Elena by Star Scream

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"It is sad to hate people.  Let's try to understand each other and get 
along instead.." -(Elena to Urien)	

By: Star Scream (foo82@hotmail.com)



[2]-Why use Elena?
[3]-What type of character is Elena?
[4]-Move legend
[5]-Notes on Elena's normals
[6]-Elena's normals 
[7]-Notes on Elena's specials 
[8]-Elena's specials 
[9]-Notes on Elena's super arts
[10]-Elena's super arts
[11]-Super art selection
[12]-Credit to

"It was a great fight! I wanted it to last forever" -(Elena)

In 3rd Strike Elena continues to seek a mysterious wealthy man in the 
Mediterranean who might be able to aid her on a quest to cure her dying
people. Elena is a bright and young teenage girl who wants nothing more 
but to witness the safety of her people and to make a few friends (Ubuki 
+ Yun). She efficiently makes use of the Capoeira style of fighting 
which was taught to her at a very young age...   

|[2]-Why use Elena?|

One of the reasons I took interest towards Elena is because she is a 
combination of my two favorite characters from Street Fighter Alpha 3,
which are Cammy and Adon. Elena shares many similarities between these
two characters and in my opinion she is better than both of them. Elena 
is different and for this reason alone you should be considering her 
selection in your next fight. She has the capabilities to beat any other 
player in the game and if the area in which you play is anything like 
mine, you will find yourself playing a lot of shotokan players. Well, 
Elena has numerous ways to counter shotokan players and get around their 
tactics. One other reason to use Elena is because she is one of the few 
characters in the game that is able to EX all her specials! (The others 
being: Urien, Twelve, Remy and Chun-Li)

+--+ If a special move has EX capabilities, when you perform the move
|EX| press 2 attack buttons at the end of the command (instead of the        
+--+ usual one) to perform it's EX variation. For example:
                       Hugo's Shock Wave: D,DB,B+(any)P
                       Hugo's EX Shock Wave: D,DB,B+(any)2P 

By pressing 2 punches (2P), Hugo will now activate an advanced version
of the Shock Wave. The move will now inflict more damage. Characters
such as Akuma/Gouki + Gill have no EX moves..

+----+ Using an EX move consumes a portion of your Super Meter. If you
|Note| perform an EX move without enough power on your Super Meter you 
+----+ will fail to perform the EX variation and you character will        
perform his/her normal version of that special. 

|[3]-What type of character is Elena?|

The best way to describe Elena's fighting techniques would be a 
combination of Adon and Cammy. She lacks a projectile (i.e Ryu) and is 
no big grappler (i.e Hugo). Elena is a short ranged hit and run 
character. Most of her specials require you to be close to you opponent 
or mid-ranged. Elena possesses quick leaping attacks and if used 
efficiently can be one of the most annoying characters in the game. She 
has many moves that allow her to get in quick hits and recover very 
well. It is also possible to say that she is one, if not the fastest 
character in the game... 

|[4]-Move legend|

[LK]-Light Kick/Short
[MK]-Medium Kick/Forward
[HK]-Heavy Kick/Roundhouse
[LP]-Light Punch/Jab
[MP]-Medium Punch/Strong
[HP]-Heavy Punch/Fierce

|[5]-Notes on Elena's normals|

One thing that sets Elena apart from the rest of the 3rd Strike 
characters is that she has no punches. Elena's punches are basically 
high kicks. Use this to your advantage. When in close, mix up the basic 
chains. Due to her speed and her attacks resembling kicks your opponent 
will not know whether to block/parry high or low. If you find yourself 
in this position but your opponent simply turtles (blocks low), throw 
them. If you find that tactic to cheap for your liking substitute the 
throw for an overhead attack (i.e F+MP/MK+MP or a LP Mallet smash). 
Notice that Elena's punch attacks (high kicks) seem to have more range 
then her basic kick attacks. For this reason it is recommend that if you 
wish to play a poking game, use her punch attacks (high kicks). Poke 
your opponent back, when you believe that they are to close then use a 
LK Spinning Scythe. Completion of all steps of the Spinning Scythe is up 
to you. It is recommended that you complete all 3 steps if you are 1 
inch away from your opponent. If any closer, 2 steps are recommend due 
to the recovery time (more information on Spinning scythe in [8]-Elena's 
specials). Also note that Elena's light attacks are some of the fastest 
in the game.

