FAQ/Walkthrough by endresults

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 R   O   L   L   I   N   G                     T   H   U   N   D   E   R
              Written by endresults (endresults@charter.net)

This document is copyrighted (c) 2004 by endresults. If you would like 
to use any of the content in this FAQ, ask my permission at 
endresults@charter.net. Now, on with the FAQ.
                         VERSION HISTORY
2/27/04 - V1.1: Fixed a few spelling errors and a cheat.

2/25/04 - V1.0: Initial FAQ. 

                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
 4a. Choosing an Area.
 4b. Starting a Game
 4c. Levels
 4d. Ammunition
 4e. Health 
 4f. Time
 4g. Points
 4h. Continues
 5a. Maskers
 5b. Panthers
 5c. Flamers
 5d. Breakers
 5e. Laser Cannons
 5f. Bats
 6a. Doors
 6b. Turning and Shooting
 6c. Leading Shots
 6d. Conserving Ammunition
 6e. Hiding
 7a. Story 1 Area 1
 7b. Story 1 Area 2
 7c. Story 1 Area 3
 7d. Story 1 Area 4
 7e. Story 1 Area 5
 7f. Story 2 Area 6
 7g. Story 2 Area 7
 7h. Story 2 Area 8
 7i. Story 2 Area 9
 7j. Story 2 Area 10
1. About This FAQ

Rolling Thunder is a side-scrolling shooter released in 1986 by Namco. Side-
scrolling shooters were hardly rare during this period in arcade history, but 
Rolling Thunder stands out even today as one of the best arcade games of the 
era because of its visual style, excellent background music and samples, and 
the game's simple drop-in-a-quarter-and-go gameplay. The visual and audio 
aspects of the Rolling Thunder hold up well almost 20 years later. The game 
bleeds style, with graphics that are obviously inspired by 70's and 80's 
manga. The main character, Albatross, has a very distinctive, lanky look 
about him, and all of his movements are beautifully animated. The soundtrack 
of this game is absolutely extraordinary for the time, and helps create the 
experience of playing through a comic book. 

One of the greatest aspects of Rolling Thunder is its sheer difficulty. This 
game is no picnic, and not many people are able to say they have beaten this 
game, as the later levels can be mind-bendingly hard. Beating Rolling Thunder 
takes a lot of nerves, patience, and precision. Depending on the version of 
Rolling Thunder cabinet you play on, you have only a limited amount of 
continues to work with, or may not even be able to continue at all. All that 
being said, Rolling Thunder CAN be beaten with just one quarter. Even today, 
it is something to brag about, and it will feel good if you can do it. 

The whole point of this FAQ is to not only help you beat the game, but to 
beat the game in as few lives as possible. Maybe even with one life. No 
cheating or glitching, no save/load states if you use an emulator... just good 
ol' fashioned skill and patience.        

2. Story  

(Taken from the Rolling Thunder Arcade Operator's Manual) 

"Rolling Thunder is a one or two player (alternating) game where the player 
controls the player whose code name is Albatross. The Story takes place in 
1960 in New York City where the elusive Maboo, leader of the secret society 
Geldra, is plotting to conquer the world.

Rolling Thunder is the undercover arm of a secret police organization. The 
female agent, Leila, was sent on special assignment into Geldra's underground 
headquarters. Her mission was to expose the treacherous conspiracy, but she 
was captured. 

Agent Albatross is the only man on the Rolling Thunder force who can possibly 
save Leila and complete the mission."  

3. Controls

Jump: Jump Button

Shoot: Shoot Button

Crouch: Down

Crouching Shot: Down + Shoot Button

High Jump/Change Floors Up: Up + Jump Button 

Change Floors Down: Down + Jump Button while behind railing

Entering Doors: Up while standing in front of door

Moving Between Background/Foreground: Up or Down in front of doorway

4. Basics

4a. Choosing an Area

When you drop a quarter in, you will most likely see a screen that allows you 
to select an area from the first story to start from. A very nice touch, but 
I rarely use it. If there is an area you have trouble with, it's a good idea 
to practice up on it by using this neat little area select feature.

4b. Starting a Game

When you begin a new game, you will notice your health and ammo indicators, 
along with your score and player count (which should be set at 3 men) on the 
top. It is pretty self-explanatory, but it needs to be mentioned that 
whenever you die or start a new game, you start out with 50 handgun bullets. 
In some areas, this puts you in a very tight spot, because you never want to 
run out of ammunition, as you will soon see. Also, the health bar is a bit 

4c. Levels

Rolling Thunder is a side-scrolling shooter with a few quirks. Every area has 
floors or levels you can jump up to or down from a la Shinobi, but some 
levels also contain background corridors that you can walk into to avoid 
enemies or obstacles, or simply to reach an ammo closet. In many areas, you 
will find yourself leaping between floor levels to take out enemies, who are 
a danger of leaping up or down to attack you as you walk under or above them. 
It adds a little bit of depth over the usual tired shooters of the 80's.

