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Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes
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Cirith FAQ/Walkthrough
Author: Phillip Meris (Ulala Rocks)
Completed January 28, 2006
Copyright 2006 Phillip Meris All Rights Reserved

Version History

Version 1.0 - January 28, 2006 - Finished FAQ.
Version 1.1 - February 1, 2006 - Added to authorized sites.

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Ciri1 Introduction
Ciri2 Characters
Ciri3 Move List
Ciri4 Walkthrough
Ciri5 Troop List
Ciri6 Tips
Ciri7 Special Thanks
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Ciri1 Introduction

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes is the prequel to Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders
and is the second game in the series. It's a hack n' slash type game with an
added twist of having real-time strategy. The balance is more like 80% stra-
tegy and 20% action with troop management.

This FAQ will cover Cirith's campaign which is on the Very Hard difficulty
setting. I will be writing a FAQ for Morene as well as soon as I finish this
campaign. If you have any questions, tips, or anything else, my contact info.
is available at the bottom of the FAQ

I'm doing a Cirith FAQ because she's my favorite character in the whole series.
She played the role of an air head and a bimbo and got away with it! Not to
mention she's one smokin' dark elf! 

I will be including certain parts of the story so be warned that there are 
SPOILERS in this FAQ. Also try to keep in mind that Cirith's campaign is set at
Very Hard difficulty so there might be a few instances of frustration. The
strategies in this guide were made and used entirely by me and worked for me.
Some might work for you, some might not, and heck even none might not work for
you, but don't give up. If all else fails, contact me so I can provide an
alternative solution to your problem.

Ciri2 Characters

Cirith - A bombshell of a Dark Elf, she also played as a spy in Lucretia's
         campaign in Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. Her campaign starts
         immediately after the end of Lucretia's. When she's spying, she's
         usually playing the act of a bimbo or air-head. An interesting fact
         you'll notice is that she has a darker skintone compared to the rest
         of the Dark Elves. Maybe she likes tanning? Who knows?

Nachmir - Cirith's sister who is obsessed with gems. You can tell Phantagram
          put a lot of effort into her character.

Elcam - A Dark Elf male who is in love with Cirith and with good reason. He
        will serenade Cirith to no end with corny poems and will sometimes
        have a rose in his mouth while doing it.

Dyesa - The hardass Commanding Officer of the unit. She usually is the one who
        breaks up the socializing between the three officers.

Morene - Cirith's inspector. Cold hearted, but rivals Cirith in beauty. She
         traveled with Cirith and Lucrutia, but hid the fact that she was 
         inspecting Cirith and not Lucretia. She gives Cirith the mission of
         obtaining the Ancient Heart.

Ciri3 Move List

Lightning Vortex: Y
Viper Rush: XXXX
Viper Sommersault: XXX --> A
Electric Charge: XXX --> Y
Viper Rush: XXYY
Sommersault: A
Evasion: B
Punishing Stilleto: A+X
Sommersault: (Left Thumbstick in any direction) + A

Ciri4 Walkthrough

The opening scene starts with Cirith and her sister Nachmir having a family
reunion which is then broken up by Dyesea, who is the commanding officer. From
there you'll be set on the battlefield. This is an incredibly hard first level
but like the rest of the campaigns the first level is always the roughest with
the exception of Ellen's and Walter's.

Mission: Colonock 

Required Entry: *4 Free

Your Troops:
Cirith Level 16
Dark Archer Level 12
Orc Axemen Level 12
Dark Archer Level 18

Dyesa Dark Elf Fighter Level 15
Eclam Dark Archer Level 9
Nachmir Dark Elf Fighter Level 12

Enemy Troops:
Storm Rider Level 10
6 Long Bow units ranging from Level 10-16

*Your opening set of troops is of course, already made up for you.

As soon as the level starts, have all your troops run up towards the hill. If
you pull up your minimap, the terrain will appear like two small black dots.
Stand your ground there and wait for Storm Riders to appear.  The moment that
happens ready your archers and start shooting away at them.

