• Pipi birds in MM2 bosses' backgrounds

    immediately, when selecting a boss in Megaman 2, hold down X+A. The boss's starry background will be filled with tiny Pipi birds flying around.

    Contributed By: ddp6678.

  • Play Ghosts N Goblins music at Shademan's stage in MM7

    (note: this will only work the first time you enter Shademan's level without beating him)

    highlight Shademan's picture in level select (he's the bottom right) and hold X+Y, then press A. The remix playing should be from the first level of Ghosts N Goblins.

    Contributed By: ddp6678.


  • Mega Man 2 Passwords.

    Enter at the password screen.

    Air Man and Bubble Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B2,D5,B1,B3,E4,E5,D3,C4
    Air Man and Crash Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B2,D2,D4,B3,E4,E5,D3,C4
    Air Man and Flash Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B2,D2,B1,C5,E4,E5,D3,C4
    Air Man and Heat Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B2,D2,B1,B3,C1,E5,D3,C4
    Air Man and Metal Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B2,D5,B1,B3,E4,E5,D3,C4
    Air Man and Quick Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B2,D2,B1,B3,E4,E5,C3,C4
    Air Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B1,B3,C4,D2,D3,E1,E4,E5
    Air Man defeated.A1,B5,C3,C4,D5,E1,E2,E3,E4
    Bubble Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B1,B2,B3,C4,D2,D3,E4,E5
    Bubble Man defeated.A5,B2,B3,B4,C3,C4,D4,D5,E4
    Crash Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B3,C4,D2,D3,D4,E1,E4,E5
    Crash Man defeated.A2,C1,C4,C5,D1,E1,E2,E4,E5
    Dr. Wily's Castle with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B2,B4,C1,C3,C5,D4,D5,E2
    Flash Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B1,C4,C5,D2,D3,E1,E4,E5
    Flash Man defeated.A2,C2,C5,D1,D2,D3,D4,E1,E2
    Heat Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B1,B3,C1,C4,D2,D3,E1,E5
    Heat Man defeated.A5,B2,B3,B4,C1,C3,C4,D4,D5
    Metal Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B1,B3,B4,C4,D2,D3,,E1,E4
    Metal Man defeated.A5,B1,B3,C3,C4,D2,E1,E4,E5
    Quick Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B1,B3,C3,C4,D2,E1,E4,E5
    Quick Man defeated.A3,B1,C1,C2,C5,D1,E2,E3,E5
    Wood Man defeated with 4 E-Tanks.A5,B1,B3,D2,D3,E1,E2,E4,E5
    Wood Man defeated.A1,C3,C4,D2,D3,D5,E1,E2,E4

    Contributed By: Megaman1981.

  • Mega Man 3 Passwords.

    Enter at the password screen.

    1 Energy Tank at the start of the game.E6, Red
    2 Energy Tanks at the start of the game.E4, Red
    3 Energy Tanks at the start of the game.B4, Red
    4 Energy Tanks at the start of the game.A5, Red
    5 Energy Tanks at the start of the game.C1, Red
    6 Energy Tanks at the start of the game.D2, Red
    7 Energy Tanks at the start of the game.C3, Red
    8 Energy Tanks at the start of the game.F2, Red
    9 Energy Tanks at the start of the game.A6, Red
    Gemini Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,B5, Red
    Gemini Man defeated.Red:A3,C5,F5; Blue:B5,F4
    Hard Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,C4, Red
    Hard Man defeated.Red:A3,C4,C5,F5; Blue:F4
    Magnet Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,F5, Red
    Magnet Man defeated.Red:A3,B5,F5; Blue:F4
    Needle Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,D3, Red
    Needle Man defeated.Red:A3,E6; Blue:B5,D3,F4
    Shadow Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,D6, Red
    Shadow Man defeated.Red:A3,C5,D6
    Snake Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,F6, Red
    Snake Man defeated.Red:C5; Blue:A3,B5,D3,F4
    Spark Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A6,F4, Red
    Spark Man defeated.Red:A3,C5; Blue:F4
    Top Man defeated with 9 E-Tanks.A3,A6, Red
    Top Man defeated.Red:A3,C5

    Contributed By: Megaman1981.

