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    Game Script by Viogamer

    Version: 1.26 | Updated: 05/17/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Warriors game script
    Platform: Playstation 2
    Version: 1.26
    Completed: 25/6/06
    Last updated: 17/5/08
    Copyright Viogamer 2008
    Table of contents
    a)	Introduction
    b)	Version history
    c)	About the script
    d)	Introduction script
    e)	Story missions script
     i)	New Blood
     ii)	Real Live Bunch
     iii)	Payback
     iv)	Blackout
     v)	Real Heavy Rep
     vi)	Writer's Block
     vii)	Adios Amigo
     viii)	Encore
     ix)	Payin' The Cost
     x)	Destroyed
     xi)	Boys In Blue
     xii)	Set Up
     xiii)	All-City
     xiv)	Desperate Dudes
     xv)	No Permits, No Parley
     xvi)	Home Run
     xvii)	Friendly Faces
     xviii)	Come Out To Play
    f)	Flashback missions script
     i)	Roots
     ii)	The Best
     iii)	Heavy Muscle
     iv)	Scout's Honour
     v)	Sharp Dressed Man
    g)	Contact Info
    h)	End of FAQ and credits
    a) Introduction
    Hi and welcome to The Warriors game script FAQ! This FAQ goes over
    what the characters say in cut scenes, and what happens. Before we
    get to the script, here are a few important things to know:
    This document is copyright Viogamer 2008. It may not be put on
    another website and should only be found on the website(s) listed
    Let me know if you find this FAQ on a website that is not on the list
    above. If you want to print out this FAQ, that's fine. As long as you
    don't put it in a magazine or plagiarise. Please, no plagiarism!
    One more thing: this FAQ contains explicit language.
    b) Version history
    Version 1.0: The first complete version of the FAQ. 25/6/06
    Version 1.01: Updated the script for missions 3 and 16, and corrected
    a mistake. 7/1/07
    Version 1.11: Removed the game and film differences section. 8/1/07
    Version 1.12: Updated the introduction and the script for missions 7
    and 11. 20/2/07
    Version 1.13: Corrected a mistake. 28/4/07
    Version 1.14: Corrected a couple of mistakes. 7/5/07
    Version 1.15: Updated the introduction section. 29/10/07
    Version 1.25: Corrected a few mistakes, and changed the
    grammar/vocabulary of the script to suit myself. (The grammar in the
    subtitles is a bit bad.) I also removed the quotes section. 25/3/08
    Version 1.26: Updated the script for mission C. 17/5/08
    c) About the script
    Whenever you see -MISSION-, that is the part of the mission where the
    in-game action is resumed. At the start of each story mission (except
    story missions 1, 2, 3, 15, 16, 17 and 18, the first scene always
    takes place in the Warriors' hangout)
    d) Introduction script
    Let's get on with the game script, shall we...?
    (This is the game's opening credits. Throughout this cut scene, there
    are shots of the Warriors talking on the subway platform in Coney and
    on a train. There are also shots of other gangs walking through the
    CLEON: It's still on, and we're going. Cyrus sent an emissary this
           afternoon to make sure. Now Cyrus don't want anybody packed,
           and he don't want anybody flexing any muscle. So I gave him my
           word that the Warriors would uphold the truce. Now everybody
           says that Cyrus is the one and only. I think we'd better go
           have a look for ourself.
    COCHISE: (to Snow) We're going in there with nothing.
       SNOW: We're going in there like everyone else - nine guys, no
    CLEON: (to Rembrandt) You got the stuff?
    (Rembrandt holds up a spray can)
    CLEON: I want you to hit everything in sight. I want everyone to know
           that the Warriors were there.
    COWBOY: (to Vermin) You never know what you'll run into out there. If
            we're wearing our colours we can't hide.
    VERMIN: So who wants to hide?
     AJAX: (to Cleon) Maybe we'll get to waste a few heads along the way.
    CLEON: You just soldier and keep your mouth shut.
         SWAN: (to Rembrandt) When we get there, you stick close by, OK?
    REMBRANDT: Don't worry. I don't feel like getting wrecked.
      AJAX: (to Vermin) One thing we might get out of Cyrus' little
            get-together... meeting some strange wool. I wouldn't mind
            nailing a little something down on the way back.
    VERMIN: You got a one track brain, you know that?
      AJAX: What's the matter? You going faggot?
     COWBOY: (to Cochise) What do you know about Cyrus?
    COCHISE: Magic. Whole lotta magic.
       COWBOY: (to Rembrandt) What do you know about Cyrus?
    REMBRANDT: He's the one and only.
    COCHISE: (to Ajax) When you're president of the biggest gang in the
             city, you don't have to take any shit.
       AJAX: Ah, fuck him.
    AJAX: (to Cleon) I'll tell you something. I'll bet nobody's even
          going to be there.
    e) Story missions script
    i) New Blood
    (There are a large number of gang members at a stadium in Gramercy
    Park. They are at a meeting held by the Riffs. The Riffs' leader,
    Cyrus, enters the stadium. All the gangs shut up when he starts
    CYRUS: Can you count, suckers? I say the future is ours... if you can
           count. We've got the Saracens sitting next to the Jones Street
           Boys. We've got the Moonrunners, right by the Van Cortlandt
           Rangers. Nobody is wasting nobody. You're standing right now
           with 9 delegates from a hundred gangs, and there's over a
           hundred more.
    (Cyrus is now standing on a platform above the ground)
    CYRUS: 60,000 soldiers. Now there ain't but 20,000 police in the
           whole town. Can you dig it? Can you dig it?
           (slowly and dramatically) Can you dig it?!
    (All the gangs cheer. Luther, the leader of a gang called the Rogues,
    is given a gun and shoots Cyrus, making him fall off the platform)
    (Coney Island, 8:00 pm, April 13, 1979, 3 months earlier.)
    (Cleon is standing outside the Warriors' hangout. Vermin is playing
    on a pinball machine inside the hangout)
     CLEON: Vermin.
    VERMIN: What's up, Warchief?
    (Vermin loses the ball and hits the machine in anger)
     CLEON: Let's get going. We gotta meet up with the new blood. He's
            waiting for us in the alley.
    VERMIN: Alright, let's go.
    (Cut to Cleon and Vermin walking through the alley behind the
    VERMIN: So he's got skills?
     CLEON: He's a born writer, man. He'll get us up.
    VERMIN: Yeah, but can he brawl? Don't matter how much talent he's got
            if he gets wrecked.
     CLEON: That's what we're about to find out.
    (Rembrandt, the new blood, is spraying a Warriors burner on a truck
    CLEON: Let's go, little man. You can finish that burner later. Right
           now, we gotta see if you can bop.
    (Cut to Cleon, Vermin, Rembrandt and three other Warriors on top of a
    hut in the Warriors' fight pen)
        CLEON: Listen, Rembrandt, you're here 'cause you can lay a mean
               mark, but getting up in this city only gets you street
               cred. What makes a gang's rep heavy is how many suckas you
               can wreck. You ready to test your skills?
    REMBRANDT: Let's do it. I'm ready.
    (Vermin and one of the other Warriors push Rembrandt down into the
    CLEON: Alright, Rembrandt, some of our neighbours came by to help us
           out. I promised 'em some liquor, so they're gonna let you beat
           up on 'em for a bit. Rudy, get in there first. Let's see what
           kind of punch our writer's packing.
    (A bum named Rudy enters the pen)
    RUDY: Come on, youngbuck, I'd like to see you do me in. (laughs)
    CLEON: That's what I like to see, Rembrandt. Rudy's had enough. Get
           him outta here and give him his booze.
    (Two of the other Warriors jump down off the hut, take Rudy out of
    the pen and give him his booze)
    CLEON: The rest of you bums, get in here. You want your booze, you
           gotta work for it!
    (Four more bums enter the pen)
    CLEON: Banging with us ain't no typical street fight, Rembrandt. It's
           gonna get crazy out there, so you gotta use your head or it's
           gonna get stomped. Always keep your space, watch your back,
           and make the most out of every opportunity.
    CLEON: Alright, next up: weapons. If you ain't packing, then you
           gotta be resourceful out there. Try it out, little man.
    (Cleon drops some baseball bats into the pen)
    CLEON: Alright, it looks like you can handle yourself toe to toe.
           That'll only get you so far, my brotha. You wanna brawl
           with the Warriors, you gotta know how to rumble! Let's give
           the writer a real test.
    (The three other Warriors jump down into the pen)
    CLEON: Alright, that's enough! Looks like you can handle yourself out
           there, young blood. Let's go try on your new colours.
    (Cut to Cleon and Vermin inside the Warriors' hangout. Rembrandt
    enters, wearing his vest. He looks a bit beaten up)
    REMBRANDT: Hey, how do I look?
    (Vermin laughs)
        CLEON: The vest is looking fine, but you're looking a bit banged
               up, young blood. Hey, Vermin, why don't you take Rembrandt
               out and grab some Flash?
    REMBRANDT: I'm okay. Really, Warlord, I'm fine...
       VERMIN: Come on, Rembrandt, let's break in those colours. I know a
               guy that'll fix you up.
    (Rembrandt and Vermin head out)
    (Cut to Rembrandt and Vermin walking through the streets of Coney)
       VERMIN: This side of Coney Island is all Warriors turf. The east
               side ain't, but we'll get into that later. Right now,
               we're gonna need some cash to get you fixed up. The way a
               Warrior makes his bread is by mugging, stealing car radios
               and doing smash and grabs. I wanna see if you can handle
               this, Rembrandt. You dig?
    REMBRANDT: I dig.
    REMBRANDT: Hey, Vermin, I got everything you said.
       VERMIN: Holy shit. That's a heavy score. You got some pretty slick
               skills, kid.
    REMBRANDT: (chuckles) Thanks, man. Hey, we gonna go see that dealer
               now or what?
       VERMIN: Look at you taking charge! Come on, follow my lead.
    (Rembrandt and Vermin have found the dealer at the Coney Amusement
    Park. Rembrandt has bought some Flash and used it to heal himself)
    VERMIN: See? You're feeling better already. Let's get back to the
            hangout and see what Cleon's up to.
    ii) Real Live Bunch
    (Coney Island, 10:47 pm, April 13, 1979, 90 days before the meeting.)
    (Cleon is doing press-ups in the Warriors' hangout. Rembrandt and
    Vermin enter)
    VERMIN: Hey, Cleon, you shoulda seen this kid. He's got some
            skills, man.
    (Cleon stops doing press-ups and stands up)
        CLEON: Good, 'cause I want him out piecing, building our rep.
    REMBRANDT: No problem, Warlord. I'll take the Warriors all-city.
               There won't be anybody in New York who doesn't know this
        CLEON: Don't get ahead of yourself, young blood. First, we gotta
               take Coney, and then we need soldiers for what we got...
    (A Molotov cocktail is thrown through the window and starts a fire in
    the hangout)
    REMBRANDT: Oh, Jesus!
    (There are four Destroyers outside the hangout)
    DESTROYER 1: (laughs) Burn, Warriors!
    DESTROYER 2: What you toys gonna do about it, huh?
    (The Warriors look through the window)
     CLEON: Destroyers...
    VERMIN: They're coming at us again!
    (The Destroyers run away)
    CLEON: You guys get these fires under control and meet me outside. We
           gotta round up the Warriors!
    (Cleon runs outside)
    (Ajax is having 'fun' with a woman in an alley)
     AJAX: Come on, baby, what's it gonna hurt? You know you want it!
    WOMAN: Ajax, not now! Come on, you're being rough!
     AJAX: Oh, I'll show you rough, baby. You ain't seen nothing yet...
    (Ajax slams the woman into the dumpster behind her. Cleon, Vermin and
    Rembrandt come over)
    CLEON: Ajax! Ditch the chick. We need your muscle. The Destroyers are
           hitting us again.
     AJAX: Alright, Warlord. Maybe now I'll see some real action.
    (Ajax goes over to his fellow Warriors)
    WOMAN: Fuck you!
    CLEON: (to Ajax) You seen anybody else?
     AJAX: Fox and them were trying to score some blades. They should be
    (Snow and Cowboy are having trouble with some cops)
     COP 1: Freeze!
     COP 2: You got nowhere to run!
      SNOW: You ready, Cowboy?
    COWBOY: Yeah. Now!
    (They start beating up the cops, but get knocked down and handcuffed)
    DISPATCH: (on cop's radio) NYPD, units needed on a possible 10-34.
         COP: Hold up a sec, fellas...
              (to radio) Roger that, dispatch. We're on it.
              (to cops) Alright, boys, we got some more punks to take
              care of. Leave this trash here. They ain't going nowhere.
    (The cops head off, leaving Snow and Cowboy handcuffed on the street)
    (The Warriors are walking through an alley. Snow and Cowboy have been
    freed and are with them. They look through a gap in a fence and spot
    Fox hiding behind a dumpster, with cops approaching. Fox is holding a
      AJAX: Shit! The pigs got Fox pinned down!
     COP 1: (to Cop 2) Any sign of him?
     COP 2: Nothing yet. He's around, though. Keep looking, but be
            careful - he's got a knife.
    VERMIN: (to Cleon) We gotta get in there!
     CLEON: Cool it. You guys wait here. I'll go distract those pigs.
    (The cops hear a smashing noise behind them, which was Cleon throwing
    a bottle to distract them)
    COP: Damn, he must've got behind us! Come on!
    (The cops go to investigate the noise while Fox emerges from his
    hiding place and runs to his fellow Warriors)
      FOX: Thanks, Warlord. What the hell's going on?
    CLEON: Destroyers are raiding us and they stirred up the fuzz. You
           seen Swan?
      FOX: He's with Cochise. This way.
    (Fox opens a gate that leads to the streets)
    (Swan and Cochise are fighting some Destroyers in an alley. A
    Destroyer grabs Cochise)
    COCHISE: Lemme go, motherfucker!
    (Swan and Cochise manage to defeat the Destroyers, but more come)
    (The Warriors are now regrouped)
      SWAN: Everybody okay?
      SNOW: I think so.
    COWBOY: What the fuck were the Destroyers doing here?
       FOX: Bopping in from East Coney again.
      AJAX: And getting their heads split.
      SWAN: Hey, maybe we better check out our hangout.
     CLEON: Let's roll.
    (Cut to the Warriors outside their hangout. A Destroyers burner has
    been sprayed over the Warriors burner on the hangout wall)
          FOX: You see this, Warchief?
         AJAX: What the fuck? These dicks think they can get away with
               this shit?
    REMBRANDT: Those lame ass toys!
       VERMIN: We're gonna get 'em back, right, Cleon?
         SWAN: Relax. What do you want to do, Warchief?
        CLEON: Right now, Virgil is celebrating what he thinks was a
               victory. He won't expect us to hit him back on the same
               night, but that's exactly what we're gonna do.
               Rembrandt, I hope you're ready for the real deal 'cause I
               want East Coney dripping red by morning. No one fucks
               with the Warriors home!
    (Cut to the Destroyers' hangout. Virgil, Lemmy, LC and other
    Destroyers are in there. Beansie enters with some more Destroyers)
    BEANSIE: Yo, Virgil, we did it! The Warriors house got bombed.
