Parrying FAQ by KDTC

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PARRY FAQ V1.5 Street Fighter:3rd Strike (DC and ARC)
by Kevin Chung aka KDTC
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Welcome all!! This is the my first ever FAQ. Please bear with me...

If there are any queries, comments, suggestions, feedback, criticisms
e-mail to
I'm open to all critisms. All relevant feedback will be credited in the next
version of the FAQ.

Version History
August 25 2001, Public Release Version v1.5
    - Added Vs. Parrying section
    - Parrying Chart completed
    - Fixed up typos, layout and presentation

July 28 2001, Test version v1.0

The amount of information you may receive in this FAQ might cause you serious
brain damage. The author is not liable to any losses to the reader...that
includes death, visual defects and loss of memory. Read it at your own risk. :

I. Introduction

II. Definitions
    a) The Basics
    b) Terminology

III. Parrying
    a) In General
    b) Common Problems of Parrying
    c) The Ups and Downs of Parrying

IV. The Practical Theory

V. Advanced Parrying
    a) Air Parry
    b) Red parry
    c) Multi-Parrying
    d) Point Blank

VI. The Parrying Chart

VII. Anti-Parrying
    a) (Kara) Throws
    b) Grappling
    c) Turtle
    d) Multi-Attack
    e) False attack

VIII. Vs. Parrying

IX. Bonus Parrying

X. Teasers

XI. Conclusion


XIII. Special Thanks

XIV. The Legal Crap



In this 3rd edition of the Street Fighter series, Capcom has further polished
the game from 2nd Impact. If you're a regular SF3 player you can spot the major
differences very easily. Basically in short, 5 new characters added, EX moves
introduced, combos taken away from most characters and most importantly
parrying are to be done much quicker. Parrying, yes it can be a pain for some
people...that's why you're here right? From the verdict of the majority of the
people from the SF3:TS message board, no doubt that 'parrying' is a hard topic
to write a FAQ on. The content in this PARRY FAQ is aimed to improve the
knowledge and the concepts of parrying. Hopefully, it can provide informative
content to all skill levels.

IMHO, It's is very disappointing to know that this game is not getting the
attention that it should. Only in the last 6 months I've finally seen some
decent players of this game in my local arcades. Prior to that, I almost
thought that I was the only one that plays it. On average, I'm happy to know
that in some other parts of the world that SF3:TS in gaining/keeping the

Well, enough yakking...the time is now yours. Enjoy!!


a) The Basics:

ub   u   uf     b - Back
  \  |  /       u - Up
   \ | /        f - Foward
b--- N --- f    d - Down
   / | \        N - Neutral
  /  |  \                       LP   MP   HP
db   d   df                     LK   MK   HK

P     - any punch
K     - any kick
PP    = Any two punch buttons
KK    = Any two kick buttons
!!    = Hitting buttons rapidly

qcf   = quarter circle forward
qcfx2 = double quarter circle forward
hcf   = half circle forward
hcb   = half circle backwards
c.    = charge for 2 secs

LP    = Light punch (or Jab)
MP    = Middle punch (or Strong)
HP    = High punch (or Fierce)
LK    = Light kick (or Short)
MK    = Middle kick (or Forward)
HK    = High kick (or Roundhouse)

These words in the brackets describes the position between players
(close)     - throwing distance
(near)      - sweeping (d+HK) distance
(jumping)   - distance of a jump
(far)       - anything beyond (jump)
(air)       - in the air
(any)       - any distance

b) Terminology
In this FAQ you may go pass some abbreviations. Here are the initial

Tech Hit - A defence against throws. It is performed the same way as a throw.
ie, close LP+LK.

Universal Overhead (UO) - An overhead attack that cannot be blocked by db. It
is performed on the ground with MP+MK anywhere by anyone.

EX - Only applied to some moves. It increases speed, the no. of hits and
(sometimes) priority while consuming a proportion of the super bar. It is
usually animated in "flashy" yellow colour. It is done the same way either with
PP or KK.

Super Cancel (SC) - Supers can be cancelled off some attacks. It is performed
immediately when the animation of the attack is still in the motion of
execution and/or still is the motion of recovering.

