FAQ/Walkthrough by WOLVERINE25TH

Updated: 11/01/05 | Printable Version

By Chris Buchner



	-Necromancer Queen
	-Mega Miner


	Your name is Ashley J. Williams, and you are a mental patient.  It wasn’t
always this way.  You had a life once, a job, a girl…Linda.  The two of you came
to a remote cabin in the woods where you stumbled upon something.
	Apparently, an archaeologist named Professor Raymond Knowby came to
that cabin to decipher his latest find: Necronomicon Ex Mortis, roughly
translated “The Book of the Dead.”  The book had awoken something evil in the
woods.  It got Linda…then, it came for you.
	It got into your hand and it went bad, so you lopped it off at the wrist.
But that didn’t stop it.  It came back.  Big time.
	EVIL DEAD: REGNERATION is the third in the series of Evil Dead
direct sequels of the movie trilogy, REGENERATION is more of an alternate
universe scenario.  What if, at the end of EVIL DEAD II, instead of Ash being
transported back to medieval times, he was instead found at the cabin with a
bloody chainsaw and a mess of dismembered corpses?  Naturally, he was
committed to the local asylum, but the adventures of Ash were far from over.
	This guide will take you step by step through every level of the game.
From villain info to collectable extras, it’s all here.  Written in the spirit
of the films so true Evil Dead fans can get some extra enjoyment out of it.



Left Analog Stick-Move Ash or Sam
Right Analog Stick-Move the camera or change targets while holding R1
Circle-Ash’s right-hand weapon and Sam’s punch
Square-Ash’s left-hand weapon and Sam’s bio-blast
Triangle-Action or finishing move
R1-Manual targeting
L2-Change Ash’s left-hand weapon
R2-Change Ash’s right-hand weapon
Up Directional-Kick Sam, hold R1 to target.  Hold up to charge Sam with
evil energy.
Down Directional-Turn into Evil Ash, again for normal
Start-Pause and menu
Select-Pause and abilities screen



Left Hand:
Boomstick-A sawed-off double barreled shotgun.  Made in Grand Rapids
Michigan, it’s made of cobalt blue steel with a walnut stock it retails for
about $109.95 in the sporting goods department.  Shop smart, shop S-Mart.

Handgun-When you find yourself without a Boomstick handy, this little pea
shooter will be your salvation.  Though the damage it inflicts is weak, it fires
more rapidly and reloads extremely fast.

Harpoon Lance-Now THAT’S a Boomstick!  The rocket launcher does
tremendous damage to enemies.  It’s also useful for busting through weak
sections of obstacles to make new paths.  The only drawback is the slow reload

Right Hand:
Chainsaw-Your oldest and dearest friend.  It slices, it dices, it turns
Deadites into compost!  Later on in the game you exchange the old classic for a
newer, more powerful model.

Harpoon Gun-Great for opening doors, accessing ramps, or when you just feel
like fishing for Deadites.

Flamethrower-Useful for lighting up your life or some Deadites.



Life Essence-Red energy balls that replenish health.  These things can be found
inside most breakable objects, crates or defeated enemies.

Evil Essence-Yellow energy balls that replenish Evil Ash’s power.  These are
found inside most breakable objects, barrels or defeated enemies.

Necronomicon Pages-20 to be found on various levels, each one unlocks an extra
on the main menu.



	Professor Knowby has left Kandarian symbols along the way to help you
on your quest.

SAVE-Floating green book.  You can save your game here.

POSSESS DEADITE-Floating blue half normal skull, half smaller skull symbol.
These enable you to take control of Sam.

LIFE ESSENCE UPGRADE-Floating red skull in a jagged cross.  These increase
Ash’s life bar capacity.

EVIL ENERGY UPGRADE-Floating orange demon’s head.  These increase
Ash’s evil energy capacity to stay as Evil Ash longer.  Ash’s evil energy
meter is also increased with each big bad he beats.


(in order of appearance)

Deadites - People possessed by the Necronomicon’s evil, turning them into its
undead minions.  While most have straightforward attacks, some will throw bio-
blasts at you.  These guys are fairly easy to beat with simple attacks or

Linda - Ash’s possessed girlfriend had returned from the dead as a dancing
corpse.  She’s who you see on the title screen and also pops up in various
spots throughout the game.

Skeletons - Fairly simple cannon fodder.  A chainsaw combo or 3 shots with your
Boomstick can easily handle these guys, just watch out for the stuff they shoot
at you.  They come in two varieties: bio-blasts or fire blasts.

Blocking Deadites - They have the tools, they have the talent!  These Deadites
have the ability to block your attacks with objects they carry.  They’re easily
bypassed by a jump strike or by kicking Sam onto them.  They come in two
varieties, regular and Miner.  Coming soon; diet!

Giant Deadites - These guys are as strong as they are big!  They’re practically
invulnerable to harm and love to throw stuff at you.  Kicking Sam onto them
will let them open up their weakest part, leaving you free to hack, slash or
blast until they die.  Sam can also ride these guys to grant you access to other

Deadite Rats - These little things will scurry about and lunge at you when you
get too near.  A couple blasts and they’re done.

Soul Eater - Dubbed “Peepers”, this one-eyed creature can be found blocking your
path in several locations.  If you get too close he’ll lash out with his tongue.
Feed him three spirits to knock him out and use his bowels as a tunnel to your
next objective.

Hags - They were beautiful once, but they got reeeeeeal ugly.  These girls will
either attack you from the tombs in the cemetery, or throw bio-blasts at you
from on top of them.  On the ground, take them out like any normal Deadite, but
you’ll need to rely on Sam for the higher ones.

Death Shroud - Floating ghost-like creatures that can become intangible and
manipulate the environment by either throwing objects or imprisoning you with
the ground.  Hit them before they hit you.

Hell Hounds - Woodland creatures possessed by the evil that look to take a bit
out of you.  Shoot them from afar or hit them hard and fast up close, because
they won’t hesitate to nail you.

Deadite Miners - These guys have just a little too much fun with TNT.  They’ll
try to nail you with their bombs from a distance.  Some of them also throw bio-
energy.  Just avoid and use your harpoon gun to shorten the gap between you and
them to deliver the hurt.

Stingers - These are flying Deadites that resemble hornets that shoot stingers
at you.  Highly annoying but easily beaten.  Use your harpoon gun to reel them
in and blast them.  The brown ones take two harpoon/Boomstick combos while the
green need 3.

Bloated Deadites - Typically found in a watery environment, these guys blow up
when they touch you as well as release a noxious gas in their wake.  They’re
particularly lethal to Sam.  It’s best to take these guys out as far from you as

Deadite Townies - Found in Port Turnham, these women celebrating the festival
have been turned evil and will bombard you with Molotov cocktails.  Unless you
bombard them first, that is.

Deadite Monsters - Big, lumbering creatures with little resemblance to actual
people.  They can take a lot of hits, throw bio-blasts and have acid breath.
They are susceptible to harpoon/blast combos like any other Deadite, as well as
chainsaw attacks.  If only you could amp up the power…

Fire Deadites - Found in the Temple, these guys seek to light up your life…with
fireballs, that is.  Taken down like any other Deadite.



	We start off at one of the icons of the Evil Dead series; the cabin.  The
cabin is basically the connection between Evil Dead II and the game.  There’s
nothing major to do here except practice your combo moves and learn the
controls.  By pressing select when the FMV ends you can access a list of all the
current moves you possess.  You’ll notice the first few are locked; these you’ll
get soon enough so pay them no mind.
	You’ll start off against one lone Deadite, easy enough to deal with.  After
you take care of him, another one will jump in the window and rise up out of the
fruit cellar.  This is where it will start getting tricky, but as long as you
strike fast and sure you can take both out before they have a chance to hit you.
	After you take care of this first wave of Deadites, you lose control as
items in the cabin starting to laugh at you straight out of the movie.  This is
to practice using targeting and your Boomstick.  Just target and shoot each
item, or just shoot to automatically hit them.  Once you destroy all the
laughing items you’ll face off against one more wave of 6 Deadites.  Once you
take care of them, an FMV will cut in and the unseen force will take you outside
where you transform into Evil Ash.
	Evil Ash, corrupted by the power of the Necronomicon but still on the
side of the angels, this segment is to get used to your new Deadite powers that
will come to play later in the game.  As Evil Ash you’re stronger, take less
damage and can inflict a lot more pain.  Ordinarily your time as Evil Ash is
limited, but for this special one-time only offer it’s unlimited.
	You’ll have to face off against one more wave of Deadites and repeated
visits from Linda.  So go to town, watch the chunks of rotting corpses fly.
Once you wipe them all out, Ash powers down and the game truly begins.



	So instead of being sucked back in time, Ash is found at the cabin
amongst a bunch of dismembered corpses and promptly arrested and committed
to the local asylum.  That’s pretty much the end for our hero, right?
	The dead have taken over the asylum, and it’s time for Ash to make his
escape and take them out.  Unfortunately, you’re unarmed at the moment, no pun
intended, but your stump is useful for knocking Deadites back.  Start off
running down the hall staying as far away from the radiators as possible as
they’ll explode on you.  Two doors will explode along the way.  You can choose
to ignore them and continue on or examine the gore inside.  Once you reach the
next gate, an FMV shows a guard being killed by a Deadite patient with his gun
landing at Ash’s feet.  Let’s find out if these suckers are still allergic to

Groovy: You now have the handgun.