     VIRGIL: That's good. So everyone's back?
    BEANSIE: Some of our soldiers got japped. They put up a good fight,
             though. Those Warriors are getting pretty heavy, Virgil!
     VIRGIL: They ain't shit! I know these fucks, I know the Warriors;
             they couldn't cut it with us, so now they gonna try and take
             over? Well, I say let 'em try! The Destroyers made Coney
             Island, and that's all we gotta worry about.
             (to LC) Now go get us some fucking beers and some broads up
             in here. It's time we had ourselves a little party!
    (Everyone cheers)
    iii) Payback
    (East Coney Island, 1:46 am, April 14, 1979, later that night.)
    (Rembrandt, Ajax, Vermin and Cowboy are walking through an alley)
       VERMIN: (to Rembrandt) You ready for this, man? You ready to snuff
               out every Destroyer piece we find?
       COWBOY: It's payback time, Rembrandt! They bomb our turf, we're
               gonna bomb theirs!
       VERMIN: Yeah, Fox told Cleon they were out partying tonight,
               getting real wasted, so there won't be too many Destroyer
               patrols out.
         AJAX: Fuck them. Listen, you just worry about the paint,
               Rembrandt. I'll keep those fucks off your back. So are you
               ready or what?
    REMBRANDT: Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready.
       VERMIN: Okay, here we go.
    (Two Destroyers are in a street, beside a Destroyer burner on a wall.
    One of the Destroyers is being sick)
    DESTROYER: What a wimp! Man, I drank, like, twice as much as you! You
               don't see me spraying lasagne all over the street!
    (Rembrandt, Ajax, Vermin and Cowboy are walking through a back alley)
    REMBRANDT: Virgil's gonna be so pissed off when he finds out we
               bombed his whole turf, man!
       VERMIN: There's a fat piece right on the back wall of their
               hangout. Do that one! That will make him shit.
    REMBRANDT: Oh, Christ! You want me to snuff a burner right on their
               hangout? What if they're in there, just waiting for us?
         AJAX: Ah, fuck! Look, you girls can stand out here all night
               deciding if you're gonna grow a pair of balls. I'm going
               in there.
    (Ajax takes Rembrandt's spray and heads off with it)
       VERMIN: Come on, Rembrandt, I bet you could tag a whole piece
               right over that back wall.
    REMBRANDT: Yeah! Alright, let's bomb it!
    (Vermin and Cowboy are waiting near the Destroyers' hangout.
    Rembrandt comes over)
    REMBRANDT: Okay, all done, guys!
       VERMIN: That's great, Rembrandt! Really great! Man, they're gonna
               be so pissed!
       COWBOY: Okay, can we get outta here now? I don't wanna be around
               when they sober up.
       VERMIN: Yeah, let's go.
    REMBRANDT: Wait, we haven't found Ajax yet!
       COWBOY: There he is!
    (Ajax appears)
    REMBRANDT: Hey, where'd you go? What'd you do with my spray?
         AJAX: Don't worry about it. What, you think you're the only one
               around here with artistic talent? Heh. Come on, let's get
               outta here.
    (Cut to the Destroyers' hangout. Virgil and his Destroyers are
    sleeping. Virgil wakes up)
    VIRGIL: Shit, that was a good party man. (laughs) Party, party,
            party. Yeah, yeah...
    (Virgil walks across the room and trips over a sleeping Destroyer)
    VIRGIL: Ooh, fuck, man. Get the fuck up.
    (Virgil picks up an empty bottle of booze)
    VIRGIL: Hey, who the fuck drank all my shit? Shit!
    (He throws the bottle onto the floor and walks towards the window)
    VIRGIL: Let's see what's going on out here. Wait a minute.
    (He spots the Warriors burner that Rembrandt made)
    VIRGIL: I been... The Warriors? The Warriors?! I'm gonna kill those
            fucking Warriors!
    (There is a big red 'W' on the back of Virgil's vest. That's what
    Ajax did with Rembrandt's spray!)
    (Cut to Cyrus and Masai at Gramercy Park)
    CYRUS: Tell me, Masai. What do you see before you?
    MASAI: I... I see the Van Cortlandt Rangers turf.
    CYRUS: Turf? Turf ain't nothing but where one gang stops dropping
           their colours and another gang starts. Lines on a map. That's
           all turf is. You take away those lines, and you'll see. You'll
           see the possibilities, the profit, the power.
    iv) Blackout
    (Snow, Vermin and Ash are talking in the Warriors' hangout)
    SNOW: You know those bitches are gonna be fine!
    (Vermin and Snow laugh)
    VERMIN: Me and Snow are gonna take Ash up to the Black Cat to check
            out some wool, man. You wanna come, Cleon?
     CLEON: No. Watch yourselves, though. I don't need you getting
            wrecked up there.
    VERMIN: You got it, Warlord. Come on, let's go check out some tail,
    (Cut to Snow, Vermin and Ash at the Coney subway station)
    ASH: Damn, this is a sweet look for me, man.
    (Vermin laughs as the three of them get on the train)
    (Riverside, 11:24 pm, April 30, 1979, 72 days before the meeting.)
    (Vermin, Snow and Ash are on a train. Suddenly, it stops and the
    lights go out)
    VERMIN: Aw, what the shit's going on?
      SNOW: Cool out, man. The power's dead or something.
       ASH: So what are we supposed to do? Sit here and wait? Man, we
            could be stuck here for hours!
    VERMIN: Why you gotta be a downer, man? Ain't no point in
       ASH: Man, I just don't like being stuck underground in a can, man.
            I got claustrophobicness!
    (Snow smashes the window of the back door. He then opens the door)
    VERMIN: Hey, look, a way out. Let's go.
       ASH: I guess we're walking.
    (They get off the train)
    (Up on the streets, four people tip a car over onto its roof)
    (There are people rioting on the streets, with people beating each
    other up, running around with TVs, etc. Riot cops arrive)
    COP: (into megaphone) This is the NYPD! Cease and desist immediately!
    (Everyone starts running away)
    (Vermin, Snow and Ash are walking through Riverside Park)
    VERMIN: That was great, man! Everyone was getting in on the action!
       ASH: It's too bad them riot cops had to ruin our fun, man.
    (The playing field floodlights start to come on)
       ASH: Yo, check it out! The lights are coming on!
      SNOW: Good. The subway'll be running in no time.
    (There are Baseball Furies beating up two Rogues in the playing
       ASH: Who the hell are these dudes?
      SNOW: I don't wanna find out.
    VERMIN: I say we take off.
    (Vermin, Snow and Ash run onto a train in the subway)
    VERMIN: Who the hell were those freaks, man?!
      SNOW: I don't know, man, but they were some bad-mother dudes, man!
    VERMIN: They creeped me out, man. I just wanna get back to Coney,
       ASH: Yeah, I hear that.
    (Cut to some Rogues in an alley. Luther, the leader, sneaks up behind
    a Rogue named Cropsy and pushes him up against a wall)
    LUTHER: Hey! Spread 'em!
    CROPSY: (shrieks) No, no, please...!
    LUTHER: (laughs) Lighten up, man! Come here and check out what I got
            for us.
    CROPSY: Shit, man, we thought you'd be dead. Where's Tommy and
    LUTHER: Who caaaaares? They were getting on my nerves.
    CROPSY: Did them baseball freaks get 'em? Why ain't they with you?
            How'd you get away?
    (Luther pushes Cropsy against the wall again)
    CROPSY: Hey...
    LUTHER: What's with all the questions? Didn't I tell ya them wimps
            don't matter? Besides, I'm okay, and I got some good cash
            from hawking our loot, man.
    ROGUES: Oh, yeah!
    LUTHER: Come on, Rogues, let's go!
    (Luther pushes Cropsy, and they all start walking through the alley)
    LUTHER: Man, I wish those lights stayed off. Biggest raids I've seen
            in a while. Total mayhem and destruction. Even the suits was
            getting in on it, man...
    v) Real Heavy Rep
    (The radio is on a table in the Warriors' hangout)
         DJ: (on radio) Now for the latest word in the big city. Turning
             the break beats against the Judas Bunch, the Boppers danced
             back to retain their reign supreme in Harlem. Up in
             Riverside, the Baseball Furies continued their winning
             streak by knocking out some Jones Street Boys. In the minor
             leagues today, the Orphans report that they been making some
             major moves by knocking out the Warriors, that outfit from
        ASH: This is bullshit, man!
    WARRIOR: We never even met those wimps! We oughta kick them in their
             lying mouths!
        FOX: Yeah!
      CLEON: Yeah, you're right. We oughta. The rest of you dudes, stay
             put. Me and Fox is taking the new blood out to see if they
             as tough as they talk.
     VERMIN: Hey, give 'em one for me, Ash.
        ASH: Shit, big man, I won't let you down.
      CLEON: You guys better be ready for the real thing.
        ASH: Oh, we ready, Warchief. We ready.
    (Cut to Cleon, Fox, Ash and some other Warriors getting on a train at
    the Coney subway station)
    (Tremont, 11:15 pm, May 19, 1979, 63 days before the meeting.)
    (The Warriors' train pulls up at the Tremont subway station. The
    Warriors get off)
    CLEON: Let's get down to their hangout and wreck everyone along the
    (Some Orphans are playing dice on the street. They spot the Warriors)
    ORPHAN 1: Oh, shit.
    ORPHAN 2: Oh, the Warriors? Yo, guys, the Warriors are here!
    ORPHAN 3: Oh, crap! Let's get outta here!
    ORPHAN 4: They're here! Oh, no!
    ORPHAN 5: (screams)
    (The Orphans run away)
    (There are a group of Orphans outside the clinic. The Warriors find
     CLEON: You Orphans think you're heavy? You think you can take on the
            Warriors? Then prove it, motherfuckers! Prove it!
    ORPHAN: Holy shit!
    (The Warriors climb down to the clinic area)
    (A man is pushing Jesse, an Orphan lieutenant, out of the clinic)
    MAN: Looks like your boys have just got their asses handed to 'em!
         Why don't you go join 'em, tubby?
    (The man pushes Jesse onto the ground)
    JESSE: Shit, damn...!
      MAN: Don't come back!
    (The man goes back into the clinic. Jesse gets up)
    JESSE: Shit...
    (He turns around and sees the Warriors)
    JESSE: Oh hey, hey, it's the Warriors... The Warriors! Shit!
    (Jesse starts running)
    (Two women are walking through an alley. The Warriors are nearby)
    WOMAN 1: I can't believe that!
    WOMAN 2: You're telling me.
             (to Warriors) If I were you guys, I wouldn't even bother.
    WOMAN 1: That party was real lame!
    (A group of Orphans appears)
    ORPHAN: Holy shit! It's the Warriors!
    (The Warriors have found the Orphans' hangout)
    CLEON: Come on, chumps, let's see some of the moves we heard about on
           the radio!
    (The Warriors have defeated all the Orphans at the Orphans' hangout)
    CLEON: What a bunch of lame motherfuckers...
    (A woman named Mercy appears on a balcony of the hangout)
    MERCY: (sarcastically) Good job. You guys are real tough. Real big
    CLEON: What'd you say?!
    MERCY: So where's their leader? Don't you wanna teach him a lesson,
    CLEON: You got something to say, say it! We ain't got time for your
           fucking games!
    MERCY: His name's Sully, alright? He's at Frank's Autobody, working
           on his car. That dickhead thinks more about that junkheap than
           he does about me and I don't like it.
    CLEON: (to Warriors) Let's go. Stupid chick just sold out her man.
           Let's go wreck his ass.
    (The Warriors start to walk off)
    MERCY: Hey, you're welcome. I said you're welcome, you jerks! Oh,
           screw you!
    (Sully and two Orphans are working on Sully's car at Frank's
    Autobody. The Warriors arrive)
     CLEON: Hey, Sully!
    ORPHAN: Holy fuck, they showed.
     SULLY: The Warriors?
    ORPHAN: I told you not to do it!
     SULLY: Run! Run!
    (Sully and the Orphans run for it)
    CLEON: Come on, get 'em!
    (The Warriors chase them. Sully and the Orphans run behind a gate and
    close it behind them, preventing the Warriors from getting to them)
    SULLY: Listen good, you fucking pansies. It don't matter whether we
           rumbled or not. What the Orphans say goes! Heh! Who the
           streets gonna believe? A solid outfit like us, or some bush
           league rejects from the ass-end of Brooklyn? (laughs)
    CLEON: Hey, Sully, that's a fine-looking car you got going on!
    SULLY: What? No! Not my car! Not my car! Orphans, get 'em!
    (The Warriors have trashed Sully's car)
    SULLY: Nooooooooooo! That car was my life!
    (Sully heads off)
    WARRIOR 1: What a chump!
    WARRIOR 2: Fucking small timers!
        CLEON: Check it, young blood, always remember, the Warriors don't
               let no one mess with our rep. I don't care if they're
               Orphan or a Riff; you fuck with us, you get your fucking
               head split. That's the only way we gonna come up in this
               city. Let's get back to Coney.
    (The Warriors head home)
    vi) Writer's Block
        CLEON: Rembrandt, I want you to go finish that burner you were
               working on.
    REMBRANDT: I'm on it.
    (Rembrandt is admiring the Warriors burner that he has finished)
    (Cut to Rembrandt walking through the streets of Coney. He spots a
    sign on a wall, advertising the Soho Writer's Showdown)
    (Cut to Cleon, Snow, Ajax and Cowboy talking in the Warriors'
    COWBOY: (to Cleon) And the chump puts a blight on me, man. I mean,
            what's he thinking?
      AJAX: (to Snow) Nah, man, I was pounding that bitch. Bam! Bam!
    (Rembrandt enters)
    REMBRANDT: Hey, guys, guys, we gotta get out to Soho, man.
               Everything's going down tonight! The finest are coming out
               to play!
        CLEON: Whoa, slow down. Slow down, man.
    REMBRANDT: OK, OK. I just got the word. Scopes is hosting a writer's
               showdown in Soho. All the big artists are gonna be there.
               I gotta represent... Get our mark out there.
        CLEON: Who's gonna be there?
    REMBRANDT: C-Style from the Panzers, Luna 51 from the Moonrunners,
               and a whole mess of other gangs are gonna be piecing!
               Supposed to be a truce and everything!
        CLEON: Sounds messed up to me.
    REMBRANDT: Uh... I already told them the Warriors would show.
        CLEON: That ain't cool, brother. Understand? But seeing as you
               said the Warriors would show, we're gonna show. But if you
               ever make a move without my say so again, I'll wreck your
               punk ass. You dig?
    REMBRANDT: I dig, Warchief. It won't happen again.
        CLEON: Alright. Now get down there and really break it up! Snow's
               Warchief. Go show 'em what we're all about!
    (Cut to Rembrandt, Snow, Ajax and Cowboy at the Coney subway station)
       COWBOY: Alright, let's do this! Come on, now!
    REMBRANDT: Alright!
    (They get on the train)
    (Soho, 8:16 pm, May 20, 1979, 53 days before the meeting.)
