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                           Playboy: The Mansion
                               For the Xbox

                           Last Updated 12/02/09
                                Version 1.0

    Written & Compiled by "TestaALT" or "Wild Aggies'" or "Grad Studies"
                       Email address TestaALT@aol.com

This file is Copyright (c) 2009 Andrew "TestaALT" Testa. All rights reserved.


Table of Contents:

 1. What's New?
 2. Introduction
 3. Basics
      3.1  -  Controls
      3.2  -  Overview
 4. Mission Walkthrough
      4.1  -  Launch the Playboy Empire!
      4.2  -  A Great Start
      4.3  -  Live the Life
      4.4  -  When Everything's Going Right...
      4.5  -  Feel the Love
      4.6  -  Launch the Playboy Foundation
      4.7  -  When The Going Gets Tough
      4.8  -  Hurray For Hollywood
      4.9  -  Launch Playboy TV
      4.10 -  Playboy Jazz Festival
      4.11 -  Launch Playboy.com
      4.12 -  Playboy's 50th Anniversary
 5. Freeform Guide
 6. Character Editing
 7. Clothing List
 8. Mansion List
 9. Music List
10. Extras List
11. Objectives List
12. Frequently Asked Questions
13. Game Terms
14. Credits
15. Legal Disclaimer
16. Contact Information

Note: Press Control-F and type the section number to jump to it.


                               1. What's New?


Version 1.0  (12/02/09): Completed version of document.


                              2. Introduction


Playboy: The Mansion is your basic people simulator with an overarching theme 
of publishing magazines. Of course, you could just throw parties and have hot 
sex, but the only way you can make money is by publishing your Playboy 
magazine. Getting content for your magazine seems more like a chore than 
anything, but it still has a certain "feel" to it. Nonetheless, meeting 
celebrities, famous playmates, and unknowns that might net you a ton of cash 
is what the Playboy game is all about. Although the magazine feeling is nice, 
the game doesn't have enough options - publish a perfect magazine, become 
famous, and have sex in the marina I MEAN GROTTO. Next?


                                 3. Basics


     3.1  -  Controls

Left Thumbstick: Movement
Right Thumbstick: Camera Control (click to toggle HUD)
A: Select
X: Relationship Screen
B: Back/Cancel
Y: People Finder
D-Pad Up: Magazine Screen
D-Pad Down: Roster Screen
D-Pad Right: Mansion Screen
D-Pad Left: Hef Screen
White Button: Toggle Mood
Black Button: Toggle Walls

     3.2  -  Overview

I don't want to relist everything in the mission walkthrough and game terms 
section - just check there for a basic overview.


                           4. Mission Walkthrough


The missions are the meat of this document. I'll steer you through all those 
sticky situations, give you advice on who to get content from, and tell you 
how to complete certain pesky objectives. If you find any more bonus quests 
or easier paths than listed in this walkthrough, please email me and I'll add 
it in. The objectives are listed in the way you should do them in - not the 
way the game lists them on your PDA.

Choosing a classic or modern type doesn't make the missions different - all 
it does it make the style of the house different. However, you'll be adding 
tons of new stuff, so the type doesn't really matter at all. I just like
classic better, mostly because it has a better taste and "feel" to it for
me. But the type of house has no bearing on the walkthrough.


                     4.1  -  Launch the Playboy Empire!


This is the very first tutorial mission in the game. It covers the basics of 
staff, relationships, and photoshoots. It's all pretty basic, but the game 
might give better explanations (by the commentators) on how to do stuff. If 
you don't "get it" from me, read the objective's text on your PDA.

     4.11  -  Tour the Game Menus (BONUS)

Hey, this place is pretty big! We can complete a bonus quest right off the 
bat by touring all the game menus. Four of the menus can be accessed by 
pressing the directional pad in a cardinal direction. Do this and cycle 
through all the menus with R or L to get a good grasp of what this game is 
all about. In addition to the four menus, if you press X the Relationship 
Screen will pop up. Lastly, press Y to use the People Finder. When you have 
done these six things, this quest is done. You get a two point reward.

     4.12  -  Set Up Office

After completing the bonus quest, wait at the entrance until Victoria Fuller 
arrives. She's a Star Bunny that will explain conversation to you. If you 
want, after the small explanation by Victoria you can test the waters of the 
conversation. Victoria is up for most things, considering she is a part of 
your staff. In addition, mingle with Julie for a little bit. Try to get her 
drives up (the three right bars on the lower-right menu) with casual, 
business, and romantic talk.

Sooner or later Dick, Playboy's Chief of Staff, will tell you to head 
upstairs. The stairs are on the opposite side of the room from the main 
entrance. To climb the stairs, press A, choose the stairs, and select to 

At the Upper Floor, Dick will say you need to make a "lab." Although this may 
seem like a ton of work, it really isn't. Press right on the directional pad 
and select "Office" in the list. In the office category, choose a Staff Desk. 
Place is wherever you want in the room - you can rotate the desk by pressing 
Y. I usually put the desk near the stairs. In addition, you'll want to buy a 
Backdrop in the Office Category. This will be used in the photoshoot. You get 
two points for completing this mission.

     4.13  -  Hire Staff

Another "tutorial" objective here. Press down on the directional pad and the 
Roster Screen will pop up. Tap R once to cycle to Staff. On this screen, 
scroll down and hire one photographer and one journalist. Choose the person 
with the most fame, which is represented by how many stars they have under 
their name. If the potential employees have similar fame, choose whoever has 
the most intelligence and charm. Remember, photographers and journalists 
don't need physique - that's the Playmate's job. Another two points for this.

     4.14  -  Do a Centerfold Photoshoot

Before we do the photoshoot, wait until your journalist, photographer, and 
playmate (that's Julie) are in the mansion. Get to know all of them on 
whatever relationship level you desire the most. In addition to this, we need 
to get Julie and the photographer acquainted. To do this, command Julie with 
the "Follow Me" option. Walk up to your photographer and choose the "Make 
Introductions" command on him/her. Select the professional conversation and 
let the two of them talk for a little while.

When the twosome have a decent professional relationship, order Julie to 
follow you again and return downstairs. Walk over to the bar and tell Julie 
to use it. Keep using it until her entertainment bar (first bar with a glass) 
is full. Afterwards, walk over to the entrance and enter the east room. In 
here, have Julie use the bookcase to raise her Profession drive (second bar) 
and Leisure Drive (third bar). In addition to this, converse with her to fill 
her last three drives up.

Now that Julie has a great mood, ask her the "Request Centerfold" option. 
Obviously, she'll agree and you get to choose where to take the photos. Right 
now, you don't have a lot of options - select the Upper Mansion because we 
have the backdrop up there.

After selecting that, you can move Julie around. Line her up in the center of 
the backdrop you bought earlier. Press Y to rotate her so she is looking away 
from the backdrop. Tap A to set her down in the proper position. Before we 
take the pictures, change her outfit to whatever you like the best.

It's time to actually take the pictures now. Zoom in a little so Julie's head 
is just in the camera's site and start shooting. Snap shots when she's 
winking or raising her eyebrow for a better centerfold. After snapping four 
shots with a top, go back to wardrobe and select the topless version of what 
she has on - it should be right next to the regular version. Take four more 
pictures, only shooting when she is blinking, winking, or raising her 
eyebrow, until we run out of film. Two points for the centerfold.

     4.15  -  Meet Jak Hammer

Once you've done the centerfold, Jenny will announce that Jak Hammer, a 
famous Rock Star, is going to arrive shortly. In the time before he arrives, 
find Victoria and tell her to follow you. When Jak arrives, he brings two 
friends with him. One of these friends is a friend of Victoria, also, so 
check in the menu to see which one likes Victoria. Introduce Victoria and the 
friend of Jak - so that's one friend strapped here for a while. Do the same 
for Jak's other friend with your other employees.

After you have both friends of Jak squared off (it isn't necessary, but we 
need them occupied why do other things), talk casually with Jak. Tell a joke, 
swap stories, and inquire about his past to get his casual bar full. When 
it's full, pop the question of inviting Jak to your inner circle. Jak's good 
for getting content, considering he's famous.

The reward for this mission is three points. Before Jak leaves, have him do 
an interview with your journalist. Merely ask about an interview in the 
Command conversation menu and he should agree if he's in your inner circle. 
Jak's pretty famous, so he'll produce a better piece of work than a normal, 
run-of-the-mill interview. While he's interviewing, you might want to read a 
book or look in the mirror for a bit.

     4.16  -  Publish a Magazine

It's finally time to publish a magazine - the overarching theme of this 
entire game. Press up on the directional pad to enter the Magazine menu. 
Here, press R once to cycle to the content menu. Select six pieces of 
content, excluding Jak's interview, and you'll be set with content.

Tap R again to reach the market menu. Adjust the price and ad quantity as you 
want. Try to keep the price and ads semi-high, while targetting a good number 
of people. When you're ready, press L twice to reach the actual magazine. 
Since you're ready to publish, tap A on the magazine screen (this screen I've 
directed you to) and we'll throw out our first issue. Dick will inform you of 
the sales, and we'll get two points and the pool region for completing this 


                           4.2  -  A Great Start


Sadly, Victoria Fuller will leave at the beginning of this mission. I don't 
know why - I guess the game thought she was too much of a deal. Also, you 
*can't* sign her back before you leave. I have personally tried this, and I 
hired her while she was walking out, but she still leaves the game. Don't 
even try to hire her unless you want to lose some quick money. ;)

     4.21  -  Throw a Party

Well, it's time to get more content for your next issue. The best (and only) 
way to do this is to throw a party! That's right, celebrities around the 
globe will slobber at the chance to smoke cigars with Hef himself. Well, 
maybe not at this point in the game.

Allow Julie to explain everything to you and choose "Throw a Party" on the 
first conversation screen. I'm pretty sure that the time of the party doesn't 
matter. In addition, the type of clothing they were shouldn't make a 
difference on who decides to reject the invitation.

The hard part is choosing your guests. To make a successful party, you need a 
good mix of males and females. It seems that you can get a male and female to 
click without help, while same gender is tougher. So, make sure you have a 
pretty even number of men and women.

In addition to this, fame is a big issue. If people are a star or two over 
you, they probably won't want to party with you. It would make them look 
worse, no? Fame is another thing you should keep in mind - very famous people 
probably will reject your invitation unless you're friends with them.

Of course, since we're a magazine, you'll need to bring your journalist and 
photographer. They can mingle with the crowd and gain relationships with 
potential content, therefore making it easier to make _good_ content. So 
always bring along your photographer and journalist.

With all this in mind, you have eight available spots for invitations. Since 
we're looking for content, we should have variety in who we choose - don't 
bring along eight potential cover shots. Try to bring along two of each of 
these contents: Interview, Essay, and Cover Shot. Don't know what to look for 
in these categories? Here we go:

Interview: Try to pick someone that has a lot of charm. Don't interview them 
           right away - professionally introduce them to the journalist 
           before you do so. It might be wise to make them your friend, also, 
           if you want to use them for something else. Lastly, your pick 
           shouldn't have Confrontional as one of their quirks.

Essay: Intelligence is what the essayist needs. The more, the better. They 
       can make the essay during the party if you want them to. Just make 
       sure all their drives are high before you ask, and that you're friends 
       with the essayist. If it's a male and their romance drive is down, 
       introduce a Playmate (or someone with physique) romantically to the 
       male. When all the drives are high, ask him to do the essay. It will 
       cost money - usually the more it costs the better quality. Choose a 
       topic that they're interest in.

Cover Shot: Well, if you're looking at a Playboy magazine and see someone 
            f'ing ugly lady on the cover, are you going to want to buy the 
            magazine? Of course not! Make sure the covergirl has great 
            physique. The person also shouldn't be confrontational (unless 
            she's the sexiest beast alive), because it will be tough for her 
            to make a professional relationship with the photographer before 

Please note that people with the CHASTE quirk CANNOT partake in the Playboy 
magazine in ANY way.

Pick them from the large pool of people. The last two spots are saved for the 
most famous people in the pool of people. Even if they are the smartest 
person in the world, they aren't dependable on coming to the party, so you 
shouldn't include them in the Content pick. It's optional to even invite 
famous people - they jack up the cost of the party pretty high. If you want 
to cheat a little, save and invite them. If they come, you're awesome. If 
not, accidently find yourself at "Quit" on the pause screen.

That was very insightful, wasn't it? Yeah, yeah, I thought so. But now it's 
time to actually HAVE the party. It's one thing to plan a party, and 
completely another to facilitate it smoothly. As always, greet the first 
person that arrives and try to get them in the inner circle.

As more people show up, see if they are talking or not. When they aren't 
talking, try to force them to do so. Just throw someone like your 
photographer or journalist at someone with a conversation. Usually, they talk 
for a while. And if you get lucky, they might even make a big group and all 
talk together.

Why is it so important that you keep the guests busy, you might ask? Well, 
esteemed reader, a guest can leave any time they want to. You want to talk to 
all the people in one party to save money. So, we keep them busy by talking 
to other people. Get it? In addition to hooking people up casually, you can 
also throw two people of different gender on each other by choosing the 
"romantic" introduction. And boy, I like that introduction. They're sucking 
lip for like a free half hour, giving me time to do my thing.

Now it's on to "your thing." The goal of a party is to get as many contents 
and make as many friends as humanly possible. Speak with them casually and 
get them in your inner circle as fast as you can. After you've gotten them in 
your circle, move to the next person. We'll call them to come over and do 
whatever you want them to do later. Now, though, time is money.

Talk to people in order of importance for your magazine. Don't joke with the 
half intelligent novelist if you have a busty redhead with maxed out physique 
necking your photographer! You might lose a couple guests, but if you talk in 
order of importance, hopefully it won't be too bad.

Okay, now it's time for your a-typical party. First person enters, you get 
them in your inner circle. By the time you've done that, a couple more guests 
will have arrived.  Introduce guests to each other (preferably the one you 
just talked to) and work on the most important guest at the time. Repeat this 
when new guests arrive, or when people have been randomly wandering around 
for a little while.

All of these contacts are crucial to the magazine. Whenever you don't have 
enough content for an issue, throw a party and get the some good stuff! This 
will get easier as the game progresses, considering you can get better 
recreational stuff and have your Bunny greet/drink the guests.

     4.22  -  Complete New Cover Shoot

We should already have a good covergirl from the party, considering it's 
probably the easiest pool of people. Most people have decent physique - we 
want whoever has the most at the time. And if we can't get that person, the 
runner up will do.

Since she's in your inner circle from the party, call her up and tell her to 
visit. Have her follow you and introduce her professionally to the 
photographer. Once they are at full professionally (you can see this by 
highlighting them with the people finder), it's time to get all the drives in 
the green. Let's see here...

Glass Bar: The image of a glass under the bar is the first drive. This is the 
           entertainment drive, so naturally, anything that's fun to do will 
           boost this bar. As always, tell her to follow you to an object and 
           use the object. The best objects, at the beginning of the game 
           anyway, to use are the Classic Bar and the Stereo. The Classic Bar 
           is quicker in filling the bar.

Hat Bar: Next to the glass bar, this is the Professional Development bar. The 
         best way to raise this is to have the person read a book at your 
         bookshelf. The bar will go up fairly quick - most of the time you 
         have to Interrupt because the drive is already full.

Seat Bar: Between the Hat and Emotion Bar, the bar with the seat under it is 
          the Leisure Bar. Leisure meaning resting, sitting down, et cetera. 
          Have the person follow you to a couch, and tell him/her to sit 
          down. When the bar's full, Interrupt to end the sitting.

Hand Bar: To the right of the Mood Bar, the Hand Bar can get raised by casual 
          conversation. Talking won't raise it that much, but joking and 
          swapping stories raises this bar in a hurry. Start with a 
          handshake, get into talking, and start the joking and swapping.

Chart Bar: Obviously, this is the business drive bar. Converse with the 
           person about business stuff to raise this bar. Avoid anything that 
           has to do with making a deal - it's pretty risky to ask them to 
           make a deal. Stick with sharing stock tips and discussing the 

Heart Bar: ...what could this bar be? The romance bar, perhaps? Yep, it's 
           definitely the romance bar. Anything beyond the compliment option 
           raises this bar super fast. Just try making out and kissing - you 
           can get a red bar full in just a couple options. For a male, sick 
           one of your voluptous vixens on him. Have the vixen follow you to 
           the man. Introduce the two of them, opting for the Romance option. 
           The two will probably get to caressing and kissing pretty fast, 
           making Romance a really easy bar to fill.

With all the drives in the air, ask her for the covershoot. She'll most 
likely do it if you're friends with her in some way. I'd choose the pool (the 
new region) for this photoshoot. Get pictures of her winking and raising her 
eyebrow for maximum quality. In addition, she should go topless for half the 
shots. Three points!

     4.23  -  Secure New Essay

Call up the person with the most intelligence in your inner circle. When they 
arrive, boost all their drives (see section 4.22) and ask them to write an 
essay. They'll give you a price, which you can accept or not. Usually, the 
price reflects on the quality of the essay, but not always. After a minute 
(approximately), they'll procure the essay. More three pointers!

     4.24  -  Secure New Interview

Ring the person with the most Charm in your inner circle. Boost all their 
drives to the max (yeah, yeah: see section 4.22) and have him/her talk to 
your journalist. Have the interviewee follow you to the journalist, and 
introduce the twosome professionally. When their professional bars are full, 
ask the interviewee for an interview. After, you'll pick up three points.