  • Mega Man 4 Passwords.

    Enter at the password screen.

    Bright Man defeated with both Adaptors.A3,A5,B3,C2,D1,F3
    Bright Man defeated.A1,A4,B5,E2,F1,F3
    Dive Man defeated with both Adaptors.A2,A3,A5,B3,E1,F3
    Dive Man defeated.A2,B4,B5,D2,E2,F3
    Drill Man defeated with both Adaptors.A2,A5,B3,C3,D1,F3
    Drill Man defeated.A2,A4,B5E2,E4,F3
    Dust Man defeated with both Adaptors.A2,A3,B3,C5,D1,F3
    Dust Man defeated.A2,B4,B5,C1,D1,D3
    Pharaoh Man defeated.A2,A5,B2,B4,D1,D3
    Pharoah Man defeated with both Adaptors.A2,A5,B3,B4,D1,F3
    Ring Man defeated with both Adaptors.A2,A3,B3,B6,D1,F3
    Ring Man defeated.A2,B3,B4,B6,D1,D3
    Skull Man defeated with both Adaptors.A2,A3,A5,B3,F2,F3
    Skull Man defeated.A2,B4,B5,C4,D3,F2
    Start game with Balloon Adaptor.A2,A3,A5,A6,D1,D3
    Start game with both Adaptors.A2,A3,A5,B2,D1,F3
    Start game with Wire Adaptor.A2,A3,A5,A6,D1,D4
    Toad Man defeated with both Adaptors.A3,A5,B1,B3,D1,F3
    Toad Man defeated.A4,B1,B5,E2,E6,F3

    Contributed By: Megaman1981.

  • Mega Man 5 Passwords.

    Enter at the password screen.

    Charge Man defeated with Beat Power.Red:B1,F3,F5; Blue:C1,D4,F6
    Charge Man defeated.Red:C1,D4,F6; Blue:B4,D6,F1
    Crystal Man defeated with Beat Power.Red:D2,D3,F5; Blue:C1,D4,F6
    Crystal Man defeated.Red:A5,D2,E3; Blue:B1,B3,E5
    Dr. Wily's lair.Red:C1,D4,F6; Blue:B4,D6,F1
    Gravity Man defeated with Beat Power.Red:B1,D3,C6; Blue:C1,D4,F6
    Gravity Man defeated.Red:A5,B1,F4; Blue:C4,E5,F1
    Gyro Man defeated with Beat Power.Red:B1,A4,F5; Blue:C1,D4,F6
    Gyro Man defeated.Red:A5,B1,E3; Blue:B3,E5,F1
    Napalm Man defeated with Beat Power.Red:E2,D3,F5; Blue:C1,D4,F6
    Napalm Man defeated.Red:A5,C1,E3; Blue:B3,E2,E5
    Proto Man's Castle with Beat Power.Red:C1,D4,F6; Blue:F1,B4,D6
    Star Man defeated with Beat Power.Red:B1,F4,F5; Blue:C1,D4,F6
    Star Man defeated.Red:B1,B6,F4; Blue:C4,E6,F1
    Start game with Beat Power.Red:B1,D3,F5; Blue:C1,D4,F6
    Stone Man defeated with Beat Power.Red:B1,D3,B5; Blue:C1,D4,F6
    Stone Man defeated.Red:C1,E3,F6; Blue:B3,D6,E2
    Wave Man defeated with Beat Power.Red:B1,D3,B6; Blue:C1,D4,F6
    Wave Man defeated.Red:B1,B6,D3; Blue:B3,E6,F1

    Contributed By: Megaman1981.

  • Mega Man 6 Passwords.

    Enter at the password screen.