    (The Warriors are walking out of the Soho subway station)
    (The Warriors are at the Soho Writer's Showdown. The Moonrunners,
    Electric Eliminators and Panzers are also there. Scopes, the host,
    appears on a balcony)
    SCOPES: Welcome to the Soho Writer's Showdown. Now you're here 'cause
            you're the best of the best, so you best be proving it.
            Boppers, are you ready to lay it down?
    (The gangs shout things like 'Fuck yeah!')
    (The Warriors have won the competition)
       SCOPES: That's it. The contest is finished. The best writer showed
               he ain't no toy and he do not mess around. All the way
               from Coney Island...!
       COWBOY: Alright!
         AJAX: Rembrandt, you son of a bitch!
         SNOW: Yeah, yeah, I knew it, man!
       SCOPES: Y'all give it up for Rembran...
    (Two Hi-Hats sneak up behind Scopes. One of them hits him on the back
    of the head with a bottle)
    SCOPES: Argh...
     GANGS: Oh, shit! Scopes! Scopes!
    (The Hi-Hats throw Scopes off the balcony. More Hi-Hats enter the
        COWBOY: What the hell?
    MOONRUNNER: Holy shit! It's Chatterbox!
        COWBOY: I knew it. I told you these guys was crazy.
      PANZER 1: They got us surrounded! It's a double cross!
      PANZER 2: Yo, open up, man! This is bullshit!
    (Chatterbox, the leader of the Hi-Hats, has appeared on the balcony
    that Scopes was on)
    CHATTERBOX: Sorry, b-b-but the celebration has b-b-been c-cut short.
                When you guys p-p-put your t-tags on Hi-Hats turf, it p-
                p-p-p-pisses me off! Me and my Hi-Hats are the only
                artists allowed to w-w-w-work in Soho! All the exits are
                b-b-barred. (laughs) Hi-Hats, I want you to b-b-b-break
                these amateurs in f-f-fucking half!
    (The Warriors run onto the freight elevator and use it to travel up
    onto a rooftop with a view of Chatterbox. Chatterbox spots them)
    (The pulley, which is holding a platform above Chatterbox, breaks)
    CHATTERBOX: Hi-Hats!
    (The platform falls on Chatterbox, sending him crashing to the
    HI-HAT 1: Chatterbox!
    (The Hi-Hats rush over to Chatterbox's body. They then spot the
    HI-HAT 2: Time to die, Warriors!
    (The Hi-Hats make their way to the freight elevator)
    SNOW: Let's get across these roofs while we still got the chance!
    (The Warriors head through a gate)
    (The Warriors smash through a skylight into Chatterbox's art gallery.
    The Hi-Hats, who were chasing them, head back the way they came)
    REMBRANDT: Hey, this must be Chatterbox's gallery.
         SNOW: This garbage supposed to be art? Scopes was a real artist,
               and that freak took him out. Least we could do is trash
               the shit outta this place.
    (The Warriors have left Chatterbox's gallery in a mess. Crackerjack
    and another Hi-Hat are helping Chatterbox into his gallery)
    CHATTERBOX: Easy! Watch the d-damn leg, you idiots!
    (Chatterbox realises that his gallery has been trashed. He cries out
    in anguish)
    CHATTERBOX: And if you wrong us Warriors, shall we not revenge?
    vii) Adios Amigo
      CLEON: Warriors! Listen up. I just heard Sanchez made parole.
    COCHISE: Sanchez? The cat who owes us bread from last summer?
      CLEON: Yeah, and he's out now, so it's time to collect. He's
             probably gonna hit the Stripes and Solids.
       AJAX: Fuck this, Sanchez is a chickenshit! Let's go!
       SNOW: He's backed by the Hurricanes.
       AJAX: Don't care whose turf I gotta bop through. I'm thinking it's
             time he paid up.
      CLEON: Solid.
    (Cut to Ajax, Rembrandt, Snow and Cochise getting on a train at Coney
    subway station. As Ajax gets on the train, he punches the side of it)
    (Spanish Harlem, 8:12 pm, May 25, 1979, 48 days before the meeting.)
    (The Warriors are walking out of the Spanish Harlem subway station)
    (The Warriors have found a group of Hurricanes around a car)
    HURRICANE: Oye, none of you make your home in El Barrio. What are you
               doing up here, man?
    (Sanchez and some Hurricanes are in the Stripes and Solids. The
    Warriors enter)
         AJAX: How's freedom feel, Sanchez?
      SANCHEZ: Shit! The Warriors! They can't hold me down, you know? Try
               to grab a Hurricane, it's like air, man. Like air.
               Hurricanes para siempre! Show me another set that rules
               like us, eh?
         AJAX: We didn't come here to talk about the fucking weather.
               Just hand over the money you owe us and we'll be outta
      SANCHEZ: You're in Hurricane turf now, Warrior. Only thing I'm
               giving you is a free trip to the hospital!
         SNOW: You ain't making it any easier on yourself, Sanchez. Now
               pay up!
    HURRICANE: Sanchez is mi familia, see? You want him, you have to go
               through us!
    (Three Hurricanes walk up to the Warriors. Cochise pushes one of
    COCHISE: Bring it on, suckas!
    (The Warriors have defeated all the Hurricanes in the bar. The barman
    stands up on the counter, holding a machete)
     BARMAN: Hey, listen up, punieta! Any maricon who don't take it
             outside gets a blade to the fucking skull! Sanchez, man, get
             the fuck outta here, hermano!
    SANCHEZ: (running) Another time, fuckers! (laughs)
       AJAX: There he goes! Come on!
    (The Warriors run outside)
    REMBRANDT: Oh, crap! Which way did he go?
         AJAX: That fucker ain't getting away from us! Snow, you take
               Rembrandt and go that way. Cochise, you're with me. If we
               don't see each other, meet up at the subway!
    (Sanchez is standing in an alley)
    SANCHEZ: Don't you fuckers ever give up?
    (Ajax and Cochise are chasing Sanchez, who reaches a group of
    SANCHEZ: Sorry, Warriors. Looks like you're about to be blown away!
    (Sanchez has reached another group of Hurricanes)
    SANCHEZ: The Hurricanes are gonna blow you down, see?
    (Sanchez runs inside a building. Ajax and Cochise are chasing him.
    Snow and Rembrandt come over)
    SNOW: Hey, Ajax!
    AJAX: Where the fuck have you guys been? We got that little shit
          trapped right up there. Let's finish this.
    (Sanchez is knocking on a door in the building)
    SANCHEZ: Hey, Diego! Hey, Diego! Open up, man! Hey, man, I ain't
             kidding, Diego! You know that money you owe me? Forgotten,
             man. Now is the time to open the door, man! Puto... fuck,
    (Sanchez runs off into another room. The Warriors are in a room with
    Diego standing in an area at the top of some stairs)
    DIEGO: (roars) You little askerosos are dead!
    (Diego grabs a support beam)
    DIEGO: Me cago en tu madres, Warriors!
    (Diego jumps down to where the Warriors are)
    (Vargas, Diego's brother, enters the area at the top of the stairs)
    VARGAS: Madre de dios! Oye, Diego, what the fuck is going on?!
     DIEGO: Hermano, these cricas been messing with Sanchez! Bury them
            all, my brother! The streets is watching tonight! (laughs)
    (Vargas picks up a toilet)
    VARGAS: You little putas are fucking history! Get ready to die,
    VARGAS: Hey, Fuentes, bring out the whole familia, hermano!
    (Two Hurricanes enter the area at the top of the stairs)
    VARGAS: These assholes die tonight! (laughs)
    (The Warriors have cornered Sanchez on the roof of the building)
    COCHISE: Woo! Nowhere to run, Sanchez!
       AJAX: Enough of your shit. Where's our money?
    SANCHEZ: Here, man, take it!
    (Sanchez gives Ajax the money)
    AJAX: You're short.
    (Ajax pushes Sanchez towards the edge of the roof)
    SANCHEZ: Come on, man, I'll get you the rest, I swear, okay? You know
             I'm good for it, right? Come on, I just got out of the
             joint, man!
    (Sanchez is now right at the edge of the roof. Ajax looks at Cochise,
    who nods at him)
    AJAX: (to Sanchez) Boo!
    (Sanchez falls off the roof)
    SANCHEZ: (screams)
    (Sanchez lands on top of a car)
       AJAX: Fucking right, man! You see that little wimp fly?
    COCHISE: Like air, man. Like air!
       AJAX: Yeah.
    viii) Encore
    (Ajax is playing on the pinball machine in the Warriors' hangout.
    Snow and Rembrandt are watching, and Cleon is sitting nearby)
         AJAX: Goddamn it!
         SNOW: You suck, man!
         AJAX: It's the fucking flippers, man! They're fucking sticking!
         SNOW: Bullshit! He's not gonna make it!
    REMBRANDT: He's almost got it!
    (Ajax loses the ball)
    AJAX: (hits machine in anger) Fuck! Stupid piece of shit!
    SNOW: I told you, man, you suck!
    (A skull is thrown through the window)
    AJAX: What the fuck was that?!
    (Snow looks outside and sees Chatterbox and some Hi-Hats on the
    ground below)
     SNOW: It's the Hi-Hats!
     AJAX: I thought we took care of those clowns!
    CLEON: It's time I dealt with these fools personally.
    (Coney Island, 9:51 pm, June 4, 1979, 38 days before the meeting.)
    (Cleon, Snow, Ajax and Rembrandt are walking through the streets of
    Coney. Swan, Vermin, Fox and Cowboy join them on their way. The
    Warriors, except Cochise, reach the Coney Amusement Park. Chatterbox,
    Crackerjack and a Hi-Hat are standing on top of a building)
    CHATTERBOX: The mighty Cleon shows his f-f-fucking face! I owe you,
                Warriors! You f-f-fucked me over and n-n-n-now I'm
         CLEON: Yo, shut the fuck up, jack-in-the-box. What do you want?
    CHATTERBOX: You think we'd just forget what you d-d-did to us? You
                think we'd just st-stay silent? So now it comes to this!
                Your final c-curtain call!
         CLEON: You're standing on our turf. I'm gonna give you one last
                chance to walk your fat, stuttering ass back to Broadway.
    CHATTERBOX: You just don't g-g-g-get it! You b-b-b-bastards are
                fucking history!
    (The Warriors have defeated some Hi-Hats)
    CHATTERBOX: Goddamn it! Not this b-b-bullshit again! Hi-Hats, inside
         CLEON: Swan, Snow, Ajax, inside with me! Let's go!
    (Cleon, Swan, Snow and Ajax have found Chatterbox, Crackerjack and
    some Hi-Hats inside the building)
    CHATTERBOX: Hi-Hats! It's showtime! My p-p-poor Warriors. It's b-b-b-
                been fun for us, Hi-Hats!
          AJAX: Hey! Why don't you shut the f-f-f-fuck up so we can
                finish this thing?
    (Chatterbox takes a skull out of a barrel of hot liquid)
    CHATTERBOX: Oh, we're g-g-gonna finish it. We're g-gonna f-f-finish
                you f-f-f-forever! Crackerjack, Hi-Hats, murder these
    (Chatterbox and his Hi-Hats have been wasted)
    (Cut to Cyrus and Masai at Gramercy Park)
    CYRUS: Do you see the possibilities, Masai?
    MASAI: Cyrus, I see... but the armies? How will we call them out to
           meet? How do we ensure that they come in peace?
    CYRUS: We must trust our brothers. We will invite everyone on our
           network, under a night of general truce, and I will speak to
           them. And they will see, you cannot deny the truth.
    MASAI: I warn you, Cyrus, this is not smart.
    CYRUS: I don't need warnings. I have faith.
    ix) Payin' The Cost
    (A man enters the Warriors' hangout)
      MAN: Cleon, it's Charlie the plumber. He says you gotta come quick!
    CLEON: Alright. Let's move, Warriors. Sounds like trouble!
    (Coney Island, 8:22 pm, June 21, 1979, 21 days before the meeting.)
    (Cleon, Swan, Snow, Vermin and Ash walk into Charlie's Plumbing
    Store, which has been trashed)
      CLEON: What the fuck happened here, Charlie?
    CHARLIE: Destroyers. Virgil was with 'em. Said your protection ain't
             worth spit no more.
      CLEON: Son of a bitch!
    CHARLIE: He's telling all the shop owners we gotta do business
             through them. Everybody's scared.
      CLEON: Well, don't be. The Warriors are all the protection you
             need. Now pay up. You need us now more than ever.
    (Charlie pays up)
     CLEON: Snow, get everybody down here. We're gonna need all hands on
            deck. Ash, you're pulling scout. Get up to Tony's fish
       ASH: But I wanna stay...
    VERMIN: Do what the Warlord says, Ash.
     CLEON: Just check things out. Don't mess with nobody and report back
            to me.
    (Ash sighs and heads out)
    CLEON: Swan, Vermin, get ready. The Destroyers are gonna hit hard
    (Cleon, Swan and Vermin have regrouped with Snow at the plumbing
      SNOW: I rounded up all the soldiers I could find. They're on their
            way. Where's Ash?
    VERMIN: Maybe we should get up to Tony's and check it out?
     CLEON: We'll get to that. But first we gotta--
    (A group of Destroyers appear)
    DESTROYER 1: Destroyers!
          CLEON: What the fuck?!
    DESTROYER 1: Don't leave anything standing!
    DESTROYER 2: (to hotdog man) You know how I like my hot dogs? Well
    (Destroyer 2 throws a Molotov cocktail at the hotdog stand)
    HOT DOG MAN: (screams) My baby!
          CLEON: Warriors, defend the strip!
    (The Warriors are back at the plumbing store)
    CLEON: Nice work, Warriors, but we gotta stay sharp. This here's
           gonna be a real rough one...
    (Tony comes over)
     TONY: Cleon... it's all fucked up, man.
    CLEON: Tony?
     TONY: Listen, it's all fucked up, Cleon. Virgil's at my store. Him
           and them dudes... they...
    CLEON: Spit it out, man!
     TONY: ...he told me to give you this.
    (Tony shows them Ash's vest)
    VERMIN: Ash! We gotta go!
     CLEON: You gotta stay here, soldier! We lose these stores, we lose
            Coney, and that's what they want. Everybody stays here! Me
            and Swan'll go check things out.
    (Cut to Cleon and Swan at Tony's Fish Market)
    SWAN: Ash? Ash?
    (Cleon finds Ash's dead body)
    CLEON: Over here.
    (Cleon and Swan look at Ash's body)
    CLEON: Fuck! It's a trap!
    (When they run outside, Molotov cocktails are thrown at them)
    CLEON: Virgil!
    (Virgil, Lemmy, Beansie, LC and some other Destroyers are standing on
    top of a building)
    VIRGIL: Look at ya... Like a rat in a trap. You always thought you
            was so fucking smart. Waste 'em!
    LC: Don't let 'em get away! You ain't leaving here alive!
    (Cleon and Swan are running out of the compound)
      CLEON: Come on, let's go, let's go!
         LC: Oh, shit, they escaped!
    BEANSIE: Man, Virgil's gonna kill us!
      LEMMY: This ain't over, Warriors!
    x) Destroyed
    (East Coney, 11:17 pm, June 21, 1979, later that night.)
