FAQ/Walkthrough by redapocalypse04

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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Single Player Guide
Written By: Patrick Breedlove
Table of Contents

A- Introduction
-A1- Welcome Message
-A2- Contact Information
-A3- Version

B- Basics
-B1- Ground Controls
-B2- Vehicle Controls
-B3- Ranks
-B4- Medals

C- Walkthrough
-C1- In and Out
-C2- Radio Silence
-C3- Headshot
-C4- Submerged
-C5- Metal Island
-C6- Heavy Tonnage
-C7- Air Traffic Control
-C8- Catching Flak
-C9- Rolling Thunder
-C10- Burning Bridges
-C11- Beach Party
-C12- Big Bang
-C13- Hotel Alpha
-C14- Top Man
-C15- DMZ
-C16- End of the Line
-C17- End Game(NATO)
-C18- End Game(China)
-C19- Flying the Flag(NATO/China)

D- Acknowledgements/Legalities
A- Introduction

-A1- Welcome Statement

Welcome to the Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Single Player Guide. Inside you'll 
find an extensive controls list, a complete campaign walkthrough, and helpful
challenge hints.

-A2- Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or any type of feedback, feel 
free to contact me at: red_apocalypse2004@stewiesminions.com

-A3- Version

V. 1.00- Complete guide has been published.
B- Basics

-B1- Ground Controls

Start- Opens Pause Screen.

D-Pad Left- Toggles mini-map between large and small.
D-Pad Right- Shows flag locations and distance.
D-Pad Up/Down- Zooms mini-map in/out.

Left Thumbstick- Movement
Right Thumbstick- Camera(click to zoom)

White- Reload
Black- Open parachute(when falling).

A- Jump
B- Enter/Exit vehicles
X- Change Stance
Y- Hotswap

Right Trigger- Fire weapon/use item
Left Trigger- Press to go to default weapon; hold and use D-Pad to navigate 
              weapon menu.

-B2- Vehicle Controls

Left Thumbstick- Drive/Helicopter pitch and rotation.
Right Thumbstick- Aim Turret/Helicopter altitude and roll.

Black- Change vehicle position
White- Change camera
B- Enter/Exit vehicle
A- Command nearby trooper to enter vehicle and take over gunner duties.

Right Trigger- Fire weapon(if applicable).

-B3- Ranks

Ranks are gained through stars. Stars are gained via missions, challenges, 
medals, and field tasks. 

0- Private
6- Private 1st Class
12- Corporal
19- Sergeant
27- Sergeant 1st Class
36- Master Sergeant
46- Sergeant Major
57- Command Sergeant Major
69- Warrant Officer
82- Chief Warrant Officer
96- 2nd Lieutenant
112- 1st Lieutenant
128- Captain
145- Major
163- Lieutenant Colonel
182- Colonel
203- Brigadier General
224- Major General
246- Lieutenant General
269- General

-B4- Medals

Medals are specialized rewards. You get star for so many medals. Keep getting 
medals and you'll keep getting stars.

--B4.1-- Engineer

- 3/5/8 Shotgun kills with one clip.
- 50/100/200 Shotgun kills in total.
- 10/25/50 Shotgun kills in a row.
- 500 Shotgun reloads.
- 3/4/5 RPG kills with one shot.
- 100/250/500 RPG kills in total.
- Destroy 3/5/10 vehicles with successive RPG shots.
- 500 RPG reloads.
- Kill 1/2/4 enemy units with one landmine.
- Every vehicle repaired.

--B4.2-- Spec-Ops

- Killed 3/5/10/25 enemy troops with 1 clip.
- 50/100/200 Spec-Ops machine gun kills in total.
- 10/25/50 Spec-Ops machine gun kills in a row.
- 500 Spec-Ops machine gun reloads.
- 5/25/50 knife kills.
- 3/4/5 enemies stunned with one flash grenade.
- 3/5/7 enemy troops or vehicles taken out with one C4 charge.
- 5/25/50 C4 kills in total.
- 10/15/25 C4 kills in a row.
- 500 C4 charges exploded.

--B4.3-- Sniper

- Killed 3/4/5 enemy troops with one clip.
- 50/100/200 sniper rifle kills in total.
- 10/25/50 sniper rifle kills in a row.
- 500 sniper rifle reloads.
- 10/50/100 laser designation kills in total.
- 3/5/7 laser designation kills in a row.
- 100 GPS usages.
- Long headshot(over 100/200/300m)
- 1st/10th/50th driver or pilot kill.

--B4.4-- Miscellaneous

- 25th/50th/75th/100th Fuel Barrel kill.
- 3/5/10/50 Perfect kills in a row.
- Kill 4/7/10 enemies with 1 artillery bombardment.
- 3/5/10/15 pistol kills with 1 clip.
- Last second parachute pull(25/50/100m descent).
- Freefall 25/50/100m without a parachute.
- Complete a mission using only pistols.

--B4.5-- Assault

- Kills 3/5/10/30 enemy troops with 1 clip.
- 50/100/200 Assault Rifle kills in total.
- 10/25/50 Assault Rifle kills in a row.
- 500 Assault Rifle reloads.
- Killed 2/4/6 enemies with 1 grenade.
- Kill 3/5/10 enemies in a row with Underslung Grenade Launcher.
- Destroy 1/2 4x4s with a Rifle Grenade

--B4.6-- Helicopter

- 20/50/100 vehicles destroyed using helicopters.
- 2/4/6 Helo kills in a row.
- 5th/10th/20th kill using rotor blades.
- 10/50/100 successful landings.
- Traveled below 15m for 200 meters.
- Fly 10km in Helos.

