Akuma by srwilson

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Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
Arcade and Dreamcast Japanese versions
Gouki (Akuma ) moves guide
Ver 5.0
By srwilson 2001
This guide is property of Steven R Wilson and is not to be copied or used by
anybody with out asking me first violating this will have severe consequences
so all you need to do is ask first thanks.
Street fighter 3 3rd strike is copyright of Capcom enterprises all rights


I.Version info

II.Info about me

III.Info about Gouki (Akuma)


V.Basic moves

VI.Special moves

VII.Super Arts


IX.How to beat Gill using Gouki

X.Fighting against Gouki in arcade mode

XI.Fighting against The other characters in arcade mode

XII.Goukis costumes

XIII.Goukiís winning quotes and ending

XIV.Miscellaneous notes on Gouki

XV.Move translations

XVI.Goukiís taunt and poses

XVII.Contact the master


I.Version info
this is my first Gouki FAQ I may update it soon.(17/04/2001)

I have added a strategy to beat Gill using Gouki this is Ver 3.2 (19/04/2001)

I have now added Goukis move damages and a few notes about his basic punch/kick
moves. (2/06/2001) this is ver 3.6.

I have added Goukis SFIII story and have added a how to beat the arcade mode
I have also added Goukis strengths and weaknesses as well (4/06/2001.
This is ver is still 3.6.

I have now added Goukiís winning quotes and ending (5/6/2001).this is version

 I have now added Goukiís costume choices on the game now as well. (5/6/2001)
this is still ver 3.8.

Still adding VS other character info now added misc info on Gouki and His move
translations (18/06/2001) still ver 3.8

All character strats are added now poses info and taunt info added still need
to add  some more combos possibly I will just wait and see. this ver 4.0

I have now made some corrections now and altered spelling mistakes.(1/7/2001)
this is ver 4.1.

I have added some more Super Art info and made some corrections (5/07/2001)

added move commands and more corrections still more advanced strats to come yet
and more info on his
defensive techniques. (17/07/2001)

 done move corrections 18/07/01

25/07/01 -added pic at top.
2/08/01 -added new strats.
II.Info about me
I like to play arcade fighting games King of Fighters etc but I love the Steet
series all of the games are good but this one really stands out the most and I
have really been mastering Gouki since I got it On Japanese import last year.

III.Info about Gouki (Akuma)
As I have the Japanese version of the Game Akuma is called Gouki on my version
so don,t get confused.
Gouki is Ryus worst enemy even worse than Sagat. Gouki is a cold fighter with
evil intentions and has many awesome moves. Which is why he along with Evil Ryu
is my favorite character who I have mastered over the years.
Goukiís Street Fighter III 3rd strike storyline
Well once again a new threat is upon in the name of the fire and ice god Gill
who is a master
Street Fighter to all except in Goukiís eyes that is, after his confrontation
with Ryu back in SF zero 2 where he suffered defeat at Ryus hands Gouki has
been in a fowl mood ever since he caused chaos through out the Zero/Alpha
series decimating all who opposed him and he arrived
in Super Street Fighter 2 X and Destroyed Vega (M.Bison) And made a statement
now that another battle is about to begin and knowing of Gills power and the
fact that Ryu is going to be present in the ďfight for the futureĒ Gouki has 2
intentions ...To defeat Gill to prove he is the Master street fighter and to
finish an old rivalry with Ryu vowing this time to kill him once and for

Goukis stats

Nationality =Japanese

Age =???

Fighting style =Dark hadou

Likes =Power ,destruction

Dislikes =Ryu , weakness in fighters

His kanji symbol means TEN -Heaven The Great demon The master of the fist.

Goukiís strengths and weaknesses

+He is a master at juggling

+Heís got a total of 7 super Arts

+He has the Shun Goku Satsu and the Kongou kokuretsu zan

+ most of his moves have alot of priorities

-His stun gauge is very short

-He takes more damage than other characters

-some of the bigger fighters can pull off 100% damage combos on him

-he has No EX moves

U=Up                               UB   U   UF
D=Down                               \  |  /
F=Forward                         B--   N   --F
DF=Down Forward
DB=Down Back                         /  |  \
QCF=Quarter of a circle forward    DB   D   DF
QCB=Quarter of a circle back
HCF=Half a circle forward
HCB=Half a circle back

