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Escaped Criminals: Bonus Quest?

I was able to finish all the other bointies given by Lt. Grenn but everytime i go to the Czerka offices, they aren't there. I chose the light path (Ithorian's side). I have finished all quests on Telos but I can't seem to finish this one please help.

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You find them on telos as u go for the shuttle. if you let them live idk wat to do i just kill them and get it over w/

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This is one of the glitchier sidequests in the game. I just ran through that part under two scenarios. The first, visiting Czerka before delivering the droid to the Ithorians, the two criminals appear as they are supposed to. The second scenario, I delivered the droid then went to Czerka and they were not present.

My suggestion would be to do the bounties before you go to pick up the droid.

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Well i think you cant work on this quest last because it will glitch, but i saw them talkin to janna lorso at czerka and then they run away. After that when i got onto the telos restoration zone i found them there and killed them.

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This one's easy. After you see the escaped criminals at Czerka you can either A: Go talk to Lt. Grenn and tell him that you killed them and receive the bounty (if you do this then you won't actually get to fight them) or B: Go to the Restoration Zone, kill them, and then come back once you have the Ebon Hawk.

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This quest is broken, out of the five times I have played past Telos they have never appeared in the restoration zone. Just tell him you killed them, and use the "I chased them down" option. He'll say that's what the recordings support and give you the reward.

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I believe that after you ask the about leads you will find them at the czerka office. They'll run no matter what, so (without lying) its currently impossible to finish the mission. You find them (and kill) them once you go to Telos's surfice to find the Ebon Hawk. I'm not sure how you go about finishing the mission after you've left telos, but you could lie about killing them when they ran. Just talk the Lt. Grenn lie to him about killing them and you will recieve the reward, but you still have to kill them later. You dont get DS points about lieing, which is weird....

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As far as I've been able to figure out, this quest can only be "completed" some of the time. Of course you can always lie and tell Lt. Grenn that you killed them, but every once in a while, if you don't tell Grenn that you killed them, you can find them in the Telos Restoration Zone after the first group of bad guys, but the rest of the time, you just find a few mercenaries. Maybe there's a trigger that actually gets them to the Restoration Zone after seeing them at Czerka, but I haven't been able to find one.

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I noticed that when you play on pc for the first time that with this quest you do not get to fight them, but when you put in the TSLCRM you get to fight them because most of the content has came back So it would definitely fix that glitch.. a good mod to get too..

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I have had the same glitch but one time i noticed while doing the black market mission on the Citadel station, if you haven't talked to Jana Lorso yet at Czerka and seen the criminals, they appear on the 3 item for the black market item the medical supplies in residential module 82. they will attack you after you take the medical supplies. idk if this was a glitch and would have to test it to confirm. this is on the Xbox version and have no clue for PC

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