4d. Ammunition

All areas will contain at least two ammo closets that you can enter to gain 
some bullets for your handgun or machine gun. Doors marked "BULLETS" will add 
to your handgun ammo count while doors marked "ARMS" will equip you with a 
machine gun and bullets, or add to your ammo count if you already have one. 
Ammo closets don't give you a set amount of ammunition. Some ammo closets may 
give you 20 bullets, while others may give you 50. It isn't random, but it is 
worth noting that later in the game, as the amount of enemies increases, the 
amount of ammo in ammo closets may decrease, forcing you to make each shot 
count. At the end of each area, if your remaining ammo is under 50 bullets, 
it will be replenished to 50 at the start of the next area.

If you run out of ammunition, you aren't completely helpless, but as close to 
it as you can possibly get. Your ammo indicator will show 1 bullet remaining, 
but when you fire your weapon, you will find that the bullet fires at the 
walking speed of Albatross. You will also be limited to having one bullet on 
the screen at once, so you will have to get up close and personal with 
enemies if you want to survive with the "slug pistol."

4e. Health
In the bottom-middle of the screen is your health, or life indicator. You 
will notice that when it is full, it shows a long bar with eight green blocks 
in it. This is very misleading, and is there either to fill up the bottom of 
the screen to make it look good, or to fool new players into thinking they 
can recklessly fly into firefights and take a few bullets in the process 
without dying. In actuality, your health bar is actually TWO units or four 
blocks each. Being hit by a bullet or grenade, falling into a pit or an area 
without a floor, getting hit by a laser cannon, or running out of time will 
kill you instantly. Running into an enemy or the explosion of a grenade will 
cost you one half of your life bar, and running into one again will kill you. 
Your life bar is replenished at the end of each area. As you can see, this 
game is very unforgiving of mistakes. 

4f. Time

Depending on the dip switch settings of the arcade cabinet, you will have 
either 120 or 150 seconds to negotiate each area. If you die during an area, 
the time resets to the default area time, even if you start at a mid-level 
checkpoint. The recommended setting is 120 seconds according to the Rolling 
Thunder Arcade Operator's Manual, but I have yet to see a cabinet not set at 
150 seconds. 150 seconds to complete some areas is a tall order as is, and it 
is recommended that you set your cabinet to 150 seconds if possible. 

After the completion of an area, your remaining time is converted into points 
at a rate or 120 points for each second remaining on the timer. 

4g. Points

This game really isn't about the points, but I suppose it's worth noting that 
you can gain extra men at 70,000 and 200,000 points or at 100,000 and 300,000 
points depending on the cabinet settings. There is also a high score list, 
and if you continue a game, the score doesn't reset, so you can add on to 
your high score if you want. Here is the full list of point information.

|  Enemy/Time          | Points  |
|Common Masker         |  300    |
|Goggled Masker        |  400    |
|Ninja Masker          |  700    | 
|Bat                   |  800    |
|Breaker               |  300    |
|Flamer Remains        |800 each | 
|Panther               |  500    | 
|Remaining Time        |120/sec  |

4h. Continues

Unlike a lot of games that allow continues, Rolling Thunder will only let you 
continue a game a maximum of six times. The cabinet has a setting that allows 
you to set the max continues to three, but I've never seen it done. If you 
want to beat the game, you will have to get good at it, rather than having a 
lot of quarters at your disposal.  

5. Enemies

5a. Maskers

Maskers are the most prevalent enemy in Rolling Thunder. They look human, and 
wear colorful outfits, that presumably signify rank, but also serve to alert 
the player of what attacks should be expected from them. In this guide, the 
maskers will be separated and described by hood color. They come in three 
varieties, and each variety has several different flavors. Some can attack 
only by punching while others carry a gun just like Albatross. Some can even 
lob grenades. Even still, the maskers who carry weapons will sometimes stand 
and shoot while others prefer to crouch and fire, making you jump to avoid 
the bullet and leaving you vulnerable to subsequent attacks by them or other 
enemies.  The maskers who crouch and shoot are the most dangerous, and should 
be quickly eliminated before they are allowed to fire. 

Common Maskers: Common maskers wear a simple hood and this is the first enemy 
you encounter when you start a new game. They attack by either punching, 
shooting, or by lobbing grenades at you. All common maskers take only one 
shot to put down.

Goggled Maskers: Goggled maskers are a little sturdier than your common 
masker, and take two shots to kill, but still follow the same attack patterns 
as common maskers. These maskers can punch, shoot, and some can even throw 
grenades, but they are still only marginally harder than common maskers to 
kill since they are momentarily stunned after being shot once, leaving them 
open to a follow-up shot.

Ninja Maskers: Ninja Maskers begin to appear at the end of the second area 
and show up on and off throughout the rest of the game. When Albatross 
happens by a stealth masker's position, they appear out of nowhere and 
attempt an ambush attack. Most ninja maskers are relatively simple to kill, 
but a few white ninja maskers near the end of the game take an amazing four 
shots to kill. Be wary in places where stealth maskers show up, and you 
shouldn't have any problems, save for a few tricky positions that will be 
covered later. 

