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by Kibbitz

1. Introduction
   1.1 History
   1.2 Copyright
2. Skills
   2.1 Berethor
   2.2 Idrial
   2.3 Elegost
   2.4 Hadhod
   2.5 Morwen
   2.6 Eaoden
3. Perfect Mode
4. Elfstone Skills
5. Observations

% 1. INTRODUCTION                                                           %

The Lord of the Rings is one of my favourite pieces of written fiction.
However, my experiences with the existing PC RPGs for it have been lackluster,
to say the least, and I didn't really like the movie adaptations of the story.
However, my friend kept raving about this game, so I tried, and there went 28
hours of my life. The game is fairly simple and an FAQ/Walkthrough really
isn't necessary, except to note the location of chests and quest triggers.
However, some elements of the game are worth taking note of, which led me to
do an guide for character skills and Evil Mode in two separate FAQs.

11/02/2004    Started playing LotR - TTA
11/06/2004    Started on the FAQs for LotR - TTA.

              Status of Current Game:
              Eregion: 100% completed (12/12 Quests)
              West Moria: 100% completed (5/5 Quests)
              East Moria: 100% completed (10/10 Quests)
              East Emnet Gullies: 100% completed (9/9 Quests)
              Plains of Rohan: 100% completed (8/8 Quests)
              Helm's Deep: 100% Completed (9/9)
              Play Time: 26:05:55
              % of game completed: 56
              Difficulty: Medium
11/09/2004:   Completed initial draft of Evil Mode and Character/Skill FAQs.


I have no qualms with this being posted anywhere without my permission,
though if you decide to use material from this FAQ, it'd be nice to be
credited. With that said...

% 2. SKILLS                                                                 %

Every character has several sets of skills to use in combat. There are
basically two types of skills, active and passive. Passive skills grant
bonuses and constant advantages to your characters, while active skills needed
to be triggered manually in combat. Each character has one unique set of
passive skills and two unique sets of active skills. In addition to that,
everyone has access to the Perfect Mode skill set, and it is identical for all

For active skills, 1 Skill Point (SP) of the appropriate skill type is awarded
to your character upon the use of any skill in combat. When sufficient SP has
been accumulated, the selected skill in the skill menu will be learned. You
can change the skill to be learned from the Skills sub-menu in the in-game
menu, though not all skills are immediately selectable. All unique active
skills seem to have level-based requirements as well.

There are also special sets of active skills which can be learned by equipping
the appropriate Elfstone and using skills from the skill set. So far, I've
obtained the Elfstones for three of these sets. There might be more, I'll find
out as I play more.

Passive skills are basically earned through levelling, with 1 SP earned per
character level gained. Perfect Mode skills are unlocked by reaching the
appropriate character level.

The various unique skills for the characters will be dealt with in their own
section. Perfect Mode, Elfstone and Special Character skills will be discussed
in their own sections. Skills are listed by

   Skill Name (SP Cost) - Function

The descriptions are already available in-game, so I'll save us all some time
and just mention what it actually does instead. AP Cost will be provided when
I have all the skills in the game mastered. Any references to party in terms
of effects refer to only the active party in combat, not the others in the

Also, to reduce repetition throughout the skill section, there are two
observations from my current game:
i)   Status effects are very useful and will always work unless the enemy is
      immune to them. Relatively few non-boss enemies are immune to Slow,
      Stun, Sleep AND Bind, so you can make use of these abilties to tie up
      the rest of the enemies while you work on killing them one by one.
ii)  Stat-lowering abilities are arguably useless. It seems more useful to
      raise your party's stats instead.
iii) Passive increases of stats seem to be percentage-based.


Berethor's attacks will do good damage simply because he gets good weapons.
Counter Attack, while listed as an active skill, works as a passive. If I
remember correctly, Counter Attack doesn't work when hit with non-melee
attacks either. It also might trigger if you miss the attack, though this
applies both ways. Combo attacks seem to miss entirely if you don't succeed in
landing the first hit. Depending on your playstyle, Stunning Strike may be
useful since most non-boss enemies are at least vulnerable to either Slow,
Stun or Bind.

