Kabal by Ryock

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===========================The Guide to MKD's Kabal============================
================================By:Sage Ryock==================================

Table of contents
Section 1: Version History
Section 2: Game Controls
Section 3: Kabal's History
Section 4: Why Kabal?
Section 5: Playing Against Kabal or Onaga
Section 6: Combos/Moves
Section 7: Custom Juggles
Section 8: Things to Look out for
Section 9: Things for Kabal
Section 10: Questions And Answers
Section 11: Some Fighting Tips
Section 12: Legal Stuff, Credits, Thanks, Contacting
Section 1: Version History
Ver. 2.35(06/27/05): I have corrected the spelling errors on the "Playing
Against Kabal or Onaga section. I have also added 1 new juggle to each 
different style. Now my e-mail address has changed. Also, I have found out
what happened to Kabal during the times of MK4, thanks to unisock.
Ver. 2.25(03/31/05): Since alot of people have asked me where to hide Kabal's
map when he tells you to hide it, I have listed the location that you hide it
in so you can unlock his alternate costume. I have also listed the names of my
little brother and best friend, who(for some reason)wanted his name here for
bragging rights. I have also added a new section called "Playing Against Kabal
or Onaga". This section is here for people who may be having trouble with 
Kabal or Onaga. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, and they can start here.
Ver. 2.10(01/21/05): 5 new custom juggles have been created, these juggles will
say NEW! to the left of them. And a few more spelling errors have been 
Ver. 2.00(01/12/05): I have fixed four spelling errors and have added the new
section called "Section 10: Some Fighting Tips". This section tells you some
good styles of fighting against other people and tells you what not to do in
a battle with attacks.
Ver. 1.50(01/10/05): Version 1.50 now has some questions and answers in the
questions and answers section. I have also fixed all spelling
errors in this FAQ.
Ver. 1.01(01/07/05): Neoseeker is now allowed to use this FAQ. You can expect
to see this FAQ on Neoseeker soon.
Ver. 1.00(12/22/04): This is the first version of my faq, not to mention this 
is my first faq. I don't think there will be anything needed to be corrected, 
but if anyone notices something or sees something that isn't possible or 
correct, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have found a few hidden 
combos and even gave them names. They will have a * next to them to let you 
know that they are secret combos.
Section 2: Game Controls
The Controls I'm listing here are going to be in number form.
Example: 1= X for Xbox, Square for PS2, and possibly B for Gamecube.

1: X(Xbox), Square(PS2), B(Gamecube, not confirmed)
2: Y(Xbox), Triangle(PS2), Y(Gamecube, not confirmed)
3: A(Xbox), X(PS2), A(Gamecube, not confirmed)
4: B(Xbox), Circle(PS2), X(Gamecube, not confirmed)
5: White(Xbox), L2(PS2), ?(Gamecube, not confirmed)
6: Black(Xbox), R1(PS2), Z(Gamecube, not confirmed)
7: L(Xbox), L1(PS2), L(Gamecube, not confirmed)
8: R(Xbox), R2(PS2), R(Gamecube, not confirmed)

Pick up Stage Weapon: 5
Grab Opponent: 6
Block: 8
Combat Style: 7
< : Moves Backwards
> : Moves Forwards
v : Moves Downwards
^ : Moves Upwards
Duck: 8+Down
Breaker: A breaker is what causes an opponent's combo to be stopped quickly.
If done correctly, the opponent's combo will stop and he/she will be knocked
away. This is done by holding Forward+8

Section 3: Kabal's History
Ah, yes. Kabal IS an awesome character. The whole reason you wanted to play 
as him of course(hopefully).

Status: Leader of the Black Dragon Clan
Enemies: Red Dragon Clan and pretty much anyone outside of the Black Dragon 
Allies: Kano, Kira, Kobra, and Havik

Let's go back to MK3 when he first appeared. Kabal was a new character that 
carried a pair of exotic looking Swords. He wears what seems to be like a gas 
mask, and has super speed. The mask he wears is part of a life support system 
on his back which at the time was covered by his shirt and is now exposed in 
Mortal Kombat Deception. The injury he carries around was caused by one of Shao
Kahn's extermination squads. As a result, he nearly died, and now wears that 
support system to keep himself alive. You could say that hes now kinda like
Darth Vader now. His Moves and Fatalities were deadly and quick. His fatalities
featured him turning his opponent into a balloon, screeching the opponent to 
death, an Animality where he turned into a dead Rhino, a babality, and a
Friendship. His moves included an attack where he would spin past the opponent,
giving Kabal a chance to strike his opponent with an attack. He could also 
fire a blast of energy from his mask and summon a saw blade to scewer his 
opponent ^_^.

In Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, which was pretty much just a remake of the older 
version, Kabal was granted another finishing move. Added to his already cool 
finishing moves, he got a Brutality, in which the opponent is constantly 
whacked until he/she explodes into nothing but Bones and Flesh. The story was 
pretty much the same even up to Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

In Mortal Kombat Trilogy, I'm afraid that the story of the game was just 
slightly changed and they just added more characters to the game. But thats 
what happened to Kabal. 

In Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Kabal was alive, and had left the Black 
Dragon Clan for good. But he was unfortunately hunted down by Mavado of the Red
Dragon Clan, who I despise with every fiber of my soul(no offense). He hunted 
down Kabal and defeated him, taking Kabal's Hook Swords as trophies for his 
victory. And from what we knew then, Kabal was apparently dead, as Mavado was 
using Kabal's Hook Swords in the game, and made me quite angry. That was at 
least until Deception came out.

In Mortal Kombat: Deception, Kabal is actually alive and quite well. The 
person who rescued him is a person named Havik, who convinced Kabal to revive 
the Black Dragon Clan. Kabal felt inspired by this, and he decided to do so. 
But before he would do anything, a certain pair of Hook Swords needed to be 
retrieved. Kabal did the hunting this time, and located Mavado. He completely 
wiped him out and took back his Hook Swords, which is shown in the alternate 
bio for kabal. Havik decides to give Kabal a job, and Kabal needs to look for 
members for his new Black Dragon Clan. The first he locates is Kira. Kind of a 
renegade, she disguised herself as a man and sold weapons to people in 
Afganistan. She was discovered to be a woman and was chased into a cave. 
When she came out the other end, Kabal was there, and he offered her a deal. So
that was one new member. 

The next member was a very dangerous man named Kobra, who had taken out many 
policeman before being captured. Although when captured, the Police couldn't 
fight off Kabal and Kira, and got wiped out. Kabal then recruited Kobra into 
the Black Dragon, saying he could get plenty of fighting. Now with new members, 
Kabal and his new Black Dragon members set out to do a job. The Dragon King has
taken rule, and they must lure the heroes to kill the Dragon King. Havik did 
not tell Kabal of his intentions though. Once they had gotten there, Kobra was 
fueled by power, and tried to fight the King as well, but Kabal held him back, 
and told him to wait until they were defenseless. 

Afterwards, Kabal and his members rushed in, attacking the heroes, and luring 
them away from the Dragon King. Havik took the heart of the Dragon King as it 
would provide the power to resurrect the dead. Kabal saw this and immediately 
killed Havik and took the heart for himself. Afterwards, Kabal told them that 
there can only be one person to join the Black Dragon at a time, so Kira and 
Kobra must fight each other to determine who stays and who goes. Kira won with 
ease, and Kabal was proud, and gave her the honor of finding two more people 
to pit against each other in Mortal Kombat.

Well, that's about it on Kabal's History.

Section 4: Why Kabal?
Well, for starters, hoefully cause you like him like I said before. He's an
awesome character with many juggle opportunities with lots of damage dealt.
He can be the perfect character if used correctly. It takes alot of time and 
patience to be good with Kabal, but it will all be worth it in the end, when 
you're wiping the floor with them.

Another reason he would be a good choice is that his Raging Flash attack 
becomes highly useful when you've mastered it. He can counter pretty much any
character and its hard to predict what Kabal will do next. Most players will
be confused as to what you'll do next with a large amount of high and low
blows with all his combos. And not to mention, he has a VERY nice juggle
system goin on. Almost all of his attacks provide opportunities to juggle
your opponent further, and thus, doing more damage.