5b. Panthers

Panthers are big, black cats that show up in various places throughout the 
game. They are very easy to kill, taking only one well placed crouching shot. 
These enemies are only tricky in numbers and in ambush situations where they 
leap onto the screen from above. Occasionally, panthers will crouch and growl 
at you, and a crouching shot will miss them. 

5c. Flamers

Flamers are humanoid shaped creatures that leap up from lava pits and bounce 
around the screen. Flamers are especially tricky, mostly because they show up 
in situations where you are doing platform jumping. One shot will take down a 
flamer, but after it is hit, it will break up into four separate fireballs 
which will then fly up in an upward direction and off the screen. It is 
important to know when flamers will appear and to take them down before they 
get close. If you miss a shot at them and they leap right by you they will 
bounce right back in Albatross' direction. Where on the screen you kill a 
flamer is just as important as IF you kill it. 

5d. Breakers

These can be one of the most annoying enemies in the entire game. They are 
short impish looking creatures and are quick when attacking, which means you 
need to hit them quickly with a low shot before they have the chance to 
attack. Once they close in on Albatross, they leap at you, leaving you with 
one chance to shoot them with a high shot before they hit you. While they 
technically only do half damage, letting them get close enough to hit you 
usually means death, as they are very fast and will usually hit you twice 
before you have the chance to recover. It is very important to lead your 
shots in areas that Breakers populate.

5e. Laser Cannons

Laser cannons are mounted to ceiling structures and shoot towards the ground 
at regular intervals. Being hit by one is just like getting shot, which means 
instant death. They start appearing in the second story of the game, and can 
make some situations rather difficult. While they don't pose much, if any, of 
a challenge on their own, sometimes enemies will attack just as you reach or 
have passed a laser cannon, making backtracking difficult, and forcing you to 
leap forward if shot at. Also, laser cannons sometimes show up grouped 
closely together, forcing you to memorize their firing pattern and carefully 
pass through each one. 

5f. Bats

Bats show up in a few areas in the game, and are supremely annoying. They are 
huge, and while they only take one shot to kill, they can be hard to hit. 
Once a bat spots Albatross, it will fly back and forth on the screen a few 
times and then swoop down to attack, where it can then be shot by a standing 
shot. Bats are only truly dangerous in situations where you trigger more than 
two bats at a time, when a bat appears near the bottom of the screen, or when 
you miss your chance to attack the bat and take a hit. 

6. Tactics to Remember 

To be successful at Rolling Thunder, there are a few techniques and tactics 
to remember before you get started. Some of these are pretty intuitive, but 
some need to be practiced before they become second nature. I won't go in-
depth for every section of every area in the game, so it's important to use 
them all the time, except for hiding. 

6a. Doors

You will encounter a lot of doors throughout the game, and more often than 
not, an enemy will exit a door when you approach it. It is ALWAYS recommended 
stop for a second by a door you haven't seen an enemy already exit. Once you 
start doing this regularly, it will become second nature. Using this tactic 
will not only keep you from being surrounded, it will also save ammo, as you 
won't need to shoot wildly from left to right to take down a few enemies. 

Remember: You want enemies to approach from the right side ONLY. 

6b. Turning and Shooting

There is an odd and sometimes frustrating quirk with this game that has to do 
with the design of the joystick. It can only register one directional input 
at once, so if you are ducking from and shot fired by an enemy on the right 
side of the screen and enemy approaches from the left side of screen, if you 
try to turn and shoot at the enemy, Albatross will stand up and turn before 
shooting. You can see how this situation can cost you a life, but it can be 
avoided. While you can't normally change directions while ducking without 
standing up, you CAN do it if you're shooting at the time. Try it while 
quickly firing with the handgun or while firing with the machine gun. This is 
an extremely important tactic, but can be hard to master without standing up 
into the path of a bullet a few times.   

Remember: Ducking, turning and shooting is bad. Shooting and turning while 
still shooting is good. 

6c. Leading Shots

The enemies in Rolling Thunder can approach and react quickly once they 
appear on screen. Some maskers can fire their weapon a split second after you 
see them, putting you in a difficult position. This can be counteracted by 
"leading" your bullets across the screen. Simply fire your weapon, and walk 
to the right. Any enemy that appears on screen will be hit by the bullet. For 
instance, at the very beginning of the second area, you will be approached by 
a few common maskers, one of them being a white masker that will crouch and 
shoot after he appears on screen. If you crouch and shoot a few times before 
you trigger the maskers and walk to the right, than both of them will be 
killed before they get a chance to attack, saving you from dodging shots. 

Remember: Beating this game requires you to avoid situations where an enemy 
has the chance to attack when possible. 

