Ibuki by Arlieth

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Ibuki FAQ/Movelist v1.3 for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
by Thomas Shin (arlieth@west.net)

Disclaimer: This FAQ can not be duplicated in part or in whole without
expressed permission from the author. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, 
and all characters related are the property of Capcom of Japan.
This FAQ is Copyright Thomas Shin/Arlieth Tralare 2001,2002. 
(You know the drill.)


1. Introduction
2. Quick-Guide
3. Basics 
4. Techniques
5. Super Arts
6. Combos
7. Tactics 
8. The Leftovers

 - = [ r e v i s i o n    h i s t o r y ] = - 

01/01/02  v1.3: Okay, time to get some stuff set straight here.
                Thanks to Phil T for sending some muchly needed

                Perhaps the most important note is her taunt effect,
                something that I have completely overlooked to put
                in here. 

                Edited her EX Kazekiri Followups.

                No, still didn't work on the vs. Tactics yet. I need
                more varied competition.

10/10/01  v1.2: Edited Kubiori(Neckbreaker) desc. It's ability to go
                under fireballs is a very fickle one, so don't try 
                to slide under any supers anytime soon.

                New EX Kazekiri followup. Use a dagger on the way down
                and use Raida or her throw after.

                Also working on vs. strats.

 9/20/01  v1.1: Ibuki's j.Fierce has a Spin property! You can nab your
                opponent with the Yoroi Doushi grab afterwards! ^_^
                Also, new setup for the Yoroi Doushi and a new 'option'
                section for the EX Kazekiri. I still haven't started on
                vs. Strats yet, gimme a bit.

 9/17/01  v1.0: Tried learning Ibuki from scratch on a whimsy two months
                ago. Now I'm writing a FAQ/chara guide, so to speak.



The breath of nature.

The breath that her target takes before they see their vision blur into
a haze of darkness.

The breath you take when you see her take 75% damage from a Shin
Shoryuken. ^_- Sad to say, our darling shinobi girl is FAR from the top
contenders in Third Strike. 

With the loss of her godly Hashin-Shou from Second Impact, her offense
has suffered severely. If you are a novice at this game, DO NOT PLAY
HER. Really, don't start with her, because like most other skill 
characters, she requires the knowledge of every other character in the
game to be an effective fighter. Ibuki must now charm, beguile, 
predict, seduce, confuse and utterly *frustrate* her opponent into 
making a stupid mistake for her to capitalize on it (one of the few 
things she CAN do... sorta) and then take it to the offensive. Chase
them after a launch, hop around like a frantic schoolgirl past their
fallen body, and combo into her taunt when you have the chance. ^_-

However, if you're up to the challenge, and you're sick of using the
same characters (or you're just sick of winning =D) then, by all means,
read on! ^_^b

As a general rule, many of Ibuki's chains and followups, such as the
Hybrid chains, her launch -> j.Fierce-Forward followup, and so forth
will knock her opponent VERY far away from her. Against certain 
characters (Ken and Chun-Li especially), Ibuki's poke game is matched
(a bad thing because of her low stamina) or even outclassed, so
learning how to effectively close in, or bait your opponents out of
turtling should be a priority!

Stuff you should know in a nutshell.

Far Anti-Air attacks: b+Roundhouse, Kazekiri
Near Anti-air attacks: b+Strong, Kazekiri, Roundhouse, Raida (parry)
Best Air vs. Air attacks: Fierce->Forward, Forward, Roundhouse
Best Stun attacks: Strong, b/twd+Roundhouse,
Ranged Pokes: b/twd+Roundhouse, b+Forward, C.Forward (both ver)
Close Pokes: t+Short x3, JAB! 
Not Recommended: Far Fierce, C.Fierce, j.Strong
Best combo starters: Short, b+Strong, Jab, 
Most Abusable Attack: t+Roundhouse, C.Forward
Command overhead attack: t+Forward
Best super: Kasumi Suzaku
Best Ground Kara-Cancel: Forward, Roundhouse (They suck though. -_-)
Best Air Kara-Cancel: Bleh. 

-Crouching characters take an extra 25% damage.
-There are no Major Counter hits in this game.
-Special attacks receive less damage penalties in a combo.


Jab:    An *excellent* close poke with an unusual amount of block-stun.
        Use this to push opponents away from you. Oddly enough, it can
        be low-parried.

Strong: Wow. This does a rather high amount of stun for a simple
        Strong punch. It's a one-handed palm thrust to the face (think
        sissy school-girl push). 

        b+Strong: Two-hit palm thrust towards the air. 

Fierce: Close range- A 2-hit downward elbow smash. Mediocre, but can
        be used against all crouching characters to chain into her 
        C.Roundhouse-Roundhouse. Can also be cancelled.
        Long range- An elbow thrust. Hit Punch again at any time to
        make her execute a backhand. This Fierce punch is slightly on
        the slow side. The first elbow thrust is cancellable, but I
        don't use it at all.

Short:  A quick little kick to the crotch. Chains into Forward kick.
        twd+Short: A long-reaching shin-kick that combos into itself.

Forward:    A well-placed knee to the midsection. Standard.

            twd+Forward: Her command overhead. Ibuki hops forward and
            then smashes downward with her outstretched leg. Much 
            longer hit-stun than her normal overhead, letting you get
            another attack in afterwards if you're quick enough.

Roundhouse: Close Launch: Only cancellable on the 2nd hit. If your
            opponent is short when crouching, you won't be able to
            save yourself by jump-cancelling since the 2nd hit never

            b+Roundhouse: A capoeira-esque kick that's aimed to the
            head. HIGH priority, but misses crouching characters. 
            Similar to Makoto's C.Roundhouse in application.

            twd+Roundhouse: Bonshou Geri! One of her most effective
            ground attacks, Ibuki hops into the air and kicks in both
            directions. Again, HIGH priority and comes out almost
            immediately. This makes her dodge low attacks as well,
            but it has one weakness- it can't hit jumping characters
            worth crap. But you can hop over fireballs with it. ^_^


Jab:    Your standard crouching jab. Nothing special.