LP=Light Punch                  LP MP HP
MP=Medium Punch                 O  O  O
HP=Hard Punch                   O  O  O
LK =Light Kick                  LK MK HK
HK =Hard Kick
P =Any punch button
K =Any kick button
PP=Two punch buttons together
KK=Two Kick buttons together
PPP=All 3 punch buttons together
KKK=All 3 kick buttons together

Super Arts -Goukiís super arts can only be done when the Super art gauge is
full up to at least 1 level of power.
V.Basic moves
Basic techniques

Dash forward-F,F quickly

Dash backward -B,B quickly

Block hold- B

Parry -F as opponent attacks you

air parry -In the air -F as opponent attacks you

crouch parry -crouching DF,as opponent attacks you

Kara throw -Do a special then immediatly press LP+LK to cancel out into a throw

Throw escape -LK+LP as your opponent tries to throw you

Here are Goukiís general Punch and Kick attacks and the damage they do.
Standing LP -A fairly straight forward jab punch with not much priority
Damage =3%.

Crouching LP -A low straight forward Jab punch but this can have a bit more
priority and use than the Standing LP. Damage =3%.

Standing LK -This move also doesnít have very much priority but it can prove
useful than the Standing LP. Damage =6%.

Crouching LK -This move can be great for chipping an opponents energy and can
easily be cancelled into a super Art. Damage =3%.

Standing MP-This can be utilised in a pretty decent way particularly for combos
or for a fast cancel into a special/super move. Damage =15%.

B+MP -Thrust punch -its reaction time is a bit ropey i myself havenít found a
really good use for it yet but the damage is pretty good Damage= 15%.

F+MP -Double judo chop -This move can have some good uses and priorities it
really helps to stun an opponent Damage =12%

Crouching MP -This crouching punch can also be good for cancellations to
moves or into a combo Damage =14%.

Standing MK -This is a bit too slow for a good attack and can be evaded pretty
but again its damage is pretty good, Damage =17%.

Crouching MK -This is excellent to start a combo its great for cancelling
and its great for using as part of a combo too, Damage =13%

Standing HP -This punch is quite strong and can be useful for stunning your
and take a fair amount of power off your opponent, Damage =21%

Crouching HP -This move also does a fair amout of damage but it doesnít really
have any good
cancelling techniques or priorities, Damage =20%

Standing HK -This move has brilliant priority on an opponent in the air use
this to
bring them down when they jump towards you, Damage =21%

Crouching HK -This is a sweep move its priority can be good ive mentioned this
further down
the FAQ read about it there. but its damage is =20%

Hereís a few basic moves that can be useful during play.
Jump in Air DF+LK -Knee bash -Gouki can do a jabbing knee bash in the air with
quick reaction time. Damage =6%

D+MK -This crouching style leg jab can come in handy for certain combos and
linking moves.
Damage =13%.

D+HK -The common sweep can also be good to knock the opponent off their feet
whilst you retreat or prepare to execute a super Art. Damage =20%.

D+MK -In the air -Dive Kick  -This dive kick as good priority and can come in
very handy for starting a devastating combo. Damage =15%

Throw 1 -LP+LK -Gouki does a simple over the shoulder style throw to put the
opponent on the ground. Damage =15%

Throw 2 -F or B +LP+LK -Gouki tosses them with his leg across the screen this
can be quite good for following up a move with as long as the
timing is perfect. Damage =16%.

VI.Special moves
Gou -Hadou -QCF+LP or MP or HP

command - | \ --O + LP or MP or HP
          O  O

Gouki throws a pink fireball at his opponent depending on which punch button
you press determines the speed of the fireball.
Its best used against opponents who try to keep their distance from you or as
a close up counter.just dont abuse it too much.
 Damage =9%.

Flame Gou Hadou -HCB+LP or MP or HP

command - O-- \ | / --O + LP or MP or HP
              O O O

Its best used in a similar way to the standard Gou hadou but this version can
stun opponents for a second or so for you to start a combo it can be cancelled
into SA I and II easily too.
Damage =6 to 7%.

Air Gou -Hadou -Jump in air then press -QCF+LP or MP or HP

command  -in the air -| \ --O  + LP or MP or HP
                      O  O

Gouki throws a diagonal air fireball which can also be great for evading
attacks from below. Damage =9%.

