs 10% of your tension
     if you have that much. Anyway, this command grab is of course very
     useful, especially while they're being pressured. Good ticks include
     236S, 5P, 5K, and even the occasional 2K. Can be RCed into air combo,
     which can be tricky, but damaging.
Zadan-Ky- 2D- Robo-Ky lays an electric mat on the ground. As you may have
     noticed, he gains tension REALLY REALLY slowly. While on the mat,
     you're tension gain speed will GREATLY increase. You will get 99%
     of your tension in this manner. Almost all of his normals will chain
     to this move as well. Seeing as how Robo-Ky is so tension dependent,
     this move is the backbone of his gameplay.

3.4 Overdrives/Instant Kill

Dane na Yatsu wa Nani wo Yatte mo Dame!- 236236+S- a few pairs of
     fists pop out of Robo-Ky, and he punches around 20+ times.
     This is like one of the most worthless supers in the game.
     Yes, it does decent damage, BUT, for that same amount of
     tension you could do an FRC combo which is harder but even
     more damaging. Also, it has about the same amount of
     invincibility frames as Dragon Install (which means like 1),
     its priority sucks, and its range really sucks. Seriously,
     don't bother with this super at all unless you're not good
     enough to do the more advanced stuff.

Gen-Ky Lovers- 236236+P- Robo-Ky goes into a Dragon Install-esque mode
     for ten seconds. During this time, his speed is increased, and
     he gains tension really fast without the mat. At the end of it,
     he will explode sort of and leave a large electric bubble behind.
     This is an okay super, I guess. You can use it to gain a large
     amount of tension quickly to spam rockets like mad, but otherwise
     it's your job to stick on them like a leech and be near them
     when Robo-Ky runs out of time. If you get them to block it, it
     leaves you at a staggering +118 (!!!). However, it's not like the
     damage is guaranteed in any way, so it's a lot safer just to
     use tension for his moves or FRC combos.

Ky Kokoro no Ichigeki- 623+HS at 6 power- If Robo-Ky's uppercut connects
     while he's close enough to his opponent with the correct amount of
     power, he will go into this super unless you RC it on the first hit. 
     If by some freak situation where the first or second hit does not
     connect (example: opponent bursting immediately after last hit
     before super), then you're invincible all the way up until he does
     his final hit. If it hits, it will do an untechable wallbounce
     float as well, allowing you to follow up with something in
     some situations. This super is decent. You don't have to set it up
     or anything, and that's pretty cool, but of course as always there
     are a more damaging options.

13 Ky-dan- P+K+S+HS, then 236236+HS- Robo-Ky swings his sword, and if
     it connects, he sits down and a bunch of little Robo-Ky's pop out
     of his mouth, grab the opponent and blow him up. Like all instant
     kills, worthless unless the opponent is dizzy.

4.0 Strategy

Gain as much tension as you can with Robo-Ky. Robo-Ky's level 3 moves and
FRC combos are extremely useful and damaging, respectively. If you can't
gain tension, you are likely to have a lot of trouble fighting the
opponent with crappier special moves, especially level 1s.

Robo-Ky has a great variety of high priority and longer ranged pokes,
including 2K, 6P, and 5S. Use his pokes wisely to keep them away while
you gain up your tension for Robo-Ky's moves.

Once you've got tension, keep 'em locked down. Robo-Ky's mixup ain't
the best, but it's still deadly with the 5D, 2K, and command throw
all leading to damage.

Kurattoku Ky? is an excellent okeizeme move. While they're forced to
block the missile, you can throw out a low, high, or use it as a tick
into his command grab (you have to time this correctly though, since
you can't grab while someone is in blockstun).

If you're not using your tension for his moves, you should be using it for
the Standing Hard Slash FRC launch into aircombo. It may seem hard to
FRC it at first, but you have 3-4 frames RIGHT after you press HS to FRC.
Once mastered, you will be able to take up to half of their life off
with a single combo for a mere 25% tension.