They should easily be put down since Elcam is helping you attack them, but as
soon as the ambush announcement is made wait and watch which direction your
allies will take. Whichever direction they take, have Cirith and all her units
take the opposite. This should allow you take on each and every single archer
unit on the field. To make things a lot easier have your orc axemen attack a
seperate archer unit autonomously while your two archer units provide you with
healing trees and ranger support. The easiest way to get through to this part
of the mission is to kill the enemy leaders the moment you find them. Don't
worry yourself over experience points because there will be plenty of times
where you can get experience.

Once that's over with you'll be dealing with enemy reinforcements in the likes
of melee and spellcasting troops.

Allied Troops:
Dyesa  Level 15
Nachmir Level 12
Elcam Level 9

Enemy Troops:
2 Knight Level 12
1 Cavalry Level 10
3 Paladin Level 13-14

These guys will be coming from the West so if that's where your troops are then
get out of there as soon as possible and let your allies run into them first.
If you're lucky then they'll be taking on the majority of the paladin units
and at least one of them is engaged with the main force. The cavalry will not
harrass, but rather it will stay in battle making it easier to kill. If you've
run into this situation or something similar, then stay back, have your archers
fire and Cirith cast Meteor on the knights then run in and mop up the rest the

If your allies don't take on the paladins and take on the main attacking force
then have Cirith go around them and attack the Paladins one by one. Take one
archer unit with you, preferably the level 18 group for support. Have your orcs
attack the main force with your level 12 archer supporting them.

Once that's taken care of go to the designated location marked on the map and
the mission will be over.

Manage your troops and prepare for the next mission after the long bit of
storyline and comedy. Replace your Lich's lousy curse skill for something more
useful and level up your male dark elf officer's fire and give him a booster.
If you can, turn your orc axemen into orc riders, and turn one of your archer
units into cavalry archers. Don't turn the other archer unit into a cavalry
archer unit since you can use them to cast spells for your Cirith unit.

Mission: Unknown 1

Enemy Troops:
4 Orc Infantry Level 15
4 Orc Sapper Level 13
2 Dark Archer Level 14
1 Dirigible Level 10

This is your simple search and destroy mission. All the enemies in these
unknown missions are all random so what I find may not be exactly what you come
against. These missions are simple search and destroy and shouldn't give you
too much trouble as long as you've managed your troops properly. Take your
time throughout each of these levels. Usually enemies will appear in groups of
3's with either 2 archers and 1 infantry or 2 infantry and 1 archer. Disperse
your troops accordingly. Once you've killed all the enemies it's mission over.

Make your back to Arien and do so more leveling and head to the second Unknown
spot just west of you.

Mission: Unknown 2

Enemy Troops:
5 Infantry Level 21
1 Storm Riders Level 10
5 Sapper Level 16
2 Archer Level 16

Once again another search and destroy mission, but this time with Lightside
enemies. It should make no difference so just apply the usual strategy.

Head back to Arein and level up your troops as you see fit and head over to
Lichen Vale.
Mission: Lichen Vale

Chasing the Patriarchal Force

Required Entry: 4 Free

Allied Troops:
Dyesa  Level 30
Nachmir Level 26
Elcam Level 20

Enemy Troops:
5 Paladin Level 25-27
1 Knight Level 26
1 Longbow Level 23

As soon as the battle begins rush all your troops towards the Knight group
except your orc axe riders. Immediately have them running over the longbow
group on the bottom right endlessly because Cirith will definitely be up to her
neck with paladin forces. Have your long cavalry steal kills from your allies
while your dark archers support Cirith. If your axe riders are racking in tons
of SP don't be afraid to cast offensive spells Particularly lightning. Once you
get rid of the opening force a lone paladin will rush your entire group so
waste him once you see him. Continue south around the mountain path until you
run into your next set of enemies.

Enemy Troops:
4 Paladin Level 25-27
2 Cavalry Level 18-21
2 Longbow Level 23
2 Mortar Level 17-19
2 Knight Level 25

This battle can get fairly ugly if you don't have your axe riders harrassing
the ranged units so have them run towards them immediately and keep an eye on
their health and use rage when neccessary.

Again, just like the last battle, split your archers to helping you and your
cavalry archers stealing kills off your allies. Although there are cavalry
there's no need to worry about them since they charge into battle and don't do
the standard hit and run attacks. The faster your Cirith unit kills off the
the units the faster you can help out your axe riders so once you wipeout a
unit move deeper towards the enemy while your allies fight off whatever comes
to them. This battle is incredibly easy if your axe riders consistently harass
all of the enemy ranged troops so don't be intimidated by the large numbers.