    Blizzard Man defeated.A1,A3,B1,C2,F5
    Blizzard Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A2,E1,A5,C3
    Centaur Man defeated.B5,D4,F2,F4,F6
    Centaur Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E1,A5,D3
    Dr. Wily's lair.B2,B6,D4,E5,F2
    Flame Man defeated.A1,A2,A3,B1,F5
    Flame Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E1,A5,C4
    Knight Man defeated.B3,C4,D2,D6,E5
    Knight Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E1,B5,C3
    Mr. X's Castle with Energy Balancer.E5,D2,B4,D6,F4
    Plant Man defeated.A1,A4,B1,C2,F5
    Plant Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E1,A6,C3
    Start game with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E1,A5,C3
    Tomahawk Man defeated.A6,C4,D2,E1,E5
    Tomahawk Man with Energy Balancer.E5,B1,E1,A5,C3
    Wind Man defeated.B6,D4,F2,F4,F6
    Wind Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,E2,A5,C3
    Yamato Man defeated.A6,B3,C4,D2,E5
    Yamato Man with Energy Balancer.E5,A1,F1,A5,C3

    Contributed By: Megaman1981.

  • Mega Man 7 Battle Game.

    Enter this code, hold X and B, and press start.

    Battle Game.1415 5585 7823 6251

    Contributed By: Megaman1981.

  • Mega Man 7 Passwords.

    Enter at the password screen.

    Go to Dr. Wily's Castle with every weapon and power up.1415 5585 7823 6251

    Contributed By: Megaman1981.


  • Mega Man 1 Select Glitch

    In Mega Man 1, when using a weapon that goes through an enemy --- Rolling Cutter, Thunder Beam, Ice Slasher, or Fire Storm --- press Select the second the weapon hits an enemy. After you press Select again to unpause the game, the weapon will hit the enemy a second time. This makes a joke of virtually every robot master battle in the game, so long as you have a weapon that can be used in conjunction with the glitch.

    Unfortunately, this was fixed in later versions of Mega Man, and does not work in any other title besides Mega Man 1.

    Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.


  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Atomic Planet Entertainment CreditsBeat Elecman in Megaman 1
    Homage to Megaman trackBeat Crashman in Megaman 2
    Interview VideoUnlock Beat in Megaman 5
    Megaman Anime EpisodeBeat Astroman in Megaman 8
    Megaman Radio Cut trackBeat Megaman 7
    Megaman's Drum and Bass trackBeat Clownman in Megaman 8
    Picture Set 1Beat Metalman in Megaman 2
    Picture Set 2Beat Skullman in Megaman 4
    Picture Set 3Beat Megaman 8
    Plantman trackBeat Plantman in Megaman 6
    Protoman trackBeat Megaman 4
    Select Jungle trackBeat Slashman in Megaman 7
    Unlock Power Battle Arcade GameBeat Needleman in Megaman 3
    Unlock Power Fighters Arcade GameBeat Junkman in Megaman 7
    Wily vs Bass trackBeat Drillman in Megaman 4
    Wily's Revenge trackBeat Megaman 2

    Contributed By: ddp6678.


  • ProtoMan's Shield (MM7)

    First, go to ProtoMan's room in CloudMan's stage (right before the outdoor part before the boss, there will be a ladder. Use Rush to get to it). ProtoMan will comment about using weapons to find areas. Then go to ProtoMan's room in TurboMan's stage (this one is at the very top of the area with the traffic light platforms; go through the wall just before you reach the top of the ladder). He will mention something about the Super Adaptor.

    After you go to these two rooms (doesn't matter with order you go to those), go to ShadeMan's stage. Continue like normal until you reach the Pumpkin mini-boss. Shoot the small orange core of the Pumpkin (NOT the eyes on the outside). After you defeat it, it will open a hole on the bottom. Go down until you reach the room with a lone green Sniper Joe. Defeat the Sniper Joe, and instead of going down the ladder, go right through a secret passage and enter the gate you find. If you did everything correctly, ProtoMan will challenge you to a duel.

    Once you defeat ProtoMan, he will give you the ProtoShield. This can be used at the same time as the MegaBuster (don't forget to select it), and it will block many enemy shots (like those birds that hatch from the egg; let all of them run into the shield and they will die).

    Contributed By: RandyPandy.

  • Unlimited Pharoah Shot ammo in Mega Man 4.

    The Pharoah Shot charges above Mega Man's head. However if the ball of energy hits an enemy while you hold the A button, you won't lose any Pharaoh Shot ammo.

    Contributed By: Jelly Soup.

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