    (All the Warriors are in an alley)
     CLEON: Virgil's gone way too far this time! We're going to war
            tonight! I want all the Destroyers stomped out. Now they know
            we're coming and Virgil's gonna be holed up in the hangout.
            If we bop right in there, we're gonna get wasted. We're gonna
            have to--
    VERMIN: Bullshit! I'll kill 'em all!
    (Swan restrains Vermin)
     CLEON: Vermin!
    VERMIN: But, Warlord, they killed Ash! They--
     CLEON: Listen to me! We gotta use our heads! We gonna have to draw
            them out! Take 'em down bit by bit! Everyone split up into
            warparties. Divide and conquer! Take out everything they
            got! Gambling, pimping, and their stores! They won't have no
            choice but to send out their soldiers. It's time to end these
            fools! Let's do it!
    (Inside the Destroyers' hangout...)
    DESTROYER: Virgil, LC says the Warriors are tearing up our stores.
       VIRGIL: Hmmm.
    DESTROYER: They're messing with our money, man. Those stores are
               under our protection.
      BEANSIE: Never thought Cleon would get so heavy.
    (Virgil hits Beansie in the face with his pool cue)
    VIRGIL: You think I don't know what's going on? You think I'm a
            knucklehead? I know what's going on! I expected it! Get the
            fuck outta my face! What you doing, Cleon? What you got
    (LC enters the Destroyers' hangout)
        LC: Virgil! Yo, there's Warriors everywhere, man! They doing it
            full force! Really!
    VIRGIL: (growls) Lemmy, get your soldiers and deal with this now!
     LEMMY: Let's roll!
    VIRGIL: We gonna bury 'em! Burn 'em all to the fucking ground!
    (Lemmy and the other Destroyers leave)
    VIRGIL: LC, I'm going to the shack for supplies.
        LC: I wanna come, too, to the shack!
    VIRGIL: You staying, sucka! And you gonna take a beating, if you
            gotta! You gonna soldier tonight!
    (Cut to the Warriors in an alley)
    CLEON: Virgil's gonna have all his best soldiers holed up, protecting
           his ass. Remember, Warriors, they're the ones who took out our
           brothas, they're the ones who stole our fucking colours, and
           they're the motherfuckers who trying to kill our ass! Now is
           the time to show 'em who owns these streets!
    (The Warriors break into the Destroyers' hangout)
    CLEON: Where the fuck is Virgil?
    (The Warriors have defeated all the Destroyers in the Destroyers'
    VERMIN: Virgil ain't nowhere around here, man.
      AJAX: That fucking snake must've split.
    (Snow spots LC outside)
     SNOW: Look, there goes Virgil's junkie bitch!
    CLEON: Vermin, come with me. You guys finish trashing this
           shithole, then get back to the hangout in case the pigs catch
    (LC walks up to the shack. He can't open the door)
    LC: Hey, Virgil, man! Open up. It's me, LC!
    (Cleon and Vermin sneak up behind LC. Cleon slams LC's face into the
    door, knocking him out)
    CLEON: Vermin, get the door.
    (Cut to Cleon and Vermin inside the shack)
    CLEON: It's over. You're over, Virgil!
    (Virgil appears on a balcony at the back of the room, holding a
    Molotov cocktail)
    VIRGIL: It's over? It's over?! It's over when I say so, you dumb
            shit! How many of your boys do I gotta kill before you
            realise who's the boss? I'm the boss, fucker!
     CLEON: Let's get in to it.
    (Virgil is on the floor, wounded)
    VIRGIL: Fuh-fuck you, copperhead. I'm the boss. You was nothing. You
            was nothing before me. Nothing!
     CLEON: Open your eyes, motherfucker. You ain't nothing but ashes.
    (Cleon throws a Molotov cocktail at Virgil. Cleon and Vermin leave
    the burning shack)
    xi) Boys In Blue
    (The radio is on a table in the Warriors' hangout)
         DJ: (on radio) Alright, we got the latest ratings coming in from
             Pelham. It seems a boy in blue's been knocked off, and the
             fuzz ain't taking too kindly to it. So get inside and stay
             off the streets.
    COCHISE: Hey, ain't Snow and Fox scouting up in Pelham?
      CLEON: Yeah, I sent 'em up to the Riff's gambling club. Heard Cyrus
             got something big planned, and I wanted 'em to check it out.
             Cochise, take Vermin and Cowboy up to Pelham. If it's true
             that a cop got wasted, the fuzz is gonna be looking to hurt
             anybody wearing colours.
    (Cut to Cochise, Vermin and Cowboy getting on a train at the Coney
    subway station)
    (Cut to the Rogues in Pelham. Two of them are carrying a dead cop,
    and Luther is on the phone in a nearby phone box)
    LUTHER: Yeah. Yeah, I got one now. No, no, no, we won't be taking the
            heat. Yeah.
    (Luther hangs up, sneaks up behind Cropsy and trains a gun at his
    LUTHER: Stick 'em up, man! (laughs)
    CROPSY: What're you thinking, man? Fuck off!
    (Luther pretends to fire the gun)
    LUTHER: Boom! It's over!
    CROPSY: Yeah, great, but what about the body? Somebody'll find it.
    LUTHER: You worry too much, man. We got time. Besides, we ain't
            taking the blame, so relax! (pushes Cropsy)
    (Luther starts walking, but none of the Rogues follow him)
    LUTHER: Let's go!
    (The Rogues start following him)
    (Pelham, 11:49 pm, June 30, 1979, 12 days before the meeting.)
    (Two cops have arrested a Turnbull A.C.)
    TURNBULL: What the fuck, man? I didn't do shit and you're fucking
              busting my ass!
         COP: Shut up! You ain't gonna talk your way outta this one!
    TURNBULL: You fucking bastards. I'm telling you I didn't do a goddamn
         COP: Keep your mouth shut!
    (A group of Turnbulls are having trouble with some cops down the
    TURNBULL 1: Come on! Why don't you try it on me, you pig fuck?!
           COP: Stand back! Stand back!
    TURNBULL 2: You wanna fuck with the Bulls?!
    (The Turnbulls start attacking the cops)
    COP: Cease and desist! You fucking hear me?! Cease and desist
    (Cochise, Vermin and Cowboy are in the Pelham subway station. Three
    Turnbulls are just up the platform)
     VERMIN: Cops got the station locked. How're we gonna get out?
    COCHISE: Hey, you see them dudes? If one of 'em was to get hit by
             that train, them cops would have to come down here and open
             up the station. You dig?
    (Three cops are looking down at the station from the street)
    COP 1: What the hell's going on down there?
    COP 2: I think someone just got hit by the train.
    COP 1: Let's go!
    (The Warriors are at the Riffs' gambling club)
    COCHISE: (knocks on door) Hey, man, we're looking for two of our
             Warriors. They inside?
    BOUNCER: We closed. But if you wanna know the low-down, I gotta see
             you throw down some bread, brotha.
    (The Warriors are back at the gambling club. Cochise knocks on the
    door and the bouncer comes out)
    COCHISE: Yo, man, we got the cash. Now tell us what you know.
    (Cochise gives the cash to the bouncer)
    BOUNCER: Check it. Everybody lit for the Red Devil when that cop got
             levelled. Now the streets is crawling with the heat. The
             sewers could get ya where ya need to go, but they locked,
             though. You gonna need some cutters to find your brothas.
    (Three Turnbulls are talking to Birdie, a Turnbull lieutenant, who is
    on a wheelchair)
    TURNBULL 1: (laughs) Man, you and the boys laid a nice beating on
                those Warrior chumps, Birdie!
    TURNBULL 2: (laughs) Yeah!
        BIRDIE: Of course I did, you fucks! And I ain't even finished
                yet! When I get back there, I'm gonna roll on their
                fucking nuts, man! Fucking A.C.'s, man!
    TURNBULL 3: (laughs) Fucking nice, Birdie!
    (Turnbull 3 gives Birdie a playful push)
        BIRDIE: What the fuck?! Hey, why don't you use your goddamn good
                legs of yours and fetch me a fucking six pack?!
    TURNBULL 3: Okay, Birdie, Take it easy.
    (Turnbull 3 heads off)
        BIRDIE: I got shit to do, man! And I need to get my buzz-on!
    TURNBULL 1: Fuck yeah!
    (Cochise, Vermin and Cowboy have found Snow and Fox wounded outside
    the Red Devil. Cochise, Vermin and Cowboy help them up)
       SNOW: Oh, shit, man...
        FOX: Those fucking bastard A.C.'s!
    COCHISE: What happened? Who did this to you?
       SNOW: The Riff's club got raided and everyone ran. So we followed
             the crowd up to the Red Devil and this wheelchair-
             motherfucker gets his boys to lay into us. Name's Birdie, a
             Turnbull lieutenant.
        FOX: We didn't find out nothing about what Cyrus got going down
    COCHISE: Don't worry about it. Cowboy, take Snow and Fox back to
             Coney, and get some soldiers down here, too.
    (Cowboy heads off with Snow and Fox)
     VERMIN: So what do we do now?
    COCHISE: We gonna wait.
    (Ajax and some other Warriors appear later)
       AJAX: So I hear you ladies need some help wasting a cripple.
    COCHISE: His boys are partying it up in the Devil. Let's get in
    (Some Turnbulls are partying in the Red Devil. The Warriors enter)
     COCHISE: Where the fuck is Birdie?!
    TURNBULL: Fuck you!
    (A bottle is thrown at the Warriors)
    (The Warriors have defeated all the Turnbulls in the bar)
    COCHISE: (to barman) Where's the cripple?! 'Less you want us to
              burn this place to the ground!
     BARMAN: No, no, no, no, no. Look, he hangs out with his brother at
             the refinery. Just, please, leave my bar alone, okay? Go!
    (Ajax hits the counter with his club)
    AJAX: Shut up!
    (Birdie and some workers are at the refinery)
    BIRDIE: Motherfucking lightweights they was, man! Wussing out, crying
            for us to stop... Still gotta finish 'em off!
    WORKER: Hey, you roll over their nuts? You always do that shit!
    BIRDIE: Soon's I get back...
    (The Warriors appear)
    COCHISE: Hey, Birdie! We got some shit to settle with you!
     WORKER: Huh?
     BIRDIE: What the fuck?
     WORKER: Who the hell are these queers?
     BIRDIE: Motherfucker! You Warriors shoulda let it go! Betcha think
             you can push me around 'cuz of my... condition?! Well, push
             this around, you stupid pricks!
    (Birdie takes out a gun)
     WORKER: Aw, Birdie, not at my fucking work!
    COCHISE: Everyone, get outta here!
    (The Warriors, except Cochise, run across a wooden bridge. When they
    are all at the other side of it, it breaks)
    BIRDIE: (screams)
    (Birdie falls into the ditch at the back of the refinery)
    COCHISE: Yeah, you can crawl down to Coney if you got something to
             say, fool. Come on, we're done here. Let's go.
    (The Warriors head off)
    (Cut to Cyrus training his Riffs at Gramercy Park)
    CYRUS: ...three! Four! Five!
    (A Riff wearing a dark blue suit enters. Cyrus walks over to him and
    lets Masai take over)
     RIFF: Birdie got wasted by some small time outfit from Coney. The
           A.C.'s are looking for retribution.
    CYRUS: No. There will be no retribution. Unity and peace is what
           matters. What is the name of this outfit?
     RIFF: The Warriors.
    CYRUS: They aren't on our network, but I want you to keep an eye on
           them. They may prove useful.
    (The Riff heads out)
    xii) Set Up
    CLEON: (to Cowboy) I been talking with the Saracens. Say they've been
           having a problem with the Jones Street Boys. The Saracens got
           a heavy rep. I think they could get us on The Riffs network.
           Cowboy, you and Cochise are going to Bensonhurst to meet up
           with the Saracen leader. His name is Edge and he'll explain
           everything. This could be our ticket to the meeting, Cowboy.
           I'm counting on you!
    (Cut to Cowboy and Cochise getting on a train at Coney subway
    (Bensonhurst, 9:27 pm, July 3, 1979, 9 days before the meeting.)
    (A Saracen leads Cowboy and Cochise over to Edge and the other
    SARACEN: Hey, check it out.
     COWBOY: You Edge?
       EDGE: That's right, Warrior. We heard you guys were good. That's
             why we called you in to help us take down Jones Street.
             Those fucks been working with some dirty cops who love to
             make our lives miserable. So we're gonna take down two
             birds with one stone. Boost a bunch of shit, plant some in
             the cops' trunk and stash the rest of it over at the
             Jones Street Boys' hangout. You pull this off, we'll put in
             a word for you with the Riffs.
    (A Saracen points out some JSBs at the other side of the street)
      EDGE: Speak of the Devil! There's the JSBs over there. Watch out
            for their scouts; you don't wanna draw too much attention to
    COWBOY: Cool, man. We got it.
    (The Saracens head off)
    COCHISE: Those JSBs are screwed, man.
     COWBOY: Let's get this ball rolling!
    (A man is standing on his doorstep, holding a machete)
    MAN: Get your hands off my car, or I'll cut 'em the fuck off!
    (Two JSBs are talking on a balcony outside the JSBs' hangout. Knox,
    the leader, is nearby)
     JSB 1: I say we wait a couple months. We wait till our cash rolls
            in from this deal we got going right now. We'll have so
            much cash that even the Mayor'll be eating out of our
            hands! (laughs)
      KNOX: Out of MY hands, you lame fucks! And we ain't doing any of
            that shit. I got some big plans. Big, like you can't
     JSB 1: Huge, like our bank rolls! (laughs)
      KNOX: Yeah, right, huge!
            (to himself) Idiots.
    COWBOY: (to Cochise) Okay, we gotta get those dicks off the balcony
            or we're fucked! Maybe we can distract 'em.
    (We hear a window smashing)
    JSB 2: What the fuck was that?
    JSB 1: It's those fucking bums!
    JSB 2: They're dead!
    (Cowboy and Cochise are back on the street they started in. Two cops
    come over to them)
     COP 1: Hey, this ain't your turf. What are you doing around here?
    COWBOY: Nothing, officer. Just heard that the Jones Street Boys had
            some kind of heavy setup, selling shit real cheap outta their
     COP 2: Oh, is that so? Then why you telling us?
    COWBOY: Those assholes ripped me off, so fuck 'em. Who needs 'em?
     COP 1: OK, OK, we'll take care of it. Now get outta here. We see you
            in the streets again, we'll bust ya.
     COP 2: Yeah, we'll bust ya!
    (The cops head off)
     COP 2: Those dirty little pricks! They're holding out on us?
     COP 1: Let's go bust their asses.
    COWBOY: (to Cochise) So much for those JSBs. Let's go see how this
            plays out.
    (Cut to the two cops bringing Knox over to their car)
    KNOX: I'm telling you, we never saw any of that shit before! We were
          framed! Look, man, we wouldn't rip you guys off! We ain't
          stupid! Come on, man, we got a good arrangement going on here!
          You don't wanna do this shit!
    (Two police detectives called Harrison and Garrison come over)
    HARRISON: Just what kind of arrangement are we talking about here?
