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                        Battlefield 2:Modern Combat

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11-28  Did 4 more missions
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--------Table of Contents 




   -Nato- In and Out 
   -Nato- Radio Silence 
   -Nato- Headshot  
   -Chinese- Submerged
   -Chinese- Metal Island 
   -Chinese- Heavy Tonnage 
   -Nato- Air Traffic Control 
   -Nato- Catch Flak 
   -Nato- Rolling Thunder 
   -Nato- Burning Bridges 
   -Chinese- Beach Party 
   -Chinese- Big Bang 
   -Nato- Hotel Alpha 
   -Nato- Top Man
   -Chinese- DMZ 
   -Chinese- End of the Line 
   -Nato- End Game
   -Chinese- End Game 
   -Nato/Chinese- Flying the Flag 



--------Note (Please Read)

This guide will not help you get all the stars. It will only help 
you get pass the missions. So please don't e-mail me when you can't 
get all the stars. 


--Nato-- In and Out 

Difficulty: 1/10

Shortly after landing an enemy vehicle will pass by on the street
nearby. Work your way down the street toward the objective marker.
There will be many enemies to your left. Don't try to kill them all.
Just kill enough to keep you and your teammates alive. When you turn 
on to the street with the objective marker, the vehicle you saw 
earlier will come around again. This would be the best time to 
destroy it. By now you should have noticed a tank down the street 
from you. Hotswap to the guy on top of the building to the left of
the tank. Use your rocket launcher to destroy the tanks. You can do
this by getting close to the edge to fire then backing far away to 
reload. The best place to hotswap to now is the engineer across the
street on top of a house. Jump off the house and work your way down
the street towards the next objective marker. There will be enemies 
that will come up on your left before you reach the intersection.
After they are killed you need to hotswap to a tank and continue 
down the street. Soon you will notice a tank in front of you. Destroy
it and proceed into the refinery. When you get inside you will be 
ambushed from all directions. Some will also be on buildings. Try
clearing out everyone that comes from the way you came in. Just in
case you need to run and hotswap to someone else. After all enemies 
have been killed it will area secure.

--Nato-- Radio Silence 

Difficulty: 1/10

Get in the vehicle and drive towards the objective marker. When you
get to where you need to go you need to switch to the gunner on top.
Enemies will be coming from all directions so don't focus fire in
one direction. Defend that area until time runs out. Now proceed
to the next area. When you get the next area you need to hotswap to
the engineer on the balcony of the main building. This is the best
place to defend the area with. Just watch out for the enemies on
the surrounding roofs. After time has run out head to the next area.
Drive a Humvee there and park in the middle of the intersection.
Switch to the gunner again. Now defend the area until time runs 
out. Then head to the extraction point. 

--Nato-- Headshot 

Difficulty: 4/10

This mission you can only switch between 3 guys, so keep them alive.
There is no direct way to beat this mission. Don't stay with one 
guy too long because your teammates will end up getting shot. If
you get to a time where you can't find anyone you will want to use 
the forward observer. When the helicopter shows up you will want
to aim for the pilot. It's a hard shot but it's possible. This is 
the easiest way to take it down. The thing you need to watch out 
most for are the guys that come on to the rooftop. They will kill
you faster then anything else. No when the Humvee drives by you
need to hotswap to the guy by the billboard. Hide behind it and
kill the driver and gunner. You have to kill them both. Now finish
killing everyone else. You'll when you do because a cutscene will
come up.

---Chinese-- Submerged 

Difficulty: 4/10

As your falling start shooting at the enemies on the ground. This
is a good way to eliminate a few guys before you hit the ground.
Once you land, fight your way to the bunker and place a charge on
it. Get out of the bunker and go over to the other side of the 
destroyed church. Man a machine gun and wait for some guys and 
Humvees to come up the hill. Kill them all then hotswap to a 
engineer. Go to the edge of the cliff and look to your right. You 
should see an enemy boat. Destroy with your rocket launcher. Head 
down to the small beach and get into the Humvee. Drive toward to
the next bunker and switch to the gunner on top. Waste everyone 
around and place a charge in bunker. Leave the bunker and head to 
the entrance of the dock. Watch out for the machine gun nests on
both sides. Also the Humvees and the guys in the towers. Don't just
go charging down there. Stay up on the hill and kill everyone from
there. Head through the entrance once everyone has been killed. 
Once inside go right. There will be enemies wondering around through
all that stuff. So don't be surprised if one pops out on you. When 
you are able take a left. Now you will be able to work your way 
toward the objective markers. Soon you will see a engineer at the
dock. Hotswap to him and get on the submarine. Kill the guy there
and place the charge. Get off the submarine and do the same thing
to the next submarine. After you have placed the charge and gotten 
off the sub you need to hotswap to someone on land. Head toward the
next objective marker. Soon you will come to a doorway. Watch out
because 2-3 guys will come out of there at one time. After they are
dead go on through. On the other end you need to hide behind some
yellow pipes. This is the best place to kill everyone because your
not out in the open. When everyone has been killed you need to 
go along the walkway. Take the next two rights and you'll be on the
submarine. Now you can plant the last charge.

