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    FAQ/Walkthrough by FromEarth

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                               F I N A L   V E R S I O N                            
                 The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (PC)
                      By Evert "From Earth" van Aart and Bob3739
                                     Final Version 
                               I - Table Of Contents
     I      Table Of Contents                    (1TOC)
     II     Introduction                         (2INT)
     III    FAQ Information                      (3FAQ)
              a. About the Author                   (3ABO)
              b. Contact Information                (3CON)
              c. Copyright Disclaimer               (3COP)
     IV     Frequentially Asked Questions        (4FAQ)
     V      Game Basics                          (5GAM)
              a. Controls                           (5CON)
              b. Moving Around                      (5MOV)
              c. Health                             (5HEA)
              d. Hand-To-Hand Combat                (5HAN)
              e. Ranged Combat                      (5RAN)
              f. Stealth                            (5STE)
              g. Weapons                            (5WEA)
     VI     Walkthrough                          (6WAL)
              00. Introduction                      (60IN)
              01. Escape                            (61ES)
              02. The Arrival                       (62AR)
              03. Prison Yard                       (63PR)
              04. Aquilas Territory                 (64AQ)
              05. Infirmary                         (65IN)
              06. Mainframe                         (66MA)
              07. Prison Yard Riot                  (67PR)
              08. The Pit                           (68PI)
              09. Pope Joe's Den                    (69PO)
              10. Dark Tunnels                      (610D)
              11. Showers                           (611S)
              12. Guard Quarters                    (612G)
              13. Abbott                            (613A)
              14. Tower 17                          (614T)
              15. Tower 17 Base                     (615T)
              16. Recreation Area                   (616R)
              17. Feed Ward                         (617F)
              18. Work Pass                         (618W)
              19. Mine Entrance                     (619M)
              20. Security Checkpoint               (620S)
              21. Upper Mines                       (621U)
              22. Cargo Transport                   (622C)
              23. Mining Core                       (623M)
              24. Security Research 1               (624S)
              25. Security Research 2               (625S)
              26. Tower 19                          (626T)
              27. Container Router                  (627C)
              28. Crash Site                        (628C)
              29. Abandoned Equipment Center        (629A)
              30. Central Storage                   (630C)
              31. Loading Docks                     (631L)
              32. Fuel Center                       (632F)
              33. Hangar                            (633H)
              34. Exercise Area                     (634E)
              35. Contaiment Pyramids               (635C)
              36. Facility Control                  (636F)
              37. Corporate Office                  (637C)
              38. Take Off Platform                 (638T)
     VII    Cigarettes                           (7CIG)
              a. Single Max                         (7SIN)
              b. Double Max                         (7DOU)
              c. Triple Max                         (7TRP)
     VIII   Extras & Secrets                     (8EXT)
              a. Secret Areas                       (8SEC)
              b. Easter Eggs                        (8EAS)
              c. Cheats                             (8CHE)
     IX     Closing Time                         (9CLT)
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                                 II - Introduction
    In GameSpot's Best Of 2004 Awards, one game stood out. Not just because the
    game was nominated in almost every possible category, and won a couple of
    times too, no, the main reason this game stood out, was because of the fact
    that at the start of 2004, no one had even heard of this game. While every
    critic focused on upcoming giants like Half-Life 2 and Halo 2, a small and
    relatively unknown studio worked hard to complete a masterpiece. The result
    was Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay.
    Even more surprising than the game's sudden release was its quality. First
    of all, the game was developed by a small, unknown company, that had only
    released one game before CoR, which had been pretty awful. Second, and most
    important, the game was based on a movie license. It is a prelude to the
    Riddick trilogy, which consists of cult-classic Pitch Black, anime short
    Dark fury, and the 2004 Chronicles Of Riddick. But, while most games based
    on movie licenses are just cheap attempts to cash in on the popularity of a
    movie, CoR is a great, well-built adventure, more than worth your 50 bucks.
    Some knowledge of the Riddick background story is required for you to
    follow this game, so I will give it here. In this game, you'll play Richard
    B. Riddick, one of the most famous and feared criminals of the futuristic
    world this game is set in. Riddick, who is played by Vin Diesel, is
    extremely skilled  in hand-to-hand combat, stealth, and shooting. He'll
    kill a man without even blinking, and has done so many times. This makes
    our man one of the most wanted criminals of the universe. One bounty hunter
    by the name of Johns is especially determined to capture Riddick. At the
    start of the story of this game, Johns has succeeded; he's transporting
    Riddick to Butcher Bay, a triple-max security prison.
    Your goal is to escape. Using Riddick's stealth, fists, and firepower, you
    must battle your way out of a prison that is said to be 100% escape-proof.
    This mission will take you about 10 hours to complete on the first run.
    After that, you can try again on a harder difficulty, or you can choose
    the commentary function, to learn more about the game from the developers
    themselves. Either way, you'll get more than enough value for your buck.
    This document will contain all the information you need to complete the 
    game, and to find all the extras. Note that I do not own the XBox version, 
    and thus am unaware of any differences between the XBox and PC version.
    Have fun,
    Evert "From Earth" van Aart
                               III - FAQ Information
                                a. About the Author
    For a full list of other work by the same author, Evert "From Earth" van Aart:
    Chapters 28 to 38 of the walkthrough and the corresponding additional 
    information were written by Bob3739.
                               b. Contact Information
    You can contact either From Earth or Bob3739 by e-mail, but there 
    are some rules.
    - Do not send me questions that have already been answered in the FAQ. 
    - Do not expect me to know the answer to every single question about the game.
    - Please include the title of the game in the subject line.
    - You can send me corrections and additions, but you should know that this FAQ 
      is no longer in developement, so unless your correction or addition is about 
      something really important, I probably won't include it.
    - Love mail is always welcome.
    ddavis9 (at) hotmail (dot) com
    evert.vanaart (at) gmail (dot) com
                               c. Copyright Disclaimer
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Evert "From Earth" van Aart and Bob3739, 
    C2004-2007. It is the intellectual property of the Authors, and as such, 
    it is prohobited by law to distribute, host, copy or sell this any part 
    of this document without the written permission of the Authors. Websites 
    that want to host this FAQ  should contact the Author before doing so. 
    For personal use only.
                         IV - Frequentially Asked Questions
    Here, I will list several questions sent in a by readers, and a couple of
    questions that I wrote myself. Please, read this chapter before sending me
    an e-mail, to make sure that your question isn't answered here already.
    <<<  What are the differences between the XBox and the PC version?  >>>
    There are a couple of differences. From what I've gathered, there's one
    extra level (in which you get to walk around as one of those armored guards)
    and there's one extra pack of smokes. Also, I think the commentary function
    is available for PC only. Last, but not least, I think the Quick Save / Load
    function is only supported on PC.
    <<<  Is the game difficult? How long will it take to complete?  >>>
    CoR is a pretty challenging game. Of course, it depends on the difficulty
    level you pick, but it can be quite though at times. Which is a god thing,
    otherwise no one would read this walkthrough. On the first run, you can
    complete it in about 10 hours, if you do all the sidequests.
    <<<  What kind of monster PC do I need to run this?  >>>
    The system requirements are pretty high, but you'll get some beautiful
    graphics and realistic physics in return. The official site states the
    following requirements:
    - Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
    - Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or AMD equivalent
    - 256 MB RAM
    - 64 MB AGP DirectX 9-compatible video card (ATI Radeon 8500 or NVIDIA
      GeForce 3 and above - except GeForce 4 MX) supporting Hardware T&L
    - DirectX 9-compatible sound card
    - 3.2 GB of uncompressed hard disc space (recommend 4.0)
    - 16x CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
    - Microsoft compatible mouse and keyboard
    Well, actually, it's not that bad. I play this game on my laptop all
    the time, and it runs very smoothly.
    <<<  I can't find pack of smokes ##, where is it?   >>>
    Look in the 'Cigarettes' chapter.
    <<<  What do you get for finding all the smokes?  >>>
    You'll unlock a bunch of neat features, including concept art of the game,
    and screens from the third Riddick movie, Chronicles Of Riddick.
    <<<  Eyeshine doesn't work! I press [Q], but nothing happens!  >>>
    You don't have Eyeshine (a sort of night vision) from the start. Just play
    the game. Near the end of the first part, after jumping into the Pit, you'll
    get the Eyeshine feauture. You'll automatically know when you get it,
    because it is accompanied by a pretty cool movie.
    <<<  I can't pick up the Assault Rifles in the shower's locker room!  >>>
    Open one of the two lockers with a rifle. Now, look down at your feet.
    You should see the gray box with 'Assault Rifle' now. Press [E] to pick it
    up. This is one of the few bugs in the game, but it's easily solved by
    looking down.
    <<<  A secret involving flushing toilets? What the hell?  >>>
    Read the Easter Eggs chapter.
                                  V - Game Basics
                                    a. Controls
    <<<  Movement  >>>
    Move Forward        [W]
    Move Backward       [S]
    Strafe Left         [A]
    Strafe Right        [D]
    Jump                [Space]
    Crouch Toggle       [C]
    Walk                [Shift]
    Lean                [Ctrl]
    <<<  Look  >>>
    Eyeshine            [Q]
    Flashlight          [F]
    Zoom                [Z]
    Journal             [J]
    Use                 [E]
    <<<  Combat  >>>
    Primary Fire        [MB1]
    Secondary Fire      [MB2]
    Reload              [R]
    Cycle Weapons       [TAB]
    Hands               [1]
    Shiv                [2]
    Club                [3]
    Pistol              [4]
    Shotgun             [5]
    Assault Rifle       [6]
    Tranq Gun           [7]
    Grenade             [8]
    <<<  Misc  >>>
    Quick Save          [F5]
    Quick Load          [F9]
    Take Screenshot     [F12]
                                  b. Moving Around
    The following is only for the people that are really new to FPS games
    in general. If you've already got experience, please skip this.
    So, how do you move around? The standard way is with the WASD keys, in
    the top left corner of your keyboard. [W] will be for moving forward, [S]
    is for moving backward. So far so good. Now, the [A] and [D] keys are for
    strafing left and right, respectively. Strafing is walking sideways. The
    advantage of strafing is that you can move around, without loosing sight
    of the enemy, allowing you to dodge, shoot and take cover with ease.
    Then there's the Spacebar. In CoR, it is used for jumping. If you press
    it, Riddick will jump straight up, about a meter high. If you face a low
    obstacle, move towards it and press [Space] to climb onto it. You can also
    climb onto higher obstacles, of about 2 to 2.5 meters tall. Stand next to
    it, press [W] towards the obstacle, and jump. Riddick will grab the ledge,
    and you can press [W] again to climb onto the obstacle. While hanging from
    the edge of an obstacle, Riddick can also shimmy to the left and right, by
    pressing [A] and [D], respectively.
    Alright, what's left? You can crouch by pressing [C], Riddick will then
    stay crouched until you press [C] again. Press [Shift] while moving to walk
    instead of run. Both crouching and walking are considerably slower than
    running. Press and hold [Ctrl] to access the lean function. You can then
    lean to the left and right by pressing [A] and [D], respectively. If you're
    leaning to one side while carrying a ranged weapon, you click the [MB1] to
    step out. Useful when you're leaning from behind a corner. Press [E] near
    a ladder to get on it, you'll automatically get off when you reach the top
    or bottom. Last and least, if you see a grid or horizontal ladder above you,
    you can grab it by pressing [E]. If there's an enemy below you when you're
    hanging on one of these bars, press [E] to drop down and instantly kill him.
                                     c. Health
    Riddick's health is represented by a couple of white squares in the top
    left corner of the screen. When you take damage, the right-most square will
    begin to shrink. When it's gone, the next square will start shrinking. If
    you loose all squares, it's game over.
    If you don't take any damage for a few seconds, the right-most square will
    refill itself. For example, because of a fierce firefight, you're left with
    just 2 and a half squares. If you wait a couple of seconds, the last square
    will fill up, so that you'll now have three squares. This is really useful,
    it allows you to get through most firefights unscratched. Just take cover
    whenever the right-most square is almost empty. Wait until it fills up
    again, then attack again. Keep repeating this, and you can get through
    most fights without loosing a square.
    To regain to squares you've lost, find a NanoMed Station. These wall-panels
    will be found throughout the game. approach one, and press [E] to fill up
    all your blocks. There are four green lights near the center of the station
    that tell you how many charges are left. So, if only one of the four lights
    is burning, it means that you can 'repair' only one more square. Once all
    lights are off, the NanoMed station becomes useless. You can find NanoMed
    Cartridges here and there, these will fully recharge a depleted Station.
    You start off with 4 squares as maximum health. During the game, you will
    find a couple of big Health Stations. these things look somewhat like those
    old arcade machines: a futuristic chair, and some sort of machine in front
    of it. In fact, in the commentary mode the Art Director of the game admits
    that these arcade machines were the main inspiration for the design.Trust
    me, you'll recognize them when you see them. Use these things
    to boost your maximum health with one square. There are four of these
    machines in the game, so you can have a maximum of 8 squares.
                               d. Hand-To-Hand Combat
    Melee combat plays a big role in CoR. You'll have to use your first several
    times to get through some parts of the levels. So, you'd better learn how to
    use your fists, eh? By the way, the following explanation applies to all
    melee combat, so it's basically the same when you're fighting with a Shiv
    or a Club equipped.
    The basics are simple: equip your fists or a melee weapon, and press [MB1]
    (the left mouse button) to perform a basic attack. Pressing [MB2] (right
    mouse button) will cause Riddick to defend. While defending, you won't take
    any damage from melee attacks. You can perform different movies by pressing
    a directional key when you click the [MB1]. These are the known combinations:
    [MB1]           Standard punch
    [MB1] + [W]     Heavy Punch
    [MB1] + [S]     Uppercut
    [MB1] + [A]     Left Jab
    [MB1] + [D]     Right Jab
    Now, how do you win a melee fight? First of all, remember to block. If you
    rush in button-bashing, you're probably going to get your arse whooped. So,
    defend with [MB2], and wait until the opponent attacks. After you've
    blocked his attack, quickly counter with an attack. Try different attacks
    each time. Also, circling around your opponent (by strafing) will help you
    to break through his defenses. Here's a pretty weak but effective strategy
    to win a fight: shower your enemy with attacks. He'll probably get to hit
    you a couple of times. Watch your health bar at the top. When the last
    block is almost empty, start blocking. After a couple of seconds, the last
    block (the most right one) will fill back up, so you're at full health
    again. Repeat until the enemy is down.
    At a couple of points in the game, you'll find yourself fighting an armed
    enemy, while you are unarmed. for these occasions, there's a special move
    you can perform. Get close to the enemy, and start fighting him with your
    fists. He will probably try to hit you with the butt of his gun. When he
    tries this, quickly press [MB1]. If you time it right, Riddick will grab
    the gun, point it at the enemy, and pull the trigger. I'll refer to this
    move as the 'reversal move' from now on. This move can also be performed
    while fighting unarmed enemies. Like before, you'll have to press [MB1]
    right when he starts an attack. However, timing this is really difficult
    in melee fights, so it's not really worth the try.
                                  e. Ranged Combat
    Of course, you won't have to make all your frags with your bare hands. CoR
    features a simple but effective arsenal of 5 different guns, including an
    Assault Rifle, a shotgun, and a standard hand gun. CoR doesn't have
    crosshairs like most FPS do. Instead, all guns are equipped with a
    laser-beam that you can use to aim with. The Assault rifle and shotgun
    come equipped with a flashlight, that you can switch on and off with [F].
    When equipped with a gun, press [MB2], the right mouse-button, to perform
    a melee attack with the gun (hit an enemy with the butt of your weapon).
    The rest of the shooting is pretty straightforward: [MB1] to fire, [R] to
    reload, [TAB] to cycle through the available weapons. Note that ammunition
    in CoR is measured in clips. So, if you equip the shotgun, and the number
    under the gun's image says 12, it means that you've got 12 clips of 8
    rounds each left. If you reload before your clip is empty, you'll loose
    all the unused bullets.
    The strategies for firefights are rather standard too. Find and use cover
    as much as you can, you'll die very quickly if you just storm in
    guns-blazing. Use every weapon well. In other words, use the shotgun for
    close quarters only, the handgun only for headshots, and fire in bursts
    when you're using the rifle. More of these general weapon strategies are
    listed in the Weapons chapter below.
                                     f. Stealth
    Chronicles Of Riddick is one of the few action-based games that successfully
    manages to add a stealth element to the gameplay. Using stealth can be
    really useful on a couple of occasions, so you'd better learn how to
    sneak. I'll list the basics here.
    First of all, you need to be crouched to be in Stealth Mode. When you
    crouch, your field of vision will become slightly wider, and some of the
    colors can change. You're now in stealth mode, which means you've got access
    to three different new moves: hiding, moving bodies, and silent kills.
    We'll start with the most important one: hiding. CoR is a pretty dark game,
    filled with shadowy corners. If you crouch in one of these shadow-spots,
    you'll notice that your screen will turn slightly blue. This indicates that
    you're now hidden. Enemies can not see you until they practically bump into
    you. Remember, this only works if you see the blue effect. Be warned though:
    if a room has a lot of shadows, guards will most likely turn on their
    flashlight, and you will be revealed. If you've got a ranged weapon, you
    can blast out pretty much every light you can see.
    Next up is hiding bodies. This skill is really important if you want to be
    as stealthy as possible throughout the whole game. While crouching next to
    an enemy you've killed, press [E] to grab the body. You can then move
    around, and Riddick will drag the body behind him. Press [E] again to let
    go. This way, you can hide downed enemies in the shadows, where they won't
    be found. And even if you don't care if the guards find their dead comrades
    or not, dragging a body around is still a very cool thing to see. It
    really shows what the physics engine can do.
    Last but not least, the silent kills. Crouch again to enter Stealth Mode.
    Now, sneak up to an unsuspecting enemy from behind, equip your firsts or
    a Shiv, and press [MB1] to silently kill him. When using your fists, for
    example, Riddick will break the enemy's neck. It's quick, it's silent,
    it's safe. One note though: the foe needs to unsuspecting. Meaning, he
    can't know you're there at all. If he is, in one way or another, aware if
    your presence, it won't work, not even if you manage to get behind him.
                                     g. Weapons
    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butchet Bay features a modest but
    effective arsenal. Here, I'll go over all the weapons, and talk a bit about
    the pros and cons of each one.
    <<<  Fists  >>>
    Hotkey       1
    Where        Throughout the game
    Description  Simple but lethal, these two babies will save your skin on
                 multiple occassions. For more information on how to use them,
                 read the 'Hand-To-Hand Combat' chapter above.
    <<<  Knuckleduster  >>>
    Hotkey       1
    Where        Aquilas Territory, Tower 17 Base
    Description  A Knuckleduster is a piece of metal that fits on your hand.
                 Because of the weight of the metal, your punches will do more
                 damage if you use a Knuckleduster. Riddick can only use one
                 'duster at a time, even though he has two hands. The fighting
                 works the same as with the fists.
    <<<  Shiv  >>>
    Hotkey       2
    Where        Aquilas Teritory, Tower 17 Base, Recreation Area, Feed Ward
    Description  Hand-made prison knife. Small, but very deadly. Fighting works
                 the same as with any other melee weapon. If your opponent has a
                 Shiv or something similar of his own, you'll need to equip a
                 Shiv, because you won't be able to block his attacks with our
                 bare fists. All Shivs do the same damage. A guy named Cricket
                 will sell you a 'very sharp' Shiv. Despite the name, it doesn't
                 do more damage than the normal Shiv, it's just more expensive.
                 However, you'll still want to buy this Shiv from Cricket, as it
                 triggers some events that allow you to get some packs of smokes.
    <<<  Scalpel  >>>
    Hotkey       2
    Where        Infirmary
    Description  Doctor's knife, made for operations. Works just the same as a
                 Shiv, but does more damage. Can only be found in the 'secret'
                 operating room in the Infirmary. To get in, you'll need to
                 waste Molina in the Prison courtyard. then, talk to Shabby near
                 the gate to the Infirmary, he'll give you a code. Enter the
                 Infirmary, and, after killing both guards, enter the first door
                 on your left. The Scalpel's on the operating chair. It doesn't
                 do more damage than a normal Shiv, but it looks really cool.