Strong: This one's a little strange. Ibuki leans forward and punches
        in both directions it seems. It executes a little slowly,
        but it's one of her longest-reaching moves that she can cancel
        into another attack, such as the Hien.

Fierce: A strong upward palm-thrust with all of Ibuki's weight put
        behind it. Fairly strong, but less coverage than her 
        b+Roundhouse as anti-air. Throw it out the window.

Short:   A little crouching kick to the feet. Simple, but it gets the
         job done.

Forward: A non-cancellable low kick. Good for pokes, decent range.
         twd+Forward: Ibuki slides along the ground. Rather bad 
         recovery, but great range. 

Roundhouse: A low sweep that takes a bit to execute. Average priority,
            but if it hits, it's a free Roundhouse launch for you.
            Note: This move will shift Ibuki's position forward, 
            making her more vulnerable to a counter-throw before
            the move is executed. Don't use it against kara-happy
            opponents who are dashing back and forth to confuse you.


Jab:    A simple light fist at waist-height in her jump. Chains into
        her J.Fierce.

Strong: Ibuki's fist is below her, and she stays that way for quite
        some time during the jump. Don't bother using.

Fierce: A wicked mid-air backhand with good priority. Chains into 
        her J.Forward for *the* most versatile air-chain in her 
        arsenal. Also note that this attack will *spin* your opponent
        around- This makes them vulnerable to being grabbed by the 
        Yoroi Doushi!

Short:   An outstretched single-knee drop in midair. Chains into her
         J.Forward kick.

Forward: A standard leaping side-kick with very high priority. 
         Recommended in an air-air match if you're jumping away.

Roundhouse: Ibuki slams her front-most foot downward in an arc, 
            doing a decent amount of damage. It takes a little while
            to come out, and it will knock down an opponent if they
            happen to be in the air as well. It seems to have an
            UNUSUALLY long amount of horizontal range, letting her
            nail air Hurricane kicks with a 100% success rate if 
            the kick is done early enough. However, it isn't nearly
            as good for jump-ins, as the vertical range is kind of


Neutral/Towards: Ibuki does a standard Judo hip-throw (thrusting her
                 cute lil' butt into the air for leverage) towards the 
                 direction that she's facing.

Back: The exact same thing, except she switches sides.

Air:  Ibuki grabs them in mid-air, stomps on them with her feet, 
      then pushes off. Looks just like her Hien.

Kara-cancel: Forget it. Strike it from your mind. Her kara-cancels
             aren't worth the trouble at ALL. Well, maybe her air 
             kara. Maybe.


Universal Overhead (Strong Punch + Forward Kick): 
        A little hop with an outstretched hand. Similar to her 

Taunt: Leap-frogs over her opponent. If she connects, she'll wave
       cutely to her opponent as she takes her mask off and smiles.
       This can be tech-hitted. 

       Oh, one other thing that I have COMPLETELY overlooked.
       This taunt adds 49% damage to her next attack!

Key:  Move name (Japanese Translation): Motions [EX?]

Damage: On a scale of 1-5. Damage 5 is around 20% damage.
Range: Described as best as possible...
Speed: Scaled 1-5. A Speed 5 can combo off of a jab.
Priority: Scaled 1-5. Priority 5 stuffs everything short of a Super.
Recovery: Scaled 1-5. Recovery 5 is equal to Hugo's Palm Bomber.
Weakness: Described briefly.
Strengths: Described briefly.

The Strength of the button pressed (i.e.: Jab, Strong,Fierce) can 
drastically affect a move's properties. If so, it will be explained in 
detail. Most moves do have a damage modifier depending on the strength
of the button pressed anyways, but it's usually not very significant.

   QCF : Quarter Circle Forwards
   QCB : Quarter Circle Backwards
   HCF : Half Circle Forwards
   HCB : Half Circle Backwards
    DP : Forward, Quarter Circle Towards  (Dragon Punch)
   RDP : Back, Quarter Circle Back (Reverse Dragon Punch)
   [EX]: Press two buttons instead of one for a powered version.
  twd,b: Towards, back. I opted for twd because it's easier to 
         see at a glance to compare with b.

Note: For combo notation, abbreviated basic attacks (MK,HP) will
      be used to save space.
        Kazekiri (Wind Cutter): DP + Kick  [EX]

Damage: 2/3
Range: About sweep range
Speed: 4/5
Priority: 4/4.5
Recovery: 4/3
Weakness: Not much.
Strengths: Fast, safe anti-air. More range than a Shoryuken, too.

A Dragon kick, so to speak. Ibuki goes full split into the air.

This is a very solid move, and the EX version serves quite well as a 
wakeup attack, especially when used in conjunction with the Kasumi 

A side note: The EX version does about as much damage as the Roundhouse
version. However, if the EX version connects, you can attack on the
way down. This descent is considered a forward jump in terms of what
attacks you're allowed to do, so you have access to all of your air
chains. Go look in the Tactics section for some of the stuff you can
do when you're landing.

        Kubiori (Neck Breaker): QCF + Punch [EX]

Damage: 3/3.5
Range: 1/2 Screen to Full screen
Speed: 3/4
Priority: 1/1
Recovery: 2/2
Weakness: Vulnerable to low hits, 25% defense penalty (ducking)
Strengths: Hits low, so it can be unexpected at times.

Ibuki does a suicide-slide on the ground, dodging most fireballs and
high attacks. If she connects, she'll climb onto her opponent's back
and snap their neck so hard that the two of them will rise into the 

The EX version travells full-screen and does THREE neckbreaks, but for
maybe about twice the damage as the normal one. Use SPARINGLY. The
power of the move comes from its speed and unexpected arrival. 

