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An Advanced Strategy Guide to Alex in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
Written by DarkBunny
ICQ: 7513314

Version 0.3 - 01/21/2000
Added new Hyper Bomb section
More Strategy for trapping
Revised Stungun Headbutt Trap strategies

Version 0.2 - 11/13/1999
Fixed some errors induced by late night cut-n-pasting. :D
Fixed some incorrect arcade lingo... now uses standard move description
Added some new combos to the strategy section
Added Waking Up and Wake Up Counters Section to Strategy
Added New VS. Section

Version 0.1 - 10/08/1999
First version

       First off, the intended purpose of this FAQ is that, after reading it, 
you should have an advanced understanding of how to use Alex against CPU and 
human opponents.  This FAQ does *not* cover other character strategies, 
endings, story, colors or other such trivia.  For a good basic overview of SF3
controls, character moves and strategy, Kao Megura's FAQ is a good starting 
point.  Also for another take on Alex strategy see Ben Williamson's Alex FAQ.
(Both of these FAQs are available on

       Also, just so that you realize, Alex is *not* going to win you friends
in the community of players who feel that crossing you up and pulling off *one*
combo over and over is the epitome of Street Fighter acumen.  Some people have
an ethical problem with beating someone using a 50%-60% combo.  In my opinion,
the best players are the ones who mix up strategies, are comfortable playing 
offensively and defensively, and who can win on their own terms.  Alex is one 
of the better 3rd strike characters to show this with, utilizing not only high
powered supers but diverse and powerful attacks.

About Alex
       Alex is what I would refer to as a a hybrid character.  He possesses a
number of charging moves as well as joystick motion moves.  The priorities on
his regular moves as well as his special moves make him a serious threat to
just about everybody.  His skills fall somewhere between a traditional grappler
like Zangief, and a powerhouse like Guile.  I would highly recommend Alex to
any SF3:3S player looking to turn some heads and suprise some high level

   All moves are notated for a character facing right.
   HCT - Half Circle Towards
   HCA - Half Circle Away
   P   - Any Punch Button
   K   - Any Kick Button
   PPP - All three punches
   KKK - All three kicks

Regular Moves
(* Updated 11/11/1999 *)
Here's the moves I consider to be of a fairly useful nature.

   Standing Moves

   Fierce - Pretty useless big windup punch.  Causes your opponent a fairly 
            lengthly stun period if you can hit or trade hits.
   + ->   - Swings his fist quickly in the air.  A really good deterrant for up
            close jumpers, does good stun gauge too.  Tag Ibuki with this for
            for quick retribution.
   + <-   - Extends his hand to grab opponent to do a fairly damaging and
            stunning headbutt.
   Strong - This elbow is a semi-reliable anti-air move.  Alex has better moves
            for that purpose though, so I personally use it to charge up my
            super meter if I'm playing defensive.
   + ->   - Does a quick over the head chop.  I throw this in with ducking
            turtlers and footsie players.
   Jab    - Fairly standard stuff.  I have a few interesting uses for it that I
            will talk about later

   RH     - A great move to put on someone who loves to jump in and trip.  Put
            your boot on 'em before they land and watch them fly.  Watch the
            stun Gauge go up too.
   Forward- This is Alex's best friend.  You'll be using this to start some
   (Close   mayhem in combos.
   (Long  - A good keep away move.  Deals OK damage and doesn't leave you
    Range)  especially vulnerable.  You'll be using this against Gill...
   Near   - I use this one when playing footsie with Shotoclones... it's not
   Opponent really all that effective but you can use it to set up a standing
   Short    medium or strong.

   Crouching Moves
   Fierce - Does a neat 2-hit shoulder uppercut.  Used to be *extremely* useful
            in SF3, but is not all that powerful.  Try throwing it out after
            you knock someone down at the end of a round for a nice looking
            finish.  It is probably one of your better regular anti-air moves.
   Strong - This baby will help you effectively charge your Super Art gauge as
            well as hold your own in games of footsie.  Chop Ryu in the crotch
            when he does a big fancy spinning roundhouse.  Rinse.  Repeat.
   RH     - Has a fairly long windup, so you won't be fooling Yun and Yang, but
            it's at least comparable to the Shotoclone recovery speed.
   Forward- I actually find this to be pretty useful.  It does a fair amount of
            damage and is pretty quick.  I personally use this after a success-
            ful jump in to mix things up instead of a Power Bomb.

