Puzzle Kombat Guide by Count Tyrant

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Mortal Kombat: Deception
Puzzle Kombat FAQ
V 1.01
Tyrant234 (Ryan Zielinski)
Table of Contents:
I.Revision History
II.Terms Used
IV. Controls
VIII.Contact Information

I.  Revision History
10/13/04 - 1.01 Added all characters, talked of levels, added strategies.  
More to come.
10/10/04 – 1.0 Started and completed.  Plenty of missing information. 
 More to come.

II. Terms Used in this FAQ:

Turn: A turn is considered over once a new block appears at the top of the 

Block:  ... Do I really have to explain this one?  A colored brick that is
meant to be destroyed by a BREAKER.

Breaker: A Mortal Kombat Dragon symbol that is of a specific color.  Matching 
this color up with another breaker or a block of the same color causes them to 
'break,' thus the term “breaker.”

Bomb: A bomb.  Destroys all blocks of the color it lands on.  Also, if allowed 
to hit the bottom of the screen, a BOMB BONUS is acquired, giving the player 
about a fourth of their super bar filled.

KEY for Visual Aids:

B= Blue Block

Y=Yellow Block

G= Green Block

R= Red Block

1=Blue Breaker

2=Yellow Breaker

3= Green Breaker

4= Red Breaker

III. Introduction?

It's mostly common sense at how to play this mode, but I'll explain how anyway.
Basically, it's a tetris-esque game.  The object is to get as many of the same
colors as possible to touch each other, and then take an MK Dragon Symbol, also
known as a Breaker, of the same color and touch one of the blocks with it.  
What this does is destroy every colored block that is touching horizontally or 
vertically.  The same amount of blocks that you have just destroyed will appear
on your enemy's screen. (Both players get the same blocks in the same order, 
however one player may have completely different blocks than another due to the 
fact that he/she may be dropping them almost instantly.)
However, if you happen to set up a combo of blocks,
for example, you have this setup:


And you get a Blue Breaker to touch the top right blue block, all of the blue
 blocks will be destroyed, and then the yellow breaker will land on the bottom,
 touching the yellow block, destroying that as well and creating a 2x combo.  
Which, coincidentally enough, multiplies the amount of blocks going to the 
enemy by two.  The most I have gotten was a four times combo, but I don't doubt 
that you can get more than that.  Imagine, a SIXTEEN times combo, that's 
instant win.

You lose when your screen is full of blocks, however, if you happen to get a
bomb as your "losing" block, you can still come back from losing the match to
winning.  Anything is possible in Puzzle Kombat.

But on a more serious note, this is a fun game that could have probably been 
marketed and sold on it's own.  I know I would have bought it.

IV. Controls

Up - Instantly Drops Block
Down - Speeds blocks descent
Left - Moves Block Left
Right - Take a guess
B - Rotates Falling Block
A - Rotates Falling Block, Opposite Direction
X - Does Super (when meter is full)
V. Characters

Each character has their own “super” move.  I have listed them below and 
given my own thoughts on them.  Some of the characters, like Sindel, can and 
do get in the way of your screen.  For instance, when playing as Sindel, her 
hair will occasionally float in front of your bottom few blocks.  Raiden's hat
will also cover up a block or two, if he is at the right angle.

Scorpion – Jumble

This, in theory, is an EXCELLENT super.  What it does is take all of your 
opponents perfectly aligned blocks and jumbles them up.  However, this can 
occasionally cause massive combos for the enemy, thus resulting in more blocks 
on your own side.  Sometimes it can also pair up colored blocks and make the 
enemy have an easier time and combo'ing.  

Rating: 2 (of 5)

Sub-Zero – Freeze  

Sub-Zero has been one of my favorite Mortal Kombat characters through all of 
it's incarnations, and Puzzle Kombat is no exception.  His super move, Freeze,
does just that.  It freezes the enemy's blocks so that the colors can not be 
seen, and the only thing that can  actually be done to the frozen blocks with 
any effect is a bomb.  You can still lay other blocks on top of the frozen 
ones, but it does not help in the destruction of them.  Freeze lasts for 
about 5 turns.   

Rating: 5 (of 5)

Nightwolf – Breaker Buster

Sounds like it wouldn't be that good, but at the rate which Nightwolf's super
meter is filled, this is amazing.  You can stop huge combo's from ever having
a chance to occur.  At the speed which this Super is gained, it's hard to say 
no to it.

Rating: 4 (of 5)

Kabal – Double Bomb

This super has the potential to clear your entire screen.  However, that is 
if you only have two colors of blocks on it.  Still, it can clear half of your
screen every time it is used.  Like the name implies, two bombs are dropped.  

Rating: 3 (of 5)

Ermac - Levitate
This super is extremely helpful, it levitates a bunch of blocks off the top 
of your stack.  I am as of yet unable to determine the exact amount, but it
can take off a hefty chunk of it, and allow you to escape imminent doom.

Rating: 4 (of 5)

Sindel – Arrange

Wow.  Just wow.  It arranges all of your colors so they are lined up next to 
each other.  Unfortunately, I have only seen this done one time, apparently 
for some reason (read: this is an insanely good super) you can not gain the 
super as fast as anyone else, as her super meter is the slowest in the game.  

Rating: 4 (of 5)  

Baraka – Edger

Baraka's blade arms come and destroy the two edges of your screen.  All blocks
that were there are there no longer.  This can be useful if your sides are 
completely full.  If not, then this super is mediocre at best.