Note: This move isn't altogether wonderful at passing under fireballs.
DEFINITELY forget about this move against any super fireballs.

        Kunai (Dagger): QCF [Hold forward] + Punch in midair [EX]

Damage: 1/2
Range: 20-40-60 Arc/60-80 Arc
Speed: 2/3
Priority: 1/2
Recovery: 2/3
Weakness: Kunai can be hit, slight delay when thrown
Strengths: Pressure, variable aim

A staple of Ibuki's arsenal. Ibuki will fling a -slow- dagger at her
opponent, at an angle of your choosing. Jab fires at a 20 degree, while
Fierce goes at a 60 degree arc. When EX'ed, two Kunai are thrown much
faster than usual, and if the joystick is held towards the opponent,
the Kunai will be thrown at an even shallower angle, at 80 degrees.

*Always* toss one for the hell of it after the Hien and the Tsuiji Goe.
That is, unless you've got a Kasumi Suzaku ready...

        Tsumuji (Whirlwind): QCB + Kick [EX]

Damage: 3/4
Range: 1.5x Sweep
Speed: 3/5
Priority: 2/3
Recovery: 4/4
Weakness: Easily stuffed, psychic DP bait, Long range vulnerability
Strengths: Pushes opponent away for safety, HK version cancellable

Ibuki will spin around with a snapping hook kick to the midsection
multiple times. Short version attacks twice, Forward version can add
a third attack by pressing kick again, and Roundhouse goes for 
three attacks.

All versions can, for the final hit, hold down to use low sweep kicks
instead of hook kicks. (These do not combo.) Use this to screw with 
red-parries. The Forward version has a choice for the 2nd hit: Do 
nothing, add a third hit, or make it a low sweep. 

The Roundhouse version can cancel on the 3rd hit into the Yoroi Doushi
or the Yami Shigure for some interesting combo applications.

The EX Version attacks five times, and CAN combo the high kicks 
into the low sweeps after the first hit, but the low sweeps cannot
combo back into the high kicks(they can be blocked). Actually, if your
opponent is close enough, you still might be able to connect low to
high... but don't rely on it. 

WARNING: While using the EX Tsumuji, be careful of using it from too
far away of a distance. Often what occurs on the third or fourth hit
is that your opponent will be pushed away from the kicks to the point
where Ibuki becomes EXTREMELY vulnerable to retaliation.

        Raida (Lightning Strike) HCB + Punch

Damage: 3
Range: 1/2 Sweep
Speed: 3
Priority: N/A
Recovery: 4
Weakness: Rather short range- vulnerable to kara-cancels
Strengths: Decent amount of stun, cannot be parried or tech'ed

Ibuki lifts her opponent's arm and charges her fist with chi, then
releases it explosively into their ribs. 

Extremely toned down from 2nd Impact, this is a short-ranged grapple
that can be blocked, but cannot be tech'ed or parried. Still does a
decent amount of damage, but you're better off using this as a throw
counter than a combo supplement. Still, this is the only safe technique
aside from the EX Tsumuji that can be comboed after a C.Short. Be sure
that you're close to them if you do try this, however. Also realize
that this is a good move to use after you've parried a jump-in.

        Kasumi Gake (Running Mist) QCF + Kick

Damage: N/A
Range: Sweep to 1/2 screen
Speed: 3
Priority: N/A
Recovery: 4
Weakness: 25% defense penalty
Strengths: Can be comboed into!

An odd addition to Ibuki's arsenal, this is merely a comboable dash.
NEVER attempt to dodge attacks with it as Ibuki takes an additional
25% damage (she's considered ducking) if hit during this move. However,
it does has some very tricky applications...

        Hien (Swallow in Flight) RDP + Kick [EX]

Damage: 2/3
Range: Sweep to Full Screen
Speed: 2/2[Cannot combo into it]
Priority: 2/3
Recovery: 2/3 [Use Kunai to supplement this]
Weakness: A little to slow to be comboed into...
Strengths: Overhead attack, anti-fireball

Ibuki will leap towards her opponent and stomp on them with her feet,
one at a time. If she whiffs, she'll just land. Distance is adjusted
by the strength of the kick, although the EX version will auto-aim to
your opponent's current position.

While the EX version IS extremely fast, Ibuki must still leap into the
air before connecting, which means that the speed is universal no
matter where her opponent is on the screen. At long range, I'd give it
a speed of 4.

        Tsuiji Goe (Tsuiji's Pass)

Damage: N/A
Range: Half screen to Full screen
Speed: 2
Priority: N/A
Recovery: 4
Weakness: Vulnerable throughout the entire move
Strengths: VERY flashy! ^_^ Crossup potential w/ Kasumi Suzaku

Ibuki will leap HIGH into the air, her body pointing towards a certain
point on the ground the entire time. Right before the apex of her leap,
and for the duration of her flight, Ibuki may use her Kunai or the 
Kasumi Suzaku. Note that when Ibuki passes the halfway mark of her
leap, she will be turned around (thus making any Kunai thrown that way
too)- but the Kasumi Suzaku will simply change her direction in midair
towards her opponent. 

Since it's slower than both her normal jump and the Hien (which is her
fastest 'leap' move), use it in conjunction with them to throw your
opponents off if they like to dash under you. 


I: Kasumi Suzaku (Phoenix Mist) x3 /Punch (Mid-Air only!)
Level of Skill: Medium
Meter Length: Short
Damage: 28% Max
Range: Sweep Range to 3/4ths Screen
Speed: 3
Priority: 2 
Weakness: No invincibility frames, *DOES NOT KNOCKDOWN*

Ibuki will begin to somersault in the air and throw a hailstorm of
kunai (daggers) at her opponent. The strength of the punch pressed
determines the angle at which she throws the daggers. Mashing the
punch buttons will cause even more daggers to be thrown, from the
original 15 daggers to a maximum of 20. It is also possible to 
cancel a Kunai or EX Kunai in mid-air into this super.