4.1 Matchups/Character-specific strategy

This is where a great deal of the knowledge you'll need to know for
matches is. It's not that hard to actually learn Robo-Ky, but then you
need to know HOW to apply what in various sitautions. If you don't,
then you are royally screwed if you can't get around one thing.

So anyway, yeah matchup-specific strategies up ahead. How well a
character will do in said matchups is rated on a ten match scale.
5-5 is even of course, 6-4 is advantageous, 4-6 disadvantageous, etc.
Yeah I'm sure you get it. And without further ado....

4.1.1 vs. Anji Mito

Anji is a garbage character that Robo-Ky can own for free. Anji's
pressure is not too hot and his damage flat-out sucks. The only
thing you even need to look out for is getting pressured into
his butterfly trap (block the fireball, Anji does a low attack
right as the big butterfly hits, and it's unblockable), and
then big whoop it's still easily escapable by jumping up. What
little okeizeme Anji had is useless against a delayed wakeup.

Outlast him and kick his ass.

Final Verdict: 7-3

4.1.2 vs. Axl Low

Axl can't stop you from getting in with his pokes. It simply doesn't
work. Why? Ky-Genshou (the horse move). This move beats his 5P and 2P,
goes over his 2HS, and trades with his 6K (if for some reason 6K hits
you on the ground). The only thing he can use against you for poking
is a Resengeki, and with only that to be able to deal with you should
be okay. You could also use 66+P as well, but that needs a running
start and you may not have that much space with Axl poking you.

6HS okeizeme is SCREWED by the ground taunt.

I personally would cut down on tick throws. Getting TOO close to Axl
will result in a throw, after which Axl can do some good damage

Axl's best non-super wakeup move is his Benten Gari (623S), which
is unreliable at best thanks to a lack of invincibilty frames. 
Otherwise he can use the flame super, which has tons of
invincibility on it and goes through a lot of crap though. But
You should still have no problem locking him down with missile
okeizeme and mixing it up.

And it's also a pain to combo Robo-Ky for Axl. Some of his Bomber
loop setups are harder to do cause Robo-Ky is so heavy.

Final Verdict: 7-3

4.1.3 vs. Chipp Zanuff

I'm gonna play theroy fighter here since I've played no one
good with Chipp and assume this is a pretty even matchup for
Robo-Ky. Chipp can run circles around everyone but he still
takes damage like a wuss. And Robo-Ky does a lot of damage.
Therefore, Robo-Ky only has to land like 2 combos to win.
Sounds bad right?

Well, Chipp has tons of pressure and can do decent damage as
well. The problem with the former is that you can't gain
tension just from being pressured/being hit like normal
characters. Add to the fact that Robo-Ky's dependence on 
tension is HUUUUUUGE, and I think you can put two and two
together and see the problem I'm suggesting. The latter
allows him to get in the damage.

So this is what this matchup looks like. Chipp has to pressure
the hell out of you and make sure you don't get going at all.
If he doesn't, and the Robo-Ky gains momentum, he can pretty
much kiss his ass goodbye from Robo-Ky's combos unless he
can reverse the situation again.

So what this seems like to me is a pretty even matchup. The
Chipp has to work a lot harder to keep Robo-Ky from getting
started and gaining tension. Your best option against him
is to try and get away (or blow him away with something
like CH 6P to THA FACE!) and gain that tension to deal with
Chipp. If you can do that, you can probably use it to get
a bunch of damage in. If Chipp EVER gives you an opening
you need to take it without hesitation. You have high
defense, you can take a few hits if you mess up.

Final Verdict: 5-5

4.1.4 vs. Ky Kiske

Ky doesn't have jack on Robo-Ky. His 6HS and Charge Stun Edge
okeizeme is hurt bad by the ground taunt. Let's not forget his
damage output sucks and he has average stamina. Robo-Ky, on the other
hand, have high stamina and EXCELLENT damage output. Can we say owned?
Heheh, and most of Robo-Ky's moves are way better than Ky's too.