    <<<  Screwdriver  >>>
    Hotkey       2
    Where        Work Pass, Mining Core
    Description  Your basic screwdriver. Used for driving in screws, and poking
                 out eyes. Actually, you can't do anything with the screws in
                 this game, so it's just for poking out eyes / hurting your
                 opponent in other nasty ways. Carried by most mechanics.
    <<<  Club  >>>
    Hotkey       3
    Where        Feed Ward
    Description  Big, heavy, good for crushing skulls. The downside is that it's
                 pretty slow, so not very useful against a fast opponent. The
                 damage's good though. You can either buy one from Monster, or
                 get one for free after the boss-fight in this area.
    <<<  Gun  >>>
    Hotkey       4
    Where        Escape, Mainframe
    Description  A basic pistol. The clip size is 14 rounds. Because of it's slow
                 rate of fire and rather low damage, it's not good for shootouts.
                 The ammunition for this gun is also pretty rare. It's best used
                 as a sniper rifle. Zoom in on an unsuspecting enemy, and hit him
                 in the head. He'll never knew what hit him. Also useful for
                 shooting out lights to create shadows. The Gun's not silenced
                 though, so firing it close to enemies may get you some
                 unwanted attention.
    <<<  Shotgun  >>>
    Hotkey       5
    Where        Escape, Mainframe, Crash Site
    Description  Standard shotgun with a clip size of 8 shells. Like all
                 shotguns, it's best used in close quarters. Does a lot of
                 damage when used up close, as it can kill most enemies with
                 one shot. But, because of the large spread of the weapon, it's
                 useless for distances greater than 5 meter. In the end, you'll
                 use it mainly for blasting monsters, not humans.
                                  VI - Walkthrough
                                 00. Introduction
    Finally, we come to the main meat of this document: the Walkthrough. I'll
    walk you through the game step by step. Note that I won't keep a separate
    list of Side Missions, I'll include them in the walkthrough. The walkthrough
    is divided into the same chapters as in the game. Another important note:
    although I will not describe cut-scenes and conversations to you, this
    walkthrough still contains some spoilers. Be aware that reading too much
    of it might spoil the surprise, and maybe even the fun. Don't say I didn't
    warn you. Now, let's get it started!
                                    01. Escape
    The story starts with the ship of bounty hunter Johns descending towards
    Butcher Bay, a triple-max security on a desert planet. He has finally
    caught the famous Riddick, one of the most wanted criminals in the
    universe. Watch the cut-scene. You'll be able to control Riddick when you
    set foot on the planet. Johns is standing in front of you. Talk to him
    using [E]. You'll get to choose what you say to him, but it doesn't matter
    at all. After you've talked to him, Johns will turn around to scold another
    inmate. This is your chance. Sneak up behind Johns, and press [MB1] to end
    your captor's life with one quick snap. When Johns is dead, the inmate he
    was talking to (Pixie) will try to pick up the gun, but he'll get
    electrified, because the gun is DNA encoded. Meanwhile, the other convict
    will open up a hatch in the center of the landing platform. A gun turret
    near the door will start firing, so quickly drop down the hatch.
    Use [Space] to jump over the rubble, and then press [E] near the ladder to
    climb down. At the bottom, look around for a pack of cigarettes (pack
    #35). Now, drop off the machinery you're standing on, and approach the guy
    who is working near the door. Time for your first melee fight! Use [MB1] to
    punch, and [MB2] to block. You shouldn't have much problem killing this guy.
    When he's dead, check near the gun on the ground to find a Security Guard.
    Don't touch the gun. It's DNA encoded, so you can't use it. Now, with this
    Security Card, you can open the door in this room. Behind it is a narrow
    and dark corridor. A guard is patrolling in the next corridor. Crouch in
    these shadows, and wait for the guard to pass. When he does, quickly sneak
    up behind him. Press [MB1] when near his back to silently kill him. You can
    also kill him in a melee fight, but this is easier. Grab the Vent Tool
    that he drops.
    The game will now suggest that you hide the body. Crouch, and press [E] to
    grab the body. Drag it back to the dark corridor you came from, and press
    [E] again to drop the body. Now, continue through the corridor. There's a
    vent tool, which is a basic melee weapon, in the corridor here, but you
    don't really need it. In the next room, you'll see a bunch of boxes in one
    corner. You'll need to climb them to proceed, but before you do so, first
    walk into the narrow passageway right of these boxes. Follow the path
    through the boxes. At the end, crouch, and drop down the hole. You'll now be
    in the room next to the corridor with the guard you just killed. Check an
    alcove to the right to find 10 UD (money) and Cigarette Pack #1. Now, make
    your way back to the room with the boxes.
    Climb these boxes. You'll have to pull yourself up to reach the top. Now,
    jump to grab the beams above you. Move along this horizontal ladder, towards
    the other side of the room. After some meters, a guard will come from the
    door below. Wait until he's underneath you, then press [E] to drop down.
    This will instantly kill the enemy. If you miss, just kill him with your
    fists. When he's dead, climb back up the boxes and grab the bars. This
    time, move all the way to the ventilation hatch on the other side. Open it
    with [E]. Follow this vent until you get to a room with a NanoMed Station.
    It's currently empty, so you'll need to recharge it. Check the ground next
    to the station to find a NanoMed Cartridge. Pick it up, and then activate
    the Station with [E]. Now heal yourself if needed, and continue through
    the next door.
    There's an armed guard standing in front of the table to the left.
    Approach him, and he'll attack you. Now, you can use his weapon
    against him. Press [MB1] when he tries to hit you with the butt of his gun,
    and Riddick will kill the man with his own weapon. His shotgun isn't DNA
    protected, so you can pick it up. A gun, I rule! Not yet, the gun doesn't
    have any ammunition, so it's useless. Pick up the pack of smokes (#6)
    on the table). Now climb the stack of boxes to the right. At the top, face
    the yellow rail above you, and press [E] to grab it. Press and hold [D] to
    shimmy to the right. Once you're past the fence, pull yourself up onto the
    ledge above. Exit through the door to the left, and ride the elevator.
    There's a single guard here, armed with a shotgun. You can just storm him
    and take his weapon if you want, but you can also go for the silent kill.
    There's plenty of shadow to hide in on the platform, so just hide until
    he's turned his back on you, and then kill him. Finally, you've got a gun
    with ammo! Climb down the ladder on the right of this walkway. You'll come
    to a door with a blue lock on it. Shoot the lock, and enter the door.
    You'll be in a tunnel filled with guards. Time to test that shotgun you
    stole. The barrels in this corridor are all explosive, so you can shoot
    the barrel next to a guard for a quick frag. All in all, there are five
    guards here. Two of them are carrying an Assault Rifle, the others shotguns.
    You can't pick up the rifle, as it's DNA encoded, but you can get extra
    ammo from the shotguns. One guard also drops some UD money. This corridor
    is pretty straightforward. Just remember that the shotgun is useless at
    long distance, so try to get as close to your victims as possible. At the
    end, walk into the fog to end the mission.
                                 02. The Arrival
    Rise and shine, jackass. This is reality, and it ain't so pretty. This
    'chapter' is basically just an introduction to Butcher Bay, Hoxie, and
    Abbott. You'll be escorted to your cell by Abott (or X To Tha Z). He'll
    tell you a bit about the prison. Meanwhile, the opening credits are
    rolling. You can look around, but you can't walk. Take your time to marvel
    at the amazing shadows: if you look straight at the ground, your shadow
    will have two ears, but if you look sideways, you'll only see one ear!
    It's those little things that show that you're playing something
    special. Anyway, just before you get thrown in your cell for a good
    cleaning, a guy named Barber tells you to come talk to him later. After
    this, the chapter will end.
                                  03. Prison Yard
    <<<  Talk To Mattson  >>>
    Wait until Riddick is done talking to himself (weirdo). The door of your
    cell will open up, and can walk around in the prison. First, talk to Barber,
    the man just outside your cell. He'll tell you that a guy named Mattson
    wants to talk to you. We'll get to him later. First, turn left, and walk
    back towards the gate you entered through. In front of it is a man named
    Shabby. Talk to him, and he'll ask you to kill a guy named Molina. Agree
    to do this. Walk back, past your cell, and around the corner. Enter the
    first cell on the left, where two guys, Girish and Waman, are talking
    about escaping. Although Waman thinks Girish is crazy, the black man does
    have a point: if you get your DNA into the databank, you'd be able to fire
    guns...Hmmm...Well, that's of later concern. Talk to Waman, and he too will
    ask you to waste Molina. Boy, he sure is popular. Anyway, you can't waste
    him yet. Exit the cell, turn left, and then right. The two prisoners here
    will tell you go talk to Haley. Walk past them, and you'll get to the
    There are four men in this courtyard. Ignore the psychopath (the one
    who's talking about his bird). Talk to Red, the man sitting on the bench.
    He tells you that he wants to see Rust dead. Rust is the leader of a local
    gang, the Aquilas, should you wonder. Haley is walking around nearby. Talk
    to him, and he'll tell you that he'll help you...if you kill Rust. Sheesh,
    that's the fourth person that wants me to kill someone. What do I look like,
    a hitman? Anyway, talk to Mattson, the guy standing near the wall. According
    to him, you need a Shiv (a prison-made knife) to survive, and you can get
    one from his cell. Well, alright, head back into the cellblock. Don't forget
    to take a look at the Pit in the center of the yard. Looks like way out...?
    <<<  The Trap  >>>
    When back in the cellblock, turn right when you get back to the cells. Cell
    A40, on the right, will now be opened. This is Mattson's cell. Enter it. Two
    men will rush in with a welcome-present from Rust: four fists. Fighting two
    men at once can be quite difficult. Try to take one man out first. Whatever
    you do, don't let one of them get behind you, he'll be impossible to block.
    Anyway, these goons don't block a lot, making them pretty easy prey.
    Remember to block when one of your squares (top left of the screen) is
    almost empty, and then block until it fills up again. When both men are
    dead, go back to Mattson in the courtyard. He'll apologize, saying that
    he'll bring a Shiv to your cell. Go to your cell. A cut-scene involving
    Rust and Abbott will start.
    <<<  Waste Molina  >>>
    After the scene, leave your cell. Barber is standing here. He will tell
    you that Rust is waiting for you, and that you need a weapon if you're
    going to face him. Turn right, and go around the corner. Cell A38, opposite
    of Waman's cell, is now opened. Go inside to find Molina. Ah, so this is
    the bastard everyone wants dead. Don't waste your breath on pointless
    conversation - kick his arse. He's not tough, but he does have a
    Knuckleduster, so he'll do more damage. Once he's dead, get his Duster,
    and go talk to Waman across the hallway. Waman will reward you with a
    pack of smokes, #25. Go back to Shabby near the gate, and talk to him to
    claim your reward for wasting Molina: a security code for a door in the
    Infirmary. Now, head to the yard. The gate on the other side will now
    be opened. Go through it to enter Aquilas Territory.
                                 04. Aquilas Territory
    Walk through the corridor until you see man beating up another prisoner.
    When he's done with his victim, he'll go for you. Equip your Knuckleduster,
    and beat him down. The enemies here are slightly more difficult than the
    idiots you've faced so far, so block and time your moves well to get through
    this unscratched. Another Aquilas is waiting for you just down the hall.
    Charge in and kill him too. Don't forget to grab his UD card when he's down.
    There's an open cell to the left, A28. Enter, and pick up cigarette pack #58.
    There's also a NanoMed Station here, should you need it. Now continue
    through the corridor. Around the next corner, a guy will kick a fire
    extinguisher at you. This actually hurts, so stand back. Now, you have to
    kill the guy up ahead. Be warned though: this guy has got a Shiv! you
    can't block his attacks with your bare hands either. Luckily, he hardly
    ever blocks, so you can just shower him with punches until he's dead. Get
    his Shiv. Finally, a real weapon!
    In the next corridor, a guy will try to stop you with a home-made bomb.
    When he's about to light the 'fuse', just step back and watch the cool
    explosion from a safe distance. Now charge in and kill the two guys at the
    end of the corridor. Again, fighting two enemies at once can be tough. But,
    as long as you don't let one get behind you, you'll manage. Remember to
    block often, to allow your health to fill back up. When they're done, return
    to cell A28 if you need some healing. Now continue around the next corner to
    find Rust. He can be pretty tough if you don't know how to tackle him. Equip
    your Shiv - without it, you can't block his Shiv. Now just block all the
    time. From time to time, quickly press [MB1] to attack him. If you time
    this right after he's attacked, you'll damage him, but he'll also damage
    you. So, block again, wait for your health to repair, and repeat it. This
    way, it will take about a minute to kill him.
    When Rust's dead, Abbott will show up. Watch the cut-scene. Afterwards,
    your Shiv and Knuckleduster will be gone. Don't make the mistake of picking
    up Rust's Shiv: the guards that have appeared won't like it, and you don't
    really need it. Head into cell A11 in the area where you fought Rust, and
    talk to Moondog to get another pack of smokes, #59. Make your way back to
    the courtyard. Talk to Blueboy on the way for Pack #57. In the courtyard,
    first talk to Red for some UD. Also, talk to Booger, behind the closed gate,
    to buy Pack #26 for 20 UD. Now, go talk to Haley. He'll tell you that you
    need to get to the Mainframe through the Infirmary. Go back into your own
    cellblock. Walk to the gate with the guard. Talk to this guard. If
    you've talked to Haley, this guard will now open the gate. Enter, and
    turn left. Enter the door that leads to the Infirmary.
                                   05. Infirmary
    Go through the door. You'll be in a room with two guards, one armed, one
    unarmed. You'll have to dispose of them both. Stand near the armed guard.
    If you come too close, he'll try to hit you with the butt of his rifle.
    Now, quickly clock the [MB1] to counter-attack. If you time it right,
    Riddick will blast the fool with his own rifle. If you don't succeed in
    this reversal move, I suggest you load, because the guard will probably
    open fire on you. When the reversal move succeeds, the other guard will
    attack. He's not much of a problem, especially if you brought your Shiv.
    Once he's dead, grab his Security Card, and take a look around. There are
    four doors here: the one you came through, a locked one, and two with a
    keypad. Go to the door with the '1' above it. If you helped Shabby out
    by killing Molina, you'll have the code you need to open this door. Inside,
    you'll find a Scalpel, and pack of smokes, #12. Now, open door number 2
    with the Security Card. There's a guard just behind it. Luckily, he's
    unarmed, so just beat the living daylight out of him.
    In the corridor behind the door, you'll find your first NanoMed Health
    Station of the game. It's the thing that looks like an old arcade racing
    machine. Use it, and it will boost your maximum health to five squares.
    Alright then, climb the ladder. In the next room, walk towards the box
    ahead of you. When you're near it, the door on the other end will open
    and a guard will come through. Quickly hide behind the box, crouch, and
    wait for the guard to pass. Then sneak up behind him, and snap his neck.
    You can also try another reversal move on him. You know, use his own
    weapon against him, that stuff. Alright, that was the last time I'm going
    to explain what reversal is. Go through the door your last victim came
    through, and look to the right to find a service hatch. You'll come to the
    lower part of a room. A guard is patrolling the upper part. You can't reach
    him, so the best thing is to not let him see you. Use the pillars between
    the low and upper part for cover, and move when the guard is looking away.
    On the other side, duck and enter the tunnel. After two corners, you'll see
    a grate above you. A guard is standing on it. Patience is a virtue, so just
    wait until he leaves, and then move to the other side.
    Abbott will now come over the intercom, talking about a riot. Climb the
    ladder, and look through the grate to the right to see some quite brutal
    scenes in the cellblock. Continue through the door. There's an armed guard
    patrolling here. You can just run up to him and try a reversal.
    Alternatively, you can wait until he's walking away from you, and then
    sneak up to him and snap his neck. Another guard might come in, so watch
    out. There's some shadow to the right of those boxes, if you really want to
    do it the sneaky way. Anyway, once these guards are dealt with, go through
    the door on the right. You're now outside. Crawl up the guard ahead, and
    perform a silent kill. Take his Security Card, and use it on the next door.
    There's one more armed guard in this next area. since there's nowhere to
    hide, you'd best do this with a reversal. Once he's down, continue through
    the only open door, towards the Mainframe.
                                    06. Mainframe
    Enter the door in front of you. You'll be in a big room, on a catwalk high
    above the floor. There's a technician working below you, but he can't see
    you. Walk around the catwalk, until you can't go any further. Then, jump 
    over the rail, and drop down onto the stack of boxes in the corner. Then, 
    drop down onto the ground. Kill the technician - he's a total wuss, so 
    it's easy. You'll see a machine in the center of the room. Stand in front 
    of it and press [E] to use it. Your DNA is now added to the databank, 
    allowing you to pick up and use weapons. And well, guess what,
    there's a Rifle right next to the machine. Pick it up. After a couple of
    seconds, guards will come storming through the door. Show them that you're
    even more deadly with a gun than you are with your bare hands. More enemies
    will come through the corridor behind the door. Most will stay in the
    corridor, they won't enter the room. So, approach the door to open it,
    empty a clip on the enemies, and then retreat to make the door close. This
    will give you all the cover you need to reload and let your health recharge.
    When all the guards are dead, enter the corridor, and collect all weapons,
    including a handgun.
    Go around the corner. A door ahead will open, and a guard throws a grenade
    at you. Quickly step back. The grenade will blow a hole in the wall to the
    right. Use the NanoMed Station if you need to, and then go to the hole.
    'Use' the two pieces of loose debris to create a bigger opening. Head
    through it. There's one guard in this next room, carrying a shotgun. When
    he's dead, look for a service panel on the left. Use it to shut off the fan
    above. Climb the stack of boxes behind you, and then jump to the fan. Go
    past it. This next part is pretty tough. You'll see some grates in front
    of you. Two guards are standing below it. They'll start firing as soon as
    you show yourself. Use [Ctrl] to lean over the grates, and remember where
    the guards are standing. Then quickly shoot them both down. The advantage
    of this high position is that you've got a bigger chance to make a headshot.
    When they're both dead, drop down, and collect their weapons. Turn left -
    the other side leads to a dead end.
    When you reach the corner, another guard will come walking towards you.
    Kill him, and then enter the next room. Two guards will start firing at you
    from the catwalk to the left. You can shoot the barrels below them to hurt
    them, then finish it with the Rifle. Now use the NanoMed Station if you need
    to. Use the boxes to climb up onto the catwalk. Collect the guns from the
    dead guards. A new guard will come from the corridor you came from. Shoot
    him down. Walk around the catwalk until you see a pack of smokes, #13. When
    you've got it, drop down to the floor, and go towards the shadowy hallway.
    Switch on your flashlight. Walk towards the service hatch with the green
    light above it. When you're near, a guard will appear from behind a box.
    Kill him, and go through the hatch. Use the valve here to shut off the gas.
    After that, a guard will throw a grenade, so quickly back up. Then you'll
    need to kill two guards. This can be pretty tough, since it's so dark:
    it'll be hard to the laser dot, so aiming is pretty hard. Get cover by
    going back through the hatch.
    When both guards are dead, go through the hole in the wall they've made.
    Walk through the next room. When you're near the end, a guard with a shotgun
    will appear. Back up, and shoot the barrels to the left when the guard's
    near. That takes cares of that little problem. Another shotgun guard will
    appear pretty soon after that. Kill him too, and continue to a NanoMed
    Station. When you're back at full health, go through the open door. The
    door will close behind you, and 4 or 5 guards will open fire on you. In two
    of the corners in this room there's a little catwalk, you can get some good
    cover in the passageway beneath this catwalk. Use this cover to kill all
    guards that attack. It's pretty easy, as long as you stay in the passageway.
    When they're all dead, a Riot Guard will come down with the elevator. His
    robot-like suit has got only one weak spot: a red panel on his back. You
    can avoid his minigun pretty easy if you keep moving. Try to get behind
    him, and then shoot at the panel. This might take some tries. Your best shot
    is to lure him into one of the passageway I just mentioned, then quickly
    walk around and shoot him in the back. Once you did enough damage to the
    panel, the riot guard will fall down. You'll get pack of smokes #27 as a
    reward. Use the elevator, and head through the door at the top to end the
                                07. Prison Yard Riot
    You're back in the cellblock where you first started. A riot has broken
    out, and the guards are killing every inmate they see. Go through the door
    ahead of you. There's some stairs to the right, but ignore them for now.