The greatest assets of this super are its coverage and chip damage.
Use it in conjunction with an EX Kazekiri for an almost perfect
defense for getting up. It's extremely difficult to parry, so you
can be assured that your opponent will be pushed fairly far away.

NOTE: The longer you mash the punch buttons, the *higher* Ibuki 
rises into the air, taking her that much longer to land and recover 
before your opponent decides to rush back in and give you some
payback. Take this into consideration if your opponent has a long
ranged super, such as the Shinkuu Hadouken or the Houyoku Sen, 
because this super *WILL NOT knock your opponent down* if it hits!
If this is a very real concern for you, then you may be better off
utilizing the massive amounts of EX meter that it holds.

II: Yoroi Doushi (Armor Piercer) x1 /Punch
Level of Skill: High
Meter Length: Long
Damage: 40%/18%
Range: Point Blank/Half Screen
Speed: 4/3
Priority: 3/1
Weakness: Easily evaded, PITIFUL damage for the Yoroi Beam

If Ibuki is at point-blank range and connects her grab attempt,
she'll do a MASSIVE version of the Raida for a very decent 
amount of damage. However, it takes longer than a conventional
throw to execute, and so is easily evaded. You'll need to bait
your opponent into trying to C.Short or tech-hit you to connect.

If the grab *does* get evaded, then what results is a large Vs.
style blast of energy that fires from her outstretched hand and
across the screen. Pitiful, pitiful damage, and it has NO 
invulnerability frames whatsoever. You can get jabbed out of it.

More on connecting the grab version of the Yoroi Doushi in the
Tactics section.

III: Yami Shigure (Dark Shower) x1 /Punch
Level of Skill: Medium
Meter Length: Medium
Damage: 28% Max
Range: Sweep Range to 3/4ths Screen
Speed: 5
Priority: 4
Weakness: No invincibility frames, 1 stock

Throwing three daggers to pin down her opponent's feet, Ibuki will then
zip past them five times. Does a fair amount of stun damage, and comes
out *FAST*. Use it to punish blocked sweeps, or to supplement a chain.
Remember that it works at long range too, if you link it off of a 
Strong punch.

Unfortunately, she's only got one stock. Suckage, for what would 
otherwise be an excellent, versatile super.


Notation: C.  = Crouching
          J.  = Jumping
          ( ) = Additional Notes/Short name
          [ ] = Optional
          *   = Special (Skillsmith Combo)
          -   = Chain (Only used in the main combo section)
          xx  = Supercancel
          >>  = Link           

LK: Light Kick (Short)          LP: Light Punch (Jab)
MK: Medium Kick (Forward)       MP: Medium Punch (Strong)
HK: Hard Kick (Roundhouse)      HP: Hard Punch (Fierce)

A note about Combos:

If a special attack is listed, you may assume that the EX version is
also valid. The only exception involves super-cancelling the HK
Tsumuji- you simply don't have enough meter to do an EX version and
still expect to super-cancel. Also, you may safely assume that if I
do *not* specify the strength of the version, that the Fierce/
Roundhouse version is probably not possible.

During any combo, the damage that a given move will inflict is 
automatically reduced depending on what type of attack it is, and how
many hits preceeded it. Also, Super-canceling a Special Attack into
a Super Art will also drastically affect damage.

Normal Attack: -7% x Number of hits already dealt
Special Attack and Super Arts: -5% x Number of hits already dealt

Light Attack: No Penalty
Medium Attack: -7%
Hard Attack: 15%
Special Attack: 25%(!)

Juggles are considered part of the combo. If you used a crouching
Roundhouse -> Roundhouse launcher, then juggled with the Yoroi
Doushi, the initial hit would do -40% damage (-25% for Special 
Attack, and -15% because this is the 3rd hit of the combo.)

Note that the % does not refer to the lifebar, but to the damage
rating of the attack itself. 

-= Master List=- 

-Basic Chains-
(Punch  #1): Jab -> Strong (1-hit/close) -> Fierce (Hit Fierce late)
(Kick   #2): Short -> Forward -> [Roundhouse]
(Launch #3): C.Roundhouse -> Roundhouse [Jump cancel]
(Air-Chain 1): Jab -> twd+Fierce (forward jump ONLY)
(Air-Chain 2): Fierce -> twd+Forward (Hits twice vs. mid-air opponents)
(Air-Chain 3): Short -> twd+Forward (forward jump ONLY)

-Advanced Chains-

[Note: Any of these combos ending in Roundhouse may be jump-cancelled.]

Jab -> Strong (2-hit/close) -> C.Roundhouse -> Roundhouse
Fierce (2 hit) -> C.Roundhouse -> Roundhouse
Jab -> Strong (1-hit/far) -> twd+Short
b+Forward -> twd+Forward (Does not combo)
b+Strong -> Fierce (Same as Punch chain #1, but requires extra input)
b+Strong (2-hit) -> C.Roundhouse -> Roundhouse

-Main Combos-

Jab-Strong-Fierce -> EX Kazekiri -> Kasumi Suzaku
Jab-Strong-Fierce -> HK Tsumuji -> Yami Shigure or Yoroi Doushi
Jab-Strong-Fierce -> Kubiori
Jab-Strong-Fierce -> Raida
Jab-Strong-Fierce -> Taunt ^_^
Short-Forward -> EX Kazekiri -> Kasumi Suzaku
Short-Forward -> MK Tsumuji (Dreamcast)
Short-Forward -> HK Tsumuji -> Yami Shigure or Yoroi Doushi (Arcade)
Short-Forward -> Kubiori
Short-Forward -> Raida
EX Kazekiri -> j.Jab-Fierce -> Forward -> EX Tsumuji (vs. Tall+Corner)
Forward -> Raida (Equal damage to Jab-Strong-Fierce -> Raida!)
j.Fierce -> Forward -> Raida (HIGH DAMAGE! 32% on Shotokans)

