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King of Fighters: Maximum Impact - Maniax Move List:


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Table of Contents:
1) Version Changes
2) Legend
3) Characters
    *Each character containing the following:
    ^Profile Information
    ^Special Moves (Command Normals)
    ^Deadly Moves
    ^DOA Trashing
    *Didn't include Body Slams as it's self-explanatory of a 
      players' throw and Stylish Moves as it's too much work 
      to describe them when each character has nearly 15+ of 
      them in their move list.
    -Kyo Kusanagi
    -Iori Yagami
    -Terry Bogard
    -Mai Shiranui
    -Lien Neville
    -Yuri Sakazaki
    -Ryo Sakazaki
    -Alba Meira
    -Soiree Meira
    -Athena Asamiya
    -Mignon Beart
    -Ralf Jones
    -Clark Still
    -Chae Lim
    -Rock Howard
4) Contact
5) Credits

Version Changes:
1.00 - 
Compilated on May 7, 2006 but completed on May 12, 2006.


U = Up
UF = Up-Forward
F = Forward
DF = Down-Forward
D = Down
DB = Down-Back
B = Back
UB = Back
QCF = Quarter-Circle Forward
QCB = Quarter-Circle Back
HCF = Half-Circle Forward
HCB = Half-Circle Backward
LP = Light Punch
SP = Strong Punch
LK = Light Kick
SK = Strong Kick
SP + SK = Body Toss Attack


PlayStation 2 Button Mapping:
Square = Light Punch
Triangle = Strong Punch
X = Light Kick
Circle = Strong Kick

XBOX Button Mapping:
X = Light Punch
Y = Strong Punch
A = Light Kick
B= Strong Kick

1) Kyo Kusanagi:

Alias: The Scion of the Flames
Modes of Combat: Ancient Kusanagi Arts & Own Chinese 
Boxing Style
Birthday: December 12
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 165 lbs
Blood Type: Type B (RH-)
Birthplace: Japan
Hobbies: Writing poems
Personal Treasures: His motorcycle & his girlfriend, Yuki
Favorite Foods: Baked fish
Turn-Offs: Effort
Favorite Sports: Ice hockey
First Appearance: King of Fighters '94

Kyo is the heir of the Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts 
that enables its disciples to command flames. Much against 
his wishes, he is plagued by both Iori Yagami, who holds a
psychotic feeling of rivalry towards him, and Shingo Yabuki.
Kyo tries to stay in touch by phone with his girlfriend Yuki, 
from whom he is separated because of the tournament. He's 
thinking it's high time to head back home once this 
tournament is over.

Special Moves:

Deadly Moves:
Fire Ball: F, D, DF + P:
Kyo jumps up a bit as he waves his hands that surrounds with

427 Torment Trigger: HCB + K:
Kyo does an uppercut with flames. The LP version spins him
and does a mini-blow as the SP version does an uppercut.

R.E.D. Kick: B, D, DB + K:
Kyo jumps forward a bit as he nails an overhead kick.

New Wave Smash: QCF + K:
Kyo hops forward a bit as he does a scissors kick.

Wicked Chew: QCF + LP:
Kyo goes forward as he does a swinging punch in flames.

128 Masticate: QCF + P (during Wicked Chew):
Kyo does an overhead punch in flames.

127 Oxidate: HCB + P (during Wicked Chew) or P (during 128 
Kyo does an elbow to the opponent.

125 Rapids of Rage: K (after 128 Masticate): 
Kyo does a spinning kick.

212 Crescent Moon Flash: HCB + K (after 127 Oxidate):
Kyo grabs the opponent as he holds and explodes them.

Instantaneous Smash: P (after 127 Oxidate):
Kyo does a punch to the opponent while they're lying down
on the ground.

Poison Bite 105: QCF + SP:
Kyo does a stronger version of his Wicked Chew.

401 Recitation of Sins: SP (during Poison Bite 105):
Kyo does a mini-blow to the opponent.

402 Verdict: SP (after 401 Recitation of Sins):
Kyo does a modified version of his Fire Ball.

Demon Incerator 100: F, D, DF + SP (after 402 Verdict):
Kyo does a Fire Ball.

DOA Trashing:
Ura 108 Shiki Kusanagi Serpent [1 level]: QCB, HCF + LP (can 
be held):
Kyo holds a flame as he winds it to the opponent as he dashes
slightly forward.

MAX Version Ura Shiki Kusanagi Serpent [2 levels]: QCB,
HCF + SP (can be held):
Same description as Ura 108 Shiki Kusanagi Serpent except
Kyo is surrounded in the flames and he dashes more forward.

2) Iori Yagami:

Alias: The Aloof Purple Flame
Modes of Combat: Ancient Yagami's Arts & Instinct (based 
on Kusanagi)
Birthday: March 25
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 174 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: Japan
Hobbies: Playing in his band
Personal Treasures: His girlfriend, his Chrome Hearts ring, 
his Paul Smith Watch
Favorite Foods: Meat
Turn-Offs: Violence
Favorite Sports: Everything
First Appearance: King of Fighters '95

Iori is a descendant of the heroic Yasakani clan that, along 
with the Kusanagi, was versant in the ways of conquering 
the Orochi. Possessing a narcissistic personality. Iori feels 
no real attachment toward anyone or anything. He does, 
however, exhibit an almost all consuming zeal driving from 
the enmity of his clan toward Kyo and the House of 

Special Moves:
Gaishiki Lunar Rebellion: Fx2 + SP:
Iori does a swipe attack.

Gaishiki 100 Slashes: B + LK (only in air):
Iori does his jumping LK in a reverse position.

Deadly Moves:
Demon Scorcher 100: F, D, DF + P:
Iori jumps forward a bit with purple flames surrounded
around his hands.