     4.25  -  Get New Article

Your journalist can hand this alone. Talk to the journalist and boost all the 
journalist's drives. Afterwards, pop up the Roster Screen and cycle to the 
Staff menu. Scroll down to the employee and see what he/she likes by 
scrolling right. Next, open the magazine screen and cycle to the Market 
Screen. One of the journalist's likes should match up with a tall demographic 
(well, most of the time). Remember this demographic and ask the journalist 
for an article. Choose the demographic type that you remembered. Two pointer!

     4.26  -  Get New Pictorial

Your photographer can hand this alone. Talk to the photographer and boost all 
the photographer's drives. Afterwards, pop up the Roster Screen and cycle to 
the Staff menu. Scroll down to the employee and see what he/she likes by 
scrolling right. Next, open the magazine screen and cycle to the Market 
Screen. One of the photographer's likes should match up with a tall 
demographic (well, most of the time). Remember this demographic and ask the 
photographer for a pictorial. Choose the demographic type that you 
remembered. Two pointer!

     4.27  -  Get Centerfold

This one doesn't require party connections, either. Hire the Playmate in the 
Staff Screen with the most physique. It's the most important statistic for 
the centerfold, if you didn't know already (or originally). Have the Playmate 
follow you and introduce her professionally to the photographer.

Once they are at full professionally (you can see this by highlighting them 
with the people finder), it's time to get all the drives in the green. Once 
that's done, ask her for the centerfold. I'd choose the pool (the new region) 
for this photoshoot. Get pictures of her winking and raising her eyebrow for 
maximum quality. In addition, she should go topless for half the shots. Four 

     4.28  -  Ship Another Issue

When you have procured all the content, check it off and cycle to the market 
screen. Change the price and ad quantity as you want, and ship the issue! 
You'll get two points and a Massage Table in the Upper Mansion.

     4.29  -  Jak's Pool Party (BONUS)

You'll only get this mission if Jak still liked you in the middle of 
publishing your last issue. If he's gotten out of your inner circle, I'm 
afraid you can't get this mission. However, most of the time he's still in it 
from the first mission, so it's time to party! This is also a GREAT 
opportunity to get good content.

Head to the Pool Region by exiting one of the four doorways on the Mansion 
premises. At the pool, throw a party and choose that it is the "Pool Party 
for Jak." Obviously, you'll want to choose swimwear for the attire. ^_^ As to 
the people, Jak, Felix, and Cracker are already chosen. Also get your 
journalist and a few ladies.

At the party, talk to Felix first. Boost up your casual relationship all the 
way and put him in your Inner Circle. While you are doing this, you may want 
to keep Cracker busy with the ladies. After you're a friend of Felix, boost 
all the drives that you can and ask him to write an essay on music.

Now that Felix is taken care of, converse with Cracker in the same way as 
Felix. Get Cracker in your Inner Circle and introduce him professionally to 
your journalist. When they're done, try to get as many of Cracker's drives up 
as you can. Lastly, ask Cracker for an interview. After you're done with the 
two Contents and Inner Circles, end the party and claim your three point 
reward. In addition to this, you get four points for completing the entire 
mission and, better yet, a CHARACTER EDITOR! WOHOO!


                           4.3  -  Live the Life


Well, it's time to live the life of a playboy. We've gotta make deals, get 
two girlfriends, and get a bunny. Yes, even a bunny has a place in the 
mansion. Instead of putting the missions in the same order as the game, I 
decided to put them in the order you should do them.

     4.31  -  Get a Full Staff

It's time to really clean out the closest. You should have around two-
hundred-thousand by now, but you're staff should be one bit. Hire a new 
photographer and journalist if they have better statistics than the ones you 
have currently. Photographers need charm and intelligence, while Journalists 
just need Charm.

After you've cleaning out the... erm, trash, it's time to fill some 
positions. First of all, you need a new playmate. Go for the one that has the 
most physique. Afterwards, it's time to get a new bunny. If you didn't know, 
Victoria left us at the beginning of the second mission, leaving us 
bunniless. Hop on whichever of the two you like. Once you do, this mission is 
done with a three point reward.

     4.32  -  Make Friends

You should have already made four friends by now - if you haven't, then 
you're going for a trainwreck. Talk to the new employees and become their 
friends by casually speaking to them. Here's the basic order of what you 
should do:

1. Casual Handshake
2. Joke Around (sometimes Casual Talk)
3. Swap Stories
4. Reveal Secret (sometimes Ask About Ex)
5. Inquire About Past

And that's it. You may need to fill in some options if they don't like you. 
This easy quest nets you four points.

     4.33  -  Make an Associate

Well, we also have to make an Associate. Even if you have one, you need 
another one. Just get one from one of the new employees. Make sure that their 
mood is decently high, or this list won't work. Here's the way things should 

1. Formal Handshake
2. Business Talk
3. Share Stock Tip
4. Discuss Market
5. Question Finances
6. Discuss Deal
7. Keep doing business options until Strike a Deal option appears
8. Strike a Deal

The person has to be in a pretty high mood to seal the deal. You get three 
points for this objective.

     4.34  -  Use Your "Inner Circle"

You'll most likely do this when you make a new issue. If you don't, then you 
really need to make relationships with your photographer and journalist. When 
you do, ask them to make a piece and, after they make it, you'll have used 
your Inner Circle and completed this mission. You receive the Color Splash 
Skirt Suit as your reward.

     4.35  -  Have an Intimate Affair

Well, we got to get an Intimate relationship now. Even if you have one, you 
need another one. Just get one from one of the new employees. Here's the way 
things should go:

1. Pick Up Line
2. Compliment
3. Flirt
4. Intimate Caress (Or Hug in some cases)

That's it - not that much. You get a Leg-O-Lamp as a reward.

     4.36  -  Release Another Issue

After you've done all the relationship work, we have to churn out another 
issue. This time, though, you should be armed with a good interview and essay 
from the musicians at the party. That means you only need a cover shot. Use 
whoever you like - just make sure they have good physique. Julie works well 
if you don't have any other options.

Now you need a Pictorial and an Artical. These two things are very easy to 
procure - just have your journalist and photographer go do them right away. 
Make sure that you have them write/shoot a demographic that they like and 
also is in need. Whatever has the highest black bar in the market menu will 
do quiet nicely.

With both those things, all we need is the centerfold. Choose the Playmate 
that has the highest Physique in the Staff Menu. Satisfy their drives and let 
them have a professional conversation with your photographer. After all that, 
it's time to take the shoot. As always, keep things mixed up. Four shots with 
a top and four shots bare. Snap them while she's winking, blinking, or 
raising her eyebrow to get better pictures.

Don't print your magazine just yet! Adjust the money and ad quantity in the 
menu to maximize your profits. Only after that should you publish the issue. 
This time, if you made everything decent, the combination of the musicians 
will net a ton of money. You get four points as a reward.

     4.37  -  Make Girlfriends

Well, with the new issue, you *should* be on your second star as far as fame 
goes. If you aren't, throw a party and invite some good content providers. 
When you have more than one star, you can finally have another girlfriend, 
completing this quest. See, the quest is to have two girlfriends. You should 
already have one, at least from the previous quests.

As for the second girlfriend, try to make it someone popular. Usually the 
game has a popular female with decent skills in all categories - she's who 
you want to go out with. If not, just pick someone else with desirable 
statistics. If they aren't in your Inner Circle, invite her and your four 
staff members - the party won't cost much at all. Just compliment, flirt, 
hug, caress, and let it loose with the lips. Yep, that about covers it up. 
After you have a second girlfriend, this mission ends. Kind of short mission, 
considering most of it was just relationships.


                 4.4  -  When Everything's Going Right...


This mission is filled with a lot of relationship work outs and bonus stuff. 
The bonus objectives, which I will steer you towards, are pretty fun because 
you can date a famous Playboy Playmate.

     4.41  -  Find Out What Happened

This quest is pretty simple - all you have to do is get a casual relationship 
going with anyone on your staff. When you get up to "Reveal Secret," they'll 
spill the beans about Blaze Starr and the love triangle. Amazing four points 
for this small feat.

     4.42  -  Patch Up or Fire Staff

Yeah, yeah, so two of the people on your staff argued about natural vs. 
implants, and now they can't work together. The easiest way to complete this 
mission is to fire one of the offending staff members; usually, you can get 
something better at this point.

If you like the two staff members, though, then we'll have to put some effort 
into it. Have one of the offending staff members follow you to the other 
offending staff member. Introduce them professionally and hope things work 
out for the better. If they start nagging each other out, choose the "Work It 
Out" option. You might have to use the option twice. The reward is a Retro-
Zip Front.

After you patched up the staff, Jenny states that an academic tour group is 
coming over, and that you don't even need to talk to them. When a game says 
"you don't even need to talk to them," they really mean that you'll get 
insane bonus points FOR talking to them.

Head to the front right after Jenny's announcement. Keep cycling to your "In 
Mansion" menu to see what academic people have arrived. We're looking for 
Melda - she's the key to this mission. Usually, she's dressed in a somewhat 
conservative green skirt suit.

When you see her, get some sort of relationship with her. Actually, we want a 
casual relationship with her. After she's in your Inner Circle, ask her to 
pose for the cover shot of Playboy. I know, I'm insane, but just do it, okay? 
Make sure her drives and relationship with your photographer are up before 
she poses.

After you've done that, try to get some other academic people in your Inner 
Circle. Just choose the person you'd think would be most useful. Sooner or 
later, Jose Canseco and Rob Dyrdek will arrive.

     4.43  -  Convert Change Encounters

Well, we have to content from both Jose and Rob now. Jose should come in 
first, so get a casual relationship going with him. When Rob enters the 
mansion, sick one of your more attractive staff members romantically on him 
to keep him busy and boost his Love Drive.

With Rob pinned down, get back to the casual relationship with Jose. Finally, 
ask him into your Inner Circle. After you're done doing that, have Jose 
follow you to the journalist and introduce the two of them professionally. 
Now that Jose is busy with the journalist, head back to Rob and get him into 
your Inner Circle, also.

So, we have two superstars in your Inner Circle. That doesn't mean much, 
though, if they don't provide content for you. Drive up all of Rob's drives 
and have him write a sports essay. It will cost money, but it's well worth it 
in the end. That's one superstar down. Do the same for Jose, but interview 
him instead. He should have a great relationship with your journalist 
already. After you procure both pieces of work, the quest ends and you get 
four points as a reward.

     4.45  -  Put Melda on the Cover (BONUS)

Yep, shooting Melda is a bonus quest. Though it may seem bad, if you put 
Melda on the cover, you receive ten points and a contact with a very famous 
Celebrity Playmate. So, it's not that bad after all.

You'll want to put Melda on the cover and use Hef's essay. That leaves an 
article, pictorial, interview, and centerfold. Three out of four of those you 
can acquire from your staff - just make sure their drives are up before you 
ask them. As for the interview, remember Felix da Housecat? We got an essay 
from him, but not an interview. Call him up, max out his drives, and have him 
get to know your journalist professionally. Then it's writing time. ;)

Once you have all of the content, put it all together. Do not use anything by 
Jose or Rob - we'll use that next issue. With Melda on the cover, you'll 
receive ten bonus points. The issue should do very well, even though Melda 
has very low physique.

     4.46  -  Publish Playboy Philosophy

This is done with Melda's cover. When you publish the magazine, Hef's essay 
is included. You receive Michaelangelo for completing this.

     4.47  -  Another Cover Shot (BONUS)

Well, well, well, it seems Petra Verkaik, the hot-blooded vixen we (should) 
all know, wants to be on the cover of Playboy! Isn't this a treat? We'll put 
her on the cover of the sports issue, to make it mega-popular.

Invite Petra to a party, along with your journalist, photographer, and any 
other potential content provider. Your main focus will be getting Petra in 
your Inner Circle, and after that you can work on other content. We already 
have all we need from celebrities (sports stuff), but it's nice to get some 
more content, or at least get more contacts.

With Petra's cover shot, have your journalist write a sports article, and 
your photographer do a pictorial on sports. In addition, snap the centerfold 
by getting a new Playmate. This will max the hell out of sports, making 
adjusting the market very fun. Publish this issue to complete the sports 
issue and another bonus quest, Another Cover Shot. You'll get five points for 
the latter.

     4.48  -  Publish a "Sports" Issue

This will be completed with the above objective, "Another Cover Shot." You'll 
put Rob's and Canseco's content with Petra's cover. You get a measly two 
point reward for this, but the additional content you get from the stars, 
along with the bunches of money you'll acquire, more than makes up for the 
small point total.

     4.49  -  Patch Up Girlfriend Relationships

Since we don't know Blaze Starr, we'll have to invite the three of them over 
to a party. Invite two other staff members so we'll have five and be able to 
throw a party. It seems that both your girlfriends had a love triangle with 
Blaze Starr, a somewhat famous actor.

Introduce the three of them casually and use the "Work It Out" option if you 
have to. When they have a positive casual relationship with one another, the 
objective is complete. The Round Bed is the reward.

     4.491 -  There's a hitch...

NOTE: Save before you throw the party - you might get a glitch.

Seems we need to invite Hillary Adeluz to the Playboy mansion and show her 
that you're the "real deal." This is sorta kinda really easy. Choose to throw 
a party and select Hillary's Party when Jenny pops up. After choosing 
whatever clothes you like, it's time to pick the guests.

Hillary is already on the list, so we have to get four more people. Unless 
you see some ground-breaking content providers, opt to invite your four staff 
members. It doesn't cost anything to invite them, while inviting Jose Canseco 
will cost a ton, and we don't need the extra worry of pleasing guests.

Immediately at the start of the party, head over to the end of the region and 
walk through one of the wood arches. Choose the Pool Region and follow the 
path to the pool. Check to see if the pool and grotto are both there - the 
grotto is a big stone thing with a waterfall that was added on at the 
beginning of the mission. If it's not there, reload and try again.

Walk back to the mansion and find Hillary. We just want a romantic 
relationship with her, since she won't give you any good content. When you 
can choose the "Have Sex on Couch" option, we're done with the Hitch quest. 
You don't need to make business or casual acquaintanced with her - just a 
full romance bar.

Stay around and mingle with your staff, maybe some of the ones you don't have 
a relationship with, and end the party after the first guest leaves. This is 
so you gain fame after the party. You will complete the "There's a hitch..." 
quest if you romanced Hillary enough. Olivia's Hef is the reward.


                           4.5  -  Feel the Love


One of the shorter missions in the game, we have the primary objectives of 
getting two pieces of content and throwing a couple parties. Nothing that 
major, but you do get a great reward, the Clubhouse.

      4.51  -  Hold Operation Validation Fundraiser

Ken hints off that the party should take place at the pool, so stroll on over 
there from the Mansion. Before we start the party, it's advisable that you 
buy a couple fun things to keep everyone busy. The trampoline is pretty 
decent, and you'll be using it later in the game.

Try to invite potential content providers along with the two mandatory 
people. You need an interview to sew up the issue, but it's always nice to 
have some contacts just in case. I choose four other content providers and 
had no problem getting them all in my Inner Circle.

At the party, get all the content providers in your Inner Circle. They won't 
leave right away, so you'll be able to talk to all of them. You don't have to 
talk with Johnny, but it's mandatory that you get Karmyn Chase in your Inner 
Circle. If you don't, we won't finish an objective.

Besides that, have a fun time at the party and try to keep the guest's drives 
satisfied. The pool area offers tons of fun - enter the Grotto and watch 
everyone else do the same. You can even have sex underwater here. >_> End the 
party after the first person leaves. You'll get some Butt'r'fly art for 
completing this objective.

     4.52  -  Complete Karmyn Chase Cover Shoot

I don't want you to get the Cover Shot at the party because we'll need to 
focus primarily on the guests. Since we have Karmyn in your Inner Circle, 
give her a ring. When she arrives, up all her drives and have her talk 
professionally with your photographer. After that, ask her for the Cover Shot 
and plunge into the pictures.

     4.53  -  Hold Graduation Party

First we have to find out about Ken. Throw a party and invite Robbie Light, 
along with some other content providers if you like. At the party, converse 
with Robbie casually and, when you can select the "Reveal Secret" option, do 
so and Robbie will tell you about Ken. However, he wants to hold a Graduation 
Party at the Mansion before we meet with Ken. Fair deal.

End the current party and start the Graduation Party. Invite whatever content 
provider you like, and let the fun begin. The game brings along four 
graduates, but they all aren't good content providers. Just have a good time 
and end the party after the first person leaves. This will complete both this 
objective and the Ken Willard objective, netting you an art piece called the 
Obsession and four points.

     4.54  -  Find Ken Willard

This objective is completed by throwing the Graduation Party, which is listed 

     4.55  -  Get Essay from Ken Willard

Now that we have Ken's number, we can call him and get this messed 
straightened out. Throw a party and invite Ken Willard, along with four other 
ladies. My staff was compiled of all women, so I just invited all of them. If 
you're staff doesn't, I'd suggest lesser Published Playmates and other lesser 
knowns to save money. Don't bring any content providers unless they're 
superior to your other content providers.