6d. Conserving Ammunition

While ammunition is plentiful in the beginning of the game, you may find 
yourself short on ammo later on in the game if you go crazy with the shoot 
button. A great tactic to use is to remember how many shots an enemy takes to 
die, and then crouching and firing that many shots, with a fraction of a 
second pause between each shot. With the machine gun, remember to tap-tap-tap 
the button instead of holding it down. There are a few situations where you 
will use automatic fire, but in most situations, if you hold down the shoot 
button, one bullet will hit an enemy and the subsequent bullet will be so 
close behind the first one that it will pass right through the enemy. There 
are many situations where hoards of enemies will appear on screen, and by 
using just enough bullets to eliminate the enemies, you will save yourself 
from having to use the dreaded slug pistol. After awhile, your simple 
addition skills should be perfect, and lightning quick, too. 

Remember: You DO NOT want to run out of normal ammunition. Ever. 

6e. Hiding

It is possible to walk into a door and stay there (by holding up on the 
joystick) to avoid enemies, who will then walk right by the door. You 
shouldn't ever have to use this tactic. Hiding eats away precious time and 
you should be able to kill anything that comes your way, anyway. 

Remember to forget to hide: You're an agent in a secret organization, and you 
have a gun. 

7. Area Guide

This guide will focus primarily on areas that are tricky or tips that I have 
picked up over the years. Don't worry about being left hanging during any 
difficult parts, but this isn't going to cover how to defeat every single 
enemy you run in to. 

7a. Story 1 Area 1

You begin the game in what looks to be a dilapidated apartment complex (with 
ammo closets) and you will be greeted almost right away by purple common 
maskers and yellow goggled maskers. You'll soon come across a bullet closet 
(x50) and an arms closet (x100...cha-ching!). Continue on until you reach the 
set of stairs and leap or walk down. Beware of the gray masker hanging out on 
a ledge opposite the stairs. Shoot your way through until you reach some 
stacked tires. After killing everything you see, quickly leap into one of the 
tires and duck. Kill a blue masker popping up and down shooting at you and 
continue. From here until the end of the area, simply move forward and wait 
for the enemies to come to you when appropriate. There is one purple masker 
who figured out how to throw grenades and a few gun-toting maskers, but this 
shouldn't be difficult. Head on to the door at the end. Area 1 complete!

7b. Story 1 Area 2

You'll quickly be approached by maskers at the start of this area, one of 
which will be a white masker who will shoot low at you. Lead your shots and 
kill him before he has the chance and move forward till you meet a gray 
masker standing in front of an arms closet chucking grenades down to the 
floor, walk by him, and see two more grays tossing grenades. Jump up and kill 
them off, and jump over to the platform where the arms closet is (x80) and 
jump back to the other platform. to collect the bullets if you want them 
(x20). You'll soon reach a huge stack of boxes guarded by loads of purple and 
gray maskers. Kill them off and proceed until you see an arrow pointing 
upwards. High jump on the boxes a few times until you reach a platform. Kill 
off the maskers on the platform opposite the gap and jump across. This 
section is a long of stretch of stairways and landings guarded by maskers. A 
good pseudo-trick to use here is to use the railings to jump down a level 
when you can, thus saving time and avoiding maskers. When you reach the 
bottom proceed to the right slowly. There are four ninja maskers who will 
appear right by the exit as you near it. Kill them and exit. Area 2 complete!

7c. Story 1 Area 3

This area starts out in a cave, and you'll meet the breakers for the first 
time. Be sure not to let them get close enough for them to execute their 
leaping attack. Say hello, enter the ammo closet (x30) and proceed. Just 
ahead is another ammo closet with arms (x80). Yet another ammo closet farther 
up containing even more machine gun ammo (x80). Just ahead of the ammo closet 
you will meet another new enemy, the panther. They are pretty simple to 
defeat, so just crouch and shoot away and move forward to yet another ammo 
closet with handgun bullets (x30) and get ready to shoot. Up ahead are more 
panthers and three are prowling around in a cage in the background. You can 
walk in and shoot them, or wait for them to jump out. Don't try to walk past 
them. After this start leading your shots with the machine gun, as there will 
be several dangerous shooting and grenade tossing maskers between you and the 
exit. Kill them off and move on. Easy as pie. Area 3 complete!

7d. Story 1 Area 4

Still in a cave setting, and you will meet two more new enemies in this area. 
This is also the first level where time is an important factor. Don't try to 
rush through it. Just be quick and careful and you should do fine. Plow 
through the maskers in the beginning of this area and enter the ammo closet 
for some handgun bullets (x30) and proceed up the steps and say hello to the 
bats. You can kill the first one from on top of the highest step. Drop down 
and meet two more bats. They will fly from the left side to the right side of 
the screen two or three times and then drop down to attack. Just stay 
standing up and shoot them down. Kill another pair of bats and a few maskers 
and enter the ammo closet for machine gun ammo (x40) and then get the bullets 
(x30) from an ammo closet just in front of it. Just ahead you will meet up 
with the ugliest maskers in the game, the green goggled maskers, and drop 
down a series of ledges.  Three ninja maskers will appear after you drop down 
to the third ledge, just get as far out of their way as you can and shoot 
them down, and kill one more ninja masker when you reach the bottom. At the 
top of the second step just ahead, will be two more ninja maskers. Walk up 
near the top step or jump onto it and back down to the first step to trigger 
them, and then kill them and move on to kill yet another ninja masker and 
proceed to an ammo closet for some handgun bullets (x30). Kill yet another 
ninja masker on the top of the ledge just ahead and down to meet some more 
panthers. One panther will try to pounce on you from the top of some steps. 
Step back, shoot him, and climb up. Get ready to meet the flamers and do a 
little platform jumping here. As soon as you land on the first platform, two 
flamers will appear, but only one will be dangerous. Shoot it, and proceed to 
the ledge. Kill another ninja masker up to his same old tricks, and get ready 
for a little more platform jumping. On the second platform, shoot down a 
flamer, and quickly duck and shoot another one when you reach the sixth 
platform. On the ninth platform, shoot one more flamer, who will often get 
caught up between the right edge of the screen and the steps, and jump to the 
steps and kill two more flamers and quickly walk forward to the goal. This is 
a tough area because of the time constraints and tricky enemies, but with 
practice you should be able to make it with a few seconds to spare. Area 4 