Gou -Shoryu -F,D,DF+LP or MP or HP

command - --O | \ + LP or MP or HP
              O  O

Gouki raises his fist and jumps up with a huge uppercut smashing his opponents
face in. the height of this move once again depends on which punch button you
Its best used when an opponent is in the air to counter them or to do as part
of a combo e.g After a jumping HK that hits the opponent straight on then
straight into the Gou -Shoryu move. Damage =19 to 21%.

Gou -zankuu -kyaku -QCB+LK or MK or HK (Can be done in the air)

command - |  / --O + LK or MK or HK
          O O

Gouki drifts off the ground with his leg stretched out and spinning repeatedly.
Its best used to juggle your opponent in the air for a devastating combo.
Damage =14% ,Air version Damage =12%.

Hyakki Shuu -F,D,DF+LK or MK or HK

command - --O | \ +LK or MK or HK
              O  O

When this move is entered there are a number of attacks at your disposal
all these attacks mentioned here are done after the Demon Raid.

Do nothing -Hyakki gouzan, Damage =15%

HP -Hyakki gou shou , Damage =19%

HK -Hyakki goujin, Damage =15%

LP+LK -Hyakki gousai -next to opponent. Damage =16%

The range of the hyakki gouzan depends on which Kick button you press.

Ashura senkuu -F,D,DF+PP (to teleport long distance)

Command -  --O | \ +PP   (to teleport forward long distance)
               O  O

F,D,DF+KK (to teleport short distance forward)

Command - --O | \ +KK  (To teleport short distance forward)
              O  O

If you want to teleport backwards then press -B,D,DB+PP or KK buttons.

B,D,DB+PP (To teleport long distance backwards)

Command -  O-- |  / +PP  (To teleport long distance backwards)
               O O

B,D,DB+KK  (To Teleport short distance backwards)

Command - O-- |  / +KK (to teleport short distance backwards)
              O O

Gouki mysteriously ghosts across the screen through his opponent.
Its best used to get out of corners if your playing against someone who uses
combos in the corner but a warning if you are playing a Ryu player using the
or a Hugo player using the Gigas breaker teleport extremely cautiously as a
skilled player can get you in these moves whilst you are teleporting and you
will lose ALOT of energy you have been warned!

VII.Super Arts
Messatsu -Gou -Hadou -QCF,QCF+P Super bar I

command - | \ --O, | \ --O +P
          O  O     O  O

gauge - <-------------------------> 2

Gouki powers up and throws a super charged fireball doing huge damage.
Its best combined with the normal Gou -Hadou for double damage , to
combine it quickly do a Gou-Hadou then immediatly after that do the
Messatsu -Gou -Hadou its also a great suprise/wakeup move too.

In the Air -Tenma gou zankuu -QCF,QCF+P on Super bar I

Command in air | \ --O ,| \ --O +P
               O  O     O  O

gauge - <-------------------------> 2

This super art is done in the air use this one to counter Ground -air
moves like the Shoryuken. Damage =25% The Air version Damage =27%.

Messatsu -Gou-Shoryu -QCF,QCF+P Super bar II

command - | \ --O, | \ --O +P
          O  O     O  O

gauge - <------------------------> 2

Gouki powers up and delivers a super Gou-Shoryu shich also does a huge amount
of damage. It is best used to counter other super moves such as kens
Be cautious with this as if its blocked you could take a ton of damage.
 Damage =32%.

Messatsu -Gou-Raisen, -QCF,QCF+K Super Bar III

command - | \ --O, | \ --O  +K
          O  O     O  O

gauge - <------------------------> 2

This move can also be done in the air. Gouki stretches his leg out and spins
whilst going up in the air at the same time.
Itís best used to counter an opponent who is in the air so you can counter them
below.be careful though as if blocked you are very vunerable to alot of damage
from your opponent.
 Damage =35% Air version damage =36%.

Shun-Goku-Satsu -(Raging Demon)-LP,LP,F,LK,HP,Any Super bar on MAX

gauge - <-----------MAX-----------> 2

This is the ultimate finishing move Gouki charges up and glides towards the
opponent if he grabs them the screen will go white and he will kick 15 shades
of hell out of them literally wiping them out resulting in the demon symbol
appearing and Gouki
engulfed in flames. I usually jump in with a HK hoping they block it then I do
a standing HK then when they block it I immediatly set the Shun-Goku-Satsu off
and it usually gets them It can also be cancelled out of Goukiís Over head chop
,I myself sometimes use it to get through other super combos and special moves
to hit it.
Another common way its used is after a super or Special move where the
character goes into the air and comes down vunerable there you can perfectly
time the Shun Goku Satsu and it will connect.
Another simple trick is to throw a Flame fireball up close and Then as they are
parrying or Blocking it cancel into the Shun Goku Satsu and it will get them.
It can be cancelled out of a HP Gou shoryu but its very annoying to do so dont
really bother with that technique.
One other way that comes to my head is to do it out of the Hyakki Goujin and
cancel into the Shun Goku Satsu but its hard to perfect but it can Be done.
Use it also to counter through an opponents air parry of your Zankuu Gadou ken
too, use it as a suprise move or as a fast recovery move too.
Damage = 46%.

Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (Gateway to Hell) -DDD+PPP , Any super bar on MAX

command - | | | +PPP
          O O O
gauge - <-----------MAX-----------> 2

Another very powerful move, this time Gouki charges up his fist and punches the
ground causing some purple spikes to come out of the ground and destroy his
opponent. Without a doubt the best time to use this is when your opponent is in
the air as they canít defend against it.
A good little trap with this is do do a HK Tatsumaki zankuu kyaku then as you
land they will most likely attack you so as soon as you land pause for 1/2 a
second then do the Kongou kokuretsu zan and they will perish if done right as
they will be in their character will be in a move animation frame so they cant
do anything, be a bit cautious though as some supers can over come you so
really do it when they havenít got any Super power stocked.
Damage =52%.

1.Demon flip -> LK for Dive kick -> Crouching LK ->LK ver of Hurricane Kick
->HP ver of Gou Shoryu.

2.done on SA gauge I - opponent in corner -> Air HK ver of hurricane kick ->SA
I (Messatsu gou hadou) ->HK ver Hurricane Kick ->HP ver of Gou shoryu.

3.done on SA gauge I or II
  Air Gou hadou ->crouching LK ->SA I (Messatsu gou hadou or SA II (messatsu
gou shoryu).

4.done on SA gauge I on MAX  with opponent in corner  ->Air HK ver Hurricane
kick ->Crouching HP ->SA I  (messatsu gou hadou ) ->SA I again Metsassu gou

5.Done on SA gauge I or II -Demon flip ->MK Dive kick ->Crouching MK -> HP ver
gou hadou ->SA I or II.

6.Done on SA gauge II
    Demon flip ->LK ver Dive kick ->LK ver hurricane kick ->LP ver Gou shoryu
->cancel into SA II (Messatsu gou shoryu).

7.Done on SA Gauge II
Demon flip ->MK ver Dive kick ->Crouching MK ->LP ver Gou hadou ->Cancel into
SA II (messatsu gou shoryu).

8.Done on SA Gauge III
   Jumping HK ->Crouching MK ->LK ver Demon flip ->LK ver Dive kick ->LK ver
hurricane kick ->SA III (Messatsu gou raisen).

9.Opponent in the air HK hurricane kick ->HP Gou shoryu

10.Crouching LK X 2 ->LK Tatsumaki zankuu kyaku ->LP Gou Shoryu

11.Near corner on SA I -Demon flip ->Dive kick ->LK tatsumaki zankuu kyaku->LP
Gou shoryu -> SA I (Messatsu gou hadou) ->HK Tatsumaki zankuu kyaku.

still more to come.

IX.How to beat Gill using Gouki
These are the main pointers you should take into account when battling Gill.

>When he goes for that diving air punch whack him with a Gou-Shoryu

>At the start of the Rounds throw a air Gou hadou to give yourself some space
to plan
your next move.

>When he does his resurrection move Quickly do a Gou-Zankuu -Kyaku then when he
falls to the floor if you have a MAX gauge go for the Shun Goku Satsu (Raging
Demon attack)
And about 90% of the time it will get him.

>To dodge his Meteor shower super art -if you are close and he sets it off then
quickly Sweep him D+HK and the move will stop.
if you are away from him then you can either block or do what I do and teleport
through it.

>If he goes for his Rainbow energy super art then you could be in trouble it
cant be parried but if
you block it you can still lose up to 40% of your energy ,
to avoid it completly as he goes into the air you can stop him if you are close
with a quick
Gou-Shoryu however if you are far away then Teleport just as he gets to the
middle of the screen make sure you use the long distance teleport then you
should teleport right through the move.
Time it wrong though and you have had it!

>The rest is up to you as we all have our own different methods of actually
attacking him these are just the main things you need to watch out for and the
info on how to deal with that situation.