Point-Blank (PB) - Only applies to some supers. Explained later in the Advanced
Parrying section.


a) In General
Parrying is a completely new technique first introduced to Street Fighter 3:
Next Generation that's not been seen in any other fighting game. This technique
allows the parrier to "negate" and/or "nullify" the damage of an attack
simultaneously rendering the other player to vulnerability. This often grants a
great advantage to the parrier as they can follow it up with most attacks.
Parries are practical measures of reflexes, patience and anticipation all of
which are vital to fighting games. It has became a necessity and skill that
seperates the good, the bad and the ugly. Parries can be used to offend, defend
or taunt depending on how it was used. It can be performed by anyone by a light
'tap' on the joystick/control pad per attack. I was approached by newbies once
and they described this as the "blue flashy thing". Yes, a parry occurs when
light blue (or red) colour is animated over the parrier.

Generally, anything that can be blocked can be parried with the following

- Ryu, Dejin Hadouken,     qcfx2+P         cannot be blocked, can be parried
- Ibuki, Raida,            (close)hcb+P    can be blocked, cannot be parried
- Ibuki, Yoroi Doushi,     qcfx2+P         cannot be blocked(close),
                                           can be parried (near)
- Alex, Grab & Hit         b+HP            can be blocked, cannot be parried
- Oro, Human Pillar Driver (near)hcb+P     can be blocked, cannot be parried
- Necro, Snake Fang        (near)hcf+K     can be blocked, cannot be parried

There are 4 different types of parrying:
    - Upper
    - Lower
    - Air
    - Red

Upper Parrying  - Tap forward/attack
Lower Parrying  - Tap down/attack

Air parrying and Red parrying will be discussed in the Advanced Parryiing

b) Common Problems of Parrying
Most people...
- aren't brave enough parry.
- forget the total no. of parries and/or the sequence of the parries.
- tend to hold the joystick/control pad forward instead of the light tap.
- believe that they can parry the 1st hit of a PB super (explained Advanced
Parrying section) when it is already executed. It is IMPOSSIBLE.
- believe when they get a lot of parries from the CPU, they expect the same in
the Vs. mode. I doubt that.

c) The Ups and Downs of Parrying
- Parrying is very fun and exciting to watch and play when you know its
- Parrying adds strategy to the fighting.
- As a newbie, watching others parry numerously and consecutively is scary. It
means taunting and humiliation to newbies.
- The expert parriers dominate the game over newbies leaving them a microscopic
chance of winning.
- There is a very high learning curve in parrying. This usually "repels"
newcomers to play and instead move on and play something else.


I find that teaching others how to act practically in plainly written text is
considerably very hard. It is similar to teach another how to drive or build in
words only. Deriving from the experience I get from vast challenging in the
arcades, I conclude that parrying is divided into 4 different timings according
to their speed intervals in between consecutive parries. I call this the 'Speed
Interval Parrying Theory' (SIPT). In the case of understanding in real timing,
I have set a base example for each of the speed intervals. They are:

    Very Fast (V) (5%)
- Very fast tapping rate on the joystick/control pads. eg, Sean super art 2
Shoryu Cannon after the 3rd hit of the 2nd lot of uppercuts (where the mashing

    Fast (F) (45%)
- Fast tapping rate. eg, Ryu/Ken EX Hadouken.

    Medium (M) (40%)
- A slight pause in the parrying rate. eg, Ken, HK Hurricane Kick.

    Slow (S) (10%)
- A long pause in tapping rate.  eg, Ryu's HK Hurricane Kick

To show this graphically, the SIPT 'looks' something like this..
                 S   |    *---------S---------S
                 P   |
                 E   |    *------M-----M------M
                 E   |
                 D   |    *----F----F----F----F
                     |    *---V---V---V---V---V
                     ----------------------------> TIME

     * = a successful parry.
    5F = F,F,F,F,F not the total time that FFFFF adds up to between the
consecutive parries.
  *,2F = 3 parries. After the first parry, the control is tapped at a fast
*,3M,S = 5 parries. Have a slight pause for the intervals between the 1st and
the 4th hit. The interval between 4th-5th hit is then parried with a longer
pause (S).