Roundhouse (Launch kick) -> ...
-> b+Strong -> Fierce -> LK Kazekiri
-> J.Fierce-Forward airchain (Most damaging)
-> Kasumi Suzaku
-> Yoroi Doushi

C.Strong -> Kubiori
C.Strong -> Tsumuji (Not HK)
C.Strong -> Kazekiri
C.Strong -> Yami Shigure or Yoroi Doushi

C.Short -> Fierce Raida (Safe if blocked)
C.Short -> EX Tsumuji
C.Short -> Kazekiri
C.Short x2 (Link) -> Yami Shigure
C.Short >> Jab -> Strong (1-hit/far) -> t+Short
*C.Short >> Jab -> Strong (1-hit/far) >> Yami Shigure

twd+Forward -> Yami Shigure
twd+Forward -> C.Short -> ...
twd+Forward -> EX Kazekiri -> Kasumi Suzaku

Hien -> EX Kunai
Hien -> Kasumi Suzaku
Kunai -> Kasumi Suzaku

j.Fierce -> Yoroi Doushi [Grab]

*Crossup j.Forward -> b+Strong -> Fierce >> b+Strong ->
Fierce -> MK Tsumuji(3-hit) -> Jab -> Yami Shigure (Hugo only)

[Useless but funny]
j.Jab-Fierce -> j.Short or j.Jab
j.Jab-Fierce -> j.Jab-Fierce (vs. Hugo, Q, 45% stun)
j.Jab-Fierce -> j.Short-Forward (Urien)

j.Short-Forward -> Jab-Strong-C.Roundhouse-Roundhouse -> EX Kunai
(1-hit) -> Jab -> twd+Roundhouse [Knockdown] -> ...
(This one's all mine. Why did I spend my time making this when I
could have been finishing the vs. Strats? No idea.)


-=Chains=- (a.k.a. Bread n' Butter)

The following here are Ibuki's most used combos:

   [Punch Chain]: Jab -> Strong -> Fierce

You must be at almost point-blank range to connect this, so you're 
in doubt, you can skip the Jab and use b+Strong to resume it. This
chain gives the most opportunity to combo an additional attack, 
but it often misses crouching characters.

Just a note: Don't try to press Fierce too soon, or you'll screw 
up the timing of the combo. Take your time.        

   [Kick Chain]: Short -> Forward -> [Roundhouse]

You'll be using Short -> Forward a LOT, as it's usually the only
chain that isn't adversely affected by range AND will hit 
crouching characters. That last Roundhouse is purely optional- 
personally, I never use it. Also, you can't jump-cancel after this
particular Roundhouse.

   [Sweep Chain]: C.Roundhouse -> Roundhouse [Jump-cancel]

Simple but effective. The C.Roundhouse will shift Ibuki's position
closer so that she has a higher likelyhood of executing her close
Roundhouse launch, but also makes her more vulnerable to throws.

Note that either her far or close Roundhouse kicks will enable you
to jump-cancel out of them. Remember to tap down before jumping. Also,
remember that the second hit of her Roundhouse kick must be blocked or
connected for you to jump-cancel. If you're up against a tall
character who just blocked it, try jump out of the way.

   [Far Hybrid Chain]: Jab -> Strong (One hit/far) -> twd+Short

Does a passable amount of stun-damage due to that far Strong.
You'll most likely be forced to use this one after the heavier
air-chains, although you might be able to get away with a Short->
Forward chain instead of this one.
   [Close Hybrid Chain: Light]: Jab -> Strong (Two hit/close) ->
                         C.Roundhouse -> Roundhouse [Jumpcancel]

This is a chain that you'll use a *lot* when you get an opening. It
deals a very decent amount of Stun damage, and it enables Ibuki to
chase after her opponent to turn the tables. A word of advice- Don't
try jumping AT them and then using the Kasumi Suzaku following the
launch, or you'll be close enough to get punished afterwards. Just
jump up.

   [Close Hybrid Chain: Heavy]: Fierce [2-hit/close] -> 
                         C.Roundhouse -> Roundhouse [Jumpcancel]

Use this when you've got a great opening, but if you can't risk it,
then just use the Light version 'cause it starts with a Jab. This
Heavy chain does quite a bit more Stun, however.

   [Air Chain 1]: j.Jab -> twd+j.Fierce      [j.Jab-Fierce]

The only air-chain that can directly combo after the EX Kazekiri,
and only on tall characters like Urien and Hugo at that. Decent
jump-in because the Jab comes out so quickly, but can only be
done while jumping forward, and if the Jab hits someone in the
air, the Fierce will whiff.

   [Air Chain 2]: j.Short -> twd+j.Forward   [j.Short-Forward]

Very quick and reliable airchain to use right before you hit the
ground. Does less hit-stun than most other chains, but also 
brings Ibuki the closest to her opponent without pushing them
too far away from being hit by one of Ibuki's close-range combos
such as her Punch chain. Also can only be used while jumping 
towards the opponent, and both hits will not connect against an
airborne opponent.

   [Air Chain 3]: j.Fierce -> twd+j.Forward  [j.Fierce-Forward]

A bit unwieldy, because the Fierce takes a moment to come out. However,
this air-chain is the most damaging one Ibuki has, and it can be used
both while jumping straight up and towards your opponent. It can also
hit an enemy in mid-air for both attacks of the chain, making it the
attack of choice after a Roundhouse launch.

-=Juggles=- ("You hit the ground when I SAY you hit the ground!")

Roundhouse -> ...

   -> b+Strong -> Fierce -> LK Kazekiri

This one's a bit tricky. You'll need *good* timing to connect the
Fierce. This one will knock your opponent down to land right in front
of you, so if you want to stay close to them, use this instead of the
air-chain juggle.