|[6]-Elena's normals|
"You are too old to stand a chance against me!" -(Elena to Oro)

+---------------+ Standing it is a high kick aimed at you opponents                                                        
|Light Punch/Jab| head. Crouching it is a kick aimed at your opponents                    
+---------------+ mid-section.  This is one of the fastest pokes in the                                                       
game. Use this often when in close you wear you opponent down. Great 
linker also.. 

Rating: 3.7/5

+-------------------+ Elena's standing Medium Punch looks very similar 
|Medium Punch/Strong| Light Punch. Its crouching counter part is also        
+-------------------+ the same as her crouching Light Punch. The Light                                             
Punch should be your choice over the medium due to its speed and 
difficulty to parry. It is recommended that you do not use this move in 
the air as its reach is not great..

Rating: 2.3/5

+------------------+ Along with Elena's Light Punch, Light Kick and      
|Heavy Punch/Fierce| Medium Kick, this should be one of your most used         
+------------------+ normals. While standing Elena will execute a kick 
aimed at your opponents head (like its medium and light counter parts), 
this will go over a crouching opponent. Crouching it looks like the 
medium and light punch crouches. While crouching it has greater recovery 
time and can be used to catch late jumpers.

Rating: 3.1/5

+----------------+ While standing Elena will give a short and sharp poke 
|Light Kick/Short| towards your opponents shin area. When crouching                     
+----------------+ (like the Light Punch)it is one of her best pokers. 
Also can be used as a linker to specials and super arts (i.e Scratch 
Wheel/Spinning Beat). Also mix it in with crouching Light punches to 
wear your opponent down. Once again, this is one of the fastest normals 
in the game and should play a great role during combat...
Rating: 3.8/5

+-------------------+ When standing Elena will direct a strong kick     
|Medium Kick/Forward| towards your opponent's mid-section. The recovery      
+-------------------+ is not as good as it could be. You may find good 
opponents that will parry it and counter. Stick with the Light Punch and 
Light Kick due to their great speed. 

Rating: 2.4/5

+---------------------+ While standing Elena will throw a high kick that 
|Heavy Kick/Roundhouse| is similar to her standing Heavy Punch. The          
+---------------------+ recovery time it slighting slower than her 
standing Medium Kick and for this reason you should only use it if you 
can connect. It's range is too short to make it a great poker. While 
crouching Elena will extend both her legs out in an attempt to trip her 
opponent. This has excellent range, but the recovery time is long. Fast 
opponents will be able to block your attempted crouching HK and trip you 
back. When used with DF (Down-Forward), Elena will execute her command 
attack which is a slide trip. This modified trip will slide under 
shotokan fireballs. Note that the recovery time on the slide is so bad 
that you should stay away from it all together, unless you slide under a 
shotokan fireball (because you will surely to hit your opponent in this 

Rating: 2.9/5

|[7]-Notes on Elena's specials|

Elena's specials are effective against any opponent if done right. Use
the Scratch Wheel on jumpers or to combo into (from a LK). The Rhino 
Horn should be used on a stunned opponent if you don't have a super 
ready. The Rhino Horn can also be used to step up a Healing session. 
After connecting with a HK Rhino Horn quickly dash back once or twice 
and begin Healing. Use the Lynx Tail for maximum damage against stray 
super arts and when your opponent misses you with a special. The Mallet 
Smash should be used constantly to apply pressure on your opponent. Its 
recovery time is great so in most cases you will get away with it. 
Lastly the Spinning Scythe. This move will do great amounts of damage to 
your opponent and the recovery time is also great. Know what specials to 
do and when to do them. Remember that you don't win games with just 
specials. Mix in Light poking attacks to wear your opponent down and 
bring then down slowly.

