Spy Mission Walkthrough by delljr1967

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 This guide is in two parts first part is how to get the spy
mission started for this mission does not show on your cutsheet.
 The second part will show all 25 Frill spies. They are located 
all over in diffrent spots in Burramudgee town and Southern River 
and other worlds.

 I will refrence frill spies that are located in Southern Rivers
that are located at the entrence of each world which are alot.

 You must have the Infrarang or X-rang to do this mission. Just
equip either rang.(If X-rang is equip then no other process is
necessary, but if the Infrarang is equip then you most use L1 to
show the spy so I would recommened the X-rang for this mission).

Part #1

****Starting the frill Spy Mission***********

 To start the spy mission you must go to the police guy which is
located on top of the bunyip shop. Just go up the stairs to the
right of the shop and at the top you will see a police looking 
guy. You must talk to him and listen to the cutscene.
 He will tell you that Boss cass has Frill Spies somewhere to 
found out there plans. After the cutscene go to Dennis the Green 
Frogs house and by the sand mounds and use you infrarang or X-arang
and the Frill spy will show up. You must hit him with you rang or 
they will come after you. After this is completed then return to the
police back on top of the building and talk to him once more and 
another cutscene.(This one spy will not show up in you total amount).
 After the cutscene then you must go to Ranger Ken which is located
at the sewers(you must complete the sewer mission first before you 
can do this mission) and he will tell you of more spies to be found. 
You must find all the constuction guys thru the game usally every spot 
were there is a constuction guy there is a spy but not allways.


Part #2 (The 25 locations where there are frill spies)

 These spy are not in no special order for each world that you 
can revisit has a spy. All the mini games do not


(1) Is located at the top of the stairs and to the left next 
    to the wooden tower at the top of the stairs.

(2) Is across and to the right of Dennis house by the sand 
***************Lake Burrmudgee****************

(1) Located at the entrance by the wooden bridge 
    (Which is considered Southern Rivers)

*****************Outback Oais******************

(1) Located before the entrance to Outback oais by the picnic 
    table by all the constuction guys (which is still 
    considered Southern Rivers)

(2) As you enter Outback Oais look to your right and you should
    see a glowing light coming thru a rock which needs to be 
    broken by a kabomarang or smasharang then follow the water
    and then the path to the wooded platforms and jump to the 
    top and go in a little further and the spy is on the left 
    of the sand mounds.

(3) Go down the main path after the second saw blade you will 
    see some wooden platforms. To the right of the wooden platform
    is the frill spy.

(4) Go to the cave that has a double entrance were you had to swing
    to hit a red switch and jump to the top floating platform after
    the green fence and look to your left and the spy is in the 
    left hand corner by the fence you can use you zoom from this 
    point to kill the spy.

*****************Tea Tree Lake*******************

(1) Located outside of the entrance on the top of the cliff by the
    car that is over the cliff (which is considered Southern Rivers)

******************Mount Doom********************** 


(1) Located at the beginning straight past the check point and
    by the lava lake is the Frill spy.
(2) Located at the end were you saved the scientist you will
    find the frill spy after completing the scientist mission.
    You also can get to this spot thru Southern Rivers after 
    the scientist mission is completed if you did not get this
    spy the first time thru that way you dont have to go thru 
    the whole level again.

****************Frill Neck Forest****************** 

(1) Located on the left side of the entrance before you go up the
    cliff by the sand mounds.(Which is considered Southern rivers)

(2) Located on the wooden platform 3/4 the way thru past the 
    falling stairs and on the next platform after the wooden swing 

******************Faire Dinkum********************** 

(1) Go thru the stage intill you reach a wooden bridge with a 
    flame windmill and under the bridge at the end is the Frill

********************Sheep Dip*********************** 

(1) Located to the right of the fence after you get out of 
    the fourbie (which is considered Southern Rivers).

*******************Salfur Rock*********************** 


(1) After you jump over the first set of wooden platforms and 
    jump to the other side fall down to the big square bulding on
    the left and go to the top and jump over to the yellow rope on
    the fence and climp to the top and jump on the invincible 
    platform and jump to the island to the left and the Frill spy 
    is there by the sand mounds. 
(2) Go towards where the warrior mission is and at the water or river
    is a bridge to your left to cross over to a new area and as you
    enter go to the left and fall down into the pit and go past the
    first set of constuction guys and go straight a little and the 
    other set of construction quys is the Frill spy. 
    (This area is located by the flaming windmill area).

(3) Go back acroos the bridge and this time go left and go to the
    second green fence and use the Laserang or warparng and look 
    up for the grapping hook then swing over the fence over to the 
    other side. Inside the fence area is the Frill spy. 
    (If you go to the warroir mission you gone to far it is the
     fence past the spider fence).

**********************Wet Lands************************ 

(1) Take the path to the first set of contruction guys. then take the 
    left path and keep going left and next to the big tree by the red
    switch is the Frill spy.

(2) Located at the end by the caging of the alligator mission as you
    enter the big open area look to your left and the Frill spy is 
    there next to the sand mounds.

**********************Never Never*********************** 

(1) Located at the end of the walkway as you get out of the fourbie
    (Which is considered Southern Rivers)  

(2) After the tree platforms area follow the curved path way and 
    behind the check point is the Frill spy.

(3) This one is located at the platforms over the water were you
    must hit them with you rang to turn them so you can jump on them. 
    go across them and as you reach the second or third one look to  
    your right side island (not the big gate island) you should be able
    to shot the Frill spy from this platform with the zoom on the 

(4) This one is located after you kill the dinosaurs and get out of 
    the bunyip and go to were the water mill is and go down and turn
    around and go to the big blue bridge and the frill spy is by the
    big blue bridge on this lower level.

*******************Southern Rivers************************     

(1) This spy is located at the entrance after you get out of the 
    fourbie and just north of the fence is the Frill spy. (This is
    were you have to save the truck from falling off the cliff with
    the lift Bunyip.
********************Southern Rivers*************************

(1) This frill spy is located on the west side of this small 
    place to the left of the car you cant miss him.(This is
    were you have to deliver the spark plug to the lady to fix
    her car which is one of the last missions you will have to do
    do not shot the spy if you are doing this at the same time you 
    are delivering the spark plug for you are on a time limit deliver
    the spark plug first.)

That completes all the Frill spy for this excellent fun game and 
collecting all the other collectabale you will recieve a special
alternate ending and after you reach 100% you must go beat Boss Cass
one more time for the special ending.

I would like to thank EA Games and Kaoma for making another great game.
The reason for this spy faq is so many people are having problems 
getting the mission started for which stated earlier this is not on your
cutsheet. If anyone has questions or if there is somthing I forgot please 
e-mail me at delljr@bluebottle.com and or if there is any other hints to be 
added that I did not mention. 

This part of the Faq is copywrighted and can not be used on any other
site with out my permission besides www.gamefaqs.com if anyone would
like to place this on any other site must have my permission first
this faq is for refrence only and is not to be used for any other purpose.