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Where can I find the real Batu Rem?

In the Citadel Station, I completed all other bounties except for the Batu Rem mission.

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JamesJimmothy answered:

You don't find him. You're supposed to go down to Dock 3 (Czerka) and threaten/persuede the two workers there so that they'll tell you (bribe the guy at the desk, threaten the guy in the corner) and they'll give you some information, bring that to Grenn and poof, quest done
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thematt2 answered:

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LightnessShadow answered:

Depending on which role you took if the Ithorians: talk to the leader (can't remember name it's been a while) and ask him if he knows about where Botu Rem there will be a lot of dialog just keep using persuasion and he will tell you that he is in which appartment he is in and you can either kill him or just keep him safe and return him to the tsf. There will be a two bounty hunters out side after you get him sent by czerka although they shouldn't pose a threat.
If you went with czerka then lorso will tell you that she doesn't know and do the steps that James has posted.
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AaronnosAKnight answered:

That is not correct, the character in which you are referring to is called Batono, not Batu Rem.
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