       COP 1: Harrison? Garrison? Ah, this punk is talking crazy. Must've
              been sniffing glue. We'll take him in.
    (Cop 2 puts Knox in the car)
    HARRISON: Open the trunk, Judas.
       COP 1: What?! You guys got a lotta nerve to--
    HARRISON: Now!
    (Cop 1 opens the boot of the car. There is loot in it)
    HARRISON: Well, well, well. Just like we thought. You're under
       COP 1: Hey! Look, I got no idea!
    HARRISON: Can it, pal! You're going downtown!
    GARRISON: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will
              be used against you in a court of law. You have the right
              to have an attorney...
       COP 2: Hey, this is bullshit! Come on, you're arresting good cops
    (Harrison and Garrison take the cops away)
    KNOX: Hey! Hey, you're going to let me go, right? Right?
    (Cowboy and Cochise were watching what was going on from an alley.
    The Saracens come over)
       EDGE: Hey.
    COCHISE: What's up, Edge?
     COWBOY: Those rich kids are pretty much finished.
       EDGE: Yeah, thanks. You guys got a pretty heavy set. Y'know, we
             been thinking about inviting you in on this meeting Cyrus is
             holding. Some serious shit. Only the toughest crews will be
             there. I think the Warriors deserve it.
     COWBOY: We ain't heard much about that. But we ain't really on the
             Riffs' network either. You think we can get in on it, huh?
             We been making some waves on the streets lately. Got a
             pretty solid rep going now.
       EDGE: We'll see, Warrior. The Saracens'll back you up, and we got
             a fair bit of pull with the Gramercy Riffs. So maybe, man. I
             hope, for your sake. Who knows what these streets'll be like
             after that shit.
     COWBOY: Solid, man. We appreciate it.
    (The Saracens head off)
    xiii) All-City
        CLEON: It's time to take the Warriors all-city, Rembrandt.
               There's some fresh cars up in Pelham trainyard and we're
               gonna do 'em up, Warriors style. Scopes is gonna meet us
               up in Pelham with a plan. Let's go.
    REMBRANDT: Yeah!
    (Cut to Cleon, Rembrandt, Snow and Fox getting on a train at Coney
    subway station. Before they get on, two women get off)
    (Cut to Cyrus and Masai at Gramercy Park)
    MASAI: So where do we start?
    CYRUS: We need to spread the word. We must reach out into every
           corner, cross every border... and convince.
    (While Cyrus is talking, there are various shots of a Riff, wearing a
    dark blue suit, talking to gangs)
    CYRUS: Convey our message, our motive; and it must be with respect,
           not force, that they accept our invitation. As this word
           spreads, and possibility enters the minds of all the city's
           gangs, then this message, this wisdom, will begin to make
           sense. There's no other way. This is our destiny and this is
           our will. Now go let all the gangs know about the truce.
           Forget no one under our network. No more than 9 delegates may
           attend from any given gang, and on this day I want no action.
           No soldier will carry a shank, a bat, a brick, a stick or a
           gun. Now go, Masai, and let our troops know what must be done.
    (The Riff is speaking to Luther)
    LUTHER: Yeah, we'll be there.
    (The Riff walks off)
    LUTHER: (to Cropsy) We're going to a party, man! Drive!
    (Luther pushes Cropsy)
    LUTHER: Yeah.
    (Pelham Trainyard, 1:27 am, July 10, 1979, 2 days before the
    (The Warriors are in a tunnel. Scopes comes over)
       SCOPES: What's up, Warriors?
    REMBRANDT: How you feeling, bro?
       SCOPES: Solid, man. That Soho clown shit's old news, but I figured
               I still owed y'all one.
        CLEON: You guys all know Scopes. He's been bombing this yard for
               years, and with his help, we're gonna take our name all-
       SCOPES: So listen up, 'cause here's how she goes. We got some new
               trains hitting these NYC lines. A few of 'em are gonna be
               easy, but some of 'em are gonna be a bitch to find. I
               wouldn't do no throw-ups, just burners and bombs. These
               trains go all city, but don't sweat it. Stay calm, ya dig?
               Oh, yeah, and watch out for the Moonrunners. They don't
               like no newcomers wearing the wrong colours getting up
               and tagging their turf. Alright, brothas?
    (Scopes heads off)
        CLEON: You get all that, Warriors?
    REMBRANDT: Yeah, Warchief!
          FOX: I got it, man.
        CLEON: All right. Fox, you got scout. Snow, you're the muscle.
               And Rembrandt, it's time to live up to that name you've
               got. See to it that the Warriors is all city by morning.
    (Rembrandt shakes his spray can)
    (Rembrandt, Snow and Fox have found a fresh train in the yard)
    REMBRANDT: Look, there's a clean one right there.
          FOX: I'll go check the yard to see if I can find the other
    REMBRANDT: Looks like it's just you and me, Snow. Let's do it!
    (Four Moonrunners have found Rembrandt and Snow)
    MOONRUNNER: Hey! You don't belong here! These trains are ours!
    (Two transit cops have found the burner that Rembrandt sprayed on the
    first train)
       COP 1: Shit! Someone's messing up the new trains!
       COP 2: (to radio) Dispatch, I got a 10-64V in progress.
    DISPATCH: (on radio) 10-4. Additional units dispatched.
    (Rembrandt and Snow are in the radio room and have taken out the
    transit cops' radio)
         SNOW: Cool, cool. That sounds good, Rembrandt.
    REMBRANDT: I know, but...
    (Fox enters)
          FOX: We got a problem. There's two trains I can't find yet, but
               I spotted four new trains in the yard. Hit 'em up. I'll
               keep looking for the others. We'll meet on the roof of the
               mechanics bay.
    REMBRANDT: Cool, man. Good luck.
    (Rembrandt and Snow have regrouped with Fox on the roof of the
    mechanics bay)
          FOX: You nail all those trains?
    REMBRANDT: Yeah, we got 'em. You find anymore?
          FOX: Yeah, two more. One's through the gate I just opened over
               there, the other's in the mechanics' bay below us.
    (Scopes comes over)
       SCOPES: Yo, Rembrandt! You guys better look. That radio you busted
               was a straight link to the local precinct. Okay, the cops
               think there's trouble and they're coming here now! I'm
               splitting. Good luck, boys!
    REMBRANDT: Thanks for the warning, man.
    (Rembrandt and Scopes are standing on the roof of a building. A train
    goes past, with a Warriors burner on it)
    xiv) Desperate Dudes
    CLEON: Cyrus' meeting is on and we're invited. The Saracens must've
           put in a word for us with the Riffs. Round up our chosen
           delegates and meet me on the platform. If anything happens out
           there, you got command, Swan.
    (Cut to Cleon talking at the Coney subway station)
    CLEON: It's still on, and we're going. Cyrus sent an emissary this
           afternoon to make sure. Now Cyrus don't want anybody packed,
           and he don't want anybody flexing any muscle. So I gave him my
           word that the Warriors would uphold the truce. Now everybody
           says that Cyrus is the one and only. I think we'd better go
           have a look for ourself.
    (The Warriors get on a train. We get various shots of gangs walking
    through the subways)
    (Cut to Gramercy Park. There is a large number of gang members at a
    stadium. They are at Cyrus' meeting. When Cyrus appears, they all
    shut up)
            CYRUS: Can you count, suckers? I say the future is ours... if
                   you can count.
    GANG MEMBER 1: (in crowd) Come on, Cyrus, we're with you!
    GANG MEMBER 2: Go ahead, bro!
            CYRUS: Now look what we have here before us. We've got the
                   Saracens sitting next to the Jones Street Boys. We've
                   got the Moonrunners, right by the Van Cortlandt
                   Rangers. Nobody is wasting nobody. That is a miracle.
                   And miracles is the way things ought to be.
    (Cyrus starts to climb to the top of a platform above the ground)
    CYRUS: You're standing right now with 9 delegates from a hundred
           gangs, and there's over a hundred more.
    (Cyrus climbs up to the platform)
    CYRUS: 60,000 soldiers. Now there ain't but 20,000 police in the
           whole town. Can you dig it? Can you dig it?
           (slowly and dramatically) Can you dig it?!
    (Everyone cheers. They shut up again after a few seconds)
    CYRUS: Now here's the sum total. One gang could run this city. One
           gang. Nothing would move without us allowing it to happen. We
           could tax the crime syndicates, the police, because we got the
           streets, suckers! Can you dig it?!
    (Everyone cheers again. Police cars close in on the stadium. The
    gangs shut up again after another few seconds)
    CYRUS: The problem in the past has the been the man turning us
           against one another.
    (Fox moves through the crowd)
    CYRUS: We have been unable to see the truth because we have been
           fighting for 10 square feet of ground. All we have to do is
           keep up the general truce. We take over one borough at a time.
           Secure our territory, secure our turf, because it's all our
    (Everyone cheers again. This time, they cheer for ages. Cyrus stands
    proud on the platform. In the crowd, Luther is handed a gun and
    shoots Cyrus, making him fall off the platform. Everyone starts
    running away. Fox and Luther see each other. Luther aims at Fox, but
    the stadium floodlights turn on, causing Luther to aim away from him.
    Fox starts running away, and cops arrive. Cleon and the Riffs are
    looking at Cyrus' dead body)
      RIFF: There wasn't supposed to be no guns!
    LUTHER: (pointing at Cleon) There he is! That's him! That's the
            Warrior! He shot Cyrus!
     CLEON: Hey, man, you're crazy. I didn't do nothing!
    (Luther pulls Cropsy over)
    LUTHER: We saw him.
    CROPSY: Yeah, that's him.
    LUTHER: He's the one! He's the one! The Warriors did it! The Warriors
            did it! The Warriors did it! The Warriors did it!
    (Luther runs at Cleon, but Cleon knocks him down. More Rogues try to
    attack him, but he knocks them down, too. Then the Riffs start
    beating him up)
    RIFF: Kill him!
    (Everyone is still running. There are some cops in the stadium now.
    The Warriors reach a fence)
    SWAN: Come on.
    (Ajax tries to smash a hole in the fence)
    AJAX: Come on!
    (Ajax smashes a hole in the fence. The Warriors go through it and run
    away from the stadium)
    (Cut to the Warriors in a graveyard)
    SWAN: Everybody make it?
     FOX: Just Cleon's missing.
    SWAN: (to Rembrandt) Make sure we're okay.
    (Rembrandt goes over to a statue and climbs up it)
         SWAN: Did you see him get busted?
      COCHISE: I seen him, then he wasn't there no more. I was hauling
       COWBOY: Okay, so what are we gonna do now?
         SWAN: We're going back. If this truce is off, anything could hit
               us between here and that train. If you get separated, make
               it back to the platform at Union Square.
         AJAX: I only got one question. Who named you leader?
          FOX: It was Cleon's choice. Swan's Warchief.
         AJAX: Yeah? Well, right about now, Cleon's most likely got a
               nightstick shoved halfway up his ass.
         SWAN: Maybe we ought to talk about this later, huh?
         AJAX: What's wrong with right now? I wanna be Warlord.
         SWAN: Make your move.
       COWBOY: Hey, Ajax, lighten up.
       VERMIN: Big boy, Swan's Warchief!
      COCHISE: We better stick together.
    REMBRANDT: Hey, you guys, train's right over there! Come on! Let's
         SWAN: Let's move. Rembrandt, mark the spot.
         AJAX: Fuck...
    (Rembrandt sprays a 'W' on a gravestone while the other Warriors head
    REMBRANDT: Hey, guys, wait for me!
    (Cut to the Warriors walking out of the graveyard. Cops spot them)
    COP 1: Freeze!
     SWAN: Split up!
    COP 2: Hey, you, get over here!
    (The Warriors split up)
    (Cut to Masai and the Riffs at Gramercy Park)
    MASAI: Riffs!
    RIFFS: Yeah, right!
    MASAI: Who are the Warriors?
    (No one answers)
    MASAI: There must be some word. I want them all. I want all the
           Warriors. I want them alive, if possible. If not, wasted. But
           I want them. Send the word.
    (Cut to the radio station)
    DJ: All right, now. For all you boppers out there in the big city,
        all you street people with an ear for the action, I've been asked
        to relay a request from the Gramercy Riffs. It's a special for
        the Warriors. That's that real live bunch from Coney. And I do
        mean the Warriors. Here's a hit with them in mind.
    (The song 'Nowhere to Run' starts playing. While the song is playing,
    we get various shots of gangs walking through the streets, listening
    to the radio, etc.)
    (Cut to Swan and Snow panting in a construction site)
    SNOW: That shit got pretty heavy back there. Wonder where the others
    SWAN: We'll meet up with 'em.
    SNOW: Look.
    (Snow points out a Turnbull A.C. burner on a wall)
    SWAN: Turnbull A.C. turf.
    (Swan and Snow have regrouped with Ajax. They are listening to some
    Turnbulls talking somewhere in the construction site)
    TURNBULL: I couldn't stop watching it. It was like slow motion, man.
              The crowd was yelling, and I finally understood what that
              crackpot was saying! Next thing I know, I hear a shot and
              it was quiet. Dead quiet. That fucker got wasted! I'm gonna
              tear their fucking hearts out, one by one! Stupid
              motherfuckers! Grab anything you can find! We're gonna beat
              those fucking pussies to a bloody pulp, you hear me?! You
              understand?! We gotta tool up and be ready! Those fuckers
              are smart...
    (The Turnbulls head off)
    (Swan, Snow and Ajax have spotted the Turnbulls' hangout)
    AJAX: Check it out. It's those bald-headed fucks' hangout.
    SWAN: We're gonna have to march our way through. It's the only way to
          the next station.
    SNOW: There ain't no more truce. We're gonna have to bop all the way
    (Swan, Snow and Ajax have regrouped with Vermin)
    VERMIN: I thought I was a goner! Thanks for saving my ass!
      SWAN: You see the others?
    VERMIN: We got split up. The A.C.'s were everywhere! I think they
            were heading towards the autoyard.
      AJAX: Let's march right through these fucks.
      SWAN: We gotta get the others.
    (Cut to Swan, Snow, Ajax and Vermin hiding behind a fence from the
    Turnbulls' bus)
    (The Warriors are now all regrouped)
    REMBRANDT: Let's just get to that subway, alright?
      COCHISE: That's the plan, little man.
    (The Warriors are walking through an alley. The Turnbull bus starts
    chasing them)
    FOX: Turnbulls! Go!
    (The Warriors are hiding behind a van parked at the side of the
       AJAX: What kind of chicken-shit crap is this?
    COCHISE: Yeah. Come on, man, we're here. What are we waiting for?
        FOX: A train would help. Unless you wanna go up there and get
             japped on an open platform.
    COCHISE: Bullshit, man. There ain't nobody on the streets.
       AJAX: He's right. We're acting like faggots.
       SWAN: Just keep talking.
    (The Turnbull bus is driving down the street towards them)
         AJAX: Those lousy, skin-headed fucks!
       VERMIN: That's our train. We gotta make it.
    REMBRANDT: Oh, Jesus Christ!
          FOX: Are we gonna go for it?
