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Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit 
FAQ/Walkthrough by Tabstis


Section 1: Basics
Controls (PS2)
The Giant Marrow
Pests and Enemies 
Section 2: Walkthrough (Not finished)
Town Centre 
Tottingham Hall
Section 3: Cards (Not started)
Town Centre
Tottingham Hall

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This is my first ever walkthrough, I haven’t fully 
completed Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit but 
by the end of my walkthrough I will. If you have any 
questions you can email me at senayandthomas@yahoo.com. 
This walkthrough is unfinished and I expect it will take me 
quite a long time. Until then, if you have any questions 
about the bits I haven’t covered yet, don’t be afraid to 
ask! Enjoy!


Friday 21st October 17:30; Covered Story, Controls and 

Saturday 22nd October 7:30; Added change about were-energy, 
covered giant marrow section, started cast

Saturday 22nd October 10:20; Finished cast, started Pests 
and Enemies

Sunday 23rd October 7:30; Finished Pests and Enemies, 
covered Worlds, started Walkthrough

Sunday 24th October 18:10; Added info about Bundar 

Monday 25th October 18:00; Continued Walkthrough

Tuesday 26th October 14:30; Continued Walkthrough

Section 1: Basics

      It’s “veggie-mania” in Wallace and Gromit’s 
neighbourhood and out intrepid chums are cashing in as 
elite pest-control duo Anti-Pesto. With only days to go 
before the giant vegetable competition, business is 
booming! But running a pest control outfit has its 
drawbacks. Wallace and Gromit’s home is brim-ful1 of 
captive bunnies and there’s simply nowhere left to store 
      True to form, Wallace resorts to technology to cure 
all his problems with the Mind-manipulation-o-matic, a 
simple brain-altering device. By connecting this to the 
Bunvac 6000, he embarks to on a thought-transference 
experiment to rid the rabbits of their veggie-craving 
      All is well until an unexplained, nocturnal veg-
ravaging monster begins attacking the town’s sacred 
vegetable plots. It’s up to Wallace, Gromit and the 
Wallace-like rabbit; Hutch to keep the beast from harm by 
the evil Victor Quartermaine and help save the townspeople 
by trapping the dreaded Were-Rabbit! (Please note that this 
walkthrough contains spoilers for the rest of the plot) 
(This info was taken from the game manual)

Controls (PS2)

All Characters

Directional Buttons - Navigate Menus
Left Analogue Stick - Move
Right Analogue Stick - Rotate and Zoom camera
X Button - Jump/Select
X than Square – High Swipe
X twice than Square – Jump Smash
Square Button - Hit
Square whilst moving to the side - Side Hit
Square whilst moving away from the target – Rear Hit
Square twice – Double Hit
Square three times – Triple Hit Combo
Spin the Left Analogue stick and press square – Spin Attack
Circle Button – Defend
Circle than Square – Uppercut
Circle than X – Flip Jump
Hold Circle – Guard
Circle whilst running – Slide
Circle next to an enemy – Shove
Circle whilst moving to the side – Side Roll
Circle whilst moving away from the target – Backflip
Triangle – Action
SELECT – Exit task/2P leave
START – Pause/2P join/Pesto Pal
L1 – Whistle
L2 – Swap Characters
R1 – Activate Bungun
R2 – Shoot Were-Energy

Swimming with all characters

Left Analogue Stick - Swim
X – Jump
Tap Square whilst swimming

Gromit’s Moves

X against a wall – Wall Jump

Wallace’s Moves

Hold Square and then release – Airblast
Triangle next to special box – Screwdrive (Must have 
acquired Screwdriver)
Triangle next to chain lock – Bolt-cut (Must have acquired 

Hutch’s Moves

Hold Square and then release – Airblast
X against a wall – Wall Jump
Triangle next to special box – Screwdrive (Must have 
acquired Screwdriver)
Triangle next to chain lock – Bolt-cut (Must have acquired 

Inventions (PS2 controls with inventions)

