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What is the best strategy for the end game?

I'm at the end of the game where the cops are after you on a helicopter and you have to get to the skate ranch. I was able to do it on hard. I was able to do it on easy. AND I CAN'T DO IT ON HARD!!! Can somebody please tell me the best strategy for this? (On hard)

Reversinator provided additional details:

That's what I'm doing!


Benny9 answered:

You have to go FAST hold on to a and jump as much as you can
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ImBananas answered:

You could always go crazy and pretend it's a stealth game and hide in stuff. But, I never played the game so I don't know.
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Badman76 answered:

Skate fast, and learn where all the police traps are, after a few goes you will get further and further through the mission intill you complete.
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