   -> j.Fierce-Forward airchain 

Learn the reflex for jump-cancelling straight up into the air. It may
take a while (You'll most certainly screw up and jump to the side for
the first few tries), but once you get the hang of it, it's just two
easy button taps. Note that this will knock your opponent all the way
to the other side of the screen, so use this only if you're sure you
can handle them from a distance.

   -> Yoroi Doushi
   -> Kasumi Suzaku

If you're really desperate for the extra damage, you can attempt to
tack on a super, but don't expect a whole lot out of it. There's better
uses for a super.


-=Ibuki's new maneuvers: Precursor to using the Yoroi Doushi =-

Here's something that you can try. Use a Short-Forward chain and then
combo that into Ibuki's Tsuiji Goe. Especially fun to use against 
ground-based characters like Dudley and Urien in conjunction with the
Kasumi Suzaku.

With the Kasumi Gake, you can try doing the same thing (Comboing it off
off a Short-Forward chain), except now you have the opportunity to
throw your opponent! If you've been paying attention, you'll remember
that the Yoroi Doushi is a command throw. Try this out, and you'll get
some interesting results. ^_^

Also remember that you can combo off of Ibuki's C.Strong, and it's got
some decent range. Don't forget to use her Hien to confuse your
opponent. ^_^

-=Connecting with the Yoroi Doushi=-

Allright. Let's briefly go over the properties of the Yoroi Doushi:

- At anything but point blank, it does a large blast with poor damage.
- At point blank, Ibuki grabs and does a ludicrous amount of pain.

Obviously, we want to hit them with the grab, because you're going to
get nailed out of it otherwise, unless you're looking to get some
free tick damage.

Aside from using it as a punishment for a whiffed Shoryuken, here
are some additional setups for the Yoroi Doushi:

A: Short -> Forward -> Kasumi Gake
B: Short -> Forward -> Tsuiji Goe -> Kunai

Remember to mix up the Short -> Forward chains with her Tsumuji kick
to mix your opponent up into trying to red-parry. Remember, the 
Tsumuji's very safe to use if they block it, so lull them into a
false sense of security (or if they see your full meter, watch them
whiff a super after the chain. ^_^)

For method A: This one's dead simple, but it'll work if you know
that your opponent's starting to freeze up. Practice doing a
Short -> Forward -> Kasumi Gake -> Throw to get the hang of the 
timing. There IS a chance of the grab not coming out if you use a
short Kasumi Gake, though... so use the Forward version until you
get the hang of the timing.

For method B: This one's a lot trickier, but can get you some VERY
spectacular results. Combo into the Tsumuji Goe to push their body
backwards, and closer to your landing point. Then use any strength
of Tsumuji Goe, although by default I tend to hit Fierce because of
its arc, which lets me land at a deeper angle. On the way down, 
toss out a Kunai (but not too late) so that by the time you hit the
ground, they'll already be out of block-stun and thus, are eligible
to be thrown again. If you think they might parry it, throw the
Kunai at the last possible second and then use the Yoroi Doushi to
grab them out of whatever they're trying... (or just block and
wait.) You should experiment with different strengths for the 
Tsuiji Goe.

-=The Advancing Jab Trap=-

Something that you should be sure to abuse if you're an offensive 
player is Ibuki's standing jab. It has so much block stun that it 
allows Ibuki to walk forward in between jabs to interrupt whatever her
opponent is attempting, with another jab. ^^

You can mix the rhythm up by jabbing twice in succession, then mixing
it up with a C.Roundhouse -> Roundhouse chain, or an overhead. Or, you
can jab, walk up, and 'throw.' (Substitute 'throw' with 'Yoroi Doushi'
and we'll be on the same wavelength. ^_-)

Unfortunately, the Advancing Jab has two weaknesses. First, it can be
parried low, which is only mildly annoying. But secondly, and most
importantly, it will whiff certain characters who have very small
profiles when crouching. The following are just too damned short to

Ibuki (... XP~ )

Special Case: Twelve can use his EX N.D.L. to counter it.
Just remember these people if you're thinking about using it. ^^;;

-=EX Kazekiri Followup Options=-

Remember that any time you connect with the EX Kazekiri, you have
the option of attacking on the way down, whether this be a Kunai
or an air-chain. Sometimes you might want to toss a Kunai or even
the Kasumi Suzaku if your opponent has a great anti-air super like
the Shinryuuken or Messatsu Gou-Rasen. 

This assumes that you're going against an average-sized character
who can't be comboed with an air-chain following the EX Kazekiri.
Since it's possible to parry these chains, mixing up your options
is *crucial*.

Using the ground-based b+Roundhouse as a followup is a catch-all
move- it's guaranteed to connect if your air attack hits, and it
has so much range that you don't have to worry about how close
you were when you used the EX Kazekiri, or if your opponent's
in the corner or not. Don't worry about missing the b+Roundhouse
on a crouching character either, because NOBODY is stupid enough
to crouch against a landing Ibuki when she's going to land that
close and that deep. Well... then again, that might work against

Finally, you could totally screw them over and use the EX Kubiori
as a ground-based followup. I still need to test this.

List of Options:

   j.Jab-Fierce -> C.Forward

Hits early, hurts early. However, because the combined Jab and
Fierce airchain is more than likely to knock them back a distance
(And since you did it especially early) you'll probably only be
able to combo into a C.Forward. If you REALLY want to lay on the
pressure, use her twd+Roundhouse and twd+Forward overhead kick

   j.Fierce or j.Roundhouse -> Forward

This one's *evil*. The delay incurred by waiting till Ibuki falls
halfway down will completely screw up your opponent's timing to
parry an expected j.Jab-Fierce. And since the j.Fierce doesn't 
push your opponent away as far as the j.Jab-Fierce airchain,
follow up that j.Fierce with a Forward kick and combo that into
an EX Tsumuji or another EX Kazekiri for some mayhem. 