Bungun (R1)

The Bungun is the key invention to getting through the 
game; it’s like a vacuum cleaner for ghosts… I mean pests 
like rabbits.* It can also be used for sucking up items to 
take them to people. eg. Collecting ingredients for Mrs 
Mulch’s pie. All characters can use the Bungun. The Bungun 
also has a special effect where if you defeat enough were-
creatures*, you can convert it into a were-energy gun. To 
fire were-energy, press R2. Only Gromit and Hutch can use 

*See Pests and Enemies section


The Bundar is the game radar and for the hole of the game, 
is situated in the bottom left corner of the screen. Blue-
flashing dots are people with missions. White dots are 
pests. Green dots are giant vegetables. Blue dots are Vac 
6000’s. The big white dot is the were-rabbit. Red dots are 
enemies. Everyone uses the Bundar.

Screwdriver (See controls)

The screwdriver allows you to open gates and things like 
that by adjusting their control box. When you start using 
it, you have to rotate the Left Analogue Stick until a 
button appears on one of the circles whilst the button is 
still visible, press it and it will stay visible. Once all 
the circles look like buttons, the gate or miscellaneous 
obstacle will open. Watch out though because when you’re 
adjusting it, keep an eye on the time limit left of the 
circles. Only Wallace and Hutch can use the Screwdriver.

Auto-Brolly (X than Circle, X twice than Circle)

The Auto-Brolly allows you to fall more slowly in the air 
therefore allowing you to float over long gaps to reach a 
card. It can also be used to give you a soft landing if you 
fall from a high height. If you use it over some air rising 
than you will float upwards. All characters can use the 

Harvester (R1 in a vegetable patch)

The Harvester allows you to transform the Bungun into a 
cannon. To use it, just enter an area where you are 
standing on a lot of vegetables and then press R1. Whilst 
the Harvester is activated, you can use the Left Analogue 
Stick to aim and Square to fire vegetables. All characters 
can use the Harvester.

Bunny Hopper (Jump onto a Bunny Hopper)

The Bunny Hopper is required to get quite a lot of cards 
but it is different from all the other inventions. To use 
the Bunny Hopper, you have to find it and jump onto it. 
Whilst on it, you can use the Left Analogue Stick to move 
the Bunny Hopper. Press X when you hit the ground for a 
medium bounce. In the middle of a medium bounce you can 
press Square to slam down a bounce for a high bounce. Only 
Gromit and Hutch can use the Bunny Hopper.

Auto-Bunter (Press R1 near a bunt-line)

When you obtain the Auto-Bunter, you can use it near a rope 
to swing on it. Although you don’t use it much, it’s quite 
useful for taking shortcuts. All characters can use the 

Bolt Cutters (See controls)

The Bolt Cutters are used for cutting through chain locks 
and are the only way to get to the Woods. Once you start 
cutting watch for the 2 buttons that appear and then press 
the buttons repeatedly. Eventually, a big button will 
appear. Press the corresponding button. Only Wallace and 
Hutch can use the Bolt Cutters.

Fairground Plane Ride (X to shoot, Square to fire a homing 

The Fairground Plane Ride takes place at the Giant 
Vegetable competition. You must stop Victor from shooting 
the Were-Rabbit by shooting down Phillip’s plane. Once 
Phillip’s health gauge is fully diplenished then that’s 
your chance to fly up and stop Victor! Only Gromit uses the 
Fairground Plane Ride.

The Giant Marrow


The Giant Marrow is an un-required part of the game but is 
quite fun to go and do when you want a break from helping 
the townsfolk. To get to it, just enter the front door of 
62 West Wallaby Gardens and you’ll be taken to Gromit’s 


The shop is the place to buy things to grow your marrow. I 
recommend getting the watering can and the thersomat first. 
Then, what you buy is a personal choice really. You might 
want to brighten up your greenhouse with a little wallpaper 
or you might want to play music to your marrow with the 
gramophone. There is a shop in each and every world of the 
game. When you leave the shop, you’ll be asked whether you 
want to go to the greenhouse or back into the world you 
entered the shop in.