At the party, become friends with Ken, but DO NOT put him in your Inner 
Circle. He's a waste of space because his statistics are low. Just get some 
sort of relationship going with him, satisfy all his drives, and ask him to 
write an essay. If he's romantically down, throw your Playmate or Bunny at 
him. Ask him to write an essay on Arts and Literature. If that demographic is 
too low, try Movies. Once you get the essay, send everyone home.

     4.56  -  Publish Karmyn on the Cover

Now that we have Ken's essay, we can finally publish an issue with Karmyn on 
the cover! Her Cover Shot is of great quality, but Ken's essay is probably 
lacking. In addition to those pieces of content, we need a Centerfold, 
Article, Pictorial, and Interview.

Article and Pictorial can be accomplished by your staff. Just have them write 
in a demographic that both interests them and is in demand (has a lot of 
Black on the market screen). As for the centerfold, hire the Playmate with 
the highest physique and shoot away. Of course, you'll want to satisfy drives 
for all of these characters before you ask them to do content.

We still need an interview, however. If you've been "up" on bringing 
Celebrities to the previous parties, this shouldn't be a problem. Just pick 
the one with the highest charm, satisfy all his/her drives, professionally 
introduce him/her to your journalist, and let them go at it.

Sometimes, though, you might not have a good interviewee lined up, or you 
found someone better in the Celebrity screen. Throw a party with your four 
staff members and that person. Get a small relationship with the interviewee, 
drive up the person's drives, and get them to talk professionally with your 

When you have procured the article, it's time to publish. If you've been 
attentive in getting good pieces of work, this should be a very good issue. 
Remember to keep the amount low and ad percentage at a medium amount (try 
$4.00 and 50% and play with it from there). You'll get the Ultra Extreme 
Dance in the Clubhouse, and the Clubhouse itself!


                   4.6  -  Launch the Playboy Foundation


In this mission, we make giant leaps in launching the Playboy Foundation. We
must get people out of jail and get everyone in good relationships with each
other, which means parties, parties, and more parties.

     4.61  -  Sign Builder Paris

Steven Ratchet orders us to get professional contracts with three people:
Builder Paris, Markus Jacobski, and a leading lady. Time to throw a party!
Invite Builder, Markus, and Lilly Knocker. Even though Steven does not
specify who he wants as his leading lady, Lilly Knocker seems to be the only
one that fits the bill. She also cannot be edited - a tell-tale sign that
the game wants us to use her in some way for the mission.

Besides Builder, Markus, and Lilly, invite your Photographer, Journalist,
Playmate, and Bunny to the party. If you see any worthy content, it could be
possible to invite them, too, but it might prove too much for you to juggle
at the party. Invite a tech if you see any and inner circle'em. This doesn't
have to do with the present mission, but is very helpful later in the game.

If any of them reject an invite for any reason, throw some parties unrelated
to the mission to boost your fame.

At the party, the first order of business is to introduce Markus romantic-
ally with a lady friend (any will do besides the Bunny). You'll see why lat-
er. Also, get Lilly talking with someone to keep him busy. This only leaves 
Builder left.

We need to get a contract from Builder. You know the drill: business hand-
shake, discuss market, share stock tip, discuss deal, question finances, and
offer contract. That should wrap things up and complete an objective. Intro-
duce Builder to someone in your staff to keep her busy for bit, or maybe
give him a drink or sit down if he is low on that. The reward for this
mission is five points.

     4.62  -  Sign Famous Leading Lady

While everyone else is occupied, get another contract from Lilly in the exact 
same formulaic manner as Builder. This objective is complete once you have 
contract. If you want, you can get her or Builder in your inner circle now,
but it's not required nor recommended, as you should be able to get better
pieces from people more famous. Another five points in the bag for this

     4.63  -  Get the Chemistry Cooking

Well, well, well, it seems Steven Ratchet wants Hef to be cupid. Introduce
Lilly and Builder romantically; that should be all you need to do to complete
this one. They just need to kiss, if memory serves correct. If either has a
bad mood, satisfy that hunger with the couch, bookshelf, and bar. If they
_still_ won't climb the romantic ladder, get them both drunk. Once they start
sucking lip, you'll get a Shoulder Wrap as a reward.

     4.64  -  A Little Mood Music

While Builder and Lilly hit it off, get yet another contract. This time, from
Markus. He should be hitting it off with a lady himself, so just pry him away
and fill his head with business. Once you have the contract, the objective is
complete, another five points, but it seems Mark wants something... else...

     4.65  -  Give Mark a Muse

Yes, that's right. Little shy Markus wants to get it on. Introduce him 
ically with a lady friend (preferably the one he's already been with) and
once they kiss this objective will be complete. You _cannot_ have him kiss
the Bunny, I don't think, because I tried for an hour and they still didn't
swap each other's spit. If Mark is feeling down in any way, satisfy his 
You'll net the Playboy Mini, a nice little shred of clothing.

     4.66  -  Pull Some Strings

Just when you thought the game was all partied out, they decide to have you
throw _another_ party, this time to get Robert Aganasio on Steven Ratchet's
side. Throw a party, invite Robert and your staff, and work on your casually
relationship with Robert. At about the time you can invite him to your inner
circle (which I suggest you do), the mission will be complete and five points

     4.67  -  Free Steven Ratchet

Right after the party ends with Robert, Jenny and Dick announce that Steven
Ratchet has been released! Woohoo! Now we can really drink the liquor, bang
the Playmates, live the life! Six points!

     4.68  -  Pay Steven's Bail

But wait, there's more! It seems the bail amount is a nasty $100,000. There's
only one way around this, and it definitely isn't calling Batman. Pay the one
hundred G's... it's the only way to complete the objective and get the
measely two point reward.

     4.69  -  Host Movers and Shakers Party

It's time for another par-tay. This time, we're inviting people that will
hopefully give us money to chop down on the foundation price. Choose to start
a party and this time choose the "Movers and Shakers" option. All of the
required guests will be checked off already, and with the extra room invite
some of your staff. Do not invite women from your staff besides the Bunny
(she's chaste) because it will make the mission harder.

I suggest that you read this whole section before starting the party because
it is easy to get carried away with any one person and have a few others
leave. This will make the party less successful, which therefore means you
have to shell out more cash.

The target people are as follows: Marv Wasserman, Rhapsody Rod, Dame Sand-
ford, Duke Sandford, Walter Chatham, and Zupa True. When these people enter
the house, quickly start up a casual conversation with them. You need to get 
their "secret" out of them, which means you have to: casual handshake, tell 
joke, and reveal secret.

Start with Rhapsody. After some casual conversion, he states he wants to meet 
Zupa True. Introduce the two of them - the only option is business, so choose 
that when introducing them. Just make sure both are not in bad moods or the 
talk won't go so well.

While Rhapsody and Zupa are conversing, get the secret out of Marv. It seems 
he likes it when his girlfriend, Pornstar Tika Chai, shows "affection" for 
other people. Round up Tika and introduce her romantically to a man on your 
staff. Do not, under any circumstances, introduce her romantically to Duke, 

Rhapsody and Zupa should have a full business bar by now, meaning that we're 
done with Rhapsody's donation. If Rhapsody has any particulaly low need, just 
tell him to use it quickly. Now, it is time to get Zupa's secret. He likes 
"older woman," and has been "looking at Dame all night." Introduce the two of 
them romantically to finish this objective. Be sure to do this before
embarking upon Duke's needs, because the two collide.

While Zupa and Dame are tied together, talk with Duke casually. His secret is
that he doesn't like it when Dame gets drunk, and rumor has it he "pays the
bills" when this happens. Just introduce Duke to someone business-like --
whatever you do, no woman romantically.

After Dame and Zupa hit it off, interrupt Dame and casually get her secret.
She doesn't like it when Duke "relives his childhood," meaning she doesn't
like it when he hits on other women. This is why we didn't bring any Play-
mates or introduced Duke romantically with anyone. Continue this streak to
get Dame's points.

As for Duke's secret, go and get Dame drunk. Give her four or five shots and
she'll be absolutely wasted. You must do this last or else she'll be in a bad
mood and won't want to give out her secret or be introduced by Zupa, because
she'll be in a bad mood after she gets hammered.

Lastly, Walter should still be in the party, since he seems to mingle with
people pretty well. Just keep him happy and drive his needs to the green. He
doesn't have any secrets or anything like that, just don't get him drunk or
put him in a terrible mood.

That should cover it. A short list of what to do:

1. Get Rhapsody's secret and introduce him to Zupa.
2. Get Marv's secret and introduce his girlfriend Tika romantically to a man 
   besides Duke.
3. Get Zupa's secret and introduce him romantically to Dame.
4. Get Duke's secret.
5. Get Dame's secret and make sure Duke doesn't go hanky-panky with anyone.
6. Get Dame drunk to fulfill Duke's nightmare.
7. Keep Walter's bar in the green.

That will complete this objective and earn you four points.

     4.610 -  Fund the Foundation

Directly after the party, Jenny will ask if you want to pay to start the
foundation. The amount you must pay varies by how well you performed during
the party. If you didn't do anything, the amount is $100,000. However, this
amount scales down drastically, to possibly just half, or $50,000. The best
I have gotten was $66,000, but I didn't fulfill Zupa's needs. Paying puts
another W in the book and nets five points.

     4.611 -  Leery Politicians

Our last objective in this mission is to hold _another_ party, this time for
a group of politicians. When you start a party, choose the Leery Politicians
option and you'll be set. The four politicians will already be on the list;
I recommend you bring your staff also so they have some people to talk with.

At the party, make casual relationships with all four politicians. This is
actually surprisingly easy because the politicians are smart enough to mingle
with other people while you talk with each one-on-one. After you have all of
their casual bars filled, satisfy any dying needs they may have. You know the
drill. Just don't let them get drunk and you'll be fine. The reward is the
Regency End Table.


                     4.7  -  When The Going Gets Tough


     4.71  -  Strive For The Best

Put out three consecutive issues with an overall rating of three Bunnies or 
higher. How will you get the content? That, my fiends, is further down the

     4.72  -  Tough Times At Mansion

Hold three parties for just your staff. You will do this, don't worry. Look
below to figure it all out gestalt-style! :)

     4.73  -  Put Up a Good Front

I suggest you immediately go out and get three girlfriends, three playmates,
two photographers, and two journalists as that is what you need to complete
this objective. I've written previously how to do this like a pro, so look up
if you need help.

     4.74  -  Diversify

Finish the objectives "Contract An Actor" and "Sign Up Some Playmates."

     4.75  -  Contract an Actor

Get a business relationship with Tom Arnold at the Sad GF party. 'Nuff said,
you can do it, my little Nike slogan! :P

     4.76  -  Sign Up Some Playmates

By sign up, they mean get a business relationship (ie contract) with five
different playmates. May sound counterintuitive to your rampant sex (read:
marinna) but I know you can do it because I told you how to do so above.
They just want you to rinse and repeat like crazy here.

     4.77  -  Staff Live The Life

Give your staff a "break" by throwing a pool party. Keep everyone's mood in

     4.78  -  Rock The Clubhouse (I mean Casbah!:)

Hef needs to throw a Clubhouse party this time. Try to sign as many stars
as you can because they will (obviously) help you later in the game.

     4.79  -  Sad Girlfriends

Hef should throw a pool party for his three sad GFs. Bring your journalist
so he can interview Tom Arnold for content.

     4.710 -  Playmates On Mission(ary)

Throw a pool party with four or five star guests along with your chosen Play-
mates. You will obtain the special Leopard Flares for this one.

At the end of mission seven, you will receive a pinball machine for the
playhouse and make the band The Who roll in their graves.


                       4.8  -  Hurray For Hollywood


     4.81  -  Choices, Choices

Penny Starks and Sandra Bellore need a party. Make girlfriends with both of
them to complete the mission. SAVE before you throw party and just restart
if one or both reject you. You are ----ing HUGH HEFNER, for Chrissakes!

     4.82  -  Promote Her

By "promote," they mean, of course, to shoot a covershot for your new GF. Go
ahead, little boy, you know how to do it! You know how the world works...

     4.83  -  Get To Know Duffy

Throw a party anywhere for Duffy Woolf. Get the regular friend rating up to
maximum to complete this objective.

     4.84  -  Line Up Carmen

Throw a party for the five star actress, Carmen Electra (lol she married Dave
f-ing Navarro for chrissakes!), and get her to sign your contract. You need
to be a businessman in a silvery suit to complete this one.

     4.85  -  Impress / Charm Him

Throw a party with Scott Powers and your new girlfriends. Also, I would bring
the staff and not real people. Get a business relationship above half the
bar and then introduce him to your new GF casually. Get them above half bar
and you will complete this objective.

     4.86  -  Get Wendy To The Mansion

Throw a party for Wendy Bigmoney and Cirro Barow. Introduce them to each
other in a romantic relationship to finish the objective. Becoming friends
with either of them is not required, but dully recommended. You get the stars
and stripes "costume" for doing this one.

     4.87  -  The Big Announcement - MARINNA IS DEAD!!! O_O

Throw the big party for Scotty boy. Just introduce everyone to everyone else
and you will probably complete this objective too. If not, reload and repeat!


                         4.9  -  Launch Playboy TV


     4.91  -  Hook Scotty Up

Throw a party in the name of Scotty and Ki. When they both arrive at the 
flat, introduce them to one another sexually (I mean romantically) to end
this objective. They should hopefully get to swapping spit with one another.
If that doesn't happen, keep reintroducing and always abuse the save 

     4.92  -  Ki's American Exposure

Ki needs some exposure to the Americano crowd. While she is at the party, and
only after you've completed the previous objective, ask for some work from
her. This can be just about *anything*, but the easiest is the interview or
the cover so long as your staff is unconfrontational enough. Your music dem
must be above twelve, so rehire staff as needed to complete this one. (You
should have plenty of staff to recycle by now.)

     4.93  -  Hold Premier Party

This and onward is one big objective. I suggest saving beforehand. With the
one remaining slot, give it to your vixen staff content-creator. The people
in the room are as follows:

Chuck Buxton
Ki Kji
Kimberly (Thomas) Priest
Melissa Houston
Scotty Powers
Svelt Colette
Trip Dee
Mama Fuller

     4.94  -  Work The Room

Find Houston, Melissa and start a normal, casual relationship with her. Bring
it to the top (just like any aspiring Hef would) to complete this objective.

     4.95  -  Get A Playboy TV Host

Priest, Kimberly needs some business lovin', so start a business relationship
with that girl. No, DO NOT MAKE OUT WITH HER. When the business bar is full,
you will complete this objective.

     4.96  -  Get Millard To Open Up

Get West, Millard's casual relationship bar to 100% with inner circle prive-
lages to complete this objective.

     4.97  -  Sign Millard On

Now that you've open the can of worms, get Millard to sign your business
contract to complete this objective also.

     4.98  -  Get And Promote Talent

Get Svelt Colette and Trip Dee to sign business contracts. This means you
must use the tried-and-true talking forumals to get their business respect
with you up the whole way. After that, get actual Playboy content from them
to complete this objective.

     4.99  -  Meet The Finalists

You get Jeweled Panties for this one, so listen up. You need to build at
least a small relationship with Trish Blanky, Rain Sinteur, Camilla Green
and Evelyn Duport to complete this objective.

     4.910 -  Publish A Winner (not a weiner dog!)

Publish an issue with one of the above in 4.99 to complete this objective. I
suggest a cover with Evelyn.

     4.911 -  Best Favour Everest

Head to the pool area and throw the "AAG Party," then talk to the 5 star
people so you have more potential content. End the party to complete the
objective and unlock the Garter for wear on your favorite girlfriend! :)


                       4.10 -  Playboy Jazz Festival


     4.101 -  Get John Yet's Attention

First should be last in this "level" of objectives. Invite 2 female singers
over and romance both of them to hell. Then ask for a covershot from both
of them. After that fire all your stupid staff below 3 stars. Yes, you heard
me. Hire new ones who love music (everyone does in some way...) then ask
them for music related content. Now use the material plus the covershots
to make HUGELY SUCCESSFUL music issues. You can also use Dave Navarro's ex
to help you out a bit if you aren't successful enough at first.

     4.102 -  Sign An Mc Comedian

Throw a party for the 3 members of Red Tin man and also standup comics. Get
a professional relationship with all of them, have them sign contracts, and
this objective plus the one below will be over.

     4.103 -  Sign Red Tin Man

Strategy listed in 4.102. :)

     4.104 -  Sign Isha Ravaman

Throw a party inviting Isha and Moses, then get Isha to sign a contract by
talking to her with businessness.

     4.105 -  Hook Isha Up

At the same party, introduce Isha romantically to a Playmate to complete this

     4.106 -  Befriend Moses (not a prophet:)

Befriend means developing casually a relationship. Get him in Hef's most
prized inner circle to complete this objective.

     4.107 -  Get James Bookbinder

Throw a party with James, Willy, and Terrain. Invite Moses also. Get Moses
and James to "work it out," then get a contract from James business-like.

     4.108 -  Get Willy Heed

Now for Will. Introduce him to a playmate and get him above the halfway mark
with her to complete this one. Then get a contract out of him, too, so you
have scores of material later in the game.

     4.109 -  Get Terrain Johnson

Pay off Terrain's debt of $100,000 (Dick will mention this) to complete this.

     4.1010-  Reunite/Sign Fabulous Feather Bros.