7e. Story 1 Area 5

As you have seen from the cutscene between areas, Leila isn't doing too well. 
Time to step it up in area 5, which can be pretty tough. Time shouldn't be a 
factor here, but don't dawdle too long. As soon as you start off, you'll 
notice this area looks vaguely like area 1 in design, but there is a gated 
area along the first floor which you can enter to pick ammo or to avoid 
enemies in the foreground. Be sure to watch out when you are walking along 
the upper level for enemies on the bottom in the background area, as they can 
still jump up to the second level and knock off half of your health. Also, 
the maskers move a lot faster starting in this area until the rest of the 
game. Walk forward and you will see two ammo closets with handgun ammo. The 
one on the first level in the background area has 30 bullets, while the one 
on top has 20. I usually jump up to the top level, and move close enough to 
the maskers on the bottom to get them to jump up, then kill them off, pick up 
the ammo on top, then jump down to the bottom and hit the other ammo closet. 
In the second gated area, move into the background and move into the ammo 
closet for some machine gun bullets (x80), exit to the foreground, and 
approach a stack of boxes. There will be a green masker on the bottom trying 
to shoot you, but hits nothing but box. If no maskers jump over to try to 
attack you, jump up onto the first box, kill any enemies you can, and then 
jump onto the top box. A few more maskers will appear. You will need to jump 
over the green masker, turn, shoot him, duck to avoid bullets from an orange 
masker on your right and then finish off the maskers and move on. Up ahead is 
an ammo closet with handgun bullets (x30). Move up a bit and you will 
approach an area with two boxes stacked up to block your path on the bottom 
level and a second level ledge. Quickly jump to the second level to avoid 
grenades thrown by a gray masker, wait for the maskers to move away, then 
drop down and kill them, walk into the ammo closet for some handgun bullets 
(x20) and jump up to the second level and kill the maskers. Walk forward 
until you reach the boxes, drop down, and move forward to a short open area 
with a few doors with boxes by them. Get as close you can to the edge of the 
box, wait for the masker to exit the door, shoot him, and move on. Repeat 
this until you reach two stacked boxes, jump up to the second level, and get 
ready to do some serious shooting. On the bottom level will be loads of 
maskers of all types. Wait a few seconds for a few ninja maskers to move away 
and one will stick around the boxes under you, jump off the ledge in such a 
way that you just barely clear the edge of the ledge, quickly turn and kill 
the stealth ninja on your left, and turn and fire while still crouching at 
the maskers that will be quickly approaching on your right. Don't worry about 
wasting ammo here, just fire until everything melts into the ground. Some may 
get a shot off, and it is possible for two bullets to come at you from both a 
standing shot and a crouching shot. If this happens, high jump, and do your 
best to get a few shots off when you land. When you make it past that 
firefight, proceed to walk to the exit. Congratulations, story 1 and area 5 