Of course, don't get too cocky o_O

Final Verdict: 7-3

4.1.5 vs. Potemkin

Missiles are not too effective on Potemkin, thanks to his F.D.B.,
so it's not really a good idea to just spam missiles and turtle.

I really don't see anything that's stopping Robo-Ky from simply
gaining tension with mats and beasting Potemkin with it. So just
sit back and gain tension and attack him once you've got the
advantage of a full bar.

Sliding with 2K to 2S is not really as good an idea, since if it's
blocked you're asking for a Potemkin Buster. Ouch. Instead, try to
use safer pokes. So yeah, you can't necessarily rely on Robo's B&B
launcher combo, which hurts his damage output quite a bit.

I originally didn't think so, but I'm going to have to agree with
the official matchup chart and give this match a 6-4 in favor of the

Final Verdict: 4-6

4.1.6 vs. Sol Badguy

Sol ain't got nothin' on you if he ain't got the corner! Of course,
he's got a million ways to set you up to get there for a dust loop...

Seriously though, this is a pretty even matchup. Either that or
Robo-Ky may have a SLIGHT advantage. Both characters have high
priority and similar damage output. As long as you stay out of
dust loops you should be fine. Easier said than done of course...

You can use the ground taunt to throw off the timing of the Sol
player's meaty 5Ks, but he could probably just do another one since
it's not like it's an Axl 6HS...

Final Verdict: 5-5

5.0 Combos/Chains/Setups

All combos/Chains/Setups were tested on Sol unless stated otherwise

5.1 Combos

These combos are ranked according to difficulty. I'm sorry for the lack
of advanced combos right now, it will be addressed in future versions when
I get my Xbox back. 66HS means any version of Ita-Ky-Geki btw. It doesn't
matter which button you press.


*5K, 5K, 5K, 5(c)S, 2S
*5K, 5K, 5K, 5(c)S, 5S
*5P, 5(c)S, 5S, 5HS

*5(c)S, 5S XX 236236S

*2K, 2S, 5HS

*5D /\ 8D JC 8D XX 236HS
*5D /\ 8S JC 8S JC 8K, 8S, 8P, 8D XX 236S

*8S, 8HS

*(corner) 66P/K/S/HS, 236236S

*623HS (level 3) RC 1st hit, 8K, 8S JC 8K 8D


*CH Throw, dash in, 5(c)S, 5HS FRC 8K, 8S, JC 8K, 8D

*(cornered) 623HS (overdrive), 5(c)S, 5HS FRC 8K, 8S JC 8S, 8D
*(midscreen) anti-air 623HS (overdrive), 5(c)S, 5HS FRC 8K, 8S JC 8K, 8D
*(midscreen) 5(c)S XX 623 HS (overdrive), 2P, 5(c)S, 5HS

*CH 2HS, 5(c)S JC 8K, 8S JC 8K, 8D

*66HS, 214S RC 5(c)S, 5HS FRC 8K, 8D
*(somewhat near corner) 66HS, FDC the taunt, run in, 5(c)S, 5HS FRC 8K, 8S
     JC 8HS

*2K, 2S, 5HS, FRC, run, 5S, 5HS, FRC 8K 8S JC 8K 8D

5.2 Chain Guide

Forgive my ugly ascii charts.

Ground Chains

Chart coming soon! 

5P chains to -> 5(c)S, 5HS, 5D, 2HS, 2D
5K chains to -> 5K, 5(c)S, 5HS, 5D
5(c)S chains to -> 5S, 5HS, 5D, 2P, 2S, 2HS, 2D
5S chains to-> 5HS, 5D, 2HS, 2D
5HS chains to -> nothing
5D chains to -> nothing

6P chains to -> nothing
6HS chains to -> nothing

2P chains to -> 5(c)S, 5HS, 5D, 2HS, 2D
2K chains to -> 2S, 2HS, 2D
2S chains to -> 2D
2HS chains to -> nothing
2D chains to -> N/A

Air chains
  |          |    |
  |   ------||----||
  |   |     V|    |V
  |-> 8P -> 8K -> 8S -> 8HS
      |     |            ^
8P<---|     |------------|

If that's not readable....