|[8]-Elena's specials|
"It's okay!  Take it easy!  There's no use crying after losing the 
 battle!" -(Elena to Yun)

|Scratch Wheel| How to perform: F,D,DF+(any)K

The Scratch Wheel is you basic anti-air special. When performed Elena 
will swing her leg upwards and leap into the air. It knocks down on 
contact and is able to be comboed (i.e from a LK). Use the Scratch wheel 
often to scare you opponent from jumping in. As with most anti-air 
specials the light version will cause less recovery time (LK in this 
case) and the heavy version (HK in this case) will do the most damage 
but has the longest recovery time. It is recommend that you stick to 
Elena's heavy kick version. The light kick version does have a great 
recovery time but ends to quickly. In some cases you will perform the LK 
Scratch Wheel and it will finish while you opponent is still in the air. 
The real problem with the Scratch Wheel is it's invincibility (lack of). 
When opponents such as Sean perform the Ryubi-Kyaku and you perform the 
Scratch Wheel most of the time you will also take damage and the Scratch 
Wheel will not totally cease the Ryubi-Kyaku. But this problem can be 
overcome by performing the Scratch Wheel in advanced. When you being to 
see you opponent jump perform the Scratch Wheel earlier than you would 
with a Shotokan dragon punch. In EX mode the Scratch Wheel will gain 
more vertical and horizontal leap. Elena will also inflict additional 
damage if it connects.

Rating: 3.8/5

|Mallet Smash| How to perform: F,DF,D,DB,B+(any)P

The Mallet Smash is Elena's most versatile special. When performed Elena
will leap towards and kick downwards at an uncanny pace. The closest
move I can relate this to is Adon's jaguar kick in Street Fighter Alpha
3. Unlike the jaguar kick, the Rhino Horn doesn't arc as high. It has 
a great recovery time and best of all is an overhead attack (great at
surprising turtles). Although the Mallet Smash doesn't inflict a great
amount of damage it should be used every now and again to catch ducking 
opponents by surprise. The Mallet Smash is also great for leaping over
shotokan fireballs. If the Mallet Smash is done too close to you 
opponent you will find Elena leap over your opponent. You will also be 
left open for a brief moment. Due to this move containing a leap at the 
start it can not be comboed. 

Rating: 4/5

|Spinning Scythe| How to perform: (x3 MAX)D,DB,B+(any kick)P 

When performed Elena will go into a series of medium height kicks. The 
command can be entered up to a maximum of 3 times for full effect. If 
the first kick of the Spinning Scythe connects and you continue the 2nd 
and 3rd commands of the Spinning Scythe, they will also connect. This 
move is basically a small 3 hit combo. The move has great recovery 
and is good for applying pressure to an opponent or to simply force your 
opponent back. Due to this moves recovery do it when ever you get the 
chance. Even if you opponent is going to block all 3 hits. If you 
execute a HK Spinning Scythe and all three hits connect with your 
opponent it does tremendous amounts of damage. In EX mode the Spinning 
Scythe is faster and does great amounts of damage. Also a great move 
against late jumpers. It is sometimes possible to trick your opponent 
into thinking you are going to apply all 3 hits of the Spinning Scythe, 
when you only perform 2. They will anticipate a 3rd and in this time you 
have a quick opportunity to hit them with an overhead (MK+MP) or throw. 

Rating: 3.8/5

|Rhino Horn| How to perform: B,DB,D,DF,F+(any)K

The Rhino Horn is Elena's most devastating special in her arsenal. When 
performed there is a small amount of start up to begin with... Elena 
will then leap towards her opponent (at a speed that resembles Sean's 
Hadou Burst) and kick them. The move travels 3/4 of the screen (when 
executed with HK) and knocks you opponent down on impact. I have noticed 
that this move is difficult to parry for an opponent due to its 
surprising speed. The main reason in which you should not be using the 
Rhino Horn is its bad recovery. When blocked/parry you will be open for 
around 1 second and your opponent will get in a free hit (for some 
reason, most human opponent usually only counter with a crouching HK). 
The Rhino Horn is great to use for a cheap win if you opponent has 1 or 
2 amounts of ticking damage left. Other than that only use it to 
surprise you opponent 1 once or twice. It is not bad against late 
jumpers either. In EX mode Elena gains more pace and does a heap of 