   Air Moves
   Fierce - Does a big chop with pretty good priority.  You won't be using it
            much since you have to be right next to your opponent for it to hit
   + Down - Does a cool dive in the air that changes your angle towards the
            ground.  The bad thing is, as soon as you hit the ground, you roll,
            which makes you fully vulnerable.  Use the priority and damage
            advantage you have here to your advantage (it trades hits with 
            stuff like Remy's Flash Kick, and does about 3X the damage)
   Strong - This move used to be cool in SF3:2I and SF3, but I have yet to find
            a good use for this move in actual combat.  Alex sticks his arm out
            and kinda clotheslines around.
   Jab    - This has the same animation that the old Strong air punch from SF3
            and SF3:2I.  It has pretty much the same effect, only does less
            damage.  Jump in with this and cause some mayhem.

   RH     - This one is very similar to Zangief's RH kick, with Alex going
            sideways and causing a fairly serious stun upon impact.  It's 
            useful for combos, but very obvious for your opponent to parry.  
            Wait to use it when they throw out a near fireball, or a trip.  
            Also, use it as a cross up for *supreme* mayhem.
   Forward -This one now goes down at an angle and it's really useful for 
            reaching someone who's just coming out of a projectile.  Otherwise,
            a good move to throw in the mix.
   Short   -This is the brass ring as far as Power Bomb set ups and in-air
            fighting goes.  More on this later.  As an in-air move it has 
            really high priority, so take advantage of it.

Special Moves

   Power Bomb        - (HCA + P, near opponent)
   Flash Chop        - (QCT + P)                         *
   Air Stampede      - (Charge Down, Up and K)           *
   Rising Knee Smash - (Forward, Down, Forward and K)    *
   Spiral DDT        - (HCA + K)
   Elbow Slash       - (Charge Back, Forward and K)      *

   * - Denotes EX'able

Super Arts
   1) Hyper Bomb - (Full Circle and P)
   2) Boomerang Raid - (2X QCT and P)
   3) Stun Gun Headbutt - (2X QCT and P)


Simple Combos
   Your most simple combos are the following:
      -Standing MK - Jab Flash Chop (2 - in - 1)
       (standing close MK, QCT + LP)

      -Standing MP - Jab Flash Chop (2 - in - 1)
       (standing close MP, QCT + LP)

       [This little combo is absolutely _crucial_ in most Alex strategies, and
        does substantial enough damage to be a deterrant.  Note that the MP 
	version acts a little differently than the MK version and is a good
	one to throw in to add variety.]

      -Fierce Flash Chop that hits , into anything that you can use on a 
       stunned opponent

      -Jump in HK, into Headbutt

       [This used to work on all characters in the earlier Sf3s, but now you
        really have to plant that HK Jump in _Deep_]

       [There are more like this, but they are basically based on the same 

      -1 hit of rising shoulder (Down + FP) chained into rising knee smash

       [This combo can really add some spice to your trapping strategies.  In
	order to get only one hit in the air, do the rising shoulder very 

Tricks (AKA Nasty S@&%)
   The biggest problem with Alex is that none of his Super Arts are really 
   easily used in an offensive posture.  They all do quite good damage, but the
   trick is getting into a position to use them.  This little library of 
   nastiness can cause some mayhem for even your most experienced opponents for
   a number of reasons.  I theorize the biggest of these is that Alex players 
   generally don't 2-in-1 their super arts, which is where the magic comes from
   The other big thing you can do to make your super arts effective is to 
   exploit the push delay that most of your moves do.  Ever notice how far a 
   fierce Flash Chop pushes your opponent?  Well that can be used very 
   effectively to place your super art.

   Most Alex players ignore the Stun Gun Headbutt because it's difficult to hit
   consistently.  Using the techniques I hinted at earlier though you can turn
   the standard Stun Gun Headbutt into a deadly and menacing super art.
   Remember that the SGH dizzies your opponent so feel free to experment
   to find your best dizzy combo.  Also remember that the SGH has a very short
   Super Art bar, so even if you use the super at the very beginning of the
   round you should have it filled again soon.