X.Fighting against Gouki in arcade mode
You battle Gouki on either stage 7 ,8 or if hes your character rival 9.
Here are some pointers to beat this evil tyrant

>Gouki will fight very offensively and will hardly give you a break so you need
to be on your guard all the time.

>Bigger characters like Urien ,Hugo ,Alex and Q should focus on parrying Goukis
moves as they will never match his speed.

>Gouki will always try to combo you then link to a super Art thats usually how
he behaves when you battle him.

>However his Defence isnt that great and Shoto players can pretty easily bring
his power down when Gouki jumps with a Dragon punch or EX Dragon punch
(shoryuken) Chun li ,Remy and Oro players can also really capitalise on this

>Suprise supers usually get him if he knocks you down near the corner as soon
as you get up set off your super Art and its likely to get him the only ones he
may avoid are grapple ones.

>And thats it really just focus on catching him out and take advantage of every
opening and try and use alot of suprise Supers or EX moves are just as good as
well follow this and you will have him down in no time.

XI.Fighting against the other characters in arcade mode
These area few pointers to beat each of the characters alot of these pointers
may be very useful against Human opposition with these characters so bear that
in mind I am mainly just mentioning pointers for overcoming the most common
moves that  the Character in question will typically use.

>Alex  will often try to either use LP or MP Flash chop or a EX version to set
you up for a grab or super which can be quite crucial in Goukiís case due to
his damage factor.
> Alex will mainly wait for you to make the first offensive attack so they can
overcome it with a more powerful attack the best way to deal with this is to
bait them with a LP Gou hadou to bring them to you then if they parry the thing
jump in HK and follow on or if they block do the same thing and follow it on to
a combo.
>Alex  will often try to combo you with the Air stampde attack when he rolls at
you as he comes down you can easily block and cancel into a Super Art or even
throw him or if you are a good parryer then it can be parried pretty quickly
and hit with a Super.
>That move can also be countered into a Raging Demon provided you time it right
so keep that in mind as it can come in very handy hehe.

Chun li
>Chun li players can be possibly some of the hardest to over come alot of
players like to use anti air attacks  -SA I for example or kara throws with her
she has the best in the game in my opinion.
>Chun li  tends to jump alot so some Gou shoryus will come in handy but use
them at a well timed situation.
>Alot of players will use the spinning Bird Kick or EX version as a suprise
wake up call it can easily be overcome with a well timed Gou hadou and if you
are on Super Art I cancel in to a Messatsu gou hadou for the full damage
provided you are charged of course.
>With alot of Chun li players Super Art II the Houyoku sen is the most common
choice against Gouki due to its power there are alot of chipping tactics what a
player might adapt to to execute this so you do have to be careful here one
thing you can do is when its activated quickly teleport just behind her and hit
her with a Super if you have one or better yet in you are at MAX Hit her with
the Raging Demon.
>Some Chun li players will use Fireballs to bait you in to one of their traps
possibly leading to a air juggle using the Hazan shuu so just stay at a
distance and parry the fireballs.

>His machine gun blow can be very annoying to deal with as it comes at you very
fast but you can either parry it or block then quickly reverse with a Gou hadou
and if you are charged a Messatsu gou hadou or if you are on Super Art II you
can counter with a LP gou shoryu then cancel in to Super Art II -Messatsu gou
shoryu or infact you can do this tactic on Super Art I and cancel the gou
shoryu into a Messatsu gou hadou.
>Use air gou hadous to sort out his Jet upper attacks and dont forget to cancel
into the super Air gou hadou if you have a charged super Art I bar then you can
really take him out!
>You have to be cautious of Dudleys charge moves the Ducking straight and
Ducking upper are often used as Suprise attacks and can really catch you off
guard if you are not careful.
>In terms of Super Arts Its really Super Arts I and III you have to mainly
worry about these super arts can come out of nowhere so be very careful.

