• Cheats

    At the "Main Menu Screen" press Up, Up, Down, Down, Y, Down, Up, Y to unlock the "Cheat" Screen/Option. Select the "Add Cheat" option before entering one of the following Case-Sensitive Cheats below:

    Assualt Rifle Mk3 with Infinite Shells UnlockedULTIMATEPOWER
    Disco Light ModeDANCINGFEET
    Enhanced (Longest Ranged) Stun Gun unlockedFRYINGTIME
    Headless EnemiesKEEPYOURHEAD
    Mini-Gun UnlockedMINIFUN
    Pistol Mk4. UnlockedZEROTOLERANCE
    Shot Sets Enemy on FireBURNINGBULLET
    Squeaky (Helium) VoicesWHATWASTHAT
    Terror Difficulty UnlockedBURNERSREVENGE
    Unlocks all Levels and EmergenciesKEYTOTHECITY

    Contributed By: YuGiOhFm2002.

  • Slow-motion deaths at any time, for any enemy

    At any time during gameplay, rotate the right analog stick 720 degrees (two full rotations). Your crosshair should turn a light blue color (if you're using the pistol, you'll also see a twirling animation), and the next enemy you defeat will go down in slow-motion. You can do this as many times as you want.

    Slow-motion death for next enemy defeatedRotate right analog stick 720 degrees

    Contributed By: eshwaaz.


  • Unlock Terror difficulty and other levels of medals

    To unlock the following, successfully complete the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Other levels of medalsComplete the game.
    Replace pistol with mini-gun204 medals
    Terror DifficultyComplete the game.

    Contributed By: Mike D and atrumbul1.

  • Unlockable Armor, Weapons and Upgrades

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Assault Rifle Damage UpgradeCollect 32 Medals
    Extra Assault Rifle ClipCollect 40 Medals
    Extra Pistol ClipCollect 2 Medals
    Extra Shotgun ClipCollect 28 Medals
    Fourth Extra Assault Rifle ClipCollect 135 Medals
    Fourth Extra Pistol ClipCollect 105 Medals
    Fourth Extra Shotgun ClipCollect 125 Medals
    Grenade BeltCollect 24 Medals
    Infinite Assault Rifle AmmoCollect 190 Medals
    Infinite Pistol AmmoCollect 170 Medals
    Infinite Shotgun AmmoCollect 180 Medals
    Maximum Grenade BeltCollect 150 Medals
    Mini-gunCollect 204 Medals
    Pistol Damage UpgradeCollect 6 Medals
    Pistol Mk. 2Collect 36 Medals
    Pistol Mk. 3Collect 75 Medals
    Pistol Mk. 4Collect 130 Medals
    Riot GrenadesCollect 14 Medals
    Second Assault Rifle Damage UpgradeCollect 100 Medals
    Second Extra Assault Rifle ClipCollect 80 Medals
    Second Extra Pistol ClipCollect 16 Medals
    Second Extra Shotgun ClipCollect 65 Medals
    Second Pistol Damage UpgradeCollect 60 Medals
    Second Shotgun Damage UpgradeCollect 85 Medals
    Second Stun Gun Range UpgradeCollect 140 Medals
    Second Upgrade Grenade BeltCollect 120 Medals
    Shield Mk. 2Collect 4 Medals
    Shotgun Damage UpgradeCollect 20 Medals
    Smoke GrenadesCollect 10 Medals
    Stun Gun Mk. 2Collect 12 Medals
    Stun Gun Range UpgradeCollect 70 Medals
    T-Zero Assault ArmorCollect 90 Medals
    T-Zero Battle ArmorCollect 45 Medals
    T-Zero Body ArmorCollect 8 Medals
    Third Assault Rifle Damage UpgradeCollect 160 Medals
    Third Extra Assault Rifle ClipCollect 110 Medals
    Third Extra Pistol ClipCollect 50 Medals
    Third Extra Shotgun ClipCollect 95 Medals
    Third Pistol Damage UpgradeCollect 115 Medals
    Third Shotgun Damage UpgradeCollect 145 Medals
    Upgraded Grenade BeltCollect 55 Medals

    Contributed By: YuGiOhAngel and YuGiOhFm2002.

  • Unlockable Emergency Missions

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Emergency: Angel HeightsCapture 10 Gang Leaders Alive
    Emergency: DockyardCapture 4 Gang Leaders Alive
    Emergency: DowntownCapture 1 Gang Leader Alive
    Emergency: SewersCapture 6 Gang Leaders Alive
    Emergency: South Side LotCapture 2 Gang Leaders Alive
    Emergency: Thompson St.Capture 8 Gang Leaders Alive

    Contributed By: YuGiOhAngel.

  • Unlockable Weapons

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Assault Rifle Mk. 1Complete 2 Emergency Situations
    Assault Rifle Mk. 2Complete 4 Emergency Situations
    Assault Rifle Mk. 3Complete 6 Emergency Situations
    Shotgun Mk. 1Complete 1 Emergency Situation
    Shotgun Mk. 2Complete 3 Emergency Situations
    Shotgun Mk. 3Complete 5 Emergency Situations

    Contributed By: YuGiOhAngel.

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