3D ModelsGaetan Joachim
3D Models, TexturesFrancis Adam
3D Models, TexturesJ.F. Charbonneau
3D Models, TexturesMaxime Guindon
3D Models, Textures, FXMarc-Andre Gray
Additional ArtAndrew Bowser
Additional ArtAlex Dumont
Additional ArtChris Haluke
Additional ArtNacny MacDonald
Additional ArtD'Arcy Nichol
Additional ArtAnnick Wall
Additional AudioPeter Lumsden
Additional AudioJennifer Priest
Additional AudioRon Robinson
Additional Programming - AIDavid Ethier
Additional Programming - FXErnest Szoka
Additional Programming - MinigamesTim Park
AI, Tools ProgrammingKel Doig
AnimationPaul Brigham
AnimationAlvin Cruzado
AnimationLouis-Nicolas Dozois
Animation LeadCory Humes
Art Director [Majesco]Vic Merritt
Audio ProgrammingPeter Meneguzzi
ConceptRick Banks
ConceptJosh Bridge
ConceptTim Sandwell
Concept Art, Character DesignChris Hale
Creative DirectorRichard Cooper
Development Co-ordinatorAntonio Santamaria
DirectorRick Banks
DirectorPaul Butler
Director of Creative Services [Majesco]Leslie Mills
Engine, FX ProgrammingDavid Eccleston
Land Art, Textures, AnimationJosh Bridge
Lead ArtistKris Eggleston
Lead ArtistKris Eggleton
Lead ProgrammerTim Sandwell
Level Design, AniamtionLuc Begin
Level Design, AniamtionPaul Desmarais
Levels, 2D Concept DesignMike Sauro
Levels, AnimationBecky Lethange
LightingMike Morris
Minigames ProgrammingJim Ehrismann
Minigames, FX, Tools ProgrammingPierre Prouix
Multiplayer ProgrammingAndrew Creskey
Multiplayer ProgrammingMark Fournier
Multiplayer ProgrammingRob Kilbride
Multiplayer ProgrammingEric Torunski
Multiplayer, Minigames ProgrammingJimmy Lord
Multiplayer, Tools ProgrammingRichard Lalancette
Music: DidgeridooAndrew Zapata Crookall
Music: GuitarsCraig Daughtrey
Music: GuitarsJustin Hawley
Music: VocalsErin Nanayakkara
ProducerHoward Perlman
Project Lead [Majesco]Robert Cooper
Sound Design and MusicMike Keogh
Tech SupportRoger Camm
Video EditingStas Jesionka
Video EditingChris Paine
Voice of Announcer, Nyluus, Scottish Golf GuideDean Hagopian
Voice of Maya Morningstar, PollyKatherine Dines-Craig
Voice of Slivh, Max MaxwellRobin Smith
Voice of The PrincessGabrielle MacKenzie
Voice: Kewlett VoicesLuc Begin
Voice: Kewlett VoicesJosh Bridge
Voice: Kewlett VoicesPaul Desmarais
Voice: Kewlett VoicesLouis-Nicolas Dozois
Voice: Kewlett VoicesDrew Hayes
Voice: Kewlett VoicesCory Humes
Voice: Kewlett VoicesDave Lindsay
Voice: Kewlett VoicesJennifer Priest
Voice: Kewlett VoicesRon Robinson
Voice: Kewlett VoicesMike Sauro
Voice: Kewlett VoicesMike Trudeau


Data and credits for this game contributed by akeboshi, halo824, gamer_boy997, and BGoldTLE.

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