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"Feels like: Any other Squad based Shooter"

Rainbow Six does not get any respect. Not that it deserves any; I am just pointing this out. Just the other day, I was playing Rainbow Six: Lockdown online when my teammates started talking about squad based shooters. “This game sucks.” That was the general consensus. Some started talking about how good the Socom series is and others mentioned Halo 2. Then I got bored and turned of my console to watch an episode of South Park. There's no doubt that this game doesn't compare to other great FPS or even other tactical squad based shooters because of its terrible A.I., confusing online interface, and uninspired level designs.

In the game you play with the typical squad of Rainbow buddies. Rainbow is an anti-terrorist organization seeking to well…take down terrorist. Your buddies are there to follow your commands and help you out. The problem is that they don't help all that much and they usually just die. It's extremely difficult to command them and there aren't enough commands in the first place. They can break down doors, peek around corners, follow you, and clear some areas. But that doesn't help you much and you don't need them to do anything to achieve victory. To put it simply, they're useless- utterly and completely useless. There A.I. is also terrible and they feel too computerized.

Enemies have many of the same A.I. problems that your squad has. If terrorist were this dumb they wouldn't need a Rainbow squad to take them out. They just don't feel human. There really is no other way of putting it. They don't hide, don't call for support, and don't act as a team against you. In sum, they are too artificial. The whole point of A.I. is to make them feel LESS artificial.

The First person graphics are pretty well done. The frame rates are high and the textures are smooth. Where the problem lies is in the level designs. They are very boring. There's nothing exciting or innovative about them. There are walls. There's grass. Don't get me wrong, I like walls and grass. But the levels need a little more details.

Sound effects are well done. The guns sound authentic and the grunts and moans from enemies and teammates is very well done. This all leads to more realism and a more atmospheric game, but the level designs still downplay it. The menu music is horrible. It's one of those songs that makes me feel like going to a mental institution. But it's not really important.

As a tactical shooter I did like how the pace the game goes. In many FPS, like Halo, it's all out kill or be killed. In Lockdown you do have to be careful at certain situations or you will be left vulnerable to some enemies. You must take things slowly and carefully if you want to make it through a large area full of enemies. Of course, your team doesn't help much, as already mentioned. So, it is basically up to you to be the one to save the day

Finally, there's the online play, which separates the Xbox version from the Ps2 version. The online play is really great for the Xbox. You first create a person and pick one of four specialties. You can pick engineer, medic, commando, or spec ops. The great part of it is that there are no pickups on the map so your equipment is based on your specialty. By playing in the games you can level up with the experience you received by performing well. You can use money to get better equipment and training points to make you more skilled. All in all, the online play is wonderful because it feels like and RPG.

This game does have a lot of potential. But in the end it's just another tactical shooter with bad A.I., uninspired level designs, and useless teammates. If you don't have an online connection, then don't even touch this title. If you play online then it might be worth a rent. Even still, if you have both a Playstation 2 and an Xbox, get the Xbox version which ports better graphics and a better online interface. The online play on the Xbox version might make it worthy of a purchase if you like first person shooters and like the customizability of RPGs.

Reviewer's Score: 5/10 | Originally Posted: 02/07/06

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