	The Deadite comes after you now.  The best idea while your armory is at
its bare minimum is to stump them to the ground then rapidly empty a clip into
them, delivering a final blow when you can.  Before you head on, turn around
and head back to where you started.  Find the window to the office and shoot
out the glass.  Climb on in.

Groovy: You have Page 1.

	Leave the office and head back down the hall.  If you need a health, head
into the office at the other end and shoot the first aid box on the wall.
Otherwise, continue on along the hall.  You could try the nearby doors, but all
you’ll get is them slamming in your face and laughing at you.  Provided you
didn’t have enough in the cabin, feel free to target and shoot them until they
	Continuing on, you’ll come to a locked gate next to an office.  Shoot out the
window (and the door if you must) and climb inside.
	You’re gonna find a flashing lever.  Use it, that’ll open your gate.  You’ll
also notice the security monitors above the desk are flashing.  It’s not
necessary to check them out, but if you want to go right ahead.  Just a fair
warning, the dead orderly in the room will become a Deadite once the camera
cycles onto the room you’re in.  Take care of him and leave to proceed down the
	When you reach a certain point, you’ll see someone run down the left
corridor.  Don’t bother following; the doors will slam shut on you and board up,
taking some health in the process.  Instead head to the right.  Go through the
doors and enter the mess hall.  The doors will seal up behind you, so there’s
only one way to go.  But oh, look at that…soup’s on!  Two Deadite patients and a
cafeteria lady will rise up and come after you.  Stump them and shoot them.
Once they’re done, another Deadite patient will bust into the room.  This guy
you could quickly target and just shoot as he crosses over to you then pull a
finishing move when he’s close enough.  If you need health, there are health
crates behind the counter and a first aid box on the wall.
	Head out the door the last Deadite burst through and you’ll find your first
save point.  Watch out for the radiator!  Save and continue on.  Ignore the open
door, it’s a trick; they’ll slam on you like the ones mentioned before.
Instead, head through the other set to enter the sitting area.  The elevator
call button is going to be flashing, press it to get an FMV of the force
hitching a ride and blowing right past you.
	Once you recover, two spirit walls will appear on either end of the room.
These are basically barriers that indicate you need to accomplish a specific
task in order to move on in the game.  The task at hand?  Why, just every
freakin’ piece of furniture in the room levitating to be thrown at you!  This is
 simple enough; just target and rapidly press the fire button as soon as pieces
start to levitate.  Of course, even after you take out the furniture you’ll
still have the doors and garbage cans coming at you.  Again, just do what you
did for the furniture.  If you happen to be too slow on the trigger, just
remember you can either dodge or block.
	Once the room is clear, the spirit walls will fade and you can move on.
If you need health, there are two first aid kits in the bathrooms on either side
of the double door across from the elevator.  You can even check out the stalls;
one has a surprise for you in the bathroom on the right.  And, as a bonus, a
nice little Easter egg throwback to HAIL TO THE KING; Ash can use the toilets.
Pointless, really, but hilarious.  Before you continue on, check the handicap
stall in the bathroom on the left.

Groovy: You have Page 2.

	When you’re done giving new meaning to toilet humor, wash your hands
then proceed through the middle door.  Be careful of the fenced gate inside; get
too close it’ll slam down on you before boarding up.  Head up the stairs where
two more health crates await you.
	Go through the door and head towards the guard using the elevator.  Press
the call button to receive your blood bath, oh, and cause four Deadites to
attack you.  As usual, stump and shoot at will.  Once they’re done a set of
doors will open.  Go for them.  Head through to watch someone else be killed by
the evil.  Ash will comment as you make your way down the hall towards the open
	Smooth sailing, right?  Haven’t you learned anything by now?  The doors will
shut and beams of electricity will block your way as well as completely cover
the path you came from.  Your only option is to backtrack and hit the switch
through the bars.
	The first two low beams are easy; just wait long enough until they
disappear and quickly run to the third.  This one you’ll have to jump.  Once
clear, watch and study the vertical beams at the end to learn their pattern.
They will always leave you one opening big enough to squeeze through.  Pass it
and go to the cell door and wait for the two vertical beams to disappear.  Past
them you’ll have three beams moving up and down.  The first two you can pass
under once they freeze by the ceiling, but the third you’ll have to jump when it
freezes on the floor.  Head for the switch and use it.
	Three Deadites will rise up once the camera shows you it’s all clear.  Deal
with them then head back down the hall to where the beams were blocking your
way.  Head down the hall and you’ll see someone else running past you down the
right corridor.  Again, forget about following.  Just turn left and ignore every
doorway.  Turn right again and approach the waiting elevator.  How’s that for
good luck, huh?  Of course the luck quickly changes when Ash ends up in a
tussle inside and crashes down to the basement.
	Once you’re in control, move forward but be wary of the crates; Deadite
rats will burst out of a one of them.  Just quickly blast them with your gun
before they get too close.  The rest contain health, so smash ‘em if you need
	Follow the corridor down until you see a gurney by a wall.  Turn left to find a
save point.  Across from the save is a doorway.  Approach it carefully as it
will board up and hit you.  Don’t worry, THIS one you’ll be able to get through.
Pass the save and head down the hall where you’ll find two more health crates.
Don’t worry, these are all good.
	Turn left and you’ll find yourself blocked by an electrified pool of water.
Approach it and head into the room where the fallen door came from.  Here,
you’ll find some poor soul who’s just a bit over cooked.  Help him (and
coincidentally) yourself by blasting the four electrodes on the wall.  With the
power off you can proceed and find three more health crates.  This time, one
does hold the rats.  Take care of them then turn right to enter the morgue.
Head into the backroom for an FMV.

Groovy: You now have the chainsaw and your trusty Boomstick.

	That’s right, the king is back in full form, but this reunion is going to be
cut short by the corpses in the other room coming back to life, not to mention
the spirit wall blocking your way out.  Once you’ve cleaned up these Deadites,
six of the cabinets will open up and release their occupants to attack you.
Once they’re done, you’re free to move on your way.  You need to head back on
to that doorway across from the save, but proceed with caution; three points in
the hall will board up and hit you.  Just give them a dose of chainsaw to get
through, the same when you reach your objective.
	Save your game then head through the doorway.  Climb up the wall to the
left followed by the ladder.  Run to the other side and wall creep across.
Emerge back into the asylum where you have a clear view of an exit out of that
hell hole.  Too good to be true?  You betcha.  When you approach, the doors will
seal up with steel beams and all the bodies in the room will rise up as
Deadites.  You know what to do by now.
	Once you finish them off, the spirit wall blocking your way will drop and
you can head through the double doors to the left of the elevator.  After the
creepy segment that follows, proceed down the hall and into Reinhard’s office.
Now you need to get to his secret lab.  Just head over to the flashing objects
by the wall and use your action button.  The secret door will open up and you
can head through.  Go down the stairs and follow the corridor.  In the open
room to your right you’ll find health crates; use them if you have to.  Plus, a
little surprise…

Groovy: You have Page 3.

	Further down the hall you’ll find a lot more crates.  Make sure your energy is
full because you’re about to enter your first boss fight with…


Remember the corpse you stopped from frying earlier?  Well, he remembers
you…and he’s out to kill you!  Sheesh, no appreciation these days.  Basically,
the Necronomicon has turned him into an electrical-powered Deadite.
Your battleground is a flooded room with four “islands” of dry floor.  As you
know, water and electricity don’t mix so standing in it is a no-no, especially
when Sparky is, well, sparking.  When he’s electrified, you can’t do any damage
to him, so be prepared for his attacks.
Sparky will come at you with a couple repeated attacks.  First, when he powers
up, he’ll send out a shock wave across the floor that all you need to do is
jump over.  As soon as he starts being electrified in mid-air, get ready.
Second, a column of energy easily evaded if you keep on your toes.  Third, one,
tow or three streams of energy that take the form of little people running
after you.  You can either outrun them until they dissipate or leap over them.
After a combination of these attacks, Sparky will power down to rest and that’s
your opening to strike.  It’s best to either use your Boomstick or the handgun.
Both take about the same amount of damage after you fire off as many rounds as
you can before Sparky lights up again.  Then, you just repeat what you already
did until he’s down for good.  An FMV will mark your victory and reunite Ash
with Knowby who informs him of what he needs to do and that he’s now stuck with
an unwanted sidekick: the half-Deadite Sam.  Isn’t that special.



The first part is a tutorial section.  You get to practice kicking and killing
Sam a bunch of different ways.  So have fun, enjoy the down time, have some
laughs.  Once you get bored, head over to the smaller building across from
where you came out.  You’ll see a window behind some crates.  Break them and
shoot it to climb inside.  You’ll find yourself in the crematorium, and
someone’s left the furnace on.  For a laugh, flip the switch and give the
waiting corpse a tan.  Then, target the highest open hatch and give Sam a kick.
	Boom!  Instant exit.
Head on through and follow your way to the cemetery.  You’ll notice a
Necronomicon page in the river behind the fence with no way to get to it.
Don’t worry, you will.  But first, you need to prepare yourself for a few waves
of skeletons, but they’re easy enough to beat.  Dodge their blasts and deliver
a combo with the chainsaw or three shots with your Boomstick.  Sam even proves
himself useful against these pasty little so-in-sos as he’ll take out a couple
for you.  Once you’ve cleaned up all dem bones, backtrack to between the second
and third tomb on the left side to find an opening in the gate by the river.
Head into the water and continue backtracking.