Exorcism: QCF + P:
Iori throws a purple flame wave on the ground.

Blue Blossom: QCB + P (up to three times):
Iori does a dashing uppercut in the first two motions
then ends it with an overhead hammer attack in the
final motion.

Crescent Moon Crunch: QCB + K:
Iori runs towards the opponent ready to catch. Upon
connection, he slams the opponent on the ground as
he explodes them.

Winds of Waste: HCB, F + P (close only):
Iori does a grab to which lands the opponent on the
other side.

DOA Trashing:
Rage of The 8 Maidens [1 level]: QCF, HCB + P:
Iori runs towards the opponent and upon connection,
does a barrage of normals and ending with him grabbing
the opponent as he explodes them. 

Bloom of The Wolf: QCFx4 + P (during Rage of The 8
Iori claws the opponent in the air as it unleashes hits
then claws the air again which unleashes a giant flame
pillar below.

3) Terry Bogard:

Alias: The Legendary Lone Wolf
Modes of Combat: Martial arts
Birthday: March 15
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 170 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: USA
Hobbies: Playing video games
Personal Treasures: His father Jeff's keepsake, a par of 
fighting gloves
Favorite Foods: Rock's custom-made clubhouse sandwich
Turn-Offs: Slugs, pickled Japanese ume (he was once force-
fed these by Joe Higashi)
Favorite Sports: Basketball
First Appearance: Fatal Fury

Terry's adoptive father, Jeff, was killed by Geese Howard 
when he was a boy. He gathered up his strength and set 
out on a personal journey to prepare himself for avenging 
his father's death. Returning from his voyage 10 years later. 
He defeated Geese and avenged his adoptive father with 
the help of his kid brother Andy. After winning numerous 
battles, he became the fighter known as "The Legendary
Wolf." He continued his voyage of training, believing that 
combat is the best way to reach mutual understanding. 
While devoting himself to combat, he had the opportunity 
to meet up with Geese's son Rock and his journey transformed 
from a voyage of personal discovery to one of instruction.
During this lliad of instruction, an invitation to this year's 
King of Fighters, to be held in Southtown, found its way to 
Terry. Now "The Legendary Wolf" has returned once again 
to Southtown...and he's well aware of what awaits him.

Special Moves:
High Slash: Fx2 + SK:
Terry does a fast roundhouse kick that sends the opponent
back in a long distance.

Deadly Moves:
Power Wave: QCF + LP:
Terry slams his fist to the ground as a projectile wave
rushes towards the opponent.

Round Wave: QCF + SP:
Same description as Power Wave except the projectile
wave surrounds Terry's fist.

Burning Knuckle: QCB + P:
Terry rushes towards the opponent with his fist engulfed
in a blue aura.

Power Dunk: F, D, DF + K:
Same description as Burning Knuckle except Terry rises
into the air with one fist with the other to punch down
right after.

Rising Tackle: Charge D, U + P:
Terry spins upside-down in the air as his fist is outward
in the process.

Crack Shoot: QCB + K:
Terry does a flip-kick move to the opponent.

DOA Trashing:
Power Geyser [1 level]: QCB, DB, F + LP:
Terry does a Round Wave with the projectile having a
more vertical arc.

Triple Geyser [2 levels]: QCB, DB, F + SP:
Same description as Power Geyser except he does it two
more times in the process.

Buster Wolf [3 levels]: QCFx2 + SK:
Terry does a Burning Knuckle and when it connects, he
shoots his fist out unleashing a huge projectile wave
right after.

4) Seth:

Alias: The Proud Secret Agent
Modes of Combat: The art of self defense
Birthday: August 1
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 238 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: USA
Hobbies: Wire tapping, driving
Personal Treasures: His necktie collection, family
Favorite Foods: Vegetables, fruit (Seth's a vegan)
Turn-Offs: Airplanes
Favorite Sports: Individual sports
First Appearance: King of Fighters '99: Evolution

Seth works as a secret agent. Commissioned to investigate 
the biggest syndicate of the underworld, "Addis." Seth 
recives information regarding an incident that took place in 
Southtown involving his subject. He uses Fate, a leader of 
a Southtown gang, to gather further intel, but Fate is soon 
found in a pair of concrete diving boots. Just when he finds 
himself at a proverbial dead end to his investigations, an 
invitation to the "The King of Fighters" arrives.

Special Moves:

Deadly Moves:
Cascading Moon: QCF + LK (only in air):
Seth does a head stomp.

Dark Moon: QCF + SP (only in air):
Seth does a diving kick.

Floating Moon: QCF + SK (only in air):
Seth does a forward dflip then does a diving kick.

Sobat: LK (during Cascading/Dark/Floating Moon):
Seth spins a spinning kick right after a moon attack.

Slide: SK (during Cascading/Dark/Floating Moon):
Seth does a sliding attack right after a moon attack.

Forward Roll: LP + LK (during Cascading/Dark/Floating Moon):
Seth does a forward roll after a moon attack.

Rising Sun: QCF + P:
Seth goes forward a bit as he does an uppercut.

Torso Crusher A: HCF + LK (also during Torso Crusher B/
Seth does a high-counter to which he does two punches
right after.

Torso Crusher B: HCF+ SK (also during Torso Crusher A/
Seth does a high-counter which lands the opponent to the 
other side right after.

Tripper: Dx2 + P (also during Torso Crusher A/B):
Seth does a low-counter which trips the opponent right after.

Bow Moon: HCB+ K:
Seth deashes forward as he does a knee attack.

Arrow Moon: F + K (during Bow Moon):
Seth does a Sobat after his Bow Moon.

Bowstring Moon: D + K (during Bow Moon):
Seth does a sliding attack after his Bow Moon.

Forward Roll: LP + LK (during Bow Moon):
Seth does a forward roll after his Bow Moon.