Coins are used to buy things at the shop. Their not really 
one of the main pick-ups but you can get a lot if you’re a 
big fan of marrow-growing. You can find them all over the 
worlds; just try using your Bungun on things like post 
boxes and telephone boxes. You can also find them by 
defeating enemies.

3 Tips for growing your marrow

1. Check on it every day and every night.

2. Make sure that the items in the bottom of the screen are 
all on green.  

3. Don’t be afraid to spend as much money as you want in 
the shop.



Sex: Male
Catchphrase: I’m just crackers about cheese!
Favourite Food: Cheese
Likes: Cheese
Dislikes: Vegetables
Hobbies: Eating cheese, building inventions, eating cheese, 
going to the moon for more cheese and eating cheese
Pets: Gromit and Hutch

Wallace is Gromit’s over optimistic owner. When all of his 
inventions go wrong, he’s still happy to just eat cheese. 
Wendiline** and Lady Tottingham both have had crushes on 
him. He and Gromit have had the jobs of window cleaners, 
anti-pesto and even have rented out a room to the evil 
Feathers Mc Graw! **

**See a Close Shave and the Wrong Trousers  


Sex: Male
Favourite Food: Bones
Likes: Marrow-growing
Dislikes: Feathers Mc Graw and Wallace’s inventions
Hobbies: Saving Wallace from getting killed, being loyal to 
his master and stopping evil plans
Owner: Wallace

Gromit is Wallace’s silent pet who normally chips in at the 
last moment to save Wallace who is probably screaming; 
Help! Gromit! Do something! He’s one of the smartest dogs 
on Earth and is growing a marrow for the Giant Vegetable 


Sex: Male
Catchphrases: Flying dogs, whatever next, I think we showed 
them! and I’m just crackers about cheese!
Favourite Food: Cheese
Likes: Cheese
Dislikes: Vegetables
Hobbies: Eating cheese, building inventions, eating cheese, 
going to the moon for more cheese and eating cheese
Owner: Wallace

Hutch is the Wallace-like rabbit who was one of the 
casualties of the Mind-Manipulation-O-Matic experiment. He 
now acts remarkably like Wallace. He has got a Bungun from 
somewhere unknown? One question awaits: Is Hutch the were-

Lady Tottingham

Sex: Female
Catchphrase: Call me Totty!
Favourite Food: Vegetables
Likes: Vegetables
Dislikes: Inhumane methods of catching rabbits.
Hobbies: Growing giant vegetables in her secret garden

Lady Tottingham is the rich owner of Tottingham Hall. She 
harbours a secret crush on Wallace. Victor Quartermaine is 
always trying to make her want to marry him. She prefers 
humane methods of catching pests rather than Victor’s 
“traditional” methods.

Victor Quartermaine

Sex: Male
Catchphrase: I’ll get that were-rabbit if it’s the last 
thing I do!
Favourite Food: Rabbit
Likes: Hunting
Dislikes: Wallace
Hobbies: Hunting and trying to persuade Lady Tottingham to 
marry him
Pet: Phillip

Victor has been trying for many years to get Lady 
Tottingham to marry him so when Anti-pesto turn up, he 
tries his best to upstage them. He even goes to the limit 
to get his dog; Phillip to let all Anti-pesto’s pests free 
and steal their Mind-Manipulation-O-Matic valves so that 
they cannot turn Hutch and the Were-Rabbit back to normal. 
His next step is to use the valves to turn normal creatures 
into hideous nocturnal were-creatures!