If you did the above as directed, this objective will complete after the last
three ones have been completed properly. If you don't give him the dough,
then at least get him to sign a contract (probably hard with debt, though).

     4.1011-  Clashing Egos

Throw a party with Raze and James on the guestlist. Introuce them business
style to complete this objective. Just work it out, already!

     4.1012-  Sign John Yet

Throw a party with John Boe on the guestlist. Get him to sign a contract to
complete this objective.

     4.1013-  Appeace Harvey Hathway

Throw a Harvey Party. Introduce Harvey romantically to a Playmate. Talk with
the guests. Done when the party bar is high. You just unlocked a new sofa!


                        4.11 -  Launch Playboy.com


     4.111 -  Get 3 Tech Fiends

This one is either extremely difficult or a pushover: you need 3 tech 
Now, I've been prepping you for this objective with warning signs beforehand,
but you might just need to wait a while for more tech people to respawn. You
NEED these people for the next mission, so make sure you can invite them back
for content. Or, preferably, pilfer the content off of them while they are
there with you and your staff.

     4.112 -  Put Out Multiple Tech Issues

You need 3 issues with a 45+ rating in Tech and Toys. Get to work with the
pilgrims you just befriended beforehand.

     4.113 -  Get To Know Angelica Church

Throw a party with Angelica Church as the major player with Melody Esex as
supporting cast. Develop a professional relationship with Mrs. Church.

     4.114 -  Fulfill Angelica's Fantasy

Angelica wants Melody, and you know how to do it by now. Introduce the
twosome romantically to complete this objective.

     4.115 -  Sign On Angelica

Now that you've hooked her up, talk to her professionally again and get her
to sign the business contract.

     4.116 -  Host Nettie Award Party

Now you have the option to choose the Nettie Award party. You need the Binary
Chaos boss, but he will bring his randy man, Jim Graham, in his place. Make
sure everyone is having a good time by inviting two of your own playmates to
soften everyone up. You will also need these girls for Graham.

     4.117 -  Impress Graham

While at the party, get a professional relationship with Jimmy boy. When he
starts to take Playboy.com with seriousness, sick the two playmates on him as
he needs a full bar of romance to complete the objective.

     4.118 -  Sign Binary Chaos

Now that you have boy Graham taken care of, throw another party with Will
Frats in mind. Get a professional relationship with him and get him to sign
a contract to complete a quest.

     4.119 -  Pay Starting Costs

There is a relationship between happiness at the party and these starting
costs, so beware. You should have a few million at least by now anyway. Use
your money to make the prudent decision and also to end the mission. You get
a Regency Rug as a result.


                     4.12 -  Playboy's 50th Anniversary


Before you start, find a 5 rabbit journalist who loves sports. Also, Mr.
Frates shows up like a bum. Give him the Playboy treatment so you don't waste
money on further objectives.

     4.121-  Hold a Party for Jo Jo

Throw the Boxer Party for Jo Jo. Talk to him casually to get him in your
inner circle.

     4.122 -  Interview the Boxer

Then sick the sports journalist on him to get the perfect interview.

     4.123 -  Line Up A Director

Throw another party for Zach Trick. Talk to him professionally and get him
to sign the lucrative contract. You can use his fame for the perfect issue,

     4.124 -  Essay from the Candidate

Throw another party for Yerdley Fullheart. He wants to be mayor and he has
the perfect name for it. Develop a casual relationship with him and request
an essay from him to complete the objective. He likes Literature.

     4.125 -  Get The Girls

You need four girlfriends, so if you don't have that many, start partying.

     4.126 -  Buy Dresses From Norman

If you helped Mr. Frates, he will knock down the $400K charge to $300K. The
girls want clothes... oh brother, marinna! XD

     4.127 -  Cure for Cold Feet

Mr. Fullheart made mayor probably because of his name, and now he has cold
feet about being starred in such a tawdry magazine. Throw a party with him
and four women. Get a professional relationship with him until Jenny pops up,
then get him the four girls (he wants to be like you) to complete the

     4.128 -  Sign 2 Comedians

Throw a party with 2 comedians and Carmen Split. Develop professional
relationships with the 2 comedians and then get respective contracts. Develop
a professional relationship with Mrs. Split now and get her to sign a

     4.129 -  Sign Up O'Burg

By signing a contract with Mrs. Split, you complete this objective.

     4.1210-  Publish The Perfect Issue

You need a 4.5 Bunny issue and you have half the content. Hopefully your GFs
are famous for the cover, and hopefully your playmate is even more famous for
the centerfold. As for the pictorial, you need a ultra famous photographer.

     4.1211-  Reunite The Band

Throw a party with Logan Ettle, Chaz Ettle, Guy Steppe, Karen Forrester, and
Traci Hewit. Logan Ettle is seemingly the bandleader, so get him to start
conversations with everyone else to complete the objective.

     4.1212-  Hef's Bio (subterfuge!)

At one of the several parties, develop a pro relationship with Nina and she
will write your bio for you. Instant perfect issue!

     4.1213-  Hold Anniversary Party

Throw the last party. Keep everyone happy. Enjoy the ending! ^_^


                             5. Freeform Guide


Essentially: go for people with the highest star rating because they are the
most famous and give you more people. Adjust the advertisement percentage
and cost of issue as you see fit. Try to get content from people who are the
highest in their respective area who also have a big content bar on the mag-
azine screen. Sell as many issues as possible. Max out Hef's stats. Get a
sexy girlfriend. Complete these simple objectives that are similar to above:

Release First Magazine
Throw a Party
Hire Staff
Complete New Covershoot
Secure New Interview
Secure New Essay
Get New Pictorial
Get New Article
Get Centerfold
Reach 2000 Fame
Hit 10K Circulation
Get a Friend
Get a Girlfriend
Sign a Contract
Develop an intimate relationship

Finally, toggle back on the super implant cheat. Yeah... marinna... >_>


                           6. Character Editing


Characters can be editted in any way after you complete a few missions. Aside
from being a child and adjusting everyone's breast size to DD, I suggest
you vary up who you have in the house. It gets rather boring seeing the same
darn thing over and over again, so even try for some males. Males are good
because they can impress females all on their own without you even introduc-
ing people to them. They will just do it on their own, kinda like...

Oh, yeah. Marinna time! But characters can be editted in several ways, not
just boob sizes. If all you do is that, I suggest plastic surgeory as your
goal in life. Or Nip/Tuck. You could always guest star on that if you get
enough liposuctions in the rear to put on your face so it looks all puffy.
Or you could actually be a burn victim, a victim of gangreen, oh, never-


                              7. Clothing List


Clothing for Hef
Casual Wear: Blue, Gray, Red Pajamas; Smoking Jacket Grey, Black; Hef PJs  
             Red, Gray, Black

Formal Wear: Black Tuxedo, Black Suit with Tie, Brown Suit with Tie, Dinner 
             Tuxedo, Solid Colour Suit, Urban Suit, White Suit

Sportswear: Basketball Outfit; Playboy Jersey

Swimwear : Basic Swim Trunks, One Color Trunks, Playboy Board Shorts,  
            Side Floral Swim Trunks, Swimming Briefs, Trim Pattern
             Boardshorts, Two Color Logo Trunks

Underwear: Boxer Briefs, Playboy Boxers, Tighty Whities, 2 Colour Logo Boxers

Casual Clothing for Playmates
 - 50th Tank Top
 - All - American Girl
 - Artsy Bunny Shirt
 - Backless Batik Wear
 - Backless Dress
 - Backless Dress
 - Backless Mini
 - Backless Skirt
 - Ballet Mini
 - Baseball Mini - Tee
 - Belly Bunny
 - Body Stocking
 - Body Stocking Topless
 - Bunny Dai shorts
 - Bunny Halter
 - Bunny Tank Top
 - Bustier & Boishorts
 - Bustier & Boishorts Topless
 - Camper Drawstrings
 - Casual Jumper
 - Cherry Red Vinyl
 - Comfort Huggers
 - Drawstring Jumper
 - Eyes and Mouth
 - Halter Hipster
 - Hipster Huggers
 - Jeans & 1/4 Shirt
 - Key Hole Halter Top
 - Leather Mini
 - Leopard Flares
 - Lovable Leather
 - Low-Neck Skirt
 - One Color Strapless
 - Overstretch Mini
 - Patchwork w/ Jacket
 - Plaid Skirt
 - Playboy Short Shorts
 - Racerback Tank
 - Racing Jacket
 - Retro Zip-Front
 - Rhinestone Playboy
 - Sleeveless Print
 - Squarefront Dress
 - Stillsuit Shimmy
 - Stillsuit Shimmy Topless
 - Strapless Mini
 - Strappy Tank
 - Striped Capri Pants
 - Striped Skirt
 - Sun Dress
 - Sweater & Moo Pants
 - Tie-Front Halter
 - Tie-Front Halter Topless
 - Tight Plastic
 - Tight Bunny Skirt
 - V-Neck Mini
 - Wrist Length Tee
 - Y-Back Fitted Shirt

Earrings for Playmates
 - None
 - Diamond Earrings
 - Gold Bunny Earrings
 - Gold Bunny Earrings
 - Pearl Earrings
 - Ruby Earrings
 - Sapphire Earrings

Formal Clothing for Playmates
 - Colour Splash Skirt Suit
 - Dark Skirt Suit
 - Floral Skirt Suit
 - Open Skirt Suit
 - School Girl Suit
 - Tan Skirt Suit
 - White Skirt Suit

Glasses for Playmates
 - None
 - Designer Shades
 - Flamingo Shades
 - Oversized Shades
 - Rectangular Glasses
 - Rose-Tinted Shades
 - Roughcut Shades
 - Rimless Shades
 - Slim Shades
 - Steel Rim Glasses
 - Wraparound Shades

Hats for Playmates
 - None
 - Baby Blue Visor
 - Beige Knit Newsboy
 - Black Cowboy
 - Black Playboy Cap
 - Black Playboy Visor
 - Blue Checked Newsboy
 - Brown Leather Newsboy
 - Grey Checked Newsboy
 - Green Cowboy
 - Green Visor Cap
 - Leopard Newsboy
 - Mesh Playboy Cap
 - Purple Trim Logo Visor
 - Smooth Trim Logo Cap
 - Straw Cowboy
 - Traditional Playboy Cap
 - White Cowboy
 - Yellow Cap
 - Zebra Print Cowboy

Lingerie Clothing for Playmates
 - Black Corset
 - Black Corset Topless
 - Cami and Thong
 - Cami and Thong Topless
 - Corset
 - Corset Topless
 - Garter
 - Garter Topless
 - Hot Spot Bikini
 - Hot Spot Bikini Topless
 - Ivy League Panties
 - Ivy League Panties Topless
 - Jeweled Panties
 - Jeweled Panties Topless
 - Kiss My Bunny Undies
 - Lace Body Shorts
 - Lace Body Shorts Topless
 - Lace Chemise
 - Lace Corset
 - Lace Corset Topless
 - Lace-Up Cami
 - Lace-Up Cami Topless
 - Lacy Brazilian
 - Lacy Brazilian Topless
 - Lacy Panties
 - Lacy Panties Topless
 - Merry Widow
 - Merry Widow Topless
 - Mini Dress
 - Naughty 'n' Nice
 - Naughty 'n' Nice Topless
 - Playboy Tanga
 - Precious Pushup
 - Precious Pushup Topless
 - See Thru Lacy
 - String Thing
 - String Thing Topless
 - Tankini & Thong
 - Viewable V-String
 - Viewable V-String Topless
 - White Peek-a-boo
 - Zebraprint Zinger

Necklace for Playmates
 - None
 - Bunny Logo Choker
 - Diamond Choker
 - Fancy Choker
 - Gold Bunny Necklace
 - Gold Choker
 - Gold Plate Choker
 - Gold Star Choker
 - Pearl Choker
 - Pendant Choker
 - Sapphire Choker
 - Silver Bunny Choker
 - Silver Collar

Rings for Playmates
 - None
 - Bunny Ring
 - Diamond Ring
 - Gold Ring
 - Ruby Ring
 - Sapphire Ring

Shoes for Playmates
 - None
 - Bare Hell Sandals
 - Color Band Heels
 - Flat Sandals
 - High Heels
 - Logo String Sneakers
 - Playboy Slippers
 - Sneakers
 - Strappy Heels

Sportswear Clothing for Playmates
 - Clamdiggers
 - Playboy Sporty
 - Support Sport
 - The Sporty
 - The Sporty Topless

Swimwear Clothing for Playmates
 - American Playboy
 - American Playboy Topless
 - Bandeau Bikini
 - Bandeau Bikini Topless
 - Barely There Bikini
 - Barely There Bikini Topless
 - Barely There Plus
 - Barely There Plus Topless
 - Basic Swimsuit
 - Basic Swimsuit Topless
 - Bold Revelation
 - Bold Revalation Topless
 - Camo-Kini
 - Camo-Kini Topless
 - Floral Tankini
 - Floral Tankini Topless
 - Golden Dream
 - Golden Dream Topless
 - Gray Camikini
 - Gray Camikini Topless
 - Hip Snug Bikini
 - Hip Snug Bikini Topless
 - Leopard Swim Wrap
 - Leopard Swim Wrap Topless
 - Maritime Tankini
 - Maritime Tankini Topless
 - Sexy Patches
 - Sexy Patches Topless
 - Slim Zebra
 - Slim Zebra Topless
 - Stars 'n' Stripes
 - Stars 'n' Stripes Topless
 - Trimline Plus
 - Trimline Plus Topless
 - Trimline Tankini
 - Trimline Tankini Topless

Wrists for Playmates
 - None
 - Diamond Bracelet
 - Pearl Bracelet
 - Ruby Bracelet

Casual Outfits for Men
 - Aztec Shirt
 - Bunny Maze Tee
 - Bunny Print Shirt
 - Button Up Print
 - Button Up Tee
 - College T-Shirt
 - Color Patch Shirt
 - Dressy Casual
 - Football Jersey
 - Gray Hoodie & Jeans
 - Gray Knit Tee
 - Hockey Jersey
 - Hooded Sweatshirt
 - Jacket and Jeans
 - Leather Jacket
 - Logo Shirt
 - Lounge Sleeve Shirt
 - Muscle Shirt
 - Plain T-Shirt
 - Playboy Cover Shirt
 - Playboy Polo
 - Playboy Sweatshirt
 - Red Stripe Zip-Up
 - Retro Postal
 - Shirt & Jean Shorts
 - Silhouette Tee
 - Striped Shirt
 - Two-Tone Muscle Shirt
 - Two Tone Tee
 - Zippered Sweater

Formal Wear for Men
 - Black Suit with Tie
 - Black Tuxedo
 - Brown Suit with Tie
 - Dinner Tuxedo
 - Solid Color Suit
 - Urban Suit
 - White Suit

Glasses for Men
 - None
 - Designer Shades
 - Flamingo Shades
 - Glasses
 - Oversized Shades
 - Reading Glasses
 - Rose tinted Glasses
 - Steel Rim Glasses
 - Sunglasses

Hats for Men
 - None
 - Black Playboy Cap
 - Black Bunny Beanie
 - Blue Striped Bucket
 - Blue Striped Beanie
 - Bunny Beanie
 - Gold Stripe Bucket
 - Grey Logo Bucket
 - Green Bucket Cap
 - Green Visor Cap
 - Grey Playboy Beanie
 - Mesh Playboy Cap
 - Red Striped Beanie
 - Red Log Bucket
 - Smooth Trim Logo Cap
 - Traditional Playboy Cap
 - White Playboy Bucket
 - Yellow Cap

Shoes for Men
 - None
 - Brown Shoes
 - Dress Shoes
 - Flat Sandals
 - Sneakers

Sportswear for Men
 - Basketball Outfit
 - Playboy Jersey

Swimwear for Men
 - Basic Swim Trunks
 - One Color Trunks
 - Playboy Board Shorts
 - Side Floral Swim Trunks
 - Swimming Briefs
 - Trim Pattern Boardshorts
 - Two Color Logo Trunks

Underwear for Men
 - Boxer Briefs
 - Playboy Boxes
 - Tighty Whities
 - Two Color Logo Boxers

Wrist for Men
 - None
 - Gold Wristwatch
 - Silver Wristwatch


                              8. Mansion List


There are two mansions: the "classic" one and the "modern" one. Both have
the same amount of items and offer the same advantages as well as disadvan-
tages. In addition, you can build your own special mansion from the ground
up. Finally, you can add items to the different areas you have acquired
while playing the game. The items are located here:

R for Room Value, P for P+, L for Leisure, E for Entertainment

Food Cart......................230............E6/R1
Flat Screen TV.................1200...........L5/R2
Phat Phlat Stereo..............4100...........E4
Classic Bar....................6700...........E7/R2
Modern Bar.....................13000..........E8/R3
DJ Station.....................23000..........E6/R5
Super Sonic Stereo.............68000..........L6
Rear Projection TV.............88000..........L7/R3
RP TV with Xbox................89000..........L7/R3
Baby Grade Piano...............180000.........E7/R5
Pipe Organ.....................360000.........E8/R3
Plasma Screen TV...............410000.........L8/R6
PS TV with Xbox................430000.........L8/R6
Ultrasound System..............520000.........E8
Movie Screen TV................820000.........L9/R7
MS TV with Xbox................840000.........L9/R7