Groovy: You have Page 4.

Leave the river and head on to the next section.  If you need some health,
feel free to desecrate a couple graves for some.  Head through the gate and
find a save along the way.  Save your game then continue along the path,
wondering what that rumbling sound might be.  Before you reach the end turn
left and wade into the river, then turn left again.

Groovy: You have Page 5.

Leave the river and go to the break in the gate where tree roots block your
way.  Cut through them and head down the stairs.  A cut scene will show a Giant
Deadite heading through the next gate which locks behind him, and two Blocking
Deadites standing guard.  Head down and be ready to engage them.
As their name suggests, they can block your attacks with the tools they carry.
To bypass them, either kick Sam onto them or perform a jump/slash attack.  Then
you can attack and finish them as if they were ordinary Deadites.  Now there’s
a matter of getting through the gate.  An FMV shows Knowby explain to you what
the symbols on your path are and that you can now possess Sam to enter an
indicated cave.
Cross the bridge again to the waiting symbol and possess Sam.  Head down into
the water and towards the cave.  Crawl through and proceed along until the
Giant Deadite discovers you and comes to the other end of the cave.  Two
Deadite rats will appear, but a bio blast will take care of them.  However, you
can’t harm the Giant Deadite, you’ll need to crawl through the opening on the
left side where the rats appeared.  Once through, you’ll be over the Deadite
and able to ride him.
So go ahead, take him for a spin.  Smash up items and baddies as they pop up.
Direct him through the graveyard toward the gate, then power smash it.  At this
point, the Deadite will kill Sam and Ash will be back in control.  Head back
towards the bridge and approach the Deadite.  The first chance you have, kick
Sam on top of him to open up a weak spot.  Then, just continually attack until
he throws Sam off.  Ticked off, he’ll now call two skeletons to help him out.
You can take them down or ignore them, because more will come until you defeat
the Deadite.  Kick Sam onto him again and repeat.  Usually, it only takes two
times of this to kill them.  Now you can enter.
As you walk along the path, Hags will burst out of the tombs.  Just take care
of them like any ordinary Deadite.  When you reach the main area, two Hags will
appear on top of the tomb opposite you and throw bio-blasts.  For them, you
must kick Sam at them and let him take them out.  Meanwhile, you have two Hags
of your own and a Blocking Deadite to deal with.  Once they’re gone, the spirit
wall will lower to reveal more branches blocking your path and you can proceed
onward.  If you need health, backtrack and break all the jars on pedestals.
Before you go on, head the opposite way towards the cave and go inside.  Cut
through the roots blocking three health jars.  Then continue through the cave
to the next batch of roots.   Cut through and activate the symbol and ta-da!

Groovy: You got a health upgrade.

Head back to where you were and then cut through the roots blocking your way.
Past the next gate you come face-to-face with the Soul Eater, or “Peepers” for
short.  Professor Knowby appears and explains you need to feed it 3 souls to
put it to sleep and get safe passage to the next level.  Lucky for you Sam
knows what to do.  Head into the doorway to the left of Peepers for a save.
Head out the door next to it and follow the path past the two gates blocked by
spirit walls until you get to the third at the other end.  Head inside to get
your first egg and collect your first spirit.  Once you get it, Sam needs to
take it back to Peepers but the Deadites will rise up along the way to try and
kill him.  If they do, you need to go back and get the spirit again and start
over.  So, just don’t let him die, okay?
First Sam will head up the stairs to the other doorway that will lead right to
Peepers, only to be blocked by a Hag.  Take her out then quickly run after Sam
to intercept two skeletons already on him.  After them, continue following Sam
down the way you came until another Skeleton and a Hag pops up.  Quickly deal
with them as Sam will head over to Peepers’ area and be met with by two
Skeletons and yet another Hag.  Once all your foes are defeated, get behind Sam
and kick him into Peepers to feed him the spirit.  A spirit wall will drop and
you can go after your next egg.
Head back past the save point (maybe you should save, too) and through the
first gate.  Follow the path (and take note of all the tombs) until you reach
the gate at the end.  Go in to collect your egg and your spirit.  Backtrack and
deal with Skeletons exploding out of several of the tombs.  Deal with them
quickly as Sam will continue on.  Follow him back up the stairs and take care
of the two Skeletons there.  Head along the path where two Hags will rise up.
Chop them into liver and meet Sam by the other doorway where he’s engaged with
another Hag.  Mop her up then into Peepers’ for two more Skeletons and a Hag
throwing bio-blasts at you.  Feed Peepers the next spirit and you’ve got one
more gate to go.  Be ready, you got a helluva resistance ahead of you.
Do I really need to explain where you need to go again?  Head through the
second gate where you’ll encounter three Hags on top of the tombs throwing
bio-blasts at you.  Just kick Sam onto them and dodge their shots.  Continue
along to the back of that area to find two more Hags.  Repeat.  Head into the
gate at the back on the left side and head through the rounded area to the next
gate.  Unfortunately, things aren’t as easy as they look as the gate slams shot
on you and spirit walls arise.
Five Skeletons will burst out of the nearby graves.  Once they’re done, four
Hags will come out of the tombs.  And if you hadn’t had enough, two more Hags
appear on top of a tomb with two Blocking Deadites.  Beat them all in the usual
ways to drop the spirit walls and move on through the next gate.  Don’t forget,
health awaits you within the jars on pedestals and graves.  The next area is
clear and the final gate takes you to the egg.  Collect your spirit.
Klattau, Verada, Ni…  Right out of Army of Darkness, an FMV shows the graves
shooting up out of the ground and intros the Death Shroud.  When the game
resumes, keep shooting at the Shroud and keep running.  A few shots will
eventually take care of it when it stops being intangible.  But remember to
watch out for Sam and to just keep moving, making your attacks as fast as
possible and to keep shooting at anything that moves.  In the first area you’ll
have a Skeleton and a Hag after him.  In the rounded area you’ll have two
Skeletons and another Shroud.  Back where you faced all the Hags will be a
Blocking Deadite and a couple more Skeletons and Hags.
Leaving that area back on the path you’ll face another Skeleton.  Once he’s
done, two more Skeletons will arise in the grave area between the first and
second gates.  These guys you can ignore and deal with them in Peepers’ area if
you choose, because two more Skeletons go after Sam by the first gate.  In
Peepers’ area you’ll have 6 more Skeletons and one final Hag to contend with
before you can give Peepers his final sleepy treat and make him open wide.
Congratulations, looks like you won’t be planning to move into the cemetery any
time soon.



After an FMV of Sally reading the book and Ash and Sam’s gross entrance to the
catacombs, you can resume the game.  It’s pretty straightforward from here;
just follow the path until you reach a gate that Sam has to open (this is a
hint for future endeavors, by the way).  Head into the next room and he reveals
you need to get through a gate you can’t open from that side.  While Sam opens
the other gate, take a moment to smash some objects scattered around for health
if you need it, such as pots, caskets or shelves.
Head through the doorway and through the next room until you come to a
possession symbol.  Possess Sam and backtrack to the wall across from the
doorway you came in to find a crawl space.  Crawl through and head down the
path to Sam’s left.  Get your bio-blast ready as a Skeleton will be waiting to
hit you.  Two shots and these guys are done.  Another will form across the
river, so take care of him before you jump over.  Note: Sam will be swept away
by the current.  If you happen to fall in keep jumping while moving against it
to fight it.
On the opposite bank, another Skeleton will form across the way and jump over
to you.  Take care of him and jump in the river.  Follow it down but be careful
of the spikes at the end of the line lest you die and need to start over.

Groovy: You have Page 6.

Fight the current back onto the bank where the third Skeleton came from and
follow the path against the wall up to the top.  Wall creep across and climb up
to find the next crawl space.  Head through and follow the path until you get
to the gate.  Open it and return as Ash.  Backtrack until you get to the gate
you just opened.  Head down the corridor and turn left past the crawl space you
came through.  Follow the right wall until you come to the hole.

Groovy: You got a health upgrade.

Proceed down the stairs to the left into the next room where you’re gonna
fall through the floor.
After a rough landing in a room that looks like another homage to AoD, head
over to the gate at the opposite end where Sam reveals it’s gonna take a while
to open the rusty thing.  You’re going to have to protect Sam as wave after
wave of Skeletons and Blocking Deadites comes at you.  If any of them hit Sam
the gate will completely close and you’ll need to be in that pit longer.  The
best strategy would be to stand in front of Sam and just keep blasting, taking
all the bio-blasts meant for Sam then slicing any foes that get near and hope
your health can hold out.  The good news is after a certain amount they stop
coming.  The bad news is you won’t have the luxury of lasting that long.
Once Sam gets the gate open, quickly run through it and climb up the walls on
the left side.  Follow the hall until you come to a save and a doorway leading
to a ladder.  Save your game and climb up the ladder.  Follow the path to the
next room and bust up some items for some health (you know you need it, don’t
lie).  You’ll see a crawl space across from the door you enter.  Follow that
wall right to find a possession symbol and possess Sam.
Head through the crawl space and follow the corridor down.  Take note of the
boards blocking a doorway on the right side.  A prompt will appear telling you
to charge Sam’s bio-blast.  Do it.  On the stairs a Deadite will appear to take
you down with bio-blasts of his own.  Zap him then get in close to do a
finishing move.  The next room is comprised of a bunch of platforms over a pit;
if you fall you die and need to repossess Sam all over again.  As soon as you
enter the room, quickly bio-blast the Deadite on the far wall across from you.
Be warned; there’s another Deadite along the wall to the left of where you
entered, so keep your ears open and be ready to dodge.  Once he’s stunned go
straight, jump onto the lower platform then jump up again on the higher by the
wall.  Quickly charge up and hit him again before jumping over to his platform
and finishing him.  Charge up and blast the other across the room.  Jump down
to the lower platform and follow it to his platform.  Jump up, blast him again
then finish him.  Continue on until you come to a gate you’ll have to open (and
notice the blue aura around Ash in the background).  Open it and watch the
Deadite dummy go squish in the gears.
As Ash once again, head over to the gate just opened and backtrack the way you
came as Sam.  When you reach the platform room, keep going straight and jump
across to the next platform, then across one more time to reach the doorway.
Follow the corridor to the boarded door and cut through.  Take a look around
the right side of that area.