Keep marching east and you'll run into another set of enemies but not as
massive as the other set you just faced.

Enemy Troops:
1 Paladin Level 28
1 Cavalry Level 24
1 Longbow Level 25
1 Spearmen Level 29

Be very careful here since a group of spearmen appear behind you. Have both
of your mounted troops rush the longbow unit while your allies handle the
paladins and Cirith handles the spearmen. If the enemy cavalry happens to stick
with the longbow unit then have your axe riders harrass them and have your 
cavalry archers attack the longbow troop. This battle is a cakewalk so finish
what hasn't already been destroyed as soon as you kill the spearmen.

Take this time of serenity to check up on your troops and to heal Dyesa if she
needs it and head on north once you've finished. You'll have some dialogue
about how the road is blocked and how it's raining. Cirith will comment on how
she hates getting wet and Elcam will continue with his crap.

Enemy Troops:
4 Paladin Level 27-31
3 Longbow Level 26
1 Regnier Level 42
1 Orc Rider Level 20

Once again have your axemen rush the longbow units while you fight off the
paladins with your archers. This is a pretty easy battle, but during sometime
Regnier will appear and attack you. Don't worry though because he's easy
pickings or at least he was for me. Moments later Dyesa along with Elcam will
chase the Patriarch while you stay and fight. Continue fighting and after a few
minutes Morene will appear and tell you to retreat to the south. If you're not
doing so well then I suggest you retreat. Other than that finish cleaning up
and then go to the south, but on the way there you'll meet a blockade.

Enemy Troops:
2 Knight Level 26-28
1 Paladin Level 27
1 Longbow Level 26

Once you see the longbow unit have your axe riders harrass them to no end while
the rest of your troops take on the melee units. This is a great time for your
dark archer unit to cast any offensive spells, but lightning works the best. If
Nachmir is still in combat with anyone assist her as soon as you've finished
all your enemies off.

Once you've destroyed every enemy that appears on your minimap continue south 
to finish the mission.

Head to the Advance Base to watch a scene where Cirith gets pissed off at Dyesa
and some more meaningless dribble from both Elcam and Nachmir. Once that's over
with manage your troops and head over to operations to be briefed on an
impending attack on a supply base. Once that's over head to the pub to see a
conversation between Cirith and Nachmir. After that, set out to the Northern
available mission to do another Unknown.

Mission: Unknown 3

Enemy Troops:
2 Dark Archer Level 16
2 Dirigible Level 27
5 Ghoul Level 23
6 Orc Infantry Level 19
1 Ice Maiden Level 28

Another standard mission meant for receiving extra experience points. If you
do happen to run into ghouls and an ice maiden prepare your spells before you
actually engage them in battle. That will wipeout a significant amount of their
forces before the battle even begins.

Once you complete the mission and return to the world map, you'll see a split
offering two more Unknown missions. It's highly recommended that you do them
for experience. You don't really have to bother returning to the Advance Base
yet to level up either so get them over with as soon as you can.

Mission: Unknown 4

Enemy Troops:
5 Paladin Level 21
2 Storm Rider Level 22
3 Archer Level 17
6 Knight Level 23
1 Catapult Level 31

If you tire of these Unknown missions then simply rush into the middle and have
as many troops possible just rush towards yours. It spices up an otherwise very
boring set of search and destroy missions.

Once that's over with, Kallishire should be opened up so feel free to stop by
and manage your troops a bit. After that head over to the 5th Unknown mission.

Mission: Unknown 5

Enemy Troops:
6 Dark Fighter Level 20
4 Orc Axemen Level 24
3 Dark Archer Level 25
2 Wyvern Level 29
1 Fire Wraith Level 19

What more can I say? Kill em' all! These missions never ever pose a problem.

Headback to the Advance Base and manage your troops properly before going to
Mission: Woodenshade

An Ecclesian supply depot.