Please note:
- These abbreviations V, F, M and S will be used frequently in the Parrying
Chart later on.
- The percentage in brackets is the approximate proportion of the total
possible parriable attacks (not including combos).
- The Slow parry (S) is based on the Fast parry (F) but skipping its every 2nd
- Anything with a very long pause (slower than S) will be neglected simply
because there is no practical base example.
- You may slip an attack between 'S' and 'M' parries but not an attack in
between 'F' and 'V' parries.
- The SIPT may also apply to the Dreamcast version. Not totally confirmed
though. I have developed this theory because in DC there is an option to set
various 'Input Parry Time' hence hard to interpret as in real time.
- I did try to make it as 'SPIT' but it wouldn't make sense. :


The basics were too easy huh? Here are the harder ones.

a) Air Parrying
Self-explanatory. Unlike the Next Generation and the 2nd Impact, air parrying
can now only be parried by a tap forward and not a tap down on the
joystick/control pad. One would take a higher risk to air parry because you
simply cannot block in the air.

b) Red Parrying
Aka Guard Parry. Its animation is exactly the same as the normal parries but in
a reddish colour hence it is named Red Parry. It's done the same way as normal
parries but must be done after a block of any consecutive attack. eg, Dudley's
Machine gun blow. It can be done anytime between the 1st block and the last
hit. Red parries are often considered as an accidental flukes rather than an
intended skill. I personally "fluke" it occasionally.

c) Multi-Parrying
- Any parrying against button derivatives are parried by *, M. eg, Yun, (close)

- Any parrying against SC's are parried by *,V.

d) Point Blank (PB)
Most supers are invincible during the few frames of animation. In this period
of time, the game time is "paused" and the super is executed. In most cases,
the supers will out-prioritise any other moves (except for supers) during these
few frames of animation. Tapping forward on the joystick (parry) during this
time will not be successful. To parry these supers, the 1st hit must be parried
BEFORE the animation of the super (given that is done within range of the 1st
hit). PB is only applied to supers. This term was created by Hon Wai Yip aka


This is the main section of my FAQ and is probably what you're after in the
first place. Here's a list of maximum no. of parries in respect to their
parrying speed intervals. Single parries will be omitted. Supers should be done
in range of the 1st hit. There won't be any combos here. The abbreviations and
their base example are explained in the The Practical Theory section.

         * = a successful parry                      S = Slow speed interval
        PB = Point Blank parry                       M = Medium speed interval
       (j) = jump-in parry                           F = Fast speed interval
         # = extra parries for taller characters     V = Very Fast speed

Notes and assumptions:
- All parrying is done by tapping forward on the ground otherwise stated/noted.
They are done by shorter characters.
- All super projectiles are parried PB if (near) and normally when further.
Oro's Yagu Dama and Urien's Aegis reflector are exceptions.
- Tall characters Alex, Gill, Hugo, Q, and Urien need extra parries for all the
'#' attacks.
- Parrying for taller characters will be updated in the next version.
- Mashing moves (P!! or K!!) is assumed to be mashed all the way of the attack.
Some attacks will be one speed slower if not mashed. Beware.
- Due to the lack of horizontal space, the 'NORMAL' column, it represents all
normal and non-EX special moves.
- The 'Total' column shows the total number of parries NOT the total number of

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
Overhead Punch         f+MP           *,M                                2
Axe Kick               (close)f+HK    *,M                                2
Red Fireball   (LP)    hcb+P          *,2F                               3
               (MP)                   *,F                                2
Hurricane Kick (MK)    qcb+K          *,2F                               3
               (HK)                   *,4F                               5
Dragon Punch   (MP)    f,d,df+P       *,F                                2
               (HP)                   *,2F                               3
Messatsu Gouhadou      qcfX2+P                           PB,5F           6
Messatsu Goushouryuu   qcfX2+P                           PB,F,M,F,M,2F   7
Messatsu Gourasen (j)  qcfX2+K                           PB,3F           4

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
Headbutt               d+HP           *,F                                2
Flash Chop             qcf+P(PP)                 *,F                     2
Elbow Slash            c.b,f+KK                  *,M                     2
Boomerang Raid         qcfX2+P                           PB,3M           4
- Boomerang Raid: parried for the first 4 hits only. The last attack is a