>She can be great Raging Demon bait or any super bait really her rhino horn
attack is brilliant for getting Elena in either a throw a Super Art any of I II
or III will be able to be used to counter that move but Blocking her attack
then cancelling into the Raging Demon is much more entertaining use the same
things mentioned here on the EX version as well.
>Her handstands can be really irritating and can catch you off guard pretty
easily luckily she isnt an amazingly high damage giving character which is a
definate plus in Goukiís book.
> Elena will try to hit you with the EX Lynx tail then cancel into a Spinning
beat or brave dance super Art so try to block the EX lynx tail rather than
parrying it as a clever player will use your parry time to hit you with a Super
>When playing Elena players do expect to encounter alot of EX moves there are
just so many cancellation techniques a player can do with Elena so bear that in

>Hugo is a Huge (no pun intended) threat to Gouki due to his power and Goukiís
damage weakness so you need to be extremely careful against this big brute.
>If he has a fully charged Gigas breaker -super Art I then if you must Teleport
use EXTREME caution a good Hugo player will easily grab you in a gigas breaker
whilst you are teleporting and you lose up to 75% energy so please remember
>Hugo will use the mega throw to bounce you off the wall to either juggle you
or to hit you with a Super Art this could be lethal in Goukiís case you need to
really take this match with alot of caution and youíve got to use your speed to
your advantage if you want to win this fight.
>Try and Keep a fair bit of distance between you and Hugo for most of the match
as really you cannot afford to get grabbed by any of Hugos grapples or youíre
going to take alot of damage Use gou hadous to keep him at bay and under
pressure whilst you charge your Super Art bar up use Gou shoryus to take down
and air attacks he may attempt.
> when he goes for an attack like his butt backwards dive attack you can
quickly take advantage of the opening and hit him with a Super Art.

>Most Ibuki players mainly rely on her speed and her fast attacks to out wit
most characters so you have to be prepared for this.
>Alot of players using Super Art I will usually try to combo you and finish
with that super Art in the air ,many that i have encountered have jumped in the
air and done a EX Kunai and cancelled into the Kasumi suzaku super Art when
they jump in the air to attempt this bring them down with a gou shoryu.
-If they activate the Kasumi suzaku you can either block or if you are good at
parrying parry all 20 hits of it or you can Quickly Teleport to the other side
of the screen and hit Ibuki with an attack or combo of your choice.
>shes practically vunerable to any move in that situation so take advantage of
>Her other common  CPU attacks like the Hien or Kubi obi can often be evaded
with a quick timed gou hadou and so can the EX versions.

>Ken players can be some of the trickiest to over come due to Kens speed.
>His Shoryu Reppa and Shunryuken can easily be blocked then countered with a
Raging Demon as he is comming down from doing the move.
>His EX Helicopter kick can easily be countered into a combo with a gou hadou
and if you are using Super Art I then dont forget you can cancel the gou hadou
into a Messatsu gou hadou for double damage.
>If you are at a distance parry his hadokens if you are pretty close Jump in
Deep with a HK and combo him.
>His shoryukens can easily be sorted with either a air fireball or super Air
Fireball if you doge it from the ground you can hit him with a Gou shoryu
whilst ken is up in the Air.

>Makotos moves can have alot of priority over Gouki shes known as one of the
top shoto killers in the game with her speed and agility she can be a deadly
person to deal with.
>Her super Arts I and II can be very devastating against Gouki due to his
damage handicap.
>Alot of her moves if blocked or parried leave her open for a brief moment this
is your chance to capitalise and hit her with the most devastating combo you
have got.
>If you are charged to MAX you can hit Makoto with the Kongou kokuretsu zan if
she is on SA II and you are standing when she goes in the air but you have to
be very quick or you can block the kick and hit the Shun Goku Satsu.
>Another idea is to juggle her up as much as possible a Makoto player who isnt
ground based isnt going to do much.

>One of the more frustrating characters to beat is Necro he can be so annoying
so you need to be on your game.
>One of the nastiest  combos a Necro player can do is a  Denji blast then
cancel into a SA I Chou denji storm that combo can be very devastating.
>Once again  juggle him as soon as you get the chance and turtle a bit just for
defences sake.
>Most of Goukiís moves have more priority than Necros so take advantage of
those Gou shoryus.

>A good Oro player can put you through absolute hell mainly because of his
superior speed and fast tricks he can pull.
>Alot of oro players mainly pick SA I -kishin riki mainly because  they have 3
options with this super they can hit you with the air  Kishin K jigoku guruma 
and the  Kishin Tsui all of which are absolutly devastating  if you are caught.
>Use air fireballs to keep him down to a good ground base and juggle him at
given oppotunities
>when he does the Junchuu watari you can easily hit him with an air Gou zankuu
and captialise on a juggle combo.