Saddle Chair...................160............L4
Saddle Sofa....................250............L4
Lino Chair.....................680............L4
Block Pop Sofa.................1700...........L4/R1
Tempo Chair....................2400...........L4/R1
Smooth Chair...................4400...........L4/R1
Leeway Office Chair............5800...........L5
Ergo Office Chair..............6000...........L5
Block Pop Chair................6500...........L5/R1
Breezy Sofa....................16000..........L5/R2
Breezy Chair...................36000..........L6/R1
Flat Dining Chair..............41000..........L6/R1
Elite Dining Chair.............44000..........L6/R1
Galaxy Sofa....................63000..........L6/R1
Deluxe Office Chair............94000..........L7/R1
Plush Office Chair.............94000..........L7/R1
Regency Chair..................96000..........L7/R2 
Regency Sofa...................110000.........L7/R3
The Smooth Sit.................150000.........L7/R2
Tempo Sofa.....................180000.........L7/R3
Galaxy Chair...................240000.........L8/R2

Modern Bookshelves.............4300...........P4/R3
Classic Bookshelves............4400...........P4/R3
Playboy Bookcase...............42000..........P6/R4
Playboy Bookshelves............44000..........P4/R3

Aristo End Table...............580............R1
Soho Table.....................790............R1
Soho Dining Table..............1900...........R2
Curved Table...................2200...........R2
Lucen End Table................2300...........R2
Square Coffee Table............2500...........R2
Brass Trim Table...............4100...........R3
Goth End Table.................4100...........R3
Metro Glass Table..............4400...........R3
Glass Dining Table.............4700...........R3
Inlaid Coffee Table............4700...........R3
Steel End Table................5100...........R3
Deluxe Marble Table............7500...........R4
Regency End Table..............7800...........R4
Geneva Coffee Table............8200...........R4
Marble Coffee Table............10000..........R5
The Z Glide....................11000..........R5
The Z Stretch..................11000..........R5
The Z coffee...................14000..........R6
Sleek Dining Table.............16000..........R7
Trunk Table....................17000..........R7
GlasTop Table..................19000..........R7
Modal Coffee Table.............22000..........R7
Royal Dining Table.............28000..........R8

Bunny Rug......................7700...........R4
The Metro Mat..................16000..........R6
Safari Rug.....................21000..........R6
The Latest Rug.................31000..........R7
Antique Rug....................39000..........R9
Moroccan Runner................42000..........R9
Regency Rug....................42000..........R9
Geo Metro Rug..................43000..........R9
Cool Spots Rug.................46000..........R9
Moroccan Harem Rug.............48000..........R9

Wall Art
Hefs Portraits.................860............P4/R1
Wall Mirror....................2300...........P4/R1
After Dark.....................5600...........P4/R2
First Issue....................8000...........P4/R5
Hef and Friend.................8800...........P4/R3
Bunny Plaque...................11000..........P4/R4
Hef's Photo....................13000..........P4/R5
Wall Aquarium..................15000..........E4/R6
On The Thames..................17000..........P4/R5
Path in The Ile................18000..........P4/R5
Framed Record..................21000..........P4/R6
Hef and Pal....................21000..........P4/R5
St Tropez......................22000..........P5/R3
Dedham Lock and Mill...........24000..........P5/R4
La Coulue......................24000..........P4/R6
Splatter #7....................24000..........P5/R4
Divan Japonais.................45000..........P5/R5
Famed Manuscript...............47000..........P5/R5
Olivia's Hef...................47000..........P5/R8
Curtain Call...................48000..........P5/R8
Davison's Hef..................53000..........P5/R8
Lauren M Hill..................54000..........P5/R8
Back Bunny.....................56000..........P5/R8
Mandy Poster...................58000..........P5/R8

Bamboo Plant...................90.............R1
Potted Palm....................100............R1
Small House Plant..............100............R1
Floral Centerpiece.............110............R1
Luis XVII Vase.................590............R1
Tiki Houseplants...............1000...........R2
Amsterdam Vase.................2500...........R2
Motiv Vase.....................2500...........R2
Princess Orchid................2700...........R2
Grecian Urn....................2800...........R2
Cubby Shelf....................3200...........R2
Small Tree.....................3300...........E4/R3
Omadi Floor Vase...............4600...........R3
Wedding Glasses................4900...........R3
Egyptian Urn...................9000...........R3
Venus, Redux...................9000...........R4
Bunny Statuette................13000..........R5
Indoor Waterfall...............1000000........E7/R9

Steel Sconce...................10
Asian Paper Lantern............22
Pillar Candle..................31
Elite Candlestick..............53
Colored Table Lamp.............93.............R1
Tripod Lamp....................93.............R1
Cornucopia Lamp................98.............R1
Carved Candle Stick............99
Tiki Torch.....................99
Brass Sconce...................110............R1
Steel Table Lamp...............110
Table Lamp.....................110
Floor Lamp.....................200
Paper Light....................580............R1
Rocket Lamp....................610............R1
Cylindrical Sconce.............1700...........R2
Pyschodelic Lamp...............3600...........R3
Lever Arm Lamp.................4000...........R3
Ornate Desk Lamp...............4000...........R3
Tri Angular Sconce.............6400...........R4
Iron Sconce....................6500...........R4
Neon Bunny.....................9700...........R5
Bowl Science...................10000..........R5
Stiffani Deco Lamp.............24000..........R7

Backgammon Table...............4600...........P4

Roman Drapery..................1
Rolled Blinds..................91.............R1
Slat Blinds....................2100...........R2
Silk Drapery...................15000..........R6

Broad Leaf Shrub...............110
Spike Shrub....................120
Small Flower Bed...............210
Raised Flower Bed..............280
Hedge Corner...................480
Large Flower Bed...............630............R1
Tropical Aloe..................630............R1
Bajan Banana...................640............R1
Dracaena Plant.................860............R1
Pygmy Palm.....................2000...........R2
Shade Tree.....................2200...........R2
Bunny Hedges...................4200...........R3
Queen Palm.....................4200...........R3
Gorgeous Palm..................7300...........R4
Royal Palm.....................22000..........R7
Privacy Bush...................40000..........R2

Square Bevel Window............110............R1
Round Window...................720............R1
Tall Window....................1600...........R2
Ten Pane Window................2100...........R2
Full Window....................2400...........R4
Bay Window.....................4000...........R3
Tall Teak Window...............4200...........R5
Round Teak Window..............4300...........R3

White French Bevel.............120
White Gateway Arch.............120
Beveled Arch...................130
Mahogany Beveled...............130
Simple Door....................130
Lugano Door....................470
Arched Door....................1900...........R2
Oak Door.......................2100...........R2
The Elevator...................4500...........R3
Stained Glass Door.............7500...........R4
Fancy Door.....................7800...........R4
Entrance Archway...............10000..........R5
Heaven Bent Arch...............11000..........R5
French Door....................16000..........R6
Arched French Doors............24000..........R8
Gold Bunny Doors...............2000...........R9

Brick Path.....................10
Granada Tile...................10
Mulch Base.....................10
Beige Carpet...................15
Burgundy Carpet................15
Navy Blue Carpet...............15
Brick Walkway..................20
Patio Tile.....................20
Plank Wood.....................20
Smooth Tile....................20
Stone Path Corner..............25
Stone Path Diagonal............25
Stone Path Straight............25
Ash Flooring...................30
Marble Tile....................30
Southern Pine..................30
Tiny Tile......................30
Block Parquet..................40
Hardwood Squares...............40
Goshen Stone...................45
Deep Gray Marble...............50
Onyx Wood......................50
Speckled Marble................80
Black Marble...................85


Wall Coverings
Classic White Trim.............20
Bunny Paisley..................40
Bunny Print....................40
White Brick....................40
Brushed Concrete...............50
Candy Stripe...................50
Painted Wall...................80
Diamond Ivy....................100
Graphic Floral.................100
Interior Stone.................100
Geo Hex........................120
Pop Stripes....................120
Country Club...................150
Exterior Brick.................200
Gilded Paneling................200
Gilded Floral..................250
Handhewn Stone.................250
Mahogany Inlay.................350
Mahogany Panel.................400

Modern Staircase...............15000..........R3

Small Fountain................11000...........R5
Brick Fireplace...............20000...........R7
Large Fountain................29000...........R9


                               9. Music List


This game contains a bevy of varied music. The list is located here:


                              10. Extras List


You got your pictures, you got your implant cheats... marinna! :P XD


                            11. Objectives List


Mission 1: Launch the Playboy Empire!

Welcome to the Playboy Mansion. It's up to you to turn your dream into a 
global brand that will influence the way the world views sexuality. First 
you'll need to learn the basics of game play and the interface. Next, you'll 
need to build an office and decorate it. In addition to the content you've 
already been able to collect, you'll need to set up a centerfold shoot with a 
Playmate. Consider Julie McCullough. She's perfect for the job. Lastly, 
analyze your market and choose the best magazine content you can for your 
inaugural issue. You're about to change culture forever.

To complete mission 1, you must solve:
 - Set Up Office Upstairs goal
 - Hire Staff goal
 - Do a centerfold Photoshoot goal
 - Publish a Magazine goal
 - Meet Jak goal

Mission 1.1: Do a Centerfold Photoshoot

Complete a centerfold photoshoot. Consider asking Julie McCullough to pose.

How to do this: Talk to Julie and select the "Request Centerfold" option. You 
will then be asked to select a location for the photo shoot. This location 
will likely be the Upper or Main Mansion, the only two regions you have 
unlocked at this time. After you select the region, you will be asked to 
choose a starting location for your model. Use the left analog stick to move 
the model around, and press the A button to select the model's starting 
location. The photo shoot begins!

Mission 1.2: Tour the Game Menus (Bonus)

Familiarize yourself with each of the menus that affect gameplay.

How to do this: There are six game menus in all:

Roster Screen - press down on the directional pad.

Hef Screen - press left of the direction pad.

Magazine Screen - press up on the directional pad.

Mansion Screen - press right on the directional pad.

Relationship Screen - press the X button.

People Finder - press the Y button.

Mission 1.3: Set Up Office Upstairs

Set Up the Playboy Office by going upstairs and selecting, at minimum, a 
journalist's staff desk.

There are two levels to your mansion, the main floor and upper Mansion. The 
upper floor is where your Playboy offices and photoshoot "lab" will be. 
They'll also house your famous bedroom.

How to do this: To set up your office, purchase a desk for your journalist 
and if you can afford it, considering adding in a super photoshoot backdrop 
for your photographer. To purchase the desk, press right on the directional 
pad from the main gameplay screen. Use the directional pad to go to the 
"Office" category and press the A button to open it. Next, find the Staff 
Desk item. Press the A button to purchase it. Lastly, use the left thumbstick 
to move the item around. Press the A button again to place it. Right now, the 
upper Mansion is a little on the small side. However, as you expand the lower 
floor, you'll have more to build upon upstairs.

Mission 1.4: Hire Staff

Go to the Roster Screen and view the staff available to you. Select a 
photographer and a journalist and hire them.

How to do this: To enter the Roster Screen from gameplay, press down on the 
directional pad. Next, pull the right trigger to go to the Staff Roster. Use 
the directional pad to find a journalist. Their profession appears under 
their name. Press the A button to hire them. Follow the same directions to 
hire a photographer.

Mission 1.5: Meet Jak

Meet Jak Hammer, a famous local musician, and develop a casual relationship 
with him.

How to do this: Talk with Jak Hammer and select casual relationship options. 
There are three types of relationships in the Playboy game: casual, 
professional, and romantic. Casual relationships are signified by the 
handshake icon.

Mission 1.6: Publish a Magazine

Publish your first issue of Playboy by asking a Playmate to pose and 
completing the centerfold shoot.

How to do this: To publish your first issue, you will need the following 
content, most of which you start with: a centerfold shot, a cover shot, an 
article, an essay, an interview, and a "Girls of..." pictorial. Once you 
complete the "Do a Centerfold shoot" goal, you'll be all set.

To release your first issue of Playboy, from gameplay, press up on the 
directional pad to go to the Magazine screen. Next, pull the right trigger to 
go to the Content Screen. Use the directional pad to view all your available 
content. Now, press the A button to select one piece of content from each 
content type: centerfold, cover, article, essay, interview and a "Girls of" 

When selecting the cover and centerfold images, you may press the directional 
pad right or left to select a specific image. Once you've selected everything 
you need, pull the left trigger to go to the Playboy Magazine screen and ship 
it! If you missed anything, the "To Do" list on the Magazine screen is there 
to remind you.

Mission 2: A Great Start

Put out another magazine.

You debated putting a date on that first cover. You weren't really sure if it 
would be successful, but boy, was it ever! People want to get to know you, 
talk to you, be seen with you. They want to appear in the magazine you 
produce. Of course, there will be a second issue! It's time you host a party 
to celebrate your successes and kick off the sexual revolution. Naturally, 
you'll need to complete another issue of Playboy, too. To complete Mission 2, 
you must solve:
 - Throw a Party goal
 - Complete New Cover Shoot goal
 - Secure New Essay goal
 - Secure New Interview goal
 - Get New Article goal
 - Get New Pictorial goal
 - Get Centerfold goal
 - Ship Another Issue goal

In addition, depending on how some things turned out in mission 1, you may 
also have some other goals to complete before the day's done.

Mission 2.1: Throw a Party

Throw a party, invite some wild celebrities and cruise the room for content.

With so many people clamoring for your attention, it should be no problem to 
host a celebratory party!

How to do thus: To throw a party, press the A button from gameplay.

Whom to Invite?

Each party guest costs you a little something. The more famous you are, the 
more elaborate the invitation party favors will be. Depending on your cash 
reserves and your staffing, you may want to invite a photographer so he can 
get familiar with any possible subjects he or she might photogrph as well as 
a journalist in case someone agrees to an interview on the spot. If you've 
hired Bunnies or Playmates, you may want to invite them, too. They can 
greatly influence people's moods as well as their relationship toward you. 
They are pricy, however.

What to Do During the Party?

Talk with people and build up a relationship with them. Parties are the 
perfect time to secure content from celebrities. Celebrities may agree to do 
a covershot, an interview and an essay. More information on how to get each 
of these pieces of content is contained in the individual goals in this 

Mission 2.2: Complete New Cover Shoot

During the party, develop a relationship with a female celebrity and request 
a cover shoot.

How to do this: To complete a new cover shoot, you must first have a 
photographer on staff. Next, you'll need to find a female celebrity willing 
to pose. Invite someone you'd like to appear on Playboy's cover to a party. 
Next, talk to her and develop a relationship. Eventually, if things are going 
well, you'll have an opportunity to "Request Cover Shoot".

Before you ask her to pose, however, you may want her to spend some time with 
your photographer. Her mood and relationship between the photographer and the 
subject play an important role in the shoot's success.

Mission 2.3: Secure New Essay

During a party, develop a relationship with a celebrity and request an essay.

How to do this: To complete an essay, all you need is a willing celebrity and 
some cold, hard cash. Throw a party and invite someone you feel could provide 
Playboy an insightful essay. Next, talk to him or her and develop a 
relationship. When you have the opportunity to "Request Essay" you may do so. 
If your subject agrees, he or she will quote you a fee. Turn over the dough, 
and your future essayist is off. Remember, a person's mood, their 
intelligence, their interests and their relationship with you will affect the 
quality of the resulting essay.

Mission 2.4: Secure New Interview

During a party, develop a relationship with a celebrity and request an 

How to do this: Aside from your staff costs, interviews are free! To complete 
an interview, you'll need a journalist on staff and a willing celebrity. 
Throw a party and include your potential interviewee on the invite list. When 
he or she arrives at the Mansion, talk to him or her and develop a 
relationship. When you have the opportunity to "Request Interview", you may 
do so. If your subject agrees, your journalist will make a beeline (unless 
he's doing something else important) to the subject and begin the interview.

If you can build up a relationship between the journalist and the subject 
beforehand, your interview is likely to turn out even better. Remember, a 
person's mood, their intelligence, their interests and their relationship 
with the journalist all affect the quality of the resulting interview.

Mission 2.5: Get New Article

Ask a journalist to write an article for you.

How to do this: Before you can complete this goal, you'll need a journalist 
on staff. Next, talk to your journalist and select the "Command" option. 
Choose "Request Article" and a topic you feel would best fit the theme of the 
magazine this month. Mood and relationship between you and the journalist 
plays an important role in its quality.

Mission 2.6: Get New Pictorial

Ask an available photographer to shoot a pictorial for you.

How to do this: Pictorials require a photographer and are done off site. That 
means that while your photographer is away shooting "Women of Gaming", he or 
she will be unable to handle any other tasks such as centerfold or cover 
shoots. To request a pictorial, talk to your photographer and select the 
"Command" option. Choose "Request Pictorial" and a topic you feel would best 
fit the theme you're after. Mood and the relationship between you and the 
photographers plays an important role in the pictorial's quality.

Mission 2.7: Get Centerfold

Hold a new playmate for this month's Playmate.