--B4.7-- Support

- 5/10/25/50 kills with 1 clip.
- 50/100/200 Heavy Machine Gun kills in total.
- 10/25/50 Heavy Machine Gun kills in a row.
- 500 Heavy Machine Gun reloads.
- 3/4/5 enemies killed with single mortar strike.
- 10 allied units healed in a mission.

--B4.8-- Boat

- 2/3/4 boat kills in a row.
- 50th/100th/200th kill using a boat.
- Drive 10km in boats.
- 100/150/200m Target Hit from boat.
- 100/300/500m boat journey.

--B4.9-- 4x4

- 3/5/10 4x4 kills in a row.
- 50th/100th/200th kill using a 4x4.
- Off road long jump- 10/25/50m.
- Drive 10km in 4x4s.

--B4.10-- Tank

- 3/4/5 tank kills in a row.
- 50th/100th/200th kill using tanks.
- Drive 10km in tanks.
- No tanks lost in a mission.

--B4.11-- Hotswap

- 25th/50th/100th hotswap.
- 1/5/10km hotswap travel.
- Swapped through 5 units.

--B4.12-- Gun Nest

- Kill 10/15/25 enemies in a row using Gun Nests.
- Kill 50/100/200 enemies in total using Gun Nests.

--B4.13-- Grenade Nest

- Kill 10/20/30 enemies in a row using Grenade Nests.
- 50/100/250 enemies in total using Grenade Nests.

--B4.14-- Extra

- Kill using every weapon.
- Rammed 25/50/100 troops or vehicles to destruction.

--B4.15-- Stinger

- 5/10/20 vehicles destroyed using Stinger Missles.
C- Walkthrough

-C1- In and Out

Playing: NATO
Objective: Rendevous with the allied artillery unit.

You drop in with three spec-ops troopers. An enemy jeep appears in front of you
right at the beginning, but it has no gunner, so don't take it out until you 
have time. Move forward, following your teammates, until you reach the fenced
in area. Enemies will pour out of the opposite end. If you want, you can 
hotswap to the spec-ops guy on the rooftop opposite you. After you've taken 
care of all of the enemies and the jeep, you'll need to take out the enemy 
armor down the street before the rendevous. The most practical solution is to 
hotswap to one of two engineers on the rooftops down there and let loose with
an armada of rockets. 

Objective: Get to the refinery.

Now would be a good time to hotswap to one of your own tanks. Take out the 
enemy jeeps that come in behind you, then head back down the street towards 
the refinery, making short work of anything in your path. An enemy helicopter 
comes in shortly after, so hurry up and take that thing out before it does 
much damage. Keep going towards the refinery, and blow through the tank 

Objective: Secure the refinery.

Once your inside, take out the foot infantry, then turn around and face back 
the way you came. Fire on the helicopter and jeep that come in behind you. Take
them both out. After that, check the rooftop to your left(if your facing the 
refinery) and gun the enemies down with the 50 cal. That's the end to this 

These are the star increments. You can achieve a star for each standard you 
meet below. Note that style is always the same(you're either a loner, buddy, 
or team player...use that hotswap).

Score: 10,000; 25,000; 45,000; 70,000; 100,000
Time: 7:30; 5:00
Accuracy: 65%
Losses: 10; 20

-C2- Radio Silence

Playing: NATO
Objective: Defend 1st upload site.

First, get in the jeep(you might want to drive) and follow your teammates to 
the first upload site. Note that all upload sites are marked by an orange 
light/beacon on the outside of the building. Once you reach the site, the best
thing for you to do would be to switch to the 50 cal. If you like fighting on 
foot, more power to you. However, enemies will pour out of both sides of the 
street, and the 50 cal can take them all out with ease and quickness. Keep an 
eye on the rooftops, windows, and your timer. At about 15 seconds left, an 
enemy jeep rolls down the road. The 50 cal is really handy here. Finish it up. 

Objective: Defend 2nd upload site.

Back up and drive to the 2nd upload site. It's a courtyard, and enemies will 
pour out of all sides and will appear on the rooftops. You can stay in the 50 
cal, but so many enemies will be pouring out from everywhere, that chances are
you won't make it. Still, give it a shot, then go on foot. An enemy jeep 
comes in, but so does a friendly one, in case you need reinforcements. Dog it
through and finish this objective.

Objective: Defend 3rd upload site. 

The next upload site is the hardest to defend. It's a vast open intersection, 
and the enemy will throw everything at you. Troops everwhere(including rooftops
again), jeeps from both sides, and even a helicopter with paratroopers. Be 
ready to defend to the death and back. 

Objective: Escape to the evacuation site.

Get in the jeep provided to you(if you still have it) and get the hell out of 
dodge. Good job.

Score: 4,000; 37,000; 80,000; 135,000; 200,000
Time: 10:00; 8:20
Accuracy: 35%
Losses: 12; 18

-C3- Headshot

Playing: NATO
Objective: Defend the school from all enemies.