Guardian Strike   (005) - Increased damage (20)
Orc Bane          (005) - Increased damage on Orcs (30)
Shattering Strike (010) - Lowers target's armor rating. (25)
Counter Attack    (020) - Allows chance of counterattack after being hit
                           by a enemy.
Citadel Rage      (020) - Two-hit combo. (65)
Uruk-hai Bane     (035) - Increased damage on Uruk-hai. (30)
Ecthelion Wrath   (035) - Three-hit combo. (75)
Defensive Strike  (050) - Attack with 0% chance of being counterattacked. (20)
Targeted Strike   (065) - Hit ignores armor. (30)
Stunning Strike   (095) - Inflicts Stun. (30)
Gondor Rampage    (100) - Five-hit combo. (100)

Leadership only affects the active party. From observation, all Leadership
effects seem to last for three or four rounds (except for those with
permanent/instantaneous effects, of course.) Effects from different Leadership
Commands stack, but reuse of a Leadership Command refreshes the timer instead
of stacking.

I assume War Call works only on party members, while War Cry will have the
hero characters supporting as well. I'll ahve to test this sometime. Shield of
Courage's Fear Immunity is probably for a limited duration, as with most
Leadership commands. Company Might does give a visible increase, but I'm not
too sure as to the effectiveness of Company Valor in terms of increasing
Dexterity and Speed...

Company Might      (05) - Increases Strength. (20)
Company Valor      (05) - Increases group Dexterity, Constitution and Speed.
Stand Fast         (10) - Immunity to Stun, lasts entire combat. (30)
Fellowship Grace   (20) - AP regeneration. (120)
War Call           (20) - Two allies get a free attack on the selected target
                           immediately. (150)
Company Resistance (35) - Decreases Spirit-based damage by 25%. (40)
All Retreat        (35) - Entire party retreats successfully. (0)
Company Rally      (50) - Increases Attack Momentum. (50)
Royal Grace        (50) - HP regeneration. (200)
Shield of Courage  (65) - Grants Immunity to Fear, cures all negative
                           statuses. (40)
Last Gasp          (65) - Any character who is dealt a killing blow will
                           remain alive at 1 HP instead, unless the
                           character had only 1 HP when the blow was landed.
War Cry            (80) - Three allies get a free attack on the selected
                           target immediately. (200)
Company Power      (80) - Increase probability of landing critical hits.
Captain's Inspire  (80) - Reduces AP cost by 50%. Stacks with all other AP
                           cost reductions. (200)
Citadel Might        (10) - Increases Strength.
Ithilien Inspiration (05) - All AP costs are reduced by 25% in Perfect Mode.
                             If Captain's Inspire is in effect, this stacks
                             for a total of 75%.
Rising Valor         (05) - Increases AP pool.
Gondorian Evade      (05) - Fixed percentage of Dodging enemy attacks.
Challenge of Gondor  (05) - Increases melee damage when taunting a foe.
Increased Armor      (05) - Increases equipment armor value.
Immune to Fear       (05) - Immune to Fear
Citadel Evasion      (05) - Increases success rate of Gondorian Evade.
Double Attack        (05) - For 200 AP, allows the execution of two extra
                             actions, limited to your normal attack and unique
                             active skills.
Ecthelion Might      (05) - Increases HP.


Continual damage is basically like the constant effect of poison, though this
attack itself isn't poison-based, it seems (not that there is a Poison element
in the game anyway). Leech Inspiration inflicts constant AP drain and no
damage, so it's handy for reuse on Paralyzed/Stunned opponents if you want to
teach her all her Sword Craft skills.

Fluid Strike      (05) - Increased damage. (20)
Weakening Strike  (15) - Lowers target's Strength. (25)
Wounding Strike   (15) - Continual damage. (25)
Elven Rage        (30) - Two-hit combo. (75)
Stunning Strike   (30) - Inflicts Stun. (45)
Leech Inspiration (45) - Continual AP drain, no physical damage. (15)
Destined Strike   (60) - Guaranteed hit in exchange for less damage. (50)
Gil-galad Rampage (75) - Three-hit combo. (75)

b) Spirit Powers
Power of the Valar revives the defeated character with full HP and AP. Aura of
the Valar is basically Power of the Valar set to trigger automatically upon
the character's defeat, making this a very useful spell. I'm not sure if Water
Stallion does more damage than Loudwater Fury in terms of damage to a target.
Haste of the Elves probably doesn't stack. Note that Drain Inspiration will
wake up Sleeping enemies.