Rating: 2.6/5

|Lynx Tail| How to perform: B,D,DB+(any)K                    

The Lynx Tail is basically Benimaru's Shinku Katategoma (from King of 
Fighters). When performed Elena will stand on her hands while swinging 
her legs in a fluid motion along the ground. She goes into her first set 
of swings, halts, then goes into another set of swings (with her legs). 
A good player will use a crouching HK while you are in the pausing 
session. The Lynx Tail's recovery is dependent on how deep you are. If 
you are just in Crouching HK range you will be able to get out of the 
Lynx Tail. Any closer and fast characters such as Yun and Yang will be 
able to combo you. It has a slight start up that makes this special slow 
in comparison to her others. It is possible to connect with this move 
against missed super arts and stray Dragon punches. If you can manage to 
make it connect it is one of her most damaging specials. 

Rating: 2.9 

|[9]-Notes on Elena's super arts|

Like every other character in 3rd Strike, Elena has 3 different 
super arts. 2 of her super arts are damaged based attacks, while
her third (which is my favorite) super art rejuvenates her. Against
the cpu it is probably advised that you select one of the first two
super arts (as the computer seems to have a habit of instantly hitting
you out of your healing session). The Spinning Beat can be comboed into 
at uncanny speeds but keep in mind that if you cancel a special into a 
super art, the super art's damage will be reduced. Note that of the 2 
damaged based super arts, the Brave Dance has start up at the beginning 
(this will make it more difficult to combo into), while the Spinning 
Beat comes out the instant you execute it (great wake up call!).. 

|[10]-Elena's super arts|
"The beat of the earth...the sound of the wind...you should feel it 
too..." -(Elena)

|Super art 1.Spinning Beat| How to perform: D,DF,F(x2)+(any) Kick

The Spinning Beat can be charged up by a maximum of 3 separate levels.
Depending on which kick you use to activate it (LK/MK/HK) will set
of different levels. Using LK will set off level 1, MK level 2 and HK
level 3. The Spinning Beat is Elena's standard damage based attack.
When performed Elena will begin a number of attacks that resemble 
cartwheels. The Spinning Beat can also catch jumping opponents but is 
recommend that you use it on a grounded opponent for maximum effect. Any 
opponent foolish enough to parry the Spinning Beat will succeed, only to 
then be hit by the attacks that follow. Against a good opponent don't 
use this unless you are positive it will connect. The recovery lag after 
a blocked Spinning Beat leaves you open for your opponent to do just 
about anything. Best if comboed from a LP then LK. Use it for wake up 

Rating: 3.7/5

|Super art 2.Brave Dance| How to perform: D,DF,F(x2)+(any) Kick

This super art can be charged to a maximum of 2 levels. Once again it
is a damaged based super art (inflicts damage) that if connects can do 
large amounts of damage. While the Spinning Beat has no start up, the
Brave Dance does. Elena will first leap forward then go into a series
of somersaults. If blocked it is very punishable. The only advantage I
can see that the Brave Dance has over the Spinning Beat is its leaping 
effect at the beginning which can help you connect without having to be 
right next to your opponent. For example if Hugo performs an Earthquake
Bomb and fails because you were to far, a Brave Dance will dash up to
Hugo and start to attack. While in that situation you would have to 
firstly Dash up to Hugo manually (tap F,F) then start a Spinning Beat.
Once again, a blocked Brave Dance is punishable. If the Brave Dance
is blocked it will not go into the rest of the move (like Sean's Hyper 
Tornado and Iori's Maiden Masher). Due to this, it will not get you any 
ticking damage. Note that you can also use the Brave dance as an anti-
air against late jumpers.

