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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mikimus_prime

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    walkthrough version 1.0
    by Mike Corcoran (mikimus_prime)
    send questions, comments, etc. to mlcorcoran@gmail.com
    In Justice League Heroes, you send 2-person teams from the Justice League of
    America to fight in various missions, from the streets of Metropolis to the
    surface of Mars to a twisted nightmare dimension and back again.
    Throughout most of the game you do not get to choose the team members, as the
    heroes being dispatched have been especially chosen for that mission as seen in
    the cinematics. However when you do have the ability to select the teams you'll
    have up to 12 different Leaguers at your fingertips, 7 of which have multiple
    skins and costumes to choose from.
    Once you've selected a team you cannot switch them unless you start the
    mission, or "episode" over again. Saving checkpoints save automatically so
    there is no need to interrupt gameplay to save. Also, reaching a checkpoint
    will automatically revive a fallen member of your team, so you do not have to
    "buy back" teammates like in other games. Also there are no health or powers
    potions, the health and energy meters refill themselves automatically after 5
    seconds of idle time.
    Basic Controls:
    	Move around - Left Analog Stick
    	Camera - Right Analog Stick
    	Calibrate camera behind heroes - L3 (push in left analog stick)
    Mission Map - R3 (push in right stick, once for large map, twice for small, 3
    for none)
    	Change Characters - D-Pad most commonly the Up button
    	Jab Attack - X button
    	Heavy Attack - O Button
    	Pickup/Throw/Open Doors - [] Button
    	Jump - /\ button; Double Jump / Fly - /\ Twice
    	R1 - Block
    	L1 - hold to access Powers Menu
    	L1 + X, O, [], /\, or R1 - use Super Powers
    	START - pause game, access main menu
    	SELECT - access Hero Menu
    The Heads-Up Display:
    There is a thin line circling the face of each character on your team. This
    line fills with green light as you accumulate XP, and when its full you level
    up. The orange bar is your health; the blue bar your Powers. Both bars
    automatically regenerate after idling for a few seconds. There are no Health or
    Power potions. An "Active" hero (being used by a player) will have their HUD
    highlighted. To switch between characters, use the D-Pad.
    Hero Meter:
    Normal punches and kicks fill up the Hero Meter, a series of bars below your
    health and energy meters. When its full it begins to blink and your hero will
    say something corny. While the meter blinks the amount of melee damage you do
    is doubled. The meter empties very fast.
    Levelling Up:
    Each character starts at Level 1 and levels up with experience. Experience is
    gained every time an enemy is killed and they leave behind one or more green
    orbs of energy. The orbs will fill the XP meter surrounding the face of a hero.
    Stronger enemies will leave behind more orbs, especially bosses. These orbs
    will dissolve after a few seconds so get them quickly.
    With each level-up the hero will gain discs which will enhance the hero's
    powers and attributes. Once a disc is applied it cannot be reversed so take
    your time and choose carefully!
    To further enhance a hero's powers and attributes, boost gems can be "slotted"
    within the core of a disc. The strength of a boost is shown by a number
    following it. For instance, Speed 1 or Luck 3. Just like the discs, Slotting a
    boost is not reversable once its been confirmed. However you can overwrite an
    old boost with a new one in that slot.
    Boosts are found in the game randomly, left behind by defeated enemies. The
    further you go in the game the stronger the boosts will be that you find. Pick
    up a boost with the [] button.
    Boost Types:
    	Efficiency (Purple) - powers cost less energy to use
    	Range (blue) - increases range or size of attacks
    	Damage (Red) - does greater damage to enemies
    	Speed (Yellow) - attack moves faster
    	Luck (Green) - better chance an attack stuns or critical damage
    	Duration (Orange) - the affect of a power lasts longer
    Power Discs and Boosts are both applied in the Hero Menu, which you access by
    pressing Select anytime during gameplay. So far as I know there is no limit to
    how many boosts you can carry in your hero menu.
    The Boost Combiner
    In the Hero Menu there is a tab called Boost Combiner. With the combiner you
    can take any 3 boosts and combine them to make a new, stronger boost. You can
    mix boost types but the strongest boost being combined will be the type of the
    new boost. For example Luck 1 + Duration 1 + Duration 1 = Duration 2 (or 3).
    Once again this process is not reversable so take your time.