Groovy: You have Page 7.

Head down the stairs into the next area to complete the level and face your
next challenge.


You gotta close that portal, but this She-Witch won’t let you.  To make
matters worse, she has a protective shield that keeps you from hitting her as
well as four deadly attacks.
Her first attack, indicated by the raising of her arm, is to summon up spikes
from the ground to impale you.  Simply watch for the rising dust and avoid
those spots.  Second, she’ll pull her hand back and fire flaming skulls at you.
These you merely avoid.  Third, she’ll pull both her hands back then raise
them, letting out electrical streams that pull out 6 Skeletons from the ground.
Her final attack, she’ll be in her drooped pose with her base charging.  As
soon as she calls back her shield, a shockwave will be sent out at you, which
you simply jump over.
Typically, she’ll start with her spikes and follow-up with her skull attack.
After, she’ll drop her shield.  Kick Sam onto her to keep her from bringing it
back up sooner and then blast away at her.  The shield will return and kill
Sam, and then she’ll call forth her Skeleton army to deal with you.  Even
though her shield is down, take out the Skeletons first.  Watch out, because
she’ll also try to nail you with her skulls in the meantime.  Her shield will
go back up, but then drop again as she charges up for the shockwave.  Kick Sam
onto her again and blast.  Repeat these maneuvers for about four to five times
to show this Deadite Queen not to mess with the King.
You’ll get an FMV letting you know you now have access to the Evil Ash power
and the fate of Reinhard.  Now, it’s onto the woods.



The woods are quiet.  Too quiet.  Although you couldn’t tell that with Sam
always yakking.  Anyway, look around; you’ll see some barrels lying around.
Save these for later, these will contain evil energy.  Head on until you see a
wood fence on the left side.  Head to it and slash through then follow the
path.  You’ll see the brush above you moving as you go.  Uh-oh.
You’ll come to an area with more barrels, health crates and a cave fenced off.
Continue on until you reach a clearing.  There, you’ll be attacked by Hell
Hounds.  When the first Hell Hound attacks, hit X rapidly to fight him off.
Once you blast its head off, more will come out after you; and they’re hungry!
This is the perfect opportunity to try out your new Evil Ash powers.  You can
defeat these guys without them, but it takes a little longer and, let’s face
it, it’s not as fun.
After two waves of those guys, the woods become quiet again.  Take the
opportunity to backtrack and replenish your energy and/or health before you
continue on.  As you go, you’ll notice two health crates along the right wall
with a barrel and toolbox on the cliff above.  Keep that in mind for later.
Follow the path until you reach another clearing.  That’s right, more wolves.
Don’tcha just love these guys?  Defeat them the same way as the last bunch and
the spirit wall blocking your path into the cave at the opposite end of the
clearing will fade.  You’ll have energy barrels and health crates all over in
plain sight.  If those aren’t sufficient to get you back up to par, climb up to
the fallen log on the left side of the cave and cross over.  Backtrack along
that wall till you find another cave blocked off.  Bust in to find more crates
and barrels.  When you’re all done, head on back and enter the cave.
Save your game, then proceed into the next chamber when you can possess Sam.
Crawl through the hole in the gate and you’ll come face-to-face with 3
skeletons.  Two bio-blasts each will take care of these guys.  Head on to fence
and cross through the next hole.  Now you’ll have four skeletons to deal with
and a Giant Deadite in the background.  Take care of the skeletons and quickly
run along the right wall until you find the crawl space.  Head on through.
When you come out, head over to the planks over the Giant Deadite and hop on
for a ride.  Smash through the skeletons that appear and the obstructions until
you reach the first fence at the cave.  Smash it and get Sam squashed to bring
Ash back.
Retrace Sam’s steps and get ready for a fight.  Not only do you have to take
on the Giant Deadite to continue on, but you’re going to have to deal with
skeletons and Linda at the same time.  Try to keep your focus on the Giant
Deadite, attacking the others only when you absolutely have to; they’ll only
keep coming.  Once you beat him, they’ll stop materializing and you can either
go back to replenish your health and save or continue on.  Head past where you
fought and climb up the wall to the left.  Once you reach the top, the game
will cut to an FMV.

Groovy: You have the harpoon gun.

Now you’re gonna have to use it.  Above you three Deadite Miners will appear,
dynamite at the ready.  Quickly snag them with your harpoon gun and blast them
with your Boomstick.  Quickly snag them again in mid-air and blast them one
more time to kill them off.
You can do this at any time before you finish the level, but for now we’ll
pretend you don’t like going one step forward and three steps back and pretend
you wanna do this now.  Jump back down from where you came from and backtrack
all the way to the second clearing where you fought the wolves.  From the cave
you exit you’ll see another cave at the other end.  Approach it and climb up
along the right side of it.  Continue on past the two health crates to the wall
behind them and climb up.  You’ll see the barrel and toolbox you were
instructed to memorize earlier, then continue along the path to the left until
you reach a gap.  Hit the targeting button and use the harpoon gun to snag the
bridge across the way and pull it down.  Cross it.

Groovy: You have page 8.

Now you’ll have to head alllllllllll the way back from where you came.  I
know, I know.  I just write this stuff, I didn’t design the game.  At least
this time your path is Deadite-free!  Once you’re back to where you took care
of those three Deadite Miners, continue on towards the building in the
background.  Two more Deadite Miners will appear.  Take care of them and
continue on.  Make a right turn and head towards the ravine.
Three brown Stingers will appear from below.  Snag them with your hook and
blast them.  Once they’re gone, one more Stinger will rise, but he’s not alone;
you’ll have to deal with skeletons and another Hell Hound.  Once they’re gone
there’s still the matter of three more Deadite Miners above you.  Don’t worry,
once you take care of those guys you get a short break.  Sam will reveal your
objective and that the bridge leading towards it has collapsed.
Now it’s exploration time.  Head back to the area where you dealt with the two
Deadite Miners and you’ll see a bridge across that gap.  Snag it and pull it
down.  Cross over.

Groovy: You got an evil upgrade.

Head on back over to the ravine and take note of the mine cart on the fallen
bridge.  Snag it with the harpoon gun and pull it back to find a possession
symbol.  Possess Sam.  From where he was standing, head down to the platform to
the right of the bridge and follow it until the “Hand over Hand” action
appears.  Do it and cross the ravine.  On the other side, head to the right of
the mine entrance to find a ladder on the wall.  Climb it and get ready to
Two skeletons and two Deadite Miners will appear.  2 bio-blasts per skeleton
will deal with them, but for the miners you need to blast them then quickly run
over to them while they’re frozen and perform a finishing move.  Continue along
till you come to a boulder on a flashing support.  Approach the support and
perform the action, then watch Sam get squashed.
Now that Ash is back in business, head on over to the building and climb the
crates next to it.  On top of the building, head to the other side and snag the
bridge.  Cross over to the other side and jump down.  You’ll see a mine cart by
the edge; snag it and pull it back to get behind it.

Groovy: You have page 9.

Head towards the blocked cage and follow the wall to the left until you can
wall creep along where the boulder used to be.  Once on the other side, you’ll
have to deal with a skeleton, a Deadite Miner and two Stingers.  Take care of
them and jump down to the mine entrance.  Once again, you’ll have to deal with
the same combination of baddies.  Once they’re done, replenish your health with
the available health crates if needed, then break into the mine and head inside.



Workin’ in a coal mine going down down, workin’ in a coal mine Whoops!
Deadites all around!  As soon as the level begins, look right and pull the mine
cart to go around it.

Groovy: You have Page 10.

Head down the shaft until you enter the room at the end.  A spirit wall will
block the way and 6 Deadite Miners will appear; two in front of you, four on
the supports on either side.  Quickly do you hook/blast combos while avoiding
the dynamite they throw.  As you defeat them, Blocking Deadite Miners will
arise as well as several more Deadite Miners both on the ground and the
supports.  Just keep moving, hooking and blasting until the three waves are
done, or you could even use your evil energy if you desire.  Watch out for the
barrels as they’ll explode when you hit them.  Use them to your advantage if
you can.  The spirit wall will fade and you can continue.
Head down the next shaft and bust through the crates for some evil energy and
the boards on the side to get to the save.  Continue along and hook the mine
cart to get behind it.

Groovy: You got a health upgrade.

