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TITLE: "SF3: 3rdStrike Remy FAQ"
AUTHOR: MrHappyface (AKA: Phuc Le)
GAME: "Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike" (Arcade Version)
UPDATED: 11/09/01


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     I have mastered the art of using Remy in Street Fighter III:
3rd Strike.  Remy was the 1st character I choose to master in this game.
I never was into those SonicBoom & FlashKick type of fighters (Guile,
Charlie), until I played Remy.  So why did I choose Remy in the 1st place?
I just thought that his name was cool.  I had no idea what Remy's fighting
style was like.  Luckily though, I adapted to Remy's fighting style
surprisingly quick & well.  Seeing how compatible we were, I choose Remy
as my main fighter.  Anyway, here are the factors you should consider
before committing yourself to master Remy:

STRENGTH: Could be better, but don't worry, all of his pokes & counters
     will quickly add up.
STAMINA: Every character has his/her weakness, but Remy's strong points can
     easily compensate for this.  At least Remy's stamina is stronger than
     Akuma's, Ibulki's, Yun & Yang's.
SPEED: Despite his lazy posture, Remy is still pretty fast.  Remy may even
     be faster then Ken.  Many of his attacks (normal & special) has little
     or no lag.
RANGE: Long arms & even longer legs & moves that can nail opponents from
     anywhere. Speed + Range + Priority = Superior Poking.
PRIORITY: EXCELLENT priority in both his normal attacks, special moves,
     & of course Supers.  He is one of the best pokers there is.
OFFENSE: Despite his defensive nature, Remy can also fight quite
     aggressively.  He can fight from the air as well as on the ground.
     Remy too has his own corner pressure tactics.
DEFENSE: His footsie game is good, his poking is great, & Remy has a
     wake-up move that can counter almost anything.  Remy is also one of
     the best keep-away characters in the game.
VARIETY: If you watch a newbie Remy user play, you may see him use that
     classic "SonicBoom & FlashKick" method over & over.  Remy actually has
     a dozen tricks up his sleeve.  Real Remy users will be able to mix-up
     their attacks to prevent parrying.
CHEAP? As for you newbies that are just learning how to use Remy or the
     entire game itself... Yes, Remy can also be used "cheaply," but only
     if you play defensively.

     And beside all of those great qualities, Remy looks cool & so does his
moves.  And now - thanks to me - you too can master the art of using Remy.
(but if your just reading this FAQ to figure out how to fight Remy, then...


Normal Attacks

Jab      =   Light Punch                  Short        =   Light Kick
Strong   =   Medium Punch                 Forward      =   Medium Kick
Fierce   =   Heavy Punch                  Roundhouse   =   Heavy Kick

Special Attacks
LoV   =   Light of Virtue (just like the SonicBoom)
RRF   =   Rising Rage Flash (just like the FlashKick)
CBK   =   Cold Blue Kick (something that Guile wished he had)

I know you can't possibly memorize all of this in 1 reading, so just
concentrate on the following moves 1st:
Standing: LK, MP, HP
Crouching: MP, MK, HP, HK
Jumping: MK, HP, HK

JAB (LP): Short range, weak damage, but EXCELLENT SPEED.  Crouch while
using Remy's LP so you can charge for both the RRF & LoV.

Standing: A back-hand/fist to the stomach.  Remy will also nudge 1 whole
     pixel forward.
Close: A back-hand/fist to the opponent's chest.  You can link a couple of
     these together.
Crouching: A knife-hand to the shins.  Short range, but GREAT priority &
     EXCELLENT speed.  Good punch to throw in those narrow windows of
     opportunities.  Remy's crouching LP can compete with the fastest
     characters in the game.  3 crouching LP can be linked together; so can
     a RRF if you're fast enough.
Jumping: Spear a knife-hand at the opponent's head.  This is your typical
     jumping LP with lousy range.

STRONG (MP): Good range, great SPEED, great PRIORITY, great for COMBOS.

Standing: Throws a knife-hand to the opponent's face.  This move makes a
     great ANTI-AIR.  This move is EXTREMELY QUICK, which makes it a great
     move to throw at the very last second.  WARNING: Due to Remy's height,
     his standing MP may fly over the heads of shorter characters,
     such as Oro.
Close: This looks a lot like a Karate chop.  It is fast which also makes it
     a good ANTI-AIR.  It works against air-hurricane kicks.
Crouching: A knifehand to the knees.  Good range & EXCELLENT PRIORITY will
     make this move your main POKING weapon.  Great SPEED for COMBOs also.
Jumping: Spear a knife-hand at the opponent's head.

FIERCE (HP): Good damage, but slow.

Standing: Remy will steps forward & wack the opponent in the stomach with
     his forearm.  This move may be slow, but it has GOOD PRIORITY.  Stand
     over the body of a fallen Shoto-fighter & he'll most likely use a
     Shoryuken (dragon punch) as a wake-up move.  Time your standing HP
     right & you'll knock him right out of it.  I've done this a dozen
     times with ease.  I've even knocked Akuma out of his Messatsu Gou
     Hadou (his 1st Super Art, the giant fireball) with the standing HP a
     few times, but that one was just a fluke.  There is a lag before the
     actual hit & your timing has to be pin-point PERFECT to pull that one
     off.  Feelin' lucky?
Close: Shoots a knifehand straight up.  This move has great vertical range,
     but no horizontal range.  Try using it when a Shoto-fighter does an
     air-hurricane kick.
Crouching: An upward palm strike.  This move works great as an ANTI-AIR
     "if", & only if, your opponent is jumping right on top of you.  The
     crouching HP will launch your opponent straight up into the air,
     setting him up for another strike on his/her way down (RRF
     recommended).  Remy's crouching HP, however, is kinda slow so you
     will have to anticipate when your opponent is gonna jump at you in
     advance.  WARNING: Remy's couching HP has lousy horizontal range.
     Unless your opponent is stepping on your toes, use it as an ANTI-AIR
     ONLY!  This move can easily punish a block Shoryuken, just make sure
     the opponent actually lands in front of Remy instead of behind.
Jumping: An elbow drop.  This move does good damage & is very EASY to link
     after, but has lousy range, so Remy will be wide open far an anti-air
     attack.  This is a GREAT move to use, however, on opponents attempting
     to parry a jumping HK.  And if you can actually nail an air-borne
     opponent with this move at the right angel, Remy will actually air-
     juggle the opponent, allowing you to land on the ground first & follow
     up with a RRF.