    Walk past them, and turn right to find a valve. This will open the gate
    below. Now go back, down the dark stairs. Crouch to hide in the shadows.
    When you look around the corner, you'll see two guards. If you're crouching,
    they won't see you, so you can easily snipe them. Just equip your Gun, zoom
    in on the head of one of the guards, and kill him with one headshot. The
    other guard will now probably start firing at you, so switch back to the
    Assault Rifle and take him out. During this fight, you will hear an
    announcement saying that the turrets are now in hostile mode. When the
    guard is dead, stay crouched on the stairs. Equip your Gun, and zoom in.
    There's a speaker on the wall in front of you. Just left of that, you
    should be able to see a gun turret. Shoot it to destroy it. If you have
    trouble seeing it, just shoot your Gun once. The turret will fire a few
    rounds, and the muzzle flash will show you its location.
    Once you've taken care of that turret, equip your Rifle and exit the
    staircase. Immediately turn right, you'll see another turret on the left
    wall, pretty close to your position. Destroy it. Another turret's in the
    corridor to the right, a bit further away, along the right side wall. Use
    your Gun to snipe it out. Walk down this corridor, past your former cell.
    When you approach the corner, a guard will come around it. Kill him with
    your Assault Rifle. Now, hide in the shadowy part just before the corner.
    Two guards will appear, chasing down and killing an inmate. Equip your Gun,
    and take them both out with a headshot. Or, if you want to take them out in
    a really cool way, shoot the fan above them. Before you go around the corner,
    check the wall on the right for another turret. Now, head towards the
    narrow corridor that leads to the yard. A guard is waiting for you here.
    Shoot him, and head down the corridor. As you enter the small room where
    the guard was, look right to see a turret right above your head. Quickly
    shoot it out - these things do a lot of damage up close. The way towards
    the courtyard is blocked by a gate. You'll have to trick the guards into
    opening it.
    So, head back the way you came. When you go around the corner near Waman's
    cell, a guard armed with a shotgun and an inmate will appear. When the
    guard is done with the inmate, he'll turn his attention to you. Take him
    out, and continue down the cellblock, past your own cell. When you approach
    the next corner, a guard will throw a grenade at you. Quickly back up, then
    go around the corner and shoot the guard near the gate. Another one will
    appear, and he'll open the gate. Kill him too. He'll drop a radio - just
    what we need. Use the radio, and Riddick will tell the guards to open the
    gate. Right, head towards the courtyard. One last shotgun guard will appear
    just before you reach the now opened gate. On the way to the yard, you'll
    see an inmate named Thor on the ground. He'll beg you to put him out of
    his misery. You can shoot him if you want to, but it doesn't really matter.
    Continue towards the courtyard, towards the Pit, towards freedom...
                                     08. The Pit
    You're now at the bottom of the Pit, but it's still a long way towards
    freedom. You're equipped with one shotgun. A woman's voice will tell you
    that the shotgun's light is malfunctioning, and that it'll go out in 6
    minutes. Don't let this freak you out too much though; you've got bigger
    things to worry about. Now, the area ahead of you, the Pit, is a maze of
    dark corridors filled with a new kind of enemies: Dwellers. These mutated
    creatures are really weak, you'll kill them with one shot from a close
    distance. However, what they lack in strength, they make up in quantity. I
    think there's an unlimited number of them, but I never stayed around long
    enough to confirm this. You'll want to be quick in this next section. Don't
    waste your time trying to take every Dweller out. Just rush through,
    blasting away any creep that gets in your way. This part can be hard if
    you don't know where to go. Luckily, you've got this walkthrough. Ready?
    Then let's roll.
    Start by heading through the doorway in front of you, next to the barrel.
    Turn right, and follow the corridor until you get to a larger one. This is
    where the Dwellers will appear. There's a hole in the grating in front of you,
    but don't jump down. Instead, look for a doorway on the opposite side of the
    hall. Run through it, blasting at the Dwellers that appear. You'll come
    to a ramp that leads down. At the end of this ramp, turn left. Run through
    the tunnel - don't pay too much attention to the Dwellers that follow -
    and turn right at the junction. Turn left at the next junction. Now,
    follow this tunnel, around a corner, to a dead end. You'll hear someone
    talking above you. At this dead end, you'll find a valve. Pick it up,
    and prepare to run back the way you came.
    There will be a lot of Dwellers behind you right now, so you'll have to
    shoot your way through them. Just remember to aim slightly down, otherwise
    you'll miss most of the time. So, start running back the way you came,
    around the corridor. At the first junction, turn right, and then immediately
    left. You'll come to a ramp that leads back to the higher level. At the
    top, go through a doorway on the left, and then turn left again. Walk
    straight through this corridor. Most Dwellers should have lost your tracks
    by now. At the end of the tunnel, turn left. You'll come to a closed gate.
    Use the valve you found on the gate control to the right, and then open it.
    Before doing so, make sure that no Dwellers have followed you here - you
    don't want to get surprised while opening the gate. When it's open,
    continue past it. A few more Dwellers will appear, but the worst is behind
    you. After about 20 meters, you'll see a flare on the ground. Turn left
    just before this flare, into a short tunnel. At the end, near a closed
    gate, you'll find a pack of smokes, number 15. Now, go past the flare you
    saw, into the doorway on the right. Follow the tunnel to complete the level.
                                 09. Pope Joe's Den
    You'll finally catch up with the mysterious stranger that helped you out
    by throwing flares. Follow him to an elevator. You'll ride it up, to safety.
    At the top, get out and follow this guy, named Pope Joe. When you get to
    his 'home', he'll tell you that your coming was foretold by 'him'. However,
    if you want him to trust you (and stitch you up), you're going to have to
    find his Blessed Voicebox. So, you'll have to get back down to the Pit.
    First, get some Flares from the box. You can carry a total of 12 flares.
    You'll also get a bit more ammo for the shotgun. Go back to the elevator,
    and ride it back down. There's a good chance that the light of your shotgun
    will by now be broken, so you'll have to make your way through the darkness.
    You can use the flares to illuminate your path, but I feel it's best to just
    rush in, grab the goods, and run back to the elevator. If you follow my
    directions, you won't really need the light either. Plus, switching to the
    flares, throwing one, and switching back to your weapon requires time,
    something you don't have when you're being assaulted by a dozen of Dwellers.
    So, from the elevator, turn left. Run to the barrels of radioactive waste
    and turn left when you reach them. You'll go through a doorway, into another
    tunnel. Turn right, and run to the end of the tunnel. Turn right again.
    Through the doorway in front of you, you'll see the first Dwellers of this
    level. Fire at the barrels next to them to take quick care of them. More
    might rush at you, so keep your shotgun ready. Enter the room the Dwellers
    were in, and immediately turn right, through a hole in the wall. In this
    little room, you'll find a NanoMed Cartridge, and a pack of smokes (#16).
    Run back into the bigger room the Dwellers and barrels were in, and turn
    right. There's a lit doorway ahead of you. Enter it, and look to the right
    to see the Blessed Voicebox - an old radio. Pick it up. It's now time to
    head back to the elevator. You'll probably have to blast your way through
    a crowd of Dwellers. Don't slow down though - the Dwellers are respawning,
    so it's useless to stop to kill them. Simply rush towards the elevator,
    blasting any mutated fools that jump in front of your gun. Ride the
    elevator back to the safety of Joe's Den. Here, use the NanoMed Station
    if you want, and then talk to Joe to start the cut-scene in which Riddick
    gets his famous eyeshine ability.
                                   10. Dark Tunnels
    Whoa, good job on the visual effect Starbreeze! You can switch off this
    cool new eyeshine ability with [Q], but I don't recommend it, since these
    tunnels are frigging dark. Another level filled with Dwellers, but don't
    worry, it's a short one, you'll be fighting guards again in a couple of
    minutes. Rush forward, and take the first path on the right. This will bring
    you to a pretty large room with some Dwellers. A gate blocks off the rest of
    the room to the left. Run forward. When you leave the room, take the first
    left and immediately turn left again. You'll now be back in the big room,
    but on the other side of the gate. There's a ladder to the right, you can
    use it to climb out of this Dweller-infested rat hole. Before you do so,
    turn left, and immediately left again. At the end of this small alcove,
    you'll find pack of smokes #28 lying on the ground. Now go to the ladder,
    and climb it up to Narcville.
                                     11. Showers
    You'll be in the living quarters of the prison guards. This level can be
    completed using stealth. Since this is the toughest method, I'll describe
    it here. Don't worry, you don't have to use stealth. If you want, you can
    just use your shotgun and other weapons to blast away any opposition. This
    works pretty much the same as in levels 06 and 07, and there isn't much of
    a tactic for it. The walkthrough below only applies for those that want to
    sneak. However, the part about the armory (fourth paragraph) should be
    read by everyone, since it will get you some good armor and a pack of smokes.
    When you're ready, leave the showers. Around the corner, you'll see a
    toilet, and you'll hear the guard inside (nasty). If you want, you can
    press the switch next to his toilet. This will make him open his door, and
    you can rush in to kill him in a fistfight. He's got a Gun, but as long
    as you stay near him, he won't fire. Kill him in the toilet, and take his
    gun. Now,  ahead you'll see the locker room. There are two guards inside,
    one with a gun and one with an Assault Rifle. To the left of the entrance
    to the locker room is a light switch. Flip it to turn off all the lights.
    Crouch, and switch on your eyeshine using [Q]. Now, one of the guards might
    come in and switch on the lights again. When he does, sneak up to him and
    snap his neck. Turn off the lights again, and then sneak into the locker
    room and waste the other guard. If they don't come out to switch on the
    lights, enter the locker room. Chances are that the guards are standing next
    to each other, just staring at the wall. You can easily snap both their
    necks, they won't notice because of the dark.
    When both guards are dead, it's time to search the lockers. You can find
    some UD money, and pack of smokes #29. There are also two Assault Rifles.
    These are kind of hard to pick up. when looking at a rifle, look down to
    your feet, and you should see the box that says 'Assault Rifle'. You can
    then pick it up. One of the lockers also contains a guard suit. Put it on
    to disguise yourself as a civil guard. While in disguise, guards won't
    attack you, unless you attack them first. Also, if you've already had a
    big firefight that drew the attention of several other guards, chances are
    low that the other guards will fall for the disguise. Anyway, exit the
    locker room. You'll be in a corridor with one guard. Wait until he passes
    you, then crouch behind him and snap his neck. Grab his money. now turn
    right, towards the NanoMed Station. In the hallway to your left, you'll
    see a single guard. Kill him with a sneak attack. In each of the corners
    of this hallway, there's a little rail around a grate. In the back left
    corner, the grate's missing. Jump down the hole. You'll be in a hallway
    similar to the one you were in. Grab the Vent Tool near the tool box. Now,
    to get out of this room, open up the ventilation hatch, and climb the ladder
    in the vent. You're back in the previous hallway. Yes, you went down there
    just to get the Vent Tool. Don't worry, it'll serve you well later on.
    Go back, past the locker room. You'll emerge in a big room, with several
    doors, and a walkway around the second floor. There are two heavy guards
    and one civil guard in this room, and you can't kill one without the others
    noticing. So, don't bother. As you enter, turn right, and walk into the
    next corridor. You'll pass two guards in front of a door. These two aren't
    worth the trouble either, so just continue past them, into the next room.
    There are two guards here, and one of them is patrolling. You can kill him
    when he's furthest away from the stationary guard, and then you can kill
    the other one. You don't have, but it's nice to have the extra ammo. Go
    into the next corridor. There's another stationary guard here, plus a
    patrolling one. Ignore them both, and continue through the corridor.
    After some time, you'll see a hangar door to the right. Don't go there just
    yet - turn left, and you'll see a really dark area beyond a rail. Jump over
    the rail, and down into the shadows. Activate your eyeshine to look around
    you. To the left, there's a ventilation hatch. If you've remembered to pick
    up the Vent Tool at the start of the level, you can now open it. Follow the
    vent behind it to get to the armory.
    At the end, kick down the grate, and drop down. enter the armory. There's a
    pack of smokes, number 31, on the ground to the left. Pick up the Assault
    Rifles. On the wall, you'll see the Light Guard Armor. This is really useful
    if you're doing this level guns-blazing: it's a decent piece of armor that
    will block a lot of damage. Don't worry if you're doing it the stealth way -
    the Armor is a good disguise too. When you've got it, open the door (you need
    the armor to do so). You'll emerge behind the stationary guard you saw
    earlier. Wait until the patrolling guard is gone, and then kill the guard.
    Hide his body in the dark room behind the armory. Now, you can safely take
    out the patrolling guard too. He'll probably be pretty suspicious after
    you've killed his buddy, but as long as you don't get seen with the body,
    he won't fire at you. When he's gone too, go back to the hangar door you
    saw earlier.
    Walk into the corridor past this hangar door, and you'll come to a dead
    end. So, back to the hangar door. There's a civil guard sitting near the
    door. You can take him out any way you like, either with a gun or with
    your hands. Most guards in this area are dead by now, so no-one will hear
    him scream. There's an eye-scanner next to the door. Before you use it
    though, use your gun to shoot out the lights overhead - both the TL tubes
    above you, and the two hanging lamps in the corridor. Now, use the
    eye-scanner. Of course, your eyes aren't in the database, so you'll need
    to lend some other eyes. Abbott's the man you want. After the little
    cut-scene, a new guard will come walking towards the door. Crouch - since
    you've shot out the lights, there's  plenty of shadow to hide in - , and
    activate eyeshine. Wait for the guard to come, and then quickly sneak up
    behind him. Make sure not to get caught in his flashlight beam. When he's
    dead, go into the corridor near the hangar door, the one that lead to a
    dead end. The door at the end is now unlocked, allowing you to enter the...
                                 12. Guard Quarters
    Good news: Since you're still in disguise, you can just waltz
    through this whole level without having to kill a single guard. Hey,
    you can shoot if you want to, but it'll only make things more difficult,
    and you'll miss out on two packs of smokes if you blow your cover. So,
    holster your guns, and pretend you're one of the guards. Walk through the
    door ahead, and into the market square. Find the guard named Jenkins. He'll
    give you a bottle of liquor. There's a guard named Bondo at the far end of
    the square. Ask him about Abbott. He'll reveal that he only opens his door
    for gun shipments. Now look around for a shop. Talk to the shopkeeper, Yu.
    Ask him about Abbott. You'll get a package that you need to deliver to
    Abbott. You can also buy a pack of smokes from him, #33. When you've got the
    smokes and the package, you're done on this square. Leave through one of the
    doors opposite of the one you entered through. Use the elevator button, and
    take the elevator up to the second floor. You'll emerge in a room with two
    guards. Ignore them, and turn right. You'll enter a small corridor with a
    locked door at the end. In this corridor, you'll find a guard named
    Chancellor. Talk to him, and he'll ask you to trade a bottle of liquor for
    50 UDs. Sounds like a fair deal. Sell the bottle you got from Jenkins
    for 50 UDs, and you'll get a complimentary pack of smokes, #31.
    Now that you've got both packs of smokes, you can start killing guards if
    you want, but I recommend against it. Staying in disguise will make the rest
    of the level a piece of cake, so why blow your cover? Walk oast the elevator,
    through the other door. You'll emerge on a walkway above the square. Continue
    through the next door, into the guard quarters. this is where Abbott lives.
    Follow the corridor to a juction. Take the path to the right for a NanoMed
    Station. Further in this corridor, you'll also find a service panel that
    you can use to turn off all lights. However, unless you've already blown
    your cover, there's no reason to do so. Walk back to the junction. If you
    did turn off the lights, a new guard will come from a door. Walk into the
    corridor opposite of the one you just from. There's a long and winding
    corridor ahead, with a bunch of guards. You can just walk past all of them,
    to the end of the path. When you reach the dead, look to the left for the
    door to Abbott's apartement (look at the nameplates). If you didn't get the
    package from Yu, it'll be lying next to the door. Pick it up, then use the
    buzzer. Use the third option - trick him into opening the door. Enter the
    now opened door.
                                     13. Abbott
    As soon as you walk through the door, Abbott will open fire. Equip your
    Assault Rifle. It doesn't matter if you haven't picked up a lot of ammo on
                      the way here - you'll only need around 3 or 4 clips to
    |             |   defeat him. Now, there's a good place for cover at the door.
    |__         __|   Stand just outside the apartement, near the door, and
     __|       |__    press into the little corner made by the wall and
    |            X|   the doorframe, on the right. It's the spot marked
    |             |   with an X on the little ASCII map I made. Here,
                      Abbott won't be able to see you. If you use this cover, this
    fight becomes a piece of cake. Exit the cover, locate Abbott, and start
    emptying your gun on him. Keep an eye on your health. When one white square
    is almost empty, or when your clip is empty, retreat into the cover,
    reload, and wait for your health to recover. Repeat this until you defeat
    him. Watch the cut-scene.
                                    14. Tower 17
    Damn, you're now even further away from freedom than when you started.
    You're in a big tower, and your cell is nothing but a big container shoved
    into the wall. Well, what are you waiting for? You need to get out of this
    damn place. Exit your cell, and turn right. Enter the cell next to yours.
    Here, flip up the bunk. Under it, you'll find a pack of smokes, number 5.
    Leave this cell, and turn right again. go through the door, and you'll come
    to an elevator with two other prisoners. Wait and watch as the elevator goes
    down, to the base of Tower 17.
                                  15. Tower 17 Base
    When you get out of the elevator, a prisoner named Rael will approach you.
    He'll tell you that you want to get down to the mines, and that a guy named
    Jagger Valance runs the show around here. He'll tell you that a guy named
    Dogbone can help you get down to the mines. Walk through the door, and go
    down the stairs to get to the base of the tower. Turn left as you enter to
    find this Dogbone character Rael mentioned. He'll tell you that there are
    two ways to get down to the mines - either get caught with drugs, or fight
    in the ring. I'll discuss both paths in the Recreation Area chapter. Now,
    find Centurion near the ring in the center. To get out of this courtyard,
    he tells you, you need to kill a blueskin in the ring. After the conversation,
    walk twoards the big doors. There's a guard named Ropes who'll let you use
    a NanoMed Station for 10 UD. Near him is a guy named Harman, standing in
    front of a big door. Talk to him to challenge him. Now, head back to
    Centurion. The fight will start. The rules are simple: stay in the rings,
    and kill your opponent. Harman's a piece of cake though - just use the same
    melee fighting tactics as in the Aquilas Territory, and he'll go down in no
    time. After the fight, you can go through the door Harman was guarding,
    into the Recreation Area.
                                 16. Recreation Area
    *** Important! Please Read! ***
    Now things get complicated. Not necessarily for you - if you don't want all
    the smokes, you'll be through this part of the game in about 10 minutes or
    so. No, it gets complicated for me, since I now have to split the walkthrough
    in two parts. See, there's now two routes you can follow - you can either get
    caught with drugs, or kill the guard Bam in the ring. The first one is
    slightly easier, the second one gives you more smokes. If you want to get
    as much smokes as possible, you've got to do them both. Alright, here's how
    I'll do this chapter. First, I'll talk you through the Recreation Area and
    the Feed Ward, who and what there is to see / do, and what side-quests you
    can activate, plus how you can finish these. This will take up the next three
    paragraphs. In the next paragraph, the fifth one from the start, I'll tell
    you how to get caught with drugs by dealing with Two-Tongue. If you want to
    get through this section as quickly as possible, read only the fifth and sixth
    paragraph. The last one describes the fights. So, once again, if you want
    to get as many unlockables as possible, read this whole chapter, if you
    want to blaze through it, skip to paragraph 5.