DOA Trashing:
Two-Fisted Rising Sun [1 level]: QCFx2 + P:
Seth does his LP then SP Rising Sun's.

Drifting Moon [1 level]: QCF, HCB + K:
Seth does a sliding attack which connects to a few kicks
then finishes off then a high-kick.

7 Flash Torso Grab [2 levels]: QCF, HCB +  P:
Seth does a high-counter which enables him to throw the
opponent, do a few punches when they're down then do
a back roll right after.

5) Mai Shiranui:

Alias: The Beguiling Ninja Babe
Modes of Combat: Shiranui style of ninja arts
Birthday: January 1
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: Japan
Hobbies: Cooking
Personal Treasures: Ornamental hairpin that's her grandmother's 
Favorite Foods: Rice cake soup and o-hagi
Turn-Offs: Spiders
Favorite Sports: Battledore and shuttlecock (Japanese 
First Appearance: Fatal Fury 2

Mai is the legitimate successor of the Shiranui style of ninja 
arts and assassination techniques. Her specialty is the use 
of folding fans and flame. She often battles in outfits that 
are a tad too revealing, but her old-world charms make her 
an ideal of Japanese womanhood.

Special Moves:
Swallow Saturnalia: F + LK:
Mai does a simple hop-kick.

Red Crane Strut: DF + LK:
Mai does a sliding attack then a flip-kick right after.

Mammoth Windmill Drop: D + LP (only in air):
Mai does a hammer-like punch in the air.

Floating Feathers: D + LK (only in air):
Mai does a head stomp-like move.

Puny Plum Punt: D + SK (only in air):
Mai does a dashing attack in the air similar to Deadly
Ninja Bees.

Deadly Moves:
Dragon Flame Romp: QCB + P:
Mai spins around with her fan as it unleashes a flame
around her.

Nocturnal Flower: QCB + K:
Mai swings her fan down.

Folding Fan Fandango: QCF + P:
Mai throws a fan at the opponent with her getting another
one right after from her breasts.

Deadly Ninja Bees: HCF + K:
Mai does a cartwheel then does an air-dash type attack to
the opponent.

Flying Squirrel Furiante: QCB + P (only in air):
Mai does a diving attack from the air head first.

DOA Trashing:
Blossom Storm [1 level]: QCFx2 + P:
Mai rushes towards the opponent and when it connects,
she spins around in the air with her fan.

Phoenix Dance: [1 level]: QCBx2 + P:
Mai jumps up in the air and dives towards the opponent
as she's rolling around surrounded in fire.

Super Deadly Ninja Bees [1 level or more]: QCB, HCF + K:
Mai does a multi-hit of her Deadly Ninja Bees as she
surrounded in flames.

6) Lien Neville:

Alias: The Gorgeous Assassin
Modes of Combat: Assassin's karate & The master of deadly 
Birthday: October 17
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 121 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: England
Hobbies: Scuba diving
Personal Treasures: Her father's pocket watch
Favorite Foods: Tomatoes
Turn-Offs: Liars
Forte: Knows the body's death points
First Appearance: King of Fighters: Maximum Impact

Ever since she can remember, Lien has undergone special 
training and been reared in the ways of being as "assassin." 
The syndicate she was a part of was destroyed by the under-
world's largest syndicate, "Addis', and she lost many comrades. 
Swearing to single-handedly battle "Addis" to the death. Lien 
went into hiding. She failed to eliminate Duke, the boss of 
"Mephistopheles", a syndicate subordinate to "Addis", and, 
in an ironic twist of fate, found herself recruited by her would-
be target who realized the worth of her abilities. She is currently 
employed by Duke to penetrate Addis's inner sanctum.

Special Moves:

Deadly Moves:
Assault Type: Syrma: QCF + P:
Lien slams her fist to the ground which unleashes a pillar
of blue flame on the ground.

Assault Type: Sadachbia: QCB + P/K:
Lien targets the ground to which a tall pillar of laser goes
towards the opponent.

Assault Type: Zaniah: F, D, DF + P (can be held):
Lien does a knife-type swipe which can be charged.

Assault Type: Azellafage: QCB + K (only in air):
Lien does a drill type dive-kick at a diagonal angle.

Assualt Type: Yed Prior: Charge B, F + LP:
Lien does a charging swipe to the opponent.

Assualt Type: Psdterior: Charge B, F + SP:
Sane description as Assualt Type: Yed Prior except Lien
appears on the other side.

Assault Type: Al Hiyat: HCB + P (close only):
Lien claps her hands to the opponents head and triggers
an explosion right after.

DOA Trashing:
Assault Type: Shaula [1 level]: QCB, DB, F + SK:
Lien does a spinning kick with a large blue flame pillar done
right after.

Assualt Type: Al Tarf [2 levels]: QCB, DB, F + SP:
Lien does a barrage of charging swipe then ends it with an

7) Yuri Sakazaki:

Alias: The Kyokugen Karate Chick
Modes of Combat of Combat: Kyokugen Karate and a dash 
of Yuri's own style
Birthday: December 7
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110lbs.
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Japan
Hobbies: Studying various cuisine, karaoke
Personal Treasures: Her friends and pearl earrings, a keepsake
of her mothers
Favourite Foods: Mild curry, picked Japanese plums (homemade)
Turn-offs: Octopuses and indecisive men
Favourite Sports: Softball
First Appearance: Art of Fighting

Once a victim of a kidnapping, it was at that time she became 
painfully aware of her own helplessness. In order to defend 
herself, she took up the ways of Kyokugen karate from her
father. The more she trains, the more it seems that she just 
may become the torchbearer of Kyokugen karate...

Special Moves:

Deadly Moves:
Tiger Flash Blast: QCF + P:
Yuri throws a fireball that has extremely short-range.