7f. Story 2 Area 6

I bet you thought you were near the end of the game when you walked by the 
huge monitor that Maboo & Friends hang out around in the attract screen and 
cutscenes, eh? Sorry, only halfway there. Story 2's levels are designed very 
similarly to story 1's, but have quite a few extra enemies and some different 
architectural designs. As you start area 6, you'll notice that there is a new 
background area, and later on, you'll encounter a few more surprises. When 
you start off, kill of some maskers, jump up to the top level, watch out for 
maskers jumping up from below, and enter the ammo closet for 30 handgun 
bullets. You can walk forward for a bit to avoid the maskers below, then drop 
down near the entrance to the background area of the first level, enter, and 
grab 30 more handgun bullets, exit to foreground, and kill any maskers 
around. Proceed to another ammo closet and get the machine gun (x40). Jump up 
to the second level, drop down off the ledge, and you'll come to an area with 
two doors on the bottom level, and five doors sticking out of the wall near 
the top of the screen(?!?). Watch out for maskers jumping down from above, 
kill them, and continue on. Jump up to the second level, kill a lot of 
maskers and enter yet another ammo closet for 50 handgun rounds. Jump all the 
way down the stairs and over the gray masker on the second step. Continue on 
and you'll encounter a new obstacle to contend with: the laser cannon. While 
it doesn't look difficult to get through, when you get close to the beat, 
some maskers will appear. Kill them, and continue on. There will be more 
laser cannons near some stacked tires. Kill all the maskers before you 
attempt to jump through them, then when you are between the first and second 
lasers, a blue masker will appear and pop up to shoot at you from inside the 
tires. You can either jump over his bullets and return fire from between the 
beams, or jump over his bullet and through the laser cannon into a tire and 
kill him from there. More maskers at the next laser cannon. Kill them when 
they approach. Jump over tire, through the laser cannon, and over a green 
masker. Kill everyone and continue to the sandbag area. This area can be 
tricky since enemies are behind the sandbags, and you can see their heads pop 
up from the low points. Watch out for them and continue to the highest point 
of the sandbags where you will be ambushed by breakers and maskers. Jump 
back, but not to the low point of the bags where you can be attacked by the 
maskers behind them, and kill them off and continue. Once over the high point 
of the sandbags, with the exit in sight, three more maskers will jump up from 
the sandbags. Carefully kill them off and exit. Time can be an issue on this 
level, but if you are moving at a brisk pace, you should have at least 10 
seconds to spare by the end of the area. Also, it's worth noting that if you 
die at anytime during the sandbag or tire area, you will start at a mid level 
checkpoint near the top of the stairs. If you don't backtrack and get more 
ammo, you will be in serious danger or running out of ammunition near the 
exit. Not good. Area 6 complete!

7g. Story 2 Area 7

Remember way back in story 1 area 2 when a white masker was waiting for you 
at the start of the area? Well, not anymore. Two are waiting this time. Kill 
them off and continue. On the platform with the machine gun ammo closet, two 
gray maskers will be dropping grenades as usual, but they will be closer 
together, forcing you to hurry through before you get hit. Same as last time, 
wait for the maskers on the lower platform to jump down, kill them, jump up 
and kill the grenade maskers, jump to the higher platform and kill the other 
two, and step into the ammo closet for 80 machine gun bullets. Jump back over 
to the other ammo closet for 20 handgun bullets, and proceed to the boxes. 
Bats populate this area now, as well as maskers. Kill the maskers while the 
bats are swooping overhead, and kill the bats when they attack. Jump up to 
the platform, kill the maskers on the platform to the right, and jump across. 
Kill some maskers, jump down over the railing to the landing below, and to 
the next set of stairs. Three breakers will attack as soon as you reach the 
foot of the steps. Quickly kill them and continue down the stairs. Lots of 
maskers near the bottom here, as well as some ninja maskers Wait for an 
opportunity to jump over them from the bottom of the steps (don't worry, you 
can't be hit when you are on the steps by an enemy on the landing), and 
quickly shoot them. Don't jump out too far though, as a ninja masker will 
appear near the door on the right. More maskers further on, including a white 
ninja masker, keep going down to the bottom while remembering to take the 
pseudo-shortcut by jumping down over railings. When you reach the bottom, 
three more breakers will appear, kill them and the ninja maskers who appear 
near the exit and continue through. Area 7 complete! 