SHORT (LK): Decent range, weak damage, but EXCELLENT SPEED.  Crouch while
using Remy's LK so you can charge for both the FlashKick & SonicBoom.

Standing: A kick to the shin.  Attack low without crouching.  Great move to
     use after dashing in, or better yet, if your opponent is cornered,
     just walk in.  Take a step, kick, take a step, kick, step, kick, step,
     kick, step...  Mix this up with the overhead hop (MP+MK).
Close: A knee to the gut.  It's possible (somehow) to throw this move right
     before a LK flashkick.  I've done it a couple of times (by accident),
     but I don't know how I did it.
Crouching: Kicks your opponents toes.  Good priority with slightly greater
     ranger then the crouching LP.  A LK RRF can also be linked after it.
Jumping: Uses knee to land on the opponent's head.  Typical jumping LK with
     NO range.

FORWARD (MK): Good range, but a tad slow.  Good for poking at a distance,
but not up-close.

Standing: Remy pokes his foot straight out in front of him.  This may look
     kinda funny, but at least it won't fly over anyone's head like Remy's
     standing MP.  Not as fast as his MP, but has more range.  Good move to
     use after dashing in.  OK for poking.  Good counter against "most"
     dashing opponents.
Close: A knee to the gut.  COMBO-able, but anything except a high SB is
     difficult.  Also links into a standing HK.
Forward: [Read "OVERHEAD" section for description & details.]
Crouching: Remy will swing his foot out to kick the opponent's foot.  Great
     RANGE, but too slow for combos.  People who are used to playing with
     characters such as Ryu will have the habit of using the crouching MK
     for combos.  This is NOT the move to use for combos.  Break this
     habit. Remy's crouching MK is too slow for combos; use his crouching
     MP instead.  This is a GREAT mover to use, however, on opponents
     attempting to parry a crouching MP.  The lag will screw up their
Jumping: Remy will kick straight-out in front of him (as opposed to HK's
     downward angle).  Great for AIR-TO-AIR combat against most characters.
     Not good against grounded opponents.  If Remy wants to jump kick a
     grounded opponent, then he should kick downward (HK).  Duh!

ROUNDHOUSE (HK): Good range, good damage, but a tad slow.

Standing: A roundhouse kick to the head.  GREAT as a (semi-)long-distance
     ANTI-AIR attack, but not great against opponent jumping right on top
     of you.  Does more damage the Remy's standing MP, but is a tad slow so
     you'll have to anticipate when your opponent is gonna jump beforehand.
     Due to Remy's height, this kick may fly over the head of the shorter
Close: 2-hit side kick to the chest & head.  This kick may look good, but
     it doesn't do too well against crouchers.  There is a lag after this
     move, so Remy won't be able to link anything after it, except a Super
     Art.  Anyway, I wouldn't use this move, unless my opponent is totally
     lagging or after a parry.
Crouching: A DOUBLE foot sweep (just like Guile's).  2nd sweep will reach
     further then the 1st.  Some players will forget about the 2nd sweep &
     get nailed with it.  It's possible that an opponent my block the 1st
     sweep & parry the 2nd.  Some of the faster characters may be able to
     sneak a LP/LK between the sweeps.  Just use the crouching MK instead
     if your opponent does that.
Jumping: A downward-angled jump kick.  Good damage, great RANGE, & a
     PERFECT angle for kicking grounded opponents.  Take advantage of the
     range of Remy's jumping HK.  With this move, I was able to knock Akuma
     out of his 3rd Super Art (the hurricanekick) a couple of times.
     Position your jump & time your kick so that Remy's foot will hit only
     the opponent's head.  That way if your opponent parries, Remy will be
     to far away to be combo-ed.  From an even further distance, you can
     even knock a Shoto-fighter out of his Shoryuken (dragon punch), but in
     most cases, it will just trade hits.  The key thing to remember when
     using the jumping HK is to do it early.  Take advantage of his long

THROW: This is a WAKE-UP move with lousy range.  This move won't work
unless your opponent is stepping on your toes.  Fortunately, this move has
EXCELLENT priority & it can not be blocked.  Using this move too often;
however, may be considered CHEAP.

Neutral (LP + LK): Remy will grab the opponent & delivers a quick 3-hit
     combo which will send your opponent flying across the screen.  This is
     the throw to use to get some distance between you & your opponent or
     trap him/her in the corner.  If your opponent is already trap in a
     corner, you can use this to set up a nice little air-juggle.
Forward (Forward + LP + LK): Remy will grab the opponent's arm & whip his
     leg around, dropping his opponents right in front of him.
Back (Back + LP + LK): Same as above, except Remy will swing his opponent
     to the other side before tripping him/her.  Useful for getting out of

OVERHEAD: Slow & does weak damage.  Can't be blocked when crouching.
Good against people that turtle.

Hop (MP + MK): A miniature version of the jumping LK.  There is a lag
     before the actual hit; however, you will be safe from most leg attacks
     while performing this move.  Remember that the joystick MUST be
     neutral while executing this move, so you won't be able to charge for
     the RRF or LoV.
Kick (Forward + MK): Remy takes a step forward, swings his other leg
     around, & chips the opponent's face with his foot.  Despite its
     appearance, this is an OVERHEAD attack.  Even if you stood too far &
     Remy's foot chips your opponent's ankle instead, the hit would still
     register as an OVERHEAD attack.  It looks deceptively as a leg attack
     so most opponents will block low (sucker).  There is a major lag
     before the actual hit, however, so you'll be wide open for an attack
     then.  Use this kick after the opponent has been knocked down if
     you're worried about getting nailed while Remy steps forward.  Use
     this kick from a distance if you're worried about you're opponent
     parrying. That way, after Remy steps forward, if you opponent parrys,
     Remy will still be too far for a combo.  Remy will still probably get
     hit once. There isn't any lag after this kick so you can immediately
     block afterwards or link it with a crouching LP or a throw, if you're
     close enough.  This is a nice wake-up call for opponents that totally
     turtle when you get them in the corner.  Mix this up with other high &
     low attacks.

