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Street Fighter 3: Third Strike(Dreamcast)
Character FAQ
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Dudley and all related SF3 characters,copyright,Capcom,1997,1999.

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1.0-Dudley's Bio
2.0-Colors and Win poses
3.0-Moves List
4.0-How to use Dudley effectively
5.0-Thanks and Credits

This is just your basic FAQ on one of the coolest characters in Third
Dudley! Man,is this guy suave,and strong and cool all at the same time!
So,here we go,enjoy!



1.0-Dudley's Bio

Country: England
Status: Wealthy
Style: Boxing(duh!)

Dudley comes from a wealthy British family,and had a very good 
His father was a successful athelete and businessman. But,soon after 
entered college,his father's business failed. And soon after,Gill stole
hid dad's car. Outraged that a mockery was being made of his family,
Dudley went out and entered the SF3 tournament,to prove himself as an
established boxer,and get his dad's car back.

Dudley has a pretty distinct style of fighting that is not to be taken 
You don't wanna cross this big bad wolf of the ring. He may have
the stereotyped 19th-century-classy-British-look,complete with the
moustache,but this guy's built like a tank,and will pummel you with
his punches,gracefully and with strength,while still having style to 
the kettle on for tea time.


2.0-Colors and Win poses


Jab Button(X)-Regular outfit color,white shirt,blue gloves,green pants
Strong Button(Y)-THE BEST COLOR FOR DUDLEY! dark red shirt,grey 
black pants
Fierce Button(Top Left Button)-Pink shirt,light red gloves,white pants
Short Button(A)-Off white shirt,beige gloves,beige pants,grey shoes
Forward Button(B)-Dark Green shirt,red gloves,tan pants
Roundhouse Button(Top Right Button)-white shirt,black gloves,black 

Win Poses
1.Throws a rose out,and says,"Gutter Trash!"
2.Throws some punches,then suave and smooth,gets his jacket and flings
it on his back.
3.Stands in a cool pose,while his butler comes down from a helicopter
with a tea set(no doubt for tea time).


3.0-Moves List

*all moves that have [EX] on them,means you can do a more powerful 
of that particular move by pressing two buttons with the command the 

Standard Attacks
Body Blow-F+Forward
Pile Driver-F+Roundhouse
Leap Attack-F+Punch

Regular Moves
Machine Gun Blow-HCF+Punch[EX]
Dudley rushes at the opponent with style while he beats down on his
opponent with some smoking punches.

Cross Counter-HCB+Punch[EX]
This is Dudley's counter move. Dudley appears to be a in stupid know-
nothing state,until an opponent makes contact with him,then with
lightning-speed,Dudley rushes at him/her with a powerful punch.

Jet Uppercut-F,D,DF+Punch
Dudley imitates the famous shoryuken,execpt he looks much cooler doing
it than those loser shotos.

Ducking Straight/Uppercut-HCF+K then P,or HCF+K then K
Dudley does a typical boxing clothesline type of move.

Short Swing Blow-HCB+Kick[EX]
Dudley quickly advances back,then lunges at you with a powerful hook.

1.Rocket Uppercut-D,DF,F,D,DF,F+Punch
Dudley does a more powerful version of the Jet Uppercut. Scoring
maximum damage.

2.Rolling Thunder-D,DF,F,D,DF,F+P(Press Rapidly)
Dudley's hard training paid off,as it shows in this move. Dudley
lunges at you with an assortment of low punches,followed at the end by
an uppercut.

3.Corkscrew Blow-D,DF,F,D,DF,F+Punch
A slight imitation of Rose's Sprial Scarf move from Alpha 3,Dudley
summons his strength into one punch,directed right at the opponent's
abdominal area.


4.0-How to use Dudley effectivley

First off,before I go into the tactics. I'd like to tell you to use
Dudley in his coolest color,the Strong button color,he looks so cool in 

Out of all Dudley's supers,try using the Corkscrew Blow for maximum
results. You can store three,and it deals pretty good damage. Use
this after you successfully land a combo in the air,or right when
you see an opening,preferably right when they're about to do a move,
and in the corner,for cheap and quick results.

The Machine Gun Blow usually gets blocked a lot,but good for
dealing good block damage off an opponent.

The only time I'd recommend using Dudley's Short Swing Blow
is when an opponent jumps at you. Make sure you do it about
when they're right near you.

Dudley's Cross Counter is awesome! Do this especially when you're 
that cheap dick,Gill. Since Gill likes to constantly barrage you with
jabs,forwards,and other basic attacks.

Try Dudley's taunt every now and then. Not only is it mocking your
opponenet,while still looking cool doing it,but it also hits,
use it from far away if you know an enemy is going to attack. This
way,it knocks them out of the attack.


5.0-Thanks and Credits

I'd like to thank GameFaq's for providing an excellent place to host
and observe talented and well-thought out FAQ's.

All my friends at the following forums:
Forum of the Wolfman and Princess(which I own)
MadMan's Cafe
Rival Schools Network
CammyFan's EZBoard

The SF3:3rd Strike Manual for providing some moves.

Capcom,for creating such wonderful games.

Parents,who gave me money to get the games.

To all the people I've battled at the arcades. You've been cool,well,
some of you. Not all!


And that's it! Later!


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