How to do this: You'll need to have an available photographer on staff to 
complete the photo shoot as well as a Playmate on staff. To request a 
centerfold shoot, talk to your Playmate and select the "Command" option. 
Choose "Request Centerfold". Remember that the mood and relationship between 
the photographer and the subject plays an important role in the shoot's 

Mission 2.8: Ship Another Issue

Release that next issue! The newsstanders are hopping and people are waiting. 
You have to get that next issue on the stands! Every issue needs a celebrity 
on its cover, an essay, an interview, an article, a pictorial and a 
centerfold. Complete the following goals, and you should have all the content 
you need for the next issue:

Complete New Cover Shoot goal
Secure New Essay goal
Secure New Interview goal
Get New Article goal
Get New Pictorial goal
Get Centerfold goal

You may put the magazine together just like you did in the first mission. 
Press up on the directional pad to go to the Magazine screen.

Mission 2.9: Jak's Pool Party (BONUS)

Host Jak's party and meet his famous guests.

It pays to network! Apparently pleased by his last visit to the mansion, Jak 
has requested a private party to introduce you to two of his closest friends 
- the famous Uncle Kracker and Felix da Housecat. Naturally, you can't wait 
to meet these real live musician superstars! And imagine if you can secure 
some content! What a score that would be. Jak's asked you to throw the party 
by the pool so he could check out your latest addition.

To throw a party by the pool, go to the pool region. You can change regions 
by walking up to a region border and selecting the new region from the pop up 
menu. Once you're in the region, press the A button to throw a party, and 
select Jak's party when Jenny asks you what type of party you want to throw.

Mission 3: Live the Life

Mission 3 - Be the Playboy people expect you to be.

Meet people's expectations and live the Playboy lifestyle! The country has 
taken notice and people are watching. They want to know about the man behind 
the magazine, and they expect you to meet their wildest expectations: 
girlfriends, celebrity pals, business deals and a stunning Mansion. You must 
pull it all together. As you do, consider what this life means to you. What 
is your Playboy Philosophy? Complete your goals, and you may find your 
answer. To complete mission 3, you must solve:

 - Have an Intimate Affair goal
 - Make Two Girlfriends goal
 - Make Two Friends goal
 - Make an Associate goal
 - Hire a Full Staff goal
 - Use Your Inner Circle goal
 - Release Another Issue goal

Mission 3.1: Have an Intimate Affair

Be the Playboy people expect you to be and have an intimate affair.

Yes, people do have preconceived notions about you and your lifestyle, and 
truthfully, many of these notions are quite appealing. You'll find that you 
have quite the pull with the ladies now. See if you can't take that a step 
further and fully embrace the Playboy mystique.

Mission 3.2: Make Girlfriends

Develop (and maintain!) romantic relationships with two women and ask them to 
be your girlfriends.

How to do this: Getting a girlfriend requires a well developed romantic 
relationship. Talk to a woman and build your relationship. When you have the 
opportunity to ask her to be your girlfriend, do so. Girlfriends move into 
the Mansion and receive a regular allowance from you.

Mission 3.3: Make an Associate

Strike a deal and get an Associate.

Deals are made when two people really trust one another professionally. They 
allow you to invest your money in people you feel confident in. Naturally, a 
bit of luck and the person's skills will affect the outcome of the deal, so 
choose wisely.

How to do this: When you develop a solid professional relationship with 
someone, you may have the opportunity to select the Strike a Deal option. If 
you feel confident, do so. The outcome depends on the person's intellect, 
charm, presense and a bit of luck.

Mission 3.4: Get a Full Staff

Have at least one Journalist, Photographer, Playmate and Bunny on staff.

It's time to ramp it up. Without a full staff, you're not all the man you 
need to be.

How to do this: Go to the Staff Screen in the Roster Screen and hire on a 
full staff. It might not hurt to have two journalists and two photographers 
on staff if you're the multitasking sort and you can afford it. More staff 
equals more content and more content equals more issues. More issues equals 
more money.

Mission 3.5: Use your "Inner Circle"

Get a piece of content that features someone from your Inner Circle

You'll need to secure a piece of content from someone in your group, be it a 
girlfriend or a friend. Any piece of content is fine.

Mission 3.6: Release Another Issue

Release another issue of Playboy that features content from someone in your 
current posse - be it your girlfriends or your firneds.

Learning to create a network and using that network to further your empire 
building goals will be the ultimate key to your success. Note: the friend or 
girlfriend must still be your friend or girlfriend when you publish the 
magazine, however, so maintenance is key.

Mission 3.7: Make Friends

Get and maintain two friends.

Having girlfriends isn't enough. Anyone in your position needs a couple close 

How to do this: Getting a friend requires building a strong casual 
relationship. When you reach that point, you may invite them to your inner 
circle. That relationship comes with bonuses: you can call friends to the 
Mansion at any time without the pesky expense of an invite. Better yet, your 
friends are more likely to provide content for you.

Mission 4: When Everything's Going Right...

Learn how to make and unbreak relationships.

patch up (or pitch out!) those broken relationships in time to take advantage 
of some big sports stars appearing on your horizon.

Relationships are starting to unravel all around you, and the timing's not 
good. According to Dick, some big sports stars will soon be appearing on your 
horizon, but with everyone down in the dumps, you'll be hard pressed to take 
advantage of your good fortune.

What went wrong? How it happened is anyone's guess, but your girlfriends hate 
one another and are causing quite the disturbance wherever they go in the 
Mansion. The fight has spread like a regular virus among the office staff - 
two of whom are no longer speaking - and to your friends who were forced to 
take sides - opposing sides.

In the middle of the storm, however, there is a bright rainbow - two big 
sports stars want to come to the Mandion. It's a great break, provided that 
you can get the warring factions within your walls under control. Otherwise, 
you'll never be able to take full advantage of this great opportunity. To 
complete Mission 4, you must solve:

 - Find Out What Happened goal
 - Patch Up Girlfriend Relationships goal
 - Patch Up Staff goal
 - Patch Up Friendships goal
 - Publish Playboy Philosophy goal
 - Convert Chance Encounters goal
 - Publish a "Sports" Issue goal
 - There's a Hitch goal.

Mission 4.1: Publish Playboy Philosophy

Publish the Playboy Philosophy.

Living the lifestyle has inspired you, and now that you've defined and 
written the Playboy Philosophy, you must publish it. Put together a high-
quality issue that's suitable for wrapping your Philosophy. Scoring content 
with the big sports superstars could put you well on your way.

Mission 4.2: Find Out What Happened

Build a casual relationship with your staff so they're comfortable disclosing 
things to you.

Someone on your staff might know why your girlfriends are fighting. Build up 
some casual relationships and see if anyone can shed light on the situation. 
Naturally, the depper the relationship with your staff members, the more 
likely he or she is to reveal the steamy details.

Mission 4.3: Patch Up or Fire Staff

Get Andrea Peck and Floy Boyd back on solid and friendly professional footing 
with one another in time for the big sports stars' arrival.

As far as anyone knows, Andrea Peck and Floy Boyd were talking about natural 
vs. implants and the next thing you know, it was out of control. Either patch 
up their professional relationship so they'll at least be able to work 
together, or let one of them go. Until you do, your magazine just isn't going 
to be peak quality, and with the possibility of an excellent sports piece or 
two on the horizon, this is not something you can afford.

Mission 4.4: Convert Chance Encounters

Convert those chance encounters into content! Get Rob Dyrdek and Jose Canseco 
to give you content!

Rob Dyrdek, the famous skateboarder, and Jose Canseco, the baseball legend 
himself, have called and are planning to stop by the Mansion. Talk with them, 
and build a solid casual or professional relationship. Then, ask them to 
provide you content for your upcoming "sports" issue.

Mission 4.5: Publish a "Sports" Issue

Publish a "Sports" Issue featuring two pieces of content aimed at the sports 

Your chance encounter with Jose Canseco or Rob Dyrdek will provide you with 
the perfect content for such an issue, or you can use two other sports pieces 
with a demographic bonus of +3 or better.

To determine the focus of a particular piece of content, go to the Magazine 
Content screen, select the piece of content and look at its demographic. The 
higher the number the better.

To determine the focus of the market - what people are interest in - go to 
the Magazine Market screen. The taller the black bar, the bigger the market 
segment. Right now, the sports market is very hot.

Mission 4.6: Put Melda on the Cover

Secret goal uncovered!

What an eye! You know a diamond in the rough when you see it and putting 
Melda on the cover was a brilliant move.

Mission 4.7: Another Cover Shot

Do a cover shot with Petra!

Turns out Melda's close friend, Petra Verkaik, loved the cover shoot of 
Melda, and now wants to appear herself! Invite her to the mansion, discuss it 
with her and complete a covershoot with Petra.

Mission 4.8: Patch Up Girlfriend Relationships

Get [GIRLFRIEND A], [GIRLFRIEND B], and Blaze Starr to have a positive casual 
relationship with one another.

Well, well, well. Good ol' love triangles. As your girlfriends got to talking 
about one another, the topic of ex-boyfriends inevitably came up. It seems 
that Blaze was once playing two teams at the same time and now he's crunched 
in the middle. Now, [GIRLFRIEND A] and [GIRLFRIEND B] have stopped talking, 
each insisting that the other was the reason for the relationship's painful 
downfall. Get them all together to work this mess out.

Mission 4.9: There's a hitch...

Hillary Adeluz wants to make sure this "Playboy thing" is, in her words, "on 
the up and up." Invite her over for a small party in the Main Mansion and 
impress her.

Apparently, she just needs to meet with you to sign off on the Rob Dyrdek 
piece you published. She's a representative from his agent's company and she 
needs to do a brief face to face to make sure this "Playboy" piece is on the 
up and up. Talk to her and let her know that you're the real deal.

Mission 5: Feel the Love

Mission 5: With love comes responsibility. Handle the situations that come 
your way as a result of publishing the Playboy Philosophy and making your 
social conscience as nude as your centerfolds.

With the feuds settled and your Philosophy published, you are enjoying the 
sweet sounds of silence, nothing but an occasional letter dropping on your 
desk. But the letter turns to two and to five and soon whole mailbags are 
landing with thuds. The response to your Philosophy is overwhelming. People 
agree. They disagree. They want your help. They want you to DO things. To 
complete Mission 5, you must solve:

 - Hold Operation Validation Fundraiser goal
 - Complete Karmyn Chase Cover Shoot goal
 - Get Karmyn on the Cover Goal
 - Find Ken Willard goal
 - Get essay from Ken Willard goal
 - Hold Graduation Party goal

Mission 5.1: Hold Operation Validation Fundraiser

Successfully hold the Operation Validation Fundraiser Party in the pool 

After hearing about your newly built Grotto, Johnny has asked that you hold 
the party there. A successful party is one where guests leave feeling good. 
Their moods aren't dragging on the floor, and no one felt starved for 
attention. The success of the party will determine how easy your other goals 
will be. Be sure to invite a good mix of people and have plenty of objects 
around that can keep everyone's entertainment drive satisfied.

Mission 5.2: Complete Karmyn Chase Cover Shoot

Get Ms. Karmyn Chase in front of your camera for a cover shoot.

Not only is she one of Hollywood's most beautiful women, she is also 
notoriously reclusive around the press, though any one of them would have 
gladly given her prime position. Naturally, you set your sights on getting 
her to appear on your cover, challenging as that might be.

Mission 5.3: Find Ken Willard

Where oh where is Ken Willard? You need to find out.

If you want Karmyn to appear on the cover, Ken's essay needs to appear 
between them. However, Ken Willard is nowhere to be found. Jenny thought he 
was dead and for all her black book magic, she can't put her finger on his 

Jenny suggests you get in with the creative crowd. Invite every author, 
artist and musician you can find to a party at the mansion. Build an advanced 
relationship with them and hope that someone might be able to help you find 
Ken Willard. Someone has to know this recluse is.

Mission 5.4: Publish Karmyn on the Cover

Publish an issue of Playboy with Karmyn Chase on the cover along with an 
Essay by Ken Willard.

Karmyn's willing to appear on Playboy's cover, but she wants this issue to be 
something really special. She'd like you to feature an essay by her favorite 
writer, Ken Willard, in the same issue.

Mission 5.5: Hold Graduation Party

Hold Robbie's Graduation Party at the mansion.

Turns out that Robbie Light knows where Ken Willard is and will gladly tell 
you, provided there's something in it for him - a prime spot for his 
graduation party. While you're not at all impressed by his methods, more than 
anything, you want Karmyn on the cover, so you have to do what you have to 

Mission 5.6: Get Essay from Ken Willard

Ask Ken Willard to write an Essay for Playboy.

Now that you've found him, work your magic, build a relationship, and get him 
to write an essay for Playboy.

Mission 6: Launch Playboy Foundation

Mission 6: Launch the Playboy Foundation by funding an important historical
feature film directed by Steven Ratchet.

Enhancing the principles of personal freedom and social justice are moving
beyond the pages of Playboy. You decide to create the Playboy Foundation to
give money to worthy causes. It will cost about $100,000 to get the
foundation off the ground, though interested patrons might make the amount
less. With that in mind, you set your sights on creating your first feature,
an important historical retrospective.

To complete Mission 6, you must solve:

 - Free Steven Ratchet Goal
 - Sign Builder Paris goal
 - Sign Famous Leading Lady goal
 - Get the Chemistry Cooking goal
 - A Little Mood Music goal
 - Give Mark a Muse goal
 - Pull Some Strings goal
 - Pay Steven's Bail goal
 - Host Movers and Shakers goal
 - Leery Politicians goal

Mission 6.1: Free Steven Ratchet

Get Steve Ratchet out of jail so he can produce the Foundation's first
important feature film.

To do so, you'll need to see if you can pull any political strings to spring
him from the hopper sooner. In the meantime, he's asked you to do a few
things: sign his leading lady and his leading man and help the two of them
develop a romantic relationship. Next, get Markus Jacobski to agree to score
the film.

Mission 6.2: Sign Builder Paris

Invite Builder Paris over to the Mansion and convince him to be the film's
leading man.

Steven really has his eye set on getting Builder Paris signed as the leading
man. Develop an advanced professional relationship with Builder and get him
to sign a contract.

Mission 6.3: Sign Famous Leading Lady

Sign a famous leading lady to play opposite Builder Paris.

Steven's known for working with top-notch talent, so get yourself the best
star you can find, develop an advanced professional relationship with her
and sign her to a contract. The closer her fame is to Builder's, the better.
If he thinks he's working with an amateur, he won't be pleased.

Mission 6.4: A Little Mood Music

Get Markus Jacobski to score the film.

Steven has asked you to get the world-famous composer, Markus Jacobski. He's
already given you the contact information. All you need to do is develop an
advanced professional relationship with Markus and get him to sign a contract
to score the film.

Mission 6.5: Get the Chemistry Cooking

Help you leading man and leading lady, Builder Paris and Lilly Knocker, to
develop a romantic relationship.

Chemistry off screen translates to dollars on screen. To do so, ask Builder
Paris or Lilly Knocker to follow you and introduce them romantically to the
other, then watch the sparks fly! The better their moods and drives when they
first meet, the better they're likely to do. You might even want to grease
the proverbial wheel by encouraging each to have a little drink beforehand.

Mission 6.6: Give Mark a Muse

Introduce Markus to some eligible ladies.

Looks like Markus is interested in "scoring" other things as well, so you
need to get him hooked up at the Mansion before he'll agree. To do so, ask
Markus or any eligible lady to follow you and make the necessary romantic

Mission 6.7: Pull Some Strings

Talk with Robert Aganasio, a local and prominent politician to see if he
can help you get Steven out of jail.

Everyone knows who Robert Aganasio is. He's the type of politician you
could actually like - honest, up front, not afraid to speak out on the
issues. In fact, he attended the same protest (on the same side) as Steven
did! If anyone could, he might be able to convince a sympathetic judge to
spring Steven Ratchet from jail a bit sooner. Develop a moderate casual
relationship with him and see what he can do after he leaves the pary.

Mission 6.8: Pay Steven's Bail

Pay Steven's bail.

Steven Ratchet has his things packed and ready to go. He's just in need of
a little bail money.

Mission 6.9: Host Movers and Shakers Party

Host a lavish party with possible patrons to help you fund the Playboy
Foundation and work that room! Learn what makes their wallets open!

Spread the word! Steven's free, and you have your first Foundation project
in his film. Now you need your first patrons and the funds they'll provide
to help you launch the Playboy Foundation.

Host a lavish party - Jenny knows just who to invite: Marv Wasserman, and
his girlfriend Tika CHai, Rhapsody Rod, a famous jazz musician, Dame and Duke
Sanford, eccentric wealthy royals, Walter Chatham, a wealthy business tycoon
and lastly, Zupa True, an old school funk master. The better your party, the
more money they'll contribute. If you and Steven really work the room, you
can find out what makes their wallets open.

Mission 6.10: Leery Politicians

Host a party for a group of leery lawmakers, and develop a basic relationship
with each.

A group of lawmakers are impressed with the concept of the Playboy
Foundation, but they're exceptionally leery of you and your motives. They
haven't read your Philosophy or looked beneath the magazine's covers, so
they see you as a wild man, pure and simple. Invite them to the Mansion and 
develop a positive casual relationship with each *and* keep them in a good 
mood while they're here. It's critical that you win their acceptance, 
otherwise your chances for philanthropy will dry up as people lose faith in 
your mission. Even worse, if anyone leaves angry, your fame will take a hit. 
Get at least a basic casual relationship with each politician, and you'll 
gain fame and gain opportunities for philanthropy.