For this mission, you'll be playing a sniper(and you'll want to frequently 
hotswap between your other two to get an appropriate angle on the enemy). You 
must be very careful in this mission. Snipers will appear all around you, in 
the air, and even in the middle of your perimeter. The helicopter is a nuisance
at times, but it can't really be helped. Just keep your head down and your eyes
open. To top it off, jeeps will patrol the streets as well. For some reason, 
you can't kill the gunner, but the drivers are a sinch to take out. After what 
seems like endless fighting, the mission ends, but all of it was in vain. The 
ending cinematic shows a helicopter blowing everything to hell. Oh well, life's
not fair.

Score: 9,000; 22,000; 40,000; 63,000; 90,000
Time: 8:15; 5:30
Accuracy: 60%
Losses: 1; 2

-C4- Submerged

Playing: China
Objective: Destroy 1st defensive bunker.
Objective: Destroy 2nd defensive bunker.

You start by paradropping in from the sky. While dropping, try to take out as 
many enemies as you can, particularly the one's defending the bunker to your 
left. Be aware of a sniper in the tower in the middle of the island. Once the 
island is clear, plant C4 in the bunker. After it's blown, head to the opposite
side, to the gun nests. Enemy infantry and vehicles will show up along the 
road. Man a 50 cal and mow those mothers down. After they're taken care of, 
head to your boat. You might want to hotswap to your engineer and take out the
enemy boat first. Get in and head towards the second bunker. Once you get near,
stay in the water, man the grenade launcher, and wreak havoc on the bunker, 
nearby enemies, and the enemy boat that appears to your left. The nearly 
endless number of enemies that you take out will garner you tons of points, 
and most likely you'll be able to see the sweet rapid fire ability of the 
grenade launcher. Once they're all taken care of, get to the bunker and C4 it 
to hell. If you like a more close up approach, you can immediately get to the 
bunker and man one of the turrets around it, which is equally fun. 

Objective: Destroy 1st submarine.
Objective: Destroy 2nd submarine.
Objective: Destroy 3rd submarine.

Ride a boat(or walk) to the harbor. There are many ways to tackle this, but 
the main gist is this: First, get rid of the sniper and jeeps around the area. 
Once you enter the courtyard, be very careful. Follow your teammates to know 
where to go, and keep an eye out for more snipers and more towers. Once you 
near the first submarine, hotswap to one of your boats. It'll be faster to get
there and out. Get out of the boat and plant C4 on the marked area. Now get 
back in the boat and head to the next submarine. Plant the C4, then hotswap 
back to the mainland. Enemies will pour out of the door leading to the 
third submarine. The submarine pen is full of enemies. Take them out slowly, so
as to prevent yourself from acquiring too much damage. Once they're all gone, 
jump into the water. Make sure that you've killed anyone on the catwalks high 
above you, or you'll be used for target practice. C4 the last submarine, and 
end this mission. 

Score: 20,000; 46,000; 80,000; 124,000; 175,000
Time: 13:30; 9:00
Accuracy: 45%
Losses: 4; 12

-C5- Metal Island

Playing: China
Objective: Defend the oil rig.

You start on an oil rig. It's quiet at first. Then all of a sudden a gazillion
enemies will paradrop on your location. Expect death. The oil rig is virtually
impossible to defend on the first try(of course, you read this, so maybe you'll
be expecting them). Anyways, a few of your troops will paradrop in. Hotswap to 
them and bring the smackdown with you. Clear it out.

Objective: Defend the island.

Hotswap over to the island. Enemy forces will paradrop all over the island(but
not quite as concentrated and intense as the oil rig paradrop). Take them out
while they're still in the air. 

Objective: 2nd defense of oil rig.

Hotswap back to the rig and get ready for yet another paradrop attack. After 
that, a helicopter will swing by and drop a couple more paratroopers in. Take
out the chopper and the boat that comes up at the last second to complete this

Objective: Defend all areas.

Now you get to defend the rig AND the island. Joy. Hotswap away. The helicopter
that attacks the island can be taken out with the GTAM(that big mounted missle
launcher-looking thing). Another chopper attacks the rig, and a couple of 
boats will appear to patrol both areas. Once all vehicles are gone, the 
paradrop ceases the objective is completed.

Objective: Defeat the counter-attack.

Two helicopters will come in to harass the island and the rig. Use that GTAM to
your full advantage. After they're gone, two more helicopters come into the 
fray. Use the same tactics and defeat them with ease. Mission complete.

Score: 3,000; 28,000; 60,000; 101,000; 150,000
Time: 13:45; 11:00
Accuracy: 30%
Losses: 15; 30

-C6- Heavy Tonnage

Playing: China
Objective: Investigate the container's vessel.

If you don't know how to fly a helicopter, now's a good a time as any to learn.
Remember, to raise up off the pad, push up on the right thumbstick. To go 
forward, push up on the left thumbstick. Anyways, you and another chopper will
be in the skies.

Objective: Destroy the patrol boats.

After about two seconds in the sky, four enemy patrol boats will show up. Blow
them all to hell and back. 

Objective: Destroy 1st cargo door.
Objective: Destroy 2nd cargo door.

For this, hotswap to one of the assault troopers paradropping in. This 
objective is quite simple. Just plant C4 at the places marked on the cargo 

Objective: Destroy the cargo.

You should have plenty of time to destroy the cargo. Kill anyone on the GTAM 
launchers at either end of the ship, then hotswap to a helicopter. Chances are,
however, that the choppers will be blown out of the sky by said GTAMs. For some
reason, whenever I play, the choppers never last long. However, even without
the choppers, taking the cargo out is a sinch. Simply go to the front of the 
ship(the part with the big stuff sticking out). Go up the stairs and you'll 
find a grenade launcher there. Use it. Once the cargo is gone, the mission is

Score: 1,000; 10,000; 20,000; 34,000; 50,000
Time: 7:00; 4:00
Accuracy: 15%
Losses: 12; 24

-C7- Air Traffic Control

Playing: NATO
Objective: Clear all enemies from the heliport.