Conquering Crunch: QCF + P (must be held):
Yuri fakes to throw her Tiger Flash Blast but instead throws
a giant version of it.

Thunderbolt Blast: QCF + K:
Yuri jumps straight up in the air as she throws a fireball to
the ground.

Pulverizing Shutter Slam: QCB + P:
Yuri throws out a stalling sphere in front of her,

The 100 Blows: HCB, F + K:
Yuri runs towards the opponent and if it connects, she slaps
the opponent a few times.

Yuri's Super Upper: F, D, DF + P:
Yuri does a dragon punch-like move.

Yuri's Double Super Upper: F + SP (during Yuri's Super Upper):
Yuri does another Super Upper right after her first one.

DOA Trashing:
Flying Phoenix Kick [1 level]: QCF, HCB + K:
Yuri runs towards the opponent and if it connects, she does
a series of step-kicks then ends it with a flip-kick.

Hardcore Super Upper [3 levels]: QCFx2 + K:
Yuri does two uppercuts then does a stronger version of
her Super Upper.

8) Ryo Sakazaki:

Alias: The Inextinguishable Dragon
Modes of Combat of Combat: Kyokugen Karate
Birthday: August 2
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: Japan
Hobbies: D.I.V. carpentry, Home gardening
Personal Treasures: The motorcycle that he fixed up on his 
Favorite Foods: Rice cakes, Fermented soy beans
Turn-Offs: Pickles, Bugs with a lot of legs
Favorite Sports: Sumo
First Appearance: Art of Fighting

Ryo is a man who has seen the world. He made his living as 
a street fighter in order to tend to the needs of his kid sister 
Yuri after his mother died in an accident and his father walked 
out on them. He was once called "The Invincible Dragon" 
during his street-fighting days.

Special Moves:
Tearing Quake Kick: Dx2 + SK:
Ryo does a hard stomp.

Ripping Shock Slug: Fx2 + SP:
Ryo steps forward a bit with a powered-up SP.

Deadly Moves:
Tiger Flash Bash: QCF + P:
Ryo throws a fireball which has extremely short-range.

Tiger Blast: F, D, DF + P:
Ryo does a dragon punch-like move.

Shrike Gale: QCB + K:
Ryo hops forward a bit as he spins his legs towards the

Whiplash Bash: F, B, F + P:
Ryo does a series of punches with one hand and ends it
with an uppercut with his other hand.

Wild Tiger Terminator: QCB + P:
Ryo jumps forward a bit as he does a chop attack.

DOA Trashing:
Conquering Crunch [1 level]: F, HCF + P:
Ryo unleashes a giant version of his Tiger Flash Bash.

Furious Fandango [2 levels]: QCF, HCB + P:
Ryo runs towards the opponent and as it connects, he
does a barrage of normals and ends it with a Tiger Blast.

Conqueror's Blast [3 levels]: QCFx2 + P:
Ryo does a powered-up version of his Ripping Shock
Slug that sends the opponent back in a far distance.

9) Alba Meira:

Alias: The Devil of Daybreak
Modes of Combat: Own Chinese boxing style & Martial arts
Birthday: June 6
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: Germany
Hobbies: Billiards, cars
Personal Treasures: A picture of his parents, his "younger" 
twin brother
Favorite Things: Sunglasses
Turn-Offs: He fears Japanese sashimi (raw fish) most
Forte: Being able to memorize 8-digit numbers at a glance
First Appearance: King of Fighters: Maximum Impact

At the age of three, Alba lost his parents to an accident and 
was raised in an orphange along with his "younger" twin 
brother, Soiree. The day he turned 14, he escaped the 
orphanage together with his "younger" twin brother and 
settled in Southtown. Fate, the city's boss at that time, took 
them under his wing, altering the wariness of the two brothers 
toward adults. When Alba turned 18, he left Fate and chose 
to make his own way, under his own power, in the wilds of 

Special Moves:
Bone Basher: F + LP:
Alba goes forward a bit with an elbow attack.

Deadly Moves:
Luminescent Lash: QCB + P:
Alba shoots out a projectile wave to the opponent.

Winds of Pain: QCF + P:
Alba does a charging attack then finishes it off with an upward
punch that shoots out a tornado.

Thunderbolt Thrash: QCF + K:
Alba does a spinning charging attack that has a current of
electricity on his fists. 

Captive Serpent Lab: HCB + K (close only):
Alba grabs the opponent as he does a few punches then throws
them to the other side with his foot.

Seizing the Dragon: F, D, DF + P:
Alba does a counter attack to which he tosses the opponent
to the other side upon connection.

DOA Trashing:
Surreptitious Punch of the Thundergod [1 level]: QCFx2 + LP:
Alba does a short charge punch with his Luminescent Lash
on his fist.

Hallowed Slug of the Heavenly Conqueror [2 levels] QCFx2 
+ SP:
Same description as Surreptitious Punch of the Thundergod
except it unleashes three wave pillars.

10) Soiree Meira:

Alias: The Twilight Angel
Modes of Combat: Shooting Capoeira (advised on his own)
Birthday: June 6
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 154 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: Germany
Hobbies: Making silver accessories
Personal Treasures: His older brother (Alba)
Favorite Things: His "older" twin brother & hamburgers
Turn-Offs: Rats
Forte: Dancing, Darts
First Appearance: King of Fighters: Maximum Impact

Soiree has always idolized his "older" twin brother. Soiree 
is cheerful and magnanimous but also quick to anger. His 
friendly smile is cute and he is popular with the ladies. But 
he is a bit slow to mature in the biblical sense. As far as 
Soiree is concerned, the only boss of Southtown is his 
older twin brother.

Special Moves:
Capriciou Style: D + LK + SK:
Soiree does a verticla kick which lands him in a handstand.