>Q is a slow character so use your speed to your advantage
>Watch out for his SA II as that can be a match decider against Gouki
>Play offensively on him and donít turtle or he will take advantage of you.
>Alot Q s moves can come at you fast even though hes a slow character so be
ready for that.
>So bascially keep the offence on combo and juggle when oppotunities are given
and be careful if your opponent is using SA II or III as they are deadly
against Gouki Qs SA I can easily be blocked then comboed so keep that in mind.
> Q in arcade mode is a piece of cake god knows why Capcom made him a secret

>Remy players can be the hardest to overcome due to their quick speed and high
attack priority.
>Air parrying his Flash kick is a good thing to do practice doing that.
>His super Art II -Vierge ni ansoku O -can be Raging Demoned with perfect
timing it has to be timed to gab him the mili second Remys feet touch the
ground if done right theres no escape!
>look out for the combo of EX  Vertu no zankou haute to SA II that combo can
really catch you out.
>You do have to turtle a bit with Gouki against a good Remy player due to his
>When you  get the chance go for a Gou shoryu then cancel into a SA thats a
good damage move on Remy.

>Ryu is possibly the biggest threat to Gouki of them all esspecially if they
use the Shinshoryuken SAII.
>If at all in a corner and Ryu  has a charged SA II then dont risk Teleporting
as he will probably hit you with the Shinshoryuken during the Teleport.
>Ryu is slower than Gouki so use your speed to your advantage
>The shinshoryuken SA is vunerable to the Raging Demon and Kongou kokuretsu zan
like Remy with perfect execution when Ryu is in the air you can get him with
either of these moves as he comes down.
>Try and juggle him too as most of Ryus strength is on a ground base.
>When he hadokens you jump in on him deep or Demon flip him and do a combo.
>To take out Ryus Dragon punch either air parry or do a air Gou hadou tha will
do the job nicely.

>Sean is perfect for parry training on esspecially if the CPU or your opponent
uses the Hadou burst SA I .
>Gouki can easily out do most of Seans moves
>Sean is slower than Gouki so take advantage of this.
>His airborne moves can easily be juggled and comboed.
>His Sean tackle is good for getting him with a Super Art esspecially a Raging
>Some players may distract you with his basket ball taunt so watch out for
>If he attempts the Dragon smash hit him with a Air gouhadou or in on SA I
cancel it into a SA Metsassu gou hadou.

>The worst thing that can happen with Twelve when vs the CPU one is if heís
using SA III X.C.O.P,Y  as he will be able to morph into Gouki and then he will
play as hard as the CPU does when its using Gouki against you so need to be
prepared for this.
>Other than that really Twelve isnt really a huge threat at all just keep
juggling him and all should be fine.
>Be careful when you jump in as  he may use an EX  arm attack move dont remeber
the name but you will know it when you see it.
>When he flies in the air evade his attack and bring him down with a HP Gou
shoryu or jump up and Juggle him.
>Most of his moves leave him pretty vunerable to SA s as well so take

>Urien players can be very nasty some can even get 100% damage so a good mix of
offence and defence is needed here.
>Parry his fireballs and EX versions or jump in on him and juggle him up.
>His violece knee drop can be countered with a Kongou kokuretsu zan provided
the timing is perfect it needs to be timed jut before he comes down.
>Its good if you can land a demon flip and then combo them into a super then
send them oblivion.
>Just remember that screwing up can cost you against Urien.
>His super Art I  - Tyrant punish  can be easily blocked then countered  with a
combo or Super Art.

>Yangs speed can be very overwhelming for Gouki  so you have to be quite
cautious and take advantage of every mistake.
>Look out for Yangs senkyuutai as this can set you up in the air for a Yang
juggle the best thing to do here is to block it and then counter with either a
combo or a  Gou shoryu and then  cancel it into a SA either I or II are best.
>His EX torou zan can be pretty lethal and its very quick you could parry it if
you are skilled enough but its probably best to jump up in deep with a HK then
combo it.
>Yangs SA I and II arenít too hard to overcome  just Block them and counter its
not a hard task.
>His SA III can be very dangerous esspecially if the player using it knows lots
of good combos your best bet is to get in and ruin their combo before they get
to power up and start it.
>Most of Yangs other moves leave him vunerable to an attck or combo if blocked
or parried so take advantage of this.