--Chinese-- Metal Island 

Difficulty: 3/10

There are two good places that will be good to kill enemies. The 
one on the rig is the area by around the tower with the flame 
coming out of it. You have access to a few machine guns and a 
stinger site for destroying helicopters. The tower can be used 
for cover if it comes down to that. On the island it is on the 
raised platform. It's such a good place because it's hard for them
to sneak up on you. When you start head to the first place I talked
about. Man the machine closest to the tower. This gives you a good 
chance of killing some of the guys as their falling, but watch out
because some will sneak up on you. Once the rig is secure you need
to hotswap to someone on the island. Get to the other place I talked
about. As soon as the island is secure you'll need to hotswap to the
rig again. Do the same thing you did last time. After that a 
helicopter will appear. Use the nearby stinger site to destroy it.
Now a boat will show up. Hotswap to an engineer and use your 
rocket launcher to destroy it. The rig will secure again. Stay at 
the rig and man the stinger site. Destroy the 2-3 helicopters that
will soon be coming around. Now you can use whatever you want to
destroy the boats that will appear shortly. After it has said all 
enemy forces defeated you need to use the stinger site. There will
be somewhere around 5 helicopters that will show up. You might have 
to switch between the rig and island to destroy them all. Once they 
are destroyed you can finish off the rest of the troops. 

--Chinese-- Heavy Tonnage 

Difficulty: 4/10

Get in the helicopter. Proceed to the ship while destroying the 
speed boats along the way. Once all speed boats are destroyed you 
need to bail out of the helicopter over the ship. Parachute onto the
deck killing guys along the way. You have to plant charges on both 
cargo doors. They are placed on opposite ends of each other. A good 
way to plant the is to run into the area and kill everyone as fast 
as possible. That should give you enough time to plant the charge
and run. Once both cargo doors are destroyed you need to switch to
you grenade launcher. Start lobbing grenades at the cargo. You can 
also destroy it using a helicopter if you still have one flying
around. Hotswap to someone in it and destroy it using the rockets.
When your done you'll get a cutscene.

--Nato-- Air Traffic Control 

Difficulty: 5/10

Wait for the helicopter to fly over the base. Turn left towards the 
base entrance. Snipe as many guys as you can. Hotswap to one of the 
drivers of the Humvees. Drive to where the helicopters are inside
the base and switch to the gunner on top. Try preventing anyone from
reaching the helicopters. Watch out for the Humvee that will show up
at this time. Destroy it and by this time you should have an unused
and in fairly good shape helicopter. Get it off the ground and use it
to destroy the remaining Humvees that will appear. Soon after it will
say heliport captured. There will be tanks coming into the heliport 
now. You can hotswap to one of those or you can use the stinger site
on a roof next to the radio control tower. Use one of those to finish
off the 3 helicopters that will be coming. Make sure you keep at least
one tank still intact. After those are destroyed, 2-3 Humvees will 
come into the heliport. Hotswap to a tank and easily finish them off.
Shortly after destroying the Humvees, 3 tanks will appear. Make sure
you are either in a tank or in a building hiding as a assault. If
your the assault guy in the building you just need to use you grenade
launcher. Then just lob grenades out the door. It takes some time, but 
it's an easy way to get it done.

--Nato-- Catch Flak 

Difficulty: 3/10

Leave the building and get in to the helicopter. Leave the ground then
hotswap to someone in a different helicopter. Go to the site to the 
right of where you started. Use your rockets to destroy the helicopters
and kill all the troops around the houses. Hotswap back to the 
helicopter you started in and now you can do your recon. To do the 
recon you need to fly low into the area until time runs out. From this
place you should be able to see a large bridge nearby with 2 snipers in
two different towers. Hotswap to one of them and clear out both sides of
the ridge. Hotswap back the original helicopter you were in. This time 
in order to do the recon you need to get down into the ravine by the 
bridge. Once the recon is done you need to hotswap to another 
helicopter. Follow the ravine and you'll come up on the next place 
you'll have to recon. Clear it out and recon it. Now you can head to
the final place which is at destroyed church. This one you want to stay
moving. Two tanks are in the center and are hard to hit at times. After
it has been cleared out and reconed you need to hotswap to another
helicopter. Head towards your base. When you get close you will see 
your base is full of troops. Kill them all. Hotswap back to the
original helicopter and go land in the base.