Head over to the planks and bust through.  In the distance you’ll see two
Deadite Miners still working.  Huh, not even death can keep them off the job.
They deserve a raise.  But, what you’re gonna give them is a hook/blast combo
from where you stand, just to clear the road.  Keep going to find two more
Deadite Miners, the bio-blast variety.  Quickly hook/blast them and proceed.
You’re going to come to an area with planks leading over pits.  Cross the
first set of planks and watch them get smashed by falling boulders.  Cross over
the next set and the planks in front of you get smashed.  Jump across the pit.
Don’t worry if you fall, Ash will climb out back at the start and you’ll just
have to try it again.  Smash up the crates for some evil energy and keep going
until you see a flashing object; the lever for the elevator in front of you.
Stand behind it as soon as you enter and hook it to bring the elevator down.
Stand on the elevator and hook it to go up.
You’re taken to a big dark room with exploding barrels and a flashing switch
by a door that you can’t activate.  Head to the opposite end of the room to
find another switch.  Turn it on to activate the power and bring several
Deadite Miners and Blocking Deadites on your case.  From where you are, quickly
hook/blast them as they come, avoiding their bio-blasts for about two waves.
Once their done, head behind you to find some evil energy crates and a health
crate, then continue on towards the door.
Get your chainsaw ready because as soon as it opens a Hell Hound will be
waiting.  Deal with it and head over to the save to, well, save.  Continue on
to the other door where you’ll be treated to a glimpse of a very large room
with lots of tracks, caves, pits, walkways, Deadites and, oh yeah, Peepers!
Pay no mind to the Deadites in the room.  After entering the room a little bit
you can easily hook/blast them all.  Although, for the one right next to
Peepers you may need to get in a bit closer to nail him.  If you want, you
could explore the room, get the lay of the land.  There are breakable items and
crates scattered all over, so feel free to get what you need whenever you want.
If you rather just fly by the seat of your pants, let’s get that first egg!
Continue over to Peepers and head right to find a ladder going up.  Climb it
and make way for the catwalk hanging over the whole room.  You could try going
right once you start, but boulders will fall breaking the path too far for you
to jump.  But, you will see the egg across the way.  Continue following the
catwalk, being sure to listen for boulders falling because they’ll take out the
section of the catwalk just before you reach the dirt ledge.  Jump over and
wall creep to the other side.  Continue along the catwalk where boulders will
take it out again just before you’re over the tracks you walked in on.  Jump
over and get to the egg.  Once you get there get your spirit.
Sam will backtrack along the catwalk.  Once you reach the hole you last
jumped, a Stinger will rise up.  Hook/blast it and follow Sam to the left.  He
fall down to the tracks and you’ll follow until he encounters a Deadite Miner
and backtracks.  Deal with him, then Sam will continue across some planks and
down to the ground of the room.  Once you hit the floor, two more Stingers and
a Blocking Deadite Miner will appear.  Nab and blast them then follow Sam over
to the ladder leading up to Peepers.  Another Blocking Deadite Miner will
appear just in front of him, easily dealt with.  Once he’s gone, get behind Sam
and feed Peepers to open the spirit wall to the next shaft.
Before you go after the next egg, head back up to the catwalk and follow it
until you get above the higher set of tracks below.  Jump off the left side of
the catwalk and approach the crates at the end.  Smash them.

Groovy: You got an evil upgrade.

Jump off the tracks and head for the shaft right of Peepers.  Bust through and
head down.  Cut through the first batch of tree roots for a health crate.
Continue on and bust through to open up a possession symbol.  Before you use
it, bust through the two sets of boards blocking off the shaft.  You’ll notice
the air turns green.  That’s methane.  It WILL kill you, so quickly backtrack
to the symbol and possess Sam now.
Head down the shaft but be ready to bio-blast Deadite Miners throwing dynamite
at you.  Nail the first one and perform your finisher.  Cross the bridge and
repeat on the second.  Cross the next bridge and repeat on the third.  Continue
left until you come to a ladder.  Climb up and another Deadite Miner will
appear.  Deal with him then climb up on the platform in front of the fan on the
Go under the power cable and perform a hand-over-hand.  Watch out for the
exposed areas that will shock you and take half your life.  Time the blasts and
continue on.  There’s only two, so it’s not a big headache.  Drop off on the
ground and head over to the switch to turn on the fans and let Sam find out
that afterlife sucks.
As Ash, retrace Sam’s steps all the way up the ladder, except head right
instead of climbing onto the platform to cross over for the egg.  Before you
get it, turn left for a health crate and a surprise.

Groovy: You have Page 11.

Get your spirit and backtrack.  By the top of the ladder is a Blocking
Deadite.  Take care of him and head down to deal with a Deadite Miner.  Along
the bridges a Stinger will come out of the pit while two Deadite Miners will
mess with Sam across the last one.  Once you take care of them it’s back into
the main area where two Blocking Deadites will try to get a word in with you.
Give them yours then follow Sam left up onto a path leading onto the tracks to
head towards Peepers.  Two more Stingers will rise up and a Blocking Deadite at
the end.  Destroy them and feed Peepers.  The next shaft will open.
Bust through and head down where two Blocking Deadites will burst out of the
boards along the left side.  Take care of them, then grab the health crate at
the beginning of the boarded section.  Continue to the mine cart and hook it to
reveal the possession symbol behind it.  Possess Sam and proceed towards the
caved in section of the shaft.  Crawl through and take note of the dynamite
stuck under that mess leading to a plunger up on a cliff.  That’s your goal.
Move forward and take care of the two Deadite Miners in front of you.
Continue and cross the planks over the gap and face off against the next
Deadite Miner.  Cross those planks and head past the egg towards the bridge
where two more Deadite Miners await.  Once they’re done, climb up the latter on
the left wall towards the mineral processing belts and get ready for a workout.
Get on the first conveyor and time your jump to get over the grinders at the
end.  Approach the next conveyor where you’ll have to fight against the
direction it moves as well as jump over two smashers in the middle.  Be careful
of the grinders at either end as you jump off onto the ledge of the wall.  The
next conveyer goes your way, but has three smashers to contend with.  Time it
as best you can and move when you have an opening.  Drop onto the next conveyor
and jump over the grinders.  One more belt to go and you can jump onto the
cliff.  Head over to the plunger and press it to have a blast.
As Ash, retrace Sam’s steps to the egg and get your spirit.  Follow him back
to the entrance.  A Death Shroud will appear behind you, but forget about it
for now.  On top of the ledge with the plunger a Deadite Miner will appear, as
well as one with a Blocking Deadite by the entrance.  Take care of the higher
one first, then nail the Shroud before taking out the last two.  Follow Sam
back through the shaft where two Deadite Miners will come out of the boarded
wall.  With them gone, you’ll enter the main chamber where another Deadite
Miner will appear.  Take him out and follow Sam to the ladders.  When you reach
halfway, a Deadite Miner will rise up in front of Sam but he’s easily dealt
with.  Climb up the ladder and feed Peepers.  With him now asleep, it’s time to
face your next challenge.


A miner is a terrible thing to waste.  With that philosophy in mind, the
Necronomicon’s evil transforms an ordinary Miner Deadite into a Mega-Miner.
He’s a lot stronger than an ordinary Deadite but far from bulletproof.  He has
three basic attacks; a close-range hammer barrage, a ground pound that sends a
shockwave straight for Ash, and a cave-in.  To avoid the first, just keep your
distance.  To avoid the second, simply dodge out of the way.  The third is a
little trickier, but it can be done.  As you run to avoid being crushed by
falling rocks, keep your eye on the ground.  The shadows will reveal where the
boulders are going to land giving you ample warning to avoid them.
The first chance you get, target Mega-Miner and charge-up Sam with some of
your evil energy.  Kick Sam at him and that will take him down a peg or two.
Keep avoiding the attacks and continue using Sam.  Should your evil meter run
out long before his health, take note of the crates scattered throughout the
area; each containing some evil energy.  Also, keep him targeted and just keep
blasting at him to take off additional energy while you avoid his attacks.
Your attacks with Sam should do sufficient damage to just finish this baddie
off with a few rounds from your Boomstick.
Sam closes the portal and Knowby appears to tell you about Sally’s capture.
It’s time to leave the mine and get your feet wet on the high seas.



After a not so graceful parking job, you’ll find yourself at the Port Turnham
shipyard.  Ordinarily busy, the place appears deserted.  Of course, we all know
it’s really not.
Head into the yard.  Ignore the door and gates you see as they won’t open,
also take note of the exploding drums sitting around.  Approach the red fence
to the rear and use your hook on a suspended storage container to your right.
Smash through the crates and run through it to end up in an area surrounded by
containers.  The ones with doors similar to the one you just pulled down all
contain health crates.  Save those for later.
Approach the first container across the way and open the door.  Inside are some
Deadite rats and health crates.  Take care of them and head across the other
way to the next door to open it and find more rats and crates.  Finally, head
to the third door, but get ready to fight.  A Hell Hound will tackle you and
you’ll have to fight it back.  Once you do, the containers above will open up,
revealing their Deadite cargo of two Deadite Miners and six Blocking Deadite
Give yourself some distance then concentrate on the Blocking Deadites first.
Make sure you avoid the TNT thrown at you.  Once they’re done, use your hook to
grab and blast the Deadite Miners.  But, it’s not over yet!  Another Deadite
Miner will blast through a canister off to the side.  Avoid the dynamite he
throws then grab and blast him.  Refill your health as needed.
Head into the canister the Miner blasted and exit on the other end to find
Peepers.  That’s right, egg hunt time!  Take note of the exploding canisters
against the end of building in front of Peepers.  Shoot those to blast open a
hole in the wall.  Wait for the fire to die down before you head inside.
Follow the hallway until you get to a door blocked by crates.  Smash them to
find a save and save.  Continue on through the building until you get to two
large doors and flip the switch to open one.  Head out and approach the ships
in the background.
Three Bloated Deadites will rise up from the water and come after you.  Switch
to your handgun and blast them as quickly as possible before they reach you.
Three more will rise up after them.  Be wary of the two sewer grates on the
ground because the final two will spring up out of them once you defeat the
others.  Continue on towards the boats and hop across the two garbage barges to
activate the FMV.