   1) Easy (not so mean) Punishment - 
     Fierce Flash Chop that hits (2-in-1) into Jab Stun Gun Headbutt

    [Try this one when you're charged up and a Shotoclone misses a Dragon Punch
     or something like that.  This one is pretty simple.]

   2) Semi-Difficult (Relatively mean) Punishment -
     Fierce Flash Chop that is blocked in close range (2-in-1) into Strong Stun
     Gun Headbutt


     Fierce Flash Chop that is blocked in outer range (2-in-1) into Fierce Stun
     Gun Headbutt
    [This can be countered easily by just about every character but Hugo, by 
     either dashing undeneath it right as the blockstun is over.  If they try 
     to jump out they will get caught by it.  Chances are that if your opponent
     is good, or awake, they'll have no problem countering it.  Some characters
     have regular moves and super arts that will nail you on your way down so
     be careful.]

   3) Tricky (and really mean) Punishment -
     Roundhouse Elbow Slash that is blocked (2-in-1) into Strong Stun Gun 


     Roundhouse Elbow Slash that hits (2-in-1) into Strong or Jab Stun Gun 

    [This one is even more useful.  If the dash hits, so does the SGH if you 
     chose the right distance.  Some characters can just jump out of it, but 
     most will just get caught midjump.  They can avoid this whole thing by 
     doing a move  that  gets them out of the way the second they get 
     "unblocked" like a super art or a dash move.  Of course if your opponent 
     parries the first  hit, and believe me, they will try after they realize 
     it's almost impossible to get out of, you should start jumping in with 
     different short kick, jab punch, power bomb combinations.  Note that if 
     the dash doesn't hit, you probably won't connect the SGH if your 
     opponent's good or awake.]
   4) Use SGH as a wake up
     Watch an overeager shotoclone or Yun/Yang player jump in or trip you.
     Time the jab SGH so it goes through their attack and tags them when you

   5) Use SGH as air defense
     Watch for an opponent to stick out an air attack and be committed to it.
     Use the jab SGH so that it goes through the attack and grab them while
     they land.

   6) Use SGH as projectile punishment
     If you can anticipate that your opponent is going to throw a projectile,
     use SGH to go over the projectile and nail your opponent.  Not as useful
     as it was SF3:NG where your SGH had full screen range, but still pretty

   While I use the SGH as my primary weapon against human players, I sometimes
   like to use the Boomerang Raid when I really want to give my opponent a
   chance.  This is the Super art to use if you make heavy use of EX moves.

   1) Another Easy one.
     Fierce Flash Chop that hits into Boomerang Raid

    [I'd consider this one fairly obvious, and you probably would do this as a
     gut instinct anyways.]
(* UPDATE 11/11/1999, version 0.2 *)

     Fierce Flash Chop (or anything that links into... ) Standing Forward Knee
     (2-in-1) into Boomerang Raid 

    [The timing on the link is tricky.  I haven't used it in 3rd strike yet 
     but I've seen it devastate in sf3, and sf3:2I... I think maybe some
     boomerang raiding is in order... SGH is not so fun anymore N E ways :D ]

   2) Semi-Difficult fun -
     Elbow Slash or EX Elbow Slash that hit (2-in-1) into Boomerang Raid

    [It's a good combo, and I would use this more against human players than a
     CPU just because the CPU is really easy to dizzy and just use 1).  The
     damage is pretty weak but then again you can do two of them. ]

   3) Not really worth the difficulty -
     In the corner do a Medium Boomerang Raid from about half a step away.
     You'll bounce off initially, but you'll come into range and execute the
     piledriver at the end

    [This is one I use rarely against turtlers.  A higher level player would 
     just attack you low while you bounce off.]

  I'd highly recommend the Hyper Bomb, probably my second favorite super art, 
  because there are some fairly cool little things you can do with it.  

(* UPDATE 01/21/2000, version 0.3 *)
  Hyper bomb really is a different style of grapple super.  It has some 
  ideosynchrocies that are important to know if you want to be effective with
  it.  If has good priority (and a frame of invincibility) however this can
  all come crashing down due to a *jab*.  A jab that was executed at exactly
  the right time will go through your invincibility frame and connect with 
  you to knock you out of the Hyper Bomb.  This is a pretty rare occurance 
  but it is something to note.  The key to effective Hyper Bomb use is using
  it right after your opponent has committed to doing another move.  If you
  anticipate a trip, your superior priority will ensure that the HB connects.
  Landing a HB is best done while your opponent is attacking you, but can 
  also be used defensively after a blocked or parried move.