    <<<  Recreation Area  >>>
    So, let's start with a short tour through the public areas of Tower 17. Go
    through the door, and approach the big door to the left to open it. You're
    now in the Recreation Yard. It's a big circular room, divided by four walls
    into four identical parts. You're now in part A. Here, you'll see two
    guards. They'll search you if you come close, but that's only a problem if
    you're carrying drugs on you. There are two prisoners in part A. Talk to the
    old man, Cricket. He'll sell you a very sharp Shiv for 30 UD. It's really
    useful if you're planning to do some ring fights, so you might as well buy
    it. Continue to the door to the left, into part B. Here, look for a guy
    named Jameel-Udeen. You'll usually find him near the praying mats (what
    direction is Mecca when you're on a different planet?). He wants you to
    kill all Blueskins. Agree to help him, although you can't complete this quest
    in this level. Pink, the ugly mofo on the bench, will sell you some smokes
    for 10 UD (pack #56). Continue through the door, into part C of the Yard. A
    guy named Gulag asks you to recover a red tube from some PPP guys. Agree to
    help him - we'll complete this quest in the next paragraphs. Another
    prisoner, Wilkins, asks you to check if Jagger Valance is still alive. Near
    the center of the room is The Nurse, who wants you to poison Binks in the
    <<<  Feed Ward  >>>
    Anyway, return to section A of the Yard - Section D is of no interest to us
    yet. Enter the door labeled Feed Ward. You'll arrive in a courtyard that
    looks a lot like the Recreation Yard. There's a small gang here, the Soreños.
    Listen to the conversation, it's pretty funny. Afterwards, talk to Cuellas.
    He'll ask you to recover a snitch list for him. Agree, and continue through
    the next door. You're in a corridor, and you can go either left or right. It
    doesn't really matter, both paths lead to the diner. When you're near the
    diner, you'll get attacked by a Blueskin for killing Harman. Retreat into
    the corridor (make sure you're outside of the view of the security cameras),
    and kill him. He'll drop some poison, you need that to help The Nurse out.
    Now, wait near the body of this Blueskin. Soon, a black man named Asif will
    enter the corridor. This is one of the members of a small gang called the
    PPP's. If you want to help Gulag out with his red tube, you'll need to kill
    him. When he's outside of the turret's view, sneak up behind him and break
    his neck. He'll drop a map to a secret cache. By the way, it seems Asif
    will only enter this corridor of the Feed Ward if you've bought the Shiv
    from Cricket in section A of the Recreation Yard.
    Enter the diner. There are a couple of prisoners here, but none of them is
    of any interest to you right now. On the second table to the left, you'll find
    Bink's food. If you've got the poison from the Blueskin, use it on the food
    to poison Binks, thus completing The Nurse's quest. In the back of the diner,
    you'll find Monster. He'll sell you some items, but you don't really need
    any of them right now. The club's useful for the ring fights, but it's also
    too expensive. Anyway, standing near Monster, walk towards the closed diner.
    When you're near the buffet, look for a panel on the wall on the left. If
    you've killed Asif and got his map (see above), you can open it, to find
    some UD, an Injector, and Gulag's Red Tube. Walk back to the corridor where
    you killed Asif and the Blueskin. There'll now be man named Gomer standing
    on the left (seen from the diner). You can buy no less than 5 packs of smokes
    from him, for 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 UD, respectively. The packs are numbers 7
    to 11. If you don't have the money, do some ring fights first before
    returning to him. Alright, you're done here. Return to the Recreation Yard.
    Talk to Gulag in section C to get your reward for finding his tube - pack
    of smokes #3. The Nurse in the same section will reward you with pack #32
    if you've poisoned Binks. He'll also 'lend' you money. If you do lend some,
    you'll be attacked by some thugs later on (since there's no way to repay the
    man), but it's worth it.
    By the way, there's a second way to get into the cache with the red tube
    and the Injector. Buy the Shiv from Cricket, and enter the diner. Instead
    of wasting Asif in the connecting, wait near Monster. Eventually, Asif will
    appear, and open up the panel in the wall. Wait for him to leave. You can
    now simply plunder the hole for all the items you need. This way, you won't
    even need to kill Asif. Thanks to Stefan Ennöckl for pointing this out.
    <<<  Dealing with Two-Tongue  >>>
    Alright then, enter section D of the Recreation Area. You'll see three men
    here, but the small, shaking one is the one you want. This is Two-Tongue a
    small-time drugs dealer. Talk to him. He'll only help you if you kill Baasim
    in the ring. Note, he might also ask you to find his Injector. You can find
    it in the same hole where you found Gulag's Red Tube. If you haven't got it
    yet, go to section A and buy the Shiv from Cricket. Now enter the Feed Ward,
    into the corridor where you got attacked by a Blueskin. Asif will enter this
    corridor. Kill him, take his map, and open the panel near Monster in the
    diner. Got all that? Refer to the previous paragraphs if that went too fast
    for you. Now, you should have the Injector. Let's take out Baasim. Return to
    Centurion in Tower 17, and pay him 5 UD to learn who your next opponent will
    be. Why, it's Baasim. What mind-blowing coincidence. Return to the
    Recreation Yard, and head to section B. Talk to Baasim here to confirm the
    challenge. Time for a fight! Go back to the ring, and talk to Centurion to
    start. Baasim's pretty easy, standard melee tactics will work fine on him.
    Plus, you've probably got the Shiv from Cricket, so you've got an
    When he's dead, you'll get 20 UD plus a pack of smokes, #18. Return to
    Two-Tongue. He'll give you another pack of smokes, number 55. Before you can
    buy some drugs from the guy, he asks you to catch a moth for him. The moths
    are those flying creatures you can see everywhere in the Recreation Area.
    Wait for one to come flying low (within arm's reach), and then press [E]
    to catch it. Return to Two-Tongue. Finally, you can buy drugs from him for
    10 UD. You can also buy a pack of smokes for 10 moths. Catching moths is
    easy. Just walk around the Yard until you see one, then wait for it to come
    low. There are 16 moths in this area in total. I recommend that you catch
    them all. Return to Two-Tongue, and trade 10 moths for pack #22. You can buy
    another pack for 20 moths, but the Recreation Yard doesn't hold that many
    moths, so you'll have to return later to buy it. Anyway, if you want, you
    can now end this part of the game. After buying the drugs, go to section A,
    and approach the two guards here. They'll search you, and find the drugs.
    You'll then enter the next chapter. If you want to get as much smokes as
    possible, you'll want to do the ring fights first though.
    <<<  Ring Fights  >>>
    The second way to get through Tower 17 is by fighting in the ring. If you've
    followed the path described above, you've already killed Baasim. If not, do
    so now. Return to Centurion, and let him suggest a new victim. A guy named
    Sawtooth is the chosen one. Go see him in the diner (in the Feed Ward area).
    Talk to him to initiate the challenge, then return to Centurion to start
    the fight. Sawtooth uses a Shiv, so make sure to bring your own. Although
    Sawtooth is pretty heavy, he's also very slow, making him a pretty target.
    Just rush towards him, make a couple of quick stabs, and run away before he
    can counter. You should be fine. You'll get 20 UD and pack of smokes #19.
    Now, talk to Centurion again. He'll recommend you Cusa, so go to the
    Recreation Yard, section D, and challenge him. Talk to Centurion to start
    the fight. Cusa's pretty tough, he's fast and can break through your
    defenses, so simply blocking and countering doesn't really work here.
    I found that it works best to just slash at him like a maniac. You'll
    loose some health, but you can repair it by paying the guard near the
    ring. Alternatively, you can use the attack-and-retreat method mentioned
    above, but it doesn't work as well as with Sawtooth.
    When you bring the big sucker down, you'll get some smokes - number 20.
    Heal yourself, and then talk to Centurion to start the fight with the last
    enemy - Bam, one of the guards. If you want, take a look at the wall behind
    Centurion. Your score and Bam's are noted on the wall. Riddick 3, Bam
    twenty something. Hmm, sounds like a tough customer. Well, he is. When the
    fight starts, switch to your trustworthy Shiv. Bam swings hard, and his
    punches can't really be blocked. Fast attacks are the way to go. He doesn't
    move very fast, so run towards him, slash once or twice, and run back to the
    other side of the ring (don't step out of it) before he's got a chance to
    retaliate. Keep following this pattern, and you should eventually bring him
    down. You'll now be dragged off by the guards - apparently, killing one of
    their men is 'not done'. Prepare yourself for a cool cut-scene.
                                    17. Feed Ward
    This chapter only covers the fight with Abbott and the events after that.
    If you want to know about the side-quest done in the Feed Ward, check out
    the previous chapter.
    Alright, now that those stupid readers are gone, it's time to fight Abbott!
    He's got a club, and it does a lot of damage. The good part is that the club
    is also very slow, so you can use your speed to your advantage. There are a
    couple of approaches to this fight, depending on the weapons you have. The
    easiest (non-cheating) way is with a Shiv, so I'll talk about this first.
    With a Shiv, you can just run up to Abbott, slash, and run back, and he'll
    never have a chance to strike back. This works really great for me. When
    you slash him, he'll be too busy 'being hurt' to strike back, giving you
    enough time to run back, outside his reach. Repeat it about 20 times, and
    you'll bring him down.
    You can also beat him with your bare hands if you want, but it's more
    difficult, since you do less damage, and punching doesn't trigger Abbott's
    'pain' move like the Shiv does, making it a lot harder to use the
    attack-and-retreat method. However, if you shower him with punches, you
    might be able to drive Abbott up against a wall, or into a corner. If you
    can manage this, and keep punching, Abbott can't counter you at all. Keep
    bashing him for 2 minutes, and you'll kill him. A third option is to use
    the club that you can buy from Monster. If you can time your swings well,
    you can use the attack-and-retreat method of the Shiv, described above.
    It's harder to pull off with the club, but it's also a lot faster.
    In the XBox version, there was a nifty trick. It involved going into the
    room with the NanoMed Health Station, making sure Abbott didn't follow, and
    then using the Station. After the cut-scene, Abbott would be standing with
    his back to the door, making him an easy target for a sneak attack. However,
    this bird doesn't fly in the PC version. Starbreeze has fixed this glitch by
    making sure that the door, which would be used to seperate you from Abbott,
    shutting him out of the Health room, now never closes. So, it's now
    impossible to pull this trick off. If you're playing the XBox version,
    check out Rarusk's FAQ for a really in-depth description of the trick.
    When Abbott's dead, take his keycard and his club, and leave the room. Turn
    left to find a NanoMed Health Station, one of those big arcade-racer-like
    machines. Use it to boost your maximum health to 6 squares. You can talk to
    Georgie, who's standing on the other side of the bars, in the corridor near
    the diner. You'll propose to distract the guards for you. It costs 50 UD,
    and it's not really worth the trouble, so feel free to refuse. Turn back,
    and use the keypad near the door to enter the Feed Ward, the area where the
    Soreños gang hangs out. Return to the Recreation Area. Now, make your way to
    section D, where Two-Tongue is. There's another door here, head through to
    go to the Work Pass.
                                    18. Work Pass
    There's a Riot Guard to the left in this area. It won't attack you, but
    then, it also won't let you enter the elevator to the mines. Don't worry,
    you've got Abbott's pass, so you can get to the mines via another route.
    There's a prisoner here named Shurik. He'll ask you to find his glasses.
    You can do so if you want to, but the reward isn't that great (he'll only
    distract the Riot Guard for you - no money or cigarettes). Plus, if things
    get ugly in this area (I'll be disappointed if they don't), there's large
    chance Shurik will get killed in the cross-fire. Anyway, Shurik will walk
    towards a door. Use the keypad next to this door to enter it. Inside, you'll
    find a NanoMed Cartridge and a pack of smokes, #34. The Riot Guard outside
    won't appreciate you going into restricted areas, and when you enter the
    room, he will open fire. Quickly turn left, and start running. The Riot
    Guard will fire at you (probably killing Shurik), but he shouldn't do much
    damage. Keep running, at the back of the room is another door with a keypad.
    Use it (the Riot Guard will politely wait for you to crack the security
    system before resuming firing), and enter the door.
    Immediately crouch. Behind the box at the door are two guards and one
    mechanic. The lights in this room will go on and off, with intervals of
    around 20 seconds. To your right is a crawling space under the raised floor.
    This is a great place to hide when the lights are on. When they go off,
    quickly sneak kill the enemies. Since they move through the room, it's
    impossible to give an exact tactic for this. Just wait for one of the armed
    guards to get further away from the other one, and out of his flashlight beam,
    then sneak up behind him and slit his throat. Repeat this for the other
    armed guard. You can take the mechanic out with a normal melee fight, he's
    not so dangerous. When they're all dead, pick up the Vent Tool and find the
    NanoMed Station to replenish your health. Facing the NanoMed, turn right,
    and follow the wall, behind a stack of crates, and around the corner. On the
    wall, you should now see a loose panel. Behind it is some money and a part
    of the snitch-list Cuellas want. When you've got it, go to the raised floor
    on the opposite side of the room from the NanoMed Station. Here, you'll see
    two grating. Kick out the one on the right first, there's some money in the
    short vent behind. Kick out the other grating, and follow the vent behind it.
    You'll emerge on top of an elevator, which will immediately go down, into the
                                  19. Mine Entrance
    There will be two guards in the corridor below. You can actually jump down
    and try to take them out, but it's really difficult and not really worth it.
    If you take another route, you won't ever have to bother with these two
    guards. So, instead of dropping down into the elevator after them, look
    around for a ventilation hatch. If you remembered to bring a Vent Tool, you
    can open it. Once you're inside, turn right and climb up the ladder. Continue
    to the end of the vent. Look through the grating - you'll see a guard walking
    around. You can try to sneak him, but since it's a pretty narrow corridor, I
    found that it also works great to just storm him, and do the disarm trick on
    him. Anyway, if you're going to kill him, do it near the vent exit. Further
    down in the corridor, there's another guard, and you don't want to get him
    involved in your little fight. When the guard is dead, turn left. Continue
    down the corridor, hugging the right wall (otherwise the guard at the end
    will see you). You'll reach a ventilation hatch. Enter it. Follow the vent
    around the corner, and you'll come to a junction. Turn left - back to the
    corridor you came from - and you'll find a pack of smokes, number 38, near
    the grating.
    Head back to the junction in the vent, and turn left. You'll be in a new
    room. Drop down from these boxes. There's a guard standing with his back to
    you. Sneak up behind him, and break his neck. Other FAQs say that the guard
    will fall down through the fan he was standing at, but this has never
    happened to me, he just drops down onto the grating he was standing on.
    Anyway, when he's dead, check behind one of the boxes for some UD money.
    Use the service hatch, it'll shut off the fans. Go to the pit the guard was
    standing at, and look down. You'll see two fans, and a guard patrolling way
    down. Drop down onto one of the blades of the first fan, then onto the
    second fan. Now wait for the patrolling guard to stand right underneath
    you. Drop down. If you aim right, you'll land right on top of him, killing
    him right away. Should you miss, you'll have to beat him with your hands (or
    Shiv). Now, you're near a big door. The path that leads away from the door
    leads back to the elevator, and those two guards we chose to ignore. No
    reason to try to kill those two now, so enter the big green door. The
    corridor behind it will bring you to the...
                              20. Security Checkpoint
    Ah, the infamous Security Checkpoint. Yes, the rumors are true - this can
    be one of the hardest parts in the game. Can be, if you don't know what to
    do. Here's my path through this area, which works pretty well for me. I tried
    to do it like this a couple of times, and it worked pretty much every time.
    So, let's start. Crouch, and follow the path, sticking to the left. Don't
    walk on the metal, it makes too much noise. Stay on the stone. When you
    reach the stairs, duck into the shadows behind the boxes on the left. You
    should be able to do this undetected. If you are detected, I suggest you
    try again. Alright, let's assume you've made it safely into the shadows
    behind those boxes. Let's look at the room. Here's a crude drawing of the
    room you're in.
     __________|     |__________________             You're currently at point A.
    |B  _____                  |  C  |  |            There's a Riot Guard facing
    |  |     | G               |     |  |            A at point R, and there's a
    |  |     |                 |_____|  |_________   stationary guard at G, facing
    |  |_____|_                                   |  southwest. A third guard is
    |     |    |                              R   |  patrolling between G, R and
    |     |____|                                  |  S, which is your starting
    |     |    |                         _________|  point. Your goals is to
    |     |____|_          ____ ____    |            either enter the door behind
    |       |    |        |    |    |   |  the Riot Guard, or the door up on the
    |   A   |____|        |____|____|   |  walkway around the room. The higher
     \                                 /   door is harder to reach, but it'll make
      \________ _________ ____________/    the chapter that follows a lot easier,
               |=========|                 so I'll go with that route. Now, first
               |=========|  move to the shadowy corner at B. The patrolling guard
               |         |  will first talk to the Riot Guard, and then to the
               |    S    |  stationary guard at G. After he's talked to the
                            'G-Man' (if Starbreeze can make Half-Life references,
    I can do so too), sneak up behind the G-Man and sneak kill him. You should
    be able to do this without being detected. the Riot Guard's too far away,
    and the patrolling guy should be walking away from mista G when you waste him.
    Note: sometimes, the second guard doesn't want to enter the shadows, and
    just walks away. If this happens, you can either reload, or just continue
    reading, and try to sneak by him.
    Did that work? Than leave the corpse of the guard in G, so don't drag it
    back to the shadows. You should hide in the shadows though, at corner B
    preferably. The patrolling guard will see the body, and come to investigate.
    Now, after he's concluded that his comrade is dead, he'll walk towards B to
    investigate. Thing is, he doesn't turn on his searchlight. So, in these
    shadows, he'll be an easy prey for you. I've tried this a bunch of times,
    and he never turned on his light. When he's in the shadow, drop him too.
    Now, quick save. From B, walk towards point C, hugging the left wall. The
    Riot Guard should not see you. If it does, run back to the shadows. The Riot
    Guard will try to follow, but he doesn't fir behind the boxes. When he's
    looking at the shadows, quickly sneak out behind the boxes at A and run to
    C. When you reach the box at C, climb up onto it, and the onto the next box.
    From there, climb onto the rail. You'll see the door I talked about to the
    right, it's the one with the green light. Before you go through, jump over
    the rail to the right of this door. You'll land on a really narrow ledge -
    and I do mean narrow, like 10 centimeters or so. Continue forward. When the
    ledge becomes broader, turn left, and press [E] to climb up onto a higher
    ledge. Turn on your eyeshine, and you should see a pack of smokes, #39.
    Return to the door, and head through it, down the stairs.
                                   21. Upper Mines
    If you went through the upper door in the Security Checkpoint (something I
    greatly recommend), you'll now be on a balcony. Crouch down. On the right,
    past the lower part of this area, there's another walkway. Here, a guard is
    patrolling back and forth. The walkway is L shaped - on the short part of
    the L, pretty far away right now, is another guard. To make things even more
    interesting, there's a balcony on the wall ahead. From time to time, a guard
    will step onto balcony to overlook the area you're in. Your goal is to sneak
    from shadow to shadow without being seen. when in the shadows, use [Ctrl]
    and [A] or [S] to look at the guard's movement without being seen. Time your
    movement well, and quick-save every time you want to make a run for it.
    Although this part is part skill, it's also part luck, because sometimes
    the guards see you, and sometimes they don't. Anyway, at the end, go around
    the corner (there's plenty of shadow here, so you won't have to worry about
    being seen now). Continue down the path until you come to opening on the
    right. Before you head through, allow me to draw you a map of the area
    you're about to enter.
         |      A    |  |  There's a single guard in this area, patrolling from A
         |           |__|   to B and back. You're at W, the 'window' in the
         |              |   walkway. When the guard is walking towards A, drop
     ____|_             |__________  onto the big box in front of you, and then
    |  E|  |                         quickly drop into the shadows to the left,
    |   |__|                         spot marked 'D'. Now, you can use [Ctrl] +
    |    |_|                     B   [W] to look over the boxes. When the guard
    |          C                     is walking from A to B, he'll pause in C,
    |           _____  _______       looking towards B. This is your chance: sneak
    |          |  |  ||       |      up behind him, and break his neck. Hide his
    |          |__|__||       |      body in D. Now go into the shadows at E.
    |               D |       |      Get into the corner marked E, and you should
    |_________________|___W___|_____ hear a door open. Another guard will appear,
                                     and he'll always walk straight to D, where
    you've hidden the body of his buddy. When he goes to D, follow him, and
    sneak kill him too. That takes care of that. Don't worry about the guards in
    the previous area, you're too far away from them, they can't see you. If you
    want a hard-to-get pack of smokes later on, collect the moths that fly around
    here. Then, go into the direction the second guard came from. Enter the door,
    and climb up the stairs.