Deadly Moves:
Piledriver Dynamisch: QCF + K:
Soiree does a front-flip stomp.

Zart Zap: F, D, DF + K:
Soiree does a cartwheel front-flip kick.

Swelling Danzen: LP + SP:
Soiree spins his head around while doing the splits. 

Schiau Outburst: HCB + K:
Soiree runs forward a bit then nails out a spin kick to the

DOA Trashing:
Big Mittwoch [1 level]: QCFx2 + K:
Soiree does a sweep then ends it with a spinning kick which
unleashes a blue pillar of flame from under him.

Extreme Leidenschalt [2 level]: QCF, HCB + K:
Soiree does a spinning shoulder and when it connects, does
two Zart Zaps, a Swelling Danzen and a Piledrive Dynamisch.

11) Athena Asamiya:

Alias: The Eternal Psychic Idol Star
Modes of Combat: Psychic power & Chinese martial arts 
Birthday: March 14
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 108 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: Japan
Hobbies: Astrology, Cell phone text messaging
Personal Treasures: A Peter Rabbit tea set, her fan letters
Favorite Foods: Ichigo Daifuku, Sakura Daifuku
Turn-Offs: Grasshoppers
Favorite Sports: Lacrosse
First Appearance: Athena

Athena is currently a high school student. She is also a 
singing idol who trains under the tutelage of China's Chin 
Gentsai as a "Psycho Soldier." Athena is a popular fighter 
whose exotic costumes always generate quite a buzz 
whenever she appears in the King of Fighters tournaments.

Special Moves:
Phoenix Bomb: D + LK (only in air):
Athena does a head stomp-like move.

Deadly Moves:
Psycho Ball Attack: QCB + P:
Athena claps her hands as she unleashes a sphere projectile
to the opponent.

Psycho Sword: F, D, DF + P:
Athena rises up with one hand as it unleashes a sword in
front of her.

Psycho Reflector: HCB + K:
Athena spreads her hands as she unleashes a stationary
projectile which can reflect projectiles.

Psychic Teleport: QCF + K:
Athena spins around first as she quickly dashes forward.

Phoenix Arrow: QCB + K (only in air):
Athena spins at a downward angle in a rolling position
and ending with a sweep upon landing.

DOA Trashing:
Shining Crystal Bit [1 level]: HCB + P (also in air):
Athena stands still as two aura spheres surround her.

Crystal Shoot: QCB + P (during Shining Crystal Bit, can be 
Athena's two aura spheres go to the tip of her finger as she
shoots it towards the opponent.

Phoenix Fang Arrow [1 level]: QCFx2 + K (only in air):
Athena does four Phoenix Arrows to the opponent in a
fast motion but there's no sweep in the end.

12) Mignon Beart:

Alias: The Righteous Witch
Modes of Combat: Magic & Chinese boxing
Birthday: February 13
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 106 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: USA
Hobbies: Searching for spell books
Personal Treasures: Grandmother's jewel box (unopened, 
lock's broken)
Favorite Foods: Chocolate
Turn-Offs: Sassy children, hairy caterpillars
Favorite Sports: White magic (still a novice)
First Appearance: King of Fighters: Maximum Impact

Mignon's grand goal is to bring peace to the world through 
magic. Whether a fault of her fine breeding or not, Mignon 
knows little of determining the tenor of circumstances around 
her. Once she has decided on something, she has the strength 
of will to fulfill her goal. She believes that her grandmother was 
a genuine witch. Mignon also believes that one day she will be 
able to open the jewel box from her grandmother and at that 
time she will become a real witch. At the age of six, she got 
left downtown and remember the terror of that experience.

Special Moves:
One Revolution: Fx2 + SK:
Mignon does a forward flip-kick move.

Deadly Moves:
Fire Ball: QCF + P:
Mignon shoots out a fireball towards the opponent.

Fire Shot: QCF + P (during Fire Ball):
Mignon stops the fireball explosion in the screen instead
of it colliding with the opponent.

Water Shield: F, D, DF + P:
Mignon summons water aura around her.

Lightning Bolt: HCB + SK (close only):
Mignon holds the opponent as she pushes them with a

Windstorm: HCB +  P:
Mignon spins around as a tornado shoots out towards
the opponent.

DOA Trashing:
Meteo-Strike [1 level]: QCFx2 + SP:
Mignon spins around as she shoots out a large meteor
towards the opponent.

Explosion [1 level]: QCB + P (during Meteo-Strike):
Mignon throws the meteor on the ground which covers
around her during the explosion.

Thunderbolt [2 levels]: QCBx2 + SK:
Mignon holds the opponent as she pushes them with a 
strong current of electricity.

13) Ralf Jones:

Alias: The Battlefield Tough Guy
Modes of Combat: Martial arts & Heidern's assassination 
Birthday: August 25
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 242 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: USA
Hobbies: Collecting knives
Personal Treasures: His medals
Favorite Foods: Gum
Turn-Offs: Snakes
Favorite Sports: Baseball
First Appearance: Ikari Warriors

Ralf is the mercenary commander who has mastered the 
know-how to survive any battlefield. Owing to his cherry 
disposition, he has a natural presence and always takes
on the role of the mood maker. Although he has a bit of a 
wild streak, he's the first to come to Leona's aid when she 
appears to be losing it.

Special Moves:

Deadly Moves:
Gatling Attack: Charge B, F + P:
Ralf does two spinning fists and ends it with an uppercut.

Vulcan Punch: F, D, DF + P:
Ralf does a couple vertical punches rapidly while they're
surrounded in flaming embers at the tip of his fist.

Super Argentine Backbreaker: HCF + K (close only):
Ralf throws the opponent up to the air and lands them on
his back then slams right after.