  1) The Easy Con
    Jump or super jump in the air, do the air dive into the ground so that you 
    land within Hyper Bomb range after you're done your little roll.  Your 
    opponent is likely starting a combo right now, so just as you wake up from 
    the roll execute your Hyper Bomb and you'll catch them right in the linker,
    so to speak.

  2) The Killer Cross Up
    While just inside of any Air stampede range, choose the distance that will 
    cause your opponent to cross up (ie land on the outside so you push your
    opponent towards your point of departure) then execute the Hyper Bomb when
    the blockstun is over.  

  Lemme know if you have problems and/or find any amazing super art combos I've

Not Exactly Combos

  1) Hit someone with a shoulder uppercut (down + HP) and hold down throughout
     the travel of the move.  If you connected then use the down charge you've
     just done to make a forward air stampede.  Otherwise, this will set you 
     up perfectly for a cross up of some sort depending on if your opponent 
     blocks.  Missed the shoulder uppercut?  Watch for a trip and jump on him
     if he tries!

  2) Power Bomb Mayhem
       Connecting a Power Bomb consistently and being a constant annyonance is
       an art.
       i) Just walk up to your opponent and do it if he's turtling.

       [Only try this if your opponent appears to be a newbie and you just want
       to get your match over.  Otherwise you could be eating a super art.
       Of course, nothing can piss off a really good player more than taking
       a big stupid hit :D]

       ii) Jump in with an air short kick, and then do it after a very short 

       [This gets even some very advanced players because they know that if 
       they don't pull off some sort of counter you'll be power bombing.
       Eventually they'll figure out that they can throw you pretty easily so
       then start using iii)]

       iii) Jump in with an air short kick, throw out a standing jab, then 
       power bomb while they're recoiling from it.  This is remeniscient of an
       old Zangief strategy, but it works.  If they duck the jab then throw,
       if you're too far out of range try the medium or short Spiral DDT but
       just remember it's not really that great a move.

       iv) After doing all of this your opponent will probably try to attack 
       you on your way in (if he hasn't been from the beginning).  Parry the 
       oncoming hits and power bomb away.

       v) Once these are all in your opponents mind, start mixing them up.  Mix
       up your super and regular jumps to really be unpredictable.

       vi) And of course you are free to parry and punish.

  3) Q: What exactly can you do with the Spiral DDT?
     A: Chain it in the same way you would a SGH from a Flash Chop or Elbow 
        Dash.  Still it's not that great.

     The Spiral DDT also has the ability to chain off of regular moves, 
     especially (quel surprise) the standing forward.  Throw in the medium
     DDT on someone who stood up to the standing forward.  Just don't do it if
     they ducked.

     I have also found the RH Spiral DDT to be of good use to evade Remy's
     corner trapping strategies.  RH Spiral DDT, Power Bomb or combo.

     Spiral DDT can also be used to grab dashing players, so if you have a
     footsie player coming in for a followup, do the short kick version for
     a shift in momentum.

     Don't get me wrong, Spiral DDT is an asset, just don't expect it to fool
     a high level opponent on a regular basis (however feel free to throw it
     in if you want to add extra variety)

  4) Anticipation
     Even experienced players get nervous with Alex in close range.  Try doing
     your easy Standing Medium Kick - Jab Flash Chop 2-in-1, then watch for 
     your opponent to jump and then use the medium Rising Knee Smash.  The CPU
     Akuma *really* falls for this one...

  5) Avoid the Wake up
     Here's the deal.  You just knocked your opponent down with a massive combo
     worth 50%.  They are probably feeling the pressure right about now.  They
     need to take off damage and they need it now.  Wait, you're standing right
     over them... what an opportunity to make up some ground!  Wrong answer.
     Time your standing MK to correspond with the *exact* time they wake up 
     and, you guessed it... combo it into either the Boomerang Raid *or* the 
     Jab Flash chop.  Some players will see the pattern and start anticipating 
     by parrying or some other counter move.  Did somebody say Power Bomb? Even
     a perfect wakeup Dragon Punch will trade hits with the knee.  Just watch 
     though for folks who love to throw because, well, you're vulnerable right
     there.  Or Remy with that damn Blue Nocturne.