TAUNT (HP + HK): Emitting a barely audible "hmmm...", Remy rests his chin
     on his hand & shake his head as he ponders how such a lousy fighter
     qualified for the tournament.  This move will charges up the Super Art
     meter a bit & increases the stun damage of his attacks; however, this
     taunt takes too damn long to execute.  It's NOT worth the risk of
     getting nailed with a combo.  If your opponent really sucks, the match
     is already yours, or you just feel REALLY lucky, then I would
     recommend you get as much distance between you & your opponent as
     possible & throw a slow LoV High before doing this taunt.  The LoV
     High will protect you from most projectiles & will hopefully distract
     the opponent as well.

Crouch for a couple of seconds & Remy will brush his hair away from his
     face.  Some people may mistake this for a taunt & if they're close
     enough, will try to attack you.  Be sure to counter-attack.

Remy's LoV & RRF only require you to charge for 1.5 seconds.  An efficient
Remy player will ALWAYS be charging & ready to strike.  You should charge
immediately, after every jump, dash, fall, LoV, Super Art, etc.

LIGHT of VIRTUE (LoV): (charge Back, Forward + P/K)
There is very little LAG before & after Remy's LoV.  Remy will throw a
projectile just like Guile's famous SonicBoom, however unlike Guile, not
only can Remy vary the speed of the LoV, he can also vary the height as
well.  There is very little lag before & after Remy's LoV.  Mix up your
LoVs to put your opponent's parrying skills to the test.  I also recommend
that you always throw a slow LoV before advancing towards your opponent.
[Read the "Offense" section for more details.]

LoV High: (charge Back, Forward + P)
The high LoV are harder to jump over, however, most characters can duck
under them.  Hugo, Urien, & Gill can't.  This move can also work as a
long-distance ANTI-AIR.

Jab (LP): Travels high & slow.  A HK CBK can be linked after it.
Strong (MP): Travels high at medium speed.  Use it to mix up your LoV.
Fierce (HP): Travel high & fast, great for chasing retreating opponents.
ES (Any 2 P): A fast & high LoV, followed by another LoV that bobs up &
     down.  This move will let you know who can parry & who's still

LoV Low: (charge Back, Forward + K)
The Low LoV can not be ducked under, but is much easier to jump over.
The Low LoV can also travel under opponent's projectiles.

Short (LK): Travels low & slow.  This move can be linked to a HK CBK.
Forward (MK): Travels low at medium speed.  Use it to mix up your LoV.
Roundhouse (HK): Travels low & fast.  Great for chasing retreating
     opponents.  This is also an ANTI-PROJECTILE-projectile.  Works well if
     you can anticipate in advance when you opponent is gonna throw a
ES (any 2 K): A fast low LoV, followed by another LoV that bobs up & down.
     This move will let you know who can parry & who's still learning.
     Also makes a EXCELLENT ANTI-PROJECTILE if you can anticipate when you
     opponent is gonna throw a one.

RISING RAGE FLASH (RRF): (charge Down, Up + K)
Remy will do an ANTI-AIR somersault.  This move has EXCELLENT priority &
EXCELLENT speed, which allows it to link after other moves for combos &
makes it a great WAKE-UP move; however, there is a lag after the hit which
will leave you defenseless if you don't whack your opponent off his feet.

Short (LK): Remy does a somersault, but barely leaves the ground.  This
     move can be linked after a LP, LK, or MP.  The LK RRF may give you the
     weakest damage & the shortest range, but it has the shortest lag.  You
     could still get kicked if you miss, but at least you won't combo-ed.
Forward (MK): Somewhere between the other 2 RRF.  I only use this when I
     can't decide between the other 2.
Roundhouse (HK): Remy does a somersault & flips high into the air.  Good
     range & good damage, but there will be a major lag afterwards.  Don't
     use this unless you're sure you can nail the opponent with it.
ES (any 2 K): The enhanced RRF is just like the HK RRF, but hit twice.  If
     you know you're going to nail a RRF against someone, then you might as
     well use this one for maximum damage.  Use it late against jump-ins to
     get both hits in.  And also, during the 1st few frames of animation of
     this move, Remy will be virtually invincible.  Use this moment of
     invincibility to evade attacks such as overheads & projectiles.  Time
     it right & Remy will even fly through Akuma's air-fireball.  Teach
     your opponent to fear the RisingRageFlash.

COLD BLUE KICK (CBK): (Down, DownBack, Back + K)
This is the move that sets Remy apart from Guile & Charlie.  Remy will leap
into the air & thrust himself straight at the opponent, foot 1st.  Good
damage, good block stun, but lousy priority.  The various kick buttons will
control the height on his leap, distance of his thrust, & damage of his
kick.  Unless you're sure that you're gonna nail your opponent, choose the
K button that will aim for your opponent's shins.  Doing so will reduce the
lag time, which will allow you to follow up with additional attacks to
pressure your opponent.  The higher you are left in the air after you
opponent blocks, the more lag there will be afterwards.  Also, choosing the
wrong K button may even send Remy over his opponent.  The CBK's block stun
is the only thing that's protecting Remy during the lag time afterwards.
It is possible to grab your opponent during the block stun, but you won't
always land close enough.  This move can only be parried high, but blocked
high & low.