Gift of Elrond     (---) - Restores HP to one character. (15)
Loudwater Fury     (---) - Water Spirit-based damage, one enemy. (50)
Haste of the Elves (010) - Increases attack rate of target, lasts entire
                            battle. (30)
Drain Inspiration  (020) - Drain AP from target. (10)
Gift of Galadriel  (025) - Restores a lot of HP to one character. (40)
Cleanse Shadow     (035) - Removes all negative status from one character.
Aura of the Valar  (040) - Casting this on a character will allow the
                            character to automatically revive if (s)he is
                            defeated during battle. (25)
Power of the Valar (050) - Revives a defeated character. (40)
Valinor Endurance  (055) - Full immunity for a short time, caster cannot take
                            action until the spell ends. (50)
Valorous Haste     (065) - Moves the selected character to the top of the
                            queue, allowing the character to act immediately
                            after. (75)
Cleansing Waters   (070) - Cleanse Shadow on entire party. (30)
Gift of Grey Haven (095) - Gift of Galadriel on entire party. (200)
Water Stallion     (100) - Water Spirit-based damage, all enemies. (250)

c) Passive Skills
I never noted Fortunes Mastery to make a huge difference. Maybe I don't use
Idrial enough.

Elven Evade         (10) - Fixed percentage of Dodging enemy attacks.
Full Gift of Lorien (05) - Increases the amount of HP healed with Spirit
Fury of the Valar   (05) - Increases damage done with Spirit-based attacks.
Mallorn Armor       (05) - Increases Armor Protection.
Fortunes Mastery    (05) - Greatly increases success rate of Elven Evade.
Elven Inspiration   (05) - Increases AP pool.
Haste of the Valar  (05) - Increases the effectiveness of Idrial in Hasting
                            party members.
Endure Shadow       (05) - Increases resistance to Shadow element.
Frenzy              (05)  - For 200 AP, allows the execution of two Spirit
Grace of the Eldar  (05) - AP regen.


a) Bow Craft
Arrow Flurry cannot be used to attack the same enemy twice, even if it's the
only one left standing.

Creature Bane   (---) - Increased damage on animals. (40)
Arrow Flurry    (015) - Attacks two different enemies. (65)
Blinding Shot   (015) - Lowers target's accuracy. (45)
Draining Shot   (030) - Drains HP. (60)
Cripping Shot   (030) - Inflicts Slow. (45)
Shield Piercing (045) - Lowers target's melee defense. (50)
Pinning Shot    (060) - Attack with 0% chance of being counterattacked. (75)
True Shot       (100) - Heavy damage to one target. (150)

b) Ranger Craft
Grace of Athelas is just Kingsfoil Grace on the entire party. Fangorn Roots is
probably a heavy-duty Stun, which may explain why it doesn't affect Trolls.

Aimed Shot       (---) - Increased damage. (50)
Piercing Might   (005) - Lowers target's melee damage. (25)
Pierce Will      (010) - Lowers target's Spirit defense. (50)
Arrows of Sleep  (020) - Inflicts Sleep. (50)
Paralyzing Shot  (020) - Inflicts Bind Melee. (75)
Kingsfoil Grace  (035) - Selected target receives HP regen. (100)
Cursed Arrow     (035) - Weakens target's ranged attacks for a while. (35)
Flash Arrow      (050) - Lowers enemy accuracy, targets all enemies. (50)
Arrow Splinters  (050) - Inflicts Bind Missile. (75)
Grace of Athelas (065) - Grants entire party HP regen. (200)
Pierce Spirit    (065) - Lowers target's Spirit temporarily. (45)
Northern Storm   (095) - Summons a lightning storm that damages all enemies
                          constantly for a while. (80)
Fangorn Roots    (100) - Complete immobilization, one target. (75)

c) Passive Skills
I rarely miss with Elegost, but I suppose Hands of the Bowman won't hurt.