Dive Bomber Bop: Charge D, U + P:
Ralf does an aerial headbutt at a diagonal jump then dives
right down with a flaming impact.

Ralf Kick: Fx2 + LK:
Ralf jumps up as he does a spinning drop kick.

Ralf Tackle: Fx2 + SK:
Ralf runs towards the opponent in a charging headbutt

Buffalo Ralf: SK (during Ralf Tackle):
Ralf headbutts the opponent which lands them to the other

DOA Trashing:
Vicious Vulcan Punch [1 level]: QCF, HCB + P:
Ralf does a Gatling Attack, a couple of Vulcan Punches and
ends it with a high elbow attack.

Bareback Vulcan Punch [1 level]: QCB, HCF + K:
Ralf does a running tackle and when it connects, does a
series of Vulcan Punches.

Galactica Phantom [2 levels]: QCFx2 + P:
Ralf charges back for a bit as he unleashes a powerful fist
attack to the opponent.

14) Clark Still:

Alias: The Silent Mercenary
Modes of Combat: Martial arts & Heidern's assassination 
Birthday: May 7
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 231 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: USA
Hobbies: Collecting guns
Personal Treasures: His sunglasses
Favorite Foods: Oatmeal
Turn-Offs: Slugs
Favorite Sports: Wrestling
First Appearance: King of Fighters '94

Clark is a first-class mercenary. His gift is the ability to 
calmly confront any crisis that comes his way. He is the 
perfect compliment to Ralf, his rash brother in arms and 
they share an unbreakable bond of trust between them 
that has seen them through many a killing field.

Special Moves:
Slide Dash: F, B, F:
Clark dashes forward a bit.

Deadly Moves:
Gatling Attack First: B, F + P
Clark does a spinning fist.

Gatling Attack Second: P (during Gatling Attack First):
Clark does an uppercut after his spinning fist.

Gatling Attack Second-Fake: B, F + LP + SP (must be held):
Clark does his Gatling Attack First but fakes to do his
Gatling Attack Second.

Super Argentine Backbreaker: HCF + K (close only):
Clark throws the opponent up to the air and lands them on
his back then slams right after.

Mounting Tackle: HCF + P:
Clark runs to the opponent as he's ready to tackle up close.

Clark Lift: Dx2 + LP (during Mounting Tackle):
Clark picks up the opponent does throws them right after.

Pull Out: Dx2 + LK (during Mounting Tackle) or LP + SP
(nead head of opponent while down):
Clark fastly pulls the opponent back up on its feet.

Rolling Cradle: Dx2 + SK (during Mounting Tackle):
Clark holds the opponent in a headlock position as he
rolls with them a few times.

Sleeper Lift: Dx2 + SP (during Mounting Tackle):
Clark fastly does a DDT right affer.

Frankensteiner: F, D, DF + K (close only):
Clark does a Hurricanranna to the opponent which lands
them on the other side.

Napalm Stretch: F, D, DF + P:
Clark does an air-grab to which he rolls the opponent to the
ground upon catching.

Flashing Elbow: QCF + P (after Super Argentine Backbreaker/
Napalm Stretch):
Clark runs to the opponent before they go down and does
a diving elbow.

DOA Trashing:
Running Three [1 level]: HCFx2 + K:
Clark runs towards the opponent for a tackle and when it connects,
does three running powerslams.

Ultra Argentine Backbreaker [1 level]: HCBx2 + LP (close only):
Clark does three Super Argentine Backbreakers to the opponent
then ends it with a Death Valley Driver.

MAX Version Ultra Argentine Backbreaker [2 levels]: HCBx2 +
SP (close only):
Clark does two Super Argentine Backbreakers to the opponent
then ends it with a Napalm Stretch.

15) Chae Lim:

Alias: The Taekwondo Zephyr
Modes of Combat: Taekwondo
Birthday: May 5
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 132 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: South Korea
Hobbies: Checking out food stands at the Dongdaemon 
Personal T.: A fighting glove for tournaments given to her 
by Master Kim
Favorite Foods: Her teddy bear (????????????)
Turn-Offs: Liars
Forte: She's good at creating Western-style clothes, All her 
clothes are her own creations
First Appearance: King of Fighters: Maximum Impact

Chae began learning Taekwondo from the age of four. Said 
to be the favored disciple of Kim, this is the first time she 
has ever entered an official tournament. When she removes 
her fighting singlet, she's just a normal girl. And her current 
hobby is sampling the fares of various eateries.

Special Moves:
Comet Cascade: B, F + K then K:
Chae does three roundhouse kicks in a row.

Herichage Knockaround: F + LK:
Chae does a simple overhead kick.

Tidal Wave Whap: B + Body Toss Attack:
Chae does a roundhouse in which whe does a back stance
after. Chae is ready to hit from there but only using SP or SK.

Deadly Moves:
Climbing Kick: QCF + K (only in air):
Chae stomps the opponent from a diagonal angle in the air.

Kick of Conquest: Dx2 + K:
Chae does a hard stomp as she goes slightly forward in the

Swooper Kick: QCB + K:
Chae flips towards the opponent as she's doing the splits.

Flying Swallow Slicer: Charge D, U + K:
Chae does a vertical kick.

DOA Trashing:
Phoenix Kick [1 level]: QCB, DB, F + K (also in air):
Chae does a barrage of normals and ends it with her Flying
Swallow Slicer.

Phoenix Raven Kick [1 level]: QCFx2 + K:
Chae does a hard hitting roundhouse kick.

Smothering Phoenix Kick [3 levels]: QCB, DB, F + LP + LK +
SP + SK:
Chae does a stronger version of her Phoenix Kick but has
extremely limited range and can't be done in the air.