Mission 6.11: Fund the Foundation

Hand over the cash.

In order to get your foundation rolling, you'll need to donate its starting 

Mission 7: When The Going Gets Tough

Mission 7: It's tough times! Sales are certain to decline unless your shore 
yourself up in-house, diversify and rally the troops!

The swingin' 70's are no more, and the high life has come to an end as a 
retaliatory flood of conservatism sweeps the nation. From the "moral 
majority" to the Meese Commission to the arrival of the much-loved VCR and a 
multitude of competitors, on every front, in every way, dollar for dollar 
your bottom line grows weaker. It is a critical time and your decisions and 
direction may well decide the company's future. The tide has turned.

To complete Mission 7, you must solve:

 - Strive For The Best goal
 - Put Up a Good Front goal
 - Sign Up Some Playmates goal
 - Contract an Actor goal
 - Diversify goal
 - Tough Times at the Mansion goal
 - Rock the Clubhouse! goal
 - Sad Girlfriends goal
 - Staff Live the Life! goal
 - Playmates on a Mission goal

Mission 6.1: Strive For The Best

Publish two magazines in a row that have really high quality (3 Rabbit Heads 
or better).

While its often said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, it 
is also be added that imitation can affect one's bottom line. Rather than let 
the copy cats take your audience, push yourself even harder and show the 
market that Playboy understands the high life better than anyone.

To do this, you'll have to pay more attention to people's fame and skills 
than ever before. Hire the best talent, recruit the best celebrity content, 
spend time developing relationships between your staff and their subjects, 
and make sure they're all working to make themselves the most developed they 
can be.

Mission 6.2: Put Up a Good Front

Fill the staff with 3 Playmates, 2 journalists and 2 photographers. Get 3 
girlfriends just for good measure.

Nothing silences critics quite like success. A retreat or cutback now could 
be perceived as a sign [of] weakness later - and the moral majority would 
like nothing better than to see you and your empire fade quietly away. But 
you? You'll stand proud! Strengthen yourself on the home front by building up 
your staff, your girlfriends, and your playmates. Hire and maintain a 
constant collection of 3 playmates, two journalists and 2 photographers. Get 
and maintain 3 girlfriends.

Mission 6.3: Diversify

Diversify into the video market. Find an Actor to direct your series and Sign 
Up Some Playmates to star.

After studying the market, you make plans to diversify and launch a line of 
Playboy Videos to capture a shifting market. If the VCR can take away your 
readers, surely Playboy Video can bring them back. You decide to produce 
videos featuring famous Playmates, Published Playmates and Celebrity 

To complete this goal, you must solve:

Sign up Some Playmates goal
Contract an Actor goal

Mission 6.4: Contract an Actor

Sign a contract with a famous entertainment figure, perhaps a director, 
producer or actor, to direct your video series.

The more famous your actor, the more attention he'll draw and the bigger the 
market your video will command. The more they sell, the more fortified your 
bottom line will be.

Mission 6.5: Sign Up Some Playmates

Sign contracts with five Playmates.

If you're going to make sexy films, you'll need some Playmates to star in 
them! Develop [a] high professional relationships with up to five Playmates, 
Published Playmates or Celebrity Playmates and ask [get] them to sign 
contracts. Each contract you sign will fortify your bottom line.

Finish me? :P


                      12. Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I need X amount of issues so I can get X award, how can I go about it?
A: Just jack the price down and make a good issue with the correct demo-
   graphics targetted. That should get you the maximum amount of circulation,
   which depends not only on the issue's price but also the quality.

Q: Would you recommend this game for children?
A: Absolutely not. >_>

Q: Can you mess around with the playmates?
A: Yep, the whole nine yards. And it's easier in the game than irl, IMHO. ;)

Q: What's there to do after completing the missions?
A: Freeform mode, decorating house, interacting, making the perfect issue,
   possibly getting the most circulation... these are the primary things
   that come to mind.

Q: What is the best way to photograph?
A: Take pictures while the models are blinking or doing something hawt...
   I'm serious, that's the best way I've found. Most of it depends on the
   model's statistics, and not your excellent photography.

Q: I want <insert item, place, person>!
A: Just play the missions and get the most circulation to unlock (nearly)
   everything in the entire game. You can save and look at pictures, then
   reload to look at more, if that is what you want to do.

Q: What is mastication?
A: Eating food. Don't ask me about Charles Dickens' "Master Bates." I'll ne-
   ver tell, because there's nothing to tell, Marinna.


                               13. Game Terms


I'm going to get lynched for this, but here I'll list all the game terms. 
That might not seem so bad, but the lynch part comes in if you knew that all 
of these terms can be found in game. I'll get the rope. Err... Control and F 
works wonders to find what you're looking for, but everything is in 
alphabetical order chronologically.

Amorous, Quirk: Amorous people are in love with love. They hope the mansion 
                is every bit as naughty as they heard it could be. Because of 
                their amorous bent, they require more romantic activities 
                than your casual Mansion attendee (theoretically speaking, of 
                course, since anyone at the Mansion is hardly casual about 

Article: An article is one of the six pieces of content you'll need to 
         publish your magazine. To get an article, you'll first need a 
         journalist on your staff. Next, request an article from the Command 
         menu. Your journalist will get to work.

Arts & Lit, Interest: The Book icon represents a person's interest in arts 
            and literature. Writers and journalists generally have a high 
            interest in this field.

Buddies: When it's all about "who you know" it's important to know who knows 
         whom. Some characters have a list of buddies with whom they are very 
         familar. Checking out these buddies is very useful when you're 
         trying to hook them up professionally, casually, or romantically. A 
         person's buddies are listed on the last page of his or her roster 

Building: The Build Screen is part of the Mansion Screen and is the place to 
          go for all your home improvement needs. When you purchase a 
          building component, you'll begin to build immeditately in the 
          Arrange Screen. Unlike tradional items which you can pick up and 
          sell, all building purchases are final. Removing them requires 

Bunnies: Playboy Bunnies are the consummate entertainers. Originally 
         appearing in your Playboy Clubs, Bunnies know how to keep a crowd 
         hopping. Hire them for parties to greet your guests, keep them happy 
         and serve drinks. Everyone is thrilled to meet a Playboy Bunny, and 
         it will show!

Call: You may call friends to the Mansion without throwing a party. To do so, 
      go to the Roster Inner Circle screen and "Call" them.

Centerfold: A centerfold is one of the six pieces of content you'll need to 
            publish your Playboy magazine. To get a centerfold, you'll first 
            need to hire a photographer. Next, you'll need a Playmate on 
            staff. Talk with the Playmate and request a centerfold shoot from 
            the Command menu. Next, you'll be asked where you'd like to do 
            the shoot, and then the fun begins!

Change Looks: To change a person's looks, go to the Roster Screen, view the 
              person and select the "Edit" option. The option to edit a 
              person's looks is unlocked through good gameplay.

Change Name: To change a person's name, go to the Roster Screen, view the 
             person and select the "Edit" option. The option to edit a 
             person's name is unlocked through good gameplay.

Charm: Charm goes a long way in business, love and friendship. The more 
       charming a character, the easier he or she will find life to be. 
       Playmates and Bunnies use their charm to influence viewers while 
       journalists and photographers use it in interviews or photo shoots. 
       Among other things, looking at yourself in mirrors or mirrored 
       vanities can improve your charm.

Chaste, Quirk: Chase people respect the Playboy lifestyle, but choose not to 
               live it.

Clubhouse: The clubhouse is unlocked through gameplay. A virtual 
           entertainment den, it's known as the best play to play games in 
           the Mansion.

Confrontational, Quirk: Confrontational people appreciate a bowl of punch and 
                        a punch to the head equally. They will travel for a 
                        fight, look for the weak in the crowd and should 
                        probably be medicated.

Content: To publish a magazine, you need six pieces of content: a centerfold, 
         a cover shot, a pictorial, an essay, an article and an interview. To 
         complete all these pieces you'll also need a Playmate on staff 
         (centerfold), a photographer (centerfold, cover shot and pictorial), 
         a journalist (article and interview) and three amicable celebrities 
         (cover shot, essay and interview).

Conversation: Talk to people to develop romantic, professional and casual 
              relationships and to satisfy the same drives. In a one-on-one 
              conversation, each action has a matching icon that lets you 
              know what type of action it is. For instance, "Kiss" is 
              romantic action with a heart icon. Group conversation is more 
              of a free for all and a good way to get people familar with 
              each other.

Conversation, Casual: A casual relationship is the backdone of friendship. 
                      People who have high casual relationships with you can 
                      be invited to join your Inner Circle. They'll be able 
                      to stop by whenever they'd like, and you're welcome to 
                      call them over, too.

Conversation, Introducing People: Lots of things happen when you introduce 
                                  one person to another. For starters, it 
                                  allows them to get to know one another just 
                                  a bit through you, the third party. 
                                  Secondly, you'll have an opportunity to 
                                  choose which type of conversation you'd 
                                  like them to have. The last thing you want 
                                  to see is your two prospective business 
                                  partners hitting the bed instead of the 

Conversation, Professional: Developing professional relationships with others  
                            will be the key that allows you to transform 
                            Playboy magazine from a one-shot wonder into a 
                            worldwide empire. You'll be able to sign 
                            contracts that'll get you ahead and make deals 
                            that will win you (or lose you) money.

Conversation, Romantic: Somewhere inside the head of most everyone who visits 
                        the Playboy Mansion is the deep-seated desire to fall 
                        deeply, passionately in love (or lust)). So, it's no 
                        surprise that a great many romantic relationships are 
                        formed here. There are many rewards for those who 
                        form high romantic relationships as you'll 
                        undoubtedly discover.

Cover Shot: A cover shot is one of the six pieces of content you'll need to 
            publish your magazine. To get a cover shot, you'll first need to 
            hire a photographer. Next, you'll need a willing celebrity. 
            Develop a relationship with a celebrity and request a cover shot 
            from the Command menu. If she agrees, you'll be asked where you'd 
            like to do the shoot, and then the fun begins!

Deals: Deals are made when two people really trust one another 
       professionally. They allow you to invest your money in people you feel 
       confident about. Naturally, a bit of luck and the person's skills will 
       affect the outcome of the deal, so choose wisely.

Drinker, Quirk: Drinkers think of beer as a sport and themselves as athletes. 
                They can be irritable and discontented when not drinking, but 
                that rarely happens. If they drink too much, however, they 
                can become drunk, and when they're drunk, stand back or pray 
                an AA meeting breaks out.

Drive, Casual Relationship: The casual relationship drive represents a 
                            person's need to form friendships with other 
                            people. It is represented by a handshake icon. 
                            Many things, from playing a game together to 
                            revealing your inner secrets, satisfy a person's 
                            casual drive.

Drive, Entertainment: The entertainment drive represents a person's need to 
                      enjoy fun activities. It is represented by a martini 
                      glass icon. Many things, from foosball to a dip in the 
                      grotto, satisfy a person's entertainment drive.

Drive, Leisure: The leisure drive represents a person's need to kick back and 
                relax. It is represented by a lounge chair icon. Many things, 
                from watching TV to lounging on a smooth leather sofa, 
                satisfy a person's leisure drive.

Drive, Personal Development: The personal development drive represents a 
                             person's desire to make themselves the best 
                             person they can be personally and profession-
                             ally. It is represented by a graduation cap 
                             icon. Many things, from working out to reading, 
                             satisfy a person's personal development drive.

Drive, Professional Relationship: The professional relationship drive 
                                  represents a person's need to engage in 
                                  business or negotiation. It is represented 
                                  by a business graph icon and is displayed 
                                  on the bottom of the screen with the other 
                                  drives. Many things, from bsuiness chat to 
                                  signing deals, satisfy a person's 
                                  professional drive.

Drive, Romantic Relationship: The romantic relationship drive represents a 
                              person's need to be romanced and to be 
                              romantic. It is represented by a heart icon and 
                              is displayed on the bottom of the screen with 
                              the other drives. Many things, from kissing to 
                              flirting satisfy a character's romantic drive.

Drives: Every person has six drives: entertainment, personal development, 
        leisure, casual relationships, professional relationships and 
        romantic relationships. Each drive represents a person's need to 
        pursuing certain activites. When a drive meter is full, the person is 
        satisfied. As the drive drops, a person becomes less satisfied and 
        needs to pursue activites to satisfy that drive.

Drives, HELP!: Your mansion is full of miserable people. The first thing to 
               do is survey the proverbial landscape. Go into the Mansion 
               Arrange Screen within the Mansion Screen and check out the 
               items that you have. Are there things to satisfy each of their 
               drives? Consider splurging on items that satisfy multiple 
               drives at once. Are they getting the social contact they 
               crave? Throw parties!

Drives, Seeing Status: To see another person's drives, talk to them or press 
                       the Y button to enter the People Finder. Highlight the 
                       person whose drives you'd like to see. People's moods 
                       are also a good indicator of how well their drives are 
                       being satisfied.

Drunk, State: Drunk people are impervious to all forms of logic (unless that 
              logic involves drinking more, in which case, they're all over 
              it). While drunk, people tend to annoy other people in your 
              mansion. However, they see themselves as the sabshulute lillfe 
              of the PAAARty! Fortunately, you can cut them off.

Easy Going, Quirk: Easy going people take things in stride and their moods 
                   aren't much bothered when things go wrong.

Edit: The Roster's "Edit" feature allows you to change your character's 
      wardrobe, looks aand names. Lawyers, fashion consultants, hair dressers 
      and plastic surgeons are standing by. The "Edit" option is unlocked 
      through gameplay.

Essay: An essay is one of the six pieces of content you'll need to publish 
       your magazine. To get an essay, you'll need a willing celebrity. 
       Develop a relationship with a celebrity and request an essay from the 
       Command menu. If they agree, you'll be quoted a price. If it's 
       acceptable, the celebrity will leave to write your essay.

Faithful, Quirk: Faithful people will not engage in more than one serious 
                 romantic relationship at a time and tend to follow their 
                 beloveds obediently (or to the point of severe annoyance if 
                 you happened to attend the same party with said couple).

Fame Stars: Fame is a measure of your success. Ranging from 1 to 5 stars, the 
            more famous you are, the better you will do. You'll sell more 
            magazines, have more girlfriends, meet more famous people (and 
            therefore, get more worthy content). Fame is gained or lost in 
            several ways: through parties, through the quality of your 
            magazines and through events which put your name in the 

Fashion, Interest: The Sunglasses icon represents a person's interest in the 
                   world of fashion. Models and Playmates generally have a 
                   high interest in this field.

Firing Staff: To fire staff, go to the Roster Staff Screen, view the person 
              and select the "Fire" option. When people are fired, they are 
              immediately escorted off the Mansion grounds and any content 
              they were working on is immediately shredded.

Friends: Friends are people with whome you have developed a close casual
         relationship and have invited to your innercircle. They're free to
         stop by your Mansion at any time and can even be called over for a
         one-on-one. Naturally, they need none of those expensive invitations
         or party favors. Note that for legal reasons, staff cannot be
         invited to your inner circle or become girlfriends.

Fun Loving, Quirk: Fun Loving people need to be entertained and would rather 
                   play a game than find a job, unless that job were playing 
                   games and even then, they'd probably play something other 
                   than the game they were being paid to play. They are known 
                   for doing wild things and riding the entertainment 

Girlfriends: When you develop a high romantic relationship with a woman, you 
             can ask her to be your girlfriend. Girlfriends live in the 
             Mansion and receive an allowance to use as they see fit. They 
             work on your behalf and can affect your relationships with 
             others in good and bad ways. As your fame increases, you'll be 
             able to have more girlfriends. At most, however, you can have 

Grotto: The Grotto is unlocked through gameplay. If you looked for this 
        topic, you already know what the Grotto's all about.

Hef Screen: The Hef Screen contains all your personal information including 
            goals, empire stats and this help screen.

Hiring Staff: To hire staff, go to the Roster Staff Screen, view the person 
              and select the "Hire" option. People who hire on with you do so 
              for a minimum of one month's pay. If you fire them 
              immeditately, however, they get to keep their first salary 

Humor, Interest: The Drama Mask icon represents a person's appreciation of 
                 humor and comedy. Comedians generally have a high interest 
                 in this field.

Intellect: Intellect is the measure of a character's intelligence. Brilliant 
           characters will help to provide you with insightful articles, 
           interviews and essays. Dumb characters would have difficulty 
           finding their way out of the Grotto. Characters can improve their 
           intellect by doing various forms of research.

Interests: All people have likes and dislikes. These can change as people 
           spend time with others and learn about the world and the people 
           around them. In the Hef Stats screen of the Hef Screen, these 
           interests are shown as numbers 0 to 9, with 9 being the highest. 
           Interests are: TV & movies, sports, arts & lit, humor, fashion, 
           music, politics, sexuality and tech & toys.

Interview: An interview is one of the six pieces of content you'll need to 
           publish your magazine. To get an interview, you'll first need a 
           journalist on your staff. Next, you'll need a willing celebrity. 
           Develop a relationship with a celebrity and request an interview 
           from the Command menu. If they agree, the celebrity and your 
           journalist will get together to perform the interview.