Short (LK): Small leap, short thrust & a weak kick.  Use the move to play
     footsy & close short distances between you & your opponent. Use a
     crouching MP cancelled into LK CBK to keep your blocked attacks from
     pushing you out of close range.
Forward (MK): Somewhere between the other 2 CBK.  As usual, aim for the
     shins to reduce lag time.
Roundhouse (HK): This is an ANTI-PROJECTILE attack, but you won't be able
     to pull this move off as an ANTI-PROJECTILE at the very last second,
     so you'll have to predict when your opponent is gonna throw the
     projectile in advance.  On the bright side, if Remy trade hits (HK CBK
     against projectile), the trade will be in your favor.  I've actually
     gotten this move to go over Oro's projectile once (pure luck however).
     I've gotten it to go over Remy's High LoV as well.  The HK will give
     you the highest leap & the longest thrust, but it won't carry you
     across the entire screen.  This move can also be used for air-to-air
     combat if you do it really early.
ES (any 2 K): The enhanced CBK actually doesn't leap as high or thrust as
     far as the HK CBK.  It travels move like the MK CBK, so you won't be
     able to use it as an anti-air; however, it is fast & hits twice.  This
     is a good move to use against opponents planning to parry a HK CBK,
     good damage too.

All of the Super Arts are done with the exact same motion:
(Down, DownForward, Forward, Down, DownForward, Forward + P/K)
As usual, the Super Arts have TOP PRIORITY.  If you can refrain from
draining all the energy in your Power Meter for ES attacks, then you get to
unleash these beauties.  Once in a while, you'll face an opponent who will
fight so damn aggressive, who's timing is so accurate, you won't even have
any room to breathe.  Take advantage of the priority of the Super Arts.

I: LIGHT OF JUSTICE (2 long Power Meters)
Nothing fancy here.  Remy will take a step forward & throw a dozen LoVs
(7 actually, 3+2+3).  This is a great way to test your opponent's parrying
ability.  I've only seen a couple people parry all the LoVs.  I've done it
a few times.

Advantage: This Super Art has a very fast recovery time.  Unlike most Super
     Arts, opponents won't be able to counter-attack after blocking.  Remy
     recovers about as fast from this as from his normal LoVs.  The Power
     Meter can be filled twice allowing you to use your ES attacks without
     giving up your Super Art.
Flaws: Not a lot of damage compare to the other Super Arts.  A few LoVs
     will miss if the opponent is crouching, leading to even less damage.
     If the opponent super-jumps on top of or over Remy, he will be wide
     open for a combo.
Use: This Super Art can also work in combos & as an ANTI-PROJECTILE move if
     you do it REALLY early.  The 1st LoV will take out the projectile
     while the rest will head for your opponent.  This move can also be
     used for AIR-JUGGLES & as a long distance ANTI-AIR, but not all of the
     LoVs will hit.  I recommend this Super for beginners.
Tip: The Light of Justice works best against characters that can't jump
     well, such as Hugo or Dudley.  Throw a LoV 1st & cancel into the Super
     for an extra hit.  A LK LoV canceled into this Super Art is much
     harder to parry.  The swarm of LoVs will overtake the LK LoV.  By the
     time the LoVs reach your opponent, the LK LoV will be buried somewhere
     in the middle of the swarm.  Your opponent can parry high or parry
     low, but he can't parry both high & low at the same time.

Remy does 2 small 3-hit RRF, followed by a big 4-hit RRF, for a total of
10 hits.  If you nail a trapped opponent in the corner with this Super Art,
you can get up to 12-hits.

Advantage: You can pop out this move on your opponent almost anytime.  You
     also get 2 long Power Meters which will allow you to use your ES
     attacks without giving up your Super Art.  The Power meter is just a
     tad longer than that of the Light of Justice.
Flaws: you can only expect all the hits to connect if the opponent is
     grounded.  When used against a air-borne opponent, only 3 to 6 hits
     will connect, which means an ES FK would probably have been better;
     if the Super Art misses or is blocked, you will be wide open for a
     combo.  OUCH!!!!
Use: This is the most useful Super Art.  You can use this move as an
     anti-air, wake-up, in a combo or to overpower one of your opponent's
     attacks.  Good damage if all the hits connects.  Not very good for air
Tip: Some people have a habit of always throwing when his/her opponent
     jumps right behind him/her.  If you fighting one of these people, jump
     behind him/her & immediately do the Supreme Rising Rage Flash. Throws
     may have high priority, but Super Arts have TOP priority.  This Super
     Art is also fast enough to punish a blocked sweep.

III: BLUE NOCTURNE (1 short Power Meter)
Remy will flash blue & do a flamingo stance, making it very tempting to
trip him.  If he is hit during this pose, he will AUTOMATICALLY retaliate
with an 7-hit combo.  Remy will NOT take any damage if he is successful.
If Remy is left untouched, he will be defenseless as he returns (slowly) to
his normal fighting mode.  This Super Art looks cool & will make you look
like an expert.  Too bad you need to be an expert to pull this off.

Advantage: This move does really good damage considering how short the
     Power Meter is.  You should be able to fill it up in no time.  Use it
     as often as you need it.  Great move to use to show-off your superior
     playing skill to everyone.
Flaws: This move will not work against fireballs, throws, grappling moves,
     or really speedy multi-hitting moves (ex: Dudley's Super Arts).
     Furthermore, you can only fill the Power Meter 1 lousy time, so you
     will have to refrain from using Remy's ES attack if you want to use
     this Super Art.  This is the HARDEST Super Art to use.  Don't choose
     this one unless you are an expert & your opponent sucks or is fighting
     really predictably.
Use: This is NOT the move to use if your opponent is turtling.  Try to
     sneak this move into an aggressive poking/footsie game or use it as a
     shield against: wake-up attacks, overhead attacks, advancing attacks
     (attacks where the opponent travels towards you, ex: the hurricane
     kick) & predictable opponents.  Unlike Dudley's counter move (the
     Cross-Counter), Remy will flash blue when he execute this move (as
     with any other Super Art), which is a dead give-away.  Your opponent
     will automatically turtle when he/she sees the blue flash, so you have
     to initiate this move at the very same time your opponent initiates an
     attack.  This move works best against grounded opponents.  This move
     can also be used as an anti-air, but is not very reliable if used that
     way.  Remy won't counter-attack if your opponent is too high from the
     ground.  Even if Remy does retaliate, not all the hits will connect if
     your opponents fall/bounce out of range.  This Super Art works well
     against aggressive in-your-face opponents.  It also works GREAT
     against newbies & scrubs.
Tip: Some people may try to take advantage of the CBK's lag time.  If you
     KNOW that you're opponent is gonna attempt to do so, do a CBK & then
     do this Super Art, but do NOT cancel the Super from the CBK.  That is
     way too early.  Make sure the complete animation for the CBK finish
      BEFORE you do this Super.  This trick will also work with a blocked
     LK RRF.  These tricks will work if the opponent blocks & attempts to
     counter.  They might not work if the opponent parries instead.  You
     can also try performing this Super art after a Red/Block parry.  This
     will only work with one of the slower multi-hitting moves & even so,
     you still gotta be really quick.