    JL Shields and Unlockables
    Throughout the game you will find gold shields bearing the JLA logo. They are
    like currency. Collect them to buy unlockables in the Hero Menu under the
    Mission Objective tab. You can buy extra skins for the main 7 heroes, or you
    can buy the extra playable heroes to add to your roster.
    JL Shields are usually found randomly placed throughout the map, or when you
    save a civilian in a mission a shield will take their place.
    Characters and Powers / Attributes
    	Basic Attributes all Heroes Have:
    		Combat - the strength and speed of a basic attack
    		Health - the capacity of the health meter
    		Energy - the capacity of the energy meter
    		Recovery - length of delay before meter refill
    Heat Vision (L1 + X) - heat beam from his eyes, burning enemies for extra
    	Freeze Breath (L1 + []) - freezes an enemy in place
    	Uppercut (L1 + O) - a superstrong uppercut. Can be charged for extra damage
    Flying Strike (L1 + /\) - Movement controlled with left analog stick. Higher
    levels fly 			farther. Hold buttons down to fly longer.
    Man of Steel (L1 + R1) - Surrounded by red energy, reducing the amount of
    damage taken.
    alt skins: Earth-2, Kandor Suit, Black suit from Death of Superman
    Batarang (L1 + X) - Higher levels = more batarangs thrown at once for more
    	Flash Bomb (L1 + []) - Stuns enemies in range. Higher leves = larger blast
    	Dark Knight (L1 + O) - A rapid melee attack. Higher levels = more hits
    Grapple Attack (L1 + /\) - fires a bat-grapple near an enemy and swings into
    Bat Swarm (L1 + R1) - Swarm of bats surround, confuse, and damage targeted
    alt. skins: Blue/Grey, Batman Beyond style, "Infiltration" Suit
    	Fireball (L1 + X) - ball of fire does burn damage to enemies
    Transformation (L1 + O) - enemy in range becomes white rabbit. Higher levels =
    multiple 			enemies transformed at once. Enemies must be in range of the spell.
    	Time Drain Field (L1 + []) - enemies inside ring move slow
    	Heal (L1 + /\) - health meter of all heroes in range refill
    	Protect (L1 + R1) - all heroes in range have reduced damage temporarily
    alt skins: Blue Costume, Identity Crisis costume
    Martian Manhunter:
    	Mental Bolt (L1 + X): blue bolt of mental energy, can stun enemies
    	Phase Charge (L1 + []): Phase-punches through an enemy, can stun or damage
    	Mental Attack (L1 + O): Sends out mental energy radial blast
    	Shape Shift (L1 + /\): Becomes a larger Martian creature for stronger attacks
    Invisibility (L1 + R1): Phases out, passing through enemies. Hold buttons for
    longer use.
    alt. skins: "true" alien form, post-Identity Crisis costume
    Green Lantern:
    	Energy Bolt (L1 + X): Single bolt of energy
    Containment Box (L1 + []): Enemies trapped in light-cage. Higher levels =
    stronger cage. 		Enemies can break walls by hitting them. Heroes can pass
    through cage harmlessly.
    Sledgehammer (L1 + O): hard-light hammer smashes/stuns enemies. Move the GL
    symbol target 		with the left analog stick while holding the power buttons down
    for accuracy.
    Saw-Blades (L1 + /\): Twin rock-crushing blades move slowly and cut through
    anything in 			their path. Great for taking out large inanimate objects.
    Protection Dome (L1 + R1): A 3d sphere protecting GL and any heroes inside it
    from 				damage. Drops when damage limit exceeds.
    alt. skins (Stewart only) - Classic, Bald
    *Note: All 3 GL's  have identical powers, but the objects will look slightly
    different in style
    	Human Pinball (L1 + X) - attacks multiple enemies in range like a pinball
    	Speed Force (L1 + O) - glows with light and moves at superspeed
    Supersonic Evade (L1 + []) - dodges and moves behind enemy, follows up with
    strong attack
    	Dash (L1 + /\) - passes through some solid walls and doors and damages enemies
    	Whirlwind (L1 + R1) - picks up any objects and enemies in range for damage.
    		*WHIRLWIND will NOT work on bosses
    alt skins - Jay Garrick, Red/Silver Wally West costume
    Wonder Woman:
    	Tiara Throw (L1 + X) - throws tiara at enemies like a boomerang
    Lasso Spin (L1 + O) - spins enemy around with lasso. Hold down buttons for
    longer attack.