And just cause he's cool. I'm not surprised, but most people dont pay any
attention to Kabal. They look at him like another everyday character like the
rest. But make no mistake, he is AWESOME. He is in my list, among my favorite
characters. He is among Scorpion(who we all know, everybody likes), Raiden,
and Reptile. So enjoy the FAQ, cause I'm going to teach you most of what I 
know with Kabal. As for the rest, you'll have to discover on your own, as did
I. But enjoy the FAQ! ^_^

Section 5: Playing Against Kabal or Onaga
Kabal(believe it or not)is a real pushover. He is really easy to avoid, defeat,
and toss aside. He's completely weak and helpless. I dont know when you would 
fight Kabal though, cause to my knowledge, it may not be possible to fight him 
outside of Chess Kombat. I have never fought Kabal outside of Chess Kombat, so 
I do not believe you can. I find this to be strange though. If anyone finds 
themself fighting Kabal outside of Chess Kombat, please e-mail me and tell me 
what character you were playing as, as well as the console you were playing on.

Just be patient here, and Onaga is a complete pushover. Simply said, just go
for the Kamidogu to weaken Onaga. After that, clobber Onaga with Hooksword
Dominance. Keep repeating this and Onaga will be down in no time. You may even
find it to be very easy to avoid Onaga's attacks, using this method. Just keep
cool, and remember Onaga is nothing, and you'll pull through easily, as long
as you just have Hooksword Dominance down.
Section 6: Combos/Moves
Sun Bin Style

Small Frame Strike: 1(5%)
Twisting Hammer Fist: Back+1(11%)
Golden Fist: Down+1(4%)
Digging Fingers: 2(9%)
Chest Opener: Back+2(11%)
Awkward Uppercut: Down+2(13%)
Large Frame Kick: 3(14%)
Small Frame Toe Kick: Back+3(7%)
Aged Heels: Up+3(8%)
Dangerous Feet: Down+3(4%)
Thunderous Chest Breaker: 4(10%)
Dusty Shin Kick: Down+4(4%)
Hidden Hands: 1,1(9%)
Road To Victory: 1,1,1(13%)
Hidden Fists: 1, Back+1(13%)
Linked Thrust Kick: 1,1,4(15%)
Gathered Strength: 1, Back+3(10%)
Overhead Pain: 3,3,3(17%)
The Art Of War: 1,3(18%)
Masked Psycho: 1,1,2(15%)
The Beast: 1,1 Up+3(14%)
Psycho Machine: 1,1,2,7(19%)

Goju Ryu Style

Shotei: 1(8%)
Long Arm Palm: Back+1(10%)
Elbow To The Knee: Down+1(6%)
Wind Cutter: 2(10%)
Head Crusher: Forward+2(12%)
Monkey Uppercut: Down+2(13%)
Chudan-Mae-Geri: 3(10%)
Defensive Sidekick: Up+3(10%)
Spinning Trip: Down+3(4%)
Ankle Tapper: Back+3(8%)
Foot Smasher: 4(15%)
Scratching Heels: Down+4(4%)
Dual Shotei: 1,1(14%)
No Escape: 1,2(15%)
Head Twister: 1,4(21%)
Speed Monster: 1,1,7(19%)
Madening Strength And Balance: 1,1,7,1,2(27%)*
Lethal Arts: 1,1,7,1, Back+1(29%)*
Hooksword Dominance: 1,1,7,1,4,7(29%)*

Hook Swords Style

Chest Strike: 1(10%)
Twisting Hook: Up+1(7%)
Shoulder Rip: Back+1(17%)
Low Reverse Blow: Down+1(4%)
Power Hook: 2(9%)
Twin Overhead Strike: Back+2(11%)
Chin And Neck Slice: Up+2(16%)
One Hook Sweep: Down+2(4%)
Spinning Sidekick: 3(8%)
Leg Hooks: Up+3(8%)
Leg Tripper: Back+3(5%)
Scissors Swipe: Down+3(6%)
Double Axe Kick: 4(10%)
Upward Cross Strike: Down+4(5%)
Shin Strike: Back+4(5%)
Razor Moon: 1,1(17%)
Strength And Balance: 1,1,2(23%)
Furious Edges: 2,1(17%)
Blazing Fury: 2,1,4(20%)
Unholy Strength: 1,1,4(24%)
Hooksword Pain: 1,1,4,7(27%)
Shady Blows: 1,1, Back+1(28%)

Special Moves

Vertabreaker: 6(15%)
The opponent is grabbed, kicked in the back, then tossed behind him. This is
Kabal's grab.