8P chains to -> 8P, 8K, 8S
8K chains to -> 8P, 8S, 8HS, 8D
8S chains to -> 8P, 8HS
8HS chains to -> nothing
8D chains to -> nothing

6.0 Robo-Ky's Frame Data

Here you go! The first frame is the number of frames it takes to hit,
the second is how many frames the attack will hit for, the third is
recovery time after first hit, and the fourth is the frame advantage.

There are 60 frames in a second.



5P            -   6  /  4  /  4  /  +6 
5K            -   5  /  7  /  7  /  -4
5S (close)    -   7  /  2  / 18  /  -3 
5S (far)      -   9  /  5  / 19  /  -3
5HS           -   4  /  7  / 29  / -17 
5D            -  22  /  4  / 22  / -12 

6P            -  11  /  2  / 36  /  -4  
6HS (Level 1) -  15  / 12  /  9  /  -6 
6HS (Level 2) -  16  / 15  /  3  /  +6 
6HS (Level 3) -  16  / 12  / 13  /  +2

Dead Angle    -   4  /  7  / 29  / -22 


2P   -  6  /   4  /   5  / +3
2K   -  7  /  11  /   9  / -8
2S   - 10  /   3  /  20  / -9
2HS  - 14  /   -  /  51  / -7


8P   -  7  /  8  /   4 
8K   -  7  / 12  /  16 
8S   -  9  /  2  /  23 
8HS  -  8  /  3  /  37 
8D   - 10  / 24  /   9 


236s (Level 1)     -  24  /  4* /  57  / +22
236s (Level 2)     -  24  /  4* /  57  / +38
236s (Level 3)     -  24  /  4* /  57  / +54

214s (Level 1)     -  21  / 12  /  ?  /  +2
214s (Level 2)     -  13  / 16  /  ?  /  +8
214s (Level 3)     -  11  / 24  /  ?  /  +9

623HS (Level 1)    -   9  /  ?  /  ?  / -35
623HS (Level 2)    -   3  /  ?  /  ?  / -29
623HS (Level 3)    -   3  /  ?  /  ?  / -22

Air 236s (Level 1) -  11 /   -  / 49  /  - 
Air 236s (Level 2) -   7 /   -  / 33  /  - 
Air 236s (Level 3) -   9 /   -  / 41  /  - 

66P/K/S/HS         -  19 /  9  /  19  /  0

63214K             -   7 /  1  /  30  / -


236236S            -   ? /  ?  / 27 / -11 

236236P            -   ? / 3*  / 134/ +118 

*These are multi-hit moves. This is the window for each hit.
236S has 3, 4, and 5 hits each level respectively. Each of
these hits have a 4 frame window to hit.

236236P has 27 hits, each with a 3 frame window to hit.


7.0 Miscellaneous

All I've got to put in this section right now is a glitch:

Overheating glitch: If you win as you're about to overheat, Robo-Ky's skin
   color will turn white. Works if he overheats during throws too.

8.0 Afterword

This FAQ is to be posted ONLY on gamefaqs.com unless the author (me)
gives permission otherwise. Robo-Ky, Ky Kiske, and Guilty Gear are
copyright their respective owners.

Thanks to Arc System Works for making this great game!

Thanks to SRK for their matchmaking threads, which helped me get
comp for this game!

Thanks to GCC for their excellent strategy forums, though they
seem to be slowing as of late...

Thanks to Grolin and the rest for posting all that crap on the
Guilty Gear X2 PS2 board back then. I may not have posted much in
them back then but they certainly helped me to learn Guilty Gear
by lurking in on them.

Thanks to you for reading my ghetto guide.