Don't worry if you can only pull off the beginner combos.  Remy is more
about pokes & counters rather then combos.  If you're going to play in a
tournament, however, then the advance combos will be essential.

If you can't do these combos & apply them to an actual match,
then you seriously suck.

(crouching HP) , (almost anything)


(crouching LP)x2 , (RRF)

(crouching MP) , (RRF)

These are a little harder to pull off.  Note: A jumping HP can always be
substituted with a deep jumping HK.

(close standing HP/HK) , (SuperArt II)

(jumping HP) , (close standing MK) , (standing HK)
[This combo won't work on some of the shorter characters.]

(jumping HP) , (close standing MP) , (LoV)

(jumping HP) , (crouching LP)x2 , (RRF)

(jumping HP) , (crouching MP) , (RRF)

(jumping HP) , (close standing MP) , (crouching LK) , (SuperArt I/II)

(jumping HP) , (close standing MP) , (MP LoV) , (SuperArt I/II)

(jumping HP) , (close standing MK) , (MK LoV) , (SuperArt I/II)

(jumping HP) , (crouching MP) , (LoV) , (SuperArt II)

(jumping HP) , (crouching MP) , (ES RRF) , (SuperArt II)
[The Super Art will not connect with all of the hits.]

(jumping HP) , (crouching HP) , (RRF)
[I haven't been able to do this one myself,
but I've seen a friend do it a couple of times.]


(crouching HP) , (LK CBK) , (RRF)

(crouching HP) , (LK CBK) , (Super Art II)
The Super Art will not connect with all of the hits.

(LK/LP LoV) , (ES CBK) , (Super Art II)
The Super Art will not connect with all of the hits.

(LK/LP LoV) , (ES CBK) , (crouching MP) , (LK or ES RRF)

(jumping HP) , (close standing MK) , (LoV) , (Super Art I)x2

There's a lot more to Remy then just SonicBooms & FlashKicks.

There are 3 ways to advance towards your opponent; (1) jumping (2) using
the CBK or (3) dashing.  Which ever option you choose, make sure to throw a
slow (LP/LK) LoV 1st before advancing towards your opponent.  This only
works with the slow LoV because the others are too fast to follow.  The aim
here is to hit the opponent with 2 different attacks at once.  Use the LK
LoV against Shoto-fighters so their parrying can't double for a Shoryuken
(dragon punch), which has a higher priority than the CBK.

1) Throw a slow LoV before jumping in.  The LoV will discourage the use of
     an anti-air attack against you.  Jump in with anything you want;
     a combo, an over-head, a throw, or a parry.
2) The LoV & CBK combo is one of the best tactics that Remy has.  This
     works well against the CPU & works GREAT against most people.  If your
     opponent doesn't seems to have any problem parrying this, then after
     throwing the LoV, dash in and do a LK LoV instead.  The CBK also has
     very little priority so it is no match for a Dragon Punch.  Remember,
     not even the HK CBK will travel the full length of the screen, but a
     quick forward dash between the LoV & CBK will compensate for that.
3) Throw a slow LoV before dashing in.  This is the tactic to use if you
     find yourself getting knock out of the air a lot.  Dash in with a LK.
     If you still find a gap between Remy & his opponent after dashing,
     then close the distance with a forward MK (OVERHEAD) instead.  Remy
     will automatically step forward before kicking.  Another dash would
     also work if the gap is really big.  Once you get in close enough,
     then crouch & kick/poke or do an overhead hop.  If there is no gap,
     then throw.  Beware, if your opponent ducks under the high LoV, there
     won't be any block stun afterwards to prevent him/her from counter-
     attacking your legs.

As a Remy player, you will always be charging downback, so many attacks
will automatically be blocked.  This habit, however, will leave you
vulnerable to over-head attacks.  As a Remy player, you must learn to fear
over-head attacks.  You must avoid over-head attacks at all costs.  Memorize
each character's over-head attack & pay attention to how/when your
opponent use them.  The preferred way to avoid an over-head is to cancel it
with an attack of your own so you don't have to give up your charging, but
a well timed over-head can always take away that luxury.  In that case,
just block high or parry or better yet; cancel the attack with a Super Art.
Avoiding over-head attacks should be your 1st priority, not charging for
the RRF.

This is where the fun begins.  There are 2 ways you can keep your opponent
in the corner.
1) LP/LK LoV, LK CBK, crouching HK... repeat.  If your opponent just
     turtles, then try to sneak in an overhead hop after a CBK.  You could
     then start an overhead/footsie game or return to one of the corner
     pressure tactics.
2) If your opponent is turtling in the corner, just walk in repeatedly with
     a standing LK.  Take a step, standing LK, step, LK, step, LK...
     repeat.  It's simple, but surprisingly effective.  I don't know why,
     but people tend to have a hard time countering & parrying this.  I
     just love watching a Shoto player struggle to get his dragon punch to
     come out while I chirp away at his shin effortlessly.  If the opponent
     totally turtles, then hit him a forward MK (over-head).  If the
     opponent manage to poke your legs, then hit him with an overhead hop.
     If the opponent tries to throw you then trip him, or better yet, hit
     him with a Super Art.  Remy's overhead & footsie game can blend
     together beautifully.