You start this mission as a sniper. Take out the 50 cal soldiers, then help the
vehicles mop up anyone else brave enough to try and take you on. Hotswap to a 
tank and prepare to take out those helicopters. If you don't do it soon, they
will mop the floor with you. Be ready to take on engineers, jeeps, and a host 
of other infantry before the heliport becomes yours.

Objective: Defend against the counter-attack.

The counter-attack consists of 3 helicopters, plus some infantry and jeeps. The
choppers are the hardest to take out, so expect to suffer casualties. After
you take them out, enemy tanks will attack from two entrances. If you're in 
any vehicle, be careful, because one hit from those tanks can end you. This is
a difficult objective, to say the least. 

Score: 2,000; 19,000; 40,000; 68,000; 100,000
Time: 7:30; 5:00
Accuracy: 30%
Losses: 10; 23

-C8- Catching Flak

Playing: NATO
Objective: Recon the Mid Ground.
Objective: Recon the Village.
Objective: Recon the Ravine.
Objective: Recon the Pumping Station.
Objective: Get back to base.

Another helicopter-friendly mission. Get into the recon helo. You can do this
in any order, but I like to work in a clockwise direction, so I'm going to 
start with the site to your immediate left. Now, seeing as how the Recon 
Helicopter has no weapons, what I advise you do is hotswap to another 
helicopter, take out all enemy ground forces in the area to be reconnoitered, 
and then switch back to the recon chopper and do your stuff. While doing this, 
various enemy tanks and helicopters will come on the scene, so be sure to keep
your eyes open for that.

Now, starting with the Mid Ground. The main thing to watch out for here is 
infantry and some tanks inside the structure. When you recon(this goes for all
sites), make sure to drop your altitude until it says Recon Underway. Then stay
safe for about 15 seconds. You're done.

Moving on to the Pumping Station. This one is slightly more difficult because
of the SAM sites and numerous infantry. Do not try to recon this one without 
first disabling those SAMs! Some assault troops will drop in after the SAMs 
are gone to help with the infantry clean-up. Recon this one and move on.

At the Ravine, the main threat are the 50 cal guns set up on the opposite side.
Strafe your fire along this side of the ravine, then look for stragglers. As 
usual, watch for enemy helicopters and such. Then recon and move on.

When you get to the Village, a lot of infantry will exit the buildings. Pound 
them with heavy fire. A helicopter is also bound to show up at some point. 
Take them all out, and recon the site. 

Now, time to head back. Oh, but you didn't think it would be easy, did you? 
Chinese forces are all over the helipad. Pound them hard. Don't worry about 
the neverending supply of troops in the city. You'll just die trying to destroy
them all. Only clear the helipad, then hurry up and bring the recon helo 
through. To end the mission, just position yourself over the landing pad and 
lower your altitude(press down on the right thumbstick) until you reach the 
pad. The mission ends automatically. 

Score: 46,000; 80,000; 125,000; 182,000; 250,000
Time: 15:00; 10:00
Accuracy; 40%
Losses: 6; 15

-C9- Rolling Thunder

Playing: NATO
Objective: Destroy the forces at the farm.

You start as an engineer. Get into the empty tank and roll with the rest of 
your crew. Blow the infantry coming out of the trees away. You may find that 
the 50 cal is more suited to this job. After that, a squad of tanks will 
move onto the road towards you. Infantry will also appear on the hill next to 
you. Keep your eyes peeled in all directions. 

Objective: Repair allied tanks.

As an engineer, just select your blowtorch and repair the tanks you still 
have left. Such a difficult objective.

Objective: Destroy force en route to the Heliport.

Roll up the road and to the crest of the hill. You'll encounter stiff enemy 
resistance from infantry and tanks. Blow all of the tanks away(chances are 
you'll lose one of your own), and nail the infantry pouring out of the left 
side of the area. Now turn your attention to the right, where vehicles and 
infantry are entering the fray. Blast them to hell, and move into the 

Objective: Prevent enemy entering the hangar.

Keep moving towards the red areas on your radar. If you don't have any tanks 
left, hotswap to one of the engineers around that entrance. Clear out the 
numerous jeeps and infantry, along with the tank, directly outside that 
entrance. A few more tanks will come up the road. Do your best to take them 
out(a defensive position is best on this one, but make sure you have a gunner 
to take out the enemy engineers). Now go through the forest along the same 
road the tanks were using until you reach a barricade. Be ready for infantry 
to hit you from all sides. Once you've taken care of them, send a tank shell 
into the barricade to blow it away. 

Objective: Take out forces at the ruins. 

Keep going on the road. Right as you reach the crest of the hill, multiple 
tanks and numerous infantry will bombard you, so don't try to go over straight
into the ruins-you'll just get slaughtered. Instead wait just behind the crest
of the hill and let them come to you. 

Objective: Destroy the heavy Chinese tanks.

To gain victory. Good. Move through the ruins until the red blips appear on 
your left side. The Chinese tanks are tough and numerous, but luckily you've 
got quite a few yourself. Be sure to use the ruins as good defensive positions,
but be sure to go on the offense if things take too long. Smash the enemy and 
victory is yours.