Raging Flash: Back, Forward+4(0%)
Kabal will imediately dash towards the opponent. Its range is almost full
screen, but cut just a little short. If it connects, the opponent will spin
for a short time, allowing you to initiate a combo. If its going to be used in
a combo though, it needs to be either the 1st or 2nd hit in a combo or it will
not work. (For some odd reason)

Plasma Blast: Down, Forward+1(9%)
Kabal will stick his head back and fire a purple ball of energy. If it hits it
will do 9% damage. It can be used in a combo, but must be done quickly.

Nomad's Touch: Down, Back+2(8%)
A move familiar to Ermac's moves. Kabal will stick out his hands, as they glow
blue and will cause Kabal and the opponent to fly towards each other and 
bounce off and both land to the ground. This attack can be used from a decent


Fatality 1: Forward, Up, Up, Up+3 (close distance). The Opponent is kicked into
a spin cycle, as Kabal takes out one of his Hookswords and puts it into the
opponent, starting from the top and slowly going down, cutting the opponent 
into pieces that fly off.

Fatality 2: Up, Up, Down, Down+2 (close distance). Kabal takes out a Hooksword
and spins it slightly in his hand, kicks the opponent into the air and cuts
them in half when he/she reaches the right point.

Hara-Kiri: Forward, Up, Up, Down+2. Very simple. He quickly takes out a 
Hooksword and shoves it into his head as he falls to the ground.

Section 7: Custom Juggles
From looking at his move list, it doesn't seem like there's much to work with 
huh? Quite the contrary my friend. Many of his moves include only small combos 
and not many large ones at all. But many of his combos give out lots of 
opportunities to juggle your opponent. Juggling with combos is going to be a 
major part of what Kabal does. The highest % of damage you'll do without 
juggles is around 20-30%. Although there are juggles with Kabal that can up 
that to an amazing 55%! Here are some juggles I discovered. Of course, I'll 
only keep the BEST juggles for myself. Sorry bout that, heh. Numbers surrounded
by ( ) mean they must be done right after the combo, not during the combo.

Sun Bin
27% 5 hits: 1,3…Up+3…Down+2
28% 7 hits: 1,1…Up+3…1,1,2,7
22% 5 hits: 1,1…Up+3…Up+3…Down+2
27% 5 hits: 1,3(7)…1,2
28% 6 hits: 1,3…1,1,4
30% 7 hits: 1,3…Up+3…1,1,4
33% 7 hits: 1,3…1,1,2,7

Goju Ryu
27% 5 hits: 1,2(7)…2,1,4
30% 8 hits: 2…Back, Forward+4(7)…2,1,4…1,1,2
25% 5 hits: 1,2…2…4
29% 6 hits: 1,2(7,7),1,1,2,7
33% 6 hits: 1,2(7)…1,1,Back+1
37% 7 hits: 1,2…1,1,7,1,Back+1

26% 5 hits: Back+2…4…4
29% 6 hits: Back+2…Back+2(7)…1,1,2,7
30% 6 hits: 2,1,4…2,1,4
33% 7 hits: 2,1,4(7)…1,1,2,7
34% 7 hits: 2,1,4…1,1,4
39% 6 hits: Back+2…1,1,4…4
46% 10 hits: 2,1,4…1,1,4…1,1,4
43% 9 hits: 2,1,4(7),(7)…1,1,7,1,4,7
48% 9 hits: Back+2…1,1,4…1,1,4
33% 8 hits: 2,1,4…Back+2…1,1,4
55% 11 hits: 2,1,4…1,1,4…1,1,4,7 (Opponent must be cornered for last four 
strikes to hit)

Section 8: Things to look out for
A few major things you should look out for when paying as Kabal.

1: When using your Plasma Blast attack, you should usually always use Nomad's 
Touch right after. Using Plasma Blast leaves Kabal open and you don't want 

2: Be EXTREMELY careful when using his Hookswords. It takes time and practice 
to fully master the Hookswords, but once you do, it will almost make you like a
god. In his Hookswords style he has low recovery time in a lot of his attacks, 
and weak defense, so you gotta be quick.