    Lasso Capture (L1 + []) - traps enemies. Higher Levels can trap more enemies
    at once
    	Flying Strike (L1 + /\) - flying attack like Superman's
    Lasso Snare (L1 + R1) - pulls enemy in for a strong attack. Hold down for
    longer lasso
    alt. skins - Toga, Biker
    *for the last level she wears her eagle armor from Kingdom Come
    Unlockable Characters: these characters must be bought to unlock and have no
    alt. skins
    Mace Throw (L1 + X) - throws her mace to stun/damage enemies. has heavy
    	Supersonic Scream (L1 + []) - can push enemies back and stun them
    	Mace Stun (L1 + O) - slams mace on ground for radial blast to stun enemies
    Thanagarian Strike (L1 + /\) - Very close range shock attack with mace. Heavy
    	Water Blast (L1 + X) - Magic water hand shoots a bolt of water energy
    	Hurricane Uppercut (L1 + O) - can be charged like Superman's uppercut attack
    	Water Vortex (L1 + []) - throws a water vortex that can trap and damage enemies
    Hydro Sword (L1 + /\) - rapid slashes and cuts with water hand-sword. Close
    range attack.
    Crossbow Attack (L1 + x) - Rapid fires arrows at enemies. Higher levels = more
    	Gotham Girl (L1 + O) - rapid melee attack like Batman's
    Crossbow Stun (L1 + []) - fires flash-bang arrow to stun. Higher levels =
    bigger blast
    	Grapple Attack (L1 + /\) - same as Batman's
    Green Arrow:
    Arrow Attack (L1 + X) - shoots multiple arrows at once. higher levels = more
    Exploding Arrow (L1 + []) - explosion stuns enemies. higher levels = bigger
    	Shock Arrow (L1 + O) - shocks enemies to weaken them
    Arrow Barrage (L1 + R1) - move bullseye target with left analog stick. GA
    fires arrows 		straight into the air and they rain down on enemies. higher
    levels = more arrows
    GL Kyle Rayner: see John Stewart
    GL Hal Jordan: see John Stewart
    *NOTE: I will not direct you through the maps room for room. Explore them for
    MISSION 1: Metropolis
    Heroes: Batman and Superman
    Boss: Brainiac Robot
    Brainiac will stand in the middle of the room and be protected by a force
    field. When he does, he will shoot out energy waves across the room, which you
    have to jump over or dodge. take out the 4 generators to lower his field and
    then take him out.
    MISSION 2: Skyline / Park / Subway
    Heroes: Martian Manhunter and Zatanna
    Boss: Queen Bee
    Queen Bee's throne can only be reached by flying. When she sits on her throne
    she is shielded and will summon swarms of bee drones to attack you. She will
    also have a bullseye track you and when it locks on large missiles will rain
    down from the ceiling which you have to dodge. She will lower her forcefield
    and fly around the map. She is fast but you can catch her. Use stun attacks to
    slow her down. Normal melee attacks hurt her and J'onn's monster form can help
    a lot.
    MISSION 3: Communications Facility
    Heroes: GL and Flash
    Boss: the Key
    *note: the dimensional gates will continue to send monsters as long as they
    stand. This is good for getting XP orbs but you can get overwhelmed if you're
    not careful.
    Before you face The Key you have to break open the doors to the control room,
    which he's sealed. In the room there will be several military crates. Break
    them open with your powers and get the explosives inside. Throw the explosives
    at the sealed doors to break them. There is a time limit. Ignore the monsters
    as much as you can.
    In the control room, rescue the civilians by opening the doors using the
    computer terminals. The civilians will turn into JL shields.
    The Key will open a gateway with a black hole that can suck you in, or a
    gateway with a solar flare sending out large flames out. Avoid these doors at
    all costs. the Flash's speed powers can draw his fire and evade while GL can
    use teh sledgehammer to do damage from long distance, or trap Key with the
    containment box.