  6) Your Wake up Strategy
     It's always good to be ready for whats coming.  When you think someone
     might be coming to trip you or start a combo low off of waking up, be sure
     to charge up your low Air Stampede and use it as a wake up.  Use a medium
     if you think they'll use something that will either push them back or if
     you want to use it to set up one of your ranged supers.
     Other wake up strategies include using a parry and Power Bomb, or some
     Super Art usage (Boomerang Raid could pay off here)

  7) Parrying as a Link For a Charge Move
     (* Whoever sent this to me... lemme know if you want credit *)
     This has been used for other characters with back-forward charge moves,
     (try using it with Oro on a closeup projectile) but it's a useful mixup 
     for Alex too.  Charge back, and when a jumping in opponent comes in
     parry forward, then execute your Elbow Slash with the kick button. Throw
     it in when they expect some other anti-air like the Rising Knee Smash.

  8) The EX'd Air Stampede
     I've recieved a couple of emails about my aforementioned EX'd Air Stampede
     strategy against projectile throwers.  Just about all projectile throwers
     require some sort of delay after they throw (with Remy's being the most
     annoyingly short).   In case you didn't know, the EX Air Stampede makes it
     heat seeking.  Yup that's what it does.  So if your opponent does any sort
     of move that has a let's say 0.1 second of vulnerability, pull out the 
     EX and Alex's big 'ol boots will be resting on your opponents face.  Try
     it as an ender to a Shoto-style fighter who tries to gain some ground with
     a projectile.  Please note that the heat seeking nature of this move
     allows Alex to move the entire length of the screen in the least amount of
     time of any of his moves (yes, even more distance and faster than an EX'd
     Elbow Slash).

  9) The EX'd Rising Knee Smash
     This strange little EX has the ability to grab a standing opponent off the
     ground.  I haven't found any really practical uses for it yet but, it is a
     really stylish way to finish someone off.

VS. Opponents

    VS. *ANYONE*
Keep in mind these things if you wish to become a better SF player, at any game
with any character.  To some of you, these might seem a little bit vague, but
these are the things I think about when I play:
    -Don't take the game too seriously.  It is a very sophisticated and 
     competitive game, but it is a _game_.
    -Control your anger.  If you let yourself get extremely angry at an
     opponent, you will become more likely to make mistakes.  Focus on 
     destroying your opponent's character in the game and *not* on destroying
     your opponent.
    -Trash talking is for the dishonorable.  Anyone who does it, makes 
     themselves look like an ass.  Take it and make your opponent look bad in
     the game.  [This doesn't mean that you can't have choice words after the
     match is over, just keep yourself focused on the match]
    -Be honorable and give 2nd round.  It presents an excellent opportunity to
     practise parrying and can have other strategic uses.  Moreover, it makes
     the game more exciting.
    -Don't play when you're overly tired.  If you are tired, you again will be
     prone to error.
    -If you have an opponent you can't seem to beat, take a step back and 
     analyze their technique vs. the computer or against other players.
     Knowlege of your opponent's ideosyncrocies will give you the upper hand.
    -Know your weaknesses and improve on them.  If you never practise, you will
     never get any better.  Just because there are no challengers around,
     doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't play.  Make the most of your 
     practise time by trying to parry difficult moves and develop new Super Art
    -Never ever give up.  Never.  By challenging opponents of superior skill 
     you will get better (given that you are learning the most that you can 
     from every battle).  By walking away you are selling yourself short.  Calm
     yourself down, return with a peaceful mind, and play with deadly accuracy
     to win.
    -Know yourself - Know why you play the game.  Do you play because you enjoy
     it as a release, a change from everyday life?  Do you play because you can
     be better than someone else at it?  Do you play because it's fun?  Do you
     play because you enjoy humiliating others?  Examine your reason for
     playing and acknowledge it.  You might find that's a question you haven't
     asked yourself before and you might find that the answer surprises you.
     I would urge those who are unhappy with their reason to seek solutions (SF
     can take up a lot of time, effort and your life.  Make sure you're not
     missing out on other things.)  Just something to think about.

