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Where can I find all of the deity statues?

Can someone please tell me where all of the deity statues are located? If I remember correctly there are 5 of them, but I am not too sure.

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smeech8000 answered:

Raptor, Deity of Sentiment - located in the Monk's Room on the second floor of the Dworku Monastery.

Wolf, Deity of Wisdom - located in the sarcophagus in the Hidden Underground, just past the Great Corridor and prior to the Skull door. The Skull Key is in the sarcophagus as well. This deity statue is not missable as it is always picked up before the Skull Key and the key is required to advance to the next room.

Devil, Deity of Immorality - located in the Hall of the Flame Dragon in the Caverns. This deity statue is not missable as picking it up triggers the fight with Smaugan.

Serpent, Deity of Creation - located in the Pyramid after both the Tablet of Flame is in place and the "blank" tablet niche is empty.

Demon, Deity of Destruction - located in the Fiend Realm, this deity is awarded after defeating Marbus. This deity statue is not missable as it must be placed at the top of the Core in order to open the door to the stairway.
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FallingsoFar answered:

You find them through out the whole game. They are mandatory to recover and you cannot advance without them.
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