    MISSION 4: Missile Base
    Heroes: Wonder Woman and Zatanna
    Boss: Killer Frost
    Killer Frost can summon sharp ice spikes from the ground or make the ground
    shake with quakes as ice boulders fall from the ceiling. She can also generate
    waves of cold energy throwing you across the room. You have to go into the
    missile silo's and set a bomb inside the silo, but if you try to go in she'll
    pull you back towards her. Wait until Frost shields herself in ice, then she
    can't capture you and you can run into the silo.
    When you set a charge you'll have 5 seconds to get back out. Make sure the
    doorway is clear so enemies don't get you trapped inside. When the bomb goes
    off it sends a huge wave of fire out that hurts Frost since she's stuck in the
    middle. After the first charge goes off the clock will extend giving you more
    time for the second bomb. Wait until she shields herself again and set the 2nd
    charge. The explosion will finish her off. Gather up the orbs quickly and set
    the last charge in the remaining silo, you'll only have 20 seconds to do it.
    Mission 5: Mars
    Heroes: Superman and Martian Manhunter
    Boss: White Martian Leader
    Regular attacks, even powers, aren't enough to stop the White Martian leader.
    Instead run around his throne and activate 4 control panels. When all 4 are lit
    they will send out an energy wave that damages and stuns him. Then use
    Superman's Upppercut and J'onn's phasing punch. The little bug monsters can be
    killed in just 1 or 2 hits, don't let them explode near you.
    Mission 6: Gorilla City
    The gorillas have powerful guns, the larger rifles do a lot of damage, so pick
    characters that have strong long-range powers or that can stun enemies or trap
    them a lot.
    	6.1.1 - Take out the Earthquake Machine
    There are power generators throughout the map you must destroy while fighting
    off gorillas.
    	6.2.1 - Infiltrate Grodd's Castle
    Save civilian gorillas, destroy a couple more generators, and get inside
    Grodd's fortress.
    after the first map from each mission we go to a different emergency...
    MISSION 7: Space
    Heroes: Superman and Wonder Woman
    Objective: Destroy White Martian Invasion Fleet
    Take out the generators powering the ships. White Martian drones will fly out
    to attack you but they are easy kills. The ship will also have laser and
    missile turrets, which do much more damage. Use Superman's Uppercut and both
    characters' flying strikes to take out the turrets.
    6.2.2 - Grodd's Castle
    Boss: Gorilla Grodd
    Take out the 4 sniper towers surrounding Grodd's throne first. Lure Grodd
    towards his throne and he'll shield himself with a forcefield and send gorillas
    after you. The barrels he throws do heavy damage and send you flying across the
    room. The shockwaves aren't as bad but still harmful.
    6.1.2 - Earthquake Machine
    Destroy the two main generators
    7.2 - White Martian Invasion
    Superman and Wonder Woman
    finish off the last invading ships
    MISSION 8 - Watchtower
    The missile turrets are very dangerous. Use heroes that can attack from long
    range and stay either around a corner or far enough away that the missiles
    can't hit you. Also avoid the mines. They will follow you and blow up as close
    to you as they can get. Destroying one just sends another one from the floor.
    Fly over them and lure them into enemies if you can.
    	8.1 - Disarm Watchtower Defenses
    	8.2 - Rescue Martian Manhunter
    	8.3 - Investigate Watchtower
    	boss: Doomsday Clone
    There are two Clone machines on opposite sides of the room. Take them out while
    evading Doomsday. Doomsday is too strong to engage directly, and when he glows
    green his life meter refills.
    There are three computer terminals in the room. The left terminal fires a
    freeze beam, the middle terminal sets up a forcefield around the round table,
    and the right terminal activates a laser turret in the middle of the table. Get
    Doomsday in the middle of the room and trap him with a forcefield, then damage
    him with lasers. You can freeze him also so you can do melee damage. Do this
    two or three times to finish off Doomsday. MAKE SURE YOU USE THE FORCEFIELD,
    otherwise the laser turrets will kill you in one or two shots.
    MISSION 9 - Brainiac's Lair
    Boss: Brainiac
    Throughout this stage you have to fight Brainiac's guardian robots as
    sub-bosses. Each one (8.0, 8.1, and 8.2) are very powerful. They can charge at
    you, shoot missiles and bombs, and strike with sharp claws and a stinger. I
    highly recommend Martian Manhunter because of his ability to phase through
    enemy attacks without getting hurt.