    At the top, go over the balcony, and enter the door. You'll hear a guard
    talking to a prisoner. Turn around the corner, and you'll see this guard,
    his back turned to you. This is too easy. Sneak up to him, and break his
    neck. Now, talk to the prisoner. He'll tell you a bit about the mines. This
    guy is a Blueskin, as you can see, so if you've decided to do the 'Kill all
    Blueskins' side-quest, you can kill this guy after talking to him. Now, go
    to the door opposite of the one you entered through. As you go through the
    door, immediately duck into the shadowy corner to the right. Remember that
    guard on the balcony at the start of the area? well, he patrols down this
    corridor, onto the balcony to the right, and back. When he's walking away
    from you, follow him and sneak kill him. Grab the keycard he drops. If you
    want a pack of smokes, go onto the balcony the guard was standing on, and
    turn right. You'll see pack #40 on the ground. The two guards on the
    L-shaped walkway might see you and open fire, but if you're fast, you'll be
    off the balcony again before they can even pull the trigger. Return to the
    room where the Blueskin was, and enter the door with the keypad next to it.
                                  22. Cargo Transport
    In front of you is a NanoMed Station. Facing it, turn around, and look for
    pack of smokes #42 on the ground. Face one of the two shafts on either side
    of the NanoMed Station. From time to time (with intervals of 20 to 30
    seconds), a steel platform will move down the right part of the shaft. When
    it does, jump on top of it, and let it carry you down to the lowest level.
    Here, get off, and talk to the prisoner, Armadaro. He'll sell you a Tranq
    Gun for 30 UD. Trust me, you really want to buy this weapon, it makes the
    upcoming section ten times easier. You can't get it if you kill him, you
    have to buy it. Here's a bit of info on the Tranq Gun. First of all, it
    doesn't require ammunition. Second, the range is pretty good, but the
    electrical charge travels rather slowly, so if you're aiming at a moving
    target, you'll have to aim slightly before it. Anyway, if you hit an
    organic target with the Tranq Gun, he'll fall down, stunned. He's not
    dead though, he'll get up in about 10 seconds. You can permanently take him
    out if you walk up to his body, and press [MB2], the right mouse button.
    Riddick will then 'stomp' the enemy, killing. You have to stand to do this,
    it doesn't work in Stealth Mode. You can also shoot out lights with this
    Gun. If you want to practice, shoot down Armadaro. He'll actually say
    something like 'I know you would do that' before he goes down. Roffles.
    Anyway, enter the big door to enter the Mining Core.
                                    23. Mining Core
    <<<  Meeting Jagger Valance  >>>
    This is another hard level, mainly because of the Riot Guard you have to
    take out. Anyway, we'll get to that. First, go through the door. Quickly get
    onto the stairs to the right. Turn around, so that you're facing the NanoMed
    Station, and then press against the wall on the right. After about 20
    seconds, a guard will come walking from the right. As soon as he comes, zap
    him with the Tranq Gun, and then stomp him. Use the NanoMed Station - you'll
    want to be at full health for the next bit. Facing the Station, turn right,
    and walk to the end of this corridor. Here, jump over the rail, into the
    shadows behind the boxes. You should be able to do so unnoticed. Crouch to
    hide in the shadows. Now, you're looking at a forklift truck. Behind it, a
    mechanic is working and humming incessantly. An armed guard will patrol the
    area. He'll come from the left, walk behind the forklift, then walk back to
    the left in front of it. When he is walking in front of the forklift, going
    left, zap him. Stay in the shadows. The mechanic will come to investigate.
    When he's near, zap him too. Now, stomp them both. You may need to zap the
    guard again, or else he might get up. While stomping them, there's a good
    chance an alarm will go off. This is because of the security cameras that are
    moving on the rails above you. As soon as you're done stomping, quickly run
    to the service panel behind the forklift - where the mechanic was working -
    and use it to turn off those cameras.
    Alright, you're safe, for now. There's a big elevator to the right of the
    forklift, but we'll get to that later. For now, jump over the rail behind
    the forklift, into the dark area. Turn on your eyeshine, and head left. At
    the end of this tunnel you'll find a pack of smokes, number 4. There are
    also lots of moths flying around here. If you want to get a special pack
    of smokes later on, take some time to catch them all. Use the crate to
    climb back over the railing (you'll have to press [E] to climb onto the
    crate and over the rail). Now, turn right, into the big corridor. At the
    corner, notice the valve on the wall. Don't turn it just yet - we'll get to
    it later. Shoot out all the hanging lights in the corridor with the valve
    using your Tranq Gun. Also shoot out the lights on the wall in the previous
    corridor to create total darkness. Soon, a guard will come to investigate.
    Stay clear of his flashlight, and zap / stomp him as soon as he enters the
    shadows. Drag his body back to the forklift. Now, go past the valve, and
    look around the next corner. You'll see a really big area. In the distance
    you might see a guard patrolling, but there's also a Riot Guard in this
    area. Unless you're really keen on sneaking, you want to take this sucker
    out. The valve you saw earlier will help.
    When the Riot Guard is walking towards you, leave the shadows so that he can
    see you. When he does, quickly run back into the shadows, back to the valve.
    Make sure all lights here are broken, and then crouch in the shadows. Now,
    you need to lure the Riot Guard towards the valve. Often, he won't get that
    far: after exploring a bit of the corridor, he'll tend to turn back. When he
    does, quickly zap him, and stand up. He'll turn around again, 'see' you
    (even though is completely dark now), and start walking towards you. As soon
    as you think he's seen you, crouch again, or else he'll open fire. Now, keep
    luring him until he's next to the valve. He needs to stand near to those two
    explosive barrels you see here for this to work. Now, other FAQs suggest
    different ways to do this, but after trying them, I found that they don't
    work very well because of the Guard's shabby AI (no offense Starbreeze).
    This method is painful, but it works for me all the time. So, when the guard
    is near the valve and the barrels, zap him. It'll stun him for a couple of
    seconds. Quickly run up to the valve, and open it. It'll probably explode
    in your face, taking away three to four health units. But, since the Riot
    Guard is so close to the valve and the barrels when everything explodes,
    you'll probably take him down too. If not, try moving him closer to the valve
    and the barrels next time.
    Anyway, that's my tactic to kill the guard. Painful, but effective. I might
    try some other tactics later on, but for now, I'll stick with this one. You
    can mail me about this, but only if you're 100% sure that your tactic is
    better and works at least 90% of all times. Also, if you really don't like
    my way, I suggest reading Rarusks FAQ, for the XBox version of Riddick. It
    covers about 5 possible approaches to this problem. The Guard will drop a
    NanoMed Cartridge. Pick it up, and return to the NanoMed Station at the
    start. Use it to get back to full health. Then, go through the corridor
    again, and enter the big area. Turn right as soon as you do, and go through
    the small space between the wall and the container. In the space behind this
    container, you'll finally meet the legendary Jagger Valance everyone keeps
    talking about. Talk to him. He can help you escape, but you'll need to get
    his package back for him first. It's in a gas-filled room. He'll give you
    the code to the door of this room.
    <<<  Get Jagger's Package  >>>
    Facing Jagger, turn right, and sneak past the big container here. You'll
    see two drilling prisoners, talking about some kind of monster. From time to
    time, a patrolling guard will walk near these prisoners, in front of the big
    drilling machine you can see here. When he's close to you, zap the sucker,
    and stomp him. The prisoner's won't really mind, but I usually zap them
    anyway. I just don't trust criminals with such large drills. Anyway, ahead
    of you, you should see some machinery that's constantly moving around
    containers. From time to time, it'll drop a red container near the
    prisoners. When it does, sneak up to the container, and go past it on the
    right side. Stick to the right side, and sneak behind the next container,
    into the shadows. At the end, turn left. From your small space between the
    containers, you should be able to see a ramp, leading up to a slightly
    higher area. In this higher area, there's a guard patrolling. There may also
    be a guard patrolling the lower area in front of the ramp. I say 'may',
    because of the five times I went trough this level, I've only seen this
    guard three times. The other two times, he just wasn't there. Anyway, if
    there is a guard in the lower area, he'll pause right in front of you, so
    you can't miss him.
    If there's a guard in the lower area, zap him when he comes near, and then
    zap the guard in the higher area. Otherwise, you'll only have to zap the
    second guard, making life even easier. When both guards are down, stomp
    them. Now, standing on the ramp, face the containers you were hiding
    behind just seconds ago. Enter the space to the left of the leftmost
    container. Check the ground here to find a pack of smokes, number 41. Now,
    go up the ramp, and enter the door on the right. There are two guards in
    this corridor. You can easily zap them both. It gets even easier if you
    break the lights above the small set of stairs near the door. You should
    have no problem zapping and stomping them. When they're dead, use the keypad
    next to the boarded up door. Duck to enter the room. Now, you'll need
    to be somewhat fast, staying in a gas-filled room for too long isn't
    exactly healthy. So, quickly jump on top of the crate in front of you.
    Duck, and go through the hole in the wall. In the next room, crawl through
    a hole in the wall ahead. You're now in a bigger area. Near the back,
    you'll see a dead body. Next to it is the package you need. Grab it, and
    then quickly leave this room, back to the corridor. Return to Jagger
    Valance, he'll now tell you his crazy plan. To pull it off, you're going
    to need a bomb. A guy named Jupiter in Tower 19 can help you. To get
    there, you'll first need to leave the mines, and head back to the Work
    Pass area.
    <<<  Returning to the Mine Entrance  >>>
    Head back to the forklift. There's a big elevator near it. Enter it, and
    ride it back up to the Upper Mines. As you exit, climb the crates on the
    left to find Shurik's glasses. To the right is a ladder. Before climbing it,
    check how many moths you have. If you've got 20 or more, you're good to go.
    If you've got 18 or 19, you can collect some more moths on this tunnel. Be
    careful of the guards in this walkway. If you've got less than 18 moths,
    and you want a very special pack of smokes, I suggest you go back to the
    Mining Core and try to grab all moths there. If you've got 20 moths or more
    (or if you don't care about smokes), climb the ladder. You'll be back in the
    corridor where you killed the 'Sharpshooter' guard. Continue past his
    balcony, into the room where you met the Blueskin. If you killed that
    Blueskin, there will now be two other Blueskins that will attack you on
    sight. Zap and stomp them both. One of them will drop the second part of
    the snitch-list Cuellas wanted you to get. The first part was in the Work
    Pass area, should you have missed it. Anyway, when the Blueskins are dead,
    enter the door with the keypad next to it, it will lead to the Cargo
    Transport. Remember these shafts? Last time, you rode down on one of these
    platforms. However, this time, you have to ride a box up to the third
    level. So, wait for a box to appear in the left part of a shaft, jump on
    top of it when it's near, and jump off when you reach the next floor. Go
    through the door to enter a new part of the Mine Entrance area.
    <<<  The Secret Room  >>>
    As you go through the next door, look up. You should see that a part of the
    vent above has collapsed. Go to the right, until you see a ventilation
    hatch. Don't enter it though. Climb the two big boxes nearby. From the top
    of the second box, jump onto the ventilation shaft that runs around the
    room. Turn right when you're on the shaft, and creep over it until you come
    to the collapsed part. At the end, you can get into the shaft by pressing
    [E]. Climb down the really short ladder, and follow the vent to the end.
    Climb out, and turn right. You'll come to a small room with some boxes, a
    guard, and a prisoner. The guard will have his back turned to you, so you
    can easily take him out. Now talk to the prisoner, 'king' Valya. He'll tell
    you about his secret room, and he'll give you the door code.
    Alright, return to the ventilation shaft, and follow it back to the first
    room. Now enter the ventilation hatch on the wall here. You'll eventually
    come to a really big room with a bridge. As you stand on the small platform
    at the end of the vent, it will break down, and you'll fall onto another
    ventilation shaft. Enter it, and follow it until you see a ventilation
    hatch above you. Enter it, you're back on top of the elevator. Drop down
    into the elevator, and go through the door. You'll be at the start of the
    bridge you saw earlier. If you look to your left, you'll see the room where
    you met Valya. On the other side of the bridge, a guard is standing. Zap him
    from a distance, and run up to him. A second guard will probably come to
    investigate. Zap him too, and then kill them both. Now, ahead of you,
    there's a keypad. You'll need Valya's code to use it. When you use it, the
    platform you're on will rise, and a door above will open. Enter this door.
    Inside, you'll find the third NanoMed Health Station of the game. Use it to
    increase your health to 7 squares. In the back of the room, there are some
    boxes. check on top of the small red box to find pack of smokes #37. Now,
    return to the elevator, and ride it up.
    <<<  Complete the Side-Quests  >>>
    Exit the elevator when it stops. You'll be in an area with an electrified
    fence. Turn left as you exit the elevator. You'll see a grating on the wall
    ahead of you. Walk up to it, and use it to kick it out. In the short
    ventilation shaft behind it, you'll find a pack of smokes, number 36. Next
    to this vent are a bunch of boxes. Climb them, and then use [E] to grab the
    top of the wall next to it. Shimmy all the way left, then pull yourself up.
    There's a Riot Guard in the area below you. Look up to find a hangrail. You
    may need to turn on eyeshine to see it. Jump up to grab it, and then use it
    to cross the room with the Riot Guard. At the end, drop down on the wall.
    You'll see the Work Pass area you were in earlier. To the right is another
    Riot Guard. He's pretty pissed at you, so he'll open fire as soon as you
    drop down. Now, there are two things you can do. Either you can rush
    through the door on your left, it leads to the room with the broken lights,
    where you fought two guards and a mechanic. This is the fastest way to
    proceed. However, if you want to get all packs of smokes, and you've
    completed some side-quests while down in the mines, you want to go back to
    the Recreation Area and Feed Ward to claim your just rewards. If you don't
    care about the side-quests, run through the door on your left, then skip to
    the next sub-chapter. If you've decided to go back into the Recreation Area,
    first unequip your Tranq Gun - remember, the gun turrets will shoot you if
    you're carrying a weapon.
    So, drop down and rush for the Recreation Area door. The Riot Guard will
    probably open fire, but you'll be gone before he can really hurt you. You'll
    now be back in Section D of the courtyard. Find Two-Tongue nearby. Now, if
    you're a good boy, and you've listened to everything I said, you'll now have
    20 moths. You can trade them for pack of smokes #23. Go to section C.
    Wilkins, the guy who wanted you to check if Jagger Valance was still
    around, will give you some UD for your trouble. Continue to Section B.
    Here, talk to Jamal-Udeen. If you've killed all three Blueskins in the
    mines (in one of the upper rooms of the Upper Mines, near the Cargo
    Transport), he'll reward you with pack of smokes #24. Now head to the
    Feed Ward. In the first area of the Ward, talk to Cuellas. If you've managed
    to get both piece of the snitch-list (one from the Blueskins in the mines,
    one behind a loose panel in the Work Pass area), he will give you pack of
    smokes #17 as a reward. Alright, that's it, you've now probably completed all
    side-quests of the game. Nothing more to do here, so return to the Work Pass
    area. As you enter, quickly turn right, and make a run for the door here.
    <<<  Getting to Tower 19  >>>
    So, whether or not you've been back to the Feed Ward, you're now in the
    room where you encountered two guards and a mechanic, just before heading
    down into the mines. In the back right corner of this room is a door with
    a kaypad. It is now guarded by a lone guard. Duck, and crwl under the raised
    floor to your right. From this hiding spot, you should be able to see the
    legs of the guard I mentioned, standing in front of the door. Zap them,
    them run up to the guard and stomp him. Now, enter the door, and climb into
    the ventilation shaft. Follow it to a big fan. Here, turn left, and press [E]
    to climb into the next ventilation shaft. If you're playing the PC Version,
    you will now enter the PC-only area, the Security Research. If you're an
    XBox gamer, you won't see these levels, so you'll have to skip to the 'Back
    in the Feed Ward' sub-chapter of Security Research 2.
                               24. Security Research 1
    Welcome to the PC-only level! This level features some really explosive
    action. Basically, you can ride one of those badass Riot Guards, and blast
    every foe to hell with ease. First, you've got to find an empty Riot Guard
    though. Kick out the panel at the end of the vent. You're in the lower part
    of a medium-sized room. Up on the catwalk above, a lone guard will comment
    on the sound the panel makes. Continue straight ahead from the panel,
    sticking to the catwalk on the right to avoid being seen by the guard. At
    the end, look to your right to find a ladder. Press [E] to grab it. The
    third person view will allow you to check on the guard without being seen.
    When he's walking away from you, climb onto the catwalk, and zap + stomp him.
    Enter the door to your left. In this next room, you can see a Riot Guard suit
    to your right. Don't worry, it's empty. Shoot and stomp the mechanic that's
    working on the panel to your left. Now, jump over the rail near this
    mechanic. Turn right, and you should soon see a small ladder. Use it to
    climb up to the Riot Guard suit behind glass. Time to wreck some havoc!
    Press [E] to climb into the suit, and then shoot the glass in front of you
    to set off the alarm.
    Right away, two guards will come rushing in. You'll see that they are no
    match against your awesome armor: you'll kill them in seconds, and their
    puny rifles can't even take one scratch of the suit's health (displayed in
    the top left corner). You've only got to be careful of the grenades they
    sometimes throw, and the explosive barrels scattered around the place.
    Anyway, killing these two goons should be a breeze. Enter the door through
    which they came. In the next corridor, you'll be attacked by three guards,
    one of which is standing in a small alcove, behind glass. Slaughter them
    all, and continue through the door, into the next corridor. Here, walk
    straight ahead. When you approach the glassed-off alcove to the left, the
    guard inside will push a button, releasing another Riot Guard. Though these
    Riot Guards are harder to kill and do more damage than the guards, they're
    still pretty easy, as long as you fire at it constantly. If you shower the
    Riot Guard with bullets, he'll hardly have time to fire back, and you'll
    kill him in about 5 seconds. Once he's down, kill the guard in the alcove,
    and then return to a door you passed on your right, the door of the
    Briefing Room.
    As you enter, two guards in a room to the right will open fire. Pump them
    full of lead - watch how your bullets completely destroy the room they're
    in. Now, press [E] to leave the suit. Don't worry, it's safe. Enter the
    room where those two guards were. In a small room behind this one, you'll
    find a PC-only pack of smokes, number 60. Return to your Riot Guard armor,
    and enter it. Now, go through the door opposite of the one you entered
    through. There will be a Riot Guard to your left, and one to your right. If
    you stay near the door, you should be able to take one of them out without
    the other one seeing you. After that, move out of the doorway, and kill
    the second Riot Guard. Head through the door labeled E12, to the left.
                               25. Security Research 2
    As you enter the next room, the guards will shut down the power, because
    they think you won't be able to see anything in the dark. Stupid mistake.
    Your Eyeshine works in the suit too, so turn it on as soon as the light goes
    out. The only enemies in this room are normal guards, so you shouldn't have
    much of a problem against their weak rifles. They do have grenades
    though, and these can hurt you pretty badly. Best is to walk around all the
    time, to avoid getting blasted by a grenade. When the three guards on the
    floor are dead, look up to find one last guard on a balcony high above you.
    Kill him too. This might take some time, since the Riot Guard's gun isn't
    very accurate. But, if you just keep firing in his general direction,
    you'll take him out eventually. When all guards are dead, the combat music
    will end. Now, park your Riot Guard under the balcony, and get out. Climb
    the pile of boxes on side of the room. From the highest box, you'll be able
    to grab a hangrail, that leads across the ceiling, towards the balcony
    where the guard was standing. When you make it to the balcony, turn right.
    To your right is a glass door. Equip your Tranq Gun - there's one guard in
    the small room behind this door. It's easiest to just storm in and zap +
    stomp him before he gets a chance to shoot. When he's dead, press the red
    button. This will turn on the power.
    Return to the balcony, you'll hear a guard walking around on the floor
    below, checking out all the corpses you've left. The best way to do the
    next part is to just jump down, rush to your Riot Guard, enter it, and kill
    the guard. As soon as you touch the floor, another Riot Guard will appear,
    so you'll have to destroy him too once you're back in the suit. If you're
    fast, it shouldn't take more than one block of your Riot Guard's health.
    Enter the door the Riot Guard came through. You'll be in a small corridor.