Every character is going to have his/her own Pressure tactics.  The block
stun may prevent you from using your RRF.  The 1st thing to watch out for
are overheads.  The next thing would be to study the pattern the opponent
is using against you.  Where does it start?  Where does it end?  Once you
recognize the pattern, you'll find a way to break it.  You can then
counter or parry.  Retaliate quickly before your opponent surprise you
with a throw or some other nasty move.  As for the grappling characters,
such as Hugo or Alex, just keep playing keep away & you'll find a way out
sooner or later.

The obvious solution to get your opponent out of your face is to use the
RRF.  After a while, the RRF may even become an automatic reaction for you.
This habit (as with any other mindless reaction) will leave you vulnerable
to fake-outs & parrying.  Pay attention to your opponents' actions.  Some
people learn faster than others.  Some don't even learn at all.  And
remember, the throw only works when you opponent is REALLY REALLY close &
above all, avoid those overheads.

Take a mental note of the wake-up moves your opponent uses.  Remy's
standing HP can actually cancel a Shoryuken (dragon punch).  Another way
you can handle this is by blocking his/her wake-up move & retaliating with
a combo, but make sure you don't stand too close or else you could get
thrown.  Shaking the joystick left & right over the body of a fallen
opponent tend to scare the opponent into believing that you're going for an
overhead attack.  If the opponent blocks high, trip him/her.  Tapping the
joystick down repeatedly may fool your opponent into thinking you're gonna
try to trip him/her.  If he blocks low, then use an overhead.  Don't forget
to keep on eye on your opponent's Power Meter also.

Go back to the "Normal Attacks" section and read the "Jumping HP, MK, HK"
descriptions.  Don't forget, if time permits, toss a LoV before jumping in.
Read the "Offense" section too.

Remy has several Anti-Air attacks; crouching HP, standing MP, standing HK,
jumping MK, LoV, RRF, Super Art I/II, & of course, parrying.  Each method
has it's own different advantage, flaws, & function.
[Read the "Normal Attacks", "Normal Arts", "Super Art", & "Parrying"
section for more details.]

Remy is always charging downback & his attacks come out pretty fast, so
he'll naturally be a good poker.  Remy can poke recklessly against most
characters.  Just remember to use his punches when you need speed & use his
kicks when you need range.  Order of preference from fast to slow (near to
far): crouching LP, crouching LK, crouching MP, crouching MK/HK.  Use the
LK CBK to return to the opponent & repeat the poking.  The crouching MP is
Remy's main poking weapon, since it has both speed & range.  If you ever
find yourself losing a poking fight, just throw in a LK RRF to out-
prioritize his kick/punches.  Charging back for the LoV also tends to
encourage Remy users into using "Hit & Run" tactics, another thing that
Remy excels at.

An obvious way to discourage your opponent from turtling is to use an
over-head.  [Read the "Over-head" section for more details.]  Another way
would be to throw.

[Read the "Light of Virtue" & "Offense" sections.]

[Read the "HK LoV", "HK CBK", "ES RRF" & "Super Art I" sections.]

If you want to be any good at this game, you gotta learn how to parry. To
parry a projectile, just imagine a long vertical bar at the tip of Remy's
finger.  Tap forward when the projectile hits or is about to hit the
imaginary line (depending on the speed of the projectile), but don't stare
at the imaginary bar.  It's better to follow the projectile with your eyes
instead.  The best way to learn how to parry is to practice against the CPU
controlled Sean, especially in the beginning of the game when Sean will
fight much more predictably.  Urien & Oro's projectile is the EASIEST to
parry.  They can only change the angle of the projectile so it will alway
travel at the same slow speed.

Unfortunately, Remy can't charge for the LoV/RRF if he parries, but of
course, if you're jumping right into a projectile, then you would have no
choice but to parry.  Certain opponents will force you to lose your charge.
You might as well parry then.  Some opponents will time their over-heads
so accurately that you won't even get a chance to counter it.  That would
be another time to parry.  Parrying can also help set up your opponent for
a Super Art.  The ability to air-parry an anti-air attack will also be of
GREAT help.

The strategy & tactics that I mentioned are NOT fool proof.  Parrying can
easily spoil the whole game for you.  Don't fret, parrying isn't
everything.  The best way to screw-up your opponent's parrying is to mix-up
all of your attacks.  Remy has a dozen tricks up his sleeve.  For every
situation Remy has at least 2 solution.  Another way to screw-up your
opponents parrying is to delay/expedite an attack for a second.  A good way
to screw up your opponent's air-parrying is to use a non-anti-air attack
when he/she jumps in, such as a crouching HK or a throw.  Another good way
would be to use a slow attack (such as the crouching MK) when your opponent
is expecting a fast attack (crouching MP).  The trick here is to keep your
opponent guessing.  You not only have to guess what you're opponent is
going to do next, but you also have to guess what you're opponent is
guessing about you as well.  You're opponent knows that he can't totally
rely on parrying, so he too will be playing mind games as well.  Only
newbies ever get dominated by parrying, because they're too used to other
fighting games where you can re-use the same tactics over & over.  Here's
another trick that I learned.  If your opponent parries your crouching HP,
immediately cancel your crouching HP into a RRF.  If you're quick enough,
you'll hit him before he/she can land & retaliate.  If your opponent
parries your jumping MK, immediately cancel it into a jumping LP.  You
gotta be pretty fast to pull this off.  You'll have to mentally train
yourself NOT to hesitate when you opponent parries, but to react

If your opponent leaves you with nothing to do, rapidly tap the MP or HK
button to charge your Power Meter.  Parry if your opponent starts a
fireball frenzy.  Super Arts are best used in combos or to punish mistakes
that your opponent makes.  Some people like to throw their Super Arts
randomly in hopes of catching their opponent by surprise.  This gamble may
do alright, against aggressive opponent, but do NOT try this on defensive
players.  Even aggressive opponents may turtle once in a while.  Make sure
that you are familiar with your opponent's habits before you try that.
[Read the "Super Art" Section for the description & details on using a
specific Super Art.]