7h. Story 2 Area 8

Back to the underground cave for round two against the breakers and flamers 
here. Time is a huge factor in this level and you will need to practice often 
to become fast enough to make it through without timing out. This is probably 
the hardest area in the game, because not only do you have to move quickly, 
but you need to do some platform jumping while dealing with enemies, which 
isn't always a guarantee, even if you're doing it right. Move forward through 
the breakers and maskers to an ammo closet with 30 handgun bullets in it, and 
then ahead to another ammo closet for a machine gun with 40 bullets. Move 
ahead to one of the trickiest areas in the entire game, at the staggered red 
barrels. Here, there will be a few maskers and a breaker, but the big problem 
is the green masker who will throw grenades over the barrels at you. There is 
nothing you can really do if he starts throwing grenades. You can't dodge 
them by ducking on the barrels or jump over them between grenades since he 
throws them so quick. What you want to do here is jump on to the top barrel 
BEFORE he starts throwing the grenades. If you miss your chance, which you 
likely will the first few tries, backtrack to the ammo closet, and then 
proceed back to the barrels. The enemies on the other side of the barrel will 
reset, and the breakers and maskers that appear before you reach the barrel 
will as well. Try again. Once on top of the barrel, quickly jump straight up 
to avoid the grenade. The masker will stop throwing grenades, and you can 
wait for a moment for the enemies to spread out and to kill a blue masker 
that will appear from the left. Drop down, clean up, and proceed. It's 
important to note that if you want a good chance of beating this area without 
running out of time, you need to negotiate that part on the first try. Once 
over the stump, you will be ambushed by bats who will streak straight for 
you. Kill them and any maskers and can continue to the ammo closet for 40 
machine gun bullets. Continue to the top of the barrels and kill a masker who 
approaches, jump over, and watch for a goggled masker tossing grenades. 
Proceed to some steps, and stop and duck on the second step. A panther will 
try to ambush you, and then jump right over you. Avoid another panther ambush 
and enter another ammo closet for 30 handgun bullets. Drop down and kill the 
panthers and you'll come to a tricky area where you will need to enter the 
background area to get around a foreground obstacle, but there are quite a 
few panthers and a few maskers who may head back there as well. You can 
either try to move back and forth between the background entrances and wait 
for and opening to sneak in and kill the panthers or use this nice little 
trick. Jump back up to the second level before the gated area and jump off 
the ledge towards the right. This will cause the panthers to jump up, giving 
you time to walk inside and move over a little so you can duck (pushing down 
after you enter the background area causes you to exit back out) and kill the 
panthers before they recover. Once past the obstacle, pop out into the 
foreground and quickly kill the maskers there. Lead your shots here as there 
will be some dangerous maskers from here to a set of steps. Jump up and 
quickly jump down so that you land just to the right of the door, kill the 
masker, and repeat this on the next drop. This time though, there will be an 
orange masker who will shoot at you from behind a barrel on the right. A 
masker will also walk out the door you just landed by as well, which puts you 
in a tricky spot. It's very easy to panic and try to kill the masker who 
exits the door, causing you to stand up into the path of a bullet here. 
Instead, you can shoot once to the right as soon as you land, or face left as 
soon as you land, duck, kill the masker who exits, and then take care of the 
orange masker. After that, jump across the gap and onto the bridge. IMPORTANT 
NOTE: If you're planning on beating this area in one life, it is important 
that you have at least 40 seconds remaining on the timer before you reach the 
bridge area. Even with 40 seconds left, you're still going to need to be 
quick, and know exactly what to in the last part of this area to make it. 
After you jump the barrel, walk past the door a bit to trigger a flamer, 
quickly kill him, and walk forward to trigger a bat near the bottom of the 
screen. You CAN jump down immediately if you don't hesitate and kill the bat 
before it starts flying around, and if you're short on time, that's the 
recommended course of action. Otherwise, wait a second for it to fly to the 
left, jump down, and kill it. Jump to the next pillar. Move to the right of 
the pillar to trigger another bat. Wait for it to fly to the left, jump up 
the steps, and shoot it. Now, kill the maskers who come out the doors, and 
get ready to run and jump. There will be three pillars with a door on each 
one, but what you're going to do is jump through them before maskers have a 
chance to exit the doors and attack. On the ledge before you reach this area, 
don't move too far to the right when killing the last masker, or you may end 
up triggering a masker to exit the door on the first ledge. Jump, jump, jump, 
and then jump onto a narrow pillar and up onto another ledge with a bunch of 
doors and an ammo closet. Don't worry too much if maskers who were on the 
pillars shot at you after exiting the doors, since Albatross should just be 
able to outrun them and leap onto the last pillar to avoid the bullets. If 
you're trying to get through this area on the first life, avoid the ammo 
closet. Stay standing up and shoot the two flamers and maskers. Try to get 
through this part and onto the next ledge as quickly as possible to shave off 
a second or two. When onto the next ledge, stay on the top and kill one more 
flamer, and one more will appear on the bottom. It CAN hit you, so be careful 
and navigate to the rightmost point of the ledge and quickly kill one more 
flamer. If you're lucky, you may even be able to hit the flamer who's hanging 
around on the bottom. Jump to the first narrow pillar and quickly shoot down 
two flamers. Jump to the next pillar. On this pillar, you're going to need to 
lead a shot and jump to the pillar that is a bit wider than the rest. You 
need to make this shot because a flamer will appear on screen as you are 
jumping and land on that pillar. It may take a few tries to get the timing 
right, but if you make it, then jump onto the next pillar and onto the ledge 
and exit. Whew! If you had 40 seconds left at the start of the bridge area, 
you should be able to exit with 3-5 seconds left consistently when you get 
the timing of everything right. Congratulations, you've just beat arguably 
the hardest area in the game. Area 8 complete!