16) Leona:

Alias: The Hard-hearted Amazon
Modes of Combat: Martial arts & Heidern's assassination 
Birthday: January 10
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 145 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: Unknown
Hobbies: None in particular
Personal Treasures: None in particular
Favorite Foods: None in particular
Turn-Offs: Blood
Favorite Sports: None in particular
First Appearance: King of Fighters '96

Burdened by the circumstances of an unhappy past. Leona 
was trained by Heidern to become a woman warrior. Although 
she is majestically beautiful, Leona also tends to be both 
taciturn and rather blunt at times. Her trouble at the moment 
is overcoming the dark forces that rage within her.

Special Moves:
Flip Flop: D + LK (only in air):
Leona does a flip-kick in the air.

Blinking Dunk: D + SP (only in air):
Leona does a hammer-like punch in the air.

Stinger: D + SK (only in air):
Leona does an arc-kick in the air to which she bounces back
when connected.

Deadly Moves:
Moon Slasher: Charge D, U + P:
Leona swings her arm with a blade sound in the process.

Baltic Launcher: Charge B, F + P
Leona hops forward as a sphere aura goes in front of her.

Grand Saber: Charge B, F + K:
Same description as Moon slasher except Leona runs instead
of standing in the same spot.

Gliding Buster: F + SK (during SK Grand Saber):
Leona does a flip-kick after her Grand Saber.

X-Calibur: QCB + P (only in air):
Leona flips back in the air with short-ranged blade firing before.

Earring Explosive 1: QCB + K:
Leona throws an earring that explodes like a grenade.

Earring Bakudan 2: Heart Attack: B, D, DB + K (close only)
then B, D, DB + K:
Leona attaches an explosive earring to the opponent. The
second motion detonates the earring.

DOA Trashing:
V-Slasher [1 level]: QCF, HCB + P (only in air):
Leona does a diving version of her X-Calibur and forms a
V-shape and an explosion when it connects.

Grateful Dead [1 level]: QCFx2 + P:
Leona jumps to the opponent and when it connects, she
absorbs some vital from the opponent.

Rebel Spark [1 level or more]: QCB, HCF + K:
Leona runs towards the opponent and when it connects,
she locks in an earring with her standing in formation as
she triggers the earring to detonation.

17) K':

Alias: The Unyielding Umber Blaze
Modes of Combat: Pure Violence
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 143 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: Unknown
Hobbies: None
Personal Treasures: None
Favorite Foods: Beef Jerky
Turn-Offs: The King of Fighters Tournament, sweets
Favorite Sports: None (hates exercise)
First Appearance: King of Fighters '99

K' is introverted and hates to associate with people. Bestowed 
with Kyo Kusanagi's abilities through genetic manipulation, he 
is able to command the powers of flame. But he always wears 
the glove on his right hand to allay the danger of these powers 
running wild.

Special Moves:
Knee Assault: F + LK:
K' does a knee attack.

Terrible Brew: Fx2 + SP:
K' does a mini-uppercut.

Deadly Moves:
The Trigger: QCF + P:
K' swipes a small amount of flame in the air.

Second Shoot: F + LK (during The Trigger):
K' does a spin kick with the flame going towards the opponent.

Second Shell: F + SK (during The Trigger):
K' does his Body Toss Attack with the flame going up in an arc.

Narrow Spike: B + K (during The Trigger) or QCB + K (during
Minutes Spike (ground only):
K' does a sliding attack.

Blackout: QCF + K:
K' does a forward teleport on his Narrow Spike animation.

Crow Bites: F, D, DF + P:
K' rises up in an uppercut-like arc with a flame around his hand.

Extra Attack: F + SK (during Crow Bites):
K' does his SK right after his Crow Bites.

Minutes Spike: QCB + K (also in air):
K' does a flying kick towards the opponent.

DOA Trashing:
Heat Drive [1 level]: QCFx2 + P (can be held):
K' holds a flame to which he rushes towards the opponent as
it explodes upon impact.

Chain Drive [2 levels]: QCF, HCB + P:
K' throws his sunglasses to the opponent and upon connection,
does a barrage of normals in the process.

18) Maxima:

Alias: The Lethal Cyborg of Steel
Modes of Combat: "M Style" of fighting arts
Birthday: March 2
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 483 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: Canada
Hobbies: Motorcycle touring
Personal Treasures: His sideburns
Favorite Foods: Any kind of sweets (Crazy for mango pudding)
Turn-Offs: Fermented soy beans, people with no opinions
Favorite Sports: Rugby
First Appearance: King of Fighters '99

Maxima's head has been surgically altered with cyborg implants.
His name comes from the codename of Dr. Makishima. The 
creator of the power source implanted in Maxima's body. He 
belonged to the same organization as K' but escaped; and 
Maxima has detailed knowledge of the terror and cruelty that 
comprises this organization.

Special Moves:

Deadly Moves:
MA-1 Vapor Cannon: QCB + SP:
Maxima does a huge straight charging punch to the opponent.

MA-1 Faint Cannon: QCB + SP (must be held):
Maxima fakes his MA-1 Vapor Cannon.

MA-2 Vapor Cannon: QCB + LP:
Same description as MA-1 Vapor Cannon except does an under
punch instead.

MA-2 Faint Cannon: QCB + LP (must be held):
Same description as MA-1 Faint Cannon except fakes his MA-2 
Vapor Cannon.

System 1-2: Maxima Scramble: QCF + P:
Maxima goes forward a bit as he does a hold attempt.

Double Bomber: QCF + P (during System 1-2: Maxima Scramble):
Maxima does two punches after his hold attempt.

Bull Dog Press: QCF + P (during Double Bomber):
Maxima holds the opponent then slams them down to the ground.

System 3: Maxima Lift: HCB + K (close only):
Maxima lifts the opponent as he puts his knee down for a 

Centaur Press: F + K (during System 3: Maxima Lift):
Maxima does a flipping leg-drop to the opponent.