Ranger Evade        (10) - Fixed percentage of Dodging enemy attacks.
Dunedain Evasion    (05) - Increases success rate of Ranger Evade.
Hands of the Bowman (05) - Increases Dexterity.
Ranger War Rally    (05) - Increases Momentum gained from actions.
Spirit of the North (05) - Increases AP Pool.
Frenzy              (05) - For 125 AP, allows the execution of two extra
                             actions, limited to Bow Craft and Ranger Craft,
                             possibly Shadow Craft and Light Craft as well.
Blessing of Haste   (05) - Allows actions more often in combat.
Sleep Volley        (05) - Arrows of Sleep targets all enemies, instead of
                            only one.
Lingering Sleep     (05) - Enemies do not recover from Sleep from Arrows of
Crippling Might     (05) - Increases effectiveness of Crippling Shot.


a) Axe Craft
Smite does not stack with his passive auto-crit ability, so no easy Double
Criticals here.

Dwarven Cleave   (---) - Increased damage.
Goblin Bane      (---) - Increased damage to Goblins.
Cleaving Wound   (005) - Continual damage.
Crippling Smash  (020) - Inflicts Slow.
Hew Armor        (025) - Lowers target's armor rating.
Stone Hewer      (035) - Spirit-damage attack, probably Earth element.
Mountain Rage    (035) - Two-hit combo.
Durin Wrath      (050) - Two-hit combo, inflicts Stun.
Counter Attack   (050) - Allows chance of counterattack after being hit
                          by a foe.
Berserk          (065) - Increases Hadhod's Speed while decreasing his
Spirit Cleave    (065) - Lowers the Defensive Spirit Power of an enemy in
Smite            (080) - Attack is an automatic critical.
Rampage of Durin (095) - Four-hit combo.
Mountain Hewer   (100) - Stone Hewer, hits all enemies.                         

b) Spirit Powers
I think Dragon Calling does more damage than Flaming Fury, and that Stone
Shield blocks Spirit-based damage as well (since I recall failing to do damage
to Eaoden while still poisoning him during an Evil Mode run).

Stone Shield       (---) - Creates a shield to protect a character. The shield
                            has a certain amount of HP that must be broken
                            before the character can be hurt.
Flaming Fury       (---) - Fire-based Spirit damage, one target. Not sure what
                            the variable reference is about.
Endure Flame       (015) - Reduces flame damage for the next turn.
Damaging Shield    (030) - Reflects melee damage done on the selected
                            character to the enemy striking him/her.
Mountain Shield    (030) - Stone Shield, entire party.
Flames of Ruin     (045) - Flaming Fury, multi-target, continual Fire damage.
Devastating Shield (095) - Damaging Shield, entire party.
Dragon Calling     (100) - Fire Spirit damage, all enemies.

c) Passive Skills
The auto-crit effect of Overwhelming Axes works on all of Hadhod's Axe Crafts.

Dwarven Evade         (10) - Fixed percentage of Dodging enemy attacks.
Dwarven Rally         (05) - Increases Attack Momentum.
Lordly Might          (05) - Increases Strength.
Evasion of Gloin      (05) - Increases success rate of Dwarven Evade.
Battle Hardened Armor (05) - Increases Armor value.
Overwhelming Axes     (05) - All successful melee attacks will critical while
                              in Perfect Mode.
Might of Balin        (05) - Increases HP.
Dwarven Challenge     (05) -  - Increases melee damage when taunting a foe.
Dwarven Haste         (05) - Allows actions more often in combat.
Double Attack         (05)  - For 150 AP, allows the execution of two extra
                             actions, limited to your normal attack and unique
                             active skills.


a) Dual-Axe Craft
Double Cleave      (--) - Increased damage. (25)
Warg Bane          (--) - Increased damage to Wargs. (45)
Battle Haste       (--) - Hastes Morwen. (25)
Uruk Bane          (--) - Increased damage to Uruk-hai. (30)
Rage of the Maiden (20) - Greatly increased damage. (75)
Poisoned Wounds    (35) - Poisons the enemy, damage increases over time. (40)
Twin Wounds        (35) - Continual damage. (50)
Sneak Attack       (50) - Attack with 0% chance of being counterattacked. (30)
Paralyzing Wound   (50) - Bind Melee, Continual damage. (50)
Wrath of Penmark   (65) - Four-hit combo. (80)
Stunning Cleave    (65) - Inflicts Stun. (75)
Valorous Cleave    (80) - Guaranteed hit. (40)
Orc Bane           (80) - Increased damage to Orcs. (30)
Rohirric Rampage   (95) - Six-hit combo. (85)

b) Thief Craft
All Thief Craft abilities will wake Sleeping enemies, except Cloak of the
Plains, which I've yet to use. Cloak of the Plains probably is usable only
when your HP is 50% or less (green/red HP gauge). Seize Skill is an unknown at
the moment. It might apply the stolen SP to Dual-Axe Crafts alone, or randomly
to a selected non-passive skill. Thief Crafts can miss and provoke Counter
Attacks from enemies, so be careful when using them. All her Thief Crafts were
obtained through Steal Item and Seize Skill, so I can't comment much on their
effectiveness either.