Rating: 3.8/5

|Healing| How to perform: D,DF,F(x2)+(any)Punch
Healing is one of the most underrated super arts in the entire game. It 
is also probably the most innovative super art in a Capcom game yet! 
When executed Elena will crouch low and flash. During this time a 
portion of her health will be regenerated. If you are hit during a 
Healing session Elena will stand up and the Healing will come to a halt. 
Overall you need around 3 seconds for the Healing to complete. When you 
opponent thinks they have won the match, commence Healing and your right 
back in it. With a combination of well timed Heals and specials (to get 
your super meter up), its possible to stay in a match forever (and win 
many time overs). The amount of life that Elena will receive from a full 
Healing session has been boosted greatly (from 2nd Impact). With a whole 
3 seconds Healing you will receive a bit over 1 quarter of your life 
back. This is one of the most underrated super arts in the entire game. 

Rating: 4.1/5

|[11]-Super art selection|

The human opponent you are playing against should be a deciding factor
in which super art you select. The following is a recommend list of
which super arts should be used against a certain opponent (also
in order of usefulness)...

+----+ 1.Spinning Beat
|Alex| 2.Healing
+----+ 3.Brave Dance

In Alex's case all Elena's super arts can be put to use. Spinning Beat 
and the Brave Dance can be useful for the brunt of your attacks. While
specials and well timed Heals can keep you in the game forever. After
connecting with a HK Rhino Horn dash back. This is the moment when
it is probably best to begin a Healing session. Use the Spinning Beat 
(to your advantage) after you block/parry Alex's Air Stampede. It's also 
possible to begin a Brave Dance the moment Alex rushes towards you with 
an Elbow Smash for a guaranteed hit..

+-------+ 1.Brave Dance
|Chun-Li| 2.Spinning Beat
+-------+ 3.Healing

In this case Healing will not be as effective (but not useless). Chun-Li 
can simply cease your healing session with a well timed fireball. But 
still.. her fireball doesn't seem to have as much priority as that of 
the shotokan's. For this matter Healing still makes a fun and plausible 
battle. After connecting with a HK Rhino Horn dash back and then start 
to Heal. The Spinning Beat and Brave Dance should be comboed into 
Chunners from a standing LK and executed straight after a stray Spinning 
Bird Kick. For a guaranteed hit use the Brave dance on a stray 

+------+ 1.Brave Dance 
|Dudley| 2.Healing
+------+ 3.Spinning Beat

Pressure you opponent by walking backwards and forwards constantly. 
Don't make a move until your opponent does, then when they make a 
mistake strike with the Brave Dance. Mistakes such as a blocked/Parried 
Machine-Gun Blows and stray Jet Uppercut. Healing can be great against a 
Dudley that is obsessed with Cross Counters. When you see Dudley execute 
the Cross Counter, begin a Healing session. Try not to trade hits with 
Dudley when he is using the Cross counter as you will take the brunt 
(due to Elena not being able to take hits as well as the other 
characters in the game)..  

+-----+ 1.Spinning Beat
|Elena| 2.Healing
+-----+ 3.Brave Dance

The Spinning Beat should be your first pick for an effective super art. 
This is mainly due to the fact that Elena players attempt a number of 
jump in attacks during the coarse of battle. The Spinning Beat is good 
for catching stray jumpers. Healing is also useful due to the fact that 
Elena (opponent) will need to be close to stop you. So at a full screen 
length kick back and begin to heal. Dash forward and make use of the 
Brave Dance when Elena misses a Scratch Wheel or if you see a Mallet 
Smash approaching...

+-----------+ 1.Brave Dance

In my opinion probably the best character in the entire game! 
Gouki/Akuma can be a very hard character to select a super art against. 
Healing is definitely out of the question as Gouki/Akuma has multiple 
counters to cease your healing sessions. It may also be hard to connect 
with the Spinning Beat due to its short range and Gouki's/Akuma's keep 
away tactics. For this reason you should stick with the Brave Dance. 
Punish Gouki/Akuma's stray Dragon punches and misses super arts with the 
Brave Dance for maximum effect... 

+----+ 1.Healing
|Hugo| 2.Brave Dance
+----+ 3.Spinning Beat

Once you master the art of Healing you can win many matches against slow
characters such as Hugo. Dash back from Hugo and execute Healing when
you have some distance between one another. The Brave Dance should be 
used when Hugo attempts a grapple and misses. Combo the spinning beat
from a HK jump into a standing LK but only if you are sure it will 
connect. Never underestimate the power of Hugo. In my opinion he is 
one of the best character in 3rd strike (Along with Remy)..