Forward Roll: Fx2 (during System 3: Maxima Lift):
Maxima does a forward roll after his backbreaker.

K-11 Dangerous Arch: HCF + K (close only):
Maxima does a release Norther Lights Suplex to the opponent.

One More Time: QCF + K (during K-11 Dangerous Arch):
Maxima lifts the opponent after and does anotehr suplex to the

Faint: QCF + K (during K-11 Dangerous Arch, must be held):
Maxima lifts the opponent up to its feet as he fakes the One 
More Time.

M19 Blitz Cannon: F, D, DF + K:
Maxima does an air-grab to which shoots out a laser from his 
fist upon connection.

DOA Trashing:
Bomber Buster [1 level]: QCF, HCB + P:
Maxima jump straight up into the down then lands straight
down to the opponent in a rolling position.

Faint Buster Type-1 [1 level]: QCF, HCB + P (must be held):
Maxima fakes his Bomber Buster.

Faint Buster Type-2: U + P (during Bomber Buster):
Same description as Faint Buster Type-1 except he does an 
aerial punch instead.

Maxima Revenger [2 levels]: HCBx2 + K (close only):

19) Rock Howard:

Alias: The Wolf DNA's Chosen One
Modes of Combat: Ancient arts of combat & martial arts
Birthday: June 24
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 154 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: USA
Hobbies: Touring, playing bass
Personal Treasures: The hat he got from Terry, his motorcycle
Favorite Foods: His driving gloves (?????????????)
Turn-Offs: People who are too quick to toot their own horns
Favorite Sports: Pickup basketball
First Appearance: Garou: Mark of The Wolves

Rock lost his mother in infancy. He reached adulthood in an 
orphanage. He idolizes his hero, Terry. By chance his ran into 
his idol during a visit to Southtown and hooked up with him.
Rock was pained by the fact that his real father was Geese 
Howard, whom Terry sought vengeance upon; but these 
feelings did not survive the death of Geese. Rock now 
displays outstanding sense as a fighter. And it won't be 
long until he surpasses his hero.

Special Moves:
Back Slash: Fx2 + LK:
Rock does a slight hop-kick to the opponent.

Double Fang: Fx2 + SK:
Rock does a flying kick to the opponent.

Overhead Kick: B, F + SK:
Rock spins around as he does an overhead kick.

Deadly Moves:
Cyclone Punch: QCF + LP:
Rock swings his hand as he throws out a projectile wave 
that's similar to Terry's Power Wave.

Double Cyclone Punch: QCF + SP:
Nearly the same description as Cyclone Punch, Rock swings
his hands twice to throw out a stronger and bigger projectile

Rising Tackle: Charge D, U + P:
Rock spins upside-down in the air as his fist is outward
in the process.

Hard Edge: QCB + P:
Rock dashes towards the opponent with an elbow smash.
The SP version as a palm thrust after the elbow smash.

Dunking Rage Run: QCB + LK:
Rock runs towards the opponent as he hops and does an
overhead punch when he gets closer.

Shifting Rage Run: QCB + SK:
Same description as Dunking Rage Run except of attacking,
Rock fastly warps behind the opponent.

Upper Crack Counter: QCF + LK:
Rock does a high-counter and when it connects, does a
flip-kick after reaction.

Lower Crack Counter: QCF + SK:
Same description as Upper Crack Counter except Rock does
a lower-counter.

Vacuum Slam: 360 + P (close only):
Rock grabs the opponent and throws them to the other side.

Demonic Drubbing: QCF + P (during Vacuum Slam):
Rock does an aura attack from his palm before the opponent
lands after being caught from the Vacuum Slam.

DOA Trashing:
Raging Storm [1 level]: QCFx2 + P:
Rock slams his palms to the ground as a blue wave surrounds

Shining Knuckle [1 level or more]: QCFx2 + K:
Rock does a multi-hit Hard Edge upon connection. The level
2 does one Hard Edge and upon connection, a crouching SP
finishing off with a Rising Tackle.

Neo Deadly Rave [3 levels] HCB, F + LP then after connection,
LPx2, LKx2, SPx2, SKx2, QCB + SP:
Rock runs towards the opponent and when it connects, does
a barrage of normals and ending with a strong projectile shot
from his fist.

20) Duke:

Alias: The Infernal Excutioner
Modes of Combat: Own street-brawling arts
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 6' 3'
Weight: 251 lbs
Blood Type: Type A
Birthplace: Unknown
Hobbies: Unknown
Personal Treasures: Unknown
Favorite Things: Unknown
Turn-Offs: Unknown
Forte: Unknown
First Appearance: King of Fighters: Maximum Impact

The boss of the "Mephistopheles" gang, a syndicate 
subordinate to "Addis."The reason why he's rumored 
to be an immortal comes from the scar that remains on 
his neck. No one knows how he received this wound.
He is a merciless and calculating man.

Special Moves:

Deadly Moves:
Seismic Impact: QCF + K:
Duke stomps the ground and when it hits, does a punch
right after.

Tall Hammer: F, D, DF + P (then SP if doing SP version):
Duke does an uppercut. Another uppercut is done if
using the SP version.

Power Axe: QCF + P:
Duke does a swinging punch. He goes a bit forward if
using the SP version.

Swivel Gun: QCB + K:
Duke does a vertical kick then a spinning kick in the air.
He goes a bit forward if using the SK version.

DOA Trashing:
Sledge Hammer [1 level]: QCFx2 + SP:
Duke throws down a wave of fire on the ground.

Minefield [1 level]: B, QCF + SP (during block):
Duke counters with a taunt after which counters to an
explosion when hit.

Ground Zero [3 levels]: QCB, DB, F + SK:
Same description as Sledge Hammer except he does a
bigger wave of fire that has short-range.

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