--Nato-- Rolling Thunder 

Difficulty: 5/10

Exit the building and get in your tank. Inch forward a little and wait
for the enemy to come to you. Tanks and troops will be coming down the
road in front of you. Troops will also be coming down the hill to
your right. After everything has been destroyed or killed you need to
get out of your tank. Switch to your blow torch and fix the tank your
in and the other one if it's still running. Get back into the tank and
follow the road. Soon you will come up to a group of enemies. Fire 
mostly at the tanks until you can destroy them. Then you can finish off
everyone else. Now get inside the base. Turn left when you get inside.
If you still have your tank park it at the bend, and kill enemies from 
there. If you don't have a tank you need to be an engineer so you can
destroy the tanks when they come. When you have destroyed all tanks you
need to leave the base with a tank. If you don't have one, one will be
coming around the bend soon. You will want to leave the way the enemy
tanks were coming. When you're outside the base you need to take the
path to the right. Now head towards the objective marker. Shortly
after leaving the base you will be ambushed from the left. It's only
troops so you can kill them easily with your machine gun on top. When
you get into the ruins you'll need to clear it out. Now it will tell 
you to destroy the heavy Chinese tanks. So proceed down the road. The
first tank will be on a hill to your left. The next 3 tanks will come
from the town across the minefield. Once those are destroyed you are

--Nato-- Burning Bridges 

Difficulty: 5/10

Follow your team mates but don't follow them out into the open. Look
around the corner and you should see many guys at the entrance of the
bridge. Kill them from here. Go to the entrance of the bridge. Hide
behind something because there will be enemies coming at you. Continue
forward when ever you are able to. The first charge will be placed on 
the right side of the bridge on a brick wall next to a dumpster looking
thing. Continue past the large hole in the bridge to the bus on the 
left. Look to your left on the brick wall, that's where you need plant
the next. Go past the wrecked vehicles and plant the charge behind some
stairs on a brick wall. This next is the hardest to get because it's
out in the open. From where you are go to some nearby vehicles and
hide behind them. Now wait for the enemy to come to you. There will
be a few guys you have to kill. After that look down the bridge and 
you should see a Humvee. Try to destroy it with out getting too close.
Walk up to the place where you plant the last charge. It will be behind
some stairs on the left side of the bridge. You should notice a 
helicopter taking off. Try to kill the pilot before he kills you. Go 
back and plant the charge. Get off the bridge and then you just have
to keep yourself alive until time runs out.

--Chinese-- Beach Party 

Difficulty: 6/10

When you land stay in the boat and shoot at the first set of bunkers.
Try to kill all four of them. When they are dead it will give you 
enough time To charge up the hill to the left. Get inside the bunker 
and clear it out. Get out of that bunker and proceed to the next one.
When you are able you need to take a left. This will lead you up some
stairs. At the top turn right and leave the bunker. Turn left and enter
a small circle bunker. From the inside of the bunker you should be able 
to call a mortar strike on the tanks up top. Exit the bunker and turn
left then right. You should be able to get past the next set of bunkers.
Now you can destroy the final tank using what ever you want. 

--Chinese-- Big Bang 

Difficulty: 6/10

Go straight don't follow the other tank. Kill the troops and destroy 
the tank when you get to the bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left at 
the intersection. Enter the refinery and continue going straight to the 
area where you will plant the first charge. It's a large black circle
with stairs leading to the top. Go up to the top and plant the charge.
Now get back into the tank. Turn left and head towards the building
in front of you. Turn left and go towards the building in front of you.
Get out of the tank and follow the path around the building. Climb the
stairs and follow the walkway across. Turn right and go down the stairs.
Follow the walkway to where you need to the charge. Plant the charge.
From here you should be able to see 2 places in which you have to plant
charges. Now jump from where you are and parachute to the ground. You
should be able to see some stairs to your right. Go up those and turn
right. Soon there will be some more stairs to your right. Go up those
and turn left. You will now be able to see where to plant the next
charge. Now plant the charge. Then jump off the platform and parachute
to the ground. When you land you need to turn left and go up the stairs
to your right. Plant the charge. Parachute off and turn left . Continue 
to the next place. It looks like the place where you planted the first 
charge. Climb the stairs and plant the next charge. Go down the stairs 
and go left following the fence. You'll to the place where you have 
to plant the last charge. It will look like the last place you were 
at. Now plant the last charge. By now you should have noticed the bridge 
nearby. Go down the stairs and cross the bridge.