Sex: Male
Favourite Food: Rabbit
Likes: Hunting
Dislikes: Gromit
Hobbies: Hunting and stealing Mind-Manipulation-O-Matic 
Owner: Victor Quartermaine

Phillip is Victor’s extremely loyal dog. He even steals the 
Mind-Manipulation-O-Matic valves from Anti-Pesto. At the 
very end of the game, he attempts to use Anti-Pesto’s 
security devices which he made haywire to stop Gromit from 
stopping Victor who’s trying to shoot the were-rabbit

Reverend Hedges

Sex: Male
Catchphrase: It can only be killed with gold! 4-Karat gold!
Likes: “Bribing” God to help him win the Giant Vegetable 
Likes: Growing vegetables
Dislikes: Were-rabbits
Hobbies: Reading Nun-Wrestling Magazine and the Observers’ 
book of Monsters
Wife: Mrs Hedges

The Reverend is the first person to see the Were-rabbit and 
know about it from his book; The Observers’ Book of 
Monsters. He happily tells Victor all he needs to know 
about how to stop the Were-Rabbit.

PC Macintosh

Sex: Male
Catchphrase: If you ask me, this is arsine! Yep, someone 
arsing around!
Likes: Easy crimes
Dislikes: Most crimes
Hobbies: Getting Anti-pesto to do everything for him and 
leading angry mobs

PC Mac is pretty much useless during the game. When ever he 
has a problem, he decides that it’s Anti-Pesto’s job.

Pests and Enemies


Rabbit: These furry animals are the most basic and easy 
creatures in the game. They go best with the Vac 6000

Fat Rabbit: These are slightly harder to catch than normal 
rabbits, when you are pulling them in with the Bungun, pull 
away from them.

Squirrels: Squirrels are almost the same as rabbits except 
they don’t herd.

Hedgehogs: These are exactly the same as rabbits except 

Chickens: Chickens are the same as fat rabbits except they 
don’t fit in the Vac 6000. You best put them in their pens.

Turkeys: The same as chickens except a little harder to 

Sheep: The same as chickens

Goats: These don’t fit in the Bungun. You need to make them 
angry so they try to charge you. Then, stand in front of a 
pen and dodge at the last minute.

Bees: Found in the woods near Tottingham hall. These are 
the same as turkeys except they fit in the Vac 6000.


Were-Weasels: The most basic enemy; they try to whack you 
with their clubs

Giant Were-Weasels: These are the same as Were-Weasels 
except they’re much tougher

Were-Rats: Were-Rats stand away from their target and try 
to hit it with rocks. If you attempt to attack them close 
range; they use their tails

Were-Chickens: Were-Chickens are big and tough, if you have 
any were-energy, use it on them.

Were-Badger: The biggest and most tough enemy in the game. 
Whacking it with your Bungun has no effect; either use 
were-energy or use your Bungun to suck up an item and fire 
it at the were-badger

Were-Hedgehog: Quite easy to take down. Whack them and than 
slam down on them. Avoid them when they are rolling around

Were-Slug: One whack should take care of these. Watch out 
for their green slime

Were-Bee: Destroy their hive before you take on the were-
bees. Just knock them out the air.

Garden Gnome: The 2nd easiest enemy to destroy next to the 
Were-Slug. One blow should take care of them. Watch out 
though, some of them support weapons!

Scarecrow: Whacking them has no effect; suck up their bombs 
and fire them back at them.

Wheelie Bin: Whack them until they drop. Watch out for 
their spin attack

Victor’s Were-Devices: These have a Forcefield of were-
energy. Fire more were-energy to break the Forcefield. 
Then, smash both their batteries to destroy them.


Levers: Pull these to make something happen

Wheelie Switches: Turn these to make something happen

Giant Vegetables: These are the key items you’ll find in 
the game, stop the pests and sometimes enemies from eating 

Anti-Pesto Vegetable Alarm: When you here this alarm; 
Wallace or Hutch will tell you which giant vegetable is 
being eaten. Quickly rush to the right vegetable to stop 
the pests or enemies.

Anti-Pesto pest trap: Give this a whack to open it.

Anti-Pesto pest lever trap: Pull the lever to open these

Anti-Pesto pest wheelie switch trap: Turn the wheelie 
switch to open these.

Anti-Pesto secure frame: Pull the lever to open these

Madame Winnie Bago’s Sundials: Use Triangle on these to 
change day into night or night into day.