Score: 72,000; 119,000; 180,000; 258,000; 350,000
Time: 10:00; 8:20
Accuracy: 55%
Losses: 20; 30

-C10- Burning Bridges

Playing: NATO
Objective: Place 1st charge.

You start the mission with about 5 spec-ops and 2 snipers. Personally, I'd 
hotswap to a sniper and bust-a-move. But it's your call. What you really need
to know is that the bridge is SWARMING with tangos. If you're sniping, I 
suggest you take out their gunner, which is the furthrest thing back. Then aim
for the towers. Now, if you're sniping, they're going to notice, and soon 
enough you'll have enemies in your face. So be ready to whip out the pistol and
die a hero, if you have to. Now, once the base defense has been taken care of,
head onto the bridge. Take out the 50 cal gunner first, then mop up the 
infantry. Keep an eye on the towers lining the bridge, too. 

Objective: Place 2nd charge.

For this, just move forward a little bit, taking care of the infantry(and using
those explosive barrels) as you go. Place the charge.

Objective: Place 3rd charge.

A helicopter will come in and paradrop some enemies. A good thing to do would
be to climb up to one of the tower and have a field day on the enemy. Move 
forward and place the 3rd charge.

Objective: Place 4th charge. 

A little before you finish placing the 3rd charge, an enemy jeep will show up.
He quickly succumbs to the fire of your allies, however. Now, before you get 
to the 4th charge area, clear out some of the enemies on the other end. Once 
you place the 4th charge, you have a very limited amount of time to get off of
the bridge, and sure don't want to have to wade through enemy fire in the 
process. After you get off, the mission ends.

Score: 3,000; 23,000; 50,000; 85,000; 125,000
Time: 5:00; 4:00
Accuracy: 40%
Losses: 7; 14

-C11- Beach Party

Playing: China
Objective: Destroy 1st tank.
Objective: Destroy 2nd tank.
Objective: Proceed up beach and take out heavy tanks.

You start as the grenadier in a boat. Help your driver out and shoot some of 
the mines. When you reach the beach, get out of the boat and pinpoint the 
enemies. They're easy to take out if you pay attention to what you're doing. 
Unfortunately, you can't really do anything to stop the tanks right now. Hurry
up and get into those trenches and slaughter anyone who steps in front of you.
As for taking the tanks out, there's really no practical solution. Your best 
bet is to try and wait for them to peek out, then blast them with a rocket(as
an engineer, of course). If you've gained the mortar strike ability, it's not
really useful against the moving tanks. So, just keep trying to blow the tanks
and shoot the infantry. Luckily, that's all you have to do in this mission. 
Note the high Losses star increments. They EXPECT you to lose a lot of men. 

Score: 10,000; 25,000; 45,000; 70,000; 100,000
Time: 7:30; 5:00
Accuracy: 65%
Losses: 30; 60

-C12- Big Bang

Playing: China
Objective: Battle to the Refinery.

You start off with two tanks. Move along the road until you encounter infantry.
When you do, have your gunner take them out. You focus on the bridge. A tank 
will come across it, and stop halfway and try to snipe at your tanks. Take him 
out before he can take you out. Now, move on and cross the bridge into the 

Note: Before I start this part of the mission, I'd like you to be aware that 
I'm only doing these charges in geographical order. Whatever's closest is the
next one. Unfortunately, since you have to escape the refinery before it blows,
this strategy leaves you furthrest from the entrance. A good tactic I found out
a while back is to actually do these in reverse. Start with the one way back
in the refinery, and work your way back to the first charge site. That way, at
the end, you'll just have to walk a bit and you'll be out of the refinery. Of
course, if you think you can make it either way, do what you will. 

Objective: Place 1st charge.

The first charge placement is right next to the entrance. The following 
tactics go for every charge placement: Watch out for infantry above and below 
you at all times. They like to spawn in weird places and if you aren't watching
your back, you'll get shot. Now, move up the stairs to the top of the round 
structure and plant the charge. 

Objective: Place 2nd charge. 

Just get back in the tank and move forward to the next bulbous structure. 
Place the charge and watch out for infantry on the way back down. 

Objective: Place 3rd charge.

Move in a clockwise direction to the next charge point. Go up the stairs at 
the front of the structure and work your way to the top of the next round 
building. Place the charge, and be wary of infantry on the ground and behind 
you on the catwalks. 

Objective: Place 4th charge.

This will be the charge nearest your last one. To get up there, you'll have to
go up the ramps of the building to the left of the round structure. As you 
progress, be very careful for enemy troops hiding behind corners. Keep going 
and plant this charge as fast as you can, because a seemingly endless supply 
of enemy troops will follow you up the catwalks and to this charge site.

Objective: Place 5th charge. 

This is the charge nearest the 4th site, and it's accessible via the stairs 
just opposite the 4th site. This is yet another incredibly hard site to get to.
Tons of enemy troops swarm the sites, shooting you from above and below. Don't
worry, though, you'll get it eventually.

Objective: Place 6th charge.

This is quite possibly the easiest site. Just make your way to the structure, 
take out the infantry to your left, and plant the charge. Huzzah. 

Objective: Get out before refinery blows. 