Keep in mind these things when you are playing SF3:3S as any character:
    -Parrying isn't always the best solution to every problem
    -Creative techniques will surprise and damage even the best opponents
    -Be aware of the vulnerability of all of your moves
    -2-in-1'ing your super arts not only looks good but is integral in building
     new and creative combos
    -The standard throw has very high priority, it is just executed in a
     different way.  Be prepared to throw the over-ambitious.

Keep in mind these things when you are playing as Alex:
    -Most of your regular moves are very powerful.  Counter with them or trade
     hits in order to gain ground against most opponents.
    -Your Super Arts are also very powerful.  Find ways to link or 2-in-1 them
     for surpreme mayhem.
    -Your air moves have very good priority and deal quite good damage and stun
    -Your anti-air moves are excellent as well, use them alongside your parry
    -Parrying will give you the edge to defeat high-level opponents.  Period.
    -Stunning your opponent will only take around 3 combos.  Be watching for
     the opportunities.

One of the most difficult opponents for Alex is Ken.  Ken has probably the best
agility of the Shoto-style players as well as the best footsie game of them too
.  Alex can do some good footwork thanks to the longer range of his low RH, but
I wouldn't want to be tangoing with Ken for too long.  Use a hop to mix up his
ground game, then Power Bomb when he tries one of those tall heel kicks or rush
combos.  Against players who love to use the Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku in a combo or
cross up, use the RH Elbow Slash to escape at the height of their jump.  (That
is if they can't parry your MK/RH Rising Knee Smash)  If Ken likes to hurricane
kick over you, catch him with your Crouching Fierce shoulder uppercut to deter
that kind of behaviour.  Otherwise, be sharp with your parrying, use your
strength advantage and Super Arts whenever possible, and you'll win.

Expect to see a lot of this guy.  He's the second best dizzier in the game
compared to you, and he has as much if not more nastiness that he can do.
Your parry game will have to be sharp because he has more versatility than Ken
and you will be forced to deal with his Super Arts, the most menacing of which
are the Shinkuu-Hado-Ken and Shin-Syouryu-Ken.
Many Ryu players believe that just because you're a grappler, it gives them
the license to start jumping all over the place.  Take advantage of this to
use your excellent anti-air moves like the Rising Knee Smash to surprise them
for some decent damage.  Parrying and punishing any jump-ins they send at you
will also show them that they are *not* fighting the CPU Alex.
If your opponent starts throwing out spinning RH kicks to try and corner you,
(A strategy that I've actually seen work against Alex players who have poor
knowledge of their regular moves or who cannot parry well) use your crouching 
forward chop to stop it.  If you don't feel comfortable parrying Ryu jump-ins
then I would recommend using someone else, because parry/power bombing a jump- 
in a couple of times will definately give you an edge.  Use your crouching
fierce to nail hurricane happy foes the same way you do with Ken.  Basically,
expect to see some of the same stuff you saw from Ken, with much more powerful
supers, more versatile regular moves and longer, meaner combos.  Usage of nasty
Super Art strategies combined with what I've outlined here, should be enough to
keep all but the very best Ryu players at bay.

Another commonly used character by human opponents is the projectile happy
Akuma.  Again, have at least a medium level parry game if you hope to survive.
One thing I must mention against shoto-players is that contrary to most players
opinions, I would recommend not going after them right at the very start.  Use
your jumping short kick (which has priority over just about every move they
have in the air) to knock them to the ground, and Power Bomb if you land close
enough to your opponent.  Also be aware that if you time SGH combo iii) well
you can catch an opponent that has been knocked out of the air, so do it to a
player who's using Akuma's air agility to his favor.  Parry and punish Akuma's
diving kick to disable much of his combo ability.  Beware of Akuma players
using Gadou-Hadou-Ken because it has very little charge time (short enough to
catch you in Power Bomb windup) as well as it can deal fairly severe damage if
you're stuck on the ground.  Watch for misplaced trips and punish them with a
combo or a power bomb.  Also note that you'll have to red parry his hurricane
kick if you want to counter it, because it's a little closer to the ground 
than Ken or Ryu's and you can't duck it.  Take advantage of the fact that Akuma
can't throw two Dragon Punches in a row as fast as Ken or Ryu and slap him up
with a combo or a super art.  