    To your right is a glass window. Break the glass, then get out of your Riot
    Guard, and enter the room behind the glass. Equip your Tranq Gun, and climb
    the stack of boxes. On the other side is a lone guard, you can take him out
    without any trouble. In this room, you'll see another window with some pipes
    in front of it. Check beneath these pipes to find another pack of smokes,
    number 61. Alright, return to the Riot Guard, enter it, and then go through
    the next door. Turn right, and get ready to fight a couple of Riot Guards.
    Remember, as long as you constantly fire at them, they won't have much
    chance to fire back. Go through the door to the right. You'll emerge in a
    room not unlike the one where they shut down the power. There's a Riot
    Guard dead ahead, some 50 meters away, and another one to the right,
    accompanied by a guard. By now, you should be able to defeat these Riot
    Guards without any problem.
    In the area where the second Riot Guard was, look for an unlocked door
    (a small door, not one of those big hangar things). The narrow corridor
    behind this door has three guards in it. Go through the door at the end. In
    this room, you'll be attacked by two flamingos, big robots with two guns.
    They look impressive, but they've got piss-poor accuracy. Seriously, I've
    went through this level many times, and they never even dented me. Just
    stand near the entrance, blasting at them until they're both down. There
    are also two normal guards on the balconies above the room. When you've
    defeated them, exit your Riot Guard. Give him a kiss goodbye, you're near
    the end of the Riot Guard section. You'll see a bunch of boxes on the wall.
    Climb onto the leftmost crate, then duck and enter the narrow space between
    the boxes and the wall, to your right. Follow this to the end to find a pack
    of smokes, number 62. Now, climb the boxes up to the top, and then climb
    onto the balcony. Use the hangrail to get to the other side. There, enter
    the ventilation hatch. Follow the vent, until you're on the other side of
    the fan you saw earlier. You can press a button in this areas, this will shut
    down the fan, giving you one final chance to get back to the courtyard. If
    you don't want to go there, simply enter the vent to your left. This will
    lead to a new part of the Feed Ward. This also concludes the PC-only part.
    <<<  Back in the Feed Ward  >>>
    Time for some sneaking! Drop down, out of the vent, and equip your Tranq
    Gun. You're now on the walkway above the Feed Ward. Start shooting out
    lights. There's one guard patrolling on this walkway, you can easily zap
    and stomp him. Try to stay in the darkness as much as possible, because the
    gun turrets in the area below can still see you and shoot at you up here.
    Enter the only door here. Start shooting out the lights here too, you can
    also use the service panel to the right to create more darkness. Soon, a
    guard will enter this narrow corridor from the left. Zap and stomp him,
    and then hide in the shadows. A second guard will come. Zap him when he's
    inspecting the body of his friend. Now, go in the direction both guards
    came from. After just a couple of meters, you'll see a ventilation panel
    on your left. Kick it out, and enter the vent behind it. It will lead to a
    small room behind a broken door. You can find pack of smokes #43 near this
    door. There's also an elevator in this room. You can use it to head back
    down to the room where you killed Abbott. However, you can't leave the area,
    so it's useless to go down, unless you haven't used the Health Machine down
    there yet. Anyway, head back through the vent, and continue along the
    walkway. When you come to a junction, take the path to the right. This will
    lead you to an area with two guards. You can zap them both, or you can just
    enter the ventilation hatch when no-one's looking. Once you've entered this
    hatch, follow the vent, and you'll finally get to...
                                   26. Tower 19
    You'll come to a vertical portion of the vent. Crouch at the edge, and look
    down. There's a guard patrolling the room below. Wait until he's standing
    right below the vent, and then drop down. If you timed it right, Riddick
    will drop down on the guard's head, instantly killing him. If not, you'll
    have to kill him with your Tranq Gun. Anyway, grab his keycard, and use the
    computer to open the cell doors. Use the NanoMed Station if you need to, and
    then head through the door with the keypad next to it. You'll now be in a
    tower much like Tower 17. There's one guy on the ledge ahead. This is the
    infamous Jupiter. Talk to him, and he'll give you a bomb. However, as soon
    as you've got the bomb, guards will appear, killing Jupiter. The cut-scene
    will end there, and the guards will now open fire at you. Quickly duck into
    one of the cells. The guards won't follow you there. Now, turn around and
    look at the center of the tower. From time to time, a home box (one of these
    big cell-containers) will be moved down by a big crane. When you see a
    home box coming down, quickly run out of the cell, onto the ledge, and then
    jump to the home box. If you make the jump, a cut-scene will start, showing
    how Riddick safely escapes from the guards. You don't actually need to land
    on the box, just jump towards it and the cut-scene should start, unless the
    box is too high or low.
                                27. Container Router
    The guards will stop your container. You're in a big room, with a second
    rail track to your right. On the floor beneath you, two guards are patrolling.
    Get close to the edge of the container you're on, and wait until one of them
    walks into view. When he does, zap him. Now quickly drop down, locate the
    second guard, and zap him before he can shoot. When both guards are down,
    stomp them. Look for a ladder underneath the container you rode in on. Head
    down the ladder. In this basement, you'll see a bunch of moths, but there's
    no reason to collect them now. Turn on your Eyeshine, and head down the
    corridor. There's a single guard patrolling this small basement, but he
    shouldn't be a problem. There are also three ladders leading out of the
    basement: one that leads back to your container (this is the one you just
    went down), a short one in the middle of the basement, and a very high one
    at the end. Head up the middle ladder. This will take you to the other rail
    track. There's nothing to do here, but you can find a pack of smokes on the
    ground next to the rail (#44). When you've got it, head back into the
    basement, and approach the tall ladder in the back. Before you head up,
    turn off your eyeshine. Now climb up, but pause two steps from the top.
    You'll see a well-lit ledge (that's why you turned off your Eyeshine) with
    a guard patrolling near your ladder. When he walks past the ladder-hole,
    climb up the last steps, and quickly zap and stomp the guard. Timing is
    everything, you should time it so that the guard is looking away from you
    when you climb onto the ledge.
    When the guard is dead, look around. There are two doors here, but they're
    both locked, and you'd need a keycard to open them. So, approach the tall
    ladder that you see on the wall nearby, and climb onto it. Now, you can go
    either up or down. We'll start by going down. At the bottom, crawl away
    from the ladder. At the junction, go straight ahead, and then turn left.
    You'll come to a dead end, where you can find a pack of smokes on the ground,
    number 45. Head back to the ladder. The other branch of the crawl-space
    leads back to the basement under the rail tracks. Climb the tall ladder all
    the way to the top, and enter the vent. At the end of the vent, kick out
    the grating. In the little cut-scene, you'll see a guard in the room below
    you. Crouch at the end of the vent, and wait until the guard heads into the
    adjacent room. Now, drop down onto the box below the vent's end. This box
    is in the shadows, so you can just crouch and wait for the guard to return.
    When he does, zap him, and then stomp him. There's a locked door on one
    side of this corridor, and an elevator shaft on the other side. Enter the
    elevator shaft, and use the ladder to climb to the top. Here, kick out the
    grating, and enter the vent. When you get to the end of the vent, you'll be
    able to see a guard patrolling the corridor through the grating. When he's
    looking away, kick out the grating, and quickly zap him.
    Walk through the narrow corridor, to a room with a NanoMed Station. Before
    you use it, take out the mechanic that's patrolling to the right. He's
    carrying a red security card, which you need to progress through the level.
    Now use the NanoMed Station if you want to. Also, look around to see a
    turret on the wall near the corridor you came from. There's a box in front
    of it. Climb on it, and then look up to see another platform. Climb onto
    it, you'll find a well-hidden pack of smokes on it, number 46. Walk towards
    the computer the mechanic was standing at. This is your goal, you can use it
    to switch the rail track back on. Do so now, and watch the crash. Hmm,
    that's not going to work. Head back to where you killed the last guard.
    You'll notice the elevator with the keypad next to it. If you've got the
    red security card, you can now use this elevator. Alright people, listen
    up. Just above you is a shortcut that allows you to skip the rest of this
    level. It's really simple to reach, and will save you a lot of time, but
    you'll also miss out on two packs of smokes. It's your choice. If you want
    to take the shortcut, do this: use the keypad to send the elevator down,
    but don't enter it (stay near the keypad). When the elevator is down, use
    the keypad again. The elevator will now come back up again. When it's near
    you, drop down onto it. When the elevator stops, you'll be stuck in the
    small space above it. Look up, and you'll see a ventilation hatch. Use it,
    and crawl to a small vent to go back to the Mining Core. If you took this
    shortcut, skip to the end of this chapter now ('Planting the Bomb'),
    otherwise, continue on reading.
    So, you're still here eh? That means you didn't take the shortcut, for
    whatever reason. Alright, take the elevator down. You can now open the locked
    door here. It opens to the small ledge you were on earlier. There's a second
    locked door just in front of you. Use the keypad next to it to open it. Now,
    don't enter yet, but wait a couple of seconds. An armed guard will come
    around the corner. Zap him as soon as he does, and stomp him. Alright,
    enter the corridor, but pause at the first corner. To your right is a
    gun turret, and below it, across the corridor, is a yellow beam. You may
    have to turn on your Eyeshine to see. Hmm, a yellow beam and a gun turret...
    can you spell 'Danger'? Yep, you're going to have to jump over the beam,
    and touching it will activate the turret. Before you attempt the jump,
    first shoot out all the lights around you - if you fail the jump, the
    turret won't be able to see you. Now, the jump itself is pretty easy if
    you know when to jump. Run towards the beam, and jump at the very last
    moment. It may take a bit of practice, but it is possible. Anyway, whether
    or not you made to the jump, continue down the corridor. Zap and stomp the
    other guard that's patrolling here, and jump over another yellow beam. At
    the end, you'll come to a big room, with another guard. Kill him too, and
    climb the ladder on one side of the room. At the top, enter the vent, and
    follow the vent to a pack of smokes, number 48.
    The vent leads back to a previous corridor. You can either follow it to the
    end, or head back the way you came. Either way, get back to the bigger room
    where you climbed the ladder to the vent. There's a locked door here, with a
    sign that says 'Backup Generator' near it. Enter a narrow corridor just to
    the left of this door. You'll come to a computer with a mechanic next to it.
    Kill the mechanic. The computer can't activate the rail-track yet, because
    it doesn't have sufficient power. Alright then, return to the door in the
    previous room, and open it. There's another yellow beam just in front of
    you, and to make things worse, a guard is patrolling the corridor behind it.
    I suggest to quickly jump over the beam, and then take the guard out. When
    you succeed, shoot out all the lights, and continue to a next yellow beam.
    Before you attempt to jump over it, look up. You'll see a pack of smokes on
    a grate above you. use the nearby box to climb up to it. Near this pack (#47)
    is also some UD Money. Now, jump over the next beam, and take out the guard
    in the next section of the corridor. Use the NanoMed machine on the wall if
    you want to.
    At the end of the corridor, there's a locked use the keypad next to it to
    open it. Behind it are two guards in a dark and pretty big room. First zap
    the nearest one, and then the other one. Then run in, and stomp them both
    before they can get up. To your left is another rail. Jump down onto it,
    and look for a ladder. It's near a bright red light, so you should have no
    problem finding it. In the small room at the bottom of the ladder, there's
    a switch. Pull it to activate the back-up generator. Now, you need to return
    to the second computer. So, head back through the last corridor with the
    yellow beams, and turn right into the narrow corridor at the end. Use the
    computer to activate the rail-track. The rail system will now start moving
    boxes over the rail you were at just now. So, return to this rail once more
    (it's the rail with the generator switch under it, in case my vague
    description confuses you). Wait for a box to move to the hole to the left.
    When it is lowered into this hole, wait until it's at the right height, and
    then jump onto it. The box will move down, but it will stop when you're
    detected. If you look over one of the short sides of the container when it
    stops, you should be able to see a ledge just under the container. Jump onto
    it, and enter the vent.
    <<<  Planting the Bomb  >>>
    Whether or not you took the shortcut, you'll now be back in the Mining Core.
    If you didn't take the shortcut, you'll be in the corridor with the valve,
    that connects the Forklift room with the main room. If you did, you're right
    in front of the gas-filled room. Go into the main room, and back to where
    you met Jagger Valance. He's now gone, and there's an inmate where Jagger
    was. He tells you to plant the bomb in the gas-filled cave. So, once again
    make your way to the gas-filled room. Enter it, and follow the same path you
    follow earlier to get to the cave. As you enter the cave, a cut-scene will
    start, showing how Riddick plants the bomb. When the cut-scene ends,
    quickly get out of the gas-filled room before your breath runs out. When
    you exit the room, another scene will start, showing how Riddick finally
    gets caught by the guards. He is transported back to Tower 17 in a homebox,
    but on the way there, all hell breaks loose when the bomb goes off. The
    homebox crashes, and you'll now have to make your way past a lot of angry
    aliens in the Abandoned Equipment Center.
                                   28. Crash Site
    This is a very short level.  I believe that it is the shortest in the game. A
    guard will order you around and will open fire if you try to run out of the
    container.  By this point in the game you should be able to perform a gun
    reversal move.  So man up, rush the guard, and blow his brains out.  From
    this point just move farther into the level and you will trigger an enjoyable
    cut scene.  Once it finishes you can explore the level some if you wish.
    When your ready jump down the hole to enter the Abandoned Equipment Center.
                             29. Abandoned Equipment Center
    Now the fun begins.  This is the first run and gun level the game has 
    given you for quite some time.  You will be blasting away at aliens in this
    level.  The aliens have overwhelmed the guards in this area, and will spawn
    constantly in some parts of the level.  Enough with the introduction, lets
    get to the action.
    Begin by grabbing the shotgun and a couple of nades.  As you enter the 
    cavern a large alien will leap across at you.  If you want you can just 
    run past him into the cave on your right.  However if you have some guts
    you can take him down with the grenades you just picked up or some well
    placed shotgun blasts in its back.  This creature is not susceptible to 
    weapons fire from the front.
    Once you have made it past the big alien you will enter a small cave.  
    Here you will fight your first of many small aliens.  These guys aren't too
    bad.  They can leap at you, but generally just run up to you and pause for 
    a second before striking.  One or two shotgun blasts will make them explode.
    When they die they flash brightly if you are in dark vision mode.  You will
    quickly come to an open cavern, at which point, 2 to 3 small aliens will
    attack.  This room is a constant spawn.  As you enter the room look to your
    left.  You should see a ramp.  Go up the ramp, climb the ledge, and go up 
    another short ramp.  All the while blasting aliens.  Follow the cave too a
    stack of boxes.  Climb the boxes and hop over the wall.
    Follow the corridor away from the security gate until you find a vent you
    can enter.  The vent tool is in the same room on top of a box.  Travel
    through the ventilation system until you have to kick out a grate.  Smash
    it out and drop down into the room below.  Once again you will be attacked.
    Duck through the hole and ignore the large drill for now.  Take a right and
    follow the hall to a large open room.  Grab the tool room key that is near
    they guards corpse.  Now use the railing above you to cross the chasm.  When
    you drop onto the other side there will be a small alien so be prepared to
    fight.  Grab the shotgun off the broken bridge if you need more ammo.  Go
    foreward through the door and follow the hallway back to the room with the
    ramps and unlimited aliens.  Repeat the earlier path to get to the security
    gate.  Open with your tool key and you will find a nanomed waiting for you
    on the other side.
    Continue through the opening on your left.  Here you should see a recharge
    unit.  It has a red sign on it.  First you need a power cell to charge
    though.  Use the service panel to turn on the lights and spawn enemies.
    Head through the door.  You will have to fight your way down this hall.
    You will also find cigarette pack 49 here.  Climb the boxes in the middle
    of the hall and pull yourself up the ledge.  The pack is straight ahead of
    you.  Just make your way across the gaps.  I did it by tight ropping the
    Drop back into the hallway and continue until you make it to a workshop
    area.  In here you will find lots of goodies including a new rifle, ammo,
    the power cell, and cigarette pack 50.  The back is in a box.  Just use
    your night vision to find it.  Once you pickup the power cell you will
    spawn a continuos flow of small aliens in this area.  Double time it back
    to the rechardge station.  Use the station to charge the power cell.  
    Duck through the opening and make your way back to the ventilation shaft
    that you used earlier.  This time when you jump down from the vents a
    large alien will attack you.  Either manuever behind it to blast it with
    weapons, or climb the crates and lob some grenades.  Once it is dead go 
    into the area if came from to find cigarette pack 51.
    Now go to the drill and place the power cell in it.  Wait a sec then look
    down and use the handlebars to send the drill on its way.  It will create
    a nice hole in the wall for you to go through.  Follow past the drill and
    duck under the door on your right.  Kill the alien, and enter the
    ventilation on your left.  This will end your time in the Abandoned
    Equipment Area.
                                30. Central Storage
    Travel through the vents and make sure to look down for some beatdowns.
    You will find that the aliens are now attacking into areas where they had
    previously not been.  The guards are trying to hold them at bay with
    varying degrees of success.  Both sides will attack you so its best to
    let them fight each other before you jump in and finish off the survivors.
    When you exit the vents you will be looking at a large cavern, and the
    bottom is a long way down.  You will also notice aliens traveling down
    the cavern walls to fight with some guards at the bottom.  The aliens
    won't bother you if you don't bother them.  Just let them fight it out for
    Look up and you will see a set of bars you can climb on.  Make sure you
    have all weapons unequiped and make a leap up to them.  Once you grab on
    head to the left of your original room facing to cross over to a ledge.
    Climb the ladder here and head to the far end of the ledge to find
    cigarette pack 52.  Go back down the ladder then go into the open vents.
    Kill the alien and continue through the vent until you find yourself
    behind a guard trying to defend himself from an unlimited alien attack.(A)
    Kill the guard and occupy the room to end the unlimited spawns.  From
    this point there are two paths to the end of the level.  One is longer,
    sneakier, and will take you past a full nanomed machine.(B)  The second
    is more direct and will get you to the end of the level in short order.(C)
       |  B  |           <<<  Path B  >>>
       |     |
       |     |           Go through the door and engage in a battle with
       |     |           guards and aliens.  Once all are eliminated climb
       |     |_______    the crates and enter the vents at the top of the room.
       |             |   Make your way through and drop down into a small room.
       |             |   If you need a nanomed machine follow the hall on your
       |            C|   left and it will take you to a room with one.  If you
       |             |   don't then take the door on your right, kill the guard
       |      A      |   and go through the vent on the left.  Go down the
       |_____________|   ladders and you will find yourself above a fight
                         between a riot guard and a large alien.  Since you
    took this path i'm going to assume you don't want to join this fight.  Hug
    the wall on your right as you entered this room.  Eventually drop down and
    go through the door.  Here you will find a nanomed half filled.  Follow
    the next two hallways and run past the riot guard to the exit.
    <<<  Path C  >>>
    Glad you have some guts.  Go through the door and you will see a guard
    and an alien.  Kill them and 3 more aliens around the corner.  Go into
    the elevator and use the service hatch.  Use the elevator electronics to
    take the elevator down.  Hop off and kill a small alien.  Now go through
    the door to see a riot guard and large alien in battle.  Kill them if you
    want or rush past them and go through the door on the opposite end of the
    room on the left.  If you do kill the riot guard you can pick up his mini
    gun.  Follow the next two hallways and rush past or kill the riot guard
    to exit the level.
                                  31. Loading Docks
    This is a pretty fun level.  You will be making your way through as aliens
    and guards continue to fight each other.  The first room you enter is a
    large loading area.  A lot is going on in this room so I will provide you
    with a rough diagram.  If you brought the minigun with you this level is cake. 
    Actually any level that you carry the minigun with you is easy.  So if you
    want a bit of a challenge ditch it.  Otherwise blast away with it.
    |  C      E::::::::::|  You will enter the room at (A).  A line of turrets
    |                   :|  runs along the line (G-E).  A large box sits at (B)
    |                   :|  You will exit the room at (D).  Guards fire at you
    |                   :|  from another room at location (C). 
    |  D       B      A G|
    On top of all that aliens are also spawning into the room.  The first thing
    you want to do is blow up the first couple of turrets that come out of (G).
    Once you do this move to the large box at (B).  You may have to kill some
    aliens along the way.  Once at B check to see if the turrets have respawned.