Green Pots: Pests are normally hiding inside these; 
airblast them to make them pop out.

Crackers: Pick these up to replenish your health.

Airline: Airblast these to make things pop out.

Now that I’ve covered the basics you should know everything 
you need to about the game. I plan to put in a list of the 
shop items in the Giant Marrow section so a “Mr Caliche’s 
Shop” list would be much appreciated.

I’ve divided the Walkthrough into sections for each day and 
night for example; Pip’s Bullseye Game and Mrs. Windfall’s 
Vegetables are in Day 2, Mrs. Windfall’s Vegetable Show 
Arrangements are in Night 2 and Mr. Caliche’s “Fowl Play” 
is in Day 3. Every time you receive a new invention I’ve 
copied and pasted it from the basics section. If you want 
to find a particular bit of the walkthrough, press CTRL + F 
and then type it what you want to find. Please note that 
you cannot do 2-player during Day 1. 

Day 1: Starting Cutscene

At the very start of the game, Wallace and Gromit are 
sitting at the table having just finished Breakfast, 
Wallace comments about the Giant Vegetable Competition and 
how there are so many rabbits around. The phone then rings 
and Wallace picks it up. He tells Gromit that it’s Lady 
Tottingham who wants Anti-Pesto to help her rid of a 
terrible rabbit infestation humanely. The duo then drive 
down the road towards Tottingham Hall to find Madame Winnie 
Bago, the fortune-teller who is coming to the village for 
the Giant Vegetable Competition. They help her fix her van 
and in return she tells them their future. She says that 
she sees rabbits, lots of them and by the light of the moon 
she sees one particurly large rabbit. She also tells them 
to avoid crossing the path of a tall dark stranger. Soon, 
Anti-Pesto arrive at Tottingham Hall where they meet Victor 
Quartermaine and his dog, Phillip. They prefer more 
“traditional” methods of catching rabbits and immediately 
make enemies of Wallace and Gromit. Lady Tottingham soon 
arrives and welcomes Anti-pesto. Victor goes off sulking 
and Wallace informs her that they’ll stop her rabbit 
problem straight away!

Day 1: Catching the rabbits on Lady Tottingham’s lawn


Start off by going up to Lady Tottingham and pressing 
action. She’ll ask you to clear the front lawn of her 
rabbits. Walk up to the Bunvac and when a yellow circle 
appears, press Whistle for Wallace to activate the Vac 
6000. When he does head out onto the lawn and get your 
first taste of using the Bungun on rabbits. Once one is in 
your Bungun, fire it into the Vac 6000 to store it in the 
Bunvac. Do the same to another 2 or 3 rabbits until Wallace 
comments on a fat rabbit. Use your Bungun on the fat 
rabbit. If you pull away from it, you’ll be able to suck it 
in. Fire it into the Vac 6000. After “vaccing” another few 
rabbits, Wallace will turn off the first Vac 6000 and 
activate another one in the middle of the field. Chase the 
rabbits into it. When you chase a group of rabbits, it is 
called herding. Herd all the rabbits into the Vac 6000 and 
then go back and talk to Lady Tottingham. You’ll get your 
1st TUTORIAL CARD for your help.