7i. Story 2 Area 9

Area 9 is unlike anything you've seen in the game as of yet, but after having 
completed area 8, you should be ready for anything. Begin by jumping up to 
the top railing, moving forward and killing a few flamers and masker. Move 
through a laser cannon and up to a ledge, and drop down to another ledge. 
Watch out for the next drop, as there are some ninja maskers waiting here. 
Drop down and kill a ninja masker that appears on your left, and then drop 
down to your left and kill a ninja masker on your right. Enter ammo closet 
for 30 handgun rounds, and drop off the ledge. Kill a yellow ninja masker, 
and move close to the laser cannons until another ninja masker appears on the 
side of the cannons, kill it, and then move through the first laser cannon 
and back to where you were. Kill the other ninja masker and go through 
another laser cannon until you reach some steps with a laser cannon on top 
and a small gap for you to fit through. There are a few shooting maskers 
after you pass through here that will shoot when you land. Either duck into 
the door, or shoot a few times and jump. Enter the ammo closet for 40 machine 
gun rounds. Continue to some steps with two laser cannons next to each other. 
Jump onto the first step when it is safe, and through the second one just 
before the first one fires. You'll come upon an area with a bunch of shooting 
maskers on the bottom. Drop down and kill them, or dodge some laser cannons 
on top, and move through to another set of ledges. Drop down to your right, 
then left, right, and then jump down to the left side of the next platform 
where a white ninja masker will appear. Kill him and drop off to your left to 
an ammo closet for 50 handgun rounds. Now jump to the small platform to your 
right, and then to the next one, and drop or jump off to your right. Kill the 
white ninja masker that appears, and drop off to your left. Another ninja 
masker should appear and drop toe platform below. Jump down and kill him, 
then move through the laser cannons to the edge of a platform where yet 
another ninja masker will appear. Jump down and kill him, and move forward 
and kill some white maskers and a flamer. Next up is two laser cannons right 
next to each other firing in an awkward sequence. Memorize the pattern and 
move through. Drop down and kill some maskers. Then jump up to an area where 
three ninja maskers and some bats will appear. Drop down as quickly as 
possible to avoid the bats, and either stun the maskers and make a mad dash 
for the exit, or kill the bats and maskers and exit. Time really isn't a 
factor in this area, and the real difficulty lies in the fact that if you die 
near the end, you start back at the beginning. Area 9 complete!      

7j. Story 2 Area 10

Here we are at the last area! It's a doozy, so get ready to plow through 
anything that gets in your way. Start out by killing the breakers and maskers 
and move to the background to an ammo closet for 30 handgun rounds. Jump up 
to the top level, and to the end of the platform. Jump down past the red box 
when the breaker moves, and kill the maskers that converge from all sides. 
Move to the top platform and continue on past the red box and drop down and 
into the background for 80 machine gun rounds. Use them sparingly; you're 
going to need them. Exit back out and continue on to the cluster of red 
boxes. Just like last time, kill any enemies that jump over, kill the blue 
masker on the first box, and jump down behind the green masker when you have 
an opportunity and clean up. There is one more shooting masker to worry 
about, but it really isn't much harder. Move on to another ammo closet for 30 
handgun rounds. Just pass the ammo closet is a bunch of breakers and maskers, 
so lead your shots. Jump up to the top platform before the green masker 
starts throwing grenades, drop down to the right when the coast is clear, and 
enter an ammo closet for 50 handgun rounds. Jump up and move forward past the 
obstacle on the bottom, and drop down again. Move past the doors and boxes to 
another ammo closet for 20 handgun rounds, jump up to the platform, and get 
ready to shoot. Drop down when the blue masker moves off to the right, and 
when you shoot, stay STANDING. The breakers will attack before a crouching 
shot will hit them so just kill them and start leading your shots through the 
monitor area. A little farther up, you will be ambushed by three panthers. 
Kill them and climb the stairs. Drop down when you have a chance, and stay 
standing and firing to kill the breakers and ninja maskers that appear. Next 
is another set of stairs where a bunch of ninja maskers will appear. The 
first few are easy enough to kill, but a few near the top will lollygag 
around the top without moving. To fix this, high jump to trigger them to move 
towards you and quickly kill them or simply jump up and try to shoot them off 
the stairs. When you make it over, you will see the evil, soon to be dead 
Maboo, and Leila in shackles in the background. Kill any white maskers down 
there, but don't hit Maboo. When they are all gone, Move to the far left 
against the wall and fire your handgun as fast as you possibly can. If you're 
doing it right, Maboo will fall before he gets to you. That's it! You don't 
want to fight Maboo any other way than this. He must be part bull, because 
all he will do is charge you for the whole battle. It's really quite 
ridiculous. Time is a definite factor in this area, but the boss battle is 
over so quick, all you need is 5 seconds left when you drop from the platform 
to kill Maboo.

Game complete! 

Hopefully this guide will get you moving in the direction to beating this 
game in just one quarter. Women will throw themselves at you, guys will 
respect you, and everybody will worship you. 


I was initially reluctant to add this section to the FAQ, since the whole FAQ 
is focused around beating the game legitimately in as few lives as possible, 
but after thinking about it for awhile, I think it's fun to try them out 
after you've beaten the game into submission. So, here you go...Enjoy!

8a. Extra Ammo 

This trick can be useful in early areas, but not so much in later ones 
because of time constraints. It involves visiting an ammo closet, 
walking forward enough so that the game "forgets" that you've visited 
the ammo closet previously, and then walking back and grabbing some 
more ammo. This works on certain areas better than others, but the 
whole gist of this trick is to take advantage of ammo closets 
containing machine gun bullets in areas where you aren't severely 
limited by time. You can rack up a TON (at least 800 bullets) of 
machine gun ammo using this trick.

More coming soon!

9. Anything I Missed?  

If there is anything I missed or misspelled, or am just playing wrong 
about, please drop me a line at endresults@charter.net, and I will 
correct it and give you credit for it in the thanks section. 

10. Thanks

Mom and Pops: For...you know....

The great group of people on the GameFAQS FAQ Contributors board.