    If they have blast a couple before moving on.  If not then rush to point (D)
    Unless the aliens killed him there will be a guard here.  Blast him then move
    through the door.  Do not worry about killing the guards at (C).  Just be
    aware that they are there so you don't get blasted by them.  When you move
    through the door at (D) you will see another guard.  Blast him and any aliens
    that followed you through the door, then take the elevator.  Another guard is
    waiting for you in there.
    Once the elevator makes it too the top you will have to kill another guard in
    a small room.  Dispatch him then move into the hallway.  Blast any aliens and
    continue out the door where you will kill another guard.  You will also find a
    nanomed machine here.  Once you have healed up use the elevator to go down.
    When you exit the door you will now be in room (C) from earlier.  There are 3
    guards in this room.  Once they are dead use the large elevator.
    While you are moving up some aliens may jump onto the platform.  However they
    usually get crunched by it.  At the top are 2 guards and a riot guard.  There
    are a couple of approaches to this.  If you have some grenades left then try
    tossing them at the riot guard from the shadows.  It takes about 3 to kill
    him.  You can sneak close to the elevator exit by hugging the back and right
    walls of the elevator.  There is also an explosive tank to the right of
    the riot guard that you can shoot.  This should stun them enough that you
    should be able to get behind him and wax him with your rifle if you are quick
    enough.  From here kill any of the guards that didn't die in the explosion.
    Once you have killed everything look above the elevator.  You will see a
    guard fighting aliens.  Once the aliens kill him they will begin coming
    after you.  So go through the door and into a short hallway with two guards.
    They will use the corners for cover.  Once you kill them 2 aliens will attack.
    Follow the hallway and you will be attacked by some aliens from your front
    and by 3 guards in a room on your right.  Once you kill everybody go into
    the room the guards attacked you from and you will see the last arcade health
    boost machine.  Use it and you will now have all 8 health boxes.  Go back
    into the hallway and take a right.  Once you round the corner you will be
    attacked by yet another guard.  However this guy will throw a nade so be
    careful.  Once you kill him go through the door and into a large two level
    room.  Here you will be attacked by 4 guards.  Two on the floor and two on
    the upper level, 1 per each side of the room.  Once you kill them climb
    the green box and then jump to the red box.  From here climb up the railing
    and onto the balcony.  Cigarette pack 53 is sitting on the other end of the
    balcony.  If you need health climb the railing above you to cross over to
    the other balcony.  However you will need a refill canister to use it. 
    Once your done use the large freight elevator.  At the top is a minigun
    carrying riot guard. If you have any grenades left use them.  Otherwise just
    circle strafe to get behind him and unload with your rifle.  Alternatively you
    can easily demolish him if you carried the minigun with you. If you didn't you
    can pick up a minigun once you kill him.  Exit the room and follow the
    hallway untill you get to a room with an empty nanomed.  You will have to
    kill 1 guard along the way.  Sometimes he is in the hallway and sometimes
    he is in the final room.  There are 2 door buttons.  The one next to the
    nanomed opens a door that lets a riot guard into the room.  The button on
    the opposite side from the nanomed opens the door to the exit.
                                   32. Fuel Center
    This is a mini boss level.  Here you will fight a Heavy Guard. This
    guy is basically impervious to weapons fire.  Nothing you fire at him will
    do anything from the front. Don't use the minigun you brought over from
    the last level.You need mobility more than firepower for this guy.  
    To bring the beast down shoot the canisters traveling on rails above you.
    When you hit them they will fall and explode.  Drop 5 or 6 on his head and
    you will take him down.  Use the pillars for cover.  Pick up your minigun
    and move onto the hangar.
                                     33. Hangar
    This level isn't very long at all.  You basically just need to make your
    way to the starship to take off and leave the planet.  However Jagger Valence
    won't open the door until you kill everyone.  So don't try to just rush the
    ship.  As you walk into the large open area you will have to face down two
    riot guards.  The way that works best for me is to draw the two riot guards
    in close to the large box.  Once they are there climb on top.  Now jump
    behind one of them and unload your rifle into him.  If he doesn't die stay
    behind him and unload one more volley.  That should kill him unless your on
    the hardest difficulty.  Now just circle strafe the remaining riot guard.
    A tricky and challenging tactic is to get the riot guards to shoot one
    another.  Just run in between their fields of fire and they will have no
    problem shooting their budy.  This is pretty dangerous, and although it is
    fun it usually isn't the smartest tactic.  If you have your own tricks for
    taking down riot guards then use them.  The easiest way of all is to just
    use the minigun if you carried it over from the previous levels.
    After you take down the riot guards you should see the starship.  However,
    it is guarded by 3 guards.  Use your weapon of choice and blow them away.
    Just use the small boxes for cover to reload and move closer to them.  Once
    they are dead the Jagger Valence will open the hatch for you.  Walk in for
    a cutscene.
                                  34. Exercise Area
    Welcome to triple max.  Life here is rather uneventful.  You will be risen
    from a drug induced sleep every day for 2 minutes of exercise.  You can run
    around and do whatever you want if you wish.  You will go through several
    two minute periods of exercise when eventually Riddick figures out how to
    escape.  Now you may have figured it out before him, and if you did bravo.
    However, the game will not allow you to do anything until Riddick does.
    Eventually he will tell you to get into the other guys sleep box.  Go over
    to the guys box and use it.  Now you get a cut scene.  Congrats on beating
    the most boring level in the game.
                               35. Containment Pyramids
    This is another fairly short level.  After the cutscene you will find
    yourself dumped into this room at the base of one of 4 pyramids of
    containment pods.  As soon as you start the level pickup the club item.
    After a few seconds your sleep will catch up to you and you will pass out.
    A screamer droid will wake you up and call for help.  I have read that you
    can jump up the pyramids to avoid him finding you and calling for help.  I
    haven't been able to accomplish this though.  Regardless whack the little
    bugger with the club to take him down.  The alarm is now sounding and 2 more
    screamer droids, 2 battle droids, and 1 riot guard will enter the room.  You
    need to go through the same door that they entered the room through.  If you
    missed their entrance its the door to the right of your facing before you
    get knocked out by your drugs.  Or you could just run to all the doors and
    see which one opens.  The various mechanical guys seem to have a problem
    hitting you the higher you are up the pyramids.  So stay high and use the
    pyramids for cover.  Once you find the right door just run through it to
    finish the level.
                                 36. Facility Control
    Start the level and go right.  This will set off the arlarm system and lock
    you into containment.  Two screamer droids will burst out of the floor to
    investigate.  Bash them with the club then drop into the hole.  4 more
    screamers are in the service hatch.  Move forward slowly and try to pull
    them 2 at a time instead of rushing in and having all 4 on you.  When you
    climb up into the next room you will have to face down a guard.  It is
    possible to sneak up behind him and stealth kill him.  Just hang on the
    edge of the service area and time your pullup corrrectly.  On the other
    hand its just one dude, so if you want, rush him and use a gun reversal
    move on him.  Use the nanomed if you need to then drop down into the next
    service tunnel.
    In this tunnel (red fog) there will be 5 screamer droids.  One shot from
    the pistol will take them down.  Climb up into the next room and make your
    way up the stairs.  Sneak once you get to the top.  There are two stationary
    guards in this room.  One is looking at a console to the left of the stairs
    and the other is in a room across from the stairs and a bit to the left.
    Both guards can be stealth killed.  Just make sure you use a silent kill on
    the first one you kill so that there is no chance of alerting the other.
    You will find cigarette pack 54 on the desk in the room with the guard
    that looks like some sort of computer networking office.
    Use the computer terminal overlooking the lockdown area to open the doors.
    This releases 2 medium battle droids into the containment area.  Also once
    you push this button you will cause a spawn of 1 screamer droid and 2
    guards to enter the room behind you.  Take them down with your pistol. If
    you want it one of the guards drops a shotgun.  Double back to the lockdown
    area through the service tunnels.  The screamer droids will have respawned.
    Use the pistol to make short work of them.  Once you get back to the
    lockdown area be prepared to deal with the battle droids.  You can kill
    them with the pistol or the shotgun.  Follow the hallway out of the
    lockdown area.  You will come to a large hangar with 4 powered down battle
    droids. If you need health pick it up from the nanomed.  Once your ready
    enter the Heavy Guard and get ready for some fun.
    They heavy guard can take a bit to get used to.  The firing is easy enough.
    Left clicking fires its minigun and rightcliking fires RPG's.  Movement
    is a bit more clunky.  Once you kill the 4 battle droids take a minute to
    get used to manuevering the bot.  When your ready go to the elevator doors
    to the right of where you entered the heavy guard.  This will trigger the
    heavyguard in the elevator to bust out the door and try to destroy you.
    Pump as much firepower as you can into him as quickly as you can.  The
    cheap way is to walk towards the elevator just enough to trigger the spawn.
    Then back up a couple of steps and just start lobbing a steady stream of
    rpg's.  The dumb guy will just walk into your death zone.  Otherwise just
    put as much minigun fire on him as you can and he will eventually die.
    Walk into the now empty elevator to end the level.
                                37. Corporate Office
    This is a fun and really easy level.  Just blast everything as you move
    towards the exit.  As a heavyguard your only serious threat is another
    heavyguard.  Guess what, there aren't any in this level.  So you have to mow
    down a lot of infantry.  Yes if you let them get behind you they can do some
    damage, but it still takes a while.  From the front the guards can't even
    dent you.  There are 3 battle droids, but just like the infantry they just
    can't hurt you from the front either.  Perhaps this is different on hard. If
    it is then let me know and I will expand this section.  Otherwise, if you
    can't beat this level you need more help than a walkthrough.  Just make your
    way through and enjoy the ride.  Try to listen to the robot as it will give
    you "helpful" advice.
                                38. Take Off Platform
    This level is very similar to the last.  However there are a couple of 
    things worth noting so I will go into more detail.  When the elevator doors
    open there will be a guard in front of you just begging to die.  Kill him
    then take the hallway to your left and kill the rest of the guards.  The
    next room contains two more guards and a heavy guard.  The heavy guard is
    behing a door to the right of where you enter the room.  So you won't have
    to deal with him until after you take down the two guards.  Just take your
    pick of minigun or rpg's and blast it with them until it dies.  At this
    point the heavy guard you are in will have sustained too much damage and
    you will have to exit it.  This is a game mechanic so it doesn't matter
    how well or badly you have done so far.  As long as you have survived up
    to this point you will be forced to exit.
    On the opposite end of the room from the dead heavy guard is a raised
    platform with crates.  Use the crates to climb up onto the raised area and
    you will find cigarette pack number 2 behind one of the crates.  Go back
    down and pickup cigarette pack 14 before you push the large red door button.
    2 heavy guards will spawn and attack you.  Run out the door you just opened
    towards the take off platform. Enjoy the cutscene
    I will try not to spoil what happens, but eventually you will find
    yourself facing down 2 red assault mechs.  These guys carry miniguns and
    can cloak.  There should be a minigun on the floor to your right when you
    start the level.  So pick it up and waste the mechs with them.  When they
    are getting hit with minigun fire they will decloak and will usually be
    too stunned to retaliate.  Just keep pouring lead onto one of them until
    it dies.  Then rinse and repeat on his buddy. Congratulations, you have
    just beaten the game.
                                  VII - Cigarettes
    In total, you can find 62 packs of smokes in the game. Finding a pack will
    unlock some of the special features accessible through the main menu. The
    packs are scattered throughout the levels. Some are in plain view, others
    are hard to find, and some other need to be bought from inmates.. Sometimes,
    you'll also get smokes for completing certain events, like winning a pit
    fight. In this next chapter, I've listed every pack of smokes, including
    the location and the things it unlocks. I've listed them in chronological
    order, in the order you can find them in the game.
    The level behind 'Level' doesn't have to be the actual area where you can
    find it, 'Level' refers to the chapter of the walkthrough in which I
    describe this pack. If the actual area is different from this Level,
    it'll be behind the chapter name, in brackets.
    If you're interested, here's a quick reference list. It shows in which
    chapter you can find which pack. Note that the chapter I mention is the
    chapter of the walkthrough, this doesn't necessarily have to be to same as
    area in the game. The list is complete at the moment, since the walkthrough
    is incomplete too. Please, don't email me about the locations of the blank
    spots - I'll get to those in due time.
    O--------O---------------------------O  O--------O----------------------------O
    | Pack # | Level                     |  | Pack # | Level                      |
    O--------O---------------------------O  O--------O----------------------------O
    |   01   | 01. Escape                |  |   32   | 16. Recreation Area        |
    |   02   | 38. Take Off Platform     |  |   33   | 12. Guard Quarters         |
    |   03   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |   34   | 18. Work Pass              |
    |   04   | 23. Mining Core           |  |   35   | 01. Escape                 |
    |   05   | 14. Tower 17              |  |        |                            |
    |        |                           |  |   36   | 23. Mining Core            |
    |   06   | 01. Escape                |  |   37   | 23. Mining Core            |
    |   07   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |   38   | 19. Mine Entrance          |
    |   08   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |   39   | 20. Security Checkpoint    |
    |   09   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |   40   | 21. Upper Mines            |
    |   10   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |        |                            |
    |        |                           |  |   41   | 23. Mining Core            |
    |   11   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |   42   | 22. Cargo Transport        |
    |   12   | 05. Infirmary             |  |   43   | 25. Security Research 2    |
    |   13   | 06. Mainframe             |  |   44   | 27. Container Router       |
    |   14   | 38. Take Off Platform     |  |   45   | 27. Container Router       |
    |   15   | 08. The Pit               |  |        |                            |
    |        |                           |  |   46   | 27. Container Router       |
    |   16   | 09. Pope Joe's Den        |  |   47   | 27. Container Router       |
    |   17   | 23. Mining core           |  |   48   | 27. Container Router       |
    |   18   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |   49   | 29. A. Equipment Center    |
    |   19   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |   50   | 29. A. Equipment Center    |
    |   20   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |        |                            |
    |        |                           |  |   51   | 29. A. Equipment Center    |
    |   21   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |   52   | 30. Central Storage        |
    |   22   | 16. Recreation Area       |  |   53   | 31. Loading Docks          |
    |   23   | 23. Mining Core           |  |   54   | 36. Facility Control       |
    |   24   | 23. Mining core           |  |   55   | 16. Recreation Area        |
    |   25   | 03. Prsion Yard           |  |        |                            |
    |        |                           |  |   56   | 16. Recreation Area        |
    |   26   | 04. Aquilas Territory     |  |   57   | 04. Aquilas Territory      |
    |   27   | 06. Mainframe             |  |   58   | 04. Aquilas Territory      |
    |   28   | 10. Dark Tunnels          |  |   59   | 04. Aquilas Territory      |
    |   29   | 11. Showers               |  |   60   | 24. Security Research 1    |
    |   30   | 11. Showers               |  |        |                            |
    |        |                           |  |   61   | 25. Security Research 2    |
    |   31   | 12. Guard Quarters        |  |   62   | 25. Security Research 2    |
    O--------O---------------------------O  O--------O----------------------------O
                               a. Single Max
    <<<  Pack #35  >>>
    Level        01. Escape
    Location     After entering the hatch the convict opens for you, jump over
                 the rubble and climb down the ladder. You'll find the first
                 pack of the game at the bottom of this ladder.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 32
    <<<  Pack #1   >>>
    Level        01. Escape
    Location     After a while, you'll come to a room where you'll have to reach
                 a ventilation hatch above a closed door, by traveling along
                 a hangrail above you. You'll have to climb some boxes to get
                 to the hangrail. Facing those boxes, enter the narrow passage
                 to the right of them. follow the path between the boxes until
                 you see a hole in the ground ahead. Crouch, and drop down the
                 hole. Now, enter the new area, and turn right. Search the
                 alcove here for 10 UD and a pack of smokes.
    Unlocks      TCoR Combo Trailer
    <<<  Pack #6   >>>
    Level        01. Escape
    Location     After crawling through a vent and finding a NanoMed Station,
                 you'll come to a room with a single guard standing in front
                 of a table. Once you've taken the guard out (the game suggests
                 using his own weapon against him), search the table for a pack
                 of smokes.
    Unlocks      Movie Still 01
    <<<  Pack #25  >>>
    Level        03. Prison Yard
    Location     Go to the cell with Girish and Waman. Talk to Waman, he'll ask
                 you to waste Molina for him. After the cut-scene in which you
                 first meet Rust, go to cell A38,opposite the hall from Waman's
                 cell. Molina's inside. Kill him, and then return to Waman for
                 your reward - a pack of cigarettes.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 24
    <<<  Pack #58  >>>
    Level        04. Aquilas Territory
    Location     After killing your first enemies in the Aquilas territory,
                 look for an open cell on the left. Inside is a NanoMed Station,
                 and a pack of smokes on the bunk.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 35
    <<<  Pack #59  >>>
    Level        04. Aquilas Territory
    Location     After killing Rust, go into cell A11, in the same area you
                 fought Rust in. Inside is a coward named Moondog (what kind of
                 horrible nick is that?). When you talk to him, he'll tell you
                 to leave him alone, but he'll also give you a pack of smokes.
    Unlocks      Movie Concept Art 04
    <<<  Pack #57  >>>
    Level        04. Aquilas Territory
    Location     After killing Rust, head back to the courtyard. On the way
                 there, you'll come across a guy named Blueboy. Talk to him.
                 He'll compliment you on the fight, and he'll give you a pack
                 of smokes.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 36
    <<<  Pack #26  >>>
    Level        04. Aquilas Territory (Prison Courtyard)
    Location     After killing Rust, head back to the courtyard. Now, go to the
                 locked gate here. A guy named Booger is standing behind it. Talk
                 to him, and he'll sell you this pack for the sum of 20 UD.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 25
                 Riddick Prototype 01
    <<<  Pack #12  >>>
    Level        05. Infirmary
    Location     In level 03 (Prison Yard), find a man named Shabby near the
                 gate with the guard, in your cellblock. Talk to him, he'll ask
                 you to waste Molina for him. After the cut-scene in which you
                 first meet Rust, go to cell A38, opposite the hall from Waman's
                 cell. Molina's inside. Kill him, and then return to Shabby for
                 your reward - a door code. Continue with the game until you're
                 in the first room of the Infirmary. Now, with the code Shabby
                 gave you, you can open a door to the left, with a '1' above
                 it. The pack is inside, on the operating chair.
    Unlocks      Movie Set 06
    <<<  Pack #13  >>>
    Level        06. Mainframe
    Location     You'll eventually come to room where two guards will open fire
                 at you from a catwalk. Use the boxes to climb up to the
                 catwalk when they're dead. Pack #13 is lying here, on the
                 catwalk, on the opposite side of where those guards
                 were standing.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 22
                 G4TechTV - The Making Of TCoR:EfBB
    <<<  Pack #27  >>>
    Level        06. Mainframe
    Location     At the end of the level, you'll have to defeat a Riot Guard
                 (the one in the big robot suit with the minigun). You'll get
                 this pack as a reward for beating the Riot Guard.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 01
                 Riddick Prototype 02
    <<<  Pack #15  >>>
    Level        08. The Pit
    Location     After opening the closed gate with the valve, continue down the
                 path until you see a flare in front of a doorway. Turn left
                 just in front of this flare, and go to the end of this short
                 tunnel. You'll find this pack on the ground, in front of
                 a locked gate.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 17
                 TCoR Novelization
    <<<  Pack #16  >>>
    Level        09. Pope Joe's Den
    Location     From the elevator, turn left. At the end, turn left, and then
                 right. At the end of this tunnel, turn right again, into a room
                 with some Dwellers and some barrels. As soon as you go through
                 the door, turn right, and go through a hole in the wall, into
                 a little alcove. The cigs are lying on the ground here, next
                 to a NanoMed Cartridge.
    Unlocks      Movie Concept Art 02
    <<<  Pack #28  >>>
    Level        10. Dark Tunnels
    Location     At the end of the level, you'll reach a ladder. From this
                 ladder, walk towards the center of the room you're in, where
                 a gate divides the room in two. Turn left when you reach the
                 gate. You'll see the smokes on the ground to the left of
                 the gate, near the wall.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 03
    <<<  Pack #29  >>>
    Level        11. Showers
    Locations    This pack is near the beginning.  You will find it in one of 
                 the lockers on the left side of the locker room.  It is on the
                 opposite side from the civilian guard clothing.          
