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"An ingenius masterpiece, this should be experienced by all"

I use to be heavily into adventure and platform games in the good old days. Zelda, Banjo, Mario etc. But now RPGs, racers and FPS seem to get all the attention leaving adventure games excluded and something of the past. But this is no more, I hope this game paves a way for more titles of this caliber and genre.

Graphics: 10/10
Beautiful, stunning. Both words that come to my mind when I first saw Kameo's magical world. It is a world with vibrant colours astonishing size and unparalleled battle scenes. This must of been hard to pull off but they did it well with a special style that really suits this game.

Sound: 9/10
A nice score helps create the atmosphere of this fantasy setting complete. The chatter of the people (yeah, go British voice actors!) and the senseless grumbles of the elements you control; all of these fit well and there are no grotesque sound choices either.

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is a cross between an adventure and platformer. You are Kameo, an elven princess who has been given the small task to save the enchanted kingdom from the fierce and menacing troll, Thorn. As the story unfolds the plot thickens slightly but nothing that will confuse and just enough to keep you satisfied. Kameo controls the elemental warriors, all of which have plenty of varied abilities that will have to be upgraded by hunting out the elemental fruits. Transforming into all the characters is a delight and you'll have to keep on your toes to not slip up in battle. Combined with the battles and action sections are clever puzzles and exploration that are balanced well and not too difficult. Although this is a good idea it is a slight shame in the difficulty side of things, unless of course you are trying to attain those A grades on every temple.

As well as single player there is co-op mode that is sadly only splitscreen. This is slightly annoying as it feels like just an add-on rather than a well thought out addition, the co-op could of been implemented much better.

Long term: 7/10
The game's only real downside is the fact that it ends too quickly. The game is about 7-10 hours long the first time through unless you go deep into exploring. After you finish the game however you can try and collect everything you've missed and also get those A Ranks on each level which is a difficult challenge so all is not lost.

Overall: 9/10
+ Well crafted fantasy world
+ Very fun gameplay
+ Something a bit different
- Co-op not fully utilised
- Playthrough is quite short
- Can be too easy sometimes

Kameo is will stay in my mind for a long time, it is a well made game and hopefully with an update co-op can be improved. If you like adventure or platform games you owe it to yourself to experience this gem.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 02/08/06

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