>Again Yunís speed is his strength and you need to take advantage of every
mistake that occurs.
>Alot of Yunís moves can have better priority over yours than Yangs could .
>but again most of his moves if blocked /parried at the right time will leave
Yun vunerable for a good Juggle.
>if the opposition is using SA I then be a bit cautious due to its power.
>Again SA III is a threat as if the opponent knows his combos well you could be
in for a very nasty juggle combo again the best way to deal with this is to try
and stop the combo from even getting off.
>Yun is slightly slower than Yang so is easier to connect hits with.
>When in the air if he uses SA II and you block it You can pretty easily
juggle/Super Art Yun into oblivion in no time.

XII.Goukiís costume colours
 Here are the buttons to press for the specific costume remember you have to
complete the     game with Gouki first to unlock the Extra costumes which
require you to hold start first before selecting.
This is set out as if you are playing on the Dreamcast arcade stick if you are
playing on a Joypad then refer to Z and C as L and R.

1.X =His Navy blue/Black coloured suit with Red hair.
2.A =His Dark green coloured suit with Brown hair.
3.Y =His Grey coloured suit with White hair.
4.B =His Light blue coloured suit with White hair.
5.Z =His Dark blue coloured suit with Orange hair
6.C =His White coloured suit with  Red/Pink hair.
Extra costumes
1.Start +X =His Brown coloured suit with Brown hair.
2.Start +A =His Gold coloured suit with Orange hair.
3.Start +Y =His Turquoise coloured suit with Orange Hair.
4.Start + B =His Red coloured suit with Red hair.
5.Start + Z =His Beige coloured suit with Red hair and very dark skin.
6.Start + C =His Dark coloured suit with Grey hair.

XIII.Goukiís winning quotes and ending
Here are Goukiís comments in his winning quotes at the end of a match
1.A weak shell and a weak soul ..it was an easy task to seperate the two!
2.My fist knows no equal!
3.Perfection equals obliteration!
4.The unworthy must be removed from existence!
5.To show mercy is to show proof of your imperfection!
6.Weakness is a disease....I am the cure!
7.Your body assumed its proper form where my fist tore it apart!
8.Youíve fulfilled your purpose in life by allowing me to end it!
Ending -Under the sea there us a sunken ship and several people in a submarine
spot Gouki stood on top of it then Gouki raises the ship and smashes it with
his Messatsu gou raison.
XIV.Miscellaneous info on Gouki
   >Gouki has now being in SF games for nearly 8 years now since Super Street
Fighter 2 X .
    > Gouki also made a suprise appearence on Xmen C,O,T,A.
    > The symbol on Goukiís back is Kanji for TEN meaning heaven or sky but in
Goukis terms it
        means a power beyond human and earthly existance.
    >In every SF Gouki always seems to get one new special move in this game he
learned the Kongou kokuretsu Zan  and he got the Demon Raid which he did not
have in SF3 2nd impact.
>this is one of the few games where Gouki has been a normal selctable character
not a secret boss like we are used to seeing him.
XV.Goukiís move translations
    Gou Hadou  =Fireball
     Flame Gou Hadou =Flame fireball
     Shakunetsu  hadou  ken =Air fireball
     Gou shoryu =Dragon punch
     Gou Zankuu kyaku =Hurricane kick
      Ashura Senkuu -Teleport
       Hyakki Gouzan =Demon Raid -slide
        Hyakki Gou shou =Demon elbow
        Hyakki Goujin =Demon dive kick
        Hyakki Gousai =Demon slam
        Messatsu gou Hadou =Super Fireball
        Tenma gou Zankuu =air super fireball
         Messatsu gou Shoryu =Super Dragon punch
         Messatsu gou Raisen = Super hurricane kick
        Messatsu gou senpuu =Super Air Hurricane kick
        Shun Goku Satsu =Imprisoning death flash also means Instant hell 
                                       (AKA as Raging Demon)
        Kongou kokuretsu zan =Gateway to hell

XVI.Goukiís taunt and winning poses
  Taunt = HP+HK
   Taunt Gouki stamps the ground and the Destruction Kanji symbol appears above
him this gives
    a Super Art Gauge boost in power.

   Goukiís poses
                     Pose 1 -he stomps the floor and his body shakes whilst
heís in his fighting stance.
                     Pose 2 -He stands there with his back to you with his TEN
Kanji symbol lit up on
                                   his back!!!!!

XVII.Contact the master
If you have any comments or want to know more combos you can email me at

shoryuken.com for some of the English move names
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