Steal Item          (--) - Steals an item. (5)
Seize Skill         (--) - Seizes 1 SP. (40)
Capture Strength    (15) - Drains Strength from the target. (40)
Steal Action        (30) - Drains AP from the enemy. (40)
Steal Health        (30) - Drains HP from the target. (30)
Seize Dexterity     (45) - Drains Dexterity from the target. (20)
Steal Experience    (60) - Drains Experience from the target. (40)
Cloak of the Plains (75) - Hides Morwen, she cannot be attacked for a short
                            duration. (250)
c) Passive Skills
As with Hadhod, Overwhelming Blows works on her Dual-Axe Crafts.

Snowbourne Sleep    (10) - Fixed percentage of Dodging enemy attacks.
Eorlingas Rally     (05) - Increases rate of Momentum gain from actions.
Hands of Rohan      (05) - Increases Dexterity.
Inspire Crafting    (05) - Lowers AP cost for Item Crafting by 50%.
Justice of Balin    (05) - Allows chance of counterattack after being hit
                            by a foe.
Mearas Good Fortune (05) - Increases Strength.
Blessing of Armor   (05) - Increases Armor Value slightly.
Overwhelming Blows  (05) - All successful melee attacks will critical while
                            in Perfect Mode.
Potion Hastening    (05) - Reduces the amount of time Morwen requires to craft
Double Attack       (05) - For 100 AP, allows the execution of two Dual-Axe
                            Crafts or attacks.


a) Spear Craft
Rupture Armor     (--) - Attack ignores armor. (55)
Horse Lord Skewer (--) - Increased damage. (50)
Enraging Blow     (--) - Gives target AP. (75)
Rohirrim Rage     (30) - Two-hit combo. (100)
Wrath of Edoras   (30) - Three-hit combo. (150)
Invigorating Blow (45) - Increased damage, hastens foe. (50)
Rampage of Helm   (60) - Five-hit combo. (200)

b) Spirit Powers
For the cost, I assume Battle Mirror to possibly reflect any damage, as
opposed to Hadhod's which only reflects melee damage.

Drain Health       (--) - Drains HP. (40)
Drain Spirit       (--) - Drains AP. (5)
Channel Health     (--) - Transfers HP to ally. (10)
Tap Reserve        (--) - Restore AP to max, reduce current HP by 1/2.
Dispel             (--) - Dispel all beneficial enchantments on enemies. (60)
Spirit Drought     (35) - Decreases enemy max AP.
Channel Spirit     (35) - Transfers AP to ally. (10)
Channel Defense    (50) - Transfers Defense to ally. (10)
Silence Evil       (50) - Bind Spirit. (125)
Shatter Armor      (65) - Drain Armor from enemy. (200)
Absorption         (65) - Party converts lost HP into AP. (200)
Sacrifice Reserves (80) - Converts HP to AP. (40)
Battle Mirror      (80) - Protect Eaoden with a damage reflective shield.
Scatter Health     (95) - Drains target HP for active party. (200)
Leech Essence      (95) - Continual HP and AP Drain.

c) Passive Skills
Haven't gotten Absorb Malice, though I suppose it probably will be handy.

Might of Helm       (10) - Increases melee damage.
Rohan Evasion       (05) - Fixed percentage of Dodging enemy attacks.
Grace of the Mearas (05) - Increases the rate of HP regen.
Rohirrim Evade      (05) - Increases success rate of Rohan Evasion.
Focus Defense       (05) - Decreases Defense loss from Channel Defense.
Inspiring Grace     (05) - Increases the rate of AP regen.
Focus Health        (05) - Decreases HP loss from Channel Health.
Focus Spirit        (05) - Decreases AP loss from Channel Spirit.
Frenzy              (05) - For 75 AP, allows the execution of two Spirit
Absorb Malice       (40) - Converts damage from Spirit attacks into AP.