Day 1: Catching the Rabbits in the Walled Garden and a 
Bonus Card


Talk to Lady Tottingham again, who will ask you to clear 
her walled garden of pests. Before you enter it, pick up 
the TOTTINGHAM HALL CARD on the left. Since the gate is 
locked, you can’t get into the walled garden that way. Jump 
onto the logs and then double-jump over the fence. Smash 
the boards on the door to let Wallace through. He’ll tell 
you that the trolley needs to be pulled off the Vac 6000. 
Jump down and press action to pull it. Wallace will then 
say that the Anti-Pesto traps contain rabbits. Smash them 
to set the rabbits free so that you can chase them into the 
Vac 6000. Next, go to the lever trap and pull the lever. 
Chase the rabbit into the Vac 6000. Then, go to the 
Wheelie-switch trap and turn the wheelie-switch. Finally, 
use your Bungun to get the rabbit into the Vac 6000. 
Wallace will then say that the covers of the vegetable 
patches look suspicious. Go up to them so that you are 
facing one and the yellow circle is in front of the other 
one. Whistle for Wallace to use his Bungun on the 1st trap 
whilst you use your Bungun on the 2nd trap. You’ll set a big 
load of rabbits free. Herd them into the Vac 6000. Quickly 
rush up to the prize pumpkin to see a short scene where 
some rabbits appear in the flower bed closest to you. Herd 
those rabbits into the Vac 6000. For the final section of 
the Walled Garden, Wallace will tell you that some rabbits 
are hiding in the green pots. Wall jump between the two 
buildings to reach the roof of the butler’s house which is 
next to the green pots. Whistle for Wallace to airblast the 
3 pots. 3 rabbits will shoot up into the air. Suck one in 
and fire it into the Vac 6000. Do the same for the other 
two to get all the rabbits. Go back out onto the lawn and 
talk to Lady Tottingham. You’ll get the 2nd TUTORIAL CARD.

Day 1: Collecting the ugly statues


Then, Lady Tottingham will ask you to remove some beastly 
statues from around the hall. The first two are on the 
balcony at the front of the hall; wall-jump to reach them. 
Next, jump down and go round the corner to just in front of 
the archway where there is another statue on a small 
pillar; jump to get it. When you go through the archway to 
the area just outside the Walled Garden, Wallace will say 
that the next statue is too high for Gromit, he’ll have to 
get it!


Double-jump towards the pillar to grab onto the bottom of 
the top. Hoist yourself up to reach the 4th statue. Then, 
enter the Walled Garden and jump off the ledge onto the 
pillar to get the 5th statue. Finally, drop down so that 
you’re next to the door and not standing on the yellow 
circle. Whistle for Wallace and then help him suck open the 
door. The final statue is inside. Pick it up and then go 
back to Lady Tottingham who will give you the 3rd Tutorial 
card. After a second or two, Wallace will comment that he 
is tired and that they ought to go home. This sentence 
finishes the first day of the game.

Night 1: Victor’s Plan (Cutscene)

Victor is in his old mansion just up from Tottingham Hall; 
sitting in a armchair with Phillip at his feet. He gets up 
and talks to Phillip about his plan to put Anti-Pesto out 
of action; let all the pests free. He laughs evilly.

Night 1: The Mind-Manipulation-O-Matic Experiment 

This scene takes place in Wallace and Gromit’s cellar as 
Wallace reveals that he’s going to use his brainwashing 
machine to brainwash the bunnies into hating vegetables. 
Phillip meanwhile spies at them from a window. All goes 
well until Wallace accidentally switches the machine to 
blow and a rabbit gets pulled out of the top and down into 
Wallace’s helmet. Wallace yells out signals for Gromit to 
help him whilst hopping around the room. Gromit smashes the 
helmet with his Bungun and Wallace and the rabbit fall to 
the floor. Wallace lifts the shaking rabbit up and puts it 
into the cage. He then says that there’s no hot chocolate 
for him tonight; carrot juice would do just fine…

Day 2: Wallace and Gromit wake up (Cutscene)

The day starts when Gromit gets up to hear noises coming 
from their client alert room. He goes in to find all the 
pictures flashing. He heads downstairs to find a newspaper 
saying that a big nocturnal beast has ravaged the town’s 
vegetables last night. Reverend Hedges claims that it is 
the dreaded beast; the were-rabbit! Gromit goes down into 
the cellar to find the rabbit which was shaking last 
night’s cage broken! Wallace appears at the stairs and 
tells Gromit that Anti-Pesto have a lot to do!

