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"I've Never Felt More Alive"

Corny title, I know, but it sounded good when I thought of it. So, in this game you play as a zombie named Stubbs. Wait. Playing as a zombie? I know their movies are cool, but who'd want to play a slow, dumb, defenseless creature, right? Wrong! That's the exact opposite of what this undead thing is! Stubbs is a special type of zombie. He can think and communicate and drive and, heck, he even falls in love. Love, yes, and not with just brains (although he seems to like those the most).

Now that I've told you what Stubbs can do, it's time to learn what YOU can do. The most obvious thing you can do is eat brains. But did you know that while eating brains you're building an army? That's right, every person that you kill becomes a zombie that will help you if needed (but they mostly stick in the general vicinity of where you left them). To help you build that army and take down the bad guys (I guess they‘re bad. To you at least.) is an arsenal of weapons and special moves. The most basic move is the swipe. It slightly injures your enemy and becomes your best friend for basic combat. As you progress you learn more moves such as the Gut Grenade and The Hand. Another neat little thing you can do is drive. Like I said, Stubbs isn't just some normal zombie. Driving has two main purposes. One is traveling faster (duh) and the other is running over your enemies! You can even carry an undead passenger.

Now, the real reason Stubbs is at Punchbowl City is for revenge. A man killed, and buried him, twenty-five years before the game takes place. Then, Andrew Monday, some type of billionaire, decided to build Punchbowl on top of Stubbs's grave. Unknowingly, of course. Stubbs, being a bit aggravated, rises from the grave to wreak havoc on the city. Along the way he spots a poster for some actress. Then, instead of focusing on the city, he chases after her.

While it feels good to play as a zombie, how does it look? Well, it looks pretty good. Of course it doesn't stack up to today's superlative graphics, it manages hold its own. All of the zombies look good and rotten. The other, living, folks of the city also looks good. The blood splatters and brain matter all look impressive as do the other special effects. The only thing that bothers me is the setting. While the city looks nice overall, the landscapes do get a bit repetitive. Nothing too bad though.

The game also holds its own when it comes to what you hear. Zombie moans, gunshots, people screaming, blood squirting, and all that good stuff are present. There are also some humorous moments when you're eating someone's brain or ripping his arm off. Your victims will scream something like “He killed Bob!” or “Stop eating me!”. I know I don't make it sound too funny, but when you hear it yourself you will be overcome by giggles.

While the zombies got a second chance (sort of), how does this game do in terms of second play-throughs? I will definitely be picking this up again sometime after I beat it. While it is a more linear game than some others, it is still great fun to replay the levels.

Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Story: 6/10
Final: 8/10

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 06/02/08

Game Release: Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse (US, 10/18/05)

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