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How much money for temple of light?

Hay, I'm trying to get the sword and stuff from the temple of light. How much money do you have to donate? and is there a specific time that you have to donate it at? if you can tell how much for each item. (title name and sword).
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Is there a time that you have to donate it at or can you donate it at any time?

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Also does any one know exactly how much you have to donate if you are completely good?

Gimli1357 provided additional details:

I gave over 100,000$ and it still did not give me the sword! my guy is completely good so if any one knows how much it is for completely good people please tell me!

Gimli1357 provided additional details:

also please tell me if there is a certain time you have to donate, also tell when that is. This is driving me crazy!!!

Accepted Answer

GreatAnubis answered:

It's a greatmace, not a sword. And the other "stuff" is a 4-10 year age reduction along with the title of Paladin. The amount donated varies according to your alignment. The more good you are, the more you will need to donate.

The title takes multiple donations, the age reduction will be one relatively large donation (say 40,000 gold), and the greatmace takes one large donation (maybe 70,000 gold).
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eli36397 answered:

The easiest way to get the Temple of Avo stuff is to first go max evil (get Skorm Bow and age reduction along the way by sacrificing all 4 mercenaries at max Good, right at in-game midnight gives highest score usually; then kill people (I did it at the boasting platform numerous times) and/or eat Crunchy Chicks until you are max evil with no equipment modifier), then donate 45,000 gold to get the mace, 1 gold to get Paladin title, and 1 gold to get an age reduction.
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