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Where can I find the fishing rod?

Where do I find Lady Grey?

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From: DRAKULIAN 5 years ago

* Both the regular (red) fishing rod and the (blue) Rod of Champions can be acquired for FREE from the old Fisherman at Fisher Creek.

* Fisher Creek is located in the Northeast corner of Greatwood forest.

The regular (red) fishing rod can also be purchased from various merchants and found (much) later in a treasure chest or two, but why do that when it can be obtained straightaway, for free, from the old Fisherman at Fisher Creek.

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Fisher Creek. Or buy it from certain merchants. And she shows up later in the story.

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You find lady grey later in the game after the collosium. And you find the fishing rod at lychfield graveyard.

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You can get a fishing rod by rescuing the fisherman at Fisher Creek, by buying one from a merchant (both options available from the start of the game), or you can wait until late in the game and find one in Lychfield Graveyard.

You can also win a special fishing rod, called The Rod of Champions by placing in the fishing contest at Fisher Creek, a quest only available after rescuing the fisherman.

As for Lady Grey, you will have the option to talk to her after gaining access to Bowerstone North, which is only gained by completing the Arena Quest as part of the main story line.

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ok listen just go to fisher creek and kill the wasps he gives you a fishing rod use it and catch a golden fish the golden fish is a trophy win the second prize and that prize is The rod of champions "its blue and its more sturdy and it catches biggger fish" and it is really good because of it i caugh a 256 gram fish in greatwood entrance

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