Groovy: You have the rocket lance.

Target the big ship in front of you to blast into the hold.  Jump in and open
the flashing container.  Head through into the ship’s hold and get ready; the
canisters at the other end will open up to reveal more Bloated Deadites.  Step
back and target each one, using your rocket lance to take them out.  There will
be three waves of them; the final wave involving two more Bloated Deadites
coming out of the two canisters located on the sides of the area.  Once they’re
done, head into the container on the right.

Groovy: You have Page 12.

Head towards the canisters at then end and target the ship’s wall again to
blast through.  Head out onto the pier and turn left to find a Giant Deadite.
Quickly kick Sam onto it and blast it with the rocket lance as two Miner
Deadites will appear on the building behind it and several Miner Deadites and
Blocking Deadites will appear on the ground behind you.  Blast the Giant
Deadite as many times as you can before it takes Sam off, dodging the other
Deadites.  While you wait for Sam to regenerate, take care of the ground
Deadites before kicking Sam back on and blasting it a few more times.  With the
Giant Deadite done, take out the others.  If you need health, there are health
crates in the corner opposite of where the Giant Deadite was.
Blast the gate where it stood and enter for the egg and three more health
crates.  Be ready to shoot fast as one touch of the Bloated Deadites will kill
Sam.  Collect the spirit and follow him out.  A Bloated Deadite will emerge
from a canister way out in front of you.  Shoot it with the lance then quickly
turn your attentions to the doorway you came out of on the ship to blast
another.  Head towards the canisters in the distance and climb up the ladder on
the left-most one to get to the other side.
Once Sam gets there, two Bloated Deadites will rise up out of the water again.
Quickly deal with them and head over to the doorway for one more.  Make your
way through the building to Peepers’ area where two Deadite Miners and Blocking
Deadites will appear.  Once they’re done, kick Sam into Peepers and the spirit
wall to the next area will drop.
Head past the hole in the wall towards the trailer sitting in the middle of
the yard where three Deadite Miners will appear.  Deal with them and turn
towards the gates behind the trailer to blast through.  If you need health,
there are health crates to the left of the gate.  Pass through and get ready.
Several Deadite Miners and Blocking Deadites will appear on top of the building
to your immediate left and through the sewer grates.  Easily stay where you are
and hook blast them all until they stop forming.  Head straight until you see
two more trailers, then turn between them.  Watch out for an ambush of a
Deadite Miner and three Blocking Deadites!  Deal with them to claim your prize.

Groovy: You have Page 13.

Head back the way you came and go up the stairs across from the gate to get
over to the dock where a Giant Deadite waits.  Encounter him in the normal way,
but get ready as two Deadite Miners will pop out of the sewers each time you
defeat them.  Try to focus on defeating the big guy and avoiding or disabling
the Miners as much as possible.  Once the Giant is done, take out his smaller
friends.  Head under the crane to get health crates and a possession symbol.
Possess Sam.
Climb up the ladder and go to the front of the crane to perform a hand over
hand.  Once you reach the suspended girders, tinker the with the rope to create
a bridge and have Sam go splat.  Back as Ash, jump over to the barge next to
the pier then cross the girder bridge to the dock.  Approach the barge there to
get the egg.  Equip your lance and your hook before you collect the spirit.
Try to get ahead of Sam when you go back to the pier.  A Bloated Deadite will
appear behind you.  Lance him and continue back towards the stairs.  Just when
you reach the top of them another Bloated Deadite will appear.  Lance him and
step back until he blows.  Switch to your Boomstick then proceed down where a
Blocking Deadite and Deadite Miner will appear.  Take care of them and head out
to the trailer.  Ignore the two Deadite miners for now or just lance them and
move on as a Bloated Deadite will emerge from the other side of the trailer.
Take him out before dealing with the other two.
Head for Peepers where another Deadite Miner will emerge from the hole in the
building and one will appear behind you.  Take them out and feed Sam to
Peepers.  The spirit wall will drop on the small shack next to the trailer
behind you.  Don’t forget your save point in the building!
If you need health, there are health crates inside the building by the save
and all the way in the corner past the shack you need to enter.  Once you’re
ready, head into the shack to find yet another possession symbol and possess
Sam.  Head through the crawl space at the other end and follow the path.  Get
your bio-blast ready as two Deadite Miners will pop out of the sewers once you
turn the corner.  Blast them and perform your finish.  Another Deadite Miner
will appear on top of the shed next to the forklift and the sewer next to that.
Bio-blast the higher one to freeze him and then take care of the lower one.
Flip the lever on the forklift to raise the pallet and climb up.  Bio-blast the
Deadite Miner again then finish him.
Climb up onto the ledge of the building and follow it until you reach the line
coming off the building.  Perform a hand over hand over the Giant Deadite until
the ride Deadite option appears, then do it.  Take the Deadite back the way you
came until you reach the propane tank.  Smash it to blow out the wall behind it
and take care of both Sam and the Giant Deadite.
As Ash, leave the shack and head towards the blown wall.  Follow Sam’s path to
the forklift and enter the open warehouse across the way.  The door will close
behind you and you’ll have to take on a barrage of Deadite Miners and Blocking
Deadites.  You could defeat them normally, but if you choose you can call on
your dark side to really plow the road.  Climb up the crates and through the
doorway above.  Find your way back outside, but as you reach the end of the
building turn left.

Groovy: You have Page 14.

Continue on across the bridge to get to the third egg, but be warned; this
chase isn’t like all your other ones.  As soon as you grab the sprit a Death
Shroud will rise up.  Ash and Sam will scatter, but Sam will be caught in a
cage the Shroud forms out of the ground.  On top of the bridge, you must
protect Sam from the Bloated Deadites that will rise up out of the sewer
grates.  Basically, this is whack-a-mole, Evil Dead style.  Just keep targeting
the Deadites that appear and blast them with the lance.  After a couple waves,
Ash will rejoin Sam and you continue on back towards Peepers.
Just after you get past the forklift, a Blocking Deadite will arise.  Blast
him and continue to where another one will appear just after the trailer.  A
final one will appear past the pink shed.  Deal with him and feed Peepers his
last treat.  Now, it’s on to the big bad.


Chomper is one fishy customer.  Not only does he have big teeth to eat you
with, but he’s got a scorpion’s tail as well.  This guy is a lot like a boss
battle from FFOB as he will try taking you down by charging at you after
scratching his foot like a bull, which is easily avoided.  If you get too
close, you get a little love nip, a head butt or some of the gas shared by the
Bloated Deadites.  And, of course, his tail will try to give you a free
lobotomy by either slamming it down on you like a scorpion or swinging it
around in a circle.  If that wasn’t a kick in the pants, this guy is completely
bullet-proof, which means you need to use some brains.
Basically just stay out of Chomper’s way until.  Stay in as close as you dare
until he strikes his tail down and it gets stuck in the ground.  Quickly slash
at it with your chainsaw.  This causes Chomper to lift it up and howl in pain.
While his mouth is open, deliver him a rocket snack.  Repeat this until he’s
dead.  Congrats, you beat the shipyard.  Your prize?  You get to wade through a
swamp.  Ain’t heroism grand?



So you survived the shipyard and now you have to wade through the muck and
mire of the swamp.  Your path is blocked by some heavy doors you need to blow
from the inside.  Now, if only you had a match…
Head into the swamp by busting through the gate.  Follow the path in and
you’ll be introduced to the green Stingers.  Unlike their brown counterparts,
these guys take two reel/shot combos to kill.  Two more will appear as well as
two Deadite Miners.  Take care of the Stingers first then focus on the ground
opposition.  Once they’re defeated, the next wave comes through.
From the pipe to the left, two Deadite Miners will appear on top to throw bio
blasts at you while 3 Blocking Deadites come out of the pipe itself.  Use Sam
to take care of the Miners and focus on the three Blockers.  Once their done,
you have one more wave to go consisting of 4 Bloated Deadites.  Keep your
distance and just nail them with the rocket lance or let Sam take a hit.
Either way.
If you need health, head into the tunnel the Blocking Deadites busted out of.
Or, you can head past the center platform where the first Stinger was chowing
down and look all the way in the corner to the left of the tunnel for a health
crate.  You can also explore the tunnel to find a save and a ladder that leads
to a gate.  If only you could open it…
Head back out of the tunnel and towards the center platform to climb the
later.  Jump the catwalk to the left.  Smash the health crate if you need to
and the two pallets of crates to reveal a possession symbol.  Possess Sam and
head back to the opposite side of the center platform.  Perform a hand over
hand on the electrical wire timing the sparks so you don’t get shocked.
Usually after three buzzing sounds they fade.
Jump off on the other side and head down into the muck.  Be careful; Bloated
Deadites are going to attack you just before you reach the drainage pipe
hanging down from the left.  Remember: one hit can kill you.  Charge up your
bio blast and approach.  When the first two rise up, nail both twice to kill
them.  Continue along the path, keeping your bio blast charged.  Go through the
center of this area so you have a clear shot at the three Bloated Deadites that
will rise from the left.  Take care of them and proceed.  Just before you reach
the fence in the distance, you have two more Deadites to deal with.
Head through the fence to find a Giant Deadite by a building.  Deadite Rats
will appear as he throws stuff at you.  Don’t even bother fighting, just run
straight for the right side of the building to find the crawl space.  Emerge
and ride the Deadite.  On your way out of the fenced area, direct him over to
the rock cluster tucked in the corner to the left just outside the fence.