3: People who use a lot of projectiles. Do not bother using Raging Flash on a 
projectile happy nut. It's a waste of time and effort, and leaves yourself 

4: People with large combos. Usually people with high amounts of combos hit 
low towards the end and/or do MASSIVE damage, like Raiden, Jade, etc. Watch 
out for these people.

Section 9: Things for Kabal

Key: DA Key
Unlocks: Kabal's Alternate Costume
Location/Time: B1 (after completing Kabal's mission and defeating him)
Since so many people have trouble on where to put the map, I have taken the
liberty of refreshing my mind and putting it on here. I'am almost absolutely
positive that you put it in D-2. Its behind a building, just so you know.

Krypt: AI
Cost: 201 Gold Koins
Reward: Kabal Story Board

Krypt: KS
Cost: 233 Onyx Koins
Reward: Kabal's Alternate Bio

Krypt: MI
Cost: 2425 Platinum Koins
Reward: Kabal Puzzle Fighter

Krypt: PC
Cost: 592 Sapphire Koins
Reward: Goju Ryu Video

Section 10: Questions And Answers
Q: Become a God with the Hookswords!? Are you a retard or something!? I cant do
squat with these Swords. This character sucks!

A: Then pick a different character, idiot. Only the true masters of Mortal 
Kombat are smart enough to know that any style can be perfected to be a God's
work. It just takes time and practice.

Q: What happened to Kabal during the times of MK4 and MKDA?

A: He became a crime fighter, stopping criminals from robbing banks and 
helping out the police. And as for MKDA, I explained that already. He was
supposedly killed by Mavado. -Thanks to unisock

Q: I think I've mastered Kabal, but I cant seem to win against some other
people, no matter how hard I try! What can I do!?

A: One of two things. Practice and get better, or simply accept the fact that
the people or person you keep losing to are just better than you(unless they
used some cheap tactic). If you cant win at least ONCE, then you havent 
mastered Kabal yet my little friend.

Q: I can find out where I'm supposed to hide Kabal's map. Can you help me
where to put it?

A: After getting so many e-mails about this, I finally have the answer. I have
it listed right next to Kabal's alternate costume.

Section 11: Some Fighting Tips
When fighting with Kabal, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT keep using the same
combos over and over again, so that your opponent cannot predict what you may
do next. If you keep trying to do the same combos, you WILL be blocked,
slaughtered, killed, and tossed aside. Only initiate your strongest combos 
when you see an opportunity to do so. Otherwise, do not keep trying to do the
same combos over and over again. Also, do NOT try and use the Plasma Blast 
when an opponent is being juggled as this can be very difficult and wastes
other opportunities that you could use while the opponent is juggled.

But, just to keep things safe, always do something different. Sometimes, a 
good way to start things off in a battle is to either use the Vertabreaker,
Plasma Blast, or Raging Flash. Although, most times it will be a better idea
to start things off with a vertabreaker than the other two choices. With
the Hookswords, sometimes its a very good idea to catch your opponent off 
guard with an attack like Twisting Hook, because this attack hits high and 
low. Also, Leg Hooks and Leg Tripper are your friends.

Keep all these things in mind, and they should help you to become a true 
master of Kabal, and maybe even better than me. But lets not get our hopes up
cause I play this game everyday, so good luck with that. Hope to see you 
online! Maybe we can play some time together!

Section 12: Legal Stuff, Credits, Thanks, Contacting
This FAQ is not allowed to be used by anyone else but GameFaqs and Neoseeker. 
You may only use for personal use. Only GameFaqs and Neoseeker have the right
to this FAQ. If this FAQ is found on another site, etc, please contact me 
immediately, as that is illegal. On a side note, if you have any suggestions, 
comments, or have made any discoveries with Kabal, please contact me, and you 
will be given credit where its due.

Thanks to
My little brother, Lukas for inspiring me to make a FAQ ^_^
My best friend, Josh Riddle to always give me a challenge at MK
Mortal Kombat, and especially Ed Boon for creating the very game I grew up with

If you would like to contact me on any other info you can e-mail me at 
Please type in the Keyword Box: MKD Kabal. Or else I will not read it.
Thank you, and enjoy playing on MK!