You need to pay attention to your opponents Power Meter.  Particularly near
the end of the match & especially if the match is in your favor.  That's
when people tend to get desperate.  Try to fake him out & block his
Super Art.  Also you need to take a mental note of the Super Arts that are
over-heads or grabs.  Jump if anyone throws a grab Super at you.  Beware
those anti-air Supers too.

Due to Remy's defensive nature, it can be really tempting to just sit on
on your ass all day throwing LoVs, until you see an opening for a RRF.
Unfortunately, that classic "SonicBoom & FlashKick" method doesn't work
quite as well in SF3.  Some of the faster characters can run circles
around the LoVs & will run all over Remy if he just sit in 1 spot.  A
certain female character will make your head spin, throwing more overhead
attacks than you can count.  Furthermore, some people can parry really
well.  In those situations, you need to Get Off Your Ass & FIGHT!  Try
meeting him/her air-to-air.

I hope you can parry...

Each human opponent has his/her own skill level & playing style.  I can not
possibly cover all of them. I'm just going to add in a few tips in this
section whenever it pops up in my head.

Akuma - The air-juggles & damage that this guy can do may seem scary, but
     don't worry.  Akuma's stamina is even worse then Remy's.  Remember
     that You can't duck under his hurricane kick.  A late ES RRF can
     actually go through his air-fireball.  A REALLY early jumping HK can
     knock him out of his Hurricane Kick Super Art.  Jump or counter if he
     tries to grab you with the Raging Demon.
Alex - He may follow the Head Stomp with a Spiral DDT.  Don't confuse the
     Spiral DDT for an overhead.  You can't block it; only duck it.  Jump
     if he tries to grab you with 1 of his Super Arts.  You can't block
     that either.  His jumping Super is totally vulnerable to anti-airs.
     His air-dive will trade hits with your RRF.  The trade will NOT be in
     your favor.  In fact, any trade with Alex will most likely be in his
     favor.  Let him land on the ground if you see his air-dive coming.
     He'll be totally lagging afterwards.  Punish him as much as you can.
ChunLi - Remy's LoV High will actually go over her fireball.  Her jumping
     MK has more range then Remy's so you won't be able to poke her out of
     the air.  Her Lighting Kick Super has very good speed, range, &
     damage.  It can also be stored twice in her Power Meter & it can
     actually go though your LoVs.  Any experienced player will know to
     fear this Super.
Dudley - Keep your defense up.  This guy can dash in & combo in a blink of
     an eye.  His jump-in attacks has very little range, so if you're going
     to parry it, do it late.  Dudley has a counter-move of his own.  His
     counter move, however, actually works as an anti-air, but is
     vulnerable to leg attacks.
Elena - This girl can murder a newbie Remy user.  Read her body language &
     you'll see her overhead attacks coming in advance.  Be sure to counter
     or cancel it.  Her healing Super only takes 3 secs to complete.
     Unfortunately the LoV requires you to charge back 1st before you can
     throw it, plus it requires more time to travel across the screen.
     Don't let her run away once she possesses the Power Meter to use it.
     Guard her carefully.
GILL - IT'S OVER!  You should just forfeit.  Don't even bother trying.
     There's nothing that you can do.  ~Just Kidding~  Seriously now...
     Watch out, this guy is even faster then you & he's WAY stronger too.
     This guy can't duck under the LoV High.  The computer will parry most
     of the LoV High, but not the LoV low.  Keep on eye on his Super Meter.
     If he dies with a full Power Meter, he WILL rejuvenate automatically.
     During his rejuvenation move, projectiles will travel twice as slow.
     He will start regenerating as soon as he leaves the ground, but he
     can't be harmed until he reaches the top of his levitation & flash.
     Time your attack carefully.
Hugo - This is 1 guy you do not want to trade hits with.  Hugo can't duck
     under the LoV High.  If Hugo does his air-grab (not the Super) while
     you're jumping, IMMEDIATELY throw a LP.  You may get lucky, & hit him
     1st, knocking him out of it.  Duck if he does the his standing grab
     Super from a distance.  Jump if he does it while up close.  If you're
     playing against the computer, just repeatedly throw a standing HK
     whenever Hugo walk/dash/jumps in.
Ibuki - Her air daggers have no priority.  If you can't parry it, a simple
     standing LP can easily shoo the dagger away.  She may be too fast for
     the crouching MP.  Use the LP to poke her instead.  If she traps you
     in the corner with repeated LP/LK, then jump & land with a LP, LK, or
     MP.  Her movements are a lot more predictable when she in the air,
     than on the ground.  You can knock her out of the air with a jumping
     MK/HK or CBK.
Ken - Be careful with your poking, not only do you have a disadvantage in
     strength & stamina, but in this fight, you no longer have a speed
     advantage to fall back on, so don't just poke recklessly.  If Ken
     nails you with a Hurricane Kick, you can retaliate with Remy's 2nd
     Super Art before he even lands back on the ground.  Beware: Even if
     you block Ken's Hurricane Kick super, he can still follow it up with a
     Dragon Punch or another Super.  Watch out for those cross-overs too.
Makoto - She doesn't really have any effective wake-up moves, but unless
     she's knocked off her feet, always keep your guard up, even if she's
     a distance away.  Her dashing punch can actually go under your High
     LoVs & she can also dash in & grab you in a blink of an eye.  Your RRF
     Super can trade hits with her jump kick Super.  She can't block during
     her "angry rage" Super, so take the offensive if she use it.
Necro - I just love his taunt!  Anyway... you may want to suspend all of
     your air-tactics if Necro has his Magnetic Storm Super charged &
     ready. Even without that Super, Necro still has plenty of other anti-
     air attacks.  Jump if he tries to nail you with his grab Super.
Oro - Remember, this guy can double jump.  You might wanna wait for that
     2nd jump before throwing an anti-air at him.  The floating rocks that
     he can summon with his Tengu Stone Super will protect him against
     most projectiles.  Not sure about the low LoV or Super Art.  By the
     way, this guy also has an air-juggle that can continue infinitely.  If
     you get caught in it, you'll just have to wait until your opponent
     slips.  Try engaging him into some idle conversation to distract him.
     If he doesn't respond, make weird noises, sudden movements, & funny
     faces to catch his attention.  If the air-juggle still won't end, then
     cuss the hell out of him & talk trash about his mama.  That should
     work, but if a real fight breaks out, don't blame me.
Q - Don't let him taunt.  His stamina increases each time, up to a maximum
     of 3. He takes a lot less damage after 3 taunts.  The dashing punch
     of his kinda slow.  Remy's crouching MP should be able to cancel it.
Remy - Forget about combos man, this is gonna be a pure poking match.
     Unless you can air-parry, DO NOT jump in unless he's standing.  The
     CBK will trade hits with the RRF.  Use the High LoV to counter his
     CBK.  If he use the LoV & CBK tactic on you, just do your CBK 1st.
     You'll go over his LoV (assuming it's a Low LoV) & knock him out of
     his CBK. You can cancel his 2nd Super Art with the 2nd Super Art.  The
     2nd person will connect while the 1st person will get nailed with a
     10 hit combo.
Ryu - Watch your stun bar.  Ryu is really strong.  You can't block his
     "electric" fireball Super.  You either have to parry it or super jump
     behind him.
Sean - Beware of his fireball Super.  It can easily blast though your LoVs
     & be stored up to 3 times in his Power Meter, which also happen to be
     really short.  To parry it, just push forward when the fireball is
     halfway between you & Sean.
Twelve - Twelve's main offense is in the air, so do what it takes to ground
     him.  Twelve is no threat on the ground.  Use the CBK to counter that
     ground poking attack of his or to chase after him, if he tries to fly
     away.  Twelve will be vulnerable when his X.C.O.P.Y. Super runs out of
     power/time.  This is a free hit, so don't miss out on it.
Urien - This guy can't duck under the LoV High.  Keep an eye out for his
     standing overhead kick.  He also has an overhead punch, which comes
     out a lot faster.  He has a really mean footsie game too.
Yang/Yun - The standing MP can counter that air-dive of theirs if they come
     down at a shallow angle.  Also beware of their hand-stomp.  From a
     certain distance, their hand-stomp can actually knock you out of your
     RRF.  If you see Yang/Yun start the hand-stomp animation, throw an EX
     LoV or wait for the actual impact of the hand-stomp to pass before
     using the RRF.