However, you're still too far away to use the b+Strong->Fierce
ground chain. So...

   j.Short-Forward -> b+Strong-Fierce -> Anything

The b+Strong-Fierce only works on standing opponents, but I don't
know of anyone stupid enough to crouch after getting hit with an
EX Kazekiri. Therefore, I'd deem this a pretty safe and decent
followup for those people who are used to parrying the other

   Jab Kunai -> Throw or Fierce Raida

If you're willing to gambit against a really defensive opponent,
use a Jab Kunai on the way down. If they parry it, follow up with
the Raida grab to counter their second parry attempt or any throw
attempts. If they block, throw them afterwards. A Kunai won't 
knock your opponent back very far at ALL, leaving them perfectly
within range to be thrown. 

   Fierce Kasumi Suzaku

... Well, *duh*. This is the safest attack that Ibuki can use to
save her icy-cool ninja ass from getting spanked by a super. DO
*NOT* mash the punch buttons, or Ibuki will rise up so high during
the super that she'll still get nailed on the way down. Note that
this is actually a *cancel*, not a followup, so do this as EARLY
as you can.

Perhaps a very worthwhile use of this would be as an ultra-safe
wakeup. Since the EX Kazekiri has so much priority, it should be
fairly safe to get up with an EX Kazekiri xx HP Kasumi Suzaku to
push your opponent away.

-=Character-specific tactics=-

The recommended super to use overall is the Kazumi Suzaku. It does a
LOT of chip-damage, and holds plenty of meter for your EX Kunais and
Kubiori's. If I mention Kasumi Suzaku [EX], this means that your
opponent probably has a retaliation against a fully connected super
that makes your Kasumi Suzaku *really* not worth using. Stick to EX
attacks in this case, but do remember that you ALWAYS have the option
of using an EX Kazekiri -> Kasumi Suzaku wakeup.

Akuma (Gouki)

Suggested Super: Kasumi Suzaku, Yami Shigure
Stamina: 81% (Lowest)
Strengths: High damage, easily comboed moves and a sick mixup game.
Weaknesses: Very low stamina and stun gauge
Difficulty: Above Average
Tricks: Shakunetsu Hadouken -> Hyakki Shuu mixup
        Shun Goku Satsu as anti-air
        Tenma Gou Zankuu as a surprise attack (more on this)
        Taunt -> Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (adds 50% more damage)

Ibuki has lots of mobility options- USE THEM. Don't let Akuma catch
you napping in the corner, and be very wary of how you jump. Remember
that her j.Roundhouse will smash through aerial hurricane kicks, but
you need to time it early and anticipate.

Her Raida comes in quite handy for punishing whiffed Shoryukens and
parried jump-ins. If you've got him jab-trapped in the corner and
he attempts a reverse-teleport to throw off your groove, go ahead
and cut loose with the Kasumi Suzaku. You'll get him in there

All in all, this battle is a contest of wills and territory. Ibuki's
C.Forward attacks will let you gain ground for footsies as well. Take
care not to jump needlessly in this battle.

Suggested Super: Kasumi Suzaku [EX], Yami Shigure
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: High damage and stun, great range and a quick dash and jump.
Weaknesses: Big target- easy to combo off of.
Difficulty: Average
Tricks: Forward -> Spiral DDT (Pseudo-Tick throw)
        Elbow Slash(anti-air) -> Stun Gun Headbutt
        Crossup Air Stampede (Stomp)
        Power-Bomb tick-throw (Jump-in with Short, Jab or overhead)

Suggested Super: Yami Shigure, Kasumi Suzaku (EX)
Stamina: 93%, 131% after taunt (Shoulder Rub)
Strengths: Speed. Damage. Priority. Range. She's nothing but strengths.
Weaknesses: C.Roundhouse can be high-parried. Other than that...
Difficulty: VERY Difficult
Tricks: Air-air kara-cancel has insane range
        Lightning-kick for guaranteed tick damage after a knockdown

Your C.Forward has quite a bit of priority- use it until she gets a
meter of super. 

Since she's too short while crouching to use the Advancing Jab, use

Suggested Super: Yoroi Doushi, Kasumi Suzaku
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: Extremely strong, with range, speed, great mixups and an
           absolutely hideous corner-juggle game. Great chains too.
Weaknesses: Completely vulnerable to mid-range footsie pokes.
Difficulty: Hard (He's FAST!)
Tricks: EX Short Swing Blow as a safe wakeup attack
        Confusing anti-air game with Ducking-Upper

Be careful. Dudley has plenty of ways to counter your anti-wakeup
Raida, so think about what you're planning while you're rushing him

Suggested Super: Yami Shigure, Kasumi Suzaku
Stamina: 93%
Strengths: Evil punishment combo with a C.Strong, great mix-up and
           a wicked footsie game. Also, extremely fast dash.
Weaknesses: Pokes are Kazekiri bait. 
Tricks: Instant recovery after a blocked Brave Dance

Suggested Super: Kasumi Suzaku, Yoroi Doushi
Stamina: 111% (Subsequent Taunts give 117%, 131%, 140% and 151%.)
Strengths: Raw damage, pure and simple. Great range too.
Weaknesses: Large target. 'Nuff said.
Tricks: Body Splash -> C.Jab -> Meat Squasher (Pseudo-Tick Throw)
        whiffed Palm Bomber -> Moonsault Press
        delayed Hammer Frenzy
        * Best Kara-cancel in the game


Suggested Super: 
Stamina: 83%
Strengths: Speed, chains, mixup game/footsie
Weaknesses: Low damage
Tricks: EX Kazekiri -> Kasumi Suzaku
        Chain Combo -> Dash -> Throw
        Advancing Jab