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
Axe kick               holdMK         *,2M                               3	
Slap                   b+MP           *,M                                2
Spinning Bird Kick(LK) c.u+K(KK)      *,3F                               4	
                  (MK)                *,5F                               6
                  (HK)                *,3F,M,2F                          7    #
                                                 *,2F                    3
Lightning Kicks   (LK)  K(KK)!!       *,29M                              30
                  (MK)                *,23M                              24
                  (HK)                *,23F                              24
                                                 *,17F                   18
Kikoushou               qcfX2+P                          PB,19F          20
Houyokusen              qcfX2+K                          PB,7F,M,7F,*    17
Tensei Ranka (j)        qcfX2+K                          PB,6F,M         8
- (HK)Spinning Bird Kick: the last 3 hits are parried in the opposite direction
(she goes to the other side).
- Houyokusen: The last interval is a very long pause not slow (S) hence not to

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
Jet Upper        (HP)  f,d,df+P(PP)   *,F                                2
                                                 *,F                     2
Machine Gun Blow (LP)  hcf+P(PP)      *,2F                               3
                 (MP)                 *,3F                               4
                 (HP)                 *,4F,M                             6
                                                *,4F,2M                  7
Ducking Upper          hcf+K,K         *,F                               2
Dodge'em               hcb+K(KK)                *,2M                     3
Rocket Uppercut        qcfX2+P                           PB,F,M,F,M,3F   7    #
Rolling Thunder        qcfX2+P,P!!                       PB,F,6M         8
Corkscrew Blow         qcfX2+P                           PB,4F           5	

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
Jump HK                (air)HK        *,M                                2
MK                     N+MK           *,F                                2
Scratch Wheel   (MK)   f,d,df+K(KK)   *,F                                2
                (HK)                  *,2F                               3
                                                *,3F                     4
Mallet Smash           hcb+P(PP)      *,M                                2
                                                *,M                      2
Rhino Horn             hcf+K(KK)      *,M                                2
                                                *,M,F                    3
Spinning Scythe        qcb+K(KK)      *,2M,F                             4
                                                *,3M,F                   5
Lynx Tail     (LK&MK)  d,b,db+K(KK)   *,F                                2
              (HK)                    *,F,M,F                            4
                                                *,F,M,F,M                5
Spinning Beat          qcfX2+K                           PB,F,M,F,M,2F   7
Brave Dance            qcfX2+K                           PB,8M,S         10
- Spinning Scythe: assumed to be executed continuously.
- Lynx Tail: to be parried low only. EX: the 1st 4 hits are parried low.

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
Stomp                  N+MK             *,M                                2
Giant Palm Bomber      qcb+P(PP)                 *,2F                    3
Hammer Frenzy          qcfX2+P                           PB,2M,F,S       5
- Hammer Frenzy: beware, Hugo may deliberately delay the super.

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
MP                     (close)MP      *,F                                2
HP                     (close)HP      *,F                                2
HK                     (close)HK      *,F                                2
Kazekiri               f,d,df+K(KK)   *,2F                               3
                                                 *,2F                    3
Tsumuji       (LK&MK)  qcb+K(KK)      *,S                                2
              (HK)                    *,2S                               3
                                                 *,3M                    4
Hien                   b,d,db+K(KK)   *,F                                2
                                                 *,F                     2
Kasumi Suzaku          qcfX2+P                           *,(??)V         ??
Yoroi Dooshi           qcfX2+P                           *,12F           13
- Kasumi Suzaku: Parrying depending on mashing of buttons, height of character
and distance from super. The intervals are all V's.
- Tsumuji: Ibuki may attack low.

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
Axe Kick               b+MK           *,M                                2
Hadouken               qcf+P(PP)                 *,F                     2
Shoryuken      (MP)    f,d,df+P(PP)   *,F                                2
               (HP)                   *,2F                               3
                                                 *,2F                    4    #
Hurricane Kick (LK)    qcb+(KK)       *,M                                2
               (MK)                   *,3M                               4
               (HK)                   *,4M                               5
                                                 *,5M                    6
Shoryu-Reppa           qcfX2+P                           PB,2F,M,2F,M,3F 10   #
Shinryuken (j)         qcfX2+K,K!!                       PB,4F           5
Shipuujinrai Kyaku     qcfX2+K                           PB,4M           5
- Shinryuken: beware, the speed WILL decrease if buttons are not mashed.