Q is probably your only rival as far as damage dealing (with the possible
exception of Hugo) and you can expect that once he has his taunts in, you're
going to have a hard time taking him down. Exploit his more evasive stance
early in the round (for those who don't know, Q can double his armor by 
taunting 3 times in a round) for your purposes.  If you are using Stungun
Headbutt or Boomerang Raid, and happen to see him start to dash backwards,
start an Elbow Slash/Super Art Combo.  Most Q players dash at the beginning
of the round so if you have a super art charged, why not stop them from
taunting and do some major damage.  At all costs, stop Q from taunting.  Use an
EX'd Air Stampede or Elbow Slash if you don't have a super art ready.  Don't be
afraid to jump in and start Power Bomb mayhem (Q is very vulnerable to the 
flying short kick/power bomb setups).  Or just dash and Power Bomb if the Q 
player turtles a lot.

Remy possesses absurdly quick charge times with his special moves, and a nice
assortment of powerful non-charge moves.  His primary strategies involve
cornering and knocking opponents out of the air.  Your most powerful asset is
something that you probably don't use much, your air dive.  It trades hits
with Remy's flash kick and all of his crouching/standing air moves, and does
roughly three times the damage that they do.  After you have made a habit of
doing this, Remy will think twice about automatically countering, so take the
liberty of starting some Power Bombing.  Once mixes of these two strategies
have been defused by your opponent, take the liberty of parrying on your way
in and Power Bombing or comboing when you land.  Also, Remy can be a pain 
with using his Light of Virtue (Sonic Boom) and Cold Blue Kick to corner you,
then using crouching strong into low Light of Virtue chains.  Avoid the whole
situation by blocking or parrying the combo and then Spiral DDT'ing over or
onto your opponent.  I have a gut feeling that a properly timed Fierce Flash
Chop can defuse the combo but that's unconfirmed.  Otherwise, don't be afraid
to trade hits because once you have strategies for these two situations, the
playing field will be a lot more level.

This little ninja has been known to cause problems for Alex, despite her small
size and weak attacks.  Make extensive use of your anti-air, with the notable
use of the Short and Forward Rising Knee Smashes to grab her leaping and and
hopping attacks.  Also of note to SGH users is that her double kick bounces off
of you perfectly to land in fierce SGH range.  Wait a little while before doing
it if she throws a knife in the process of jumping.  Also be watching for her
to jump in outer ranges, and use your rarely used RH Rising Knee Smash.  
Effective users of Ibuki can present problems, so be aware.

   Yun and Yang
These two guys are generally used by opponents who like to throw out combos
indiscretely.  One thing that is a major weakness from these two is that their
moves are not as fast as they used to be, and that Power Bombing them out of
missed attacks is not that difficult.  The fact that they fight in close a lot
can also be used to your advantage if you are a Hyper Bomb user or if you enjoy
Power Bomb mayhem.  This used to be a more difficult fight before 3S, but is
not really that bad if you can parry or can effectively trade hits to your

Twelve can present problems for you as well.  Prepare for some difficulty
parrying his standing strong on a jump-in, as well as for problems with his
DRA attack.  His throw also has some extreme priority so try to avoid Power
Bombing if you know your opponent will use it.  Combo him when he misses an NDL
(which is also an excellent opportunity to use your EX'd Air Stampede or SGH if
that's what you use).  Watch in particular for his air dive, (counter with the
appropriate version of the Rising Leg Smash) and AXE.  Being able to parry all
five hits of the AXE will also be of use to you.  Also notice that Twelve is
the only character to my knowledge that has the ability to simply jump out of
SGH combo iii) without requiring a counter, so version ii) or some other chain
is required to be effective.

   CPU Gill
I had initially some problems with this, but I've figured out some strategies
to keep this guy at bay.  Don't expect to be able to Power Bomb him.  All of
his regular moves come out quickly enough to hit you out of the windup.  This
I realize is not as flashy as your other strategies, but use your standing +
back medium kick to keep him away, then throw him when he dashes in.  If you
are able to parry his two hit knee drop, do so, Fierce Flash Chop him and
throw in the Super Art or combo of your choice.  Watch for mid-screen 
projectiles because you will be able to hop them and punish Gill for this
mistake.  This is one situation that you can't really play both offensively
and defensively.  If he starts to resurrect, dash near him and Fierce Flash
Chop him for your quickest and most punishing stop.

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Final Thoughts
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