+-----+ 1.Brave Dance
|Ibuki| 2.Spinning Beat

You should cross Healing off you list because Ibuki has numerous ways
to punish you once you initiate it. The Brave Dance is obviously your 
best option. Because it is so quick you can execute it the moment she
descends from the Hien and Kunai Dagger.. Combo the Spinning Beat when
leaping over her stray attacks.

+-----------+ 1.Brave Dance
|Ken Masters| 2.Spinning Beat

Another great characater! Ken will fireball you out of Healing so use 
the Brave Dance on Ken's stray super arts and Dragon punches. If your 
playing a shotokan that uses a lot of fireballs leap over them and combo 
into the Spinning Beat. Wait for Ken to strike first then you react to 
the situation. Do not attempt to play offensive because a good Ken 
opponent has a move up his sleeve for everything you throw at him/her. I 
have found that by walking backwards most Shotokan players will see this 
as an opportunity to throw a fireball at you. So when up close, being to 
walk backwards and when your opponent throws the fireball jump over it 
and combo into a Spinning Beat. This is a good trap that works on some
Shotokan opponents.

+------+ 1.Spinning Beat
|Makoto| 2.Healing
+------+ 3.Brave Dance

After blocking a Hayate go into a HK Scratch Wheel then cancel into
the Spinning Beat. Due to Makoto's lack of a projectile, Healing is 
possible in this battle.. Use healing to give you the edge. The Brave
Dance should not be used after blocking a Hayate due to the tiny
amount of start up at the beginning. Instead make use of it after a 
stray Fukiage..

+-----+ 1.Spinning Beat
|Necro| 2.Healing
+-----+ 3.Brave Dance

Jump in and combo into the Spinning Beat to wear him down.. If you 
decide on the Brave Dance be sure you can connect or Necro will
punish you severely for your efforts. Healing can play a great role
against Necro. Although his extendible limbs may poke you, if you 
dash back and make just enough room to start a Healing session on
most occasions you should be okay. If Healing is the super art that
you wish to select use it as often as possible while still
applying pressure on Necro. If you have an efficient amount of 
life left don't simply use Healing when the times comes. Against 
Necro you should wait until you obtain a good opportunity, then
perform it. Most Necro human opponents don't react in time to
stop your Healing as it comes out surprisingly quick...

+---+ 1.Healing
|Oro| 2.Spinning Beat

Playing against an Oro Healing is the key to your victory. Due to
your opponent having to have to charge to throw a projectile 
at you (to stop the Healing) you can basically almost always get 
away with it. If you play your cards right and time your Healings
you can basically Stay in the entire match. With the Spinning
Beat I suggest that you use it when you leap over a Nichirin-Sho
and then combo..

+-+ 1.Spinning Beat
|Q| 2.Heal
+-+ 3.Brave Dance

All supers work very well against Q. If Healing is used efficiently 
it is possible to stay in the game forever (against Q). Block/Parry his 
lunging attacks (Dashing Head Attack/Leg Attack) and counter with the 
Spinning Beat. The Brave dance will not work as effectively as the 
Spinning Beat due to its small start up lag at the start. For this 
reason it is recommended that you stick with the Spinning Beat for a 
Damage based super art (this doesn't mean it is useless). The Spinning 
Beat should also be used as a wake up call if your opponent is standing 
on top of you. Although if timed right the Brave Dance can counter an 
incoming Dashing Head/Leg Attack for a guaranteed hit..

+----+ 1.Healing
|Remy| 2.Brave Dance

If your playing an expert Remy.. well good luck! Because you're going to 
need it. Remy is simply one of the most devastating characters in the 
game. Healing is actually plausible in this match up due to Remy having 
to charge to throw his projectile. Because Healing takes about 3 seconds 
to complete you will have the upper edge. Use Healing wisely to stay in 
the match. The Brave Dance would have to be your second choice. Because 
the Brave Dance begins with a small dash of invincibility, you will be 
able to catch Remy during/after his Rising Rage Flash. Most Remy 
opponents that you will play may turtle so remember what your overhead 
attacks are for (MK+MP). Oh and one last thing, If you opponent selects  
Hundo no Supernova as their super art try not to jump over their 
projectiles. The moment you jump over his/her projectile they will Hundo 
no Supernova you for a great deal of damage. Parry all Remy's 
projectiles until your opponent decides to take the match to you..             