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
f+HP                   f+HP,HP,HP     *,2M                               3
Abare Tosanami         qcfX2+K                           *,2M,S          4

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
Drill Kick             (air)d+K       *,M                                2
Electric Shock  (MP)   f,d,df+P,P!!   *,20F                              21
                (HP)                  *,40F                              41
Raging Cobra           hcb+k(KK)                 *,M                     2
Flying Viper           qcb+P(PP)                 *,M                     2
Spinning Punch (LP&MP) hcf+P(PP)      *,M                                2
               (HP)                   *,2M                               3
                                                 *,4M                    5
Magnetic Storm         qcfX2+P                           PB,15F          16
Electric Snake         qcfX2+P                           PB,2F           3
- Electric Snake: parried downwards ONLY.

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
MP                     (close)MP      *,M                                2
HP                     (close)HP      *,M                                2
Sun Disk Palm          c.b,f+P(PP)               *,M                     2
Oniyama                c.d,u+K(KK)               *,2F                    3
Jinchu Nobori          qcf+K(KK)      *,F                                2
                                                 *,2F                    3
Yagu Dama              qcfX2+P(PP)                       *,3M            4
                                                 *,10V                   11

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
High Speed Barrage     qcb+P(PP)      *,2M                               3
                                                 *,6F                    7
Dashing Leg Attack     c.b,f+K(KK)               *,M                     2
Critical Combo Attack  qcfX2+P                           PB,4M           5
Deadly Double
Combination            qcfX2+P                           PB,*            2
- Dashing Leg Attack (EX): the first hit must be parried low.
- Critical Combo Attack: the 4th hit must be parried low.
- Deadly Double Combination: The 2nd interval is a very long pause not slow (S)
hence not to scale.

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
HK                     (close)HK      *,F                                2
Double Sweep           d+HK           *,S                                2
Light of Virtue(high)  c.b,f+P(PP)               *,F                     2
Light of Virtue(low)   c.b,f+K(KK)               *,F                     2
Cold Blue Kick         qcb+K(KK)                 *,F                     2
Light of Justice(far)  qcfX2+P                           *,F,M,4F        7
                (jump)                                   *,6F            7
                (near)                                   PB,2M           3
Supreme Rising Rage
Flash                  qcfX2+K                           PB,2F,M,2F,M,2F 9    #

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
Overhead Punch         f+MP           *,M                                2
Forward Punch          f+HP           *,M                                2
Hadouken               qcf+P(PP)                 *,F                     2
Shoryuken      (HP)    f,d,df+P(PP)   *,F                                2
Hurricane Kick (MK&HK) qcb+K(KK)      *,2S                               3
                                                 *,2M                    3
Shinkuu Hadouken       qcfX2+P                           PB,4F           5
Shin Shoryuken         qcfX2+P                           PB,3F           4
                 (j)                                     PB,6F           7	
Denjin Hadouken        qcfX2+P                           *,4F            5

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
Headbutt               f+HP           *,M                                2
Dragon Smash           f,d,df+P(PP)              *,F                     2
Ryuubi Kyaku           qcf+K(KK)                 *,F                     2
Tornado Kick   (LK)    qcb+K(KK)      *,M                                2
               (MK)                   *,2M                               3
               (HK)                   *,3M                               4
                                                 *,3M                    4	
Shoryuu Cannon         qcfX2+P                           PB,F,M,2F,5V    10   #
- Shoryu Cannon: beware, the speed WILL decrease if buttons are not mashed.

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
d+HP                   d+HP           *,F                                2
Chariot Rush           c.b,f+K(KK)               *,S                     2
Headbutt               c.d,u+P(PP)               *,F                     2
Metallic Sphere        qcf+P(PP)                 *,F                     2
Tyrant Slaughter       qcfX2+P                           PB,4M           5
Temporal Thunder       qcfX2+P                           PB,4F           5
Aegis Reflector        qcfX2+P(PP)                       *,5F            6

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
HP                     (close)HP      *,F                                2
d+HP                   d+HP           *,F                                2
Mantis Slash           qcf+P(PP)      *,2M                               3
                                                 *,4M                    5
Rolling Kick           qcf+K(KK)      *,M                                2
                                                 *,2M                    3
Tenshin-Senkutai       qcfX2(KK)                         PB,3F           4
- Mantis Slash: assumed to be executed continuously.