Required Entry: 3 Free, 1 Support

Allied Troops:
Dyesa Dark Fighter Level 33
Nachmir Dark Fighter Level 27
Elcam Dark Archer Level 27

Enemy Troops:
3 Knight Level 26-32
1 Archer Level 31
1 Paladin Level 30

As soon as you have control head north to face off against those five units.
If you have a swamp mammoth as support then this should make things go by
faster. I experimented with a Dirigible and found this map to be quite the
challenge though. Have your axe riders harass the archer unit while you take 
on the melee troops and have your archers fire shots at the paladin unit 
behind them. Once again Dyesa and Elcam will leave the battlefield leaving
Cirith and Nachmir stranded. It's very important that you save up for SP for
the next battle you're about to have.

Once you've finished off the enemies you'll have your only means of escape
burning and have another group attacking towards you.

Enemy Troops:
3 Paladin Level 34
4 Longbow Level 31-33
2 Knight Level 33-34
1 Infantry Level 28
1 Spearmen Level 31
1 Archer Level 32
1 Mortar Level 27

Several troops will rush you now so the best thing to do is have your axemen
harass the first wave of rangers he can see. While he's doing that have Cirith
attract as many of the units as possible to her and have your archer unit place
a Tree of Healing as soon as possible because Cirith will be completely covered
to her neck in enemies. Nachmir of course will cover whatever you aren't
attacking. The biggest priority as of now is wiping out all the rangers while
you have your support take out anything else that isn't in combat with your
troops or Nachmir.

When you get the sign to retreat and you're still completely healthy, take your
time and make sure you're ready and make sure Nachmir is doing well because
she will be heavily needed to divert enemies away from you. If you're good then
continue onward and get ready for the next set of enemy units.

Enemy Troops:
3 Knight Level 25-30
1 Longbow Level 17
1 Paladin Level 24

This is a fairly easy group to handle. The easiest way once again to defeat
them is to have all three knights lured over to Cirith, harass the paladin with
your archers while using the Tree of Healing over Cirith, and having the axe
riders hit and run the longbow unit.

Be prepared for the next battle because several troops will completely over-
whelm you.

Enemy Troops
2 Mortar Level 22
1 Storm Rider Level 20
4 Longbow Level 27-32
3 Infantry Level 25-29
2 Knight Level 25-30
1 Paladin Level 24
1 Spearmen Level 31

Right off the bat, kill the mortars and any melee troops rushing toward you.
Do not have your axe riders rush the very back lines of the enemy because that
is where the spearmen are waiting. Instead, back up Nachmir. When the Storm
Riders start to inch closer have your archers start attacking them, but make
sure they stay as far away as possible from the ranged units in the very back
rows. Once you've dealt with all of the melee troops and finished off the Storm
Riders, have your archers start attacking the rangers in the back then have
Cirith cast any offensive spell on the bunched up groups. From there, rush them
with everything you've got. If the spearmen start taking down your mounted
units then back them off and have them melee with any other enemy troop that
isn't engaged in battle.

When you've finished them off head to the exit and the mission will be over.

On the world map you'll see an upset Cirith so return to Advance Base to
continue the story. Once that's all over with, manage your troops and head over
to the Unknown mission.

Mission: Unknown 6

3 Longbow Level 33
5 Sapper Level 28
1 Fire Wraith Level 33
6 Knight Level 26
2 Bomber Wing Level 28

You know the drill. Once it's over head back to the Advance Base, manage your
troops and head to Lichen Vale.

Mission: Lichen Vale

Ecclesia and Vellond are engaged.

Required Entry: 3 Free, 1 Support

Once the battle begins, simply pick a square and begin battle.

Allied Troops:
11 Dark Knight Level 37-42
2 Scorpion Level 43
1 Wyvern Level 41
1 Dyesa Level 51 

Enemy Troops:
3 Knight Level 46-48
10 Longbow Level 37-40
13 Paladin Level 38-50
1 Infantry Level 47
1 Storm Rider Level 45

There's nothing much to this level until towards the end. Start off by having
your swamp mammoth attack the western square while the rest of your troops 
attack the northern squares. These are pretty simple battles since the enemies
are spread out very thin and you'll only be dealing with them three to four at
a time. Once half of the squares have been successfully defended reinforcements
will arrive. Finish off all the squares first and have your allies subdue them.
Once all the squares are secured continue to help your allies take out the
remaining reinforcements. As usual have your axe riders harass the living crap
out of anything with a bow and have your archers support you or allies that
need a Tree of Healing now and then.