Day 2: Clearing the Rabbits on West Wallaby Street


When you gain control outside Wallace and Gromit’s house 
you’ll notice that the street is swarming with rabbits but 
you can’t do anything about it because there are no Vac 
6000’s. To catch the rabbits you have to do it in an easy 
time limit of 7:58. To start the time limit, talk to Mr. 
Growbag. Since you have so much time, you should complete 
this easily in your first go. Just search the same things 
as you did in the Walled Garden. There are 2 Vac 6000’s; 
the one in the road and the one in 62 West Wallaby Gardens 
front garden. Herd as big batches as possible into the one 
in the road. If you have any single rabbits, fire them into 
the one in the front garden. I did it on my first go with 
about 6:00 left. Once you finish, you’ll get the 1st MR 

Day 2: Mrs. Mulch’s Vegetable Pie


Now that you’ve cleared West Wallaby Gardens of pests, you 
can help the people on it solve their troubles. You’ll 
notice Mrs. Mulch across the road, Madame Winnie Bago at 
the end closest to Tottingham Hall, Mrs. Windfall next to 
her and Mr. Leaching and his van. To start the vegetable 
pie mission, talk to Mrs. Mulch. She’ll ask you to help her 
make a vegetable pie by bringing her a turnip, a 
cauliflower, a courgette and a wild mushroom. Search the 
flowerbeds in the front gardens of West Wallaby Gardens to 
find a turnip and a cauliflower. Pick them up using your 
Bungun and drop them in the basket next to Mrs. Mulch. The 
wild mushroom is behind the tree with no fence around it. 
Drop it in Mrs. Mulch’s basket. The courgette is harder to 
find, follow the path away from West Wallaby Gardens until 
you reach what looks like a village square, this is the 
Market Square. One of the boxes contains some courgettes; 
pick one up and take it to Mrs. Mulch where you need to 
drop it in her basket. Once you’ve done this, you’ll get 

Day 2: Mrs. Windfall’s Veg


Walk down the street, past the tree with no fencing and 
past Madame Winnie Bago and her van. There, you’ll see Mrs. 
Windfall looking very sad. Talk to her to discover that 
pests are eating her veg! You have a time limit of 6:00 to 
catch all the pests. At the start, some squirrels will 
appear outside a tree. Jump up the grassy stairs and catch 
as many squirrels as possible in the Vac 6000. A few of 
them will escape into the tree. Jump, suck and fire them 
into the Vac 6000. Next, some rabbits will appear next to 
the giant cauliflower and start eating it. Quickly herd 
them into the Vac 6000. Then, some more rabbits will appear 
up next to the giant pumpkin. Jump up the next grassy 
staircase and herd the rabbits through the gate. Herd them 
and the rest of them onto the manhole. Make sure a yellow 
circle is next to the lever near the end of the ledge and 
whistle for Gromit to pull the lever. The manhole cover 
will spring open and the rabbits will be pulled inside. 2 
more groups of rabbits will appear; one next to the giant 
cauliflower and one next to the giant marrow. Herd the 
group next to the cauliflower into the Vac 6000. Then, rush 
to the giant marrow to make sure they don’t eat it all and 
herd those rabbits into the Vac 6000. Next, suck open the 
door of the little hut and herd the pests inside into the 
Vac. Finally, hit the supports of the small platform which 
3 rabbits are on and herd them into the Vac 6000 to finish 
the mission. You’ll get the 1st THE WINDFALLS CARD.

Day 2: Pip’s Bullseye Game

Before you go back to the main area of West Wallaby 
Gardens, follow the other stretch of road down to a 
football pitch. You’ll notice Pip standing against the wall 
next to a chalk goal shape. Talk to him to start the 
mission, you have a time limit of 00:30, 00:40 and then 
00:50 to hit the marked chalk circles in each round. Press 
circle for a low hit, square gently for a medium hit a 
square hard for a high hit. In each round, just line 
yourself up with a marked circle and press the right button 
for the right height. The 1st round just has 2 or 3 circle, 
the 2nd round has 4 or 5 circles and the 3rd round has about 
8 circles. I made it on my 1st go easily.