Groovy: You have Page 15.

If you find yourself needing some energy, ride in some circles to kill
Deadites for some.  Otherwise, head back along the way you came and smash the
gate at the end to get Ash back.  Head over to where the gate was and climb up.
Now you have to take on the Giant Deadite and four Bloated Deadites at a time.
Just kick Sam on him as soon as you can and try your best to clear the Bloateds
out of the way so you can take the Giant down.
When you do, the spirit wall drops and you can continue.  Head over for a
health crate on the left, then turn the valve on the pipe to open the next
door.  When you exit, you’ll see a cracked concrete archway.  Blast it with
your rocket lance for a health crate.  Continue on under the bridge and follow
the water to another cracked concrete arch.  Blast through for another health
crate and a surprise.

Groovy: You have Page 16.

When you exit, head towards the ladder on the broken bridge.  Climb up and
cross over to the other side.  You’ll find three pallets of crates to smash

Groovy: You got a health upgrade.

Jump down and head up on the land in front of you and you’ll come to a building
that says Port Turnham Fuel Storage on it to the left.  Take advantage of the
save behind it, then shoot the crack in the wall to get inside and activate the

Groovy: You now have the Flamethrower.

Backtrack to the first cracked arch where you’ll be attacked by a Blocking
Deadite and two Deadite Miners.  Take care of them, and two more Blocking
Deadites will emerge from the gate to the right of the arch.  Once they’re
taken care of, you can climb down the ladder that originally went nowhere
before.  Save then head out to backtrack to the entrance.
Before you reach the platform, two Deadite Miners will rise to attack you.
Beat them and continue on to the piece of land that juts into the water where
two Blocking Deadites will rise up.  Past them another Blocking Deadite and two
Bloated Deadites will attack you.  Finally, another Blocking Deadite and two
more Bloated Deadites to beat before the path to the entrance is clear.
Line yourself up with the hole on top of the structure and use your torch to
light Sam.  When he’s flamed up, target and kick him to blow the door and move
on to the next stage.  Congrats, you beat the swamp.  Now take a shower, whew!



NOTE: I STRONGLY advise against using any health until you absolutely need it.
To get the third egg you’ll need all the health you can get.  That means resist
the urge to bust certain objects open and to strike fast and sure against

The town has been abandoned, and all is quiet.  Two doorways in your immediate
area are blocked by spirit walls and the road to your left ends in a giant
hole.  So you only have one way to go; forward.  You take a few steps and two
Deadite Townies will appear on the scaffolding by the buildings.  These chicks
throw Molotov cocktails at you, so be ready to move and perform your reel/blast
combo.  Continue on and a Hell Hound will emerge from the alley.  Two rockets
will deal with him.  Press on and two more Deadite Townies will appear on the
next set of scaffolding as well as three more Hounds.  Deal with them
appropriately.  Turn into the alley and smash the crates.

Groovy: You have Page 17.

Go back to the street and head around the corner where you’ll see a Giant
Deadite blocking an alleyway.  Since that’s the only place you can go, you need
to get past.  Kick Sam on and start blasting with your rockets as fast as you
can as two Blocking Deadites will rise up to help.  Avoid them until Sam is
smashed, then just brush them aside with a rocket blast until you can finish
off the Giant, then finish them off.  Head into the alley to find an egg off to
the left.  That’s right, Peepers again.
Get the spirit and follow Sam up the stairs across the way.  Two Blocking
Deadites will rise up on the street above, but your main concern is the Hell
Hound that jumps you once you climb the stairs.  Rapidly press X to blow its
brains out, then take care of the two Blocking Deadites.  Follow Sam over to
the building that Peepers has taken over and feed him.  A cut scene will show
one of the spirit walls has dropped.  Take advantage of the save next to the
stairs before you go on.
Backtrack all the way to the beginning of the level, and take note of an
electrified alleyway you pass on your right.  That’s gonna be your destination.
Head into the now open building to find a possession symbol and possess Sam.
Head back up the street where a Deadite Miner will appear on the scaffolding
and on the sidewalk.  Blast the higher Deadite then take care of the lower.
Quickly run back to the alley you got the page from and face off the Deadite
Miner that rises up in front of you.  Climb the ladder onto the scaffolding and
run to where the other Deadite Miner is and kill him off.
Get under the banner and perform a hand over hand to the scaffolding on the
other side.  Jump onto it and run over to the red brick building to perform a
wall creep.  Once you get to the other side, follow the scaffolding over the
alley until you pass the electrified area and jump down.  You can take care of
the two Deadite Rats if you want, or just run over to the power box on the wall
and perform the action.  Sam dies and Ash’s path is now clear.
As Ash, head back into the alley.  Note two pallets of crates containing evil
energy before you.  Get them now or later, your choice.  Continue down the
alley to get the next egg.  Collect your spirit and backtrack.  A Blocking
Deadite will walk out from behind a dumpster and another will fall from the
roof of the building in front of you.  Take care of them and continue to the
street where another Blocking Deadite will rise from the sewers.  Once he’s
gone follow Sam towards the alley of the first egg where a green Stinger will
fly up from the chasm in the street.  Blast him and quickly get into the alley
as three more Blocking Deadites will be after Sam.  Once they’re mopped up,
continue on to Peepers where two more green Stingers will rise up from the
chasms on either side.  After them, you can feed Peepers.  The spirit wall to
Joe’s Hardware will drop, and you can save.
You guessed it.  Head all the way back and enter Joe’s Hardware to activate
the FMV.

Groovy: You now have the new Chainsaw.

Now, you’re gonna be attacked by several Blocking Deadites.  The good news?
No, you didn’t save a buncha money on car insurance (who would insure your rust
bucket of a car, anyway?).  Nope, your new chainsaw makes their blocking
absolutely pointless.  Some good quick combos can take care of them easily and
effortlessly.  Once they’re done, the spirit wall in the back of the store will
fall and you can head upstairs.  There, you’ll find more evil energy crates and
a possession symbol.
Possess Sam and head to the crawl space at the top of the stairs.  Crawl
through and run over to the power line across the alley.  Hand over hand to the
other side then run along as far as you can go.  Wall creep over to the next
fire escape, then run over the Giant Deadite to ride him.  Take him all the way
down the alley until you reach the propane tank.  Smash it to unblock the other
doorway downstairs and kill both it and Sam.
As Ash, head back downstairs and out the side door into the alley.  Run down
collecting the evil energy crates if you need them until you reach the exit at
the end.  Get ready to meet the Deadite Monsters; big, lumbering creatures that
are stronger than most Deadites and breathe acid on you.  For these guys, your
new chainsaw can come in handy.  Either that or three hook/blast combos should
do the trick.  Once you beat 7 of them, it’s time to press on up the street.
Head as close to the electrified pool of water blocking your way as you can.
Target the two power boxes up on the power poles and blast them to turn off the
current.  Turn around and head into the alley on your left for more evil energy
crates and a ladder.  Climb up to the roof.

Groovy:  You got an evil upgrade.

Jump back down and head to the save point across the way.  If you need any
energy, backtrack through the whole level to bust up items and get it before
you save.  You WILL need it.  Save and then press on.
The third egg is a tricky one to get.  Once again, you have to protect Sam as
he jimmies open the door for you.  This time, though, the baddies are bigger
and badder.  Not only do you have to deal with two green Stingers and a Bloated
Deadite, but three Deadite Monsters as well.  My strategy for this one is to
hit them hard and hit them fast.  Do as best you can hacking and blasting until
you begin to feel overwhelmed.  That’s when you call on Evil Ash to finish the
job for you.  I’m not sure if this was a glitch or not, but after a couple
waves of baddies they just stopped coming and Sam was allowed to open the door
Unfortunately, behind the door was a Giant Deadite you needed to deal with
first.  Without the waves coming at you it’s much easier to do.  Just take him
out as normal and you’ll see the egg behind him.  But, before you collect the
spirit, head around the right side of the shed all the way to the back.

Groovy: You have Page 18.

If you saved any health or energy points before, backtrack and get them now
before you come back and save.  Head back to the shed and get your spirit.  As
soon as you exit, three Deadite Monsters and a Death Shroud will be waiting.
Eliminate them promptly and continue on.  Another Deadite Monster will come
from in front of the truck parked in the water.  Hook/blast him then follow Sam
down the street.  Another Deadite Monster will come from around the corner,
followed by one from the alley as soon as you beat it.  Once both are gone,
proceed into the alley and head down towards the hardware store.  Clear
sailing, right?
Wrong.  From the fires and the store emerge Skeletons!  You’ll have to contend
with several waves of three Skeletons before you can continue.  Use your rocket
lance on as many as you can, and follow-up with your chainsaw on any who get
too close.  Once they’re done, follow Sam back out to the main street.  Two
Hell Hounds will emerge from behind the damaged cars.  Blow them away with the
lance and follow Sam back towards the alley of the first egg.  Once you get
just across from where the egg was a Deadite Monster will pop out of the sewer.
Take care of him and follow Sam over to Peepers to feed him the last treat.
Now it’s time to close the final portal.
Unfortunately, Sam gets something on his head that causes him to do the
incantation wrong and pull you both into another dimension.  Have a nice time!