MOVE                   COMMAND        NORMAL     EX      SUPER           TOTAL
HP                     (close)HP      *,F                                2
d+HP                   d+HP           *,F                                2
Lunge Punch            qcf+P                     *,F                     2
Shoulder Charge        f,d,df+P(PP)              *,M                     2
Mantis Kick     (j)    f,d,df+K(KK)   *,M                                2
                                                 *,M                     2
You Hou                qcfX2+P                           PB,M,*          3
Sourai Rengeki         qcfX2+P                           PB,M,S,M,S      5    #
- You Hou: the 2nd interval is a very long pause not slow (S) hence not to


Sick and tired of happy parriers? Parries may sound too perfect if they don't
have limitations. Here's a section that might help you to avoid and/or counter
happy parriers.

a) (Kara) Throws - Obviously, the first limitation of parrying. Throws can only
be teched hit and cannot be parried. Sometimes throws can be cancelled from an
attack. This interrupts the animation of the attack and adds a range to the
throw; also known as Kara Throw. It is a fact that at high levels of play,
kara/throws can be expected 50% of the time or maybe more. I understand when
you're out there competing (especially in tourneys), there are no rules. I
personally oppose to throwing and don't wish to start an endless debate. A
common scene would be the dash, throw combo. Use it as you wish.

b) Grappling - The 2nd limitation of parrying. Grappling and their supers
cannot be blocked nor be parried. Use it once in a while for mind games against
happy parriers. A common use will be to grapple against jump-in air parriers
when they land.

c) Turtle - Hehe. You don't hit you don't get parried. Simple.

d) Multi-Attack - Attack in combos and/or super canceling. This method is very
useful against jump-in air parriers. Since they can't block in the air,
multiply and/or SC you attack to confuse their timing. If you wish you can have
a pause anywhere in your attacks. eg, Ryu, LP, pause, HP, shoryuken SC Shinkuu
Hadouken or Shin-Shoryuken.

e) False attack - Stick a (few) LP/LK's before the actual real attack against
jump-in air parriers. Another trick is to attack the opponent when you're
slightly out of range assuming they want to parry. It is then immediately
followed by another attack. eg, Remy, heavy sweep, d+HK. deliberately miss the
1st hit but hit the 2nd. My success rate is very high. :)

NOTE: 	The Multi-Attack and the False attack method adopts a parry bait. The
aim is to ruin the opponent's timing.


This is a hard subject as everyone plays differently. If you're looking for
"best follow-ups" after parries, I advise to go elsewhere for individual

The benefits of parrying are obvious, taking risks for high returns. In Vs
mode, parrying alone won't gain the win, it must be anticipated with your
accurate reflexes. When the enemy parries your attack, it doesn't necessarily
mean a big combo is heading your way. There is a slight chance that your enemy
panics and miss/delay their attacks. Be always prepared to block and/or counter
parry. Always get use to the parry and immediate block motion. ie, f,db or

To be competitive, you must always think ahead and be cautious. Take notice of
game time, life and length of super bars of both players consistently. Knowing
the strengths and weaknesses of you and the opponent will also be an advantage.
From past experience, the following scenarios I have encountered most. I will
try to discuss the best time to parry and/or to anti-parry given a scenario.
They are not definite outcomes, they are possibilities. In any scenario, X is
the 1st player and Y is the 2nd player.

Scenario 1
- X jumps to Y.
- Y has an anti-air attack.

X strategies:
- If Y has a super on hand, Y might SC. Be ready for anything.
- Tap forward 2 or 3 times sequentially in case Y jumps and attacks. If Y did
jump and attack beware of any multi-hit air attacks.
- If X lands on the other side of Y, start tapping the other way.

Y strategies:
- X is taking the bigger risk. Use parry baits and SC's if possible.
- Y can do the LP, anti-air, SC combo. The pause in between the anti-air attack
and the LP can be optional.
- X might do an attack, be ready to parry it...twice. eg, Yun (*,M).
- If X does nothing and lands close to Y, X is likely to throw.