Once you've killed the last remaining troops Cirith will lead Dyesa to the
"depot." Travel Northwest to the designated area. You'll be met with some 
resistance, but nothing you can't handle.

Enemy Troops:
3 Paladin Level 49
2 Mortar Level 34-35
1 Storm Rider Level 42

As usual rush the mortar pair with your axe rider so that their firing rate is
heavily slowed down. Make sure to set waypoints on both of them. As the storm
riders approach have your archers make quick work out of them so they can help
out any of your allies. Have your swamp mammoth attack the nearest paladin
while you tackle one yourself. As soon as you finish yours assist your allies
as you see fit and have your archer attack any of the mortar teams. Continue
to take out the paladins until they're all wiped out and then continue onwards
to the designated area.

The final part of this mission is the most fun of course.

Enemy Troops:
Dyesa D. Knight Level 51

When this fight first starts, Dyesa will be invincible because of the very
lengthy conversation between her and Cirith. Once the conversation is over and
it's all been said and done, continue to kill Dyesa. Talk about poetic justice.
When she's dead it's mission accomplished.

Head to the Advance Base once you reach the world map. After much lengthy
chatting you'll find out that Nachmir is missing. Manage your troops and head
to the main gate to look for her at El Nido.

Mission: El Nido

In search of Nachmir

Required Entry: 4 Free, 1 Support

Right when the mission begins you'll see the base in full view in front of you.
Be prepared to fight as you'll meet your first set of enemies.

Enemy Troops:
2 Paladin Level 36-40
1 Sapper Level 35

Wipeout the paladins with all of your units. The sappers will be standing still
in the back so once you've killed the paladins, use your swamp mammoth to blast
away the sapper unit. Once this battle is over continue south. You'll encounter
yet another group.

Enemy Troops:
1 Knight Level 38
1 Longbow Level 38
1 Paladin Level 40

Attract both melee units to Cirith and have your archers support her while your
axe rider harasses the longbow unit. It shouldn't take long before you decimate
both melee units. By that time your swamp mammoth has probably already taken
out the longbow unit.

Once that's over with continue south to once again encounter another group of

Enemy Troops:
1 Knight Level 45
1 Longbow Level 42
1 Paladin Level 36
1 Mortar Level 37

If you're bored of this same old routine, then feel free to have the knights
on the west join in on the fun. If not, then harass the mortars with the axe
rider, harass the longbow with the cavalry archers and finally wipeout all the
melee units. Travel along the south while the rest of your units kill everyone.
At this point of the game, none of your units should have any trouble with any
sort of troops so run Cirith along searching for Nachmir. Once you find her in
the south, retreat to the northwest. Have your axeman create a distraction
while the rest of your troops escort Nachmir to the Northwest. It also helps to
have your swamp mammoth attack a spot where there's a high concentration of
enemies. If Cirith is discovered sacrifice your troops and attack them head on
while you keep Cirith and Nachmir running.

Once you succeed you'll finally witness the ending. A very boring one as well
with that pansy Elcam reciting a lame poem.

Ciri5 Troop List

This is basically the troop guide for the darkside. I'll provide a little
commentary. Before anyone bombards me with hatemail about their favorite class
keep in mind that this is my offline experiences with the class and do not
reflect my experiences with them online.

Dark Elves

Dark Elf Archer

Required Skill:
Melee 1
Ranged 1

This is basically the number one unit you need throughout the entire campaign.
You can put in an elemental to their skills and have them assist greatly with
offensive spells as well as healing.

Dark Elf Fighter

Required Skill:
Melee 1

The very first and default class of the Dark Elves. Switch immediately to
another class because Fighters just plain suck.

Dark Elf Knight

Required Skill:
Melee 7

A much better class than the Fighter, but I'd rather have orcs doing my melee.
This class is only used because the leader is accompanied by them.

Dark Elf Cavalry

Required Skill:
Melee 3
Frontal 4
Riding 4

Just like it's human counterpart, but then again, I'd rather have orcs doing

Dark Elf Cavalry Archer

Required Skill:
Melee 6
Ranged 6
Riding 7

Now this is the reason why you should have any Dark Elves at all. Perfect for
harassing melee units and baiting. Also much better at retreating compared to
just normal Dark Elf Archers.