--Nato-- Hotel Alpha 

Difficulty: 4/10

Exit the tent and get in the Humvee. Leave the base going right. During
this time of doing recons watch out for ambushes that may come up. Now 
go to the recon site on your right closest to the base. Enter the site
and switch to the gunner to the recon is done. Leave the site and go 
through the canyon until you can turn right into small part of the
canyon.  You'll know if you go to far if you see a large opening in the
canyon. You may have to ditch your Humvee while you do the recon. Once 
you have reconed that area you need to continue to the other 2. You
want to go to the one on your right since it's closest. Drive into the
village and switch to the gunner until time runs out. Now leave that
place and head for the north village. Fight your way into the village.
Desrtoy the 2 Humvees in there. Once you have reconed it, it will say
you need to return to base. Don't stop until you get to your base 
because you will be chased by 2 or 3 helicopters.

--Nato-- Top Man 

Difficulty: 8/10

Leave the tent and get into the helicopter. Switch to anyone but the
pilot. You will want to switch to the pilot when it says to clear the
landing zone. Use the rockets to destroy all the Humvees driving around.
Now land the helicopter. Fight your way to the nearby rock path. Watch 
out when you get to the top because there will be machine gun fire 
coming from multiple directions. Hide behind a rock and slowly kill them
all. Work your way past the first 2 bridges into the camp. Clear it out
and continue on until a jet flys over. It will destroy the bridge you
need to cross. So head back to the camp and man the machine gun facing
where you need to go. Destroy the large box next to the radio tower
with the machine gun. The tower will fall creating a new bridge. Cross 
it and head towards the helicopter. It will lift off the ground. Now
hotswap to one of the guys using a stinger site in between the 2
bridges. Start aiming when it starts rounding the corner of the canyon.
It will only take one rocket to destroy it.

--Chinese-- DMZ 

Difficulty: 7/10

Get in the Humvee to your right and start driving towards the town in
front of you. Don't enter it though. Look up and you should see one of
your guys in a tower. Hotswap to him. Look around and you will notice
2 more of your guys. Try to keep all three alive. You will want to
use them to kill all the snipers that will appear soon. After all 
snipers have been killed troops will be coming into the square. Kill
them all to be finished with this village. Now you need to leave the 
way you came in. So get in the Humvee and drive towards the village 
thats in front of you. Make sure you are an assaulter before you go
into the village. Now drive in to the village and ditch your Humvee.
They should be an open doorway to your left. Go inside and head up
to the second floor. Don't get anywhere near the door. There are
several helicopters out there. Stay against the back wall until they
fly over. Then aim for the pilot. It takes some time but it works most 
of the time. After they are destroyed you need to finish off all the
enemy Humvees that are still driving around. When you are finished with 
that you can head over to the last village. When you get there some 
reinforcements will parachute in. Now enter the village and work your
way down the street. At the end of the street there will be some stairs
that will lead up to the second story of a building. Work your way up 
those stairs into the building. This is a good place to kill everyone
from. Just watch out for the guys that will come up behind you. It 
will take awile for them to stop coming but they will.

--Chinese-- End of the Line 

Difficulty: 8/10

Leave the station going a little to the right. There should be a
machine gun nearby. Man it and wait for the troops to come. They will
come from all directions. So you may have to leave the machine gun 
every once in a while to kill anyone that gets close. Soon Humvees 
will come over the hill. Destroy them with the machine gun before
they can cause any damage. Shortly after tanks will come over the 
hill. Destroy the 2 tanks the same way as you did the Humvees. Stop 
using the machine gun. Turn and look around. You should see 2 
helicopters. Try to destroy both before the guys inside have a chance
to jump and parachute to the ground. After both are destroyed you
need to man the machine again. There will be another tank coming over
the hill. Destroy it and the one that comes after it. Stop and 
destroy next helicopter that will appear. Soon after another tank
will come that you need to destroy. Destroy it and keep killing troops
until time runs. When time runs out you should notice some of you guys
parachuting down beyond a train bridge. Hotswap to one of them. When 
you land you'll want to man the machine gun in the front on the left 
side. Wait until you notice the train is coming then start firing.
Don't stop until the train is almost next to you. Now hotswap to 
someone close to the train bridge. Now start shooting the machine
gun again. This should be barely enough to destroy the train. 