So you’re stuck in another world.  Knowby can’t help you anymore and there’s
no way back until you take out Reinhard.    Hey, it’s a dirty job but you gotta
do it!  When the level starts turn right and follow the path all the way to the
end until you run out of road.

Groovy: You have Page 19.

Backtrack past the area you started and keep going to the left.  When the road
runs into a wall, head towards the chasm close to the wall to wall creep
across.  Jump across the chasm to the other side from there and run to the
temple.  Climb up the broken chunk of wall in front of you and jump over.  Run
to the center where the door is and enter the temple.  The door will shut
behind you and you have no way out.  Yet.  The two objects with a green mist
coming out of them are torches, and that mist is gas.  Equip your flame thrower
and douse both of them to open the door.  Remember this trick, you’re gonna do
it a lot.
Enter the big room where you see two torches at the other end raise up waiting
for you to light them.  Unfortunately, some fire throwing Skeletons have other
ideas.  You’ll have four waves of Skeletons; two from the other end of the
room, the next from the stairs to the right of where you entered, then the last
from the left.  With your new chainsaw, it only takes two shots to nail them,
or one hook/blast combo.  Have a ball.
Once they’re done, climb the stairs and hook the torches to bring them down to
your level and light them.  Break a few pots for health if you need it and head
into the next area.  As soon as you leave the doorway several Skeletons, a Fire
Deadite and a Death Shroud (red edition) will appear.  To make this quick and
easy, ignore the shroud and focus on the Skeletons.  Kick Sam onto the Deadite
Monster and let him deal with it.  Once they’re done, watch the Shroud and when
it solidifies hook/blast it twice to kill it.  Continue along the path right of
the doorway.
When you reach in front of the next doorway you’ll have that Deadite combo all
over again.  Take care of them the same way and continue the way you were
going.  When you reach the base of the stairs a few more Skeletons and another
Fire Deadite will appear.  Wipe them out then join Sam on the landing.  Light
him up and kick him into the big torch.  Backtrack to go through the now open
second doorway.  Inside you’ll find three torches, two standards and one that
closes to douse out the flame.  With these guys you’ll have to open them, light
them, and then move fast before whatever they control is taken away and you’ll
have to come all the way back to relight it.
Light the two torches to open the next door, then light the dousing one to
raise the stairs to get to it.  Skeletons will jump down from the ceiling to
attack you, but don’t bother with them.  Fend them off as long as you have to
to let the stairs fully rise then just quickly run up them.  A green Stinger
will appear in front of you, but you know how to take care of these guys by
now.  Turn right for a save and save your progress.
Follow the path.  Once you reach the pot, a Stinger and two Skeletons will
rise up.  Finish them off and continue towards the stairs.  Once you drop down
two Stingers, a Skeleton, and a Fire Deadite will appear.  Bust them and
continue until the next stairs where another Stinger and Fire Deadite will
appear.  Seems pretty easy so far, huh?  Well, get ready, ‘cause the next room
is an arena you can’t leave until you kill all the Deadites that will come
after you.  Basically, it’s a swarm of Deadite Monsters, Fire Deadites,
Stingers and Skeletons.  Easily beaten with hook/blast combos or some Evil Ash
action, the choice is yours.
First up, you’ll have two waves of Skeletons, Stingers and Fire Deadites.
Then, you’ll have Deadite Monsters joining the Skeletons for about three waves
until the level is clear.  Once that’s done, the stairs at the end of the arena
will raise and the door will open.  But, before you head on, make a left or
right at the top of the stairs and follow the arena wall all the way around.

Groovy: You have Page 20.

Take advantage of the health pots then head through the door to find another
save and two torches.  Save and light the torches and continue on.  Once you
exit, two Fire Deadites and a Death Shroud will appear.  Kill them and turn
left to follow your only path.  Halfway, another Fire Deadite will rise.  Nail
him then continue to where two more Fire Deadites appear.  Once they’re done,
the gas will be turned on in the torches in front of the door.  Light them and
You’re gonna find yourself in a room with lots of blood, two torches and a pot.
Don’t worry, it’s not time yet.  Light the torches and head on quickly through
the doors.  Once you get outside, they’ll close.  Head along to Ash’s right
(note the two pots out there if you need them) and head into the next available
doorway to enter a similar looking room.  NOW, it’s time.  A Deadite Monster
will appear from the blood and a Stinger will rise up after a few steps in.
Take care of them and proceed to where another Deadite Monster will rise up in
the center of the room.  A few more steps towards the end gives you another
Deadite Monster and Stinger.  Once they’re gone, the torches will turn on and
you can light them.
In the next room, save your game, use the pots as needed, then climb the
stairs.  You’ll find yourself in a round room with a broken path.  Two Deadite
Monsters and a Death Shroud will appear.  Deal with them and follow the path to
another Deadite Monster.  After him is another Deadite Monster.  A few more
steps will give you two more Deadite Monsters and another Death Shroud.  Once
they’re all gone the torches will gas up and you can continue.
In the next room is another dousing torch.  Here’s what’s gonna have to happen;
in the following room are two torches you need to light to open the next door,
however both are too high to reach without the stairs activated by the dousing
torch.  To top it off, two Deadite Monsters will appear each time you light it.
For this you need to be as quick as you are deadly.
Light the torch and run into the next room, avoiding the Deadite Monsters and
their bio-blasts.  Pick a side and run up those stairs.  Light that torch, then
switch over to your chainsaw.  Jump down and try to jump strike them as you
land.  Then, perform a couple quick-kill combos to take them down.  Repeat.
Once the door opens, head on through to find yourself outside.  You’ll hear
the door close behind you blocking your way.  Pretty much do or die time right
here.  You’ll see a dousing ahead of you.  Open it up and light it.  Then head
up the stairs before it shuts on you.  Here, you’ll have to face down three
Deadite Monsters and three green Stingers.  You may want to use Evil Ash here,
or if you’re confident just have at them.  Once they’re done, head over to the
wall with the statue carved into it.  Target the bowl it holds and reel it down
to reveal it to be another torch.  Set Sam on fire and kick him into it.
Head back down the way you came and go over to the wall behind the torch near
the edge where a small platform juts out.  You should be able to wall creep
here to the other side of the temple where you’ll find another dousing torch.
This is the exact same scenario as what you did before, so I’ll refrain from
repeating it.  After you light the second statue’s torch, the stairs by the
center wall will rise up.  Head up the stairs and then proceed to climb the
bloody stairs to your left.  Get ready, you have one last boss to face.


Reinhard’s bark is a lot worse than his bite.  One of his attacks involves
disappearing into the ground and reappearing right next to you, pounding the
ground and sending a small shockwave to knock you down.  As soon as he
disappears into two flashes of lighting just start moving and get ready to jump
or dodge.  His next attack is 2 or 3 lines of blood bursting out of the ground.
The lines split as they head towards you, so if you’re far enough away it’s
easy enough to dodge them or step over between them.  His final attack is a
regular ground pound shockwave, once again avoided by jumping or keeping away
from him.
The trick to this battle is to keep Reinhard targeted; that way you can see
everything he’s doing.  Equip yourself with the rocket lance and just keep on
firing.  Also, to keep as much distance between you two to keep his attacks
limited.  When you take a certain amount of energy, Reinhard will head back
towards the Necronomicon to replenish it.  Keep firing until the book levitates
up.  Then, target the book and kick Sam onto it to disrupt Reinhard’s energy
flow.  Repeat this until Reinhard is dead.

And that’s it.  You’ve won.  The world is saved, you lost another girlfriend,
and you’ve just been sucked into a portal onto your next adventure…wherever
that may be.  So go on.  Go home.  Nothing more to see here.  It’s over.  Done.
Finito.  Go outside, get a tan, make some friends.



-Necronomicon Pages: None
-Health Upgrade: No
-Evil Upgrade: No
-New Weapon: No

-Necronomicon Pages: 3
-Health Upgrade: No
-Evil Upgrade: No
-New Weapon: Yes

-Necronomicon Pages: 2
-Health Upgrade: Yes
-Evil Upgrade: No
-New Weapon: No

-Necronomicon Pages: 2
-Health Upgrade: Yes
-Evil Upgrade: No
-New Weapon: No

-Necronomicon Pages: 2
-Health Upgrade: No
-Evil Upgrade: Yes
-New Weapon: Yes

-Necronomicon Pages: 2
-Health Upgrade: Yes
-Evil Upgrade: Yes
-New Weapon: No

-Necronomicon Pages: 3
-Health Upgrade: No
-Evil Upgrade: No
-New Weapon: Yes

-Necronomicon Pages: 2
-Health Upgrade: Yes
-Evil Upgrade: No
-New Weapon: Yes

-Necronomicon Pages: 2
-Health Upgrade: No
-Evil Upgrade: Yes
-New Weapon: Yes

-Necronomicon Pages: 2
-Health Upgrade: No
-Evil Upgrade: No
-New Weapon: No


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