Now, if you followed my note above, this will be a sinch. If you did this in 
the order I did, it'll be a tad tougher. This will be even tougher without a 
tank. Still, it's possible either way. You have 45 seconds to hotswap to the 
guy nearest the exit and book it like momma. Once you're out, the mission is 

Score: 2,000; 19,000; 40,000; 68,000; 100,000
Time: 10:00; 8:20
Accuracy: 35%
Losses: 8; 12

-C13- Hotel Alpha

Playing: NATO
Objective: Quickly recon 4 enemy sites.

Get in the humvee and drive out of the compound. You'll immediately face 
enemy opposition. You might want to let the other guy drive while you take 
guns. Blow everyone away and keep going down the road. Bust more infantry and 
keep going to the first recon site(working in a counter-clockwise direction 
from right to left). This one is pretty simple: Drive in, shoot people, and 
recon the site. 

Now, moving on to the second one. This is a little bit tougher. Once you reach
the area, be ready to take out infantry and an enemy jeep. The entrance to the
area is a stone ramp. It's very easy to miss. Just look around for a broken, 
stone tower(typical castle-looking tower thing). The ramp starts there. Go up 
the ramp and paradrop into the clearing. Don't worry about enemies yet. Recon
the site. When you go to exit, be careful. A ton of infantry is waiting for 

Get to the third site. This is another simple drive-in and shoot people type 
of recon, except as an added bonus, you get to shoot a tank as well. Do what 
you're paid for and blow everything away. 

The fourth site is just like all the others, with a jeep. Reconnoiter the place
and get out. 'nuff said. 

Objective: Recon the north village.

This is where the mission gets interesting. You now have to recon the north 
village. It won't be easy. A tank patrols the area, there are enemies all over
the rooftops, and when you go to recon the place, more enemies will show up on
ground level. Jeeps also come in every once in a while. This is what I did the
first time I played it:

I got a badly wounded jeep. Best I had. Parked it on one side of the village, 
waited for the tank to come by and planted one C4 on it(if you can plant two or
three or four, more power to you). I then blew it and died. I came in with a 
better jeep, blew the tank away, blew the enemy jeep away, took care of some 
rooftop nuisances, and just drove into the recon area. Just stay in the gunner
while you're reconnoitering the area, then drive away. Simple.

Objective: Return to base.

On your way back to the base, infantry and helicopters will do their best to 
stop you. Fortunately, 6 and a half kilometers later, this mission will be 

Score: 2,000; 19,000; 40,000; 68,000; 100,000
Time: 14:00; 10:00
Accuracy: 50%
Losses: 20; 40

-C14- Top Man

Playing: NATO
Objective: Set down safely at the landing zone.

Get into the helicopter. You'll be flying for this mission. This level is the 
same as the last one, just with different objectives. As you exit the camp, 
you'll, again, be faced with enemies right away. Except this time, you're in a
helicopter. With rockets and machine guns and the advantage. Blow those f'ers
off the map(and their jeep, too). 

Now, enter the canyons. As you enter, drop your altitude greatly(below 15m). 
Any higher and you'll be targeted by the SAMs. Slowly navigate through the 
canyon until you get to the LZ. Once you get there, you'll be tasked with 
taking out three enemy humvees. Do it, then turn around and take out the three
that show up behind you. Once you've done that, slowly lower the chopper onto
the ground near the red flare. Once it's set down, exit it and move towards the
stone ramp. Enemies are ALL over it, so be careful. 

Objective: Take out all Stingers.

Move up the ramp, taking out enemies as you go. Keep going up. Once you reach 
the top, be very careful. There are more enemies waiting for you with 50 cal 
guns. Take potshots and climb on up. Once you reach the top and clear it of all
enemies, use the stinger to take out the enemy helicopter. Mop up anyone else 
and head across the bridges.

Objective: Prevent enemy commander escaping.

Move on, and clear out the other section of the rocktops. Once you do that, 
you'll gain some reinforcements and have a clear view of the helipad where the
commander is at. Take out all the enemies over there. Keep moving right along
the rock. Take out the enemies that appear. A jet will come by and airstrike 
the bridge(...yeah). After that, go back to the last place you were at(where 
you had a nice view of the helipad). Man that 50 cal and destroy the radio 
mast. It creates a nice bridge to get over to the commander. Unfortunately, as
soon as you cross that bridge, two choppers lift off. Hotswap back to that 50
cal and take out the first chopper. Take the other one quickly as you can with
your own chopper. Now, move fast to the last chopper with the commander in it.
By this time, if you dawdled, you'll only have a minute left to catch this 
bastard and make him eat explosive. It's pretty damn hard, but just fly up to 
him and blast him with everything you have. Don't try the stingers, he flies
low. A slightly easier(but also riskier) way to take him out is by hotswapping
to your sniper and using the laser designator(if you have it).

Score: 6,000; 25,000; 50,000; 82,000; 120,000
Time: 10:15; 7:50
Accuracy: 25%
Losses: 10; 30

-C15- DMZ

Playing: China
Objective: Neutralize enemy forces in the Central, Eastern, and Northern 

Well, same map, except this time you play as China. Get into the jeep. I'm 
starting with the city directly behind you, the closest village. As you get 
close, you'll be faced with an enemy humvee and a helicopter. Use both turrets
on your vehicle to your advantage, or simply ditch the vehicle and hotswap to 
one of your snipers on the rooftops. Some rooftops have 50 cal weapons, others
have stingers. After those two are gone, another helo and humvee come in. 
Quickly dispatch of them. If you aren't a sniper, you'd be best hotswapping to 
one now. About three or four helicopters and two jeeps enter the mix, and the 
50 cal/stingers are vital to your survival. Don't worry about losses- if you 
happen to lose someone, they'll be replaced instantly. Take out all of the 
helicopters, and be ready for more to enter. Keep the defense solid, and be 
sure to hotswap often, and you'll reach this objective in no time. 

