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Ammunition - How do I get the cheat code to work?

I looked up a cheat code for ammo refill, but it doesn't work for me. It said to do it in the pause menu, and then Y, Left , Y, RIght, X, Click the Right Analog stick. It doesn't work. The $5,000 cheat worked, so I know I'm doing things right. Please help? I run out of ammo constantly. I know this is an older game, but it's so much fun. It holds up very well - if I can just get some ammo until I get enough money to buy what I need!


gamergurl123 answered:

Well u must enter the code quickly on the pause menu.If that doesn't work then u maybe have a defective controller.Or maybe u'll just have to use the original way of getting ammo,buy it or get ammo from killing enemies.
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Rykerjoe10 answered:

You can only put in a cheat every 5 minutes
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