It is a mind game here. It happens in EVERY game. Anything is possible.
Scenario 2
- X and Y are both airborne.

X and Y strategies:
- Be ready to parry multi-hit air attacks (*,M). eg, Chun-Li.
- If your attack is unfortunately is parried, you can still counter parry your
opponent's next attack whilst in the air.

I have seen a Vs. match movie that has alternating parries in the air between 2
players. Just recently, it has reported that there were 4(5?) parries between
players. I'd like to see that!
Scenario 3

- X and Y are at half a screen apart.		
- X dashes towards Y and both are at (near).
- X does a low poke. 			

X strategies:
- Tap downwards after Y blocks. Y will likely do a lower attack.

Y strategies:
- Tap downwards as soon X finishes dashing.

Expect a sweep (or low attack) at sweep range. A common scene with the shotos
as they frequently abuse their d+MK, hadouken combo.
Scenario 4

- Y is anyone.
- X is anyone that has a "mashing" super.
- X executes the super and Y is in the process of parrying it.

X strategies:
- occasionally hit your button only to ruin Y's timing.

Y strategies:
- Take notice of the violence impacted on the buttons. Mashing means more
- Without mashing, the speed intervals are one speed slower for some of the
mashing supers.
- If you happen to play on 2-way machines (cannot see each other), shh!!!,
listen. :

My favourite anti-parrying technique when using Ken, Shin-ryuken.
Scenario 5
- Y is falling/down, X is at (near).
- Y's has a PB super on hand.

X strategies:
- tap forward/down immediately when Y is up for first point blank parry.

Y strategies:
- Slightly delay the super if Y wishes to use the super.

Take the opportunity to parry a PB super when your enemy is waking up or
landing from the air. The first hit of PB supers is easily parried from...
    i) immediate wake-up supers and
   ii) falling/jump-in, landing supers
In a recent match between my friend and I (you know who you are), he was low
health and down. I stood near and managed to parry all his Chun-Li's Kikoushou.
It's not luck it's experience. :)
Scenario 6
X is 'juggling' Y.
X breaks the combo and Y is still falling down.

X strategies:
- make the juggling as complicated as possible to parry.

Y strategies:
- Be ready to parry when X breaks the combo. The next set of moves can be

Similar to the 1st scenario. X has the advantage. Not much can be commented.
eg, Dudley's juggle.


Capcom have decided to bring back the Bonus Stages. One of which is a classical
car bashing bonus stage. The other is the bonus parrying stage. Each level of
bonus stage is decided on the average grades you achieved from previous
battles. Concerns to what average grades reflect to what level is still
unconfirmed. This level selection can also be done manually by codes. It must
be done before the actual bonus parrying screen. Depending on the difficulty it
is set, it is shown as follows:

                         Normal                Hard
        For Level 1      Hold d + LK           Hold u + LK
        For Level 2      Hold d + MK           Hold u + MK
        For Level 3      Hold d + HK           Hold u + HK
        For Level 4      Hold d + KKK          Hold u + KKK
        For Level 5      Hold d + LP+MK+HP     Hold u + LK+MP+HK


Oh, mastered the parrying have you? Try to parry these and see if you're still
that cocky...
These set of moves are randomly made up. Even though it might not be expected
in Vs. mode, you can try this in the training mode in the DC version (record
then train) or in the arcades if you wish...

- Gill, (any)Seraphic Wing. Simple in words. Easy said than done.
- Gill, (any)Meteor Shower. Just as a bitch as the Seraphic Wing. The best I've
done is the 1st 3 hits in the air. Then my body goes "splat" from 1 and a half
screen up.

- Ryu, (far) hadouken SC super 1 Shinkuu Hadouken, hadouken SC super 1 Shinkuu
Hadouken. The 2nd hadouken must be done before the 1st Shinkuu Hadouken is
totally finished.

- Ken, (near)EX hadouken SC super 3 Shinpuu-kyaku.

- Remy, (near)EX light of virtue, SC super 2 Supreme Rising Rage Flash. The 1st
hit of the Rising Rage Flash must be a hit and not a miss.