    (The Warriors are running up to the platform at Gunhill Road Station.
    Before Ajax goes up, he gives the Turnbulls the finger as they drive
    past. One of them swings his bat at Ajax's hand. The Warriors are now
    running towards the train)
    VERMIN: Hold the fucking train! Hold the door, man! The fucking door!
    (The Warriors get onto the train)
    COWBOY: Close the door! Shit! Hurry! Close it!
    (The doors close just before the Turnbulls can get to them. The train
    starts moving)
    TURNBULL 1: Fucking pussies!
    TURNBULL 2: Jesus Christ...
    TURNBULL 3: Fuck!
    TURNBULL 4: Those bastards got away!
    (Cut back to the train)
     VERMIN: Those were some desperate dudes!
     COWBOY: So was we!
    COCHISE: Yeah, well, we made it. And in an hour, it's C.I., the big
       AJAX: Yeah, gimme that fist, buddy.
       SWAN: When we get there. That's when we've made it.
    COCHISE: Hey, no sweat, Warchief.
     VERMIN: Forget about it. What's the difference? We're home free.
    (Cut to the radio station)
    DJ: Be looking good, Warriors. All the way back to Coney. You hear
        me, babies? Good. Real good. Adios.
    xv) No Permits, No Parley
    (Gramercy Park)
    RIFF: (to Masai) We just heard from the Turnbulls. They blew it.
    (Cut to the Rogues at a candy store. Luther is speaking to someone on
    a nearby phone)
    LUTHER: Hey. Yeah, a real mess. This guy, Cyrus, had an accident.
            These guys, the Warriors, they deserve it. Take care of
    (Luther hangs up and takes Cropsy's chocolate bar)
        CROPSY: We set?
        LUTHER: We're set all right. Somebody oughta pick their ass up.
                The Riffs sent out the word. They want them alive. We
        CROPSY: The sooner someone grabs them, the better.
        LUTHER: No sweat. They're looking for the Warriors, remember? We
                can do some looking ourselves. Ought to make you feel
                better. (pushes Cropsy)
    SHOPKEEPER: Hey, what about the money you owe?
        LUTHER: (throws chocolate bar at her) For what?!
    (Tremont, 1:52 am, July 13, 1979)
    (The Warriors are on a train. It stops at the Tremont subway station.
    There is a fire nearby)
    REMBRANDT: Shit! This train's had it!
       COWBOY: This is gonna be fucking impossible.
       VERMIN: What the shit are we gonna do? Aw, this sucks.
          FOX: Maybe we ought to worry about who set that goddamn fire.
         SWAN: Come on.
    (The Warriors get off the train)
    (Cut to the Warriors walking through Tremont. Two Orphans are
    watching them from the roof of a building)
     FOX: Orphans. Looks like they made us.
    SWAN: And they ain't gonna be happy we're here. Let's go.
    (The Warriors continue walking. Sully, Jesse and another Orphan are
    standing beside the doorsteps of a house. Swan and Fox go over to
    SULLY: What are you guys doing back here? You must be looking for
           trouble; come armying down here, invading our territory. No
           permits, no parley.
     SWAN: We're not invading, and I'm parleying right now.
    SULLY: You think the Orphans ain't well known? We got a heavy rep.
           You mess with us and you'll find that out.
      FOX: Yeah, that's really heavy, man. The Orphans, right? I've
           heard about you guys. The other gangs in Brooklyn talk about
           you all the time.
    SULLY: There's nothing wrong with you making it through our
           territory, as long as you're coming in peace.
    (Mercy appears on the doorsteps of the house. She makes clucking
    SULLY: Cut it, Mercy!
    (Mercy laughs)
    MERCY: (to Swan) Those vests are real nice. Give me one. Come on, I
           just want one. You can get another one, man.
     SWAN: No chance.
    MERCY: Hey, Sully, aren't these the guys who trashed your car? You
           just gonna let 'em army right through here any time they feel
           like it? Pretty soon, every gang in town is just gonna boogie
           right in; soldier right through. I'll tell you, some man you
    SULLY: (to Swan) Take your colours off, you can walk through as
           civilians. You go as soldiers, I gotta come down on you. Now
           take off your colours. Hey, you hear me?
     SWAN: Fuck you.
    (Sully clicks his fingers. Jesse and the other Orphan go inside the
    house. Sully goes in with Mercy. The other Warriors come over)
       COWBOY: Hey, you know where those cats are going, don't ya?
    REMBRANDT: Yeah, reinforcements.
    (The Warriors are on their way to the next station. Sully, Jesse and
    more Orphans are walking towards them)
    SULLY: Hey, Warriors, you shoulda taken off them vests 'cause the
           Orphans are gonna come down on you! This is payback!
    (The Warriors are back on their way to the next station. Some cops
    spot them)
     COP 1: Freeze!
      SWAN: Damn it! Move, move! Get outta here!
    VERMIN: This sucks!
    (The Warriors split up)
    COP 1: (to radio) Shit! I need backup over here! I got the punks from
           Van Cortlandt Park!
    (Two cops are chasing Vermin and Cochise)
    COP 2: We're gonna take you thugs down hard!
    (Cop 2 tackles Vermin to the ground and starts handcuffing him)
     COP 2: Gotcha, punk!
    VERMIN: What the hell did I do, man?!
     COP 2: Just shut your mouth, loser!
    (Cop 3 is arresting Cochise)
    COCHISE: Get your hands off me, pig! What's your problem? I ain't
             done nothing!
      COP 3: Yeah, keep talking, big mouth!
    (Rembrandt and Ajax are being chased by two cops)
    REMBRANDT: Maybe we should split up!
         AJAX: Suit yourself!
    (Rembrandt and Ajax split up. Cops 4 and 5 stop running)
    COP 4: Shit! Where the hell are those punks?
    COP 5: Lucky pricks! Come on, let's go round up those punks.
    (The Warriors are regrouped again. Mercy is walking through the
    streets. Ajax sneaks up behind her, grabs her and covers her mouth
    with his hand. The other Warriors come over)
    MERCY: (muffled) Let me go! Let me go!
    (Ajax releases Mercy)
      SWAN: (to Mercy) Okay, what do you got in mind?
     MERCY: Well, maybe I'm looking for some real action.
    VERMIN: What about me? I got the big one!
    (Some of the Warriors laugh. Swan clutches Mercy)
    MERCY: You gonna jump me?
     SWAN: Maybe we oughta pull a train on you. You look like you might
           even like it.
    MERCY: Fuck you.
     SWAN: Real tough chick.
    (Sully, Jesse and more Orphans appear on the other side of the
    street. Sully is holding a knife)
    SULLY: You see what you get, Warriors? You see what you get when you
           mess with the Orphans?
    JESSE: We're gonna rain on you, Warriors! Yeah!
    (Swan throws a Molotov cocktail at a car, which is very close to the
    Orphans. The car is set alight)
    SWAN: Now!
    (The Warriors and Mercy start running. The car explodes, stopping the
    Orphans from chasing them)
    (Cut to the Warriors and Mercy running towards the next station. When
    they get there, they get on the train. Vermin is looking down the
    platform. No one is chasing them)
     VERMIN: Hey, wait a minute, I got a question. How come we're
       AJAX: I told you, they were a bunch of wimps.
    COCHISE: Union Station, here we come.
      MERCY: Hey, what about me?
       AJAX: So what about you?
    xvi) Home Run
    (Luther and his Rogues are at a petrol station. Luther is on the
    phone in a phone box)
    LUTHER: All that's going on, eh? Right. Great. Great. Yeah.
    (Luther hangs up, exits the phone box and pushes past the Rogues to
    get over to Cropsy)
    CROPSY: Well? Well?
    LUTHER: Some two-bit outfit almost got them, but they bopped their
            way past. We can make them at the 96th St. Station. The
            platform's probably crawling with cops.
    CROPSY: They're trying to rack up every gang in this town.
    LUTHER: Yeah, me and you included.
    CROPSY: So how come you're so happy about this?
    LUTHER: Because I'm having a good time. Let's go!
    (Luther hits Cropsy in the stomach and runs towards the car, followed
    by the other Rogues)
    (Riverside, 3:09 am, July 13, 1979)
    (The Warriors and Mercy are on a train, which is not moving, at the
    96th St. Station)
    VERMIN: How much longer we gotta wait? We might be here forever! I'm
            sick of waiting for trains!
      SWAN: Vermin, sit down and shut up!
    VERMIN: Okay, okay!
    (Vermin sits down. A cop appears outside the train and looks in)
    SWAN: Go!
    (The Warriors and Mercy run off the train)
    COP 1: Hey! Hold it right there!
      FOX: This way!
    COP 2: Get back here!
    COP 3: You heard 'em. Freeze!
    (Ajax kicks a cop over. Fox is running with Mercy. A cop runs towards
    FOX: Oh, shit!
    (The cop tackles him)
    FOX: Oh! Oh, you son of a...
        (to Mercy) Run! Just get outta here!
    (Mercy runs away. The cop pushes Fox onto the train tracks. An
    oncoming train runs him over)
    (Rembrandt, Vermin and Cochise are running towards a train)
       VERMIN: We gotta go!
      COCHISE: Keep up!
       VERMIN: Union Square! Union Square!
    REMBRANDT: What about the others!
    (They get on the train and it heads off. Two cops were chasing them
    before the doors closed)
    (Cut to Swan, Snow, Ajax and Cowboy running out of 96th St. Station)
    AJAX: Where are they?!
    (Baseball Furies are waiting for them up the street)
    SWAN: Maybe we better take off.
    AJAX: Yeah. Right.
    (Swan, Snow, Ajax and Cowboy are running out of an alley)
    AJAX: Did we lose those fucking clowns or what?
    SWAN: Look.
    AJAX: Holy shit.
    (The Baseball Furies are running down the street towards them)
    (The Warriors are running through Riverside Park with the Furies on
    their tail)
    SWAN: Snow, with me!
    (Swan and Snow head off together)
    (Cut to Ajax and Cowboy running away from two Furies)
    COWBOY: I can't make it!
      AJAX: Good. I'm sick of running from these wimps!
    (Ajax beats down a Fury. The other Fury knocks Cowboy down)
    AJAX: I'll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle.
    (Ajax has defeated some Furies. A group of seven more Furies appears)
    (Swan, Snow, Ajax and Cowboy are regrouped. Swan is helping Cowboy
    SWAN: Come on, Cowboy.
    (Ajax looks at the pile of wounded Furies on the ground)
    AJAX: Shit, I figured they were wimps!
    (The Warriors are at a Rotunda. There are Furies in there, as well as
    some on the roof. Cobb, the leader, is also there)
    (The Warriors are walking through Riverside Park. They walk past a
    woman who is sitting on a bench)
      AJAX: You feeling alright, lady? You need a little help or
     WOMAN: Why don't you sit down, keep me company?
      AJAX: Whatever you say, lady.
      SWAN: (to Ajax) We ain't got time for this right now.
    COWBOY: Come on, man.
      SNOW: Yeah, there's plenty of women back home.
      AJAX: Maybe all of you are just going faggot.
    (Swan, Snow and Cowboy head off. Ajax sits down beside the woman)
    WOMAN: Ooh, look at those muscles. I bet the chicks like all those
           muscles. You wanna show me how you play with the chicks?
     AJAX: Yeah, I'll show you how I play.
    (Ajax starts being rough with the woman)
    WOMAN: Hey! Not so rough! Come on, we'll get it on.
     AJAX: You don't get it. I like it rough.
    (The woman handcuffs Ajax to the bench)
    WOMAN: Your nights in the park are over for a while, honey. You're
           under arrest.
     AJAX: Hey, lady. Come on, lady!
    (The woman blows a whistle)
    WOMAN: Kiss my ass.
     AJAX: Hey, you can't do this to me! Let me out of this, you hear
           me?! Quit playing around! You don't wanna play around with me!
    (A police car arrives in the park. Two cops approach Ajax. Ajax
    knocks down one of them, but the other hits him in the stomach with
    his nightstick)
    AJAX: Fucking wimp.
    (Cut to Swan, Snow and Cowboy walking towards the park exit)
      SNOW: Hey, we better go back and look out for him.
    COWBOY: He's saved my ass lots of times. I owe him.
      SWAN: Okay. I'll go look for the others.
    (Swan heads off while Snow and Cowboy go back to check on Ajax. Ajax
    is being led over to a police car by two cops and the woman, who is
    clearly an undercover cop)
    COP 1: Hey, what do we got here, huh? One of the tough guys from the
    COP 2: Yeah, he's tough. Real tough.
    (Snow and Cowboy were watching what was going on. They head off)
    xvii) Friendly Faces
    (The Bowery, 3:32 am, July 13, 1979)
    (Rembrandt, Vermin and Cochise are at Union Square)
      COCHISE: Where is everybody?
    REMBRANDT: Looks like we're the first ones here. We're just gonna
               have to wait. They'll show up.
    (A group of Lizzies are nearby)
       VERMIN: Ooh, looks like something else showed up.
      COCHISE: Hey, hey, hey. Now look at what you find here in the big
    REMBRANDT: Hey, you guys, we ain't got time.
       VERMIN: Are you kidding? Time is what we got plenty of.
    (They walk over to the Lizzies)
    STARR: (the leader) Hi.
    (Cut to the Lizzies bringing the Warriors into their hangout)
     COCHISE: You know, you all are the first friendly faces we've seen
              all night.
    LIZZIE 1: Hey, that's the way we are. Let's party a little, get
              something going. Fall out. Take your pick.
      VERMIN: Hey, thanks. This is a great outfit. What clique is this?
    LIZZIE 1: We're the Lizzies.
    STARR: So you're the famous Warriors. The guys that shot Cyrus!
    (Starr takes out a gun)
    REMBRANDT: Shit, the chicks are packed! The chicks are packed!
    (The Warriors run out of the Lizzies' hangout and onto the streets)
    REMBRANDT: They think we shot Cyrus.
       VERMIN: What are you talking about? I don't get it.
    REMBRANDT: They think we shot Cyrus. Every gang in the city must be
               looking for us.
      COCHISE: Holy shit.
    REMBRANDT: We're not gonna to be able to make it back.
       VERMIN: We're gonna make it back. We came this far and we're gonna
               go the rest of the way. Let's go to Union Square, okay? We
               gotta tell the rest of the guys.
    (Union Square, 4:19 am, July 13, 1979)
    (Swan is walking through Union Square. Mercy comes over. She is now
    wearing a blue coat)
    MERCY: Hey.
     SWAN: Where's the Fox?
    MERCY: Cop grabbed him. S'all I know. Hey, what do you got against
           me, anyway?
     SWAN: I don't like the way you live. You know, you're part of
           everything that's happening tonight, and it's all bad.
    (Swan heads off through the station)
    MERCY: Hey wait. Wait!
    (Cut to Swan walking through Union Square. Vance, the leader of the
    Punks, is following him on roller skates. Rembrandt, Vermin and
    Cochise are waiting on the platform for the other Warriors. Swan
    comes over, along with Snow and Cowboy)
         SWAN: Fox's gone. Where's Ajax?
         SNOW: Cops got him.