Ken Masters
Suggested Super: Kasumi Suzaku [EX]
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: Hard-hitting combos, mixup and footsie, plus a great poke.
Weaknesses: Not much.
Difficulty: Very hard.
Tricks: Jab Shoryuken x2 in the corner
        EX Air Tatsumaki for anti-air/juggle

Suggested Super: 
Stamina: 93%
Strengths: Speed, priority, damage, and a great dash.
Weaknesses: Poor wakeups (vulnerable to traps), and her own traps are
            rather high-risk.
Difficulty: Very hard
Tricks: Karakusa/Hayate trap
        Tsurugi (or EX version) anti-wakeup
        Dash-in Karakusa tick-throw (if you block the Tsurugi)
        EX Fukiage wakeup (50%+ Stun)

Suggested Super: 
Stamina: 87%
Strengths: Range, Defensive traps
Weaknesses: Slow recovery on attacks
Tricks: Electric Blast in corner for tick damage (~20 hits to parry)
        Electric Snake for Stun damage

Suggested Super: 
Stamina: 93%
Strengths: Great priority on his pokes, stun damage, turtling game and
           corner pressure traps
Weaknesses: Too slow to maintain an offensive (Use your speed!)
Tricks: Crossup Jinchuu Nobori (Head stomp)
        Yagyou Dama Corner Trap
        Yagyou Dama Crossup Trap (i.e.: Unblockable F.A.S.)
        Roundhouse kick of DooM! (30% Stun)

Suggested Super: Kasumi Suzaku [EX], Yoroi Doushi
Stamina: 100% (Subsequent Taunts: 131%, 140%, 164%!)
Strengths: Insane defense if he taunts, Easier parrying, painful juggle
           combos. Fairly good corner-trap game.
Weaknesses: Extremely slow, Dash-attacks vulnerable to sweeps/pokes,
            slow offense, many openings for retaliation and juggle
            combos. RELIES on parrying.
Tricks: Taunt 3x for increased defense
        Tick-throw with Capture and Deadly Blow
        GREAT Kara-Cancelled throw and Overhead
        Kara'd Overhead -> Deadly Double (1/2 Screen Range!)

If you're afraid that Q's going to rush at you, then just crouch. As
soon as you see him rush towards you, nail him with a C.Short ->
EX Tsumuji.

Keeping your distance with Roundhouse kicks will be crucial to keeping
yourself out of harm's way. 

Suggested Super: Yami Shigure
Stamina: 87%
Strengths: Juggles, priority
Weaknesses: Predictable offense, poor recovery
Difficulty: Below Average
Tricks: Sonic Boom -> EX Cold Blue Kick trap

Yami Shigure. Why? Punish his C.Roundhouse if he's stupid enough to
use it, and also works as an anti-projectile! [Ibuki is invulnerable
to projectiles after the intial kunai strike has occured.]

Suggested Super:
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: Well balanced, high strength
Weaknesses: None
DIfficulty: Average
Tricks: Short Tatsumaki -> Throw fake
        EX Aerial Tatsumaki Crossup

Suggested Super: 
Stamina: 93%
Strengths: Speed (great normal moves), Shotokan-level strength and dash
Weaknesses: Horribly sucky special moves
Difficulty: Easy
Tricks: Basketball trap w/ Sean Tackle

Suggested Super: 
Stamina: 87%
Strengths: Range, but that's it.
Weaknesses: Easily punished, takes a lot of damage, crappy supers
Difficulty: Easy
Tricks: Deceptive J.Roundhouse kicks for mixup

Suggested Super: 
Stamina: 100%
Strengths: Fastest dash in the game, good range
Weaknesses: Mediocre in-close chain-combos
Difficulty: Average
Tricks: Headbutt -> Throw Crossover vs. crouching or rising opponents
  Aegis Reflector Traps
  The Flying Anago Special (heh.)

Suggested Super: 
Stamina: 83%
Strengths: Speed, EX Mantis Slash retaliation, mixup, footsie
Weaknesses: Takes damage like a sissy, poor wakeup attacks
Difficulty: Difficult
Tricks: C.Short -> EX Mantis Slash
        Teleport vs. your Kunai
        Fake Palm-Strike

Something very, very annoying to note: You cannot combo the
C.Roundhouse -> Roundhouse launch in ANY WAY against Yang. He flies
away before the 2nd Roundhouse can come out.

Suggested Super: 
Stamina: 83%
Strengths: Speed, Excellent chain combos, mixup
Weaknesses: Again, takes damage like a sissy and poor wakeups.
Difficulty: VERY Difficult

Suggested Super: Sei-ei Enbu or Tenshin Senkyuutai

Stamina: 111%?
Strengths: Range, priority, damage, stun... 
Weaknesses: None. =P
Tricks: ... he needs Tricks? Whaaaaaa?

7-:The Leftovers:

Japanese difficulty stats for Ibuki (The lower, the harder)

Chun        3
Ken         3
Yun         3
Makoto      4
Yang        4
Elena       4
Oro         4
Ryu         5
Urien       5
Necro       5
Akuma       6
Dudley      6
Remy        6
Alex        6
Hugo        7
Sean        7
Twelve      7
Q           8

Thanks to Joel Benefiel for tearing me to shreds with his Alex, as
always. Also, thanks to Amir Amirsaleh for showing me an East Coast
Ibuki in the first place. ^^ Mister Ramex Dalle actually got a win
streak with her once, which gave me some insight on effectively using
her. *chip chip*

Also, thanks to Phil T for sending in his muchly needed input. I was
able to correct some very embarassing errata because of this. Also
told me about how the Kubiori goes under Dudley's Corkscrew Blow.

Special thanks go to Kao Megura (Chris MacDonald) for writing up his 
movelist and supplying the translations of everyone's moves. Sorry
to hear that he isn't writing FAQs anymore. -_-

The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
or at
(Damn narcissism.)