- Chun-li (close) b+MP, kikouken+P, SC into super 2 Houyoku-sen.


The Parrying Chart may not reflect perfectly. The moral of it is to adopt the
SIPT (you can make up your own) and remembering it practically. If you are
successful with these 2 steps then you're half way being the next happy
parrier. Please don't depend on this FAQ alone to improve your parrying skills.
Vs challenging will increase your parrying skills and reflexes, so be sure to
challenge more often. Always keep in mind that parries can be easily done and
extremely hard to master. Despite your skill level I hope I have some sections
of the FAQ that interests you. Again, I'd be pleased to accept any criticisms.
All relevant feedback will be credited in the next version.



Q: How come Gill is not in the Parrying Chart?
A: Sorry guys, I haven't got Gill out on DC. I hardly play on it. I'll update
Gill's info whenever I can get Gill out.

Q: How come a lot of moves are missing in the Parrying Chart?
A: They were deliberately omitted because they were either single hit attacks
or grapples.

Q: I have heard of the PRB technique, why isn't it in the Anti-parry or Vs.
Parry section?
A: Look for a guy nicknamed SlimX on the SF3:TS message boards if you really
wanna know more. Basically, I haven't got actual permission (yet) to use this
term and the concepts/theory that he developed. The technique is not new but
rather less noticed by players.

Q: There are only basic scenarios in the Vs. Parrying section. Can you have
scenarios against specific characters?
A: It's very hard cos everyone plays differently. I'll try to think of more
scenarios (maybe against specific characters) for the next version update.

Q: You've made up the teaser, have you successfully parried any of them?
A: No. I made them up for fun. I know it is possible beacuse the computer can
do it. :

Q: In the DC version, under the 'System Direction' menu and sub menu
'Direction' there is a setting for 'Input parry 	   time.' Does this settings
effect the rate of parry practically? If so, what speed/rate reflects to the
A: This question I have brought up on the message board a few times and no-one
can directly answer and confirm it. I think the arcades have the settings for
overall speed of game not just parrying speed like in the DC version. Maybe you
could tell me. :)

Q: I think I know you. Where do you live?
A: I live in Melbourne, Austalia and go to RMIT. There can't be too many of me
that's around. :)


Supporters, contributors, correctors, criticisers and feedback-ers.

- TheHY, gave me relevant feedback and critisms to general content of this FAQ.
Also for being a competitive rival to my FAQ. Creator of the Point-Blank (PB)
term. ^_-

- SlimX, my FAQ consultant. Helped me out with general issues concerning FAQs.
This guy is a SF3 board legend. Very knowledgable.

- JMar, gave me relevant feedback and suggested me to relate parry to practical
sense in my FAQ. My fellow Melburnian.

- K.Megura. Everyone should know him. I got my Bonus Stage codes from him. I
know that there are many other ways to obtain the identical infomation.

- Anyone else who is a regular on the DC SF3:TS message board. Liked or
unwanted, well-knowned or unpopular, past or present, here's the list...

    - BillyKane          funny guy to look out for. SlimX's left arm. Il est
    - chunli89           our DC SF3 board's little angel :)
    - Gunblade
    - kal-el
    - Scorpion428        SlimX's right arm.
    - Czigga
    - Peperoth           the new chick of our board.
    - Meester Yuk		
    - samson
    - Evil Turkey
    - mrpower
    - DevilJin Numba 1
    - Remy Stryker
    - Evilpower          hehe. Yes, you're on the list.
    - MysteriousM
    - MrHappyFace
    - shaolin stylez
    - Rebirth Gamer
    - Haruo
    - evenflow80
    - Strider Hiryu

and many many others that I can't remember...Thanx anyways for making the board

Others I would like to thank.
- Gamefaqs, my regular message board; allowing me to post it here.
- Capcom, for making this awesome game.
- Dreamcast, the only console that has this game
- The regular people at my RMIT arcade. I don't know all your names. Thanx for
running tourneys and for being my audience whenever I play. :)
- Me, myself and I, for writing this lengthy FAQ. Phew! It's finally over!


* This FAQ has been solely written and owned by Kevin Chung aka KDTC.
* Without my permission, this FAQ is not to appear in any other sites/pages
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