    REMBRANDT: Oh, Jesus!
       VERMIN: I'll bet he went out swinging.
    (Mercy comes over. There are some Punks nearby)
    MERCY: See those dudes over there? They're after you.
     SWAN: I know they're on my ass. But now they know I know it.
    MERCY: Well, what are you gonna do about it?
    (The other Warriors start to head off)
    SWAN: (to Mercy) Come on.
    (The Warriors go into a men's bathroom)
     MERCY: Hey, wait a minute! That's the men's room. I can't go in
    VERMIN: Are you kidding?
    (Vermin pulls Mercy into the bathroom)
    (Gramercy Park)
    MASAI: (to Riff) What about our patrols?
     RIFF: So far, nothing. But we've got somebody here you oughta talk
           to. He says he saw who shot Cyrus.
    (A man is waiting to be spoken to)
    (Cut to the Warriors and Mercy on a train)
     VERMIN: Big Cyrus. He was gonna run the whole city. What crap that
    COCHISE: Cyrus was right about one thing. It's all out there. All we
             gotta do is figure out a way to go steal it.
       SNOW: Sounds great. Now all we gotta do is figure out what's worth
    (Cut to two prom couples getting on the train and sitting down
    opposite Swan and Mercy. One of the men looks at Mercy's legs. Mercy
    scratches her head, but Swan slowly lowers her arm. The man nods his
    MAN: (to his friends) Ah, let's go get breakfast or something. Come
         on, this way.
    xviii) Come Out To Play
    (Coney Island, 5:23 am, July 13, 1979)
    (The Warriors and Mercy get off a train at Coney subway station,
    Stillwell Avenue)
    SWAN: This was what we fought all night to get back to? Come on,
          let's go.
    (Cut to the Warriors and Mercy walking through Coney Amusement Park.
    The Rogues' hearse starts following them. Cropsy is driving)
    LUTHER: (to Cropsy) Stay right on their ass.
    (Cropsy speeds up)
    (The Warriors and Mercy are underneath a boardwalk at the end of a
    street. The Rogues' hearse pulls up nearby)
    LUTHER: (clacking bottles together) Warriors, come out to pla-ay!
    (He says it four times. It gets louder and more annoying every time)
       SWAN: (to Warriors) Everybody packed?
    COCHISE: Yeah.
       SWAN: All of you stay behind me. I'm gonna take 'em out to the
       SNOW: What about you? You ready?
    (Swan takes out a knife)
    SWAN: Let's do it.
    (The Warriors and Mercy head off to the beach. The Rogues' hearse
    drives off somewhere)
    (Cut to the Warriors and Mercy walking onto the beach. Luther and his
    Rogues come over to them)
      SWAN: When we see the ocean, we figure we're home, we're safe.
    LUTHER: This time, you got it wrong.
      SWAN: Why'd you do it? Why'd you waste Cyrus?
    LUTHER: No reason. I just like doing things like that.
      SWAN: Let's do it. You and me.
    LUTHER: One on one? Yeah!
    (Luther is staggering to the top of a sand dune, holding a gun)
    LUTHER: You're crazy! You're dead! All of you! And you know it!
            You're dead!
    (Swan's knife is through Luther's arm. He screams and rolls down the
    sand dune. Snow and Cochise pick him up and bring him over to Swan,
    who takes the knife out of his arm and cleans it in his hair. Masai
    and a large group of Riffs come onto the beach)
    MASAI: Riffs!
    RIFFS: Yeah right!
    (The Riffs come over to the Warriors and the Rogues)
      SWAN: (to Masai) You still looking for us?
     MASAI: (looking at Luther) We found what we're looking for.
    LUTHER: No. No. It wasn't us. It was them... the Warriors.
     MASAI: (to Swan) You Warriors are good. Real good.
      SWAN: The best.
     MASAI: The rest is ours.
    (The Riffs allow the Warriors and Mercy to head off. The Riffs then
    turn their attention to the Rogues...)
    (Cut to the radio station)
    DJ: Good news, boppers. The big alert has been called off. It turns
        out that the early reports were wrong. All wrong. Now for that
        group out there that had such a hard time getting home, sorry
        about that. I guess the only thing we can do is play you a song.
    (The song 'In the City' starts playing. Cut to the Warriors and Mercy
    walking along the beach. Swan and Mercy are walking hand in hand. The
    credits roll...)
    f) Flashback missions script
    i) Roots
    (East Coney Island, 10:57 pm, April 16, 1978)
    DJ: (narrator) Okay, boppers, it's got to start somewhere. The end of
        one thing usually means the beginning of another. This is how
        Cleon formed the Warriors.
    (Cleon and Vermin are walking through East Coney. They are Destroyers
    at this time)
    VERMIN: This Destroyer gig is getting real old.
     CLEON: Yeah, and I think Virgil's starting to come un-glued, man.
    (Lemmy comes over to them)
     LEMMY: Hey, Virgil wants to see you, now.
    VERMIN: What for, Lemmy?
     LEMMY: I'm sure he'll let you know.
    (Cleon and Vermin follow Lemmy)
    (Cut to Cleon and Vermin entering the Destroyers' hangout. Virgil,
    Lemmy, Beansie and other Destroyers are in there. Virgil is playing
    VIRGIL: Cleon, I want you guys down at Tack's Warehouse tonight.
            Satan's Mothers are coming down at midnight to make a buy.
     CLEON: What am I, your errand boy now?
    VIRGIL: You're my right hand man, Cleon. I trust you. Anyway, I got
            something to deal with. I'll meet you at Tack's at midnight.
     CLEON: Where's the stuff?
    VIRGIL: Relax, LC's got it. You need to grab it on your way.
     CLEON: Alright, man.
    (Cleon and Vermin head out. Virgil nods at a Destroyer)
    (Cleon and Vermin are walking over to LC's place)
    VERMIN: Man, Virgil is treating you like a jerk, Cleon. Ain't you
            guys supposed to be, like, partners?
     CLEON: Let's just hurry up and get this shit over with.
    (Cut to Cleon and Vermin outside LC's place)
    CLEON: (knocks on door) LC, it's Cleon, man. Lemme grab that shit!
       LC: (from inside) You kidding, man?! There's cops all over my ass,
           man! Unless these pigs get outta here, we ain't gonna do this
           deal tonight!
    (Harrison and Garrison are watching them from a nearby warehouse)
    (Harrison and Garrison are still in their warehouse)
    DISPATCH: (on radio) Harrison, Garrison, please respond. Over.
    GARRISON: (to radio) Garrison here, dispatch. What can I do ya for?
    DISPATCH: Harrison, Garrison, we need you back at the precinct ASAP.
              We got 10-64s coming out the ass. Send your boys back and
              call off the stakeout. Over.
    GARRISON: Roger that, dispatch. Over.
              (to Harrison) Hey, what's a 10-64?
    HARRISON: Still wearing your waterwings, huh, junior? I oughta send
              your ass back to the academy.
              (to radio) This is momma bear calling baby bear. The
              porridge has gone cold. Pappa bear wants us back at the
              lodge ASAP. Someone shit in the bed again.
    (Cut to Cleon and Vermin at LC's place)
    CLEON: Yo, LC, open up! It's Cleon.
    (LC opens the door)
    LC: Ah, hey, man. Here ya go...
    (LC gives Cleon the package)
     CLEON: Ain't you coming?
        LC: Er... no, man. Not me.
    VERMIN: Man, he's gotta lay off that shit.
     CLEON: Let's get over to Tack's.
    (Cut to Cleon and Vermin at Tack's Warehouse)
     CLEON: Fuck! It's midnight. Where the hell is Virgil?
    VERMIN: Ah, this sucks! Hey, at least we got the stuff, right? We can
            do the deal ourselves.
     CLEON: Lemme see the bag.
    (Cleon has a look in the bag that LC gave them. The Satan's Mothers
    come over)
    VERMIN: Check it out. The Satan's Mothers.
    SPIDER: (the leader) Where's Virgil?
     CLEON: He ain't here. I'm doing this.
    SPIDER: I don't like last minute changes. Gimme that bag.
     CLEON: You got the money?
    (A Satan's Mother comes over with the money bag. Cleon gives the
    package to Spider. Spider takes some stuff out of it and sniffs it)
    SPIDER: What the fuck?! You trying to burn us?! No one pulls this
            shit on the Mothers!
    VERMIN: Hey, man, we were just supposed to bring the shit...
    (Cleon pushes Spider over. Cleon and Vermin make a run for it)
    SPIDER: Get those fucking snakes!
    (The Satan's Mothers chase them)
    CLEON: Into the warehouse! Let's go!
    (Cleon and Vermin run into the warehouse and close the roller door
    behind them. The Satan's Mothers bang on the door)
    VERMIN: No wonder Virgil didn't show! It was a setup!
     CLEON: Worry about Virgil later. Let's find a way out of this shit.
    (Cleon and Vermin are running out of the warehouse complex)
     CLEON: Come on, come on!
    VERMIN: Let's go! Go!
    (They run onto the roof)
    VERMIN: Where to?
     CLEON: Down there! Jump! Let's go!
    (They jump down off the roof)
    VERMIN: That was bullshit, man! Why the fuck were we set up?
     CLEON: Look. We ain't outta this yet.
    (Spider and Tiny are waiting for them)
      TINY: End of the line, you little faggots!
    SPIDER: Yeah! End of the line!
    (Cleon and Vermin have defeated Spider and Tiny)
    CLEON: I've had enough of this shit. Let's go talk to Virgil.
    (Cut to Cleon and Vermin walking towards the Destroyers' hangout)
    CLEON: (to Lemmy) Get the fuck outta my way.
    (Cleon pushes Lemmy out of his way)
     CLEON: Virgil, you son of a bitch! Get your ass down here!
    VIRGIL: (from window) Hey, Cleon. How'd the deal go? (laughs)
    VERMIN: You backstabbing punk!
    VIRGIL: Hey, you guys know better than rip off them Satan's
            Mothers! (laughs)
     CLEON: We was brothas, man. We was supposed to make things happen.
    VIRGIL: You don't think I see you, Cleon? You don't think I know you
            trying to make moves behind my back? Trying to muscle me
            outta the way?!
     CLEON: You paranoid fuck! You just started a war, and I'm gonna be
            the last motherfucker you see before it's over!
    VIRGIL: You crazy, man! You and what fucking army? (laughs)
     CLEON: You gonna see, brotha. You gonna see.
    ii) The Best
    (Gunhill, 9:08 pm, May 6, 1978)
    DJ: (narrator) Alright, now. Every leader needs some solid
        lieutenants to lean on. Cleon and his crew got lucky when they
        ran into a couple of old friends. This is how Cowboy and Swan
        signed on with the Warriors.
    (Swan, Cowboy, Moonrunners, Electric Eliminators, Panzers and
    Saracens are at a junkyard)
    COWBOY: Check it out, Swan. Big turnout tonight. You sure we're ready
            for this?
      SWAN: We wouldn't be here if we weren't.
    COWBOY: Look who just showed up.
    (Cleon and Vermin come over to them)
    CLEON: Swan and Cowboy! I ain't seen you guys since you cut out!
     SWAN: Yeah, looks like we're not the only ones.
    CLEON: We're finished with that Destroyer bullshit. You were right
           about Virgil. You here to try and win some money?
     SWAN: No, we're here to win some money.
    CLEON: Same old Swan! Well, you ain't dealt with the Warriors yet.
    (A bum, who is the host, appears on top of a junk pile)
              BUM: (into megaphone) Alright, you pussies, are you ready
                   to beat the living shit outta each other or what?
    GANG MEMBER 1: Me cago en tu madres! (laughs)
       ELIMINATOR: Hope you suckas is ready to be eliminated!
    GANG MEMBER 2: Gonna show all of ya how it's done!
       MOONRUNNER: All you five cent battlers best step off!
           PANZER: Suckas, get ready for a really painful ride! (laughs)
    GANG MEMBER 3: I'm ready to battle! Let's go!
           VERMIN: The Warriors are always ready!
              BUM: Welcome to the Junkyard Challenge. By looking at the
                   sad bunch we got here, I'd say none of you tenderfoots
                   are gonna walk away from this. And remember, there's
                   only one rule: don't be a goddamn pussy. This is King
                   of the Hill. Whoever holds the top longest wins!
                   Ready? One, two, three...!
    (Swan and Cowboy have won the challenge)
    BUM: Come on up and get your money, you no-named bastards!
    (Swan and Cowboy go over to the bum)
      ELIMINATOR: Man, why'd you have to fuck up there? We needed it,
    MOONRUNNER 1: We woulda beat 'em if you stuck to the plan!
    MOONRUNNER 2: Warchief's gonna kick our ass, man!
          VERMIN: Yeah, Swan, don't listen to these knuckleheads! You
                  deserve it, man!
    (Cut to Swan and Cowboy back down on the ground)
     CLEON: One thing's for sure, Swan. You still know how to soldier.
      SWAN: Thanks.
     CLEON: Like I said, we call ourselves the Warriors. We're new, but
            we're gonna last. We could use soldiers like you.
      SWAN: I don't know.
     CLEON: Come on, man, Virgil's been running Coney way too long! Think
            of it as your initiation.
      SWAN: Cowboy comes too.
     CLEON: You got it. We're gonna need the muscle. Tomorrow night,
            Coney is gonna belong to the Warriors.
    VERMIN: Yeah! Alright!
    (Cut to Cleon, Vermin, Swan and Cowboy in an alley in Coney. Swan and
    Cowboy are wearing their vests now)
    COWBOY: I like this vest. Goes with my hat.
     CLEON: You still gotta earn that vest. It's nine o'clock, so the
            Strip should be shutting down. You gotta take all the stores
            tonight. Make 'em understand there's a new crew they gotta
            answer to. We'll check you later.
    (Swan and Cowboy have trashed the Coney stores. Swan and Cowboy are
    back at Charlie's Plumbing Store, with Cleon and Vermin)
      CLEON: (to Charlie) The Warriors are in town.
    CHARLIE: Easy...
      CLEON: We're your protection now, and you'll pay us every month.
             You dig, man?
    CHARLIE: Yeah, I... I dig.
      CLEON: Good. Now get your store cleaned up. It's a fucking mess.
    (The Warriors head off)
     CLEON: All we gotta do now is find ourselves a hangout, somewhere to
            stretch our legs.
    COWBOY: LC and his junkie friends use that old building over there
            as a flophouse.
     CLEON: Not anymore they don't.
    (Cut to LC and his friends in the 'flophouse.' LC is smoking. The
    Warriors burst in and LC drops his joint)
      LC: Aw, shit, man.
    SWAN: LC! Party time's over.
      LC: Wha...? Swan? Cleon? Come on, Destroyers, get these guys! I'm
          gonna go check out the roof!
    (LC makes his way to the roof)
    (LC is on the edge of the roof of the building)
    LC: I wanna fly...
    (The Warriors come onto the roof)
    SWAN: LC, you junkie fuck! You tell Virgil that Coney is Warriors
          turf now. I don't wanna see any Destroyers anywhere near here.
      LC: Whatever, man! I ain't got time for you dudes man! I got a
          plane to catch! I wanna fly...