    <<<  Pack #30  >>>
    Level        11. Showers
    Locations    Near the end of the level, you'll come to a hanger door with an
                 eye scanner. Opposite of the door is a rail, and behind that
                 is a really dark corridor. Jump over the rail, and down into
                 the corridor. Use eyeshine to see a ventilation hatch to your
                 left. Using the Vent Tool you found near the start of the
                 level (read the walkthrough if you haven't got it), open the
                 vent and crawl through. You'll emerge in the armory, the smokes
                 are lying on the ground here, next to the stack of crates.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 31
    <<<  Pack #33  >>>
    Level        12. Guard Quarters
    Location     Enter the market square at the start. You need to be in
                 disguise to pull this off. Don't initiate a fight with the
                 guards. Instead, find the store to the right, and talk to the
                 shopkeeper, Yu. He'll sell you this pack for 5 UDs.
    Unlocks      Movie Set 07
    <<<  Pack #31  >>>
    Level        12. Guard Quarters
    Location     While in disguise, enter the market square at the start.
                 Find a guard named Jenkins. Talk to him, he'll give you a
                 bottle of liquor. Now, take the elevator at the back of square
                 up to the second floor. Exit the elevator, and turn right,
                 through the door. In this short corridor, you'll find a guard
                 named Chancellor. He'll give you 50 UDs plus a pack of smokes
                 for the bottle of liquor you're carrying.
    Unlocks      Movie Prop 01
                 Riddick Prototype 03
                                    b. Double Max
    <<<  Pack #5   >>>
    Level        14. Tower 17
    Location     At the start, leave your cell, and enter the cell to the right
                 of it. Flip up the bunk at the back. You'll find this pack
                 under the bunk.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 19
    <<<  Pack #56  >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area
    Location     Find Pink in section B of the courtyard. He'll sell you his
                 smokes for 10 UD.
    Unlocks      Movie Set 05
    <<<  Pack #7   >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area (Feed Ward)
    Location     After talking with Monster in the diner, return to the corridor
                 where you got attacked by a Blueskin. You'll now see a guy named
                 Gomer there, he'll sell you a total of 5 packs. The first one,
                 #7, costs 10 UD, and after that, the price increases with 5 UD
                 for each pack, so the last one (#11) will cost you 30 UD.
                 Here's a trick: reload the 'Feed Ward' checkpoint after buying
                 all packs. You'll keep your money, and the stuff will still
                 be unlocked.
    Unlocks      Movie Set 01
    <<<  Pack #8   >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area (Feed Ward)
    Location     Buy from Gomer. Read the description for #7 for details.
    Unlocks      Movie Set 02
    <<<  Pack #9   >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area (Feed Ward)
    Location     Buy from Gomer. Read the description for #7 for details.
    Unlocks      Movie Set 03
    <<<  Pack #10  >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area (Feed Ward)
    Location     Buy from Gomer. Read the description for #7 for details.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 11
    <<<  Pack #11  >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area (Feed Ward)
    Location     Buy from Gomer. Read the description for #7 for details.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 37
    <<<  Pack #3   >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area
    Location     In section C, talk to Gulag. He wants you to return his red
                 tube. Now, if you haven't done so already, talk to Cricket in
                 section A and buy a Shiv from him. Enter the Feed Ward, and go
                 to the corridor past the Soreños gang, where the Blueskin
                 attacked you. Wait for a while, and Asif, the black man that
                 hangs around near Cricket, will show up. Snap his neck when
                 he's outside of the camera's view. He'll drop a map. Enter the
                 diner, and look for a loose panel on the wall near Monster. You
                 can only open it if you've got the map. Pick up the red tube
                 from the hole behind it. Return to Gulag for your reward: this
                 pack of smokes.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 05
    <<<  Pack #32  >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area
    Location     Talk to The Nurse in section C of the Yard. He'll ask you to
                 poison Binks. Go to the Feed Ward. As you approach the diner,
                 you'll get attacked by a Blueskin. Kill him, and pick up the
                 poison he drops. If, for some reason, you can't find this
                 poison, you can also buy some from Two-Tongue. Enter the diner,
                 and approach the second table on the left. Use the poison on
                 Bink's food tray. Return to the Nurse for your reward, a pack
                 of smokes.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 28
    <<<  Pack #18  >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area (Tower 17 Base)
    Location     After killing the Blueskin, Harman, talk to Centurion again. He
                 suggests Baasim as a new victim. Talk to him in Section B of
                 the Recreation Area, and then return to the ring. Defeat
                 Baasim, and you'll get these smokes.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 20
    <<<  Pack #55  >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area
    Location     Talk to Two-Tongue in section D of the yard. Get his Injector
                 back from the hole in the Feed Ward (see pack #3 for details)
                 and kill Baasim in the ring, and then return to him. Two-Tongue
                 will give you a pack of smokes as a token of his appreciation.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 33
    <<<  Pack #22  >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area
    Location     After getting pack #55, catch one moth for Two-Tongue. He'll
                 now trade with you. Catch every moth in the Recreation Area.
                 This is pretty easy, just wait for one to come flying low, then
                 run up to it, and snatch it with [E]. Once you've got 10 of the
                 15 moths, return to Two-Twongue, and trade them for a pack of
    Unlocks      Movie Set 09
    <<<  Pack #19  >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area (Tower 17 Base)
    Location     Defeat Sawtooth in the ring. You can only fight him after
                 killing Harman and Baasim.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 39
    <<<  Pack #20  >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area (Tower 17 Base)
    Location     Defeat Cusa in the ring. You'll have to kill Harman, Baasim
                 and Sawtooth before you can challenge him.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 06
    <<<  Pack #21  >>>
    Level        16. Recreation Area (Tower 17 Base)
    Location     After you beat Abbott return to the ring area and talk to 
                 Centurion.  He will give you this as a reward for beating Bam.
    <<<  Pack #34  >>>
    Level        18. Work Pass
    Location     After getting Abbott's pass, go to the Work Pass area, beyond
                 the Recreation Yard. To the right of the Riot Guard is a locked
                 door with a keypad. It's the door that the prisoner, Shurik,
                 will stand next to. Enter it with Abbott's pass. Inside,
                 you'll find the pack of smokes lying on the desk.
    Unlocks      Movie Set 04
    <<<  Pack #38  >>>
    Level        19. Mine Entrance
    Location     At the start of the level, you're on top of an elevator. Look
                 around for a ventilation shaft. If you've got a Vent Tool, you
                 can open up the hatch on top of this shaft. Enter it, and turn
                 right. Continue to the end of the vent. In this next corridor,
                 kill the patrolling gurd, then turn left, and enter another
                 ventilation hatch, about halfway down the corridor. Follow this
                 vent until you come to a junction. Turn left, you'll be heading
                 back to the previous corridor. At the end, pick up the smokes.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 21
    <<<  Pack #39  >>>
    Level        20. Security Checkpoint
    Location     Follow the walkthrough to get to the upper door, high up on the
                 walkway. Standing in front of this door, turn right, and jump
                 over the rail, onto the really narrow ledge along the wall.
                 After two meters, the ledge will become slightly bigger. When it
                 does, turn left, and press [E] to climb into a really dark
                 alcove. Turn on your eyeshine, and you should be able to find
                 this pack of smokes.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 30
    <<<  Pack #40  >>>
    Level        21. Upper Mines
    Location     After taking out the 'Sharpshooter Guard' (the one that drop
                 the keycard), head out onto the balcony that the guard used
                 to stand on. Turn right, you should see this pack lying on the
                 floor. The other two guards in this area might see you, but if
                 you're fast, they won't be able to hurt you.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 23
    <<<  Pack #42  >>>
    Level        22. Cargo Transport
    Location     At the start, you'll see a NanoMed Station. Face it, and then
                 turn around. You'll see the pack on the ground, near the wall.
    Unlocks      Movie Set 10
    <<<  Pack #4   >>>
    Level        23. Mining Core
    Location     At the fork-lift truck, jump over the rail, into the dark
                 tunnel. Turn left, and continue through the darkness until you
                 reach a dead end. The smokes will be on the ground near the
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 16
    <<<  Pack #41  >>>
    Level        23. Mining Core
    Location     Continue through the level until you reach the crane that is
                 constantly moving big containers around. Facing this crane,
                 enter the space behind the left-most container, near the tunnel
                 wall. In the dark space behind it, you'll find a pack of smokes
                 on the ground.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 27
                 Riddick First Playable 3
    <<<  Pack #37  >>>
    Level        23. Mining Core (Mine Entrance)
    Location     Inside Valya's Secret Room. You should read the walkthrough if
                 you want to know how to find it. First, ride one of the boxes
                 in the Cargo Transport up to the third floor, and from there,
                 follow the walkthrough under the header 'The Secret Room'.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 38
    <<<  Pack #36  >>>
    Level        23. Mining Core (Work Pass)
    Location     Ride the elevator back up from the mines. Turn left as soon as
                 you exit the elevator, and continue to the back wall. Here,
                 kick out the grating. you'll find these smokes in the short
                 vent behind this grating.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 26
    <<<  Pack #23  >>>
    Level        23. Mining Core (Recreation Area)
    Location     Trade it with Two-Tongue for the stunning amount of 20 moths.
                 You can find tese critters in the Mining core area.
    Unlocks      Game concept Art 02
                 Starbreeze Motion Capture
    <<<  Pack #24  >>>
    Level        23. Mining Core (Recreation Area)
    Location     Jamal-Udeen in section B of the courtyard will ask you to kill
                 all Blueskins. You can find 'all' three Blueskins in the Upper
                 Mines, in the room near the Cargo Transport. The first time you
                 come through this room, a guard will interrogate a Blueskin. Kill
                 the guard and the 'skin. When you come through this room again
                 after visiting the Mining Core, two more Blueskins will be
                 waiting for you. Zap and stomp them with your Tranq Gun. Now,
                 when you return to the Work Pass area, head to the courtyard
                 and talk to Jamal for your reward - this pack.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 10
    <<<  Pack #17  >>>
    Level        23. Mining Core (Feed Ward)
    Location     Cuellas, in the small courtyard of the Feed Ward, wants you
                 to find a snitch-list. There are two pieces. The first is in
                 the Work Pass area, in the room with the mechanic and the two
                 guards. Look for a loose panel on the wall to the right of the
                 door. The other piece is dropped by one of the Blueskins who
                 attack you in the Upper Mines - read the description for the
                 previous pack to find out more about them. When you've got them
                 both, return to Cuellas in the Feed Ward, and claim your reward.
    Unlocks      TCoR Movie Teaser
    <<<  Pack #60  >>>
    Level        24. Security Research 1
    Location     Enter the door labeled 'Briefing Room'. You're in a small
                 corridor, with a glassed-off conference room to your right.
                 Blast the two guards in this room with your Riot Guard guns.
                 Then, leave the Guard, and enter the conference room. In a
                 small room behind it, you'll find the smokes, lying on a
                 table under some video screens.
    Unlocks      Riddick Team Photo
    <<<  Pack #61  >>>
    Level        25. Security Research 2
    Location     After you've left your Riot Guard to turn the power back on,
                 enter the next door, and destroy the glass on the right side
                 of this short corridor. Leave your suit, and enter the area
                 behind the glass. Climb over the boxes to find a sole guard
                 in a dark room. Once you've taken the guard out with your
                 Tranq Gun, check under the pipes near the room's only window
                 to find these smokes.
    Unlocks      DVD Trailer
    <<<  Pack #62  >>>
    Level        25. Security Research 2
    Location     Continue through the level until you come to a room with two
                 'Flamingos' (walking robots with big guns). Once you've killed
                 every enemy in the room, turn to the boxes that are stacked on
                 one side of the room. Climb onto the leftmost box. Now crouch,
                 and enter the narrow and dark space between the boxes and the
                 wall, to your right. Follow this narrow space to the end to find
                 a pack of smokes. You may have to turn on Eyeshine to see it.
    Unlocks      First Person Fighting Test
    <<<  Pack #43  >>>
    Level        25. Security Research 2 (Feed Ward)
    Location     At the start, kill the first guard, then go through the only
                 door on this walkway. In the next corridor, turn left, and
                 then immediately look to your left to find a grating. Kick it
                 out, and crawl through the vent behind it. At the end, climb
                 out, into a small room. You'll find this pack near the broken
                 door in this room.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 15
                 Riddick First Playable 1
    <<<  Pack #44  >>>
    Level        27. Container Router
    Location     At the start, go down the ladder underneath the container you're
                 on. Walk through the basement, and climb up the first ladder
                 you see to your right. This will take you up to another rail
                 track, where you can find the smokes lying next to the rail.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 08
    <<<  Pack #45  >>>
    Level        27. Container Router
    Location     At the start, go don the ladder underneath the container you're
                 on. Walk through the basement, all the way to the ladder at the
                 end. Behind this ladder is a ventilation hatch. Go through this
                 hatch, and turn right at the junction in the crawl space. You'll
                 come to a dead end, where you'll find the smokes on the ground
                 to the left.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 04
    <<<  Pack #46  >>>
    Level        27. Container Router
    Location     Continue through the level until you get to the computer that
                 turns the rail back on (resulting in a crash). In the previous
                 room, there's a NanoMed Station, plus a turret on the wall near
                 the corridor that leads to the elevator. Climb onto the box in
                 front of this turret, look up, and climb onto the ledge above
                 you. Here you'll find pack #46.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 09
                 Riddick First Playable 4
    <<<  Pack #47  >>>
    Level        27. Container Router
    Location     Near the end of the level, you'll come to a computer that needs
                 to be powered up first. The room with the computer looks out
                 over a part of the rail track. A corridor with yellow beams,
                 starting near this computer, leads to this rail track. Enter
                 this corridor, and jump over the first yellow beam. Just in
                 front of the second beam, climb onto a crate, and look up.
                 You'll see the smokes lying on a grate above you. Press [E] to
                 climb onto this grate, and pick up the smokes.
    Unlocks      Movie Set 08
    <<<  Pack #48  >>>
    Level        27. Container Router
    Location     Head to the second computer, the one that needs to be powered
                 on. It is connected to a bigger room by a narrow corridor. In
                 this bigger room, you'll see a ladder on one of the walls.
                 Climb up the ladder, and enter the vent at the top. Simply
                 follow this vent until you see the smokes.
    Unlocks      Game Concept Art 07
    <<<  Pack #49  >>>
    Level        29. Abandoned Equipment Center
    Location     It is found in the corridor with flashing lights between the
                 power cell and the recharger.  Climb the boxes and then onto
                 the ledge.  The pack should be straight ahead.  Just make your
                 way across by carefully moving along the edges to cross the
                 gaps and get to the cigs.
    <<<  Pack #50  >>>
    Level        29. Abandoned Equipment Center
    Location     It is in the same room as the power cell and the experimental
                 rifle.  You will find it inside an open box.
    <<<  Pack #51  >>>
    Level        29. Abandoned Equipment Center
    Location     After killing the 2nd large alien, head into the room that it
                 attacked you from.  You should see the pack in the corner.
    <<<  Pack #52  >>>
    Level        30. Central Storage
    Location     Near the beginning, just after climbing the bars to cross the 
                 large chasm you will see a ladder.  Climb the ladder and then
                 walk to the other side of the ledge to find the pack of smokes.
    <<<  Pack #53  >>>
    Level        31. Loading Docks
    Location     Eventually you will come to a room with 4 guards, two of which
                 are firing at you from balconies.  In this room climb the green
                 box and jump to the red box.  From here climb the railing to get
                 onto the balcony where you will find the pack.
                                    c. Triple Max
    <<<  Pack #54  >>>
    Level        36. Facility Control
    Location     About midway through the level you will have to push a button
                 to open the security contaiment doors.  The pack is on a desk in
                 the computer networking room next to the security console.
    <<<  Pack #14  >>>
    Level        38. Take Off Platform
    Location     It is in the last room of the level.  On the floor next to the
                 big red door button.  Pick it up after you exit the Heavy Guard.
    <<<  Pack #2  >>>
    Level        38. Take Off Platform
    Location     This pack is also in the last room of the level.  It is on the
                 raised platform on the left upon entering the room.  Look behind
                 the boxes to find it.
                               VIII - Extras & Secrets
                                   a. Secret Areas
    There are a couple of areas in the game that are hard to find / get into.
    Of course, they're all in the walkthrough, but I've listed them here too.
    <<<  Pack #1 Alcove  >>>
    This one's in the first level. At some point, you'll have to climb some
    crates and then travel across some bars to a ventilation hatch. Facing these
    boxes, enter the dark area to the right of them. Follow this really dark
    path through the boxes. Use the glow on the boxes to find your way. When
    you can't go any further, duck, and continue to a hole in the ground. Drop
    down, and follow the tunnel to a new area. In an alcove to the right,
    you'll find a pack of smokes and some UD.
    <<<  Operating Room  >>>
    In the Prison Courtyard, talk to Shabby near the gate with the guard.
    He'll ask you to waste Molina for him. Agree, and continue with the normal
    walkthrough until after the cut-scene where you first meet Rust. After this
    scene, the cell opposite of the one with Waman and Girish will be opened.
    Inside is molina. Kill him with your fists. Now, return to Shabby, he'll
    give you a doorcode as a reward. Now, continue with the walkthrough until
    you enter the Infirmary. After killing the two guards, enter the first door
    on your left, you'll need Shabby's code to do so. Inside is an operating
    table with a pack of smokes and a scalpel.
    <<<  Armory  >>>
    This one's in the Shower level. Turn right as you leave the locker room. In
    the next room, look for a hole in the ground in the back left corner, behind
    a rail. Drop down through this hole. You'll be in a hallway similar to the
    one you were in just now. In front of you is a toolbox with a Vent Tool next
    to it. Grab the tool, and use it to open the ventilation hatch. Follow the
    vent to the previous hallway. Now, continue through the level until you
    reachthe hangar door with the eye scanner. Facing the door, turn around,
    and jump over the rail, into the dark area. Drop down into a lower part,
    and then turn left. You'll see a ventilation hatch. Use the Vent Tool you
    got earlier to open it. Follow it to arrive in the armory, where you can get
    some new armor, a lot of Rifles, and some smokes.
    <<<  Mine Entrance - Alternative Path  >>>
    Ride the elevator down to the mines. When you stop, don't exit through the
    door. Instead, climb on top of the elevator (if you weren't there already),
    and look around for a ventilation hatch. Open it, and turn right once in the
    vent. This will lead you to a set of rooms that provide an alternative,
    easier route to the Security Checkpoint. You can also get a pack of smokes
    in these rooms. Read the walkthrough on how to get through this area.
                                   b. Easter Eggs
    There's one known Easter Egg in the game. You can get it in the Prison
    Courtyard, one of the first levels. To get this Easter Eggs, you'll need
    to flush every toilet in your cellblock five times. It only counts if you
    hear the flushing sound. The cells that you need to flush in are:
    - Your own cell
    - Waman & Girish's cell
    - Molina's cell
    - Mattson's cell
    The last one is the toughest to get, since it will close up after you've
    visited it. Molina's cell will only open up after the first cut-scene with
    Rust. When you've flushed these four toilets five times, head to the
    courtyard. If you did it right, you should now see a picture on one of the
    walls of the guys (probably developers), with the writing 'Los Tres Amigos'
    underneath it. That means 'The Three Friends', if your Spanish is really bad.
                                     c. Cheats
    Commentary mode:  Beat the game. 
    Cheat mode: 
    Press Control, Alt, and ~ at the same time then enter the following. 
    Map names may be found in the Content\Worlds directory.
    map X  
    Loads X 
    cmd giveall  All weapons and items  
    cmd noclip  No clipping  
                                  IX - Closing Time
    Credits & Thanks go out to the following people:
    - Bob3739 for writing the last ten chapters of the walkthrough.
    - Lars from Starbreeze, for supplying me with valuable information about
      DiMaggio, Abbott and of course the toilet Easter Egg.
    - Stefan Ennöckl, for pointing out another way to enter the PPP's hole.
    - Ieatdirttoo & Rarusk, for comprehensive guides on CoR that helped me out on
      several occasions.

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