    Brainiac himself sits on a throne surrounded by a forcefield. Take out his
    drones then approach the throne. He will teleport you to the back of the room
    and set up a force wall. Take out the generators powering the wall, they also
    summon more drones, and approach him again. He will get out of his chair and
    attack you. Dodge his shockwave attacks and his kicks. When he takes enough
    damage he'll teleport you again and you'll take out another set of generators.
    Repeat until he is defeated.
    MISSION 10 - Escape the Dimension
    The "Screaming Hands" monsters are extremely powerful. Just touching them does
    damage to you. Their screams can kill you in seconds, as can their massive
    punches. Use long range attacks. The stalks emit poison gas, use long range
    attacks on them as well. The only "weak" enemies here are the manta-like flying
    monsters which die with just a few hits.
    	10.1 - Batman and Zatanna
    		activate the portal to get home
    Zatanna's transformation power is extremely useful here, but won't work on the
    	10.2 - Wonder Woman and Flash
    		evade the monsters and get to the portal
    If you don't feel like fighting monsters to get XP, just use Flash's Speed
    Force power to sprint through the fields of enemies and get to the portal.
    	10.3 - Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern
    		Survive until a rescue party arrives
    Right at the start you'll be surrounded by monsters. Use GL's Protection Dome
    to push them away, and J'onn's radial mental attack to stun them. Fly to avoid
    direct hits but the screams can still hurt you if you're in range. Fly to a
    corner where there are no monsters, they'll stop chasing you if you're far
    enough away. Use long range attacks and trap them with Containment Box. When
    all the Screaming Hands are dead a massive scorpion like Beast will appear.
    Keep using long range attacks, trapping with the Box, and use J'onn's
    invisibility to keep him safe. Attack the Beast from behind as much as possible
    to avoid his sharp claws. Defeat him and you'll be rescued by the others.
    MISSION 11 - New Apokolips
    	11.1 - Rescue Superman
    Darkseid's soldiers will come out of van-like transports, which you can
    destroy. The soldiers themselves are easy to beat, but the Parademons are not.
    They have powerful long range fireball attacks. Closer to the end of the map
    you'll fight a number of massive robots. Destroy all the enemies surrounding
    Superman's prison to set him free.
    	11.2 - Infiltrate Darkseid's lair
    Superman will be an NPC leading the attack, punching his way through the
    massive doors. Give him cover as he moves through the base to Darkseid's throne
    room. I recommend Martian Manhunter because of his invisibility power so he can
    pass through attacks and follow Superman while still doing damage with the
    monster shapeshift and the mental attacks.
    	11.3 - Throne Room
    	boss: DARKSEID
    Superman declares the attack will be in waves. There will be 4 teams of 2 to
    attack Darkseid. Each player will pick 4 heroes.
    Darkseid's omega beams will chase you all over the map, but will stop after a
    certain range or time, so don't ever stop running. The floor is a grid of
    squares that will shoot pillars of fire upwards at you, so dodge them.
    Once you "beat" Darkseid the first time, 4 generators will revive him. Also the
    Mother Box and gold cube will be accessible. You can't pick up Mother Box, but
    you can throw the cube at Darkseid, creating a vortex to another dimension that
    will pull him in. He will climb his way out, but at least you bought yourself
    time. Destroy the 4 generators so you can hurt him again and hit him with
    everything you've got. If you get caught in the cube's vortex, you'll die so if
    he throws it at you run, jump, fly away as fast as you can.
    Defeating Darkseid a 2nd time, he gets back up again and now starts summoning
    the massive robots as well as Parademons to keep you busy. Don't let him get
    the cube, get it and throw it at him when his health is low and stay away from
    the vortex.
    If you can live long enough to do all this, you will defeat Darkseid and win
    the game. CONGRATS!
    Beating the game unlocks the highest possible difficulties, Elite and
    Superhero. If you decide to play again you can choose a higher difficulty and
    import the heroes' power levels from your older game file. This way you can
    start the first mission with more characters and all the powers available at
    stronger levels.
    JUSTICE LEAGUE HEROES is property of Snowblind Productions, Warner Brothers
    Entertainment, and DC Comics. This guide is an original work based on the
    author's gaming experience and is not intended in anyway to infringe on the
    ownership of Justice League Heroes or any of the content therein including
    character names and likenesses.
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission by the author. Use of
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2007 Michael L. Corcoran

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