    (LC jumps off the roof)
        LC: (limping away) Aw, shit, my leg...
    COWBOY: Looks like we won't have to worry about them for a while.
     CLEON: Oh, they'll be coming, Cowboy. Virgil don't ever quit, but
            we'll be ready. We need to start recruiting and building our
            army, getting our funds and getting a rep. But tonight, we
            celebrate! So wake up, Coney, 'cause the Warriors are here to
    iii) Heavy Muscle
    (Coney Island, 12:01 am, June 15, 1978)
    DJ: (narrator) Every squad needs some heavy muscle. Whether it's a
        renegade squad who marches to his own mean beat, or a quiet giant
        who speaks with his fists. This is how Ajax and Snow became
    (Ajax and Snow are in the Warriors' fight pen. Other Warriors are
    surrounding them. Cleon, Swan, Vermin and Cowboy are on top of a
    nearby building)
    CLEON: (to Ajax and Snow) This is the final part of your initiation:
           you survive the pen, you earn yourself a vest.
    CLEON: Alright, Warriors, stand down!
    (The other Warriors start leaving the pen. Ajax and Snow are panting
    in the pen)
    (Cut to Ajax and Snow in their vests. Cleon, Swan, Vermin, Cowboy and
    some other Warriors come over to them)
    CLEON: You guys are definitely Warrior material. We're going to a
           party later on. You guys should come along.
     AJAX: Yeah. Y'know, we'll catch up with you. I have some girls I
           have to shake off first.
    (The other Warriors head off, leaving Ajax and Snow on their own)
    AJAX: Hey, man, come with me down to Rosie's stand. She's hanging
          out. She's gonna give us a little action.
    SNOW: Destroyer's turf? We're Warriors now.
    (Ajax shakes his hand up and down in a hand job motion)
    SNOW: Fuck it. (about the party)
    AJAX: Yeah. I could use a little ass. (chuckles)
    (Cut to Ajax and Snow walking towards Rosie's stand)
     SNOW: You said there'd be two girls!
     AJAX: Relax.
           (to Rosie) Hey.
    ROSIE: Hey, Ajax. So you a Warrior now, huh?
     AJAX: Yeah. Yeah, I am.
    ROSIE: 'Cause, you know, you're on Destroyer turf and they don't like
           you guys much around here.
     AJAX: Ah, the Destroyers are a bunch of wimps. We can take care of
           ourselves. What's going on tonight?
    (Bricks hit Ajax and Snow's heads)
     AJAX: Oh! What the fuck?
    ROSIE: Oh, my God!
    (Ajax and Snow fall to the ground. Lemmy, Beansie, LC and some other
    Destroyers come over to them)
    LEMMY: You dumb fucks should know better; wearing your colours on
           Destroyer turf.
    (Cut to Rosie helping Ajax and Snow up. The Destroyers have stolen
    their vests)
    ROSIE: Wake up, wake up! Hey, guys, wake up!
    (Ajax and Snow start to get up)
    ROSIE: Those Destroyers hit you hard. Come on, get up.
     AJAX: Uggh... Fuck.
    (Ajax and Snow have found a group of three Destroyers)
    DESTROYER 1: What the fuck? Look at these sissies!
    DESTROYER 2: Look a little out of breath to me. Maybe they was making
    (Ajax and Snow have spotted Beansie in a coffee shop)
    AJAX: Hey! That's the prick that took our colours!
    (Lemmy and three Destroyers are in a back alley. Lemmy is wearing
    Snow's vest)
    DESTROYER: So you stole their colours? Man, that's cold!
        LEMMY: Yeah, well, that's what happens. Those fuckers shouldn't
               even be on our turf, man!
    (Ajax and Snow enter a shop. Snow has his vest back)
    CLERK: Hey 'ya, guys, can I help you with something?
     AJAX: Yeah, we was just wondering if we could cut through your
           shop into the building next door. It's real important.
    CLERK: You think I'm letting you in the cage? Get the hell outta
           my store, you hoods.
     AJAX: (to Snow) I bet we can change his attitude by wrecking
           the joint.
    (LC is with a woman in his place. The woman is only wearing underwear
    and Ajax's vest)
       LC: Come on, baby, just this once. I'll be gentle, I swear.
    WOMAN: I dunno.
    (Ajax and Snow enter)
    AJAX: Hey!
      LC: Hey, man!
    AJAX: Where's our fucking vests?!
    (The woman screams and runs off into another room. LC rolls off the
    bed and takes out a knife)
    (The woman comes back into the room)
    AJAX: Whoa. Hey, Snow, do me a favour and wait for me a second, will
          ya? I got one more thing to take care of here.
    (Ajax goes into another room with the woman)
    SNOW: Aw, man.
    (Cut to Ajax and Snow walking back onto the streets. Ajax has his
    vest back)
    AJAX: Ah, yeah...
    (They spot some Destroyers down the street)
    AJAX: Shit. Destroyers. Let's get our asses back to our turf.
    (The woman appears on a balcony of the building)
    WOMAN: Ajax! Make sure you call me!
    (Ajax tries to shut her up, but the Destroyers spot them)
    DESTROYER 1: What the fuck!
    DESTROYER 2: Warriors!
    DESTROYER 3: Hey, they jumped Beansie!
           AJAX: (gives them the finger) Suck on this, motherfucker!
           SNOW: I hope that bitch was worth it!
    (Ajax and Snow are running to their turf. Cleon, Swan, Vermin, Cowboy
    and other Warriors come over to them. The Destroyers who were chasing
    them stop running)
    DESTROYER 1: Ah, it's not even worth it.
    DESTROYER 2: You fucking chumps are lucky, but next time...
           AJAX: Yeah? How about right now? Well, what are you waiting
          CLEON: (to Ajax) First night with us and you're already
                 stirring shit up?
           AJAX: But...
          CLEON: This is not the time or the place.
    (The Warriors start to head off)
    AJAX: Ah, fuck.
    (Ajax and Snow go with them. For some reason, one of the Warriors is
    Cochise. This is strange since he hasn't even joined the Warriors at
    this stage!)
    iv) Scout's Honour
    DJ: (narrator) Listen, boppers, you need more than muscle to survive
         on the streets. Sometimes a good scout with a keen eye can save
         your whole team. Here's how Fox joined up with the Warriors.
    (Fox, Cleon, Snow, Ajax, Vermin and another Warrior are in the
    Chinatown subway station)
     CLEON: Fox, you want a vest, you gotta earn it.
       FOX: What am I doing? I'm ready!
    VERMIN: Giving this toothpick a vest? Cleon, this dude's a punching
            bag, not a Warrior!
     CLEON: We got a score to settle with the Savage Huns, and I want to
            hit 'em where it hurts: their pockets. If you make it, then
            obviously you're a Warrior.
      AJAX: If not, you're obviously a faggot! (laughs)
       FOX: Hey, I said I can handle it!
    VERMIN: I've seen chicks with more muscle!
      AJAX: Hey, maybe he does need some muscle to help him out. We
            should send chubby (Vermin) here to babysit him! (laughs)
    VERMIN: Shut up!
     CLEON: Ajax, you know, that ain't a bad idea! Soldier up, Vermin.
            And I almost forgot, you gotta wear these.
    (Snow shows Fox and Vermin a shirt with 'Fuck u Huns!' written on it)
    VERMIN: Oh, man!
    (Chinatown, 10:13 pm, July 22, 1978)
    (Fox and Vermin are walking out of the Chinatown subway, wearing the
    'Fuck u Huns!' shirts)
    (Fox and Vermin have found a group of Savage Huns)
    HUN 1: Check out their shirts!
    HUN 2: Funny guys, huh? (performs a karate kick) Funny guys leave
           Chinatown on their backs tonight!
    (A large group of Huns are running down the street towards Fox and
    (Fox and Vermin are in the Chinatown marketplace. An accountant is
    making business transactions)
    FOX: (to Vermin) That's the dude we want; the accountant. Man, the
         Huns got this marketplace sewn up tight. Cleon says that
         anything that comes in or out gets marked down in the ledger.
    (The accountant is holding a ledger)
    FOX: There, see that shit? We gotta steal that notebook. Come on,
         let's do this!
    (The Huns' errand boy is talking to a man in an alley. The errand boy
    is holding a marker bag. Fox and Vermin are listening to the
    conversation that they are having)
    ERRAND BOY: Come, on, man, you gotta pay up!
           MAN: Fuck that, I don't have to pay nothing!
           FOX: (to Vermin) There he is. See that bag he's got? That's
                what we need. It's got all the Hun's gambling markers;
                who owes 'em what, everything. This is gonna piss 'em
                right off, man!
    ERRAND BOY: You don't get it, man. If you don't pay up, Ghost is
                coming down here himself!
                (in Cantonese) So you can forget about gambling, or
                anything else!
           MAN: OK, man, OK. Just tell him I'm sorry. Tell him I lost
                track of time.
                (in Cantonese) You know how it is, right, friend? I can't
                afford to lose anymore!
                (in English) Just tell him thanks, alright? Thanks for
    (The man pays up and heads off. Fox and Vermin approach the errand
    FOX: Hey, kid, what do you got in that bag? Hey! Hey!
    (The errand boy starts running)
    (The errand boy runs into a building with Ghost in it)
    ERRAND BOY: Ghost, we got trouble.
         GHOST: Hmmm!
    (Ghost clicks his fingers. Four Huns make their way out of the
    (Fox and Vermin have got the marker bag off the errand boy)
       FOX: Let's get this crap back to Cleon! I want my vest!
    VERMIN: You did good tonight, Fox. You earned your place with the
    (Four Huns are in the place where they fought Ghost)
    (Cleon, Ajax, Snow and another Warrior are in the subway station. Fox
    and Vermin enter)
      AJAX: Hey, you guys learn any kung-fu up there? (laughs)
       FOX: No. We taught the Huns a few things, though. Right, brother?
    VERMIN: Yeah, man.
      AJAX: Fucking-A. Not bad.
    VERMIN: He ain't so bad.
     CLEON: Right on, brotha. Looks like you're gonna have to trade that
            shirt in for a vest!
       FOX: Cool. I can dig that!
    v) Sharp Dressed Man
    DJ: (narrator) You can't choose your roots, but you can roll to a new
        rhythm. Coney was never the same once Cochise laid down his
        groove with the Warriors.
    (Cochise, Snow, Vermin and Cowboy are outside the Warrior's hangout)
    COCHISE: (to Vermin) I told you, man, I dig your set. I wanna roll
             with you guys.
     VERMIN: Get outta here, man!
    (Cleon and Fox come over)
      CLEON: Ah, shit, what's this kid's name again?
       SNOW: Cochise. He grew up in Harlem, but his momma brought his ass
             to Brooklyn. And now he wants to be a Warrior.
        FOX: Does he have what it takes?
     VERMIN: We don't need any new blood, let alone some kid from Harlem!
             Why don't you go hang with the Boppers?
    COCHISE: 'Cause the Boppers are soft, man! Too soft for me! Man, I
             ain't down with no purple shiny vests and shit. I gotta run
             with a solid outfit. I wanna run with the Warriors.
      CLEON: Vermin's right. A whole lot of gangs is been breathing down
             our necks lately. We ain't taking no chances. You wanna be a
             Warrior, go grab us a Bopper's hat off one of their heads
             and then we'll talk.
    COCHISE: Shit, man, that ain't nothing!
      CLEON: But if you wanna be a Warrior, it's gotta be a size... nine.
    (Everyone laughs, except Cochise)
    COCHISE: A size nine? That's a bucket, man, not a hat!
     COWBOY: Good luck, young blood. You're gonna need it.
    (Cochise heads off)
     SNOW: This kid don't know when to quit. He just might!
    CLEON: Snow, I want you to go up there with him. Make sure he don't
           get too brave.
    (Harlem, 11:32 pm, August 18, 1978)
    (Cochise and Snow are walking through the back alleys of Harlem)
    COCHISE: Alright, I need to grab a hat.
       SNOW: Then let's go find some Boppers and get this over with.
    (Some Boppers are bullying a man and his woman in a back alley)
     WOMAN: Let us go, please! Just... let us go!
    BOPPER: Shut the fuck up, bitch!
    (The Bopper kicks the man over. The Boppers spot Cochise and Snow)
    BOPPER: Let's bust a move.
    (The Boppers let the woman go)
    (Reggie, a Bopper lieutenant, is in a Harlem club with a woman. The
    woman starts walking away from him)
    REGGIE: Yo, where you going, bitch?
     WOMAN: I ain't your bitch, Reggie!
    REGGIE: Don't get sassy with me, bitch!
    (Reggie slaps her)
    (Reggie and some Boppers have spotted Cochise and Snow)
    REGGIE: This ain't your turf! Get those punks!
    REGGIE: Come on, slick, it's about time we showed these chumps how
            the Boppers get down.
    (Boxcar, another Bopper lieutenant, is playing pool in the pool hall.
    Two Boppers are watching. Boxcar takes a shot)
    BOPPER 1: Nice shot, Boxcar.
    (Cochise and Snow enter)
    BOPPER 2: Yo, check it out, what these cats doing here?
      BOXCAR: Who cares? Those colours don't belong in Harlem. Let's bust
              em up!
    (Cochise and Snow are talking to Debbie, a stripper, in The Black
    DEBBIE: Damn, baby, you a big spender tonight, huh? Here, take my
            pass, but don't tell no one.
    (Big Moe is sitting with a woman in Club 45. Cochise and Snow enter)
    BIG MOE: You the punk that's been looking for Big Moe?
    COCHISE: You got something I need, motherfucker. Your hat. You gonna
             give it up, or do I gotta beat it off your fat head?
        MAN: Who's he kidding?
    (Some men laugh)
      WOMAN: Is he serious?!
    BIG MOE: (to Cochise) Well, come on and get it, baby boy!
    (Cochise and Snow are walking away from Club 45. Cochise has Big
    Moe's hat)
    COCHISE: A size 9 hat, just like Cleon wanted.
       SNOW: You're Warrior material, my man.
    COCHISE: You see me drop that fat motherfucker? I was smoking him,
             man! That flashy tub of lard didn't see me coming.
       SNOW: Let's go celebrate!
    COCHISE: Solid.
    g) Contact info
    Spotted a mistake in the FAQ? Want to ask me a question about the
    FAQ? Got a quote from the game that I should add to the quotes
    section? Then simply send me an e-mail. My e-mail address is:
    Be polite when e-mailing. I refuse to reply to e-mails with insulting
    comments/words in them.
    h) End of FAQ and credits
    Aw, looks like we've made it to the end of the FAQ. I hope you have
    enjoyed reading the game script for The Warriors! But before we go,
    here are the credits:
    Thanks to my parents for getting me this game for Christmas.
    Thanks to Rockstar Games for publishing this game.
    Thanks to Rockstar Toronto for creating this game.
    Thanks to Chriswsc1988 (a YouTube user) for telling me that the
    Savage Huns were actually speaking Cantonese, not Chinese.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for posting this FAQ.
    Thanks to myself for creating this masterpiece.
    And that's it! The end of my FAQ! See ya...

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