Orc Infantry

Required Skill:
Melee 1

The strongest available default infantry. Not so great, but once you get the
chance, change their class right away.

Orc Ghoul

Required Skill:
Melee 10
Curse 8

Good class if you like to really mess up enemies, but then again spells are
much faster.

Orc Axeman

Required Skill:
Melee 2
Frontal 3

Worthless. Cavalry in this game serves no threat. They're so stupid, they just
stay in the melee.

Orc Heavy Infantry

Required Skill:
Melee 9

Strongest infantry class, but only good if accompanied by hero, other than that
you don't need an additional melee force.

Orc Rider

Required Skill:
Melee 3
Frontal 4
Riding 4

Good class to use in the beginning of campaigns, other than that, upgrade

Orc Axe Rider

Required Skill:
Melee 5
Frontal 5
Riding 7

Excellent class. Racks up tons of SP, gets plenty of kills, and slows down and
stops enemies from attacking. Great against rangers.

Orc Sapper

Required Skill:
Melee 1
Teamwork 1



Required Skill:
Melee 4
Teamwork 5
Taming 2

Stong class, but incredibly slow and skill isn't all that great.

Orc Support


Required Skill:
Melee 5
Teamwork 6
Taming 7

Worthless. The Swamp Mammoth does a better job of bombing than this flying
waste of experience points and it lasts longer too.

Black Wyvern

Required Skill:
Melee 10
Riding 10

Great support class for attacking both ground and air units. Be wary of archers
though because they will get torn to shreds.

Swamp Mammoth

Required Skill:
Melee 5
Teamwork 7
Taming 10

The greatest ground support unit. Lasts almost forever, has an insanely
powerful attack and has great range. Only problem is how damn slow it is.

Bone Dragon

Required Skill:
Melee 9
Ranged 9
Curse 9

Ha. What a joke. Unless you've played Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders you'll
never find out! Just kidding. Slow attacking class. Not really all that it's
cracked up to be, but then again you only get it for one level.
(Note: Can only be played in custom game and in Kingdom Under Fire: The

Elemental Classes


Both sides have access to these classes. Although they're new, they're not
really cool.

Earth Golem

Required Skill:
Melee 5
Earth 25


Ice Maiden

Required Skill:
Melee 5
Ice 25


Thunder Rhino

Required Skill:
Melee 5
Thunder 25

Worthless and fat.

Fire Wraith

Required Skill:
Melee 5
Fire 25


Ciri6 Tips

This section is dedicated to standard tips that can apply to Cirith's campaign
as well as everyone else's.

- It's a general rule to always have at least one archer unit in your ranks.
  They will always be the one unit that can heal you with Healing Tree and the
  only unit outside of support that can attack air units.

- If the troop unit isn't fit for melee combat, make sure it stays that way.
  Don't allow them to melee in battle as they will easily get decimated.

- Unless there's spearmen or axemen, always have your mounted assault unit
  moving and harassing enemies. They are your greatest source of gaining SP.

- If there are allies participating in battle and you've got plenty of SP to
  spend then hold back your hero unit, in this case Cirith, and cast any spells
  you possess. This is an excellent way to really soften up the enemy and keep
  your allies from taking kills from you.

- If you have a feeling you're on the last mission of any campaign, then you
  probably are. Kill every single troop leader as soon as possible since you no
  longer get any experience points once the battle is over.

- Cirith is a dark elf and with all dark elf units, they heal when in trees.
  If you're short on SP, hide in the forest to regain health.

- There's no need for a second melee group. The one your hero commands is more
  than enough.

- Sometimes it's worth healing your allies since they are a great way to divert
  multiple enemy troops away from you incase things should get a little too

- Sometimes the tempation of more experiece points overweights the attack power
  when purchasing weapons. Ignore those. You'll always earn more than enough
  experience points to keep your entire regiment even because of the numerous
  amounts of unknown missions.

- If your hero's personal officers have physical attack assists, change them
  right away to spell casting. Not only are they more useful in melee, but they
  can also cast spells outside of battle thus weakening enemies you aren't
  engaged with.

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