Rating 2.5 (of 5)

Bo-Rai'Cho – Collapse

Collapses most of the blocks out of sight.  Collapses near the same amount 
that Ermac levitates.  For all intents and purposes, we will consider them the
same super, with a different avatar.  However, it still leaves your combos 
available at the top, thus making it (slightly) better than Levitate.

Rating: 4 (of 5)

Raiden - Storm

Rains blocks on the enemy.  They trinkle down like a combo would.  Do this 
before or right after you send blocks the enemies way to either completely 
destroy them (by pushing blocks off the top of the screen) or by screwing
up a combo that was just set up.

Rating: 5 (of 5)

Jade - Stack

Very similiar to Raiden's Storm, however, it leaves the enemies top blocks
untouched, and therefore their combos still exposed.  It is, however, still
an excellent super and can cause your enemy to go over the top line and lose.

Rating: 4.5 (of 5)

Kenshi - Invisible

Makes the enemy's blocks invisible for five turns.  Similiar to freeze, except
the blocks can still be combo'd.  An excellent super, unless your enemy has a
great memory.

Rating: 3.5 (of 5)

Mileena - Drill

A large drill appears and drills the two middle columns of blocks away.  Very
similiar in power to Baraka's, except the easier to get to rows are taken 
away, rather than the outer edges.

Rating: 3 (of 5)

VI. Stages - Fatality

Ying Yang Island - Snake

On Ying Yang Island a snake is on either side of the screen.  It will 
occasionally slink forward over your blocks, disrupting your view of them for
a few seconds at a time.  As a fatality, the snake shoots forward and eats the
losing player.

Liu Kang's Tomb -Fire

In Liu Kang's Tomb there are torches on either side of the arena.  When a 
fatality is performed, the losing player is pushed into the torch and burns up.

Sky Temple - Lightning  

When a fatality is performed, the losing player will be struck by lightning, 
their head will explode, and their eye will hit the screen.  The winning player
"calls forth" the lightning by raising one hand into the air.

Beetle Lair - 1 Ton Weight

The winning player looks above the loser, and makes a gesture.  A 1 Ton Weight
will fall, crushing the losing player.

Slaughterhouse - Spinning Blades

The losing player is pushed into a bunch of spinning blades and chopped up 
into many body parts.

Hell's Foundry - Smasher

Similiar to the 1 Ton Weight, the smasher comes down and smashes the losing 
player into lots of blood and bones.

VII. Strategy 

First off, let me explain what happens when you use a breaker.  Using a breaker
creates the same amount of broken blocks appear on your enemy's screen.  These
blocks will always find the LOWEST available point on the screen, and after the
blocks are all level, they will begin falling from the left to the right side.
Use this to your advantage when you are setting up combos, leave big gaps and
more than one place to start any combo that you are building, just in case your
opponent senses weakness and sends a bunch of blocks your way.

Combo Strategy

There is a strategy that I like to call the 'combo strategy' in which you, to 
the best of your ability, set up huge combos.  For instance...

B= Blue Block
Y=Yellow Block
G= Green Block
R= Red Block
1=Blue Breaker
2=Yellow Breaker
3= Green Breaker
4= Red Breaker

2 X Y Y Y

If a blue breaker was to be dropped where the X is, all of the blue blocks 
would be destroyed, then the yellow breaker would fall onto the yellow blocks
below, as would the three upper yellow blocks, and create a 2x combo.  

(A 2x combo is rather difficult to understand, as one would assume that 2x would
mean two times the blocks that were broken.  However, this is not actually the
case.  So far I have tried to figure out the 'formula' to what it actually is,
but with no luck.  If someone has any idea as to how that actually works, let 
me know.

Although it is somewhat difficult to understand, rest assured that you are
having somewhere around 2x the blocks that were broken dropping on your 
enemy's screen. )

However, if we had this set up -
2 G Y Y Y

and the falling block set was a 3
then we could have the Green breaker fall where the X is, destroy all the 
green blocks, then have the blue fall, destroy the blue blocks (2x), and then
the yellow breaker fall and destroy all the yellow blocks for a 3x combo.  This
would surely rain 40+ blocks on the enemy's screen.

The more combos you can set up, the more blocks on your enemy's screen, common
sense, mostly.  Basically set up as many combos as you can, and hope for the
best (IE a breaker of the correct color.)  It is best used against someone
who does the same thing, as someone who sends over tiny amounts of blocks will
more likely than not screw you up eventually.

Tiny Stuff

This strategy I think of as "tiny stuff."  I tend to employ this strategy 
against both the computer, and players that attempt to set up huge combos.  
Basically what you want to do is send lots of smaller block sets to your enemy
without leaving yourself vulnerable.  Every time you do this, you end up 
setting your enemy's combo back at least a little bit.  It is best to do this 
with more than one block that is being broken, however, it can be done that 

Color Coded

Basically all you do is try and get as much of one color together as possible.

Say, something like this:


That way, you can set up a small combo on the three reds at the top left, and
then take out all the greens with them.  This may seem somewhat like the combo
strategy, as it is, but you don't try and set up these huge combos, if they 
happen to present themselves, you go for it.  Mostly you just want to destroy
the huge lot of a single color, thus clearing most of your screen, and sending 
your enemy a big chunk to deal with.

VIII. Contact Information
This FAQ was written by Ryan Zielinski on October 10th, 2004.  If you would 
like to use it in any way shape or form, or help contribute to it, email me at
 boba1213@comcast.net.  As of now, no website, aside from Gamefaqs.com, has my 
permission to post this FAQ.

IX.  Thanks
None at the moment.