Items, Effects of: Most items satisfy one drive or multiple drives. Some 
                   items can also improve your skills, increase your 
                   interests or improve a room's appearance. On the 
                   Furnishings Screen of the Mansion Screen, look for 
                   individual drive icons. The drive most satisfied by using 
                   an item will be shown. Drive fulfillment values range from 
                   0 to 10.

Items, Buying: The Furnishings Screen is part of the Mansion Screen and is 
               the place to go for buying items. When you purchase an item, 
               you'll be tansported to the Arrange screen for immediate 
               delivery. Now, just find a place to put the item. If you 
               regret your purchase, you can sell it back within a short 
               amount of time with no penalty at all.

Items, Room Value: Most every item contributes to a room's value. The better 
                   looking a room, the better you can expect a character's 
                   overall mood to be. If an item affects room value, it will 
                   be displayed in its entry in the Roster Screen.

Items, Selling: To sell an item you own, go to the Arrange Screen within the 
                Mansion Screen. Select the item and press the X button to 
                sell it. Some items, like paintings or fine works of 
                sculputre, appreciate with age. Others, like that cheap chair 
                you bought to impress your early guests, will go at yard sale 

Items, Using: To use an item, walk to it and press the A button. If the item 
              is useable, you'll see it's name. Select it and choose whatever 
              action you like. Each action can have a different effect on you 
              and may satisfy different or multiple drives.

Jealous, Quirk: Jealous people are ever vigilant at the Mansion where 
                beautiful people abound, and they tend to react in an uncivil 
                fashion if the object of their affection is engaged with 
                another person.

Journalists: Journalists may be hired to provide articles and interviews for 
             your magazines. The best jounralists work on their intellect and 
             their charm, believing it will improve the quality of the 

Likes/Dislikes: Every character has likes and dislikes, which appear in their 
                roster screen. A character's likes and dislikes will 
                influence what they like to talk about as well as the 
                demographics of any content you get from them.

Mad, State: Unlike your basic low-grade irritation or bad mood, mad people 
            are literally ticked off to the point of (virtually) no return. A 
            friendly, "Hey. It's okay," is just as likely to be met by a knee 
            to the groin as a acceptance. In an ideal world, these people 
            would have yellow "caution" tape tied around their heads. They 
            are best left to calm down.

Magazine Screen: The Magazine Screen allows you to put all your hard work 
                 together creating the latest issue of Playboy magazine. This 
                 screen contains all the information on your publishing 
                 empire including the current cover page, to do list, content 
                 list, current market status, your Chief of Staff reports and 
                 a Playmate of the Year selector.

Magazine, Centerfold: The centerfold of Playboy magazine features the famous 
                      Playboy Playmate. To select a centerfold for this 
                      month's issue, go to the Magazine Content Screen. If 
                      you don't have one available, hire a photographer and a 
                      Playmate and request she attend a centerfold shoot.

Magazine, Content: The Magazine Content screen shows you all the content you 
                   have created but have not yet published. The longer the 
                   content hangs around, the more dated it becomes and the 
                   lower its quality sinks. To publish a magazine, you need 
                   six pieces of content: a centerfold, a cover shot, a 
                   pictorial, an essay, an article and an interview.

Magazine, Cover: The cover of Playbpy magazine always features a beautiful 
                 celebrity model of the femal variety. To select a cover for 
                 this month's issue, go to the Magazine Content Screen. If 
                 you don't have one available, hire and photographer and 
                 develop a relationship with a celebrity. Impress her, and 
                 she may agree to do a cover shoot.

Magazine, Market: The Magazine Market screen shows you what the current 
                  market trends are as well as the overall sixe of your 
                  current market. Does the sports demographic look hot? 
                  Adding more sports content to your magazine will likely 
                  increase your sales. You can also adjust ad quantity and 
                  cover price here to maximize your earnings and your 

Magazine, PMOY: The Magazine PMOY screen is a special screen that's called 
                into play once a year when you select the Playmate of the 
                Year. You'll choose from twelve previous Playboy Centerfolds 
                and then select the one Playmate that really made your year 
                for inclusion in the next issue.

Magazine, Requirements: To publish a magazine, you need six pieces of 
                        content: a centerfold, a cover shot, a pictorial, an 
                        essay, an article and an interview. To complete all 
                        these pieces you'll need a Playmate on staff 
                        (centerfold), a photographer (centerfold, cover shoot 
                        and pictorial), a journalist (article and interview) 
                        and three amicable celebrities (cover shot, essay and 

Main Mansion: The Main Mansion is where it all begins for you and for so many 
              others. From here, you can get to the Upper Mansion and later, 
              when they are unlocked, the Pool and the Clubhouse.

Mansion Screen: The Mansion Screen allows you to build your empire, 
                literally. From putting up walls to decorating a room, this 
                screen contains everything you need to get your place as 
                beautiful as those who come there.

Mood, Effects of: Mood affects everything that people do, from success in 
                  conversations to relationships development to content 
                  quality ("Just take the freakin' picture already!"). It can 
                  even affect the success of your empire overall. It's 
                  important to keep people in good spirits by providing them 
                  lots of action, social and otherwise.

Mood, Improving: Bad moods are usually a result of unsatisfied drives. Make 
                 sure people can fulfill their drives, even if it means a 
                 trip to the store for you. Playboy Playmates and Bunnies can 
                 also pick up people's moods. Lastly, some characters are 
                 just down in the dumps because something happened that they 
                 can't get over. Try to help them over the hurdle. Usually, 
                 they'll suggest the way.

Moods: By pressing the White button, you can see the moods of everyone in 
       your Mansion. Happy characters have a strong green ring. Miserable 
       characters, on the other hand, have jagged red shapes that no longer 
       qualify as your traditional circle, per se. To increase the moods of 
       your characters, make sure they are able to satisfy all their drives.

Music, Interests: The Musical Note icon represents a person's interest in the 
                  music. Musicians of all types generally have a high 
                  interest in this field.

Net Worth: Your Net Worth in the Hef Stats screen represents your fire sale 
           value. It takes into account your cash on hand as well as the 
           value you'd get if you sold every single thing you possessed 
           (expect your silk pajamas, of course). Architectural items like 
           walls, floors and windows don't add to your net worth since they 
           can't be sold. In fact, you'll have to pay to demolish these.

Party, Invites: Consider the unique abilities of the people you invite. 
                Playmates, Bunnies or Celebrity Playmates can be a boon to 
                your guest's moods and to their opinions of you. Girlfriends 
                can help you form relationships with others by talking you 
                up, even if you're not around. Staff members can use parties 
                to develop relationships with those they will eventually 
                interview or photograph.

People Finder: Press the Y button to enter the People Finder from gameplay. 
               The People Finder lets you scan the Mansion to see who's 
               there, how they're doing and who they're talking with. When 
               you highlight a person in the People Finder, you will see 
               their drives, mood and relationship with you. If they're 
               engaged in conversation, you'll also see their relationship 
               with their partner.

Photographers: Photographers may be hired for cover, pictorial and centerfold 
               shoots. The best photographers work on their charm and their 
               intellect, realizing it's as much about the camera as it is 
               about the subject.

Physique: Physique is a measure of a character's physical shape, structure 
          and tone. For Playmates and Bunnies, this stat is particularly 
          important. It also helps others, however, in smaller, more subtle 
          ways. Physique can be improved by working out... and there are lots 
          of ways to work out.

Pictorial: A pictorial is one of the six pieces of content you'll need to 
           publish your magazine. To get a pictorail, you must first hire a 
           photographer. Then, ask him or her to shoot a pictorial for you 
           through the Command menu. You'll have to pay their site expenses, 
           of course.

Playboy Bunnies: Playboy Bunnies are the consummate entertainers. Originally 
                 appearing in your Playboy Clubs, Bunnies know how to keep a 
                 crowd hopping. Hire them for parties to greet your guests, 
                 keep them happy and serve drinks. Everyone is thrilled to 
                 meet a Playboy Bunny, and it will show!

Playmates: Playmates appear as centerfold in your magazine. Playmates spend 
           time working on themselves or attending the many functions at the 
           Mansion. Visitors are always in better spirits for having met them 
           and appreciate you all the more. Once she appears as a centerfold, 
           she may not do so again. However, she is available for cover shots 
           and other forms of celebrity content.

Playmates, Celebrity: Celebrity Playmates are the deal deal - stunning women 
                      who have appeared before in Playboy Magazine. Like 
                      Published Playmates, they make any room a better place 
                      to be, and they can lift a guest's mood and opinion of 
                      you with just an introduction. Celebrity Playmates are 
                      available for cover shots and other forms of celebrity 
                      content, but will not pose for centerfolds (they 
                      already did!).

Playmates, Published: Published Playmates have appeared in Playboy before, 
                      and while they cannot appear as centerfold again, theys 
                      till have their unique charms. Not only can they make 
                      any room a better place to be, they can lift a guest's 
                      moods and opinion of you with just an introduction. 
                      Published Playmates are available for cover shots and 
                      other forms of celebrity content, however.

Politics, Interest: The Capitol Building icon represents a person's interest 
                    in politics. Politicians often have a high interest in 
                    this field, but some share an equally strong interest in 

Pool: The Pool is unlocked through gameplay. Barbecues, pool parties and, of 
      course, hot rendevous in the Grotto are all a common occurence. The 
      Grotto is also unlocked through gameplay.

Profession: Everyone has a profession, even if it's merely looking great and 
            hitting the star studded party circuit. Each profession is 
            represented by a unique icon. The profession types are: Hollywood 
            Stars, Politicans, Tech Gurus, Sports Stars, Comedians, Fashion 
            Celebs, Writers & Artists, Musicians and Celebrity Playmates. 
            Within each type, there may be dozens of specialists.

Publish: To publish a magazine, you need six pieces of content: a centerfold, 
         a cover shot, a pictorial, an essay, an article and an interview. To 
         complete all these pieces you'll also need a Playmate on staff 
         (centerfold), a photographer (centerfold, cover shoot and 
         pictorial), a journalist (article and interview) and three amicable 
         celebrities (cover shot, essay and interview).

Quirks: A person's quirks make your life interesting. From confrontational 
        people to fun loving people to drinkers, you never know what you'll 
        encounter. A person's quirks affect everything from thei reaction to 
        success or failure to their attraction to others. The quirks are: 
        amorous, confrontational, faithful, fun loving, jealous, easy going, 
        shy, chaste and drinker.

Regions: Your Mansion is divided into four regions: the main Mansion where 
         you begin the game; the upper Mansion which contains the office 
         area, a photo shoot area and bedrooms; the pool with its world 
         famous grotto; and the clubhouse, site of many fun parties. When you 
         first start the game, you'll begin with the main and upper Mansion.

Relationship Screen: Press the X button to enter the Relationship Screen. 
                     Here, you can see how everyone feels about everyone 
                     else. The longer the green bar, the better the 
                     relationship. Red bars represent negative relationships. 
                     When you're looking to get two people together for 
                     whatever reason, a visit to the Relationship Screen may 
                     prove useful.

Relationships, Casual: A casual relationship is the backbone of friendship. 
                       People who have high casual relationships with you can 
                       be invited to join your Inner Circle. They'll be able 
                       to stop by whenever they'd like, and you're welcome to 
                       call them over, too. Note that for legal reasons, 
                       staff members cannot be invited to your Inner Circle.

Relationships, Developing: Developing relationships is your secret to 
                           success. There are three types of relationships: 
                           casual, professional and romantic. To develop a 
                           relationship, spend time with the other person. 
                           For best results, make sure their moods are up and 
                           that thye have ample opportunity to satisfy their 
                           own needs (their drives). Paying attention to 
                           their quirks can also help you.

Relationships, Professional: Developing professional relationships with 
                             others will be the key that allows you to 
                             transform Playboy magazine from a one-shot 
                             wonder into a worldwide empire. You'll be able 
                             to sign contracts that'll get you ahead and make 
                             deals that will win you (or lose you) money.

Relationships, Repairing: Those in the know have developed a few strategies 
                          to repair relationships. First, separate the 
                          dueling talkers and improve their moods as best you 
                          can. Make sure they're satisfied. If need be, get 
                          them a drink or introduce them to happy people like 
                          Bunnies. If they start fighting again, 
                          "Intervene." It may take a few attempts, but 
                          everyone will be pleased for your efforts.

Relationships, Romantic: Somewhere inside the head of most everyone who 
                         visits the Playboy Mansion is the deep-seated desire 
                         to fall deeply, passionately in love (or list). So, 
                         it's no surprise that a great many romantic 
                         relationships are formed here. There are many 
                         rewards for those who form high romantic 
                         relationships as you'll undoubtedly discover.

Room Value: Most items have something called a "room value" which is shown 
            next to a room icon in the Mansion Furnishings and Build screen. 
            This value ranges from 1 to 9 and signifies the importance of the 
            item to a room's overal appearance. The better looking a room, 
            the happier people will be in it.

Roster Screen: Your personal black book, the Roster Screen lists everyone 
               currently in the Mansion, hired and available staff and a list 
               of celebrities just waiting for their party invites. The 
               Roster is also home to your special "Inner Circle," those 
               people with whom you have a strong relationship, both friends 
               and girlfriends, and who are welcome to your Mansion at any 

Roster, Celebrities: The Roster "Celebrities" screen shows you all the 
                     celebrities currently in your black book. You can invite 
                     celebrities to your Mansion by throwing a party and 
                     inviting them.

Roster, In Mansion: The Roster "In Mansion" screen shows you everyone who's 
                    on your property at the time, staff and celebrities 

Roster, Inner Circle: The Roster "Inner Cirlce" screen shows you everyone 
                      who's a girlfriend or friend of yours. Girlfriends are 
                      denoted with hearts and friends with handshake icons, 
                      just so you won't get the two confused. Happens to the 
                      best of us. Your girlfriends move right in, but you can 
                      call friends to your Mansion at anytime.

Roster, Staff: The Roster "Staff" screen shows you all the staff hired and 
               available for hire. You can hire and fire employees from this 
               screen. Note that only hired employees can be invited to a 

Sad, State: Sad people tend to spend the great majority of their time crying. 
            Typically, something threw them over the edge, like catching 
            their lover with another person. Your best bet is to either leave 
            them alone until they've cried themselves out or try to console 

Sexuality, Interect: The Male/Female Symbol icon represents a person's 
                     interest in sexuality. Most everyone at the Mansion has 
                     some interest in this field.

Shy, Quirk: Shy people prefer hanging out with people they know and tend to 
            avoid strangers. Because of this, they don't need as much social 
            interaction as they typical Mansion guest. Confrontation tend to 
            affect these people more than your average Joe.

Sign: A character's zodiac sign affect him or her in many mysterious ways. 
      While you were reading this, for instance, something mysterioud 
      happened, and you can't prove I'm not making that up. Look. It happened 

Sports, Interest: The Tennis Racket icon represents a person's interest in 
                  the world of sports. Athletes generally have a high 
                  interest in this field.

Staff: A magazine needs more than a debonair and brilliant Playboy at its 
       helm. It needs staff to produce content. At the bare minumum, you'll 
       need a journalist, a Playmate and a photographer. As partie get 
       rolling, though, you might want to hire on at least one Playboy Bunny. 
       Note that for legal reasons, staff mmebers cannot be invited to your 
       inner circle or become girlfriends.

Stars (Fame): Fame is a measure of your success. Ranging from 1 to 5 stars, 
              the more famous you are, the better you will do. You'll sell 
              more magazines, have more girlfriends, and meet more famous 
              people (and therefore, get more worthy content). Fame is gained 
              or lost in several ways: through parties, through the quality 
              of your magazines and through evens which put your name in the 

States (Insane People): For one reason or another, a person you're talking 
                        with goes absolutely freakin' bonkers. You can't 
                        figure it out. You can't help. You can't seem to do 
                        much of anything. Odds are, this person has entered 
                        what we affectionately refer to as a state. There are 
                        three states: mad, sad and drunk.

Talking: To talk with another character, walk up to that character and press 
         the A button. Select the character by name, followed by 
         "Conversation." You can also ask them to do things by selecting 

Tech & Toys, Interest: The PDA icon represents a person's interest in the 
                       technical torys of all kinds. Programmers and tech 
                       gurus generally have a high interest in this field.

Throw Party: To throw a party, press the A button and select "Throw Part." 
             Jenny will lead you through the details - and she'll even choose 
             your guests for you if you like. The more famous you are, the 
             more elaborate the invitation and the higher the cost. Make sure 
             all your guests will be well entertained during their stay to 
             keep their moods up.

TV & Movies, Interest: The Movie Camera icon represents a person's interest 
                       in the world of television and movies. Actors 
                       generally have a high interest in this field.

Upper Mansion: The Upper Mansion is home to your bedrooms and your offices. 
               Its size is determined by the sixe of the Main Mansion, so the 
               more you expand the lower floor, the more room you'll have to 
               build above. The Upper Mansion is often the site of 
               photoshoots and offers special works of art and props not 
               found elsewhere in the game.

Walk Speed: Press and hold the right trigger to make Hef walk faster. Press 
            and hold the left trigger to make Hef walk slower.

Wardrobe: To change a person's clothes, go to their entry in the Roster 
          Screen and select "Edit". You can also tell Playmates what to wear 
          by selecting the "Change Outfit" option. Other people can be told 
          to use a wardrobe into one of their other pieces of attire. The 
          option to edit a person's looks is unlocked through good gameplay.


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