--Nato-- End Game 

Difficulty: 9/10

Just stay around the area your in. Hotswap often to stay alive. Try
to take down the several helicopters flying around so keep everyone
alive. Then finish off the rest of the troops and destroy the tank.
Then hotswap to the guy in the helicopter that has just appeared. Fly
over the construction site. Kill all the guys on the roof tops then 
hotswap to someone on the ground. Head towards the building with the
objective marker near it. Make sure you are an assaulter. Enter the
building and turn right. Go all the way down and turn left. Go up the
stairs and turn left. There will be 2 guys in the room to your right.
Kill them both and plant a charge on 2 connecting grey containers. 
Leave the room and turn right. Go up the stairs at the end of the 
hall. Go left and go through the first door on your left. There 
should be another set of grey containers that you need to plant a 
charge on. Plant the charge and leave the room. Turn left and go up
the stairs at the end of the hallway. Go into the first door on your
right. Plant a charge on the same kind of containers as the last 2.
Now you have 30 seconds to get out off the building. Now run your
way out of the building not stopping for anything. Now you have to
destroy a helicopter. Don't try to destroy it from the square. There
will too many troops and vehicles that will kill you fast. There 
will an engineer on the top of the building you planted charges in.
Hotswap to him and destroy it with your rocket launcher. If that 
don't work you could hotswap to an assaulter and kill the pilot.

--Chinese-- End Game 

Difficulty: 9/10

Follow everyone to the bridge but don't cross it. Turn right and
go straight until you get to a destroyed bridge. Cross over to the
other side. Go down the road. Two tanks will show up. Destroy them
both with your rocket launcher. After that go into the small fenced
in area with the generators. The fenced in area will be next to a 
destroyed building. When inside you should be able to see where to
plant the charge. Leave the area after the charge is planted and
turn left. Half way down the road you should be able to turn right
and go up a dirt walkway. Head into the plaza and start killing
everyone. Try killing everyone on the rooftops first. When the 
tanks come if your not already an engineer you need to be one. Now
you'll be ready to destroy the tanks and the helicopters that will
soon come. Soon it will tell you to destroy a certain helicopter.
Destroy it like any other.

--Nato/Chinese-- Flying the Flag 

Difficulty: 10/10

While your falling turn left and look down. There will be a hill
with two guys that will show up. Kill them both then look down. 
There should be another guy under you that you need to kill. You
can choose to kill anyone else while still falling. That hill you
killed the first 2 guys on, you will want to go up that after you
land. Just follow the trail there's a hole in the fence. Go through
it and turn right. Walk a little and there should be a opening to
your left with some stairs leading down. Go down the stairs and
work your way down the tunnel. Hiding behind the parts of the wall
that stick out when reloading. When you get to the rooms you want
to go to the one the farthest in the back. There should be a 
control panel in there. That's where the charge goes. Now go back
outside and turn right. When you get over the hill you don't go
on the path. Use the hill to the left of it. There won't be
anyone around. Head towards the objective marker. Soon you will
see some guys, but stop to shoot. You should pass a part of a 
airplane with a machine gun nest in it. Continue over the hill to
the next silo. Do the same thing you did with the last silo. By
working your way down the room and planting the charge. Then 
getting back outside. This time go straight and find a nearby
path. It should lead you in between a couple of hills. On the 
other side you should be able to see a large hill with a silo on
top. Rush up it taking the path to the left. When you get to the 
top you'll want to go right. You'll come to some walkways that 
will lead you to the top of the silo. Take the walkway on the 
right. Run up to the top and kill the guy in front of you. Then
turn around and kill the guy at the other end of the walkway. 
Turn back around follow the walkway. The first chance you get
you'll want to turn right. Follow the walkway to some stairs.
Run all the way to the top. Follow the walkway till it stops.
Now you need to have at least a minute and 30 seconds left. You
should notice a large tower in the middle of nowhere from where
your standing. Some of your guys will be parachuting down onto it.
Hotswap to one of the snipers that land. Switch to the laser
designator and aim at the tower you were just next. Try to get 
this done before 2 helicopters show up.


Thanks to EA and Dice for making the game


Name: Andrew Hecker

E-Mail: amh714@yahoo.com

Version: 1.0