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Why does the game keep telling me this? "There is a problem with the disc you're using. It may be dirty or damaged.

I'm playing the first mission for Cesar - He's a guy who's missions open up after you finish the Lowrider Meet, where you get the Blade with Hydraulics. I'm also on the Xbox 360, and I downloaded the game from the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

Whenever I go to the third check point for the race, or whichever one is closest to the tunnel, the game freezes and gives me that error. It also does so if I go near that area, or any where I guess the game didn't download?

Because of me being reckless, I didn't save and went to do this several times and had to re-do missions. But it's good now, that's all handled.

Yet, this problem isn't.

I'll try clearing system cache and re-downloading to see if that will help.

Soul_Gravity provided additional details:

Well, I tried clearing system cache and re-downloading in that order, and again. Third time, I also deleted my saved games. - I wasn't that far along, only 5-6% into the game, had only finished the Sweet, Big Smoke, and Ryder missions on Grove Street, so I don't figure it as a loss, just lost time.

If this doesn't work I'll find a copy of the disk somewhere in Amazon or at the local Gamestop.


Kenny1987r answered:

I also have the 360 version(110% file) and never encountered this issue perhaps its your system, may i ask how old it is?
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