Bonus Rounds
SUV Challenge - This is the 1st Bonus Round.  Now the objective of this
     bonus round is to trash the car as fast as possible, but I think
     you'll benefit more if you use this time to practice your combos
     instead.  Who cares about points?
Basketball Challenge - There are 3 levels of difficulty to this bonus
     round, which are determined by how well you fought in the previous
     matches.  The 3rd level is pretty tricky.  Now to parry, just imagine
     that Remy is standing inside of a box, with his head touching the
     ceiling & his finger touching the side.  Listen to Sean's yelling &
     follow the ball with your eyes.  Parry when the ball is about to enter
     the box.

You gotta look good man, especially if other people are watching!
(This section does not apply to the Dreamcast version.)

JAB (LP): Fluorescent GREEN hair, a BLACK leather jacket, & RED pants.
     This is Remy's original color, which I am sick of looking at.
STRONG (MP): Rich navy BLUE hair, a mud-BROWN jacket, & dirt-BROWN pants.
     This one is my favorite! :)
FIERCE (HP): Bleached BLOND hair, a BLACK leather jacket, &
     neon PURPLE pants.  This one is ok.
SHORT (LK): Fluorescent sky BLUE hair, a BLACK leather jacket, &
     velvet PURPLE pants.  This one is UGLY!
FORWARD (MK): Faded RED hair, a BLACK leather jacket, & WHITE pants.
     This one looks pretty COOL.
ROUNDHOUSE (HK): BLOND hair, a BLACK leather jacket, & BLUE jean pants.
     For those of you who don't like all of the funky colors, this is the
     most normal look Remy has, but I personally think it's kinda boring.
SPECIAL (LP + MK + HP): BLOND hair, a RED jacket, & tinted GREEN pants.
     LOOK, IT'S CHRISTMAS REMY!  He's here to spread the holiday cheer &
     bring Christmas joy to all! :D

This FAQ would not be what it is today, without the help of these people:

     Before I was able mastered the art of using Remy, I read Dave Connoy's
     "Remy FAQ" for help.  Half of everything I know can be credited to
     him.  During the process of mastering Remy, I discover some things of
     my own.  I was going to e-mail them to Connoy so he can update his
     FAQ, but since I didn't agree with everything in his FAQ, I decided
     that I might as well write my own FAQ.  ThanX 4 your FAQ, Connoy! :)
     I stole some combos from Robert Blumel's FAQ.
     SSSSSSHHH!!! Don't tell him. >:)
WAI KI CHAN - fellow SJSU student
     I would like to thank my buddy, Wai Ki Chan, for pointing out a
     spelling error & providing sufficient challenge for me to TRULY test
     out my strategies.  He also knows how to play with a VERY good variety
     of characters, which was really helpful for my "Specific Match-Up"
     section. :)
NADIR SELLAM - fellow GameFAQs user (aka: BillyKane)
     I would like to thank Nadir for his comments about using Remy cheaply,
     his inputs for 2 Super Arts, & for pointing out a typo. :)
ZAKK JONES - fellow SJSU student
     I would like to thank my buddy, Zakk, for his general comments &
     the extra input on the jumping HP. :)
     I would also like to thank the dumb freshmen of San Jose State
     University for the easy kill.  I wouldn't be able to practice
     my combos without them. :)
     I would like to thank: Me, Myself, & I. :D

I am also thinking about creating an html version of the FAQ.  It would
have colors & graphics just like any other web page.  But as I've said, I'm
only "thinking" about it.  Please let me hear your thoughts.