Xbox GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File05/09/05negatis_hitman26K
100 Percent complete great cars. Still need a few collectables in san diego only

Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File04/13/05Jay FNG Philbrook13K
01 Begin with a 'GRIP' of Cash and all Current Vehicles to play with!!
Save Game File04/15/05Jay FNG Philbrook14K
02 Begin with a 'GRIP' of Cash & Some of the HOTTEST 'FNG Custom' Rides!!!! DON'T SELL THE CARS.. YOU MAY NOT GET THEM BACK
Save Game File03/27/06GameMasterZer015K
Start at beginning of Games with an INSANE 16 Mil to purchase and customize your own rides plus a couple of GMO customs!

Xbox GameShark Save (Europe)

Save Game File10/20/06tinyglasgow200620K
New Game With Nearly Everything Unlocked

Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (Europe)

Save Game File06/08/05nice day320K
Career mode 100%, cars fully tuned, some money, all races won, everything you could wish for.

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