+---+ 1.Brave Dance
|Ryu| 2.Spinning Beat

One of the best characters in the game! Just about every good Ryu player 
will fireball you before you Healing is complete or jump in with an old 
school combo (Jump in HK, crouching MK, fireball). Your going to have to 
use the Brave Dance and catch him during a Hurricane Kick or stray 
Dragon punch. The Spinning Beat plays it's part when you leap over a 
fireball and combo into it (Jump in HK, standing LK, Scratch Wheel, 
cancel into a Spinning Beat). Like Dudely, don't make a move. Pace 
backwards and forwards and wait for your opponent to strike first then 
counter it. Playing an offensive game against a good Ryu opponent will 
be your downfall... 

+----+ 1.Spinning Beat 
|Sean| 2.Healing
+----+ 3.Brave Dance

Sean's lack of a fireball in my opinion makes him better (than the other 
shotokans) and will make it a tiny bit harder for you to find an 
opening. The Spinning Beat and Brave Dance can basically be used for the 
same purposes against a human Sean opponent. Punish Sean with them 
accordingly after stray Dragon Smashes and missed Hyper Tornado. With 
timing (once again) Healing can keep you the match forever. Keep an eye 
out for the Sean Tackle, you can counter it with a Brave Dance for a 
guaranteed hit.

+------+ 1.Spinning Beat
|Twelve| 2.Brave Dance
+------+ 3.Healing

The Spinning Beat will not be that hard to combo into Twelve due to his
lack of an efficient anti-air. You will be able to find an opening 
within Twelve after parrying/blocking the D.R.A. Healing is not 
definitely out of the question as most human opponents find it hard to 
react with an accurate N.D.L in time. 

+-----+ 1.Spinning Beat
|Urien| 2.Healing

The Spinning Beat should be your best choice against a Urien opponent. 
Leap over his projectiles and combo into it. This is probably the only 
way your are going to be able to super art a good Urien opponent. 
Although it's possible to Spinning Beat a stray/blocked/parried Vicious 
Knee Drop (but a good Urien player will never miss with it). Most human 
opponents will not be able to react in time for your Healing session, so 
Healing is possible against Urien. Once you initiate a healing session 
some good opponents will actually positional themselves while you are 
healing and Aegis Reflector you (sometimes even more than once). The 
Brave Dance is not really practical in this particular battle because 
you may find it hard to obtain an opening against a good Urien player 
(due to multiple keep away tactics).. Capcom have actually beefed up the 
Chariot Attack and you may find it hard to Spinning Beat counter it. 
Play it safe and don't take any unnecessary risks..

+----+ 1.Spinning Beat
|Yang| 2.Healing
+----+ 3.Brave Dance

The Spinning Beat is the best super art against Yang. This is due to it
having no start up time and ability to catch your opponent while 
jumping. This is vital if you wish to match Yang in speed. When Yang is 
away from you, start to Heal. Even if you are only taking off small 
amounts of damage from your opponent at a time, it doesn't matter. 
Healing will give you the upper edge as long as you try to use it every 
chance you get. Use the Brave Dance on you opponents mistakes (such as a 
stray Senkyu-Tai).

+---+ 1.Spinning Beat
|Yun| 2.Healing
+---+ 2.Brave Dance

It is possible to apply similar tactics with Yang against Yun. Jump in 
and Combo the Spinning Beat (after a Scratch Wheel). If you connect with 
a HK Rhino Horn dash back and begin to Heal. Healing will play an 
important role against Yun if you wish to stay in the match. The Brave 
Dance can be charged up by 2 levels. Don't be tempted to use both levels 
at the first opportunity. If Yun creates an opening use 1 level of the 
Brave Dance. The other one will come in handy against Yun's dashing 

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