% 3. PERFECT MODE                                                           %

Perfect Mode skills are simply unlocked through levelling. Different Perfect
Mode skills consume different amounts of gauge (the one in the lower right
corner). However, since I wasn't planning on writing an FAQ for this to begin
with, I missed out on a couple of numbers for the level requirements. Thus,
this section will be updated on a later date, when I actually do get around to
finding out the levels needed for individual unlocks. The AP costs will be
included as well.

% 4. ELFSTONE SKILLS                                                        %

In addition to your character's standard skill set, it is possible to teach
them skills from three different skill sets after the appropriate Elfstone has
been obtained. These skill sets are Lightcraft, Shadow Craft, and Item Craft,
which are learned by equipping the Elfstone and using the skills from the
skillset, as you would do for your normal characters.

4.1 Lightcraft

Learned from the Elfstone of Pure Light. Never got Suffocate Evil to work the
first and only time I tried it.

Gift of Galadriel  (05) - Restores a lot of HP. (50)
Aura of Life       (10) - Increases the HP pool of the selected character.
Haste of the Elves (15) - Increases attack rate of target, lasts entire
                           battle. (55)
Power of the Valar (20) - Revives a defeated character with full HP and AP.
                           The character gets to take his turn immediately.
Sleep              (20) - Inflicts Sleep on the target. (70)
Drain Spirit       (20) - Drains AP from the target. (10)
Suffocate Evil     (30) - Immobilizes target, causes continual damage. (100)
Blinding Light     (50) - Light damage. (65)

4.2 Shadowcraft

Learned from the Elfstone of Fell Shadow.

Dispel             (05) - Dispels benefical enchantments on target (50)
Whip of the Master (10) - Immune to slow, party (30)
Silence            (15) - Bind Spirit, enemy party (70)
Crippling          (20) - Inflicts Slow, no damage (40)
Drain Health       (20) - Drains HP from the target. (50)
Black Speech       (20) - Shadow Spirit damage, enemy party (80)
Fear               (30) - Paralyzes an enemy with Fear. (60)
Wheel of Fire      (50) - Fire Spirit damage on all targets, continual
                          fire damage. (80)

4.3 Craft Item

Learned from the Elfstone of Nimble Crafting. Basically creates the
appropriate consumnable which is added into your inventory.

Kingsfoil         (001) - (5)
Lembas            (050) - (5)
Old Toby          (065) - (10)
Elf Medicine      (125) - (20)
Valar Guidance    (030) - Creates Drops of Valinor. (15)
Orthanc Fire      (020) - (15)
Bruinen Waters    (020) - (15)
Rhudaur Roots     (020) - (15)
Nimrodel Air      (020) - (15)
Sauron Blood      (020) - (15)
Maia Embers       (020) - (15)
Thengal Stone     (030) - (10)
Shelob Slime      (030) - (10)
Haunted Dust      (030) - (10)
Simbelmyne Petals (150) - (75)
Mushrooms         (180) - (??)

% 5. OBSERVATIONS                                                           %

Skill Point Farming is just some common sense and tons of effort. However, you
might consider the use of weaker weapons to allow enemies to live longer to
farm SP for weapon skills, if you don't wish to level your characters as fast.

The early part of the game is dealt merely with brute force. Later, the need
to use status-inflicting attacks becomes apparent, and Spirit-based attacks
become more useful as enemies inflict significant damage through
counterattacks and other abilities. However, by the end-game, many of your
opponents have ridiculously high HP and require a combination of status
effects and sheer damage potential, which will come mainly from Berethor,
Hadhod and Eaoden and their multi-hit combo attacks. It would be nice to have
as many attacks with continual damage and stack them on to bosses, but I
personally think that it's easier to spend turns and AP instead on doing as
many Double Attack multi-hits for boss bashing.

Idrial's Aura of the Valar is also of high value, since the target is
basically revived automatically upon defeat with full HP and AP, and gets to
act in sequence. All you need is to have Idrial cast Aura of the Valar on
herself, and upon her revival, Frenzy and recast Aura of the Valar on herself.
This practically guarantees you no Game Over, and gives you an extra turn to
throw a spell.

Hope this has been useful. As it is, the only thing that remains is to test a
few more skills and to obtain the cost for Crafting Arnor Mushrooms, which
will be done sometime later.