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How do I get past Episode VI SuperStory?

Episode VI superstory is hard. I can get enough studs, but cant go fast enough or vice versa. I HAVE 98/99 GOLD BRICKS! PLEASE HELP! I WANT THE STUD FOUNTAIN! PLEASE HELP! PLEASE!

qnaqna321 provided additional details:

Jabba's palace took me 15 min to do and this is the last part of the game!!! HELP!!!


muthsera666 answered:

Hmm. The only thing I can really recommend is to play each level independently, and see where you are losing the most time. Then, replay that level until you can trim down time. I made it through and got 100% on the game; I'm sure you can do the same.
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Darth_Pretzel answered:

I'm slightly surprised that you can't get enough studs... whenever I try the episode VI superstory I basically can get as many studs as I need by randomly shooting stuff along the way and building stuff you need to progress. Just try as fast as you can, only getting "mandatory" studs and ones you don't need to go out of your way for.
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falconesque answered:

Not sure if it holds true in all releases, but for the PS2 release at least you need only complete a Super Story run to obtain the gold brick. Doing so within the allotted time is just for studs, not the gold brick.

So either go for speed and ignore EVERYTHING else to squeak past under the time limit (it'll still be close), or take your time and just get to the end.
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