After the Northern Village is secure, hotswap to the jeep that drives up. You
can tackle either village, but I'm going with the left route. As you come up 
on the village, a roadblock prevents you from getting through with the jeep. 
That doesn't mean you can't use it. Park it so you have a good view of the 
entrance from the turret of your choice(grenade or 50 cal). Your soldiers will 
show up, but once the enemy starts pouring through the entrance, all you have 
to do is hold down the R trigger and laugh. Once they're all gone, get out of
the jeep and head forward into the city. As you go forward, there are two 
points to watch out for as far as enemy spawn points are concerned. The first
is the second story building with the long staircase. The second is the alley
next to it. After a couple of waves, head into the alley. Once you hit the 
clearing, be ready for another few waves of enemies. This time, however, they 
come from every angle(including the top of the bridge-like structure, so watch
that too). This village is quite tough to take. When you get a chance, head up
the stairs and to the bridge-like structure to get a better angle on enemy 
troops(but be careful to watch your back). After endless enemy deaths, you'll
finally capture the town.

After you've got the Eastern Village down, drive towards the last village. 
Once you get there, you should recieve some snipers on the rooftops and towers.
Quickly take control of one of them. If you've noticed, each village seems to
have a different type of challenge. The Northern Village was full of helos and
jeeps. The second was bursting with infantry. This one's specific area is 
sniping. Prepare to snipe or be sniped. After a bit of sniping, infantry will
pour into the center square. Snipe as long as you can, but if you find it too 
difficult, don't worry. Your own infantry will come in from the opposite way 
to assist. If you want, there are a couple of 50 cals in the center. You can 
take out a lot of people, but don't expect to survive long. After the Central
Village is taken care of, the mission ends. Take that, capitalist pigs.

Score: 91,000; 160,000; 250,000; 364,000; 500,000
Time: 16:00; 13:20
Accuracy: 35%
Losses: 35; 42

-C16- End of the Line

Playing: China
Objective: Defend the Station.

A change in scenery. Awesome. You're set with defending a station. Enemies come
from all sides, but said foes have quite a ways to walk, and you have quite a 
bit of 50 cal ammo, so use it. After many waves of stupid enemies, jeeps and 
tanks will enter the fray. Seems they got smarter. Just pound the living 
daylights out of them with the 50 cal, and if you can't take them out with the 
50 cal, laser designate the tanks with the snipers behind you. After they're 
out, expect a helicopter to come in and paradrop troops in. Another one will 
come in from the other side to do the same thing, and after they've done that,
they'll try to wreak havoc on your base. Use that laser designator. Another
tank comes in from the front after that, then more infantry, then another 
tank AND a helicopter. These guys don't like you. The helo will try the 
paradrop thing. Don't let him. After he's gone, more infantry and a jeep will 
enter from all sides. Tons of infantry. Forever. However, if you like using the
50 cal or the sniper rifle, this will be loads of fun for you. After a while, 
the enemy will start to run away and you'll be tasked with a new objective.

Objective: Stop the train.

After the commander is done briefing you on the situation, hotswap to one of 
the assault troopers paradropping in around the bridge. After that, hotswap 
to the one closest to the train. In case you can't destroy the train with one,
you can simply hotswap to another guy down the line and keep battering it. Of 
course, the train itself, while armed, is relatively fragile and it won't take
long to kill the conductor and blow the train. Mission success.

Score: 30,000; 45,000; 65,000; 90,000; 120,000
Time: 7:50; 7:25
Accuracy: 50%
Losses: 12; 18

-C17- End Game(NATO)

Playing: NATO
Objective: Withstand the attack.

You start in the plaza as an engineer. This is not a good thing for you. The 
first chance you get, switch to an assault trooper, because you'll need the 
distance. Infantry, helicopters, and land vehicles will all be thrown at you. 
If you manage to take out one of their choppers, you'll gain a helicopter 
yourself. Two tanks come into the mix after both choppers are gone. For so many
troops to be fighting, it doesn't last as long as you'd think. After both tanks
are gone, the objective is finished.

Objective: Battle to the labs.

If you're in a helicopter or vehicle of any kind, be very careful. The first 
enemies you face going towards the labs consist of assault AND engineers. With
rockets. Very accurate rockets. If you manage to make it past, however, any 
vehicle is a very good asset to have when facing the legions of enemies in the 
area. Nevertheless, don't trifle too long with the people outside. From what I 
know, they're endless. Instead, make your way to the front door of the labs, 
being careful of the turrets there. 

Objective: Plant demolitions in the labs. 

As you enter the building, be extremely careful. Until you plant demo charges
on the floor, the enemy still has the ability to spawn there, so watch your 
back. There are most likely enemies on the stairs, or if not there, in the 
hallway above you. As you enter the room, an enemy is usually hidden in the 
corner to your right. Place the charges there and move on. Move up the stairs, 
always being cautious of enemies, and plant the next two charges. Once you 
plant the 3rd charge, you have 30 seconds to get out. The fastest way is to 
jump from a window or simply get killed. Either way, get out of there. 

Objective: Destroy Lieutenant-Colonel Zhu's helicopter.

This is as hard as it looks. It's not really feasible with a tank, because the 
barrel doesn't go up that high. And no matter how you approach it, you'll still
have a ton of infantry breathing down your neck. You'll have to do this with 
engineer rockets. Hotswap to an engineer(one's on the labs rooftop, the other's
on top of an unfinished building. Anticipate and eliminate. Take him down and 
the mission is yours. 

Score: 2,000; 14,000; 30,000; 51,000; 75,000
Time: 12:30; 10:00
Accuracy: 45%
Losses: 70; 105

-C18- End Game(China)

Playing: China
Objective: Destroy the generator.

You start off as an engineer. Make your way towards the plaza(the place you 
defended as NATO). It's heavily fortified, so be careful. First off, dismantle
anyone on the 50 cal as soon as possible. Secondly, rocket their tanks into 
oblivion. You might want to man your own 50 cal, because for at least 2 minutes
the enemy will pour out of the building on the left in endless waves. After a 
bit, it dies down and you can keep going. You'll gain reinforcements on the 
way. Included in these reinforcements is a tank. When you get close to the 
generator, however, the enemy sends in two of its own tanks, so be ready. Get 
in there and plant the charge. 

Objective: Attack enemy plaza.

Now you have to clear the plaza of all enemy units. Those units include regular
infantry, 50 cal on the rooftops, two helicopters, and tanks. Get in your own 
tank or take control of one of the 50 cal and let loose. Wave after wave of 
infantry and tanks will pour into the plaza. After a bit, though, Lieutenant 
Colonel Scott's helicopter will also fly in. Destroy it as quickly as possible.
The tank is your best option, if you can get a good angle on him. If not, use 
the engineers or 50 cal guns. Either way, this version of the End Game is quite
a bit easier than NATO's. Mission accomplished.

Score: 9,000; 22,000; 40,000; 63,000; 90,000
Time: 7:30; 6:00
Accuracy: 45%
Losses: 30; 45

-C19- Flying the Flag

Playing: China/NATO
Objective: Plant demolitions in both silos.

This mission is so ridiculously hard sometimes I wonder if the guys at EA just 
worked this up to piss everyone off. Seriously, you WILL have to go through 
this multiple times to beat it. Here's the deal. First off, you paradrop into
the middle of an endless(and I mean endless, they keep respawning) number of 
infantry, two tanks patrolling, 50 cal guns on both sides of the valley, and 
a limited number of troops. To top it off, you only have 5 minutes to disarm 
both ICBM's. And you can't even shave it close. The first time I played this 
I planted C4 at both sites and had essentially blown it up with 1 second to 
spare, but time ran out anyways. Pretty rough trip. And that's just the first 

If you think you've got the determination to keep playing this mission, then '
read on. You'll drop in. As you're dropping, try to take out the 50 cal and 
anyone standing around. Then undo the parachute so you can reach the ground 
faster(staying in the air will most certainly equal death). As soon as you hit
the ground, tag people. Run to the base directly in front of you. It seems 
further away(and probably is), but I find that it's easier if you hit this one
first and then go for the other one. As you go towards it, be extremely 
careful and on the lookout for enemies spawning next to you. Try to run it in.
If you keep moving, your chances of survival go up marginally. If you make it 
to the site alive, you'll get paratrooper reinforcements. As you enter the 
hole to go underground, be ready, because the passage to reach the actual C4 
charge site is chock full of baddies. Be ready to dart out, bust fire, and 
dart back behind cover again. Keep trucking it until you reach the charge site.
Plant that C4 and get out. If you're lucky, you'll have 2+ minutes left on the
clock. Book it like nothing else and use that hotswap to get out of there 
faster. You don't have to be out of the tunnel by the time it blows, but it 
saves on time altogether if you just keep hotswapping to allies further along.

Now, make your way all the way over to the second ICBM site. Bust a serious 
move getting down there, but try your best not to die, because it wastes time.
Do the same thing. If you're damn lucky and damn good, you've just completed 
the worst part of this mission in 5 minutes. If you're not lucky, try try 
again. But wait, it gets better! Now you have to make your way over to the 
complex and blow Commander 31 away. And you have 5 minutes to do that as well(
though it's a more reasonable time limit). Work your way over to the bunker. 
You're finally supplied with tanks and more reinforcements, but the enemy will
drag out a few helicopters too. Take them out quickly and continue on. As you
enter the compound, you'll notice that it's chock full of more enemies who just
love to respawn frequently. And, as you're going up the ramps, you'll notice 
that they like to wait for you in the most unlikely places(ie. everywhere). 
Just keep pounding it and make your way to the top. Once you get there, you'll
find that you can't plant demo charges at the bunker. 

Objective: Laser Designate Commander 31's bunker.

Well, for this, simply hotswap to one of the snipers on the building and 
laser designate the tower. Be careful, because helicopters will come in. Their
primary purpose isn't to destroy you, it's actually to botch your designator.
If you have to , go ahead and take one or both of them out first to get a 
clear shot at the bunker. Once you've done that, pat yourself on the back. The
game is over. 

Score: 2,000; 14,000; 30,000; 51,000; 75,000
Time: 9:20; 6:40
Accuracy: 35%
Losses: 40; 56
E- Acknowledgements/Legalities

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who reads this guide and actually gets 
something out of it. I'd also like to thank Microsoft and EA Games for their 
wonderful work.

Do not reproduce this guide under any circumstances except for private use. Do
not put this on any website without my permission(my email is in the intro).
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