Question from PBmeista

Can I get both dark and bright wizard hat?

Can I and how, do i have to read all bad books first then good books, cause thats what i heard.

PBmeista provided additional details:

Really but my friend got it with no cheats

Accepted Answer

botboy50 answered:

To get the dark wizard's hat, you have to give all bad books to the teacher in Bowerstone South.
To get the bright wizard's hat, you have to give the teacher only good books. You can tell which is good or bad by the the teacher reacts about the book.
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FinalLegendZero answered:

If you are asking about the existance of a Dark Wizard's Hat, then yes, it does exist, and that is the method.

If you are asking if you can get both in the same file, then no, it is one